Cruel Jaws (1995) - full transcript

A tiger shark bred by the Navy as a killing machine is wreaking havoc in the sleepy tourist town of Hampton Bay. In the meantime, the mafia is involved with sleazy real estate investments, and send their thugs to keep a lid on the fact the residents are destined for clam chowder - Sea World owner, Dag, and his dolphins come to the rescue to save Hampton Bay from both the mob and military covert operatives. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Hurry up, you guys.

If the coastguard catches
us, we're in big trouble!

Hey, take it easy, old man.

There was top secret Navy
material on board the Cleveland.

We're going down to retrieve it.

We're gonna sell it,

and we're gonna be rich.

Paco, Jose, you've only got
three minutes of air left.



Last year, you left me to
go chasing killer whales.

What have you got in
mind for me this year?

This year, sailing,
tennis, discoing till dawn,

that sort of thing.

If that's all right with you.


Something smells fishy here.

Don't worry.

We're just gonna go say
hi to the guys, okay?


Hi, susy.

Vanessa, so you finally came back.

You're more beautiful than ever.

You're quite a little
missy yourself, susy.

Cookie, go home now.

See how well I can swim now?

Yes, you've really gotten quite good.

I had two great
teachers, cookie and Daisy.

Come and let me introduce you to papi.

It's good to have you
back here with us, Billy.

It was terrible.

When we heard about the accident,

we just couldn't believe it.

It's a terrible thing, all right.

In a split second, I lost everything.

I lost my wife, my will to live,

and most of all, susy's smile.

She'll never be able to walk again.

Fortunately, she's a strong kid.

And here at the aquarium, she's
found some reason to live.

The only time she feels like a normal kid

is when she's out there in the water.

Cookie and
Daisy only listen to her.

And papi, he's got a crush on her.

So how are things here, dag?

Well, the overheads are high.

The shows are few.

But the season's good
when Bob wins the regatta.

He should come out on top.

I should have a
fighting chance this year.

I've been training all winter.

Hi, dag.

Hi, Francis.

What can I do for you?

I'm sorry, this isn't a social call.

I have an order to
evict from Samuel Lewis.

You've gotta be outta here in 30 days.

I'm really sorry.

Yeah, well, you've always
been a good friend, sheriff.

And besides, 30 days is a long time.

A lot of things can happen.


All we have to do is give
him an advance on rent

for the next 15 years.

That fat, money-grubbing bastard.

I'd like to rip his balls off!


Don't listen to him.

He's young.

He's hotheaded,

that's all.

Hey, Billy!

How are you doing, sheriff?


How's your research going?

Pretty good.

This winter, I'm sailing
on the cutty shark.

The cutty shark?

That's right, that floating
madhouse for fish freaks.

Scientific research, 18 months at sea.



Ronnie, stop.

Get back here.

- Ronnie.
- You're not quick enough.

Hey, why don't you go
bust somebody else's balls!

Go take a swim.

What swim?

They're gonna go fool around.

Billy, I got you down here

because I need your opinion on this.

This looks like the work of
a speedboat propeller to me.

Well, I can't say anything

until I take a look at it, Francis.

Officer, have them all move back.

Okay, move back, everybody, move back.

Move back, make way.

Coming through.

Move back.

Well, what do you think?

In my opinion, it wasn't
a speedboat propeller.

Then what was it?

It could have been a shark.

A shark, and it did that?

At least that's what I think.

I say a shark, but it could have been a,

it could have been a killer whale.

Billy, I need a precise answer here.

Francis, these remains
have been in the water

for more than 24 hours.

There's no saying how many
fish have been feeding on it.

An autopsy's the only way you're
gonna get a precise answer.


Oh, my god.

So what do you see, Rick?

Not even the propeller

of a trans-Atlantic ocean
liner could do this.

It was a shark all right, and a big one.

Are you all out of your minds?

Sheriff, for heaven's sake,

let's not go off on a
wild goose chase here.

It happens.

People die now and then under
unfortunate circumstances.

You know folks around here

are waiting for the season to open.

If word gets out that a
shark tore a diver to bits,

hey, you can kiss the
tourist season goodbye.

I'm sorry.

If there is a shark
around here, gentlemen,

we don't have any choice.

We have to close the beach,

and we have to postpone the regatta.

It was an accident, just an accident.

No sharks involved, no fins.

Hey, it was the propeller
of a fishing boat.

What about the coroner's report?

Francis, now, the coroner
called me two minutes ago.

He said he could be wrong.

Why, hell, you know how many
people drowned in accidents?

Are you gonna blame
them all on sharks too?

Yeah, maybe.

There's only one shark that
can do a job like this.

And which one is that?

The tiger shark.

From the judge of things, it's
gonna have a mouth like this.

Oh, man.

Did you see that?

A super babe.

She had tits on her like watermelons.


You like them all as
long as they're breathing.

Hey, it's enough, isn't it?

Yoo-hoo, Ronnie!

Well, look who's here.


What a pity she hangs out with
that nerd fish doctor, Billy.

I dunno.

Maybe nothing will happen,
but I'm sure we'll score, man.

Vanessa is hot to trot.

Hi, Bob.

Oh, hi, Gloria.

Looks like your little sister

has a crush on the viking's son.

How's susy?

I wanna see her after the show tonight.

I don't think that's such a good idea.

There seems to be a little bad feeling

between your dad and mine.

I wouldn't wanna do anything...

Do you always do what
your daddy tells you to?


Well, then I'll see you
at the aquarium at eight.

Hey, wait for me!

I'm coming too!

Now, hold it.

What do you want?

I'm the person in charge of pussy.

I have to, you know,
check your credentials.

Dick brain.

Dick brain.

Dick brain.

Am I disturbing you, dad?

No, it's all right.

Come onin.

What did Billy and
Francis want last night?

Ah, those crazy bastards.

They got it in their heads
there's a shark around here.

They want Godfrey to close the beaches

and me to call off the regatta.

And they wanna make the news public.

The result would be massive cancellations.

If you're asking me, dag
soerensen's behind this.

He wants to get back at you

because you sent him that eviction notice.

No, no.

No, he's got too much to lose.

Do you know that Gloria
has got a crush on Bob?


He hangs around her like a bad smell.

Why, that dirty little bastard!

I'll tear his fucking balls off!

1 don't think that'll be necessary.

I've got a better idea.

Come on.

First, I wanna swim.

Why now?



I wanna swim first.

Ugh, what a pain in the ass.

You go by yourself and I
will wait for you here.

You don't know what you're missing!

Come on, don't be so lazy.

Are you coming or not?

It's freezing!

Come on!

Let's do it in here.

Stop kidding around, jan.

This isn't funny.

That was really dumb!

You nearly scared me to death.



Turn around!

Don't be so greedy, papi.

You already had your dinner.

Where's my little Daisy?

Don't pay any attention.

Papi's jealous.

Good girl.

Where's cookie?

That's enough for tonight, honey.

It's time for supper.

Just a little while longer.

Please, daddy.

Gloria's having such fun.

It's late for Gloria too.

She's gonna get in trouble with her dad.

Isn't that right, Gloria?

It sure is, and he won't
let me have any dessert.

All right.

But promise me you'll come back tomorrow.

Take Gloria home, and don't be too long.

Good night, cookie.

Good night, Daisy.

And dad hasn't been
the same since mom died

and susy lost the use of her legs.

When he was young, he was a great sailor.

He used to hunt whales in the north sea.

And ever since that damn
accident, he hasn't been the same.

First, your dad's throwing
us out of the aquarium,

and then that shark.

Things couldn't get any worse.

I'm sorry.

I gotta do something.

I can't let susy be shacked
up in that apartment.

I feel so ridiculous.

When you see and feel certain
things, you suddenly realize

how futile the things you strive for are.

Then why'd you come tonight?

I wanted to see susy, and you.


Ronnie, Bob and I...

Go home!

I'll deal with you later!

Leave her alone!

She didn't do anything to you!

Let go of him!

Leave him alone!


Keep away from my sister!

Go home.

Bob and I have things to discuss.



You need a lesson.

The world's a bad place, Bobby boy.

And you and your daddy are
in debt up to your necks.

Hey, it's just as well
we got here in time.

This isn't the moment to dick around.

We still got work.

I've given them a special filling,

strychnine nitrate with
rat poison.

The viking's in for a nasty
surprise in the morning, boys.

Oh, man.

Where are you, little dolphins?

Come here.

I'm gonna fix your wagons.

The damn fish is
gonna wake everybody up.


Just thrown in that stuff
and let's get outta here.

Come on, dolphins.

Here, boy.

Come and get it.

Let's get outta here.

Take it easy, Daisy.

What's gotten into you?

What's this?

Get Billy immediately.

Somebody's trying to poison the dolphins.

Sorry to wake you, sheriff.

Let's talk in here.

You better have a good
reason for waking me up

this early in the morning.

He says his girlfriend's
been eaten by a shark.

Eaten by a shark?

He must be stewed to the gills.

I'll give him the test

and then I'll throw him in the
hoosegow for drunkenness.

Hey, wait, wait.

I wanna interrogate him.

Okay, we're done.

We got 'em just in time.

Everything's gonna be fine now.

Thanks, Billy.

Oh, hi, Francis.

Looks like we had another
shark attack last night.


At old beach.

A woman, a certain Katie Adams.

I sent a couple of my
men down to check it out.

Well, if the territorial
theory is correct

and what I assume is true,

there's gonna be a lot of
trouble down there, Francis.

Billy, what do we know about sharks?

Well, we know that
they're a sort of locomotive

with a mouthful of butcher's knives.

And all they really know how to do

is swim, eat and make baby sharks,

and that's all.

So if we were to have the regatta,

it would be like saying, "help yourself."

"Chow ison."

And there are only two
ways to get rid of 'em.

Kill them or starve 'em.

Very clever, these dolphins, dag.

What do you want?

I came to show the property
to these friends of mine,

and I have the plans for the hotel

that's going to be built right here.

The sunset's right in front of us.

I mean, it is gorgeous, right there.

It's a beautiful sight to see.


if you leave right away, I'll
give you a nice hunk of cash

that'll keep you going for a
couple of years, all right?

You're some kind of
a son of a bitch, Sam.

What did you say?

I said you're a son of a bitch!

Look, if you need more
information on the sports program

or the entertainment programs,

my secretary's at your disposal.

Take the folks back to the hotel.

I'll be right there.


That is it!

You're doing the wrong
thing, refusing my offer.

You are...

Not only do I refuse the
offer, but I'll beat the shit

out of anyone who tries
to poison my dolphins.

I don't even know what
you're talking about, and...

Don't be so wicked, Mr. Lewis.

Gloria cares about cookie and Daisy too.

And by the way, tell your Bob

to stay away from my daughter,

or you can buy another wheelchair.

He's nothing
but a puffed up windbag.


You going to see the mayor too?

Just the man I wanted to see.

Come up with me.

Tell Godfrey we're here, Patricia.

You are obsessed!

Obsessed my ass!

1 won't let you speak to me like this.

Listen, Godfrey, this morning,

that loser of a viking
threw me in his pool.

You can't trust the man.

He's a madman.

His contract is clear.

He hasn't paid his rent
for three months, and I...

You may not have to worry about that.

If things keep going the way they are,

Hampton bay is gonna be deserted!

Well, you've got it in your head

that there's a killer shark around here.

What do you want us to do?

Godfrey, are you willing
to take responsibility

for condemning this town
to a winter of starvation?

Sam, mayor Jefferson, this
shark is a perfect machine,

a man-eating machine,

and it's already taken
the lives of two people!

Put shark nets around the
boundary of the regatta.

Inform the coastguard to patrol the coast

with helicopters and boats.

Call in extra officers
from nearby counties.

I refuse to put off the
regatta or the ceremony,

and I'll pay for everything.

That sounds like an excellent idea.

Well, have it your way.

But remember, you're the ones

who wanted to open up a diner for sharks.

J four, three, two one, go j

J get up and work >»

Just as well then.

She's early.

I'll just tell her to go on without me.

Sounds good to me.

Look, glenda...

Hi, Vanessa.

Is Billy in?

Yeah, come on in.

Hey, Francis, what's up?

Billy, we need you right now.

The shark cages have arrived.

Billy's busy.

We're going to the club tonight.

No, it's okay, Vanessa.

You go on with glenda.

I'll catch up with you later on.

Once and for all, Billy,
it is the fish or me!

What do I have to do

to get you to pay attention
to me, grow gills?

Hey, forget about it.

- I'll take care of this myself.
- No, really.

Vanessa, it won't take very long.

Come on, this is really important.

J four, three, two, one, go >

hold on, glenda.

I'll be right there.

Billy, I want you to find the
tallest skyscraper you can

and throw yourself off it
and then go fuck yourself!

Nice temper.

Dad, why do sharks eat people?

Because they're hungry.

They're always hungry, I think.

Does blood come out if a shark eats you?

Oh, yes.

And you're gonna have nightmares

if you keep talking about sharks.

If a shark tried to eat me,

I'd punch him in the nose.

Don't worry.

No shark's gonna eat you.

Why not?

If I go swimming, I bet one will try.

But Daisy and cookie
will tear him to pieces.

That's enough.

Here we are.

Once upon a time, there was a
little boy called Tom thumb.

He lived in a small house with his parents

and his three little brothers and sisters.

They were very hungry,
because they were very poor.

And one night...

J I should have listened >»

j 'cause father knows best, you see

j I'm tired of running j

j I'll jump the train >

js but something always
drags me back again

- look at those two.
- Oh!

Ooh, everybody's here.

They're gonna die when they
see you dressed like this.

Look who's talking.

J bad attitude

j bad attitude

sexy mamas.

- Whoo!
- Hey!

I wanna dance.


You know, Tommy, you give
off a certain animal magnetism.

Hey, I'm a sex machine.

I even got a spare set of balls.

Does that mean you
got enough to go around?

Excuse me, I forgot my lifesaver.

I hope you drown.

Feeling a little depressed?

To tell you the truth, I'm pissed.

I'm bored to death.

Everyday, it's the same old story.

Aren't you going out with Billy?

Him, all he cares about
are groupers and flatheads.

What are you doing, belly dancing?

I'm an artist.

Michelangelo worked with stone,

Van gogh worked with canvas,

and you know, I...

What do you use for a jockstrap,

a walnut shell with a
piece of elastic?

I'm desperately lonely.

I'm free.

I'm confused.

I'm generous.

Above all,

I'm full of love.

It's written in my eyes.

You wanna go someplace else?


J welll gotitbad

j bad, bad »

j bad attitude

j bad attitude

j well, I got it bad >

j bad, so bad >

j a bad attitude j

have you seen Vanessa?


She went off with prince
charming to the beach of passion.

Ronnie behaves like that

because he wants to emulate my father.

My father acts the way he does

because your father gave
him that eviction notice.

We have to keep seeing
each other behind in secret.

I love this place.

To think the first time
I came here, I hated it.

Bob, let's run away together.



We just send everybody
to hell and we run away.

No, it's not...

I don't want you to go away.

I don't want you to go away.





Come on!

Wait a minute.

My shoes.

Take them off!



Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Isn't that Ronnie's car?

They're fooling
around in the ocean.

Ronnie gets 'em all.

Let's scare the shit out of 'em.

Good idea.

Hampton bay police!

Don't you dirty little devils know

you're polluting the ocean doing that?

I'm Ronnie Lewis, Samuel Lewis's son.

Is it me or are you
in shit up to your neck?

Wait a minute.



Is that you?

It's us all right.

And you two jerks fell for the whole thing

like a ton of bricks.

You lousy coward.

Oh, look out!

There's a shark that's
about to nip you on the ass!

You assholes.

Now, I'll show you the shark.

Oh, don't get mad, Ronnie,

it makes your pecker shrivel.

Wait a minute.

Don't get mad, Ronnie! It makes
your pecker shrivel, man.

Oh, you're all wet!

Oh, you're all wet.

I wanted to personally
reassure everyone myself,

and let you know that we have

the interest of the city at heart.

And now, sheriff berger
here will illustrate

all of the precautions that we have taken

to protect the regatta zone.


As you can see, we
have completely protected

this area of the coastline
with a special shark net

that goes from here to here.

Special observations
posts have been set up

at strategic locations, and
armed men are on board boats

anchored just on the other side of the net

placed here, here and here.

So the entire area where
the regatta is going to be

is completely protected, 100%.

Ladies and gentlemen,
absolutely nothing will happen.

You have my word on that.

Excuse me, sir.

Excuse me.

Is this the beach where
we can see the shark from?

What shark?

The one that killed all those folks.

They said iton TV.

They said there's a shark
killing people right here.

There was a shark, but now it's gone.

And we hope that it doesn't come back.

You mean to say we came all
this way, and now, it's gone?

They didn't say that on TV.

There's nothing I can do about that.

Will you please just move on?

Oh, baloney.

But I thought we were
gonna go see the shark.

Ronnie, shut up.

Look down there.

Isn't that a shark?

It's him all right, that son of a bitch.

I'll fix him.

Go lower.

I have to get him first.

Otherwise, the bastard will
dive down and that'll be that.

I got him in the head.

We can go back to base.

I'll tell the boys to go retrieve him.

Okay, Roger.

We'll proceed with the
retrieval operation.

Good work, guys, over.

Quick, quick, let's follow the cop.

I think we're gonna see the shark.

Come on, gather your things up.

Come on.

Let's go.

What a big mouth.

It's bigger than the big
bad wolf, isn't it, daddy?

Well, it's a
tiger shark all right.

Daddy, does that mean
that its daddy was a shark

and its mommy was a tiger?

Call the press agencies
immediately and CBS,

the news networks, the radio stations.

And go and find Dawson
and get him over here.

I want pictures of
everybody around that shark.



Great job, well done.

Thank you, thank you.

I'm not saying that it isn't him.

It probably is.

They're very ferocious and
very rare in these waters.

But the fact of the matter is, dag,

this jaw span just doesn't convince me.

Now, wait.

What are you saying here?

You're talking nonsense, boy.

You've been seeing too many movies.

You wanna be sure, mayor?

You wanna be sure, Mr. Lewis?

All you have to do then is open him up

and see what's in his stomach.

Don't talk rubbish, boy.

This is not the place, nor the time.

Whose boat is that?

It belongs to Ramon, the Cuban.

What happened?

We found it adrift.

It was half full of water.

There was nobody aboard.

Now, you're not gonna
try and tell me that

that was done by a shark too.

If I were you, I'd cancel this regatta.

Everybody knows Ramon
was into dynamite fishing.

It was an explosion.

He blew the back of his own boat off.

And even if it was a shark attack,

well, the coastguard's got it by now.

Have that shark carcass
towed out to sea, will you?

It's gonna stink up
the whole goddamn town.

Give me an s.

Give me an a.

Give me an m.

Give me an ll.

Give me an e.

Giveme a w.

Give me an I.

Give me an s.




Hey, Graham.


Nice to have you here.

I've never missed this
celebration in my whole life.

I bet you're a future champ

in the Hampton bay regatta, hmm.

Great day, Mr. Lewis.

I hope Ronnie wins.

Thank you, ma'am, thank you.

Mr. Lewis.

Oh, no, please, no, no.

We hope Ronnie Lewis

is gonna do himself proud again this year,

even though our champion is
not going to have an easy time.

He is gonna have to deal with
very well-trained opponents,

especially young Bob soerensen.

If you let Bob win,
then you're a nothing.

I'll cream him when
we round the first buoy.

Don't get caught in
with the first round.

Get the wind behind you and
wait for the right moment.

I'll keep that in mind.

Yeah, that way, you won't
make an ass of yourself.

As you know, this regatta

marks the beginning of the
summer season in Hampton bay,

and is sponsored by the Lewis hotel chain,

owned by Mr. Samuel Lewis.

The divers have checked the nets.

The buoys are in place.

The men are too.

I just don't feel right about this, though.

I'm afraid, Francis.

That motherfucker is acting so strange.

It's almost as if someone has trained him

to attack and kill.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Five minutes to start time.

Wish me luck, huh.

Hey, you got your motor running.

You just save it for
the victory celebration.

J 1 just can't figure you out

j "cause baby, I adore »

j; Baby, don't you need me j

I want you to watch out for Ronnie.

He plays dirty.

Papi and I will be rooting for you.

Don't worry.

I'll beat the pants off that loudmouth.

And with the prize money,
we'll pay off Mr. Lewis.

Hi, Vanessa.

Hi, susy.

Have you seen Billy?

He was on the pier with Francis.

Daddy, can I go watch
the races with Vanessa?

Sure, but keep out of the way
of the confusion, all right?

Let's go find Billy.

J all you wanna do is
just dance, dance, dance

j while there is rhythm,
there'll be no romance j

j 'cause all you wanna do is just dance

be careful.

Don't worry.

I'll win for us too.

I'll rip his balls off
and use them for earrings!

I'll pulverize him!

You worry about winning.

We can take care of him later.

Let's shove his head
underwater and drown him.

All contestants to the starting line.

Two minutes to go.

I repeat, two minutes to go.

Bob's too far back.

I told him to keep back.

That way, he won't have to turn tight.

30 seconds to go.

There isn't a shark in the world

that can get through these nets.

I can believe it.

They cost $30,000.

13 seconds to go.











Come on, Bob!

What are you waiting for?

Fuckin' hell!

- Go, go, go!
- Yeah!


You're disgusting!

You're a piece of shit!

You're vomit!

You're a nobody!

And you're a loser!

Come on, Bob, come on!

What are you waiting for?
Push him in!

Come on, he's the best!

You can kiss your aquarium
goodbye, Mr. dag soerensen.

Gloria, give me the binoculars.

Oh, my god!

What's wrong?

Get them out of the water, quick!

Get out of the water!

Everybody, get out of the water!

There's a shark!

Look, there's a shark!

Attention, attention!

The race has been suspended!

Leave your board and get in this boat!

Do something, Tommy!

Help them!

Save them!

Do you think I'm crazy?

Leave your boards and climb aboard.

Climb, climb aboard!

Get out of the water!

Get out of the water!

Get out of the water, quick!

Get out, get out!

Stay calm.

Stay calm.

- Somebody help them, please.
- I know, I know.

It's all right, honey.

I'm here with you.

Get out of my way!

Get out of my way!


Where are you?





I got you.

Vanessa, no!

Help me, help me.





Okay, let's go.

Come on.

Grab from the back now.

Let's go.

Slide her out, slide her out.

There we go.

Got it?

Okay, there we go.

All right,
get her in, get her in.

Let's go.

Calling Dr. Stafford.

Please report to the
emergency room immediately.

Calling Dr. Stafford.

Please report to the
emergency room immediately.

The doctor said it was
only a momentary shock.

Tomorrow, she can go home.

Is Vanessa okay?

She's just fine.

She's at home with Billy.

Sharks are really bad.

There are far worse animals.


What is it, honey?

Tell papi and the dolphins
not to worry about me.

I sure will.

I'm sorry, sir.

You're not allowed.

Hey, I'm sorry.

I couldn't...

You know what you gotta
do now, don't you, Sam?


You're gonna have to
offer a reward of $100,000

to whoever brings in
the head of that shark.

I don't have the authority.

I mean, not without...

Without what?

Without what, you fat fuck?

Vanessa's dead because of you!

Everyone knows you're the one

who opposed the regatta
from being postponed.

Samuel Lewis, the
big boss of shark city.

Is that what you want the
newspapers and TV to call you?

Hey, I always acted in
the interest of the town.

In the best interest
of yourself, you mean.

Offer it.

Offer the reward.

Do it for Vanessa,

and all the kids who
lost their lives today.

You know Ronnie risked being killed
by that shark today too.

Killing this shark isn't gonna be easy.

He's a treacherous mother.

It's not like fishing for sardines.

We're dealing with a man eater here.

If he gets his teeth into you
and clamps down with his jaws,

you've had it.

Oh, come on.

All you gotta do is put
a bullet in its head

and it's fucked, right?

The tiger shark we're looking
for is a homicidal maniac.

It attacks here, here and
the middle of your belly,

and your guts are out.

The trouble is you're still
alive when it starts eating you.

Now that you know, you should
have more respect for him.

Billy, you're the expert.

Take over.

The weak points of the tiger shark

are here, at the base of the head,

and underneath the dorsal fin.

You must be precise.

Only aim at these areas.

And don't kid yourselves,
because if this thing

gets any idea whatsoever
that you're in its presence,

he's not gonna leave you alone.

So you have two choices.

One, you can get the hell out of there.

Or two, you can try to kill him.

Because if you don't, he's gonna kill you.

Are there any questions?

If it was your decision to
go ahead with the regatta,

then our friends in New York
are not gonna be very happy.

All right.

So a mistake was made,

but I took all the necessary precautions.

Now the press is sticking
their nose in our town business.

We don't allow for mistakes, Sam.

You know that.

Well, what do you want me to do,

jump in and kill the damn thing myself?

I offered a reward for it.

What else could I do?

Just one thing.

We've invested a lot of money
in real estate in this town.

So you better make sure

that shark is eliminated immediately.

Is that clear?

And not in a week's time.


In the past, I've
solved more difficult problems

than this for you.

I'll solve this one too.

You'd better.

For your own good.

On your back, huh.

If don't get rid of
that damn shark soon,

the prices around here are gonna crash,

and we are in deep trouble.

I've got a personal
grudge with that goddamn...

I'll bring his head myself.

Are you sure your old
man isn't gonna be mad?

Well, right now, he's got
other things to worry about.

Besides, when he sees us
haul that shark in the port,

he'll be too proud to be mad.

The kids of Hampton bay

avenge their friends and kill the shark.

I can already see the headlines.

And what if we come back empty handed?

You gotta be kidding me.

I bet my ass we'll be hauling that bastard

when we come back.

My father used to use this for hunting.

Let me see that.

Twelve Gauge, cool.

Okay, guys, let's go.

You know, when I used to go
whaling in the arctic ocean,

all the half asses
wanted to become whalers

so they could use the harpoon.

Once, I caught a whale
about 20 meters long.

I had to plant three harpoons in him

before I could bring him in.

These days, these whippersnappers,

they bring along radar,
sonar, even a microwave oven

so they can heat up their

Ah, you brought a lot of mighty fine stuff

aboard here, Mr. Morrison,
although I don't know

what use that son of a bitch
of a shark's gonna have for it.

He may eat it.

Once, I had one try to
eat the motor off my boat.

The shark we're looking for,
dag, is no ordinary shark.

It's strange.

Its behavior is anomalous.

Okay, let's get ready to
lower this in the water.

Here's hoping he likes it.

My mother's roast.

Okay, Tommy, start slowing down.

I'm tired of playing
with cookie and Daisy.

I hate this place.

I can't wait to go.

Is that so?

No, I was just building
tassels in the air.

You mean castles in
the air, you silly thing.

Isn't that what I said?

I don't want to leave.

I don't wanna leave.

There it is!

It's over there!

Look, you can see its fin!

It's enormous!

Come on, Ronnie, shoot!

Don't let it get away!

Pull over!

Pull over, you imbecile!

I can't shoot from here!

He's coming right at us!

It's stuck!

Now what are we gonna do?

Put it on full throttle!

Damn it!

The controls aren't responding.

I wanna lure him to the surface

and then harpoon him
as if he were a whale.

You're stupid if you
think you can get a shark

on a fish hook as if it were a COD.

Well, for want of anything better,

maybe we can catch a few
squids for tonight's dinner.

Let's lower the bait.

Maybe that'll bring him out.

It's the only thing for us.


Ronnie, shoot it, Ronnie!

Kill it!

Shoot him, Ronnie!

Kill him!


Shoot for Christ's sake!

God, the line's gonna break!

Help me!

Quick, pull him out!

Help me!

Pull me up!



What the hell was that?

It's an explosion.

Probably some fool hunting
the shark with depth charges.

No, this one occurred on the surface.

It was a big one too.


Start her up, put her on
a course north, northeast.

Full steam ahead.

Aye-aye, sir.

Sheriff, we received a
message from the coastguard.

Lewis's boat exploded
at sea, no survivors.

Oh, shit.

Inform the coastguard

that all boats are to
return to port at once.

And I'll go tell Lewis the bad news.


Dad, dad, hurry!

We've broken down.

The rudder's stuck.

The rudder's stuck.


I'm gonna have to go
below and take a look.

Something's blocked the rudder.

I'll go.

No, I'll go.

I know more about mechanics.

Billy, you may be a wiz kid in the lab,

but at sea, you're just ballast.

Larry, stay here and make sure

the boat doesn't get under way.


It's my job. I'm the helmsman.

Why is he taking so long?

I'm going down.

Don't worry, dag.

This thing will tell us if he's in danger.


The ropes are tied around the propeller.

There's just too many
half-assed fishermen around here.

Bob, when you were down there,

did you notice anything unusual?


Well, yeah, there's a wreck down there.

Right over there.

It must be the Cleveland.

We're over the banks south of cape fells.

Attention, attention.

Wasn't that the ship carrying...

This is the coastguard.

Return to the port immediately.

Repeat, return to the port immediately.

Something big must
have happened in town.

Listen, dag, the Cleveland
was the ship carrying the...

We'll talk about it later.

Bob, we're going back in.

If anything important happens,

you can get in touch with me by radio.

Okay, sheriff.

There he is, below us!

He's below us!

Hold this course!

He's gotta be over eight meters long!

We need a bigger helicopter.

Pull up, for Christ's sake!

Pull up!

I can't.

The rotors are turning
as fast as they can!

It's taking our line!

Pull up, you idiot, pull up!

I'm gonna shoot that motherfucker
right between his eyes.

All right, you son of a
bitch, keep eating the line

and I'll blow your fucking brains out!

Cut the line!

Cut the goddamn line!

Oh, my god!

We asked you to solve the problem, Sam,

not create a disaster.

Well, what else could I have done?

That shark can't be taken.

It killed my only son.

It's destroyed my yacht, my helicopter.

What else can I do?


We've decided to take care

of our business here in
Hampton bay by ourselves.

What are you,

are you saying...

Hey, Sam, whatever you're thinking,

this isn't Chicago, you know.

Listen, I brought in these
fellas to help us out.

These guys are on the ball.

They'll take care of this shark.

And they can also help us sort out

the situation at the aquarium.


Hey, when we're done, we
won't forget you.

You can always count on me.

Yeah, sure.

And of course, it's clear,
we'll take the $100,000 reward.

Of course.

Of course.

We'll be seeing you.


You sent Ronnie to die

because you're scared of your partners?

I only did it for you
all, for your wellbeing.

I pity you.

Where are you going now?

To warn dag soerensen.

- He's the only decent...
- You're not!

You're not going anywhere!

Get up there!

And you're staying locked up
in here until this is over!

The Cleveland
was an oceanographic ship

carrying a very special cargo, right?

Yep, it ran aground on the
sand during a storm and sank.

In exactly the same point
where we ran into trouble today.

But what's the wreck
got to do with the shark?

That ship was carrying
a shark born in captivity,

top secret naval experiments,

a death machine trained
to attack the enemy.

Now, if the theory of
territoriality is correct,

and I have no reason to doubt it,

the wreck of the Cleveland
is where that thing lives,

and the sea around here
is its hunting reserve.

Here's my plan.

We go down to the wreck of the Cleveland.

We fill it with dynamite,
and we blow it to bits.

Oh, sure.

Who says the shark's
gonna be blown up with it?

Well, if the territorial
theory is correct,

our presence in his territory

is gonna make him come running.


I've been looking for you everywhere.

My father...

What's happened?

Someone's trying to get
their hands on the aquarium.

My father's in cahoots with them.

They're bad people.

You're in danger.

Susy, she's all alone at the aquarium.

The boss wanted us to take care of?

That's them all right.

What do we do?

We follow them.

Well, first, I wanna
have a look in there.

Gloria and I will stay here.

Bob, you stand guard on the boat.

Larry, you go with him.

Billy, go back to the
institute and get your maps.

Tomorrow, we're sailing at six.

Gloria, if you want, you can
stay the night with susy, okay?



This is hot stuff.

If we get there before they
do, we'll be filthy rich.

But first, there's
something we've gotta do.

Everything looks okay here.


Quick, let's fix the engine.

But what about them?

We'll leave them here.

Come on!


I patched up the engine the best I can.

Try and start her up, Larry.


All right, try now.

There's enough poison
here to kill an elephant.

Going by the math, this is...


Be careful now.

That shark's been trained by the Navy.

You know how they do.

Don't worry.

I was in the marines.

Oh, it figures.

Goodbye, honey.

Gloria will take care
of you while I'm away.

Daddy, give that shark a
punch in the nose for me.

You bet I will.

I love you.

Be careful.

Whatever happens, remember, I love you.

I'll get you, motherfucking shark!

We're here, Larry.

Cut the engine.

I want you guys to be careful.

If he realizes you're down there,

he won't leave you in peace.

Lay the charges quickly, light the fuses

and get the hell outta there.

God be with you, boys.

Where's bill?

I'll go get him.


Ladies and gentlemen, attention, please.

Ladies and gentlemen,

on behalf of the citizenry of Hampton bay,

I present this check to dag soerensen.