Cruel Train (1995) - full transcript

In wartime England, a railway official learns that the chairman of the line had sexually abused his wife as a child, then given him the job so he could continue having sexual access to her. The husband and wife kill him together, but are seen by a train driver, who also has problems of his own. The wife tries to divert suspicion by implicating another driver and befriending the witness, but it doesn't go that smoothly. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(steam hissing)

(dramatic music)

(air raid siren wailing)

(steam hissing)

(attendant whistling)

- Would all passengers,

to clear the platform,

and make your way to the shelter
at the end of the platform

as quickly as possible.

Come along now, quickly!

Move along now, quickly!

Come on, come on,
keep a move on.

Get down to the shelters

- What's happening?
- at the end of the platform.

Get off.

Get off the platform!

Come on keep moving, straight
to the end of the platform,

and down to the shelters!

Turn that light out!

Can you hear me?

Turn that bleeding light out!

(tense music)
(air raid siren wailing)

- I want to know everything
that happened, Selina.

- I've told you.
- Everything, you bitch!


Tell me!
- He's helped you, Ruben!

You'd never have your
job without him!

- Nor my wife either!
- I lived with him!

He's my Godfather, he's
my only father!

- So what did he do?

- Please...

- I swear, I'll kill
you, Selena!


- Ruben, I never, believe
me, I never did it with him!

He was too old!

- So, what did you do?

I want to know, what?

Did you handle him?

- Ruben, please...

- Did you suck him?

- Yes!


What was I supposed to do, I
wasn't even 13 the first time!

- But you've been
back, haven't you?

You lying bitch!

Since we were married!

- To help you, how do you
think you got to be deputy?

And this morning, you'd
have been sacked

if I hadn't gone to him!
- Shut up!


- He, he won't admit it
though (mumbles) didn't he?

(distant explosions booming)
You said yeah go on Selina,

but I didn't, did I?

I don't want his disgusting
hands on me anymore!

- Shut up, shut up!

- Oh I love you Ruben!
- No you don't!

You married me, to get
him off your back.

And he chose me, so he could
have you any time he wanted!

Didn't he?

That's the truth!

He's sick!

So, it's my wife,
(explosions booming)

it's my job, it's my
wage, and it's my flat!

It all belongs to Chairman
bloody Grandridge!

(dramatic music)
(explosion booming)


- God help us!

(distant explosions rumbling)

- Why'd you tell me?

- I'm sorry.
- Why?

- He had filth in his
eyes when he looked

at me this morning.

It was gonna happen again.

I wanted it to stop.

You can't carry these
things, see Ruben?

I, not forever.
- And how do you expect

me to carry it?

How do you expect me to live
with it every time I see him?

You never loved me as
much as I loved you.

- Ruben...
- It's the truth!

And I've carried that.

But I'm buggered if
I'm gonna carry him

every time he smirks at you!

I might not be a chairman,
with a big estate

in Haywards Heath
and a black sedan,

and cows and barns and
little bits on the side,

but I have my own self respect.

And I have that.

(tense music)

- What are you gonna do?

- You're gonna write a
letter, to your dear father!

- He's not my father!
- He may as well be,

scum like that would do it
to his daughter, wouldn't he?

You're gonna send him
around a love letter, here!

You tell him to take
the 8:30 to Brighton,

because you've changed
your mind about

going to Haywards Heath!

- No!
- And you tell him

to make sure no one sees him!

You and me girl, we're
not carrying nothing.

You and me together.

All clear, Selina?
(tense music)

- Flora!

Engine's up to (mumbles)

so I thought I'd say
hello to Auntie.

Hello Flora.

What's up with you?

I just walked four miles
from Haywards Heath.

Cat got it, eh?


- She hasn't spoke since
her sister died.

- That's over a year
ago isn't it?

- Tell that to big
ape Colin Key,

he's still going 'round swearin'

death on Grandridge for Louise.

- Ah no no not all that,
but I believe it.

- (mumbles), both she and
Colin say the chairman

done it to Louise right
there in his old house.

And that's where she ran from.

(dog barking)
- And I believe it.

- Be there to tell you.

If you can.

She's been waiting
long enough Jack,

every day she's looking
down that line,

she's in love with you
and that's a fact.

- Don't be bloody silly,
I'm not having any of that!

- I'd say you can have
anything you want

as far as Flora's concerned!

- Shut up!
- She's my bloody daughter!

And so was Louise!

And I know.

- (sighs) Oh, sorry
old May, sorry.

- It's all right dear.

This bloody war gets
to all of us.

I had a bloody 'Nuff of it all.

- Flora's...

Why'd she marry him?

- Look at me.

Look at my hands!

I lost two stone!

(hinges squeaking)

(steam whistle wailing)

(tense music)

- Could you give me my
compartment Henry?

- Not to my train no more.

Busted coupling rod,
driver and Percy

are held up in Brighton.

- Yeah but did you get it?

I wanted a compart...
- Bloody ape!

(tense music)

Can't fool me, that's
the bleedin' Chairman!

- [Conductor] All aboard,
all aboard!

Brighton Express!
- I'd kill (mumbles)

then Mrs. Roberts.


(steam hissing)

(suspenseful music)

(poignant music)

- Say hello to me Flora,
I'm nearly a brother to you.

I'm sorry about Louise.

It must be hard for
a woman to take when

her sister's being
pestered like that.

And in here turned all red.

You know me Flora, Jacky!

I'm a lonely boy Flora.

I hear you've been
pestering them trackmen,

and tormenting them with
those muscles of yours,

what about Oswald eh?

And you take a crowbar to him?

Wouldn't do that
to me, would you?

(sighs) Ah, I knew you wouldn't.


I'm sorry I didn't come
before but I've been ill.

I've been working.

And I'm scared Flo.

Come here please.

It's me, it's me!

Why'd you think I never
come here before,

I've been too scared!

I think about it every night!

There is no one else!

(poignant music)

(dramatic music)

(steam hissing)

(train clattering)

(train rumbling)
(dramatic music)

(steam hissing)
(train Chuffing)

- Criminals!
(door slamming)

They've been after the bloody
coal in the sheds again Ruben.

- Oh...
- We're gonna have

to bring the army in,
put a bloody guard on it.

- Yeah, that's right.

- How's the Chairman?
- What?

- The Chairman, you saw
him yesterday morning

at Victoria, didn't you?

- Oh yes, yes, oh good John.

He says "Ruben, you have
any further problems,

"bring them to me."

- You're a lucky boy.

- Yeah.
- I'm off to get an eye full.

- Right, bye John.

(poignant music)

- She's still by the window,

been there all night, hasn't
even changed her clothes!

- Cup of tea please Miss.

Mail was 17 minutes
late I understand.

- Ain't you my wife's
(mumbles) Victoria, Ruben.

- [Ruben] 17 bloody
minutes, (mumbles) is it?

- Place was all right
now was it?

- What?

Oh yes, yes, yes it was.
(train whistle blowing)

Depending what you're
doing in here, like this.

Veronica's a good woman,
there's enough

separation in this
bloody world...

- I hope you're not
referring to me!

Bloody nerve!
- All right Phyl!


Veronica knows all
about me and Phyl.

She even gives me
clean underpants

to come down to Brighton with.

Otherwise Phyl'd think she
don't look after me proper,

don't you Phyl?
- What's it got

to do with him?

- Sorry.

I don't know why I said it.

- Mr. Roberts!

M-Mr. Roberts!

Mr. Davidson says come quick,

there's been a m-murder!

(tense music)

- Ruben!

Ruben where the hell
have you been?

Don't you know what's happened?

They found the Chairman on
the line up to Langley Cross!

He's been stabbed!

- Is this the man?
- What man?

- I told him you were
on the train, Ruben.

- Superintendent Fish,
Brighton CID.

Mr. Roberts, isn't it?
- Yes sir.

(camera clacking)
(onlookers muttering)

- Look!

He's been as queer as a
nine-bob note this morning.

- There's going to fetch him.

They're fetching her and all.

(camera clacking)

- [Fish] Quick set her down!

- I'm sorry.

He seems like a father
to me (sobs).

- Now you take it very
very easily Mrs. Roberts.

We can all understand.

- Thank you.
(train whistle blowing)

- That's the Victoria.

It's two minutes late
Mr. Davidson!

- Don't worry about
that now Ruben.

Now I understand from
your husband Mrs. Roberts,

that you saw Mr. Grandridge
at his home yesterday morning.

- Saw the Chairman
myself on Victoria.

- What happened?
- Somebody's tupped

the Chairman.

- If he suggested you
went down with him

to visit his sister
today, why do you think

he decided to travel last night?

- We, saw him on the
platform at Croydon sir.

- [Fish] You saw him at Croydon?

(brooding music)

- Yes, in his compartment,
first class.

- We had a few words.
- We didn't think to ask him

why he brought (mumbling).

- Yeah and then we got
back into our own

compartment, Superintendent.

- I see.

There's no corridor on
this train, am I correct?

- Yes sir.

- See the body was found on
the line before the next stop,

Haywards Heath, so whoever
killed him must have

got into his compartment
at Croydon.

- I see.

Did you see anybody do that?
- No sir.

Definitely not.

- So it could be you were
the last to see him alive.

- T-There was quite a scrimmage,

I-I mean there was a blackout,
a regiment was moving,

so I suppose...
- Anyone could have

got in with him, that's
the truth of it.

That must have been
what happened.

- [Fish] So did you see anyone?

- What, I might, uh...

- (sobs) He was so kind to us!

- Excuse me sir!

- Sergeant would you
please clear this platform!

- Yes sir!

- I saw it!

I saw the killing!

- [Fish] Sir?

- I was in the tunnel
at Langley.

- What did you see sir?

- The train, one of the
blackouts was up.

I saw a man with a knife.

- Would you recognize him?

- I don't think so, it
was going about 60.

- May I have a word sir?
- What?

- I've just come back
from Langley Cross sir.

I spoke to the signal man,
they've found a body sir.

A Mr. Maurice Mussell, not
a very nice proposition

if you ask me sir.
- And he said what, Sergeant?

- There's a foreign
laborer called Colin Caine

who's been issuing
threats against Grandridge

for the past year,
something to do with a girl.

Caine's got a record sir.

- Well you'd better talk to him.

And get the names
of everyone here,

this isn't a proper place to be

conducting a murder
investigation, is it?

I want to talk to them
later, and him!

He thinks he saw it happen.

(tense music)

- She's up there again,
sitting lonely as a shroud.

- They're not gonna
bite the hand, are they?

Whoever done it dear
must have had cause.

That's what I've read,

murders always have
cause as a reason.

And what cause did she have?

- Because she's a cunt,
and that kind are

the beginning and
end of everything,

always have been and
always will be.

- They got him.

Made an arrest.

- Bugger me!
- Who says we don't

have the best police
in the world!

(hinges creaking)
(metallic clattering)

- Bloodstained clothing
under his bed sir.

- Good, have it examined.

- And Grandridge sir,
got bit of a reputation,

with the girls, sometimes very
young girls so I've heard.

- Chairman of Southern Railways.

Makes me feel sick.

- [Colin] I hated
him, I admit that.

- Because of Flora's
sister, Colin?

- Oh no I'm not saying
what he done to her.

- We heard all about it.

Did you love Louise, Colin?

The official cause of her
death was a broken neck.

- She was running away
from that old...

He was saying things to her,

he was making her life a misery!

Well he may as well have pushed
her down that ridge himself,

it was him just about
who killed her!

- So you see a fat chance
on the station

and think you can
get your own back.

- I wasn't in Croydon I
told 'ya, I was in bed!

- But you can't prove
it, can you?

And let's face it Mr.
Caine you've been here

before, haven't you?

Three years for assault
and battery!

- It wasn't my fault!

They was picking on me,
there was three of 'em!

What, let me out, please!

I loved her, that's all!

- I understand Colin,
believe me.

Perhaps you had no
intention of killing him.

- No, I...
- But you did, didn't you?

Then you nicked his watch to
make it look like a robbery!

- I didn't!
- It was like this one Colin.

Except his was gold, wasn't it?

- Was it?
- And you had his money!

- I didn't!

- Now wait a minute Colin, you
see, we know Mr. Grandridge

had 100 pounds on him,
his sister told us she was

expecting him to bring
it down to her.

- Did she?
- But it wasn't in his

pockets when we found him.

How do you explain that?

- Perhaps he dropped it?

- Or you took it.
- No!

- And got off the train
with it at Haywards Heath!

- No!
- You live near

there don't you?

- Yeah, I do.
- So, you had his watch,

and his money, and you
- No!

killed him for your girl!
- No no (sobs)!

Let me go, please!

I loved her!

- We'll find the truth,
won't we son?

(distant typewriter clacking)

(door slamming)

- I don't know why you told them

about seeing him at Croydon!

That was bloody stupid, Ruben!

- You couldn't even
wash your hands.

- Keep my mouth shut,
that's what you said!

What about that driver?

- Jack!

Jack Dando isn't it?

We heard the Sergeant
take your name.

Ruben Roberts, Deputy

- My wife Selina.
- Mrs. Roberts.

- You're on the Victoria
run aren't you?

This is a do isn't it?

Got you in for a statement too?

- No I didn't see much.

- Nor me.

Nor us.

You'll have to come and share
a bottle, won't he Selina?

Have a game of cards.

- [Selina] That'd be nice.

- [Ruben] Would you
like to Jack?

- Mr. Dando this way please!

- What's he thinking?

- About me I should think.

- What?
- Are you blind Ruben,

he fancies me (mumbles).

- [Fish] You say you saw
another shape pass the window

as Mr. Grandridge was stabbed.

- I don't know who it was.

- Who?

Are you saying you think
there could have been

two assailants, Mr. Dando?

- I don't know Superintendent,
it was going so fast.

- You see we discovered
a traveling (mumbles)

on the line near the body,
we had the idea that it

perhaps had been thrown
up in the struggle,

and that's what you
saw past the window.

- It might have been.

- And not a second assailant?

- No.

- Good.

Now can you give us any
kind of description?

(tense music)

- Can't...

- Mr. and Mrs. Roberts.

Perhaps you can help us
jog Mr. Dando's memory.

The man you think you
saw on Croydon Station.

- We didn't say exactly
there was such a man sir.

- Ah.

Let me explain.

If we had a description
of the man on the train

from Mr. Dando and one of the
man on the station from you,

it would mean that any
suspicion we may or may not have

of others would be
irrelevant, wouldn't it?

- I understand Superintendent.

- I think...
- I'm very sorry

we're so vague.

- There might have been.
- Well what did he look like,

was he short, tall, or about
your height Mr. Roberts?

(tense music)
- On the,

well I can't be certain,
but I'd say taller.

- Yes I would.
- Well just a minute,

perhaps Mr. Dando can help.

Would you stand up, Mr. Roberts?

(suspenseful music)

Was your man shorter
or taller, Mr. Dando?

- About the same height
I should say.

- Oh no.
- No I seem to

remember someone much taller.

- Can't be sure.

- The man I saw sir,
was definitely taller.

Quite a rough looking man.

- And he had a beard.

- A beard?

Are you sure?

- Yes, I think...
- I'm sure!

- [Fish] Mr. Dando?

- I don't know.

- [Fish] Well never
mind Mr. Dando

I think perhaps we can help.


- [Sergeant] This way sir.

- Oh no not you for the
moment, Mrs. Roberts.

I hear you're to be

Mr. Grandridge has left
you his old house

at Maidly Cross hasn't he?

Nice little place I hear.

Did you know you
were in his will?

- Yes.

He-He was the most generous
man I've ever known,

Superintendent, and
I, I don't know how

we're gonna manage without him.

He was the most (weeps),

I hope, I just hope you
catch the evil, (mumbles)...

- Don't you worry my
dear, we'll catch him.

You can be sure of that.

- Sorry I don't know.

- Never mind sir.

- This way Mr. Roberts.

Take your time.

(tense music)

- I can't be certain.

- [Selina] These?

- [Fish] Relax Mrs. Roberts.

(tense music)

- (whimpers) I didn't do it!

I didn't do it!

(Colin whimpering)

- I think it was him,

- And what's the defending
counsel gonna make of that, Sir?

- He'd laugh at us Sergeant.

- Especially when he
hears about the blood

on Caine's trousers.

- Yes?
- Rabbit.

- Ah.

Mrs. Roberts, a very
beautiful woman, isn't she?

- Sir?
- Arthur Grandridge

and his young girls.

She lived with him didn't she?

Go back to Haywards
Heath, talk to his sister.

Check his land office as well.

We'll look into the
pit Sergeant, shall we?

- Huh?

- Is it lust or is it
money, or a house in a will.

Ruben, Ruben Roberts
and his wife,

or perhaps it's lost love.

Colin Caine!

- What should we
do with him sir?

(door slamming)

- Railway murder!
(trains rumbling)

Read all about!

Railway murder!

Read about it!

(brakes whining)

Railway murder, read
all about it!

Railway murder!

Who done it?

Railway murder!

Railway murderer!

- Jack!

Isn't this a bit of
a puzzle isn't it?

- Yes, suppose it is.

- Ruben and me were just saying,

we should get to
know you better.

- Yeah.
- Perhaps you'll,

come up for a cup of tea.

- [Ruben] Yeah, it's
just up there.

- No, sorry I'm off.

- What up to Victoria?
(steam engine Chuffing)

(mumbles) you're going tonight
and not tomorrow morning?

- Yeah that's right.
- Blimey it's you Selina!

- What?
- Going off on your shopping!

Spends all my bloody
hard earned!

- Ruben!

- (chuckles) Women eh Jack?

Do me a favor will you mate?

You know what it's
like to (mumbles),

black market, (mumbles),
air raids you know.

- Oh Ruben it's...
- Jack won't mind Selina!

- Look after her for me
up there will you mate?

I'd appreciate it.

- [Selina] So would I.

- [Newspaper Vendor] Railway
murderer, read about it!

- No I don't want to see it,

why do you have to
keep hiding it?

Christ sake, why don't
you do something with it?

- Want to chuck it in the sea?

That and all, chuck it?

Well what do you want
to do with it,

'cause you're not
bloody spending it

even if it is on your
bloody engine driver!

- You told him to take
me up to town Ruben!

- And talk with him!

I didn't say ask him
for dinner, did I?

If you think, you're
spending any of this,

I am what I am but I'm
not a bloody thief!

We got his house, I'm not
gonna spend his money as well.

- He's got his name in the wa...

- I don't care about his name,

I want to know what
to do with it!

Here, you get rid of it!

- I didn't say I wanted it.

- Right!

So it stays here.

Under here.

Underneath this,
(boards squeaking)

where it belongs.

In memory of the chairman.

I don't regret anything Selina.

- What's gonna happen?
- Nothing's gonna happen.

- They released that man.

- [Ruben] Good, I don't want
nobody getting hanged for us.

- If it was a choice
between him and me...

- You'd let them do it?
- I would.

- No one's gonna get tupped.

You keep an eye on
that loco driver,

everyone will forget
all about it,

and we'll be in the clear.

Won't we?

(steam hissing)

(public address chattering)

- You'll rub her away you berk!

- She's my little lady,
you should know by now!

My one and only aren't you dear?

At least I know where
I am with you.

Shiny girl first
in perfect mint.

- What are you so happy about?

- Hi Jack.

Eckleston Square, one
o'clock, remember?


- Shut up!

Are you pissed again?

I'm tired of working with
a belly full of beer!

These slide-valves
need adjusting!

- I already done it
Jack (chuckles)!

I thought your girl
was Beatrice?

(steam hissing)
(pensive music)

- [Flagman] London Victoria!


(steam whistle hooting)

(train clattering)

(engine Chuffing)

(diners chattering)

- [Waitress] One
ragout, one rice.

Quick as you can please,
we need the table.

- You don't talk much Jack.

Are you married by chance?

You must have a lady friend?

A man like you, I bet
all the girls...

- I haven't.

I haven't got a girlfriend.

- Well you're not one
of those are you?

I know what you are.

You're a little boy aren't you?

(tense music)

Do you like that?

- Yeah.

- Tell me.

What you think of me?


You think I'm guilty don't you?

- Yeah.

- You're wrong.

I'm not.

- [Waitress] Three and
10, pay the cashier.

(diners chattering)

- I'm not guilty.
(tender music)

Please don't (mumbles) people,

by thinking I am!

- I'll believe anything
you want me to believe.

(sighs) You can do
anything you want with me.

- Promise?

(sighs) That's all settled then.

- That's it?
- Oh we're friends.

And, Ruben hasn't got anything
to worry about, has he?

- I love you!

- Jacky, whatever so silly!

- So odd, to be worried
if I was ill.

- Oh, is that time,
I've got to run!

Um, um, see you in
a half past six.

(diners chattering)
(tender music)

That's where the Chairman
brought us.

(distant dog barking)

All the bills, including rent.

- I don't want to hear.

We're selling it and
good riddance.

We'll make a few hundred
out of it anyway.

- You'll take that
money will you?

- That's the price he pays.

(distant dog barking)

- You know Jack thinks
we did it, don't you?

- What did he say?

- He said he loved me!

- What did he say about...
- Did you hear me?

He said...
- Is he going to the police?

- Why how should I know?
- Well keep you eye on him

until you bloody do!

I don't trust that copper!

He's looking at us.

There's something he...

All that about suspicions,
he may or may not have.

He was saying something
wasn't he?

- Saying what?
- I don't know.

Why don't you go and find out?

Tell him about Grandridge,

what he done to all
those girls in here.

There must be 100 men out
there wanting to tupp him.

- I don't want to go back
to the police station Ruben!

- You want to live like this?

Go back, tell the copper...

- Everything to your

Get rid of the place.

- Would you like me to
show around in Heath,

for possible purchasers?

- Yes please Mr. Mussel.

- I uh...

- Don't worry, you'll
get something out of it.

- Oh that's very kind of you.

I'll go and put the kettle
on back at my house.

Shall I?

(tense music)

(eerie voices chattering)
(eerie chimes jingling)

(door closing)
- Come here my little pumpkin!

- Hello.

You the girl who doesn't speak?

Sometimes I wish I didn't think.

- Don't we all, Mrs. Roberts?

I think we'd all like to
forget the past, wouldn't we?

- I'm sorry Superintendent,
I, I wanted you to know.

(telephone ringing)
Mr. Grandridge wasn't all...

- All he seemed to be?

We knew.

But thank you for writing
it down for us.

And thank you for your kindness
in coming in to see me.

- I wanted to Superintendent,

you see there's been
such a lot of gossip,

can I ask you...
- As a matter of fact

you saved me a journey.

- Did I?
- Yes, milk?

- Thank you.

You don't think that
my husband and me...

- Sugar?

- Thank you, one.

That we had anything
to do with this do you?

- Why should I think that?

- The Chairman hurt me
so much when I was

a child Superintendent,
I-I must admit,

there were times I
wanted to kill him.

- Is that why you
wrote him this?

(tense music)

I'm sorry Mrs. Roberts.

I didn't give you a teaspoon.

Is that your handwriting?

Did you write that note?

- Yes.
- Did you send it

to Mr. Grandridge?

- Yes.

- Did you kill Mr.
Grandridge, Mrs. Roberts?

- (sighs) No!

I swear Superintendent, I swear!

- I think you better
explain, don't you?

- I want to tell you everything!

That morning, we met
Mr. Grandridge,

he wanted me to go down with
him to his estate the next day.

And Ruben wanted me to, he
thought the closer I was

to Mr. Grandridge the
better it was for him.

I want to, tell you the
truth Superintendent,

but I could never
tell it to Ruben!

He didn't know.

He didn't know, that,
it was still...

- Still going on between
you and Mr. Grandridge?

(forlorn music)
- Yes.

- So you said you'd go
to Haywards Heath?

- (sniffles) Yes.

- But you didn't did you?

- I changed my mind
after I wrote the note.

I couldn't bear the thought
of what he'd do to me,

so I told Ruben flat, I was
sick and I wasn't going.

And that's why we went to
his compartment, to Croydon,

to tell him I wasn't going.

He was very angry and he
slammed the door on us

and that was the last
we saw of him.

- (weeps) You can't imagine
what I've been through

these last few years

(sniffles) Please, promise me,

you'll never tell Ruben.

- I understand Mrs. Roberts.

Forgive me for upsetting you.

Please accept my apologies and

my best wishes for both
yourself, and your husband.

(typewriter clacking)

(telephone ringing)

- (sighs) Thank you.

- What did you think of that?

- As you say sir, she's
a very beautiful woman.

- Then you won't mind
keeping an eye on her,

will you Sergeant?

(air raid siren wailing)
- Clear the station,

clear the station!

Clear the station!

Get off the platform!

Get off, clear the station!

(engine Chuffing)

Are you deaf?

- Don't tell me what
to do warden.

- Never know who you're gonna
meet down there, do 'ya?

Come along dear!

No one wants any turnips
delivered now!

Percy wait!

- Coming Mrs. Roberts?

- [Man] Come on!

- [Man] Meet at the shelter!

Only blood and bones up here!

- Part of the war effort.

Do you like it?

- What are you doing here?

- Just having a cup of tea.

- You should go to the shelter.

- You take me?

- [Warden] Clear the station!

Come on, everybody
clear the station!

- Run, run, run, run!
(footsteps pounding)

- [Ruben] You can bomb me
out of this bloody world

if you want.

- They won't get us though
Rube will they?

Ignore the bastards,
that's what I say.

Fancy a game of cards?

- Yes John,

I bloody would.

(crowd murmuring)

- I need to see you.

- You are.
- Not here!

You were waiting
for me just now,

why are you doing that?

Came to get me, didn't 'ya?

I know what's going on!

So do you.

Selina, Ruben don't care.

- Oh, wish it was all better.

- You know what I want.

I know you do, tell me.

(explosion rumbling)

- Anyhow, this is Catherine.

Alex, Tom, Carver, Brody,
here you are.

This is Ruben.

Five card stud, tenner minimum.

- Tenner?

- You can afford it.

None of us was left a
house by the Chairman.

Why don't you deal,
and we can get off 'ya.

- Yeah, why not?

(steam hissing)
(engines Chuffing)

- Cup of tea please Phyl.

- I hear you got a big
lie now Mrs. Roberts.

Can I lie down in the back
please with them other carrots?

- Leave her alone Henry,
bloody mind your own!

Here's your tea love?

- What did he say?

- He wanted to ride

in my (mumbles) Ruben,
that's all, he was joking!

- I'm not having
my bloody wife...

- Your bloody wife?

You talking about?

You don't care if
I go up to London,

or if I go down to Shelby.

- I'm not talking about him!

I don't want you seeing that
grinning prick Henry as well!

What are you anyway?

You know the kind of
women they make those kind

of remarks to, don't you?

- What kind of women?
- You know!

- What kind?

- Whores, they're the
ones who ask for it!

- Well we don't get
much of it do we.

- What do you mean by that?

- I'm talking about
a sex life Ruben.

- Shut up!

You're disgusting!

You never liked it,
well, not with me Selina!

So don't start pretending now!

You do what you do, but
don't do it in the buffet,

in front of the railway men!

(Ruben sighing)

Do what you want.

(door slamming)

(brooding music)

- No Jack, not yet...

Not, just wait, just
a little while.

Do you remember, before
the war, it was different.

Everyone going to the beach,

and all the things we did then?

- Selina...
- I want that again.

- I love you.

(lips smacking)

- Wait!


- (sighs) You're too
beautiful in the light.

- Come here.

- Oh my sweet!

It's all right.

(dramatic music)
(gun firing)


Those thieves are
after the coal!

- [Man] Over there!

(gun firing)

- It was him!

- I don't care.

You make me crazy, and
you make me better.

(serene music)

(steam hissing)
(tense music)

- You nearly got him there Rube!

You know you put the
lead up the thieve's ass!

The only trouble is, the
army can't shoot straight!

I'm going five bob,
wanna see me?

- Uh yeah, but I haven't
got it John.

- Can I lend you (mumbles),
Mr. Roberts.

- We been, berked!

When you want it, they
don't, get rid 'em!

- Berks...

- Look at that, company
(mumbles), stuck,

hard at attention, ready
and willing to serve!

Women are the masters
of the world!

Pursing up their twinky
little bollocksy noses!

- Percy I don't feel,
me heads killing me!

(eerie music)

There's a lot you don't
know about me Percy.

There's a lot she don't
know about you.


(eerie chimes jingling)

(eerie voices chattering)

- Yeah.

Come here!


- Go back to sleep.

- What are you doing?
- What do you think I'm doing?

Do I ask you what
you've been doing?

You have what you have,
I have what I have.

- I need some shoes Ruben!

- You need money?

Get the house sold.

And we both know where
we stand Selina!

So does the hangman.

(door slamming)
(steam hissing)

(passengers chattering)

Phone lines are down sir.

- We run.

- There's no way of telling
if the road is clear.

- We run Ruben.

I don't see any reason
why we shouldn't get

these boys back home.

Uptown again Mrs. Roberts?

- It's my treat Mr. Davidson!

I hope we get there!

- Don't worry about that!

- [Selina] Bye Ruben!

(train whistle hooting)

- You're looking tired Ruben.

Let me know if I can, help.

- Thank you sir.

(train whistle hooting)

(engine Chuffing)
(resolute music)

(steam hissing)

- Hello Mr. Roberts.

Have to get a new one, won't we?

Wouldn't want the hangman
to think we've given up!

- Ha, blimey!


- Ta ta, Mr. Roberts.

- Thank you Mrs. Liddle,
you've been most helpful.

Good morning Mr. Roberts!

A heck of a day, isn't it?

Give my regards to your wife.

(brooding music)

(wheels whining)

- [Percy] Ain't this a bitch!

(steam hissing)

It's not her fault!

I told you to turn on your bags!

You drift into it!
- If you hadn't been pie-eyed

all night chasing tart,
we'd have had the coal

when we were at the station!
- You need any help?

Looks like a dig, this!

- She's dragging the
snow with her,

I'm gonna have to take
off the ash can.

- Taking orders, boy!
- What else do you

expect me to do?

- And what are you going
to do about them?

- What in the hell's going on?

Get them back on!
- Some of them

can wait in the house!

By god (mumbles)
wanna be warmer!

A cold carriage or
Vera's kitchen!

Too kind Mrs. Roberts!

Flora, get some bloody
plates out of the shed.

Put up some more boxes girl!

Find somewhere to sit!

- You touched my shoulder!

It wasn't me!

- Colin what are you
talking about?

Get those bloody
logs on the fire!


You'll be better in here,

away from the third
class, Mrs. Roberts.

Have a sit.

Like to look over your property

while you're here Mrs. Roberts?

I have made a repair or two.

- Not now thank you Mr. Mussell.

- I'll get the girl to
get you a hot cup of tea!


It's Mrs. Roberts!

(door clattering)
(wind howling)

- Thanks Colin!

You're a good man.

- Uh, thank you mister!

- Yeah, we'll be out
of here in a bit.

Why don't you have
yourself a warm-up?

- Don't you think we
should get a doctor?

- She's blind, no doctor
can do anything about that.

We're never gonna be
able to get in and out

of London tonight so we're
gonna have to stay there.

- And I know just the place!

- Damn (mumbles).

Get out!

Silly bitch.

Can't talk, spends her
whole day lying about trees.

- I saw here shoveling the snow!

She was like a man!

- Yeah.

Kiss me Selina.

- Lines are open again Ruben.

Mrs. Roberts teletyped from
the office at Victoria.

She won't be able to
get back down tonight.

You care to have tea with
myself and my good lady?

Pass the time?

- No thanks Mr. Davidson,
I've got a prior engagement.

- Don't try and carry things
all on your own, will 'ya?

- Nah.

Thanks all the same.

(sorrowful music)
(coals crackling)

- Bitch.





- I want every night
to be like this.

Every, every night!

You don't realize!

- Realize what?


- He's sitting there in Brighton

waiting for me to come back,
I wish he didn't exist!

You don't realize, you
don't your really don't!

- I guess I do.

- Do 'ya?

- I realize that you and
Ruben killed the Chairman.

Is that what you were gonna say?

- Oh god.

- So tell me.

Did he look at you,
when you killed him?

What did it feel like?

- Do you really want to know?

- I want to know everything,

Tell me, tell me!

- I've never felt so full
or better in my life!



(dramatic music)

(lips smacking)


(heavy breathing)

- [John] You had enough Ruben?

- No.

- [John] Sure?

- Deal!

(eerie tense music)

- Darling?

Jack, what is it!

- Every time I see you
I just want to...

(sobs) I just want...

- I know, I know...

Oh you're crying!

Oh Jack!

Oh I love you so much!

I was dreaming it was
just you and me.

You still love me don't
you know you know?

- I love you even more!

- Do you?

And I love you!

I love you I love you,
I love you I love you!

I love you!

- It's all there sir, the
Roberts statement that

they saw the deceased
on Croydon Station,

statements from various,
describing his sexual habits,

his will, leaving his old
house to Mrs. Roberts,

her letter asking him to
get the 8:30 to Brighton,

and the statement you took
from the old girl, Mrs. Liddle,

saying that Mrs. Roberts sat
fully clothed by her window

from 10 that night until
we saw her on the platform

the following morning.

Add that to the fact that
Mrs. Roberts is having it

her way with the only
material witness

to the murder, Mr. Dando, and
I'd say we've got 'em, sir.

When shall I bring 'em in?

- I've just come from the
Chief Constable, Sergeant.

He told me that in
a war the moral

of the people is paramount.

He told me Sergeant that Arthur
Grandridge was a well known,

respected public figure who's
looked up to by the people.

In the light of that, the
fact that he spent a lifetime

molesting young women,

not to say young girls,

not to say children!

Is neither here nor there.

- Sir?

- The Chief Constable
told me Sergeant,

the honor of Chairman
Grandridge is not to be

called into question
in a court of law.


He has been instructed
to instruct us,

that this investigation,
is put on the shelf.

- What?

- I'm sorry.

- But they're bloody guilty!

- In war apparently moral is
more important than justice!

- Then what are we fighting for?

- Sergeant, if in the
course of your other duties,

you were able to keep an
eye on Mr. Robert's I'd...

- Sir?

- He's a nervous man.

He may come to us.

- A bit of pressure sir?

- That's all Sergeant.

And don't think that
you're gonna get

away with anything, madam!
(pencil snapping)

- He's at the (mumbles)!

100 pounds and he hasn't
even put the

fucking floorboard back!

- Is that his watch?

It's stopped, heh, like him.

It's gold.
- You can have it

if you want.

And that!

- This?

- That's the knife Ruben
used to kill him!

You have it.

- Just like the Black Museum.

- Yes a bloody museum all right,

it's dead and rotten,
the lot of it!

Put the floorboard back.


Wish we could go away!

Just you and me Jack!

- We can.

Why don't we?
- I have a house at Langley!

If I took off Ruben
would have the lot!

- Let him!
- It's half mine,

the Chairman left it to me!

- Then stay!

Keep the house, live with Ruben.

- I don't want to
live with Ruben!

- So what do you want
to do about it?

- What do you want
to do about it?

- What are you asking me?

(tense music)

- You know.

At night he patrols the sheds.

- With the army.
- Not always.

And there have been coal
thieves, we've seen 'em.

And some say, they carry knives.

I watched you.

When I told you about

I know what you want.

Then it'd be you and me,

you and me in the
house at Langley.

(suspenseful music)

- I'm on again tonight.

Past a (mumbles).

But, you know all about that.

(sorrowful music)

Bloody war, eh?

- He said it.


- Is that sandwich fresh?

How should I know, I've
only been here a fortnight!


- That's an old one Emerie.

- So's the bloody sandwich!



(airplane engines droning)

(steam hissing)

- He won't come!
- He might!

- I've got it, I've got it!

- Will you use it?
- He won't come!

He'll piss off, and he'll play
cards like he always does!

- He has to work
sometimes, Jack!

Now, what if he does, tonight?

- Then I'll kill him, won't I?

- Will you?

You promise me!

(lips smacking)

(sighs) Jack!

- Leave me alone!

- It's him!

Come on, where's the knife?

(Selina panting)

(suspenseful rumbling)

Kill him!

Go after him!
- I can't!

- [Selina] Oh!


- [Jack] I'll do it,
I promise 'ya!

- Well we can go up
to London anyway.

I know you can do that!

- I'll do it!

I want to!

(steam hissing)

(explosion booming)

(bottles rattling)

- That was that unexploded
bomb in Leighton Square.

- It's exploded now dear.

- God help us.

- If he's up there,
perhaps he isn't.

Perhaps it's just us,
beasts in hell.

(sorrowful music)

- Well that's the
end of her then.

(steam hissing)

- [Jack] You're going to hell,

for making a fool of me
in the snow like that,

stopping me in that
tunnel, what's up with 'ya?

- Jack!

This is Percy's!

- Give it!

- Are you all right Jacky?

You look a bit pale to me.

- I hope we aren't going
to be late, driver.

- You've always got a
shoulder to cry on.

- All aboard

six o'clock Victoria train!

London Victoria!

(passengers chattering)

(steam hissing)

(engine Chuffing)

- Ruben!

Big game tonight.

- Right John.

- Do you know how much
that bloody wax cost?

What are you doing girl?

You've been sitting
there five hours!

And you, if you don't
get off your ass,

the six o'clock's coming
through, lover boy's train!

I've seen you up on
that bank, watching

that (mumbles) every night!

Stupid mutt, he doesn't
want you!

He's got better things
now hasn't he?

(car horn beeping)
There you are,

go on, out there!

(distant dog barking)

(distant train whistle blowing)

(train rumbling)

- Oh no!

(tense music)

(controls clicking)

(train rumbling)

(suspenseful music)

(Flora grunting)

(rhythmic clattering)

(steam whistle hooting)

(suspenseful music)

(train rumbling)

- Flora!

(train rumbling)

(brakes whining)
(steam hissing)


(thunderous crashing)

(tense music)

- All over.

- Ruben.

She's all right dear.

- Oh I know that Phyllis.

Mr. Davidson gave
me the full facts

within hours after the event.

My wife was at the
back of the train,

and the driver and his
fireman were injured,

but they're all right
too I understand.

- Yeah we all know that Ruben.

- It's that poor mad dumb
girl that worries me.

She's dead.

- Like a nice cup of tea?

- She's had 36 hours
down there now Phyl.

I'll give here another couple
of days to look after him,

then I'll go down and
bring her back home.

Good morning.

- Oh dear.

- I saw her face.
- I don't care about her.

- She was sitting in the
lorry when we came out.

- What's she got to
do with anything?

- Is he still here?

- That's Colin.

- Is Henry still here?

- He's the same as you Jack,
doctor said he should rest.

- You're up there a lot.

- Colin makes the soup.

Henry makes me laugh.

- What do I do?

- Thank you dear.

Look what Colin's
brought you Jack.

That's very kind of you Colin,
you're a lovely, lovely man.

You can keep it.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- [Colin] Thank you.

- He pinches everything
I leave about.

He took Grandridge's watch.
- What?

- He took it out of your pocket.

You didn't want them to
find that on you, did you?

He didn't pinch this though.

I kept it for you.

Just for you.

I know what you are.

- You know what Henry is.

- What are you saying?

- He's good for a laugh,
what else he good for?

- I haven't done it
with him is that

what you're asking me, if
you want to know the truth

I've thought about it!

Anyway Henry's (mumbles).

Sex is easy Jacky,
anyone can do it.

This isn't easy though, is it?

(knife clicking)
(tense music)

I want you to go this
afternoon as well.

I want you to book into
a hotel in Haywards Heath

and be seen around.

And I want you to go to
the post office for me.

(steam hissing)
(engine Chuffing)

- Hello Ruben!

A little bird tells me
you've been playing poker

in a (mumbles).

That's an unlicensed premises,
I could collar you for that!

- What?
- I'm not polite

like my governor Ruben!

How much you lose, anyway?

100 nicker I was told.

Where'd you get that?

- Saved it, it's out of my wage.

- 100 notes?

That's what the old
Chairman lost isn't it,

when you blocked his light?

Come on Ruben you can tell me.

Where's your old lady?

Still mucking off the
engine driver is she?

What do you think about that?

- You don't know anything.

- It's what I've heard.

As a matter of fact
it's what I've seen!

He does it in the engine
sheds over there,

in one of the workshops.

Bit of sacking on the floor...

- There's room for her.

- What are you talking about?
- I know!

I know where she is!

She's down there isn't
she, she's in her red room,

I've seen it!

Do you think I'm off my
rocker, it's bloody simple!

You see Selina, to my mind,

had this room when
she was a child,

(poignant music)
and there's always room

for a childhood in a
person isn't there?

And there's always room
for Selina in me.

I understand that now.

- Come on Ruben, you can
tell me all about it.

- Ruben!

It came from your wife.

(maudlin music)

- See, what I tell 'ya?

She wants me to go down,
that's what she wants.

(sobs) She wants me
to bloody go down...

- [Davidson] Don't
worry old son.

(Ruben sobbing)
You're among friends.

(door clattering)

- Have you done it?
- Where's Colin?

He hasn't been sniffing
around you again has he?

- I sent him away, have
you booked into a hotel?

- Yeah, the old girl

who runs the place
thinks I'm asleep,

she even brought
me a cup of tea.

Seeing Henry later for a drink.

- A drink?

- Normal behavior, isn't it?

- Ruben will be here at eight!

- And I will be in Haywards
Heath by nine,

in the back of the
hotel, give the old girl

an empty cup back, down
the pub for Henry,

what's wrong with that?

- We have to put the
body on the line!

- The B and A was Heath
by half past!

- Are you losing your nerve?

- (sighs) my head aches!

Why are you undressed?

- I want to give
Ruben a welcome.

- What?
- You'll be here.

We should both take
our clothes off.

- What for?

- Blood!

You have to meet Henry
haven't you?

There'll be blood everywhere!

I learned that much from...

- Grandridge.
- Yeah.

I'll, just have my
dressing gown on.

He'll come in, you'll be
behind the door, with...

- No clothes on.

- Yeah.

I'll take my dressing gown off.

He'll come towards me.

You'll have the knife...
- I'm not an animal!

- [Selina] You'll have
blood on your clothes!

- Well that's it,
I'm not an animal!

You leave this in front
of my eyes (chuckles)!

Taking my clothes off,
blood on my skin!

- You can change your
mind if you want to.

You can go.

Ruben will come, I'll
take my dressing gown off,

and, and you won't
be behind the door.

- What will you do?

- I'll be with Ruben, Jack!

(distant train whistle howling)

That's his train, he'll
be here soon!

(tense music)

- Sometimes I don't know if
I can see myself properly.

- Jack!

- I'm not taking my clothes off.

- I'm not forcing you, am I?

- When he comes,

you open the door and
I'll be waiting.

- I love you!

Only you.

You know.

That's it, hold me.

- I love...
- I want you to see me!

I want you to see what is yours.


(suspenseful music)

Kiss me.

(train rumbling)

(knife thumping)

(Selina grunting)


But Jack why?


(poignant music)

- I don't know.

(knife clacking)

(eerie haunting music)

- [Colin] Mrs. Roberts,
Mrs. Rob...

Oh my God!

Oh, oh, oh...

(Colin whimpering)

(eerie haunting music)

- What have you done?

(hinges creaking)
(Colin bellowing)

- What's the Chief Constable
got to say about this then sir?

- Well apparently one murder
is a matter of public moral,

two becomes a matter
of public interest,

he wants us to clear it up!

(hits thudding)

- Where did you get this?

- (sobs) She gave it to me!

- Mrs. Roberts?
- Uh-huh.

- Let me get this clear
Colin, this watch was

given to you by Mrs. Roberts?

- No.

I pinched it, I'm sorry!

- From Mrs. Roberts!

(steam hissing)


- [Phyllis] This your
new girl then?

- Uh, finally got with
a new girl, (mumbles).

I've been waiting
on you to show up.

- That's a clever boy then.

You see the police about?

- Police, who cares.

- They made an arrest.
- Old news.

- No Jacky new news!

They've arrested Ruben as well.

- Ruben?
- Selina's gone

to (mumbles) she?

- She has?

(tense music)

- No Jack, not here!

- Oh, my new girl won't tell!

- Jacky no!
- Come on you bitch,

give it to me!
- Jacky please!

- Give it to me!
- Jacky please!

No Jacky!

- Come here (mumbles)!
- Left, right, left, right,

left, right, yeah!
(vendor shouting)

Left, right, left,
right, left, right, yeah!

Company, halt!

Left, turn!

(officer shouting)

(tense music)

(steam hissing)
(train rumbling)

- It's my belief Mr. Roberts,

that you and your wife
murdered Arthur Grandridge,

or that you conspired with her

to have him murdered
by a third person.

- What?
- And that you then

conspired with this third
person in order

to murder your wife!
- Murder Selina?


You must be bloody daft!

- Money, Ruben.

You had the cash and the
house of the old boy,

but you lost the money
on the tables,

so then you needed the
house of your wife.

- I never wanted
that part of her,

I wanted her out of all that!

I went down to get her didn't I?

By the time I got there
he'd done it!

- Who done it?
- The laborer!

He had blood all over him!

The bloody laborer!

- Caine?

(engine Chuffing)
(train rumbling)

- Think I hired him?

You must be more insane
than I thought.

- Selina...
- Mrs. Roberts to you!

- She picked out Caine
at the parade,

now why'd she do that?

- I don't know!

She, she's hardly likely
to pick him out

if she paid him is she?

Anyway that's probably
why he killed her!

He's a simple sod isn't he?

- Simple enough to
be used, Ruben!

Used by you!
- This is mad!

It's bloody madness!

(engine Chuffing)
(fire roaring)

- You told Caine to
get on at Croydon!

- You're an idiot.
- You told him to

kill Grandridge, rob him, and
get out at Haywards Heath.

- I'm not talking to you.

- And then you thought
you'd try and

set him up at the
identity parade.

- No.
- You kept the money,

and gave him the watch.

- What watch?

- This watch Mr. Roberts!

Where did he get it from?

He says he stole it
from your wife!

- I've never seen it before!

- You must have seen it before!

- You bloody gave it to
him for killing Grandridge!

How much did you pay
this simple sod

for killing your old lady?


Money money money Mr. Roberts,

that's all you care
about isn't it?

- I told you, I loved her!

He killed her!
- Why?

(engine Chuffing)
(train rumbling)

(shovel clanking)

- He wouldn't have been
jealous of her would he?

(engine Chuffing)
(train rumbling)

And you weren't were you?

- Come on Rube, she
was having her way with

the loco driver, you did
bugger all about that did 'ya?

(engine Chuffing)
(train rumbling)

- Grandridge and your
wife were both killed

by the same weapon, Mr. Roberts!

- This!
(engine Chuffing)

- They were both stabbed
in the same way!

- Both in the neck!
- By the same hand!

- For the same reason!

(chain clattering)

(engine Chuffing)

- My wife is dead!

My blood wife is dead!

(engine Chuffing)
(train rumbling)

Don't you have no pity!

I did it!

I killed Grandridge,
it wasn't her!

(engine Chuffing)
(train rumbling)

I l-loved her!

(train rumbling)
(tense music)

(suspenseful music)

- Rupert Daniel Roberts,
you are charged that on

the 14th day of November, 1940,

you did murder Arthur
Seymour Grandridge.

(fire roaring)

Colin Leonard Caine,
you are charged

that on the 15th day
of January, 1941,

you did murder Selina
Jane Roberts.

(engine Chuffing)
(train rumbling)

(suspenseful music)

(door slamming)

(steam hissing)