Cruiser (2012) - full transcript

After murdering a police officer and stealing his patrol car, a mysterious, hulking figure begins a night of carnage and terror in a small Georgia town, pulling over innocent victims until a shocking final confrontation reveals the killer to be even more monstrous than anyone imagined. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Test one, two, three. Test, test.

Camera one, check.

Camera two, check.

Camera three, check.

In your mouth, teabagger.

Oh. Yeah.

Yeah. Read that
in the paper, sure.

Hey, where were
you at roll call this evening?

Dispatch unit 22 is on patrol.

unit 22. Happy trails.

Dispatch, unit 17, also ten-eight.

Ten-four, 17.

this is unit 16. Ten-eight.

Ten-four, unit 16.

this is unit 11. Ten-eight.

Ten-four, unit 11.

Unit 12, see the Van
at junction old 41 and 120.

Unit eight, domestic dispute
report: 819 old mountain road.

Dispatch, unit 22,

at Conway road and Melbourne.

Ten-four, unit 22.

You know how fast you were
going back there, ma'am?

Well, I clocked you
on the laser doing 52.

Um, can I see your license
and proof of insurance, please?

Yes, ma'am. Do you know what
the speed limit is through here?

It's 35.

Yes, ma'am. Now you
just sit tight for me, okay?

I'm going to run your license.

Your court date is shown here,

September 12th, if you do want
to challenge the ticket.

Um, otherwise, you can just pay online.

If you'll just sign here for me.

Now this isn't
an admission of guilt. It's just

an acknowledgment
you received the ticket, okay?

Okay. And drive safe, ma'am.

Dispatch, unit 22 is ten-eight.

Ten-four, unit 22.

Any unit
within the vicinity of...

Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug it!

Yeah! Woohoo!

Oh, man, you guys are in trouble.

Boys, hold it right there.

Tommy Harbaugh, I see you running.

Andrew Morgan, shut the hell up.
Turn off that camera

before you lose it forever.

Guys, you know you can't
be out here doing this.

- We weren't bothering anybody, chip.
- Hey, Tommy?

You got to call me
officer Tate when I'm on duty.

And no matter we're related,
you guys are out here drinking.

Every one of you is underage.

Andrew, I see you there
shitting your pants thinking

about what your daddy
is going to say about this.

I don't think he can get up
and preach on Sunday morning

knowing his son got arrested
for an alcohol charge.


How much you boys had already?

Yeah. Come on now.

Andrew, this your truck?

All right, get this beer
out of here, put it on the hood.

That's a hell a lot
of beer just to be trying it.

Where did y'all get all this?


That's where your buddy
rashid works, right?

Yeah, he sell it to you?


All right.

I'll tell you what.

Y'all open up
every one of them cans of beer,

and dump it out right here on the ground.

Hey, hey, it's officer Tate.

You want to go to jail instead?

Now look.
I haven't called this in.

All right? Nobody knows
you're out here except me.

Now you get your asses
straight home and I mean now.

Hey, I'm going
to check on you in one hour.

Andrew, you okay to drive?

All right, well then finish
dumping it and beat it.

All right. This is your
one get-out-of-jail-free card.

Oh, shit. Camera.

- Unit 22, ten-seven.
- Ten-four, unit 22.

Drive... that's William Adams, Tom
Edwards, Robert Sam, David Edward drive.

Have a good one. Thank you.

Agi. How we doing tonight, sir?

Police come
looking for you, it's usually

not to give you
an award for good behavior.

...lose his job. I just wouldn't
want it to happen anymore.

It will not. We
own a very strict store.

- Strict compliance.
- I know you do. That's why I'm saying.

One to
Georgia Williams. 4306078.

Thank you, agi.

Now you just remind rashid.

I'm not even going
to ask what that was about.

I don't want to know.

But you can't say
that I never gave you anything.

Cop biscuits.
Now I feel like a real cop.

Uh, unit 22, ten-eight.

Ten-four, 22.

Charlie, Romeo,
three, kilo, four, one, niner.

Dispatch, unit 22,
be advised, possible ten-twenty

on license plate Charlie, Romeo,
three, kilo, four, one, niner.

I'm showing a missing person's report
on the registered owner. Can you confirm?

Unit 22, ten-twenty-three.

Unit 22, confirm missing person report

on Charlie, Romeo,
three, kilo, four, one, niner.

Harold Crawford.

No stolen vehicle report,

but advise caution.

Ten-four dispatch.

All right. Let's light you up
and see what we got.

Good evening. Can I see your
license and proof of insurance, please?

Is this your truck, sir?

Oh. Whose is it?

Are you aware that there's
a missing person report

on Mr. Harold Crawford?

He's the registered owner of the vehicle.

What's your name?

What... yes, sir,
I would say it was important,

especially if you're driving a
truck belonging to a missing person.

You been drinking tonight, sir?

How about any drugs or medication?

All right. Unit 22.

Ten-seven-eight at old mountain road.

Possible ten-ninety-six.

Ten-four, unit 22.

I am going to need you
to tell me your name.

Sir, I'm going to have to ask you
to step out of the vehicle please.

All right. I'm going to need pat
you down. Okay? Just a precaution.

Need you to turn around and put
your hands on the vehicle.


You got anything sharp in your pockets?

- Any weapons, needles, anything?
- No, sir.

Is there a reason
you won't tell me your name?

I am called many things.

What's your legal name?
Your given name?

Sir, for my own safety out
here, I'm going to have to handcuff you

until we can get
this sorted out. All right?

Need you to put your hands
behind your back for me.


Unit 22, advise your twenty.

Unit 22, can you confirm
ten-thirty-eight, please?

♪ and his name

♪ shall be called wonderful

♪ counselor

♪ the mighty god

♪ the everlasting father

♪ the prince of peace

♪ A son is given

♪ and the government shall be
upon his shoulder... ♪

♪ ...counselor

Okay, the
suspect I had detained by...

Unit 22, this is unit 17.

Hey, chipper, give me your twenty.
Advise. You still need assistance?

People just minding their own business

just trying to get home,
ain't bothering nobody.

What are you going
to say I was doing? Speeding?

Cross one tire over the middle line?

Something like that?
Yeah, yeah. I know.

It's all about money.
I heard it all before.

I know. You got to make your
little quota, make your quota.

Is that right?
Economy ain't for shit.

People ain't got no jobs.
You bastards care?

No. Hell no!

So what? You know.

You know what? Go ahead.

Write whatever little ticket
you want to write, all right,

because I'm going to tell you
this right now, I ain't going to pay it.

I ain't going to pay it.
I'm going to tell you that.

I'm going to tell the judge
that. I ain't going to pay it.

I'm going to talk to the mayor. I'm
going to have your goddamn badge.

And I'll wipe that
smug look right off your face.

Just go ahead.
You do what you going to do.

Oh, shit! Please! I'm sorry.

No! God dammit.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to... hey, stop, stop.

I promise you. Damn it,
you son of a bitch!

You ain't no fucking cop!
You ain't no policeman!

You ain't no fucking cop!


Ten-four unit seven.


I'm sorry, officer. I know I
shouldn't have been going that fast.

You think it would matter
if you hadn't done anything?

I'm not sure I understand the question.

Do you think it would matter
if you hadn't done anything?

- Matter? You mean, like, having a reason to stop me?
- Yes.

Probably not.
You're the law, right?

You can stop anyone you want to.

- I need to see your license.
- Oh, yes, absolutely.

That's my registration
and proof of insurance, too.

Tara Kirkland.

Uh-huh. Oh, I hate
that picture. But that's me.

I need you to step
out of the car, Tara Kirkland.

Is there a problem
other than the speeding?

Would you step out of the car, please?

- Okay.
- Turn around and put your hands on the vehicle.

Is that necessary?

- It's the way things have to be done.
- Okay.

Hey, um...

I've just got to admit, this is
making me a little nervous.


You're going to have to come with me.

Are you serious? Why?

Put your hands behind your back,
please, Tara Kirkland.

I mean, I'll
pay the fine. You just...

Put your hands behind your back.

You haven't told
me what the charge is.

Both of them, please. Thank you.

Officer, I have
a right to know, don't I?

Can you please just tell me
why I'm being arrested?

I thought you understood
that it doesn't matter.

What about my car? Can
I have someone come pick it up?

Look. I'm really sorry. I know I shouldn't
have been going that fast. I was just...

Trying to get home from a friend's house.

She had this whole legal...

Her deal with her boyfriend,
and, you know?

I was tired,
but I needed to listen, so...

We had a couple of glasses of wine

just to mellow her out. Is that
it? Did you smell the alcohol?

Because I swear I'm not drunk.
I don't do that.

If I'm buzzed, I will not drive.

Yes, I was going too fast, no question,

but I have a really good record.

You can look
it up there on your computer.

Not making excuses, I'm just saying.

Any unit with a
twenty on unit 22, please advise.

Apb on officer Charles Tate.

Shouldn't you call it in
to let them know you have me?

So is this the way to the police station?

I have to post bail
or something to get out, right?

How does all that work?

Again, I'm not saying
that I shouldn't have to pay.

It's just, money is tight right now.

I'm a student over at pinewood tech.

Dental hygiene.

I was tired of dead end jobs, you know?

I needed to make some money.

Make some money sticking my
fingers in people's mouths all day.

Sir, sir,
these handcuffs are really tight

and cutting into my wrists.

I know this all must be procedure,

but is all this really necessary?

I swear to god,
I'll be no trouble at all.

I just want to post bail and whatever,

and just go home tonight.

Enough excitement,
you know, for one night.

Dispatch, this is unit
four requesting immediate medical

and coroner on old mountain
road at the old church.

Possible officer down.

Priority code two.
Oh, man, this is a real mess.

Ten-four, unit four.

Is that unit 22?

I think so. We
need crime scene investigation

and coroner, stat.

You been drinking tonight, sir?

No. Not at all.

Well, just a few beers.

Not at all, just a few.
Which is it?

Yeah, a few.

Do you think it matters
how much you're drinking, sir?

Well, you see, officer, that's the thing.

I've got a very high tolerance.

And I'm, I'm really fine.

As a matter a fact,
I'm on my way home right now.


I could let you go.

Oh, I would really
appreciate that, officer,

I really would.

Like I said,
I'm on my way home right now,

I'll go straight home.

Oh, my god.

Oh, god.

Can you just take me to
the police station and turn me in?

I swear I won't say a word.

Oh, god.

Unit 17,
neighbor's report shots fired

near parkside subdivision
burnt hickory road.

Is that near your twenty?

Do you believe in god?


Do you believe in god?

I don't know. I guess so.

That's not an acceptable answer.

Either you do or you don't.

What do you want me to say?

Look, please don't hurt me,
okay? Please.

You can let me out anywhere.

I won't tell anyone anything, I swear.

Do you go to church?

Why are you doing this?

Tara Kirkland, do you go to church?



Not a lot.

Christmas. Easter.

Do you go to church
because you believe in god?

I go because
my mother likes for me to go.

Why do you believe in god?

Because there's a lot
of good in the world.


Do you believe...

God created the universe
and everything in it?

Yes. I don't know. I don't think
it just happened all on its own.

Do you believe
that god is all powerful?


How do you know that?

I don't know.

I think he wants us
to do good, all of us.

What are you doing?
They're just kids out parking.

What are you two doing out here?

I don't know.

Explain it to me.

You've got to take all
her clothes off to kiss her?

How old are you?

Hmm. How about you, young lady?

Do your parents know you're out here?

Then why are
you hiding out here at all?

- Stop it.
- Get on the ground.

- Don't do this!
- Request medical and coroner

on county farm road at the turn-out.

Unidentified civilian with
GSW to the face.

Apparent severed extremities.

Hands behind your back.

Hello? Can you hear me? Oh, no.

- Help me! He kidnapped me!
- Ow! That hurts!

Please don't!

Unit 22, advise your twenty.

What are you doing?
Oh, don't do this.

Please just let them go.

No, don't do this. God
wouldn't want you to do this.

They're just kids.

I know you had a reason
to stop the other guys.

I, I don't want you to do this!

Please, no.

Don't do this!


No. No, no, no.

Oh, god!

Stop it!

Oh, no. No, no!

Why did you do that?

What's wrong with you?
You're insane!

You're fucking insane! Oh, god.

You think bad things
only happen to bad people?

Why do you keep talking about that?

Quit asking me that!

Answer the question.

Do you think god lets bad
things happen to good people?

I'm begging you not to do this.

Why does god let bad things
happen to good people?

I don't know. I don't know,
I don't know.

What's the only logical answer?

Damn you! I don't know.

Do you think
maybe it's not god at all?

Maybe it's evil or the devil if you will?

Please just let me go.


Do you think I'm evil?

I think you're out of your fucking mind.

Do you read the Bible?

What? Why?

Do you read the Bible?

Yeah. I used to.

In Sunday school when I was a kid.

Do you remember
the story of Christ's betrayal?


Judas, his own disciple, betrayed him.

Judas revealed Jesus
to the Roman authorities

in exchange for 30 silver pieces.

They arrested him.

Peter tried to defend him.

Cut the ear off of a Roman soldier,

but Jesus healed the man.

Dispatch, is unit 22 still Mia?

Reattached his ear right there
in the garden of Gethsemane.

We have no twenty on unit 22.

Do you know what
Jesus told his disciples?

He said for them not to interfere.

That in order for
the scriptures to be fulfilled,

it must be so, he had to be betrayed.


Hangs himself in shame,

that he had betrayed his lord.

And ever since, if you commit
the worst kind of betrayal...

You are known as a Judas Iscariot.

Dispatch, advise all units
switch to emergency frequency code bravo.

He should have protected Jesus.

No. He should not have.

Do you believe
Jesus Christ died for your sins?

I don't know. Yes.

Do you believe Jesus had
to die redeem all mankind?

A lot of people believe that.

Then my question to you is this:

Why was Judas considered evil...

When he was merely doing god's will?

Maybe because he was doing it
for the wrong reasons.

Huh. Doesn't matter the reason.

He did what had to be done.

Judas did exactly what
god set out for him to do

from the moment he was born...

From the moment the universe was created.

Come on! Come on, hit each other.

My sister could kick both your asses!

Yeah, man. You look like
you guys are dancing.

Why don't you hold each other and kiss?

Yeah, slip her a little tongue.

If I get a bruise on my face, my
dad's going to want to know why.

My friends are all
giant pussies.

Oh, shit.

- You fuckers are busted again.
- Man, you, too, asshole.

Dude, if I get kicked out of
school for this, you are all dead.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

I'll do anything you say.

We... we can talk
all night if you want. Okay?

Listen, please. I want to know
more about what you think about god.

I want to understand.

Please tell me what
to call you.

What are you boys
doing out here tonight?

We were training,
sir. We want to be police officers.

Tommy, shut the hell up.

You're drinking beer...

Thinking that'll make
you police officers?

Don't listen to him.

Can you hear me?

Listen to me!

Can you hear me?


Don't do this. Please.

Please just listen to me and run!

He's going to kill you!

Please, run. Please.

- Just leave him alone!
- Turn around all of you.

Please just
run! Run! Run from him!

Please. Please stop.

They will freak.
My dad's a preacher.


Called him Isaac.

And do you know what god asked
Abraham to do with his son, Isaac?

He... he's the one
that god wanted sacrificed.



But god didn't make
Abraham do it. He stopped him.

Take off your clothes, all of you.

No! No. Don't
do this to them. Please.

Oh, god. Oh,
please, please, please.

Drop them on the ground.

If any of you...

Are still here in ten seconds...

You will die.

Turn on the car, god dammit!

Damn you, you fucking piece of shit!

Would you rather
that I had killed them?

No. No, of course not.

Why do you think I spared them?

Because you're a sick, twisted
fuck who likes torturing people.

No, why do you think I spared them,

and not your friends
in the backseat with you?

I don't know. I don't know.
Only you know that.

No, god knows.

You act like this doesn't happen
every day to people everywhere.

It doesn't happen to me.

It doesn't happen to
these people. Not in this town.

What? What doesn't happen
to them? Suffering? Death?

Not like this.

Do you think they have
any say over what happens?

Why do you get to decide?
You do not get to decide.

Do you think it's
because you asked me to?

I asked you to not hurt any of them.

And why would
you ask me not to hurt them?

They don't deserve it.

None of them do.

Most people
don't deserve to suffer.

Right? But they do.

God makes it rain
on the just and the unjust.

Why do you think that is?

How the fuck do I know?
Is that what this is?

You're trying to make some damn point?

Some people would say that

the fact that god lets bad
things happen to innocent people

is proof that he doesn't exist.

Maybe it does.

Are you losing your faith
tonight, Tara Kirkland?

Maybe I am.

Maybe I didn't have much to start with.

Does that make you happy?

Is that what you want to get to prove?

That there's no god. Fine.

Sure. Sure.
I won't argue with you.

You think that all
this proves god doesn't exist?

I don't know.

If god does exist, how
would we know he's all powerful?

When he answers your prayers.

Now Tara Kirkland,

don't disappoint me.

You're smarter than that.

What do you want from me?

What do you want me to say?

What is the proof of god's power?

He made the world.

He made the universe.
He even made you!

Yes. Yes, that's my girl.

My good smart Tara Kirkland.
He, he even made me.

And why? Why would he make you?

Oh, god didn't make you.

- The shit-eating devil made you.
- And who made the devil?

God made him.

But not to be evil.
The devil rebelled.

And who made
the devil's capacity to rebel?

- It was his own choice.
- It was the only choice he had.

And that's the proof of god's power.

You know what? Fuck you!

Police cruiser 22,

could you let me know your location?

God is all powerful.
He can do whatever he wants.

He's going to be completely arbitrary.

He doesn't have to obey
the rules, not even his own.

Pick up the radio
microphone, press the button on the side

- and respond.
- He is perfectly good

and yet lets evil run loose in the world.

He is bound by nothing.

So I ask you.

How do you know I'm not
an angel of god...

Doing his will

and reminding mankind
of his absolute power?

You're not proving anything
but that you're a monster.

People called Judas a monster.

He was only doing what had to be done.

Listen to me.

What's your name?

My name isn't important.

Okay. Listen. I get it.

Okay. I do. I understand.
You've made your point.

Maybe you do.

But not them. Not yet.

They know for god's sake.

They know shit can happen to
them no matter how good they are.

My dad died of pancreatic cancer
when I was 12 years old.

We all know. It's god's world.

Everything and everyone in it.

And he can do whatever he wants with it,

and we just have to accept it.

Yes, you do.

Please don't. Please don't.

What if you're wrong?

If god allows it to happen...

How can it be wrong?

Oh, god.

Why didn't you stop back there?

I'm sorry, officer.
I was scared to death.

I just wanted to go some place
where there were people around.

Don't you know you always have
to stop for a police officer?

Yes, I know, but my husband told
me not to stop for anyone

unless it's at like a gas station
like this, some place well lighted.

He heard somebody was
out here impersonating a cop.

You don't get
to decide what happens to you.

I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Not trying to get away or
anything, just going some place safe.

What's your name?

Cyndi Welch. C-y-n-d-i.

- Do you need to see my license?
- No.

I want you to get out of the car please.

Don't listen to him!

Can you tell me what I did, officer?

Doesn't matter what you did.

I mean, you have to have a
reason to pull someone over, right?

Just out of the car,
c-y-n-d-i Welch, please.

Code one. See the
subjects, teenage males, ridgeview road.

Please, no, don't do this.

No! No!

No! Please, no! No!

- Holy shit, did you see that?
- Oh, my god.

You're a fucking bastard!

Shit, holy shit. He killed her.

Don't do this.

Oh, my god, he's coming in here.

- What the fuck man?
- He's coming in.

Oh, my god.

Will add one moment to your life?

He who argues with god...

Let him have his answer.

No, no, no, no.


Oh, my god, he's dead.

Motherfucker! Motherfucker!

Oh, no!

I'm calling 911.
I'm calling 911!

Help, please. Please, wait.

God, please, come back.
Wait. Please.

Stop it, stop,
stop, please, stop it.

This is... this is
what I'm talking about.

I'm going to be on fucking YouTube, man.

♪ Of the lord he is

die you fuck!

Oh, god.

Hey. Hey!

Hey! Please. Oh, god. Please.

Hey! Listen to me. Hey!

Hey. Yes, please,
please, please help me.

Please. Come here.
Come here, please.

Please, please, please, come here.

Please, help me.

Please just open the door.
He's inside. He's crazy. Please.

He's not a cop.
He's killing them!

I didn't do anything.
He kidnapped me.

He's going to kill me.
Please, just open the door!

Please, he's going to kill me.

Look what he did.

Please, please wait.

Oh, my god, no! No, no!

- Please. No! No!
- Shh. It's all right.

- No!
- Shh.

♪ In the beauty of the lilies

♪ Christ was
born across the sea with a... ♪

Please come back.

Open this door!

Please. He's going to kill me.

Please, please, please.

See the man, had...

No! Get away from me!

Would you leave me alone?

Why haven't you killed me yet?

You want me to kill you?

I want you to let me go.

I want you to stop doing this.

You are the prophet.

You must bear witness to the truth.

Does that mean you're going to let me go?

Perhaps I don't need you anymore.

This is unit 17.
I have unit 22 in sight.

In pursuit headed west on
haddenfield, mile marker seven.

Be advised there is a
civilian on board. Code eight.

All units, all available units.

Ten-four, unit 17.

All units, code eight,
west on haddenfield.

You need to stop.

Okay? You heard them. They...

They know I'm in here. Please.

I'll tell them whatever you want me to.

You're not yet a true believer.

No. I believe. I do.

Evil is the ultimate proof
of god's power. I believe you.

You haven't resigned yourself to that.

- You still want to run from it.
- Hey, partner in the police cruiser,

I'm right on your tail.
You need to pull over now.

You got nowhere to run. Now pull
over before someone else gets hurt.

I'm with you.

Help's on the way, boys.

Dispatch, we're
at 70 miles an hour.

Roger, unit nine.

Unit nine, say location.

Are you in pursuit of unit 22?

Dispatch, we're
northbound on Cherokee boulevard.

We need to clear Cherokee
boulevard north of Shiloh.

Ten-four, unit 17.

Watch for oncoming traffic!

Oh, shit!

High speed pursuit in
progress, northbound Cherokee boulevard.

They're blowing
right through downtown.

Any unit in
vicinity of maple and flowers,

clear all civilian traffic.

Dispatch, this guy
is blowing through stop signs.

Roger, unit 17.

Dispatch, we're northbound

on Cherokee boulevard.
Their vehicle...

Roger, unit nine.

This is unit 17. Suspect
heading south on mount Calvary.

Let's get this bastard.

Unit 17, copy.

Advise your twenty on mount Calvary road.

Dispatch, we are one mile north of fta.

- I'm right here!
- Unit four, nine,

17, be advised junction

fta directly ahead of your position.

Let's finish this.

Back off. Back off!

He's spun out
on mount Calvary at fta.

Ten-four. All units please
respond to mount cavalry road in fta.

Roger, dispatch. Unit
43 responding. Eight minutes out.

- Roger.
- Dispatch, unit nine on scene.

Roger, unit nine.

- Unit four on scene.
- Roger, unit four.

Out of the car! Now!

Put your hands where we can see them.

Out of car, goddammit!

Put the hatchet down. Drop it!

Get on the ground. Get
on the ground now or we will shoot.

On the ground, goddammit!

- Shoot him!
- Drop the weapon now!

This is your last warning!

Gun! Gun!

He's hit!

What's he
doing? He went this way.

Shots fired
at mount cavalry road at fta.

This is on tape! Ah!

Fuck you!


Please. Help me.

Harris, Harris!

Help me!

- Hey. You okay?
- No. Please.

Please help me.

I kill you.

Don't you do it!

Tell them to hurry up.

Please let me out.

Please let me out.

Units nine,
17, four. Please respond.

Unit four...

Unit four,
unit nine, please respond.

Unit 17.

Pete, Tim, what is going on?
Come back.


Oh, no, no, no!

Now do you believe?

You go straight to hell.

Unit nine, unit 17, unit
four, please respond. Advise status.

This is gladden police dispatch.

We have an apb on gladden police officers

Harris, Krieger and Sandoval.

Any units within the sound
of my voice, please respond.

Officers are ten-thirteen.

Unit four, officer
Pete Sandoval, please respond.

All units, possible fifty-one-fifty

at fire training facility.
Officers are ten-thirteen.

This is gladden dispatch. Police
unit 22 is probable ten-sixteen.

Unknown subject driving.

Consider armed and extremely dangerous.

Unit 17, unit nine, unit four...

Unit 17, officer Harris, please respond.

All units, we have a report
of a police cruiser leaving

the vicinity of the arbor
county fire training facility.

Any eyes on this vehicle,
please identify and confirm.

All units, possible
ten-sixty-three on Tara Kirkland,

white female, mid to late 20s, 5'3",

110 pounds, vehicle abandoned
at gladden cemetery.

Unit 22, driver
of gladden police unit 22,

please identify yourself.

State patrol,
are you in bound at the fta?

This is code blue.

Gladden police need immediate assistance.

Urgent, repeat, urgent.

All law enforcement units,

this is an apb
on gladden police department

police cruiser unit 22.

All units, ten-thirty-six
on gladden police

units 22, 17, nine, and four.

Repeat, ten-thirty-six

on gladden police units
22, 17, nine, and four.

Possible multiple 187s.

Gladden police unit 22.

This is for the civilian driving
a gladden police cruiser.

Please identify yourself.
This is gladden police dispatch.

Please pick up the radio
handset and identify yourself.

This is gladden police dispatch.

We have an apb on gladden police officers

Harris, Krieger and Sandoval.

Any units within the sound
of my voice, please respond.

Officers are ten-thirteen.

Unit 17, unit four,
unit nine, do you copy?

This is unit 22.

Do you believe me now?