Cryo (2022) - full transcript

In an underground facility, five scientists wake from cryosleep with no memory of who they are or how long they've been asleep. They soon make a shocking realization: a killer is hunting them down there, and may even be hiding among them.

Do you know the first
Bible story I heard as a boy?

Lazarus raised from the dead.

After that, I always wished
I could bring back Mother.

Of course, that never happened,

But I'll always remember
those first embers of hope.

Maybe someone could.

I won't hurt you.

Who are you?


It's all right, it's all right.

Come on out.

What are your names?

What are yours?

We don't know.

None of us?

We heard a gunshot.

- What you doing?
- Who are you?!

Where am I?!

You were in cryo, you idiot!


Like cryonics, right?

Long term human preservation?

I wasn't certain at
first, but I engineered

the cryo chambers.

Those machines we woke up in.

That's right.

We were the team assembled
to test cryo sleep.

Okay, so we're a team, which
means we must all have jobs.

I don't even remember my name.

So apart from losing our memories,

anyone experiencing any
other negative side effects?

Shouldn't there have been someone

who was supposed to meet us here?

To let us know if the
test even and worked,

to help us remember what had happened?

The inventor, maybe he woke us up.

The inventor...?

Of the cryo sleep technology.

He was my colleague.

He was supposed to wake us
up and evaluate the test.

So where is he?

Maybe those machines
we were in malfunctioned.

That's impossible.

How so?

'Cause I built 'em.


Does anyone hear that?

There's something scratching.

Power's out.

Perhaps that's what woke us up.

That's not what woke us up.

The cryo chambers have
to be opened manually.

There's gotta be another power source.

Look, if those chambers
malfunctioned, we would all be dead.

You sure remember a lot.

We heard a gunshot.

Why do you think I was hiding out?

I saw someone's shadow moving
around the moment I woke up.

I hear something.

It sounds like rats!

This inventor of
yours, he wasn't planning

on using a gun to wake us up, was he?

Maybe we should go.

Just stay here, okay?

He'll come.

I say we get some rest.

Weren't we just hibernating?

I wish I could remember.

Our memories are gonna come back.

It's just that our senses are
gonna be a little unreliable.

Don't trust anything you see.

I found these.

The inventor never showed.

Anyone remember their names?

All right guys, let's
go have a look around.

Did you notice there's no number on him?

You think he had something
to do with the gunshot?

You heard a gunshot?

We should keep a close eye on him.

You still think the inventor's here?

Oh, he's here all right.

He'd sacrifice anything
to protect his work.

He said cryo was his gift to mankind.

We could discover a new planet,

even go as far as the ninth sphere.

The ninth sphere?

Of heaven.

Yeah, the inventor loved
making religious allusions.

He thought technology
could achieve the divine.

Why would there be an airlock?

All right.

Well, let's spread out and see
if we can find the inventor.

Let's find us some beds.

Yeah, maybe he fell asleep.

This place is a mess.



I think it leads outside.

It's sealed off up there.

Let's keep looking.


The ninth sphere of heaven.


"They are
preserved for a wise purpose.

Which purpose is known unto God.

And God's course is one eternal round."



Open it.


This is fresh.

If the inventor was here, he's dead no

We can't be sure this is his blood.

Then who woke us up?

Well, I'm out.



Get outta my way.


Not a chance.

What are we doing?

This genius here wants to poison us.


Why not let him go?

Because we don't know
how long we've been asleep.

What are you talking about?

Well, if the inventor
was supposed to wake us up,

and he didn't, then somebody else did.

Could have been somebody
just looking for shelter

or human touch.

Anything could have happened out there.

Look, you all can do what
you, but I'm taking off.

The engineer's right.

Just don't go up there just yet.

Why not?

'Cause we don't know what's up there.

- I'll take my chances.
- Wait, wait, wait.

We're dealing with the
unknown now, all right?

And we have to account for entropy,

which suggests that a state
of order will certainly-

I don't have time for your bullshit!

Listen, why do you
think there's an air lock?

You don't have any protective gear.

If you go up there and open that airlock

the air could kill you, and
then we'll be stuck down here.

So, what, like chemical warfare?

Not necessarily, it
could have been a virus

or a sun flare.

Hell, Darwinism.


Things will always descend
into a state of disorder.

Anything could have happened.

My discipline, biochemistry.
It's coming back.

Assuming the inventor didn't make it..

How long could those cryo
chambers preserve someone?

Well, they were meant to preserve life

at all costs, even heal the
most critical conditions-

So how long?

I mean, theoretically speaking,

it could be centuries, even
a thousand years or more,

I don't know.

No, no.

How do we know the inventor isn't outsid

waiting for us right now?

We don't.

I'm gonna go out there and check.

We have to assume-

That we're not alone down here.

In case you forgot, we just
found a blood-soaked machete.

It's still safer down here.

No, down here, at least we can breathe.


Okay, all right.

But we need light.

These aren't gonna cut it.

If I'm gonna stay down
here, we have to get

the main power back on.

Do you think you'll need a hand?

You, you're coming with me.

What, why me?

Because Gramps here isn't gonna fit.

Gramps will kick your-

What are these two?

I'm happy to help.

Get in here!



Yeah, that's it.

It looks like it's been sabotaged.

You're gonna use a metal pole?

Would you rather use your hand?!

Here we go.

Okay, come here!

- What?
- Come here, grab this!

So cryo sleep wiped everything

except how to fix the generator, huh?

You know, my training's kicking in.

Pretty sure I'm military.
- What?

Communications and technology.

Do not drop that on me.

- Okay, all right!
- You almost done?

Yeah, almost.

We gotta let the generator run for a bit

before I can turn the
circuit breaker back on.

I don't know how much
longer I can hold this.

- Okay, that should do it.
- Okay.

All right, on three.




He's injured!

His chest, his whole chest!
- Grab him!

Follow me, I know what to do.

Hey, you're okay, you're okay.

Easy, easy, easy.

What the hell?

I thought you said the
wound was on his chest.

- What happened?
- No, I didn't do anything.

He just had me holding up all
these wires and I couldn't.

I believe that.

Bandages and tape
behind you, do you mind?

Lucky for you I remember my job.

I'm a doctor.

What happened to your number?

That's what I'd like to know.

I don't know, this is just what I foun

Maybe the numbers fell off.

No, they're stitched on.

How am I supposed to know what happene

You're the only variable.

You serious?

Well, I think this settles it.

We need to try our luck outside.

No, they were being careless.

This was avoidable.

How long do you think we
will last in a place like this?

We don't have the resources.

That may not be true.

What do you see?

This is definitely
the other power source.

There's computers, radios, food.

Plenty of food.

So life or death behind this door.

Anyone know the code?

All right, we've got 1, 2, 3, 5.

Why don't we try the
mystery man's number here?

Let me try.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, please, please.

Two more incorrect
guesses and we're gonna be

locked out permanently.

Who's to even say that
it's one of our numbers?

It could be any thousand
number of possibilities.

He's right.

Let's search the facilities some more.

Give it a little more time.
It might come back to us.

It could be written down somewhere.

Be careful.

Hey, this is fun.

They say music's good for memory.



I've checked every room.

There's no one else down here.

Well, keep looking.

The inventor's here all right.

I found these and some water.

Well, that's something.

Well, don't you have a
knack for finding things?

Any indication what's in them?

No idea.

But I found enough to last maybe a week.

Anyone have a can opener?

What is it?

Soldier, I don't think that's sanitary

Seems okay.

It's not steak, but it'll do.

Thank God.

I'm so hungry.

Being frozen burns a lot of calories.

You're cheating, you
can't talk out loud.

I'm just thinking out loud!

Hey, Grandpa Graybeard.

Hold on just a minute, folks.

It's Professor Plum.

He hasn't shown up at all.

No, I don't know.

Nope, I think I got it here.

Okay, so I accuse Mrs. White
with the revolver in the study.

Very bold of you.

He's right!


This freaking game is rigged.

What? No! How do you rig Clue?

No, no, no.

I deserve another!

Is it from cryo sleep?

There's no way to tell. It
could be how her body reacts.

Why haven't our memories come back yet

Maybe we were asleep too long.

They'll come.

Let's just call it a night.

That's a good idea.

It's all right.

I'll watch her.


If you are watching this, I'm going to u

this camera to keep track of information

We don't remember any personal details,

but we have figured out the
roles for the rest of the team.

There's an engineer who we know helped

construct the cryo chambers.

He's convinced himself that
the inventor is still alive

despite evidence of the contrary.

And the biochemist, who is here to monit

the effects of coolant on our
enzymes, DNA, and molecules.

He is frantic and unpredictable.

There is the military communications

and technology specialist.

I know he's hiding something.

And the doctor,

who doesn't wanna show
that she's getting sick.

The only person I don't know is...


I'm a psychologist.

We need to ration.

Good morning.

I think.

- How you feeling?
- I'm fine, thanks.

I keep getting this feeling
that someone is watching me.

I know what you mean.

I was just telling the engineer

that we probably need to ration.

Where's the soldier?

For a soldier, you don't
have very many battle scars.

Well, now you have one to remember.

How's your injury doing?

Let me take a look.

Let me ask you something.

Aren't you a little concerned that someo

might murder you in your sleep?

That's a bit personal, isn't it?

Is it?

You're worried that
gunshot killed the inventor.

I'm worried about the figure
that was hovering over me

when I woke up.

There's a lunatic out there
and we're going to carry on

with our little experiment
like nothing's wrong?

The engineer seems to think you did it

The engineer is a moron.

He's suspicious of all the wrong signs.

What exactly should he be looking for?

It's poison outside?

Fine, but wouldn't the
intruder be getting sick

from exposure to
radioactivity or something?

Wouldn't they want to load up on our foo

and make a break for it?

Or try taking us out, one by one?

Hey, could you give me a psychoanalysi

Could you start with your
medical examination first

if you don't mind?

It's for the pain.

Apart from the burn, you're
healthy as one can be.

Excuse me.

Blood pressure's high.

Considering the circumstances.

Deep breath for me.

What do you think of all this?

I just want answers.

I just wanna know my own name.

Know that I'm safe.

Any luck on discovering when we are?


Without any samples to compare,
and without carbon dating,

it's gonna be nearly...


Excuse me.

Is everything all right?

Yeah, it's just...

Does it feel cold in here to you?

Why are we doing this again?

It's your psychoanalysis.

Just wanna make sure you're sane.

So if you could please just answer

as truthfully as possible.

What is your name?

Sergeant I don't give a shit.

You still don't remember.

Let me know when you do.

And you have military training.

What branch?

What about all your injuries?

Are there any images, impressions?

A tour in the Middle East?

Okay, what's the last
thing you do remember?

You, actually.

I am freezing.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Hey, come sit here.

I was thinking-
- It's much better.

Thank you.

It's nothing to worry about.

I remember you, telling me something

right before I went into cryo sleep.


Okay, well, that's good.

Something about cryo sleep.

What did I say, was it important?

Yeah, yeah.

Are there any images or any impression


Is it the cryo sleep?

Probably just a cold, a
little fever or something.


- I can't remember.
- What was it?

- I was standing there and-
- And then?

I can't remember.

Yes, yes you can, just think.

I was in the cryo chamber, and-

And what did I say?

You were looking at me and I don't-

What was it?

I don't fucking remember!

I shouldn't have pushed you so far.

That was unprofessional of me.

I'm truly sorry.

What did you say?

I'm truly sorry.

Go to hell.

So what about the soldier?

What about him?

Do you think we should trust him?

Do you?

What can I do for you?


Could I borrow you for a minute?

I promise I will be
ready for your evaluation

in just a moment.

No, it's not that, it's the doctor.

I'm worried that cryo sleep may have lef

some lingering effects on
her cellular processes.

Seriously, I am fine.

Are you sure?

How do you know that?

She's been acting strangely,

and all the physical manifestations.

I don't know, you seem cognitively-


Both of you, please.

You're stressing me out.


You guys better go, I'll catch up.



We have a problem.

What's wrong?

This morning, there were 12 cans,

and now there's only 11.

What, someone stole food?

Who would do that?

This food and water is
not going to last forever,

which is something we
need to be mindful of.

No one is to take food without asking.


What are you doing?


What are you doing with
the doctor's cryo chamber?

I just had to be sure.

Sure about what?

That her chamber...

everything's okay.


And someone here is not
who they say they are.

I don't think this was part
of the inventor's design.

Communications and technology.

I don't know what that is.

What about these?

Why are you going through my stuff?

You have radios?

We're saved!

No, we're not.

We're buried underground
surrounded by brick walls.

The frequency isn't gonna reach anyone.

So what do we do?

I mean, there has to be some
way we can get them to work.

We need to get outside.

Wait just hold on a second.

Have you forgotten about the toxins?

Someone is still out there.


Whoever opened up the cryo chambers

is in this room right now.

- How can you be sure?
- He can't.

Like you said, there's no one else her


Down here, including a missing body.

Unless you found one?

Then the only way to be
sure is by going outside,

because if it is one of
us, staying down here

is just as unsafe.

We can't go outside until
we've tested that it's safe.

What would that take?

I think I should go.

No way.

Why not?

You won't come back, you'll
leave us all down here.

You did say you wanted to leave.

Okay, well, if not me, then who?


I'm going.

You know that in your prison condition

it's gonna be so much
more dangerous for you.

It could be less dangerous.

And anyway, anything is better

than staying down here doing nothing.

You should go.


What no, no, no, no.

I have been against this from the start.

It has to be you.

You need samples, right?

To try to determine how
long we've been down here

and figure out if the air is safe?


Can't somebody else do that?

I will go.

You tell me what to-
- No! Not you.


You'll go first thing in the morning.

I don't know how much
more of this I can eat.

As long as we're down
here, what choice do we have?

Don't trust anything you se

Hey, shh.

You're all right.

It's me.

What is it?

Is everything okay?
- Yeah.

I was just wondering if... we could talk?

Yeah, sure.

Are you feeling better?

I'm all right.

Come with me.

I told the others that
the soldier planted this.

I had to pin some kind of evidence on hi

But I know it was you.

And I am grateful for the true evidence

that you're still out there
and you're watching over us.

We have had a few
unforeseen complications,

but don't worry.

Nothing will stand in the
way of this experiment.

I don't know if or when you'll
get this message, but...

I know that you'll be back for
us, and I'll be here waiting.

I'm gonna record the this,
if that's all right with you,

for my research.

We can count it as your psychoanalysis.

That's fine.

All right, let's just
start with the basics.

What's your name?

I still don't remember, but
I'm certain I'm a physician.

What about family?

I don't think I have any.

I think my mother died when I was a chil

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

I lost my father to dementia.

You remember your father?


It was devastating when
his mind started slipping,

he would just repeat everything, verbati

It's uncanny how preset the brain is

when you just strip it all away.

I don't really remember much.

What do you remember?

I remember volunteering for this.

I wanted my research to mean something,

to influence mankind.

They picked only a few of us.

Cryo sleep was supposed to
open doors to space travel,

to slow aging, cure disease,
even help us to evolve.

This was our chance to unite the world

through perfect preservation.

The inventor asked us to
imagine the possibilities.

But then we woke up.

And now I'm sick, and frozen.

And so I thought we must have failed.

Doctor, I'm sure there's still time-

But then something started happening,

and I started to wonder if maybe there's

more to this than we thought.

Guys, I found the rats.

I can run the experiments on them!

I don't need to go outside-

This is why I wanted to talk to you.

I keep hearing things,
I keep seeing visions,

like I know what's going to happen.

We need to leave.


The engineer told us not to trust

the side effects of cryo sleep.

No, it's more than that.

I am telling you.

I'm sorry, but these
sound like hallucinations,

night terrors.

You of anyone should understand that.

No, it is more than
that. Please listen to me.

I thought the experiment
was going to work.

I didn't think it was going to...

I didn't think it was
going to be like this.


What, what is it?

It's time.

It's time.


Everything okay in here?

Yes, we'll be right there.

All right.


once outside, stay within
range, and report everything.



A coward dies a thousand deaths, frien

He's running.

Kid's afraid of his own shadow.

He'd run from anything.


Are you still there?


Did we just send him to his death?

Hey hey, look at me.

Look at me, hey hey hey, look at me.

Look at me.

What happened out there, big guy?

Please don't make me go back out there

Why, what did you see?

It's hot, it's unfamiliar...

It's not safe.

The air?


All of it.

The whole world, we're...

We're stuck down here.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I tried.

I tried.

I tried.

I'm sorry.

I have to get out of here.

This isn't right.

We should have remembered by now.

We're overlooking something.

- The inventor would-
- The inventor is dead!

There's no one coming for us!

Why am I getting sicker
than the rest of you?

Everyone responds
differently to cryo sleep.

No, no.

So far, only she's responded differently

You did something, didn't you?

What are you talking about?

To her cryo chamber, to all of us.

There's nothing wrong with her chamber

How do you know that?

Because I built them.

Then why don't we go have a look?

- No, we don't...
- What aren't you-


I've had enough outta you.

Would you two cut it out?

I am so sick of hearing
your egos go at it.

You're right.

I'm sorry.

Hey. We're gonna figure this out. Okay

I'm going to bed.

Where'd you get that?

Found it in the tool room.

Thought we could use it for protection.

What are you doing up?

I could ask you the same thing.

We're being watched.

I'm positive this entire place is bugged

Hidden cameras and microphones everywher

You'd know something about that.

Communications and technology?

You think you've got
everyone figured out.

But there's more going on here.

The engineer knows more than he lets on.

The biochemist stalks
around when he thinks

no one is watching.

And the doctor-
- Is a sick, dying woman.

You know what, let's say
the air outside is poisoned,

and someone snuck down here.

How do you think their body would respon

Well, let's not forget about you.

What about me?

I know I heard a
gunshot that first night.

Were you supposed to bring
a gun to this experiment?

And you can't have an arsenal,
which tells me you have what,

a few bullets left?

Maybe more if you came prepared.

We all have our secrets.

You should be careful.

Good night, Soldier.

Would you state your name to camera?

I wish I could.

Why is the doctor freezing to death?

Do you ask everyone that?

Cryogenesis is causing
some anomalous form

of hypothermia and hallucinations.

I saw you tampering with her chamber.

There is a problem with
her chamber, all right?

There was a power problem
that somehow disrupted

the physiochemical thawing process.

What's happening?

Why didn't you say anything?

I was waiting for the
imposter to reveal them self.

I mean, somebody's here
trying to pick us off,

kill the inventor.

You seem to think the
inventor is still coming.

I mean, but there was all that blood.

It belonged, obviously,
to somebody on this team,

I mean, the imposter could
have disposed of the body

and then jumped into
one of the cryo chambers

and then woke up with us.

It could be the doctor!

The inventor foresaw all of this,

and he'll reveal himself
when the time is right.

So until that time, I
will act as his voice!

You remember a lot about the inventor.

What did he look like?

He, uhh...

Do you know how old he is, his race?

The details are-

Are you sure the inventor is even a ma

Did you know that the doctor thinks

she can see the future now?

Maybe cryo sleep is taking
more than our memories.

What if the inventor lost his way?

The inventor will return.

And he'll tell us who to trust.

And he'll take us to a safe haven,

even the ninth sphere.

What's going on?

Someone stole more food.

Someone meaning someone here.


It may not matter now.

I have a solution.

Of course you do.

0, 0, 9.

The ninth sphere.

That's what the inventor
always talked about, right?

I thought...

All right, no one
else touches the keypad.

What are you doing?

I just wanted to see the sun.

No, it's poisonous out there!


Why don't you come back down here...

Where it's safe?

Does someone want to explain

why our food keeps disappearing?

The killer could be
trying to starve us out.


That a military tactic?

Someone here is not telling to truth!

Please, just calm down.

I'm sick of being calm!

And just how sick are you, Doctor?

Huh, what is your diagnosis?

Because I thought sick
people don't want to eat.

I have been so cold and so hungry-

We're all hungry!

- Don't yell at her!
- Doctor.

You're dying.

Don't drag us down with you.

I'm sorry-

Sorry is not gonna cut it this time.

Let's just hear her out.

No, there's no talking
your way outta this!

Did you eat the food or not?

I did it.

You did what?

I saw her take it.

But she needs it.

She really is sick.

I guess that settles it, huh?

Come here!

Leave her alone!

Can't you see that she's suffering?

We all just need to calm down.

All right, the key is in our memories,

if we can just remember.

This again!

What is keeping you so calm?

You don't seem to be
afraid of dying down here.

How do you always have all the answers?


You're telling every single
one of us what to do.




I'm not going out like this!

I'm not about to starve to death!

Stay away from me.

Where are you going?

To lie down.

Don't steal from us again.

She won't.

Sure she will.

People never change.

How are you feeling?



Why did you sign up for this?

I wanted to last.

I just love the idea of permanence.

I've been doing some of
my best work on your cells

to try to identify the problem.

Unfortunately, prognosis isn't
really my area of expertise.

My cells?

Where did you get my cells?

I'm sorry.

I probably forgot.

Everything's drifting in and out.

It's like there's a tug of
war going on inside my head.

And part of me keeps
getting more and more lost.

Nothing is making any sense.

And I am so cold.

Doctor, your hand.

We have to move out of the
past to remember the future.

We have to wake up.

We already woke up.


Guys, help, I think she's
hallucinating again.

- What is it?
- I don't know,

she just started ramping off nonsense.

No, no, I remember.

Oh God, I'm sorry.

I'm in hell.

This isn't the ninth circle of heaven.

It's the ninth circle of hell.

The frozen lake.

Hey guys.


Where is he now?

I want the truth, who are you?

What are you doing?

What did you do to the real number fou

I don't know what the
hell you're talking about.

- Oh, you don't?
- Back. Off.

I knew it.

I knew it was you.

It was next to my cryo
chamber when I woke up.

Who are you?

I'm a military communications
and defense specialist,

which is why I have a gun.

Here testing cryo sleep.

Hand over the gun and let's find out.

You're not laying a finger on me.

What did you do to the inventor?

I have never seen your
ridiculous inventor!

If he's even real.

He's real.

He's as real as any of us.

- Soldier?
- I am who I say I am.

From now, on you stay away from me.

I say we lock him outside,
unless he hands over the gun

and tells us what he
did with the inventor.

That would kill him.

I don't think that's a good idea.

Why the hell not?

I mean, the air will kill him, right?

There's still a chance
that he could get back in,

unless we 100% sure.


Okay, this is a risk we have to take.

Maybe we could talk to him.

Hell no, that's...

Look, the guy's a loose cannon, okay?

Reasoning with him, that's over.



Wait, wait, no, wait, please.


I need your help.

What do you want?

It's the doctor.

She's had a seizure and she
needs electroconvulsive therapy.

You can make something for that, right?

I thought I was the bad guy.

Everyone else seems to think so.

They're gonna try to take your gun.

But if you help me, you
can prove your innocence.

Where is she?

I'll show you.

Get off of me!

Help me!


Go find the gun!

No, no no no!


Where's the gun?

Self analysis.

Today is day four since
waking from cryo sleep.

I'm a psychologist.

I don't remember much.

Images mostly.

My dad's dementia, climbing
into a cryo chamber.

I don't even know my own name.

I need to remember.

After the doctor got
sick, she voiced concerns

that this experiment was a failure,

and I'm worried that she may be right.

I'm developing similar symptoms,
visions... hallucinations.

But she said something
that I just can't shake,

that there may be more
to this than we thought.

I don't know if we're
doing the right thing.

But I believe that the
answers are in our memories.

Are you okay?

You were right.

We should have stayed calm.

I didn't know.

It was always gonna play out like this


You should go.

What are you doing?

I was just listening for her heartbeat

She won't wake.


Doctor, come on.

Hey hey hey.

The inventor would've known what to do

So he really is gone, then.

It's like her body wants to stay froze

Well, I don't know.

I mean, she could get better,
she looks okay right now.

No, wait a minute.

Wait yes, that could work, actually.


What if the thing that's killing her

could be the thing that could save her?

I mean, they're supposed
to heal you, right?

What are you suggesting?

That we her back in?

It could possibly stop
what's happening to her.

Give her more time.

Maybe even be like a reset button.

The only sure chance of survival.

- What the-
- Stay back!

I don't want trouble.

What do you want?

I just want outta here.

You want outta here?

All right.

Let's go.

Go on, leave.


You wanted outta here, there's the doo

He'll die out there.

Better than him killing
us while we sleep.


Okay, okay.

Just tell us where the gun is and maybe

we can work something out.

I'll tell you what's gonna work out.

You're gonna go out that door right ther

'Cause if you come down those stairs,

I'm gonna cut you into little pieces.

You can't be serious.

It's okay.

I'll take my chances.

People are predictable.

Why did you do that?

Why did I just save our lives?

- Guys.
- You killed him.


The doctor?

The machete, I left it right here.

None of us took it.

We've been together all morning.

Someone had to.

Okay, wait, wait, what
does that mean, then?

The soldier.


The air's toxic, so he's he's dead, righ

- Yes, yes, the air's toxic.

Then it has to be somebody else.

Okay, well, what about the photograph

and the missing numbers?

It's a red herring.

One of you are not who you say you are.

Hold on a second.

The same can be true of you.

Okay, so we just killed an innocent ma

No, no, he's still guilty.

Just like one of you are.

Hold on.

There's still the option that
someone else is down here.

All right.

Then from now on, no
one goes anywhere alone.

It will be as
though you've passed through

a veil of forgetfulness.

Our memories are gonna come back.

I still don't remember.

I just wanna know my own name.

Why don't I remember my name?

You still don't remember your name?

Let me know when you do.

Is it from cryo sleep?

Why haven't our memories come back yet

- They'll come.
- I am who I say I am.

Maybe there's more to
this than we thought.

They key is in our memories,
if we can just remember.

You must remember.

I see no one has
killed each other... yet.

It's because we're not killers.

I remember.

Your name?

This test, this whole experiment,

it's not what we thought it was.

Shit, it's happening to her
too. Are you feeling okay?

Would you shut up and listen to me?

This test was never to
see if cryo sleep works.

Of course it was.

What are you talking about?


This test was meant for
us to test our memories.


You've been saying that from the start.

And now I know why.

Because that was our objective.

I don't know, the
inventor, he wouldn't have...

No, I know that's not what we were tol

Why would he wanna test our memories?

Because cryo sleep is worthless

if we don't remember who
we are when we wake up.

I don't believe that.

I was there.

There was a plan.

Okay, I helped build those
cryo chambers, all right?

And the inventor was my friend.

He would not have lied to me, okay?

He wouldn't have turned me into a lab ra

Then why haven't our
memories come back yet?

I don't know!

Maybe she's right.

If the brain doesn't receive
enough oxygen, then memory,

it breaks down, it fails.
- Okay.

We all wake up at the same time?

And that microphone you found?

We're being recorded, studied.

I don't believe that.


Well maybe everyone's dead,
or maybe we're being hunted,

but for right now, it's all we've got.

And how do you suggest
that we bootstrap memory?

I hope this idea of yours works.

What do I do?

Okay, first thing, you
wanna tighten that down

as hard as you can.

The tighter it is, higher the pressure,

the faster the flow of oxygen.

Next thing is you're gonna wear this.

You ever worn one of these before?

What are you doing?

I was...


It's ready.


You okay?


I'm gonna start the flow of oxygen.


Okay, I'm gonna increase the pressure.

Do it.

You sure?

Stop it!

Stop it, turn it off!

You all right?

It didn't work.

I'm sorry.

The doctor...

I was careless.

It is my fault.

If she leaves that chamber, she'll die.

I'm sorry.

I didn't wanna remember.

Hey, you okay?

- Where is she?!
- What are you doing?

What are we still doing here?!

What do you mean?

You little bitch!

Why did you let this happen?

Where are you?!

This merry-go-round ends now!

Open the chamber, quick!


No, don't do this!

We're lab rats, this is all a lie!

No, don't, no!

You're alive.

It's okay.

I'm gonna get us out of here.

The air.

No, the air outside is fine.

No...'Cause that means that...

Don't you see?

This is the only way
that the doctor survives.

He was trying to save her!

I'm tired of being a pawn.

I decide what happens to the doctor now.

She's beautiful in there.

Perfectly preserved.

You're out of your mind!

Well, maybe we should
have figured that out

during my psychoanalysis.

♪ You promised that you'd forget me not ♪

There's nowhere to go!


♪ Remember ♪

Hey, hey.

Hey, I'm gonna get you outta here.

No, you're not.

Where's the gun?

Where's the gun?

Please, please, please.

I need to know where the gun is.

Go to hell.

I knew I'd find you here.

No, no, no!

He can't save you.

Stay back!

Wait, stop, stop.


You win.

You can have the doctor.

Just leave me in peace.

Don't worry.

I've thought it all out.

There are just too many variables.

This is the only sure chance of survival


You're dying.

We all die.

No, you don't.

I'm truly sorry.

I failed.

I failed.

I remember.

I remember.

Dad, it's me.
- It's you.

Yes, it's you.

It's you, isn't it?

Yes, it is, I remember.

My memories, it worked, didn't it?

Yes, yes.

Now we have to be absolutely
certain for the next test.

The one with a larger sample size.

What, the next test?

Yes, yes.

I've assembled a team with
everything you'll need.

They should be in their chambers now.

I had to be certain that
my mind had returned.

No, we already performed the test-

Or I'll just turn off their chambers.

That would kill them.


Yes it will, but it's
better that they die

than dwindle on.

Are you ready to begin?

They are preserved for a wise purpose,

which purpose is known unto God,

and God's course is one eternal round.

Tell me a story about yourself.

Do you know the first
Bible story I heard as a boy?

Lazarus, raised from the dead.

After that, I always wished
I could bring back Mother.

Of course, that never happened.

But I'll always remember
those first embers of hope,

that maybe someone could.


And what are you-

Do you know the first
Bible story I heard as a boy?

It was Lazarus, raised from the dead.

After that, I always wished
I could bring back Mother.

Of course, that never happened.

But I'll always remember
those first embers of hope.

Maybe someday, someone could.



All right, let's just
start with the basics.

Do you know the first
Bible story I heard as a boy?

It was Lazarus, raised from the dead.

After I heard that, I always wished

I could bring back Mother,
but of course never happened.

I'll always remember the
first dying embers of hope.

Perhaps someday somebody could.

Do you know the first Bible
story I heard as a boy?

If you're watching this...

You should know the
experiment didn't work.

If you're watching this,
the experiment didn't work.

So I'm gonna try it again.

I can't let the team die.

I can make this work.

I can cure my dad.

I can still remember.

But I'm gonna take a few precautions.

It's entirely possible
that if we don't remember

this next time...

Every event will unfold
in a similar manner.

People are always making the same choice

the same mistakes.

Like they're just pre-wired like that.

Why are we doing this again?

Why are we doing this again?

Why are we doing this again?

The biochemist and the engineer
tried to kill me tonight.

This merry-go-round ends now!

If things
aren't drastically different,

we'll be chasing our own shadows.

But a few things have changed.

The soldier's out of bullets.

We heard a gunshot.

He was
never supposed to have a gun

in this experiment, so he won't
have ammunition next time.

You heard a gunshot?

I have no choice but
to frame the soldier

so that the others will still suspect hi

They'll drive him away so
he can be in the right place

at the right time to come
back and save me again.

I need a fail safe.

But I'll do my best to remember.

Don't worry, Dad.

I'll fix it this time.

Don't worry,
Dad, I'll fix it this time.

Don't worry, Dad, I'll fix it this time.
- Stop, stop!

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry, but I'd...

I'd rather live through it
again than live with it.

Weep not. He's not dead,

but sleepeth.

It will be as though you've passed throu

a veil of forgetfulness.

Remember, you must remember.

I don't want to.

And the Lord God caused a
deep sleep to fall upon them.