Crush (1992) - full transcript

On the way to interview a novelist, Lane and Christina are involved in a car crash which leaves literary critic Christina brain-damaged. Lane undertakes the assignment and becomes attracted to the novelist's 15 year old daughter, leading to stormy emotions. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Do you want my skin?

Ugly house.

Yeah, he's not bad.

Hey, careful, Lane.

Critic basher.

Punched his front teeth
out on the dance floor.

You told me.

God, you'd better give
him a good review.

Too late, I said he was
guilty of neoparochialism.

"Colin Iseman's confessional
modus operandi--"

Give me that.

Tina, I'd forgotten
how nosy you are.

So what are you gonna ask him?

We've agreed not to talk
about his private life.

But you will.

I'm a very ethical person.

God, everything is so empty.

McCahon said it's a
landscape of too few lovers.

But you'll fix that,
won't you, Lane?

78 kilometers, you should
take the car this arvo.

Have a look at some
of those geysers.

I'll only be a couple of hours.

Doesn't give you much
time to fuck him, Tina.

It's not like Australia.

There's no predators, and I
bet there's spiders, no snakes.

There's even this totally

I'm sorry.

I've been very uneasy about it.

It-- it's like what
I said about Colin.

Uh, there's this obsession
to uncover the germ

of evil, search for the snake.

There's the New Zealand psyche,
looking at the serpents.

I guess we have a streak
of perversity here.


Can you turn that thing off?

I thought you were a boy.

Why would I be?

- Is that thing yours?
- No.

Dad's out.


Are you that critic?

I hope he pays
you for all this.

He thought you were
coming yesterday.

Was he very disappointed?

A bit.

I didn't mean
what I said before.

You're too gorgeous to be a boy.

What did you do to your head?

Oh, I think it was that
sharp, little corner

where the car radio sticks
out, but I'm not sure.

So what do you do around
here for entertainment?

They're not nearly as
big as they used to be.

This country is
obsessed with size.


- Hey, careful.
- Oh.

They have to bury
them above ground, see?

Our Indians put them in trees.

She never told me
he had a daughter.

- Who?
- Christina.

Aren't you Christina?

No, did I say that?


Well, I lied.

Christina is in the hospital.

She must have been going
really fast to roll it then.

I guess.

The families stay with the body
for three days before they--

The less I know about a
place, the more I like it.


She's not going to die.

Hi, I just came to see you.

Have a seat.

Are you packing?

Washing, otherwise I end
up looking like a bag woman.

Why is it so dark in here?

Because the manager
likes to gawk at me.

He'll be out there.
Take a look.

Go on.

Well, what's he doing?


That's a boring answer.

He's gardening.

Has he got a hard-on?

Come here.

I'm sick of you in those jeans.

What's wrong with jeans?

They make you look

Hold this.

Did you go to the hospital?

I spoke to a doctor.

She's got one foot in the grave,
the other one on a banana peel.

We look marvelous.

You can wear it tonight.

Did she give you that?

Do you like it?

Yeah, I like it.

But it's too old for you.

I almost didn't recognize you.

Don't be silly.

What's she like?

She's, um, I don't know.



You'd better fix the shoulders.

moments that's passing

is like the clinking
crystal glasses.

The sparkle shines in your
eye, communication, Lorelie.

I'm so glad.

I'm so glad to be
alive, to be alive.

Angela, come here.

That's Arthur.

You're not mad at me, are you?

I thought you'd gone.

Hmm-mm, I want to be a
bad, bad baby tonight.


Oh, Arthur's had a bad day.

He just got the chop suey
from the Fourth Street.

Seven fucking years.

Angela, you know that,
um, guitarist in there?

His name is Horse.

I'm gonna be his manager.

Take a suck on that.

I don't need drugs
to have a good time.

You're such a serious
thing, aren't you?

No, that's what
I love about you.

I've had it up to here
with cy-- cynical people.

Does she always do
everything with you?

Mostly, sit down.

Hey, come on.

Don't be a bully.

No way, Jose.

Oh, work me to death.


Shh, just ignore him.

Come on.

He's getting in.

No, he's not.


Oh, Jesus, fuck,
you-- aw, bitch.

Wakey, wakey, Horse.

You snooze, you lose.

What the--

Where's your dad?

He's in there.

Pretend I'm a big horse.

Shh, but I can't believe
you stole his car.


Do you think he
wanted to have sex?

- Of course.
- Would you have?


Do I want to wake up next
to that in the morning?

I feel like a freak sometimes.

It's just sex.

There's more important things.

Scoot over.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- You're Lane.
- You're Colin.

Do you mind if I join you?

Uh, no, uh, be my guest.

I'll, uh, I'll get you a cup.

The tea is still hot.

I won't ask what you did
last night because I don't

think I'd like the answer.

No, she's a nice kid, Angela.
I like her.

She's also only 15.

She seems to think she
has some catching up to do.

Yeah, well, I wouldn't
know about that.

I read your book.


I liked it.

I thought it was very
raw and truthful and--

It's fiction.

Have you been
having a good time?


Of course not, you were lucky.
I can't remember.

Was she married?

Only to her work, she
didn't get on with men.

Is she going to come out of it?

No, I don't know, maybe.

I haven't been to
visit her yet actually.

I was driving.

I'm sorry.

I've got to go to work.

I'd off you a lift, but--

But you don't want to.

That's OK.

I have a car, but you
should come by and visit me.

I'm only here for
a couple of days.

And why would I
want to do that?

Blind impulse, I mean, isn't
that what you're famous for?

Used to be, excuse me.

I'm a good hair cutter, if
you need a pretext for coming.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Why do you have to go now?

I thought you wanted
to see the falls.

It wasn't your fault. You
didn't do it on purpose.

Do you believe that?

Yeah, of course, I do.

Colin-- Colin, hi.

Hello again.

I'm sorry.

Did I hurt you?

No, uh, a barber
nicked me once.

I didn't realize an head
could bleed so much.

What do you think?

It's a-- it's a bit
longer here, isn't it?

Leave it to me.

Come back here.

Segue, from the Latin,
, to follow,

uh-huh-huh, uninterrupted
transition from one song

or melody to
another, used in both

live and pre-recorded music.

She's here.


Lane, I invited her.

She's got her suitcase.

She must want to
stay here the night.

Hi, I thought
you were gonna be off.

No, I left my goddamn
keys in the car.


- Hello, how's it going?
- Great.

Here, I'll take it.

Big one.

What you been up to?

You mean tonight?

I had a couple of drinks,
and then I got sidetracked.

Not like last time, I hope.


What time's your flight?

Some ungodly hour,
we need some music.

What have you got?

Jefferson Starship,
Cream, the Soft Machine.

- What about this?
- OK.

I'd kill for a cup of coffee.

It's only Nescafe.

- I'd kill for a Nescafe.
- Wait there.


No, I don't dance.

Hey, uh, drinks.

Stop it.

Excuse me.

I'm just going to attach
this thing to your toe.

Come here.

Do you want some?

For me?

No, thank you.

Sit down, please.

Now I'll tell you what I think.

You're sore at me 'cause
your best friend turned

out to be a father fucker.


You shouldn't give in so easy.

So what are you thinking?

You have to stick
to your girlfriends.

They last longer 'cause
there's no sexual pressure.

They are a lot more
spiritual, I think.

You make a statement like
that, and then you tack,

I think, on the end of it?

That's weak.

It's like the way all your
sentences go up on the end,

like everything is
a goddamn question.

We talk about the
, the spirit

which is the last
thing to leave the body

when the body shuts down.

You have to learn
to read the signs.

She's like a still
lake, all that life

teeming underneath the surface.

Hmm, we have a lot to
learn from the.

1, 2, 3-- now,
Christina, we're going

to stand you up on your feet.

Get her legs, Sally.

Ready and up.

She's awake.

She's just slightly
more aroused.

That's all.

I'll tell you what.

You hold her head up.

Do you think she can see me?

Can you see Angela, Christina?

Got some ice here.

Can you feel that?

Is that nice?

What she needs now is more
than just physical care.

She needs spiritual sustenance.

That's where the family
comes in, the,

oh, God, my shoe.

Hi, Christina, I'll
read you a poem.

It's by O'Rourke.

"Tears so deeply felt rise up.

When a life has climbed so
high, and from the clouds

of its own pain falls back,
we call that rain death."


Can you hear me?

"So the darkness wraps close
around us who are poor,

while even more precious
to us who are rich

is the strange
kingdom of Earth."

Come in, dear.

Don't be shy.

It's Harry's birthday.

Who's there?

Come here so I can look at you.

I know you.

What's your name?

You're a friend
of that American.

What about her?

It's history, sister.

I don't ask someone's
friends against them.

Hey, Hunya, get our
guest some cake.

You're the prettiest
thing I've seen all day.

Oh, aside form
you, that is, huh?


I wish I had a cock.


So I could do this to you.

It's like I had a
choice-- save my wife,

or write a bestselling novel.
I didn't do either.

A sad story.

You're beautiful.

Leave it.

I want to be inside you.

You're so strong sometimes.

What is about you, eh?

Your mouth maybe, hmm?

This is something, isn't it?

It's just a little too close
to nature for my liking.

Hey, in the summer, I'll take
you up to the Bay of Islands.

There's a place up there
I know you'll like.

I might not be here.

Uh-huh, sorry.

I might not be here.

I might go home.

So what is this, some
kind of extended stopover?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's
it, something like that.

Could you tell me what
you've got in mind?

God, look at you.

You're just so goddamn serious.

Yes, I am.
I want to know what's going on.

- I know what you want.
- Do you?


So why have you stayed?

I've stayed.

That's all it means.
I've stayed.

I mean, you know, what the fuck?

Are you coming?

Then what?

He was getting really angry.

I thought he was
gonna whack her one,

so I just picked up
his shoes and started

throwing them at him.

I said, get out, Horse.

Then what?

And then he left.

What's that?

- A notebook.
- What's it say?

"Christina is--"
read something else.

"From a certain
point onwards, there

is no longer any turning back.

That is the point that
must be reached," Kafka.

What are you doing?

Nothing, the bag
fell off the table.

Were you reading this?
- No.

What's it doing open then?
You were reading it.

It's-- it's not even yours.

- Was she reading it?
- Yes.

Don't lie when you
can't do it convincingly.

What are you doing
with it anyway?

What are you doing?

Get away from me.

Christina's gonna get you.

You stupid cunt, give me that.

Just give it to me, Angela.


Hey, what the
hell are you doing?

For Christ's sake, Lane,
what's the matter with you?


Hey, are you all right?

She fucks everything.

What sort of friend leaves you
lying on the side of the road,

unconscious and
bleeding to death?

She's the most lying,
selfish, hypocritical bitch

I've ever met.


I saw her once at the fridge.

She was sticking her
spoon into everything

and licking it in between.

She's not even a person.

She's an animal.


She's at school.


Angela, where have you been?

With Christina.


You don't even know her.

It's good for her
to have visitors.

You should have seen
her two weeks ago.

She nearly died.

She recognizes my voice now.

It's true.

They have done tests.

She can hear everything you say.



Christina, just wait.

No, look, you don't
have to eat it.

- That's stealing.

- I'm not stealing.
- No.

I'm not-- Christina.

It's mine now.

- Hey, hey.
- No.

Oh, God, are you all right?

Look, just leave it, all right?

Just leave it.

What's going on in here?

What is she going over here?

Christina Anderson is the
author of "God's own Frontier."

She has contributed to
"Landfall" and to-- hey,

wow, "Rolling Stone."

That's crayfish.

You know, you've got a PhD.

I learned it in your notebook,
the one Lane took from the car.

Hello, Mrs. Shore.

How are you today?

Remember I told you about Lane?

She was the one
driving your car.

Here, open up.

Come on.
Open your mouth.

It's her fault this happened.

Here, I'll show you.

This is the person
that did this to you.

So how's your patient today?

She's fine.

Can you see?

Very nice.

Christina, put it down.

Christina, come on.


Don't you like me?

We like you when
you behave yourself.

- You're just saying that.
- Come on, Christina.

Don't get upset.

What are you doing here?

Hey, hey, come on now, shh.

I want to go home.

You're overtired.

You try and get some sleep, OK?

OK, sourpuss.


See that knitting
needle up there?

I've got an itch I can't
reach, and it's a agony, mate.

Keep going.

Oh, a bit lower, oh,
oh, oh, ah, ooh, oh,

oh, you're tickling me, harder.

Don't stop.

It's just getting good.

- I brought you a coffee.
- Thanks.

It's her, isn't it?

I was thinking maybe
Christina could stay with us

for a while when she gets out.

It might not look like
it, but I'm trying to get

to the bottom of this shit pile

You wouldn't have
to do anything.

She's very independent.

Christ, Angela, she's
becoming an obsession with you.

You can talk.

If she comes back, I'm leaving.

You can choose between us.

I'm not living
with a bitch like--

Just shut up about her, OK?

I think you'd better
leave me alone, all right?

Just get out.

Dad, do--


Hey, sister, got
any drugs on you?


You've been crying.

I had a fight with my father.

Wait till you get a husband.

He's never shouted
at me like that.

Close the tent so the
one with the big hips

doesn't see you in here.

Sit down.

I like talking to you.

You've got smart eyes.

Did you do this?

Give us a kiss.

- No.
- Please?

Turn the light off.

They won't come in if it's dark.

I have to go.

No, you don't-- a
minute, 30 seconds.

I have to ring Dad.
He'll be wondering--

Shh, five minutes.

I'm falling off.

I've got you.

If you're lucky, you
might find a bit of skin.

No, that's plaster.


I just don't--


Ow, not too hard.


Don't stop, faster.

OK, Christina, we'll
get you up in bed.

- Angela.
- How are you?

- No.

Goodness me, Wayne.

What's going on here now?

Let's just go back a bit.

Come on, you.

How do you expect to
walk if you don't try?

You got up to 20
kilos yesterday.


Oh, I'm sorry.

I can't believe she's gotten
the nerve to come here.

What did she do?

She's a maniac.

Listen, if she comes back,
pretend you can't talk, OK?

She's hurt you enough.

So, uh, I'll be back
in a minute, all right?

What have you been doing?

I'm looking for a job.

I found one, too,
in a restaurant,

but I don't think the
customers liked me.

I'm a little bit drunk, but I
have something to say to you.

I'm sorry about-- this
is serious, Colin.

You'd better take me home
and put me out of my misery.

All yours.

It's pretty weird
how she acts like nothing

even happened, don't you think?

Look at me, Christina.

You're gonna love it out here.

You'll feel like a
different person.

You don't want to
watch this, do you?

They wouldn't let me wa--

You'll be out of here soon.

- Hi, Angela.
- Hi.

You're looking nice
today, Christina.

Are you gonna shake his hand?

She's really blossomed.

We'll have to get
you on the payroll.

I remember everything.

It was Lane.


She told them not to give--

Not to give you that job, how
did you figure that one out?

She say I talk too much.

She said.

She said I talk too much.

She was driving the car.

She must have been speeding.


20 K's at least.

She drove me through the bin.

Through the wind screen.

With my head.

And you hurt your head.

She should be inca--

In car?





Angela, what's the
weather like in there?

America's got military
muscle, but it's

completely fractured socially.

Well, he obviously hasn't
been to the Super Bowl lately.

Look, hopefully the powers
will be the minorities.

But not economically,
what do you think, Angela?

You're gonna sand a
whole through that.

America's history.

Look, McDonald's is recycling
paper, recycling beef.

I wouldn't touch that chunk.

Hey, that's odd.



Come here.

- I'll get her.
- Got her?


Here, OK, that's all right.

Angela-- Christina, I'm Colin.

Excuse me.

There's $15 owed.

Who's she?


Angela, hi.

Careful, careful.

Look, uh, here's $50.

Take her back, OK?

No, she only just got here.

What's he saying?

Does the hospital know--

Just for the weekend.

Give us $7.

I thought you were
gonna wear black?


My name is Christina,
and I have head injuries.

I was in a car
accident in June and--

- July.
- July.

Christina, do
you remember Lane?

She remembers you.

What do you
think you're doing?

She needs a break.

You don't know what
it's like in there.

So you put her at
risk just to make

some fucking point to Lane?

It's good for her to get out.

Oh, grow up, Angela.

Look at her.

Oh, God, she's freezing.

Oh, come on, Christina.

We'll get your jacket on.

We'll light the
fire in a minute.

What about that driver?

I said there'd be some
lifting, and.

I want to go home.

Do you want to sleep out here
or in the bunk room with me?

I want to go home.

How's it going?

Can she--

Move over.

Angela's taking
me to the country.

I know.

Christina can stand for
15 seconds now, can't you?


That's good.

What's she on?

Stubetal, it's
an antiepileptic,

and these are
painkillers for her.

Hope you brought
enough for all of us.

Who is it?

It's only Lane.

Excuse me.

Where are you going?

Hey, Christina, here, use this.

So the guy starts listing
his favorite authors--

Hemingway, Raymond
Chandler, Doris Lessing,

Colin Iseman, Flo Stocks.

And I said, gee.

That's-- that's great.

Who's Flo Stock?

It turns out to be his mother.


That's when you know
you're in good company.

Everything all right
at the table, sir?

Yeah, fine, thanks.

Uh, no, some of us know
when we've had enough.

Enough of what?

Come here.



You have to look at people
when you talk to them.

She's not from around here.

I'm not fucking around here.

Huh-uh, forget it.

Remember what the doctor said?

Some of us are just
getting started here, oh,

unlike the vicar over there.

I told you my new regime--
no alcohol, no stimulants.

No surprises.

That's right.

When I finish my
milk, they said I could

put you-- I can't remember.

No, they said I could push--

Print, publish?

No, RUP said that--

Yes, it's very
flattering, Christina.

Come on.

Come on, Tina.

Spit it out.

Lane, don't turn.

Are you my friend?

Sure, we go way back.

Tina and I were on the
same debating team in 1974.

We used to smargen--

You never told me that.

I-- I-- I'm sick in my mind.

I'm mumbley, and I'm--

We've got to go, OK?

- Like I used to.
- Come on.

We're going home.

- Colin?
- What?

Move over.

I just don't feel
like sleeping with you.

That's all.

- Colin.
- No.

- I want to talk.
- In the morning.

What are you doing?

No, no, don't.

Hey, hey, it's OK.
It's OK.

I want to drive.

OK, if you want.

Don't follow me.

Hang on.

Let me do it.

What is it with you?


What are you doing?

You shouldn't have left them.

She's all right with Lane.

God, you're a fast walker.

Let's give them some time.

What's that?

It's a river.

Where are you going?

It doesn't mean anything.

She was just testing me.

That's all.

It means she's getting better.

She'll have to do a lot worse
than that to get rid of me.

You're really patient with her.

Well, she hasn't got
anyone else, has she?

What did you think
would happen with Lane?

I don't know.

I guess I wanted
to see her face.

I think it's time the two
of you buried the hatchet.

Get away.

Will you just let
me-- stop it, OK?

Great, you can stand.



- I'm gonna go back.
- Sure.

No, I'll go.

Here, we'll meet you
at the ferry, OK?

Yeah, OK.

Hey, Angel.


Give us a kiss.

Oh, God, I thought-- oh.

Forgive me, Christina.

Oh, good.



I'm walking.

I saw.