Crypsis (2019) - full transcript

A group of friends make a bet to see who can survive camping on an island for a night. Unbeknownst to them, a strange creature lurks throughout the night terrorizing their every move, and sound is their biggest enemy.

Oh my god!

Oh my god!


Get away!

My uncle passed
away and he left behind

this sketch book.

He wrote about Harker Island,

and some sort of creature
they stumbled upon.

I want to
know what I've found.

was this one sketch

that was a little bit strange.

It was this figure.

You know,
I got a couple guys

that might be interested.

One is already too many.

It sounded
like a monster.

Just like a
monster of some kind,

just like a monster.

Is it all right if
I bring my girlfriend along?

What was
that, what was that?

What was that?

Be 32 bucks.

- $32 for four beers?

- Look buddy, I pour the
drinks, I don't make the prices.

- Yeah, well, that's
robbery, so you know.

- We got ourselves a regular
Frank Sinatra over here.

- I totally could.

- What?

- Serenade a girl.

I've been practicing,
check it out.

Light up the volume.
- Oh god.

Mic check.

¶ Oh girl, you have
a nice backside ¶

¶ Baby please
don't turn around ¶

- Dude, you totally
suck, like big time.

- Yeah, coming from the virgin.

- Oh.
- What?

What, me?
- Ho, ho, ho, ho.

- No, no, no.
- Hang on a second.

- Don't listen to him.
- No, no, no.

- No what?

Let's look.

Oh, he is.

No, no, get up, dude.

- Hey, I was a virgin
when I was like 14.

- 14?
- No seriously,

you are a virgin?
- Dude.

- Even I've gotten laid.

- Hookers do not count.

You bought a hooker?

- Look, that's not
how it went down.

I didn't pay her, not a dime.

- He gave he an
Applebee's gift card,

and begged for an hour.

- Still, not a hooker.

- Gentlemen.

We got a bet, or what?

- You and this stupid bet, man.

- Yeah, what is this--
- This guy was parked

outside of a Chuck E. Cheese,

luring kids into his
cars with Twizzlers.

- I'm up for a good
bet every now and then.

- You are?
- No, you're not.

- Yes, I am, as
a matter of fact.

- Okay, well listen.

When you're good and ready
to show me some money,

I'll be happy to oblige.


- Quite a bit of money, man.
- You're nuts man.

- You're nuts.

- So, us three verse
them two in the woods.

- Why do I get stuck with Ethan?

- Would you rather the virgin?

- I'm not a damn virgin.
- Oh you are so a virgin.

- Enough already.

- All right, hey, what's
wrong with those teams?

- I mean, it's just.

- Whoa, whoa, let's get one
thing straight right now, okay.

I have more survival
skills in this pinky

than these three
clowns combined.

- Whoa, says who?

- Seriously buddy, I
mean, you stub your toe

and you need a doctor.

- That was one time,
there was booze involved,

and it was a hot redhead, okay?

- Let's make it
interesting, Harker Island.

- Whoa, no way, look,
it's closed and off limits

for a reason.

- You guys know the stuff they
say about Harker Island's BS,

I mean, come on.

- Yeah, urban legends.

How do you know?

- What, you believe it?

- I mean, can't we do
this somewhere else,

like, anywhere else?

- Sure, let's just do it
in someone's backyard.

- Screw it, I'm in, let's go.

- Yeah, you would.

- Can I help it if I got
a bigger sack than you?

- Oh, so it's
gonna be like that?

All right, Mr. Elephant Balls.

- Count me in,
too, that's three.

- I think majority
rules on this one.

Says who?

- Says me, come on.

Tell you what, first
team to record more wins,

simple as that.

- You know how to use
that thing, right?

- Yeah.

- All right.

- Hey, did you see
what we have to do?

- I sure did.

- You realize I can't
do any of these, right?

Yeah, tell me
something I don't know.

- Hey, Kyle.


- How we gettin' to the island?

- I brought my buddy Ian's boat.

- Yo, buddy?

- A buddy.
- You just said buddy.

I got buddies,

I, I got guys, I've got friends.

- And how big is this boat?

- Big enough.

- It's not gonna sink, right?

- Look, it's not
gonna sink, okay,

and we're not gonna go in the
ocean, it's gonna be fine.

Brandon, catch.

- Sweet.

- All right, listen, one
more thing before we go.

Cell phones.

- What, no, dude come on.
- Cell phones?

- Look, there's
money at stake, okay.

I can't have you guys calling
your sisters or your wives.

Fork 'em up, fork 'em up,
you'll get 'em when we get back.

- All right.
- Okay.

- I only use it for emergencies.

- That's what I'm saying.
- You sure?

What is this, 2001?

- Hey, what?
- Okay, give me,

I'll take a message.

- All right.

- All right, come on.

- To call aliens.
- Why are we even still here?

If we're gonna do this
man, we need to leave now.

- Okay, all right,
fine, we'll go.

- Let's do it.

Hey, turn that thing off,
don't waste the battery.

- I can't do this.

- What is your freakin' deal?

You've been freakin'
out since we left.

- I'm not doin' it, bet's off!

- So are we good, or what?

- Yeah, yeah, we're
good, we're good.

Look, everything is going
to be fine, all right?

Trust me, okay, just stop.


- What's his deal?

- I don't know, I
really don't know.

- Hey, you can't talk to him
anymore, he's the enemy now.

- Okay, okay, I see how
it is, screw you guys.

Have fun spooning
each other later on.

- Spooning, what's spooning?

- Oh, god.

- Hey you, would you stop
screwin' around, come on,

we got work to do.

Oh, I hate my life.

- Brandon's not back yet?

- Nope, he probably
got lost, knowing him.

Hey um, you know how to do like,

you know, the knots,
the cub scout knots?

- Cub scout?

- Yeah.
- You mean boy scout.

- Yeah sure, whatever.

Oh, oh, oh, stay.

Think it's trying to
get away right here.

There we go, pal, this is
number four on the list.

Ah, seriously?

- See, take that one.

I mean it's just a worm,
right, I mean, it's harmless.


Ah, uh-huh, I can chew that.

I mean, it's a little slimy,
but it's full of protein, man.

You can do it, huh?

It's there.

- Uh-huh, come on,
come on, just do it.

Just eat it,
man, it's a frickin' worm.

Yeah, that-a boy,
there we go.

You're fine, think
happy thoughts.

- It's disgusting.
- Think happy thoughts,

come on, think happy thoughts.

You're good,

you're fine, you're fine.

- That sucked.

- It's a little
gritty, but I mean.

- Dude, what?

- Everything, it's like
nothing rattles you.

It's kinda like you're
playing Grand Theft Auto

and you have all the cheat
codes on, it's kind of annoying.

- Ah, I just like a
challenge I guess,

that's all really.

- I hate challenges.

- What was that all about
back there, earlier today?

- It's nothin',
don't worry about it.

- You sure, because
I mean, you seemed

pretty bent outta
shape and I've honestly

really never seen you
like that before, so.

- What was that?

- Nothin', it's nothin'.

- No, it didn't
sound like nothin'.

- It's just the guys
messin' with us, man.

- Why would they do that?

- Because they're
pricks, that's why.

So you were sayin'?

- I can't.

- What?

Can't what?

- Okay, seriously.

- Hey, would you cut
the crap, you guys?

- Dude, it's not cool,
it's not cool, man.

Whoa, where are you going?

- Hey listen, just hang tight
for a minute, all right.

I'm not going far, just,
just hold on, all right.

- Ethan.


Hey, sh, quiet!

- Ah!

Oh, Jesus Christ, what's
the matter with you?

- Nothing, I was just
checkin' things out, what?

- That sounded really loud.

- Man, it's just the guys
trying to freak you out,

I told you.

Come on, come on.

You know, and by the looks of
it they're succeeding at it.

But what they can successfully
do is kiss my ass,

is what they can do.

Think just 'cause you're
cracking some stupid sticks,

you're gonna scare me?

I ain't scared of you
punks, I ain't scared--


- Son of a, mother.

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

It was just too perfect, I mean.

- Ah, this sucks, why'd
I even agree to do this?

It's a horrible decision on
my part, horrible decision.

- Oh, come on, would you
stop your complaining?

It's not even that bad.

- Oh, not that bad.

I'm in the middle of
the freakin' woods,

eating freakin' worms,
freezing my freakin' ass off

in the freakin' rain.

- Look, let me
show you something.

You see the thing about
a fire bundle, right,

is to make sure it's tightly
packed with the right wood.

Look it, you see
the different layers

I got goin' on here.

'Cause this way when
you go to light it,

you know it has to--

- Wh-wh-where you goin', man?

- Look, I'm not, I'm not,
I'm not playin' around.

- Goddammit.

- Close, stay close.

Mind gettin' off of me?

- My bad.

I just wanna go on record
and say this is a dumb idea,

dumber than dumb.

- Hey listen, all you
gotta do it get my back,

that's all you gotta do.

- You get my back.

- Sh-sh.

- Who's there?


Don't ever leave me like that!

- Sh, shut up.

- Did you hear what I just said?

- Yeah, I heard
you, now shut up.

Get down, get down,
get down, get down.

Get down.

What, why would you?


All right, listen, I need
you to stay real close.

All right, stay low.

You don't
have to tell me twice.

Follow me.

- Sh, sh-sh-sh.

- Why you always shushing me?

- Just chill it, man.

What I just
saw, I just saw.

- Stay real low, stay quiet
all right, come on, come on.

We gotta go, make
our way to the camp.

All right, come on, I got ya.

All right, now here we are.

I need you to help me
find my bag, all right.

Yeah, that's
gonna be so easy,

especially when I
can't see anything.

Listen, just hurry up.

Hurry up, what
else would I be doing?

Uh, I can't believe this, man.

All right, all right,

never mind, never mind, I
got it, I got it, I got it.

All right, all right.

Here go, here go, here go.

Man I really don't
know, I just don't know.

Shoot, that was Brandon.

Now come on, come on.
- Ethan, wait.

Let's hurry up,
let's hurry up, come on.

Just hang on, just
hang on, just hang on.

- Can you turn on
the light, please?

- No, not a chance.

- Why, I can't freaking
see where I'm going.

- Just get down, get
down, get down, get down.

- Then what?

- Just wait, wait.

- What're we waiting for?

- We're staying still.

- We need to move and
we need to move now.

- Look at, don't you move.

- Staying here doesn't
do us any damn good.

- It does if you shut up!

- Screw you!

- Josh, Josh, no Josh!

Wait, Josh!

Josh, Josh!
- Get off!

- Eric, what're you
doing, what're doing?

- Give me this, give me this.

- Forget it, man.

- Josh, are you all right, man?

What is going on here?
- Sh.

- Go, go.



Keep it off, look, let's go.

- What was that?

- I don't know, it's
just frickin' scary.

I said, keep it off!

- All right, all right.

- Guys, what was that?

- Hey, where to?

- Will somebody tell
me what the fuck

is going on?
- Hey!

Keep your damn mouth shut.

Hey, what
the hell are you doin'?

- What does it look like?

- Are you serious?

- Yeah, I mean, I just ate
a worm like 30 minutes ago,

so maybe we should wait
30 minutes, or days,

before we start swimming.

- Hey, what about
Brandon and Justin, huh?

What're you just gonna
leave them behind?

Answer me!

- What do you want
me to say, huh?

I'm here, you're here.

Them, we don't know about them.

- I'm not goin'.

- Are you serious?

- I'm not leaving until
I know for sure, okay.

What if it was you, huh?

What if it was you in there?

- You know what,
fine, Josh, let's go.

- Hey look, you don't have to
stay just because I'm staying.

- I know.

- What the hell is the
matter with you two?


- You can't swim.

- Yeah, so what,
so freakin' what?

- That's why you were
tweakin' on the boat.

- That's why you're staying.

So you can't swim, or you won't?

- Screw you.

- Hey, you know what,
you're a freakin' pussy,

you know that?
- Oh, come on,

come on, come on, ease
up, ease up, will ya.

Here, take my knife,
take my light,

go make some spears, all right.

You hear anything,
and I mean anything,

come right back here, all right?

- You guys aren't gonna
leave me or anything, right?

- No, we'll be right here.

Did you see it coming?

- No.

- Because I mean,

if you saw it.
- I said no.

After I heard Justin scream,
I went to go look for him.

I told Brandon to run but.

What the hell was
I suppose to do?

Then I went looking
for you guys.

- Look, first light
we gotta find Brandon.

- You think he's all right?

- We can't leave
until we know, right?

I'm gonna go check
on Josh, all right.

Josh, Josh.

- Yeah, I'm here.

- What the hell
are you doin', man?

I'm just hanging out.

- Listen, turn off
the flashlight.

- What?

- I said turn off
the damn flashlight!

I cannot believe I'm in
here with you right now.

- Yeah, tell me about it.

- The spears Josh, did
you make the spears?

- I didn't have a chance to.

I've been here
trying to, you know.

- Oh, we gotta get
outta here, let's go.

- Wait, wait, wait,
do we have to, I mean,

it's cozy, I figured we could
just spend the night in here.

- Josh, what you
figured, is wrong.

All right, you have no
idea what you're doing.

You have no idea what we're
up against right now, okay.

Now we gotta go, all right?

- All right, all right, jeez.

Sh, sh, sh-sh.

- Oh!


- Josh.

Stay back, stay back, stay back.

Okay, it's not gonna be able
to reach us, so stay back.

I think it's gone, we gotta go.

No, no, no, no, what're you
doing, what're you doing?

Just come on, let's go.

Look, you cannot just go
running off like that,

all right, you need
to use your damn head.

I was, I just
figured that it was--

- What you figured was
wrong Josh, all right?

It can't get
you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.
- What is that?

- It can't get you in the trees.

- Give me my light.

- No, I'm capable of
holding it, all right.

Give me my damn light.

- It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

- Brandon.

It can't
get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

- What're you gonna do?

- It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.
- Hey B, you all right?

What're you doin', man?

- It can't get you in the trees.

- Brandon, tell me what
happened, talk to me.

- It can't get you

in the trees.
- Hello.

- It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

Josh is here too,

Josh, say hey, will you?
- It can't get you

in the trees.

- Hey, B.
- It can't get you

in the trees.
- We need to get you

down from there, we need
to get you down like now.

you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

- Hey, listen, I know
what happened, all right.

I've seen it.

- It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.

- Did you hear what
I said, I've seen it.

We've all seen it.

You have?

- Yes.

I gotta tell you, you
gettin' way up there though,

that's pretty damn impressive.

The quicker you get down
the better off we all are.

So, just hurry up, all right.

- Yeah, I'm coming.

- Josh, what the
hell are you doing?

- Checkin' to see if
still had some juice.

- Shut off the flashlight.

Shut off the damn flashlight.


Brandon, we don't have
time to waste, man.

You need to come down
right now, come on.

- Ah!

Run Josh, run.

Brandon, Brandon, come on man.

- It can't get you

in the trees.
- You gotta come now, come on!

- It can't get you in the trees.

- Look, let's go, you need to
come down right now, Brandon.

Come on.

- It can't get you in the trees.

It can't get you in the trees.
- All right, fine,

it's fine already.

You wanna stay up there, fine.

I'll come back for you in
the morning, all right.

- Ethan!
- Josh!



Where do I go?

I'm coming, Josh!


- Josh!

- Ethan, where are you?


- I'm coming!

Josh, Josh.

- Help me, down!

- Help!
- Hey!



Oh shit.

Hey Josh, Josh we
have to go man.

Getting close.

Come on, what you waiting
for, come and get me.

What's wrong you son
of a bitch, come on!

- Ethan, Ethan.


- Oh, Eric, Eric, I
need you to help me out.

- The hell I do.

- I'm fine, thanks.

- Come on.

What were you thinking?

I had to do
something, didn't I?

- Yeah, but let it chase you?

Are you freaking nuts?

- Look, If you have
any better ideas,

I'm all ears, all right?

What's wrong with your side?

- Nothing.

- Sorry I gave a shit.

- Oh!

Hey, how 'bout a
little less lip,

and a little more trying
to help me out, huh?

- I can't help you out if you
won't tell me what's wrong.

- Look, for now, I just need
to get up this damn ridge,

will you help me?

- Come on.

Oh Ethan, Jesus
Christ, are you okay?

- I've been better.

Careful, just put me down.

- All right, where?

Right here's good.

- Ah, that's disgusting.

- I'm fine, thanks.

- You're not fine.

- I need a shirt.

- What?

- A shirt, I need
somebody's shirt.

- Ah, Jesus, fine already.


- That's it, that's
all you're gonna do?

- You got any better ideas?

- Yeah, leave, like now.

- We can't.

- Still?

- We found Brandon.

- Brandon, where?

- He's up in a tree.

- The kid can barely
wipe his own ass,

and you left him in a tree?

- What was I suppose to do,

push him down so
he'll break his neck.

- Come on, guys.

- No, but I'd expect you to
do more than leave him behind

in a goddamn tree!

- Leave him behind?

Coming from the asshole

that wants to leave
everybody behind?

- Hey, screw you, prick!

- Oh hell no!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, hey.

- What was I suppose to do?
- Whoa, whoa,

he did all he could, all right?

- You know what, I don't see
you trying to save anybody.

- You son of a--

- Whoa, whoa.
- Back up!

Stop that, separate!


- Where, where you goin'?

- Going to cut some damn spears.

You don't think I know what
you're trying to do, huh?

Well what you don't realize
is that I'm smarter than you.

And I'm more capable than you.

And I'm gonna beat
you at your own game.

Just you watch.

Rise and shine, ladies.

Oh, the was the
worst night's sleep ever.

- I'd rather sleep
in someone's trunk.

- When'd you do all this?

- Do I look like I slept?

- Yeah well, what you look
like is a bag of monkey parts,

but hey, who's judging?

- What is this all about?

- This is called saving
our asses, all right?

- Good call.

- Well hey, what about me?

- Well, I made
you a special one.

- Wow, how sweet.

- You're welcome.

Here though, keep that running.

Let's go.

- It got us again.

- Okay, you guys
stay back, all right.

You see anything
move, you let me know.

Hey, hey, no, no, no, I told
you to stay back, didn't I?

His face, there's
like half of his face left.

- Look, when I tell
you to do something,

you gotta do it, okay.

I don't say it because
it's fun for me to say.

Oh come on, man, the
hell's the matter with you?

You two need to
listen, and listen right now,

because it's hearing
and it is listening.

What I need you to do is listen.

We need to go.

- Yeah, we know.

- No, you don't know.

- Look, we're leaving, we just--

- Build a raft, build a
bridge, send a carrier pigeon,

I don't care.

- Everything's okay.

- Everything's not okay,
we're far from okay.

Look, I don't care what
we do or how we do it,

just do something!

- Josh.
- What?


What is it?

- Did you see what I saw?

How could you miss it?

All right, look.,

we gotta go check
it out, all right?

- What?

- We have to.

- After you.

- All right, come on,
stay close, all right.


- Do you have a death wish?

- This isn't funny anymore.

- You guys aren't thinking about

the big picture here, you know?

Whatever is in there,
whatever that thing is,

it's never been seen before.

All right, I mean, what if
we're the first ones to find it?

To see it, to talk about it.

You know, maybe it's
some unknown species,

the last of its kind.

And you guys just wanna
walk away from that?

Think about the
possibilities here.

- Have fun guys, good luck.

- Are you gonna
sack up, or what?

Careful, careful, it's
a little slippery.

Did you bring the flashlight?

Of course I
brought the flashlight.

Careful, careful,
it's a little slippery.

Please, don't
do anything stupid.

- Just make sure you keep
that spear handy, all right?


I hate the fact that you
think this is a good idea.

- All you really have to do
is follow my lead, that's it.

First, sh-sh-sh--

- What?

Did you hear that?

- These rocks we're
stepping all over?

- Sh-sh-sh.

- Are we good?

Are you happy now, are
we good, can we go?

- Dude, we're getting
really, really deep now.

Ah, dude!

Josh is right, you
do have a death wish.

We gotta
get out of here.

- Ethan.

Dude, what happened?

- Ah, nothin', nothin',
we gotta find Brandon.

We gotta find Brandon, let's go.

Hey, asshole.

- Dude, calm down, I'm
sure he didn't do anything.

What'd you
do with the tape?

- What're you talking about?

- You know exactly what I'm
talking about, the tape.

The goddamn tape.

- Wh-what tape?

I don't, I don't even
know what you're sayin'.

- Don't play me, man.

Hey, chillax.

- The tape from the video
camera, do you know where it is?

- Why would I know where it is?

- That's it.

- Hey, dude stop, come on!
- Get off of me,

get off of me!
- Hey!

Hey, hey, I
don't think he has it.

- Hey, hey, why don't you go
work on the raft, huh, hey!

- This is some bullshit.

- Hey, I'll get him down,
we'll figure it out.

Why don't you go take
a walk or something.

- Want some help?

Piss off.

- What was that all about?

- Are you going
to come down now?

- Yeah, well,

I'm just a little high up here.

- So, is that a no?

- I could use a little help.

- Hey.

Let me go.

- When's the last time
you went to the gym?

- Last week.

Okay, last month, whatever.

- Yeah.


God damn him.

- Brandon, get down here.

- Man, don't touch
it, don't touch it.

- All right, all right.

All right, what do you
want me to do, let me know.

Son of a bitch!

- Brandon, any day now.

right, I'm trying,

I'm coming down right now.

All right,
Josh, use your head,

use your head, Josh.

- Look out!

Oh Eric,
oh man, I'm so sorry.

- It's okay, I need,
I need a minute.

I need a minute.
- I gotta look at

his leg already.

Don't worry about it.

- No, dude you can't help him.

- Hey man.
- Don't touch him.

- Hey man, get outta my face.
- Don't touch him.

- Get outta my face!
- Don't touch him.

- No, get outta my face.
- We can't move him.

- Hey.
- Hey!

Shut up!

Josh, help me up.

Ah, dude.

- Get, get, get
up, get up, get up.

- Oh, I'm here.

Keeps on walking.

Watch your leg there.

I got you, you okay?

Yes, I'm fine.

- Watch his leg.
- Okay, okay.

Don't touch it, don't touch it.

Okay, all right,
almost there, almost there.

- What the hell happened?

- He fell from the tree.

- That's it, this
is all you've got?

You call this a raft?

- Like all I gotta do
is blink and it's done?

- At this rate, we're never
getting off this island!

- Let's see you build
a four-person raft.

- Will you two
just work together

so we can get the
hell outta here!

Fix that.

You fix it yourself.

- Come on.

- Eric, what's next?

Stabilize it.

- Uh.

- Just give it to me.

- All right.
- Okay.

Take my shoe lace.


- Tie the sticks together.

right, one second.

- Don't, don't do
it until I say.

- Okay.
- 'Kay?

- All right.

All right.
- Go ahead, tie it tight.

- You okay?

- Count to three.

One, two, three.

- Come on, man.

We got a problem.

- What is it now, what's wrong?

- I can't get us out of here.

- And why the hell not?

What about that raft?

- Do you see that, that is
the sun going down, okay?

We got like maybe two to
three hours of daylight left.

It's not like I can just
make a four-person raft

in four minutes, all right,
it takes time, lots of time.

Time we don't have.

- So the more time we waste,
the less chances we have.

- We won't finish
it by nightfall.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?

- Look, Eric needs a doctor.

Not tonight, not
tomorrow, not next week.

He needs one right now.

- And then what, if
we don't finish it

by the time it gets dark?


Then, not only are we
stuck here another night,

but we're stuck here unprepared.

Is that what you want?

- How long?

- Who knows, I mean,
it could take up--

- Look, you're not
answering my question,

I said, how long?

- Three hours, at best.

- Well that's better than
staying here all night.

Come on, you all right?

- Yeah man, I'm coming.

- How you feeling over there?

- Great.

- I'm doing great too.

- Shut up.

- Hey uh, I think
we need another log.

- I think you're right.

Come on and give me a hand.

- Yeah, let's go.

- We'll be right back you guys.

- I'm a little cold,
can you make me a fire?

- Yeah, sure thing.

- You've got the flint, right?

- Yeah.

So how's
Eric's ankle doing?

- It's broken.

- How do you know?

- How do I know?

I just spent the last hour
cleaning it, wrapping it,

putting it into a splint.

I'm not a doctor, I don't
know what I'm doin'?

- Yeah, I know.

So you're saying he
can't walk on it at all?

- It snapped in two!

- I think the flint's broken.

- You can't break a
flint, it's a flint.

Don't slice your
hand open, please.

- Look, I'm husky,
not incompetent.

I don't think
you're doing it right.

- I think you should shut up.

- That thing hunts
at night, you know.

It's not if it
finds us, it's when.

And right now, we're
unprepared and ill-equipped.

So what I need you
to do is help me

to finish that goddamn raft

so we can get the hell
out of here, you follow?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I follow, I follow.

I'm gonna go take that
pile of sticks over there

and I'm gonna wrap it
all up into a boat.

And assuming that it does float,

how do you know that
thing can't swim?

- Land or sea, take your pick.

- Almost got it.

- That was Eric, come on, here.

Come on, that was Eric.


- Eric, Eric!

Eric, Eric!

Brandon, finish that.

I'll be back.

Get it done!

No, no.

- I had it, oh-ho-ho.



I'm coming.

Oh, man, Ethan.

What're you doing?

- I thought you were Josh.

I heard him scream.

- Did you finish the raft?

- It's not gonna float, okay?

- But did you try to
put it in the water?

- It's not gonna float!

- Listen, go finish
the fucking raft,

I'll worry about Josh.

- You meet me back
there then, okay?

Oh, oh.



Shit, where is it?

Oh, come on.




Josh, I'm
coming, Josh, hang on!



Help, Ethan!





Josh, I'm coming
for ya, hang on!

Josh, I'm comin' for ya,
hang on, hang on, Josh!


Hang on, Josh!

Josh, I'm coming!


- Help me too!

Oh, no!

- Shit, oh shit.


Oh, oh.

Where are you?

- Are your friends
gonna be game, or what?

you find this guy?

- We got a bet, or what?

- Yeah, soon as you
show them the money.

- When you get there,
find the dead body.

You know I got a couple guys
that might be interested.

- One is already too many.

- Is it all right if I
bring my girlfriend along?

Make it look like you.

All right, come on.

- To call aliens.
- Yeah, why are we even

still here?

- I know what
you're trying to do.

- What'd you do with the
tape, the goddamn tape!

- And then get the
hell out, no evidence.

- Hey, turn that thing off.

- Don't screw around.

- I won't.

- Why would you
leave both tapes?

That doesn't make any sense.

The tapes are the key
to this whole thing.

If we prove that thing exists.

- Does it work, or what?

- Uh, red light's still
on and tape's in it.

Yep, it's good, works.

- All right, let's get
the hell out of here, huh?

You had one thing
to do, one thing.

- And I did it.

Everything in the plan I
followed through exactly.

Josh had-

- Sh, sh, sh-sh-sh-sh.

- Maybe if you'd planned
this out a little bit better,

we wouldn't be in this
predicament right now.

- Shut your goddamn filth hole.


Now get up.

Well, go ahead.

- Me, why me, you have a gun.

- You're the one that
forgot the damn tape.

- Come here.

I can't, it smells too
bad, I can't do it.

- Are you serious?

- Yeah.

- Pathetic.

- Go on, please.

- What're you gonna
do with that, huh?

- I'm gonna give
you two choices.

Handcuff yourself to
that tree over there,

or I'm gonna splatter your
fuckin' brains behind that one.

- Give me the keys.

- Keys, keys, keys.

Oh, the tape, that's
where it went.

I wouldn't be so
loud if I were you.