Cruel Intentions 3 (2004) - full transcript

Cassidy Merteuil, the distant cousin of Kathryn Merteuil, arrives in Santa Barbara, California to attend college. There she meets Jason Argyle, a former friend from her high school also attending the school. Jason gets a roommate, Patrick Bales. Jason and Patrick form a mean-spirited partnership of seducing and dumping various young women on campus. When both of their latest conquests bore them, Jason bets Patrick if they can seduce a particular newcomer, who is under the wing of Cassidy. But nothing is what it seems as a triangle of Cassidy, Jason, and Patrick forms with each one scheming to outwit the other. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Please do not leave your car
unattended. It will be towed.

Straight to Prestridge, Miss Merteuil?


Please do not leave your car
unattended. It will be towed.

We're going to the same place.
Do you mind?

If we drive together,
we'll arrive together.

Yo, taxi.

- So nice to see you.
- I missed you so much.

Look, I really don't understand why my
request for a single wasn't approved.

- Your name again?
- Patrick Bates. I'm a transfer student.

Bates. Right. Welcome to Prestridge.

- You have a condition of some sort.
- I've caught a cough.

Well, you heard what they said.
You're in a one-room double.

A moment of silence for his roommate.

Isn't there someone else I can talk to?
Can I talk to your supervisor?

Follow me.

Excuse me.


You're evil, Cass.

- Took you how long to figure this out?
- We met in this very line last year.

This year they let me reserve a room.

Daddy bought a wing.

- Miss Merteuil, your suite is ready.
- Wonderful.

How was your summer?

Short. See you tonight.

Need to get a driver.


Patrick, right?

I saw you checking out that girl in line.

What do you mean?

Cassidy Merteuil. Forget her.
She's a black widow.

Comes from a long line
of black widows.

You wouldn't last five minutes.

Let me guess,
you've never lasted five minutes.

I'm kidding, man.

Just leave Cassidy to me, all right?

If you're gonna cough,
can you take that outside?

I'm sorry, I can't help it,
but I shouldn't bother you at night...

...because I have sleeping pills.

That's a relief.

How do I look?


Not as good as...

- Christopher "Limey"?
- I prefer "Englishman."

He descended
from the House of Lancaster.

Yeah, so did his teeth.

Why fuck with guys like him when you
could be fucking with guys like me?

Because guys like you
don't dine with the queen.

Dream on.
I'm sure he prefers a real princess.

We'll see.

You know, you're just like your cousin.

She ruins the family name...

...forces you to California
to flee her rep, and yet...

...she's still your role model.

If you want to be Kathryn that badly,
at least let me be your Sebastian.

Kathryn. Sebastian.
Where are they now?

Oh, yeah, methadone clinic and dead.

We can do better.

Jason, the real reason
I've never slept with you:

You're no challenge whatsoever.

Not to mention a little deficient
when it comes to...


The sexiest organ of all.

You know, the bigger the better.

The brain.

this school.

If you don't look good,
we don't look good.

- We?
- A girl can hope.

- Yeah.
- Excuse us.


Jesus Christ, people...

...pop a Prozac or three.
Summer's finished. Get over it.


Hunting in Scotland.

Summer session at La Sorbonne.

Miami Beach.

Miami Beach? New money.

None of those are any more of a
playground than our Santa Barbara.

I speak for myself and my girlfriend...

...when I say we never
came here to play.

Except for maybe with each other.

Didn't Cassidy
turn you on to this place?

She must have warned you
about guys like me.

By name, actually.

So Michael and Sheila
have come for the right reasons.

- How about you, Alison?
- I came for the education.

- Seriously.
- Christopher?

This is America. You hear the rumors,
but I am here in spite of them.


Now, here is a guy
that came to play. Patrick?


Think he'll make the cover
of the Prestridge catalog?

Now, that's the Cassie I know.

Right. Well, I should probably be off.

You'll be around later?


I'll hunt you down.

- I have something to show you.
- Oh, my gosh, let's see.

So Christopher has taken
an interest in me.

So Christopher has taken
an interest in me.

He should take an interest in flossing.

Quit it. He's royalty.

My father always stressed the value
of good foreign relations.

- I'm surprised it's taken you this long.
- I'm playing it cool.

I want to meet an entire new society.

- I wonder, is it possible?
- What?

That you've overestimated yourself.


I'll bet you $5000... can't sleep with Christopher
by the end of this weekend.

Five thousand dollars wouldn't even
cover a weekend at the spa.

Fine. Ten thousand dollars.


- Doesn't seem fair, though.
- Why?

I would have bet on someone
easier than Christopher.


I'm not so sure that you could even
sleep with someone like Patrick... the end of this weekend.


I could have Patrick in an hour, freak.

I'll tell you what: Another $ 10,000
says that you can't.

And because I'm a gentleman...

...gonna give you 48 hours
instead of one.


It's enough time to get rid
of that not-so-fresh feeling.


I'll need some physical proof.

So let's see, that gives me 47 hours...

...for my disgust for you... overcome my disgust for Patrick.

Have a nice time.

Here, try another one.

Let's see.

All right.

Alison, never forget the key
to a cultured man's heart.


- Golf and blowjobs.
- Jason.

And you've been working
on your etiquette.

- I want a kiss.
- No.

Meaning no.



- Yeah.
- Good.

Now, never touch me again. Ever.



Is this taken?


It's beautiful out.


Patrick, can I be honest?

- Sure.
- You interest me.

- I'm sorry?
- You interest me.

I interest you?

Sounds funny even to me, but yeah.


You see them?

I didn't think there'd come a time
when guys like that didn't interest me.

But I was wrong. Lately...

...l've been thinking
about guys like you.

Can I show you something?

Sure. Sure.

- Nice room.
- Thanks.

You're gonna be surprised...

...but I've been writing.

- What is it?
- A short story.

You're the first person I've shown it to.

You're an English major,
so I respect your opinion.

Would you look at it?

You want my feedback?

- I'm gonna go read it.
- I'll be right here.

How can you be so insecure?

How can you be so insecure?

I love it.

I'm blown away.

The writing and the dialogue...

Oh, I'm so excited.

I'll get it.



I don't understand.

- What is it?
- Nothing, Patrick.

What is it?

- Oh, Jesus, you turn me on.
- Oh, my God.

- What? What? What is it?
- Nothing, Patrick.

Oh, God.

Jesus, you turn me...

Ten thousand dollars.

You could've faked that.

The orgasm? Of course.

- No, the tape.
- Please.

Sad, you could've used this
to make a little life for yourself.

You know you're only halfway home.

Christopher's coming over later.
I'll be home by midnight.

I'll be in touch.

So the key to a good polo pony
is one that is small and agile.

Fifteen hands is quite perfect.

Really? That's...

- Yeah.

The ponies I had at Eton
were between 15 and 16 hands...

...and we never lost a match.
- Eton?

- So you know Prince William.
- Yeah, Wills was in my house with me.

He's an excellent player, you know.

Do you know him?

We've only met a few times,
mostly at charity functions.

You know, I think his grandmama
makes him go to those.

Yes, we both love to give money away.

I'm so glad you're here, Christopher.

I'm not used to young ladies
being quite so forward.

I'm not complaining.

I'm sure it's no one.

So are you liking the States?

Excuse me.

Hi. I brought you some...

What's going on?

Excuse me?

What does it look like? A date.

- Forgive me... Patrick, is it?
- What?

I barely know you.
What are you doing in my room?

What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with me?

I have spoken two words
to you in my entire life.


This must be some sort
of mistake, Christopher.

Yes, evidently.

- Cassidy.
- I'd like you to leave.

Christopher, I don't know
why you're here...

...or what Cassidy has told you...

...but Cassidy and I just made love
a few hours ago.

- Well, I should probably go.
- No.

Not until you've had a chance
to judge her for yourself.

- To judge her?
- Look...'s Cassidy's purse.
You've seen her wearing it.

Open it and look for a tape recorder
and Cassidy's wallet.

I'm not going to investigate her.

What do you know?

I think Christopher
will be interested in this.

Good God!

Look, it's the $ 10,000 that Cassidy
took to do what you just heard.

This is extraordinary.

- Christopher, I can explain.
- Not the time.

So how does it feel to be used?

- You know better than anyone.
- So we're even.

- Well, we're even all right.
- Gosh, you're a disgusting little shit.

Well, well, well.

What's wrong with you?

Look at you with your tight ass
and your perfect little tits.

You still don't get it, do you?

Get what?

You wouldn't give a guy like me
the fucking time of day.

But you sure gave it to me
this afternoon.

- Jason told you to do this.
- No, Jason didn't tell me to do this.

I told Jason to do this.


It looks like you lost your bet
on Christopher.

He sure isn't sleeping with you now,
but you know what?

Don't give Jason the money,
give it to me.

It wasn't Jason's money to begin with,
it was mine.

Okay, I'll slow down.

I arranged the whole thing.

The nerd act, the challenge,
the two bets.

The bet on me gave me
the chance to bang you.

The bet on Christopher gave me
the chance to win $ 10,000 back.

All I needed was a partner.

Someone who knows
what it's like to feel rejected.

Hey, toots.

You fuckers.

Honestly, from experience,
I'm not sure you're worth $ 10,000...

...but you're a hell of a freebie.

I should've known
you couldn't afford that.

So, what did you get out of this?

One look at the expression
on your face.

You believe I found someone
as awful as you? I mean, come on...

...what are the chances?

Oh, by the way, your story... sucked.

You know, it occurred to me, we go to
a school where they actually play polo.

Fucking sick.

Do you think we hurt her?

Who's ever had sex
where someone didn't get hurt?

You're bitter. I remember
lots of times when no one got hurt.

Sex is about hurting people.

You know, I never did ask:

Where'd you get the nerd act?

Well, I spent a long time
trying to hide the homely.

And then I realized,
don't conceal it, play it up.

Don't make it better, make it worse.

- They never see me coming.
- Yeah, well...

...l'm too proud to play a nerd.

Well, you've seen the last of the nerd.

So, what's next?

We'll see.

I want to take you home.

I said, I want to take you home.

I like a guy with goals.

- Michael, we came to look at the art.
- I am looking at art.

There's something about art.

I find it...




Hey, Alison, want a drink?

- I have a fianc? back home.
- One drink is hardly an infidelity.

I'm a gentleman.

I don't know.

Come on, the bartender
makes a killer martini.

All right.

Okay, what do you want,
vodka or gin?

- Vodka or gin?
- Oh, vodka.

Two vodka martinis, please.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Do you have a favorite painting?

- I like this one over here.
- Yeah?

- Has a little bit of a Basquiat feeling.
- Yeah, yeah.

You look really pretty.

You know, I should really get back
to my friend, but thank you so much.


- He's kind of cute.
- You know, I'm kind of engaged.

But what about you?

There, you took me home.

Talk soon.

20-16. Soccer service.


- You're dead.
- Oh, what? What?

What? What?


Next game, you're mine.

Bring it on.

- lf I didn't know better...
- Alison?

- Never.
- Good.

She's engaged, since the age of 2... least in the eyes of her family
and his. It's part of a larger merger.

Old money.

I have a question.

Does sex always satisfy you?

What do you mean?

I can't remember the last time
I was satisfied by sex.

- Is something wrong?
- You bored?

- I guess so.
- Nothing's wrong.

I get bored by sex too, if I don't use it.

- As what?
- A weapon.

Sick motherfucker.

How you feeling?

Strangely attracted to you.

- Bad boys and all.
- Nice.

I learned my lesson,
but you're done fucking with me.

I told you I loved her.

- You two are plotting something.
- What about it?

- I came to tell you it's pathetic.
- Why?

If you had me, you could have anyone.
Where's the challenge?

You're forgetting I haven't had you yet.

No, you're giving us too much credit.

There's no limit to what two people
can do. You taught me that.

But it's too easy.

So why don't you quit cooperating
and start competing...

...for some eligible bachelorettes.

It's only fair. After all, I can't stand
to see you two look bored.

She's right, you know.

- I have had my eye on her.
- Cassidy?

I do love her, but no. Sheila.

- She's devoted to...
- Michael.

I hadn't noticed.

Someone that sexy has no right
to be faithful to such an idiot.

- Or to anyone.
- I don't know if I'd pick Sheila, though.

Why not?

- I like Alison.
- You said you'd leave...

Until you're married,
you're not married.

Besides, Alison's perfect.
Virtuous and loyal.

She'd gasp at all the right moments.


I steal Sheila from Michael,
you steal Alison from her fianc?.

First one to cross home plate wins
our dorm room.

- The loser?
- Fends for himself.

I could use some privacy.

- I'm gonna get started.
- Happy hunting.

I got next.

You got next?

This is some fundraiser
you helped organize.

Thanks. I think the pier's preservation
is really important.

- Oh, sorry.
- I got it.

- I'm a total klutz.
- That's okay. Here.

I saw that.

- What?
- Patrick.

- It's nothing.
- It's sweet.

My parents have always
been really supportive of me.

We have a great relationship.

I had trouble getting my folks
to pay attention.

So are you ready to watch
the master at work?

What was that?

Nothing. Let's go for a walk.

Hey, what's up? How you doing?

You gonna be at the game
on Saturday?

- Yeah, of course.
- See you there, buddy. Take care.

- Yeah. Yeah, I agree.
- He's a great guy.

Awesome polo player.

Okay, what's wrong?

Oh, just thinking of David.


There's nothing wrong
with missing sex.

Alison, it's completely natural.

Okay, I do miss sex,
but that's not the point.

You know, I miss David.

We've known each other
since preschool.

How romantic. The blankets,
the blocks, the cookies and milk.

You know what I mean.

It's just sometimes you
sound more like brother and sister.

Yeah, well, we care about
each other very much.

I know.

These shots are of the altarpiece...

...from Mission San Carlos
Borrom?o de Carmelo.

Look at the detail.

Absolutely exquisite.
Well, that's it for today.

The department field trip to Carmel
is a go for this weekend.

I checked the sign-up sheet.
We've full capacity.

Those of you attending will receive
extra credit upon your return.

I'll have somebody take my place.

I'm sorry, Professor Eldridge...

...the Carmel trip is full?
- Yes.

I was wondering if you'd
make an exception.

I normally wouldn't ask, but I started
my paper on Jun?pero Serra...

...and I was wondering...
- Jason... should've thought
about this earlier.

Take it up with someone else
on the list.

- Yeah, I know...
- lf there are any cancellations...

...l'll let you know.




Sheila and Michael
are such a cute couple...

...and you,
trying to come between them.

- You're just jealous.
- Jealous?

Sheila's going to love my big,
bulging brain.

Let's see it then.

Fucking hate California.

- Jason, what is it?
- What's wrong?

I was supposed to go visit my
grandmother near Carmel...

...but I missed the sign-up
for Eldridge's trip.

Why don't you fly?

Kind of on a tight budget.

Mamaw, she just had
both hips replaced.

She could use some cheering up,
but Eldridge is being a hard-ass.

- Sheila and I signed up for that trip.
- Yeah?

Yeah, she's dragging me.

- Says I could use a little culture.
- A little culture never killed anyone.

Hey, would you guys
be willing to visit her for me?

I have some things you could give her.

Sure, yeah, but I got a better idea.

Why don't you just take my place
on the trip?

Michael, you and Sheila planned this.

Really, we're mature enough
to spend a weekend apart.

You sure? You've been
looking forward to this trip.

I was only going to Carmel
to be with you.

Why don't we give Jason
a chance to see his grandmother?

Wow, I'm speechless,
but I wouldn't even consider it...

...unless it's okay with Sheila.


You guys are saints, really.
I mean, I can just see her face now.

- It's the least we can do.
- Thanks, you guys.

- Careful I don't try and steal her.
- Yeah.

Come on, we'll go tell Eldridge.


You never wanted to fuck me more
than right now.

It'll pass.

Come in.

What's wrong?


...I love you.

- What?
- I love you.

- Please say something.
- I can't believe you just said that.

I'm sorry. I can't help it.

I don't know what to say.

David, your fianc?,
are you in love with him?

We're engaged.

But are you in love with him?
Because if you aren't...

I can't talk to you when you're like this.

No, not until you can
talk to me rationally.

I am rational, I promise... let me say my piece. Please?

I love you.

And I think you might love me.

I'd never ask you to compromise your
relationship for a one-night stand.

Don't mistake any of the feelings
that I've shown you for love.

We're friends.

Just because the person I love...

...isn't here now doesn't mean
you can take advantage.

- You're not in love with David.
- Stop it.

Don't tell me who I'm in love with.

But you're spending four years apart.
If you're in love, you'd never do that.

Just because you can't imagine
a relationship...

...that's based on maturity and trust...
- Maturity and trust?

You sound like a bank.

If you felt any love for David,
any passion, you wouldn't be here.

- You're wrong.
- I'm right.

- I want you to go.
- Alison...


- How's it going?
- Right on schedule.

Yeah? Well, I'm ahead of schedule.

- Where are you going?
- Carmel.

With Michael and Sheila?

Nope. Just Sheila.

What? You look surprised.


Look, is it really that crazy that
I'm better at this than you are?

No, he just said, "I love you"
out of nowhere.

- God, what was he thinking?
- I know.

You're practically married.

It's so important to our family and
the two businesses. It's like a legacy.

I mean, David and I have been meant
for each other since...


You sound disappointed by that.

When I first brought up going to
school out here to David... know what he said?


And I wanted him to say that,
but then when he did, I just...

I got this weird feeling, and I found
myself wishing that he'd said...


It's awful, isn't it?

I mean, he's so great about it...

...but I just found myself wishing
that he'd be protective... me too much to let me go.

And he didn't...

...and it made me wonder.

- Now I don't know.
- What about Patrick?

Patrick? I care about Patrick,
I'm just... I'm not attracted to him.

I understand.

Even if I were, it's just like... It's like
I'm waiting for something or someone.

It all sounds terrible, doesn't it?

No, not at all.

One sec.

I probably shouldn't tell you this,
but you're closer than you think.

- Excuse me?
- That fianc? of Alison's isn't a lock.

- Really?
- Don't lube up yet.

She wants to trade up, not down.

Maybe if you looked more like...


Let's see, what were her exact words?
Oh, yeah. "Patrick? I care about him...

...l'm just...
I'm just not attracted to him."

What, doesn't seem fair?

Life's not fair.

Hi. I came to say I'm sorry.

It wasn't until now that I realized what
your friendship means to me, and...

- What's that?
- The world.

I respect your relationship
with David. I do.

If all I can have is your
friendship, that's fine.

Just please don't shut me out.

So you're okay with just being friends?

Best friends.

- Good night.
- Thanks, Patrick.

Okay. Bye.

I better go. I'll miss you.

- Have fun. I love you.
- Take pictures.

- I'll call you tonight.
- Cool.

I'll keep a close eye on him.

You stopped kissing first.

- I can't believe she told you about us.
- Yeah.

I can't make her love me
if she doesn't.

It isn't you, Patrick.

You're right.

God, if she only knew how many guys
her fianc? scared off.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- How many? Who? Come on, tell me.
- Well...

- Brent Patterson?
- Brent, and Josh Sloane...

Wait, I thought Brent Patterson
had a crush on Cassidy.

He's tired of her leading him on,
or so I heard.

What's your Brent Patterson fantasy?


Personal trainer.

You know, he has a little fantasy
about you.

All right...

- Come on, you said...
- No. I know what I said, but no. No.

Native Americans
helped to complete...

...the construction
of the Carmel Mission in 1771.

This is the stone that commemorates
the life of the founder of this mission.

Okay, everybody, let's move on.

Take this.

Come with me.

Yeah, it's...

It's definitely beautiful.

Never thought I'd be cold in California.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

- Is that better?
- Yeah.


- I gotta go.
- Where?

- My grandmother's, remember?
- Right.

Right, okay.

I'll be back.

We have to talk.

What do you mean we have to talk?

This isn't working out.
I'm sick of feeling like your boy-toy.

Fine. I wouldn't have slept
with you anyway.

- Seriously?
- Seriously.

Go blow-dry your hair or lift heavy
stuff or whatever it is guys like you do.

Yeah, I know.


Cheers, mate.

- Hello.
- Hey.

- Brent.
- Alison.

- I was just leaving.
- You mind?



She's a tough old gal.

She gave me this...

...for good luck.

I'm glad you came.

Me too.

Are you a risk-taker?

It depends...

...on the risk.

How about a coin toss?
It's the simplest of risks.

Heads, tails, win or lose.

First, for this dollar here.
Heads or tails?


Heads. It's yours.

- Now for the relationship.
- What?

Our relationship.

We flip to see what it is.
I mean, you're confused, right?

So am I. Are we buddy-buddy or...

I got it...


Quit it.

Whoever wins the flip
decides who's master...

...and who's slave, just for the night.

Slave is slave, and master's master.

- So, what's this all about?
- What do you mean?

Dinner, flowers...'s all just a little...


Look at all the stars tonight.

You know, they say that you can see
the Crab Nebula. Wow, look...

What are you trying to do?

What are you trying to do?

I'm saying, play with me.

- Stop it, Jason.
- Why?

- Why? You know why.
- Michael?

Yes, Michael. Of course, Michael.

Look, I want you, Sheila.

I want you so bad.

You've imagined what it would
be like to be with me, haven't you?


You have.

The more you try and hide it, the more
it shows, like at the church today.

Admit it, you want to do this
with Michael off somewhere else.

No, I don't.

Heads or tails?

Heads or tails?

- Jason.
- Come on.



So who are you...

...master or slave?

Master or slave?


Not yet.

Not yet.


It's Jason.

Yeah, we're fine.

Yeah, she's right here. Hold on.

Keep talking no matter what.

No matter what.

Hey, baby.

I haven't heard from you.
How are you?

- Good. How are you?
- Okay.

- I miss you.
- I miss you too.

- Yeah, so tell me everything.
- Oh, Carmel's beautiful.

- How's the weather?
- It's pouring rain.

- What?
- Sheila, what are you guys doing?

- Just hanging out.
- You sound weird.

- What?
- I said, you sound weird.

Is something wrong?


You're sure you're okay?

Hello? Honey, what are you doing?


Sheila, you're freaking me out.

- What's going on?
- I'm fine.

- Sheila.
- What, baby?

Are you okay?

I'm gonna... I'm gonna call you back.

Wait, wait, wait. Hon.


- Who is it?
- It's me. It's Alison.

Oh, my God, what happened?

I cheated on David.


Look, you made a mistake.
Don't worry, it's all...

No, it's not okay.
You don't understand.

- David trusted me to come out here.
- David doesn't have to know.

It's not just David. It's my family,
it's his family, it's...

You don't have to tell them anything.

- I don't feel good.
- Just don't tell them.

- I have to go.
- Are you sure?

- Yes.
- You're gonna be okay?

Yes, I'm sure.

Come in.

- Alison.
- Patrick.

What's wrong? What's wrong?

Tell me, was he good?

Did you keep something
to remember him by?

- What?
- Brent.

Did you keep something
to remember him by?

You know?

Open it.

- I don't understand.
- You will.

- These are...
- A little out of focus.

I'm not really much of a photographer,
but I'd say they turned out okay.

- How did you...
- Quiet.

- What are you doing? Patrick!
- I said, quiet.

Now, you listen to me,
and you listen good.

Somewhere, there's an envelope
addressed to David Crestwood... 7348 Ram Place, Newport,
Rhode Island.

In that envelope are more pictures,
so if you don't keep your mouth shut...

...that envelope's gonna find
a mailbox. You understand me?

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

Good, because if you don't...

...your fianc? won't be the only one
who sees these.

I've got some for his family,
for your family... Oh, stop crying.

They're not gonna go anywhere if you
just show me the respect I deserve.


- How? How?
- Put Brent up to it?

I paid him 500 bucks to forget
about Cassidy and sleep with you.

Don't tell anyone.

He asked for 1000,
can you believe that?

He must have student loans to pay off.
Either that, or you just aren't his type.

Oh, you are sick!

Who's sick? I cared for you, and you
rejected me for David Crestwood...

...who you just betrayed
for a fucking piece of ass.

David was good enough for you,
Brent was good enough for you...

...and now I'm good enough for you.
- Patrick, please don't do this. Please.

Yeah, of course I called her back,
but there's no fucking answer. Shit!

Maybe I'm wrong,
but it sounded like they were...

- I mean, am I crazy?
- I could see it between them.

You don't know Jason.
He can't control himself.

Oh, I am gonna kill him.

You do, and the whole campus
will hear the story.

- What am I supposed to do?
- Well, there is one thing.

- Thank you.
- It's been my pleasure.

- So where's Michael?
- Off, thinking of me.

Why, is something wrong?
I mean, other than with Mamaw's hips.

You've been meddling.

Why does it matter to you
what I do with Michael?

You're jealous. You are.

You said you didn't want to fuck me.
I never said I didn't want to fuck you.

Admit it, you care about me.
All this and brains too?

- I think it's you who's jealous.
- You might be right.

Jason, I can't believe you don't want
to see the pictures.

- Not interested.
- So it's a tie. We're still roommates.

- I didn't know you had it in you.
- Yeah? How's Alison?

After this, they either gain or lose
weight. Guessing she'll lose weight.

What? She needs to drop
the freshman 15.

- What you did was wrong.
- What about you and Sheila?

We both had a good time.
What did Alison ever do to you?

You have no fucking idea.

- I'm out.
- Too late.

- This is weird.
- What is?

Well, Patrick and I don't have
anything going on, and I'm not bored.

How do you feel?

- Happy.
- Me too.

One truth?


After you saw me mind-fuck Michael
into replacing him on that trip...

...did you ever fantasize about me?


Do you believe in second chances?

If I died and I got the chance to
come back for one day, any day...

...l'd choose this one.

That is so pathetic.

- Seriously, that's your best material?
- It's not material. It's how I feel.


Now, does that feel like a guy
who's using material?

God, Cassidy, when I look at you,
I can barely put two words together.

Then don't.


Slow works for me.

There's something I need to tell you.

I'm having dinner
with Patrick tomorrow.

- I'm sorry?
- We set it up a while back.

He insisted. I have to get rid of him.

Yes, well, you try and
keep your food down.

This better be good.

Do you ever wonder
why we are the way we are?

- What do you mean?
- Morally out there?

I'm not quite so far out there,
but I was born with certain qualities.

I wanted to take advantage of them.

I was born without those qualities.
When people met me...

...they were unimpressed,
so I had to impress myself on them.

I admire you, Cassidy, and I want you.

I already gave you that.

If I had satisfied you,
then you would've been suspicious.

But let me satisfy you now.

Tie you to the bedpost.

I'm a master at two things:
causing girls pain and pleasure.

I've already caused you pain.
That leaves one thing.

You and I are alike.

Sleeping with you now
would just seem incestuous.

We didn't even make it past sake.

Tell me.

Patrick said something
about how we're alike.

No, we're different from him.

See, we're fucked up, but he's...

Well, he's fucked up.

Pay less attention to Patrick
and more to me.

- Why so protective?
- Because.

- Because?
- Just because.

Just because?

Because I care about you.
Do I have to spell it out for you?

If I don't want you eating with Patrick,
it's because, yes...

...l'm jealous, and I'm worried.

What do you want?

And that's not all.

My dad's talking about expanding
his property holdings out west.


I'm thinking about staying
in Southern California.

We need to talk.

Maybe later.


I know a good exterminator.

This will take a second.

What's up?

I have a proposition for you.

I told you, I'm out.

- You telling me you're satisfied?
- Weren't Alison and Sheila enough?

They were nothing.
Fish so small we threw them back...

...while the big one got away.
- The big one?

There's only one girl
worth competing for now.

First we cooperated and fucked her...

...then she suggested our competition.

What's left except
competing for Cassidy?

No, I'm not competing for Cassidy.

Fuck you.

You're practically in her pants already.

No, we're taking things slow.

So you'll be pissed if I get up her first?

This began with Cassidy and us,
this has to end with Cassidy and us.

You two suddenly have feelings.
What are you afraid of?

- Not you.
- What's wrong?

You're trying to win her anyway.

Beat me.

Rub my nose in it.

You know you want to.

Don't be a fucking pussy.

- What do I win?
- To make it official?

One dollar.

Good luck.

You got my note.

Pretty serious stuff.

So let me get this straight,
you're in love with me?

Sucks to be me.

So did you...

Did you change your mind?

I've come to say
that I've figured you out.

You've noticed that Jason and I are in
love, and you're trying to break us up.


You know I don't fall that easy.

You and Jason always had a thing.

But we only just fell in love.

So you only just started caring.

Cass, I've always cared.

Do you care that no one's
ever gonna fall in love with you?

I don't know if you can love...

...but you like hating more anyway.

Are you uglier on the outside
or on the inside?

When you've been ignored as long as
I, we'll see what you do to get noticed.

Take it from me, you would
rather get fucked than ignored.

I guess so.

You can't sweep me under the rug...

...any more than my parents,
my school or this fucking world.

You sweep too much under the rug...

...suddenly the rug's not big enough
to cover it all.

You really love Jason.

- Yes.
- And he really loves you?


You sound so sure...

...but love is blind.

It's too late to change my mind.
I'm meeting Jason at 8.

Jason doesn't love you.

What if I said,
not once, but twice now...'ve been the prize
in one of our little contests?

What if I said Jason
and I made a bet... see who could make you forget
what we did to you...

...and fuck with your mind and body
all over again?

Did you hear what I said, Cassidy?

Jason doesn't love you.

He just wants to fuck you
so he can win the bet.

That's not true.

You know it is.

Jason wouldn't do that to me.

You know Jason.

It was as much your bet as it was his.

Yeah, but I'm telling you about it.

Do you think Jason
was going to tell you about it?

Trust the truth.

I want you, Cassidy.

I don't want you under false pretenses.

I want you here and now.

I can't.

I've never met anyone like you...

...and you've never met
anyone like me.

I am the only guy
on the face of the earth...

...who's worthy to be
in the same room with you.

For once, I'm telling it like it is.

Trust me.

You can tie me down.

For you.

Jesus. What happened?

You had to choose
between me and Patrick...

...and you chose Patrick.

If it's Patrick you want...

Jason, Jason, Jason.

I crossed the finish line
a half-hour ago.

But don't feel bad,
I've never won by less.

How could you?

I really loved you.

I loved you too.

There's no such thing.

Now I'd like you both
to leave me alone.

First I want Jason to tell me
what it's like to be a victim.

Fuck you.

Actually, you're both my victims.

- Why?
- Because you were in love...

...and now you're not.
See what happens...

...when you underestimate?
- We underestimated the evil in you?

You underestimated the evil
in yourselves.

So you don't know what it feels
like to be a victim?

- No.
- I'd love to teach you.

Sorry, I've got plans.

I'm sorry too. But once
you've been convicted of my rape... won't be making any plans.

I thought we weren't going to tell him.

Sorry, I just had to see his face.

You know, she's gonna charge you
with sexual assault.

I'm sure the authorities
will be sympathetic.

Semen samples, fingerprints...

...wrist abrasions...

...torn clothes... one of your sleeping pills... my bloodstream.


Jason swiped them.

I just took one myself...

...but the doctor won't know
the difference.

Patrick came over to talk...

...but he must have slipped
something into the wine...

...because I started to feel sleepy.

And then...

...he locked the door.

And then he grabbed me...

...and tried to tie me down.

I tried to struggle,
but the knots were so tight.

And then...

...he raped me.

If only I had arrived in time.
I mean, I could've helped.

See what happens
when you underestimate?

You took me so lightly.

So I suggested
the Sheila-Alison thing...

...because I knew a competition
for them...

...would lead to a competition for me.

Alison was a tough nut
until I dangled Brent in front of you.

That's when you got the idea...

...that maybe Brent could go places
you couldn't.

And what do you know...

...your little game with Sheila
and Alison ended in a photo finish...

...which led you right back
to you-know-who.

Only you weren't competing for me... were competing against me.

And this time,
Jason and I got to each other first.

After what you did to Alison,
I was happy to help.

So...'s your dollar.

I'm looking forward to having
my own room.

And you're off to prison...

...where the sex is never boring.

The police should be
out front right about now.

They were called 20 minutes ago.

You're a fucking bitch!
They will never believe you.

Right the first time.

Open up.

Would you tell me
what this is all about, please?

We'll let you know down at the station.

I'm... I'm not sure exactly.

I think he slipped something
into my drink.

This is ridiculous.
It's her word against mine.

She's lying.

- I don't have to say anything...
- We know.

...but I want to clear my name
from the lies of a jilted person.

I think you should know, Mr. Bates,
another victim has come forward.

Watch your head, now.

Come on guys, back up.

Tell me how this ends.


You and me.

It's still kind of soon.

If it means anything,
I'm done playing games.

What you did, it wasn't easy...

...but I know why you did it.

- Why?
- Because after everything...

...that we put you through,
you finally wanted out.


I wanted back in.

See, Patrick's out of the way,
Prince Christopher's had time to heal...

Ten thousand bucks says I can be
down those swim trunks by midnight.

What about us? I mean...

The only problem fucking
with someone as twisted as yourself... you're fucking with someone
as twisted as yourself.


I knew you'd understand.

Did you have a nice swim?

Yes, thank you.

Let's go get a drink.

Why the hell not?