Crossworlds (1996) - full transcript

A young man discovers that his father was from another dimension and that he is the key to the operation of a crystal that can be the deciding factor in a war crossing the dimensions. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Where's the rest of it?

Somewhere where
you'll never find it.

Hey Joe, are you coming?

Come on, man.

-Hey, Joe.
-Beer coming!

And he catches it and
the fans are going wild!


Where do you think you're going, sir?

-Little place called home.
-Oh, no.


You were trying to get away...

from the hump night party.

Yeah, guys, I think
I'm going to miss the...

"sit around-complain about women-get
drunk-puking all night-thing".

All right, I'll be up here.

It's time to party for the crowd!


Come on, guys.
You know I hate these parties.

Look, it's time to get over that,
you know what I'm saying?

-You know what his problem is?

-You have no vices.
-What are you talking about?

I've got plenty of vices.
I've got vices.

Show what a vice is.


Now that's a vice.

That had to have hurt.

It did, kind of.

You're a knucklehead.

Let's go to the hump night party!

Let's party and be merry.

I know a couple of bettys...

that are great for you, bud.

Oh my God!

She's checking you out!

-She's looking at you, man.
-You think so?

She's definitely looking at you.

-No, I think she's looking at Stu.
-She wasn't, she was looking at you.

She was looking at you, man.
Make the move.

Make the move!

Oh, man. Here we go.

She's not looking at me, okay?
The girl's not looking at me.

Right, you know ever since
Caroline dumped you,


The girl is not looking at me,

You've lost your balls, Joe.

Let's get something straight.
Caroline did not dump me, okay?

Yes she did. Yes she did.

No she did not, all right?

Second of all, my name is Joseph,
okay? Joseph.

Joseph... Joseph.

Come on.

Joe is a solid, real name.

-Let's say it together...

"Joseph" is some
social science asshole...

who copped out on going
to Art School.

Joseph, let's face it.
Your future is written.

You're going to scrape through
college with your bullshit degree,

you're going to get a job at K-Mart...

You're going to claw your way
up to manager...

You're going to marry
a sweet but boring wife...

You're going to have two cute
but boring children...

You're going to live
in the burbs...

So what's the point?

-Go talk to her!

The one you were dreaming
about last night.

She's right there.
She's your salvation, right?

-Come on, Joe!
-Come on, man!

Come on, baby.
It's up to you.

-Do you have a second?

Look, this isn't a come on or
anything. I'm doing a survey

for my ethics class
and I was wondering...




All right. Let's say you're stranded
on a desert island, okay?

And you've got to choose
between two guys, okay?

-No, I'm not doing this.
-No, wait. One guy is like him.

He's full of himself, he's loud,
obnoxious, stupid, okay?

-Well, the other...
-I'd pick him.

Would you give me a second?
Just one, please.

While the other guy is caring.

I wouldn't pick the guy like you, if
that's what you're trying to ask me.

A guy like him wouldn't have to use
a bullshit question as a come-on.

He'd have enough balls to come up
and ask me to dance.

I see.

He's crashing and burning.

So, would you like to dance?


Just going to be over here
looking for my ego.

Nice chatting with you.

Oh, no.

What happened, Joe?

All right. Check it out.

Watch and learn.

Go get 'em, Tiger.

Well, Joseph.

I'll bet you feel real stupid.

-Yeah, I do actually. Thank you.
-What are friends for?

I'm going over to reload.

Joe Talbot?

What's up?

I just saw this
really beautiful girl.

She knew my name and now
she just disappeared.

What are you drinking?

Hi, it's Mom.

You left some of your
school books here on Sunday.

Come pick them up.

I got another parking ticket
for you in the mail.

But this one is for 38 dollars.

You know, now honey, they'd be
cheaper if you paid them right away.

See you on Sunday for dinner?

I love you. Bye-bye.

Hey, Joe.

Don't forget that party tonight.
Starts at nine.

You're going to be there, right?
We're going to be looking for you.

Joe, I know you're there.
Don't screen.

Pick up the phone. Pick up the phone.
No, don't pick up the phone.

Just get your ass down here.

Girls are getting cold, beer's
getting warm, and you're missing it.

I'm dreaming.

Don't be afraid.

Wait a second.

I saw you at the party.

There must be a God.

My window.

Listen, all right?
This is a little freaky for me.

You're a very beautiful woman, but
you're going to have to leave, okay?

I'm not into this, really.

Oh my God.

What the hell was that?

What the hell was that?

Oh my God, please don't shoot me,
I didn't touch her, I swear!

Come with me or you're dead.


-We have to move fast.
-Why's he after you?

He's not after me,
he's after you!


Give me the keys.
Give me the keys!

Okay, get in.
Go in.

Okay, number one:
Who were the goons, all right?

Number two: What's up with Mr. Ed
from Hell outside my door?

It's some sort of a spacial rift.

The Castinian Dissonance could have
caused it, but I don't know why.

Yeah, right. Spatial.

Would you make some fucking sense?

You are Joe Talbot, aren't you?


Well, your life's in danger.

You just take me
to the police, okay?

We'll make it their problem.

I think this one's
out of their jurisdiction.

Look, why don't you
just give me the keys?

Forget I mentioned the cops.

We'll call it even, huh?

No one's playing around here.

You want to stay alive,

then stick with me.

This shouldn't be here.

This definitely shouldn't be here.



Laura? You can stay for coffee
if you promise not to talk.

I need your help.

Oops, you talked.


If you'd just listen for a second.

I'm out of the help business.

I was sent by the Council
and the Queen.

All right, that's it.

Get the hell out of here and
take your boyfriend with you.

Did you say...?

I don't know what you're talking
about, man. I just met this girl.

-I'm out of here...
-No, not without introductions.

A.T., I want you to meet
Joe Talbot.

Trust me.

That's not him.

So what's that?

You didn't touch it, did you?

Did you?

-Because they can home in on you.

You're supposed
to know this stuff.

But who is "they"?

They followed me back to his home.
That's all that happened.

-What are you up to?
-Yeah, I'd like to know that, too.

Stay out of this.

-Where did you get that?
-My father gave it to me.

You sure don't look
like your dad.

I care.

I don't like it,
but I guess we have a mission.

We better get going.

You're coming, too.

Can't do this without you.

I don't think so.

What? You got better things to do?

Yeah. Like living.

It's safer if you stay with us.

You might live long enough
to learn something.

Just for the record,
I think this is a bad idea.

-What's a bad idea?
-Shut up!

-Are you guys spies or something?
-Yeah, we're spies.

This whole thing stinks.

I think we should
get out of here now.

I have my orders.

You've got shit for brains.

Fine, you stay out here as look-out,
and Joe and I'll take care of it.

Actually, I think I'll wait
out here with A.T.

Give me the crystal.

That's not a good idea.

Well, then you two "ladies"
stay out here. I'm going in.


She called us "ladies".

-So, you knew my dad?
-Why don't you just shut up...

and watch.

Too many eyes around here.

You see them?


Oh, no.

What's she doing in there,

There's something wrong here.

-Look, I'm going inside.
-Tell her to hurry up.

-A.T. reckons it's time to go.
-Not without the Scepter.

-The what?
-The Scepter of Dyrrachion.

It's the crosier staff
of King Jaren the Fourth.

I know that it's here.

Start looking at that end of the
hall, and work your way back...

My name's Joseph, okay?


Excuse me.

-Excuse me.
-I'm sorry.

-Do you work here?
-Yes, I do.

My friend and I were
trying to find...

-What exactly? Maybe I can help.

The Scepter of Dyrrachion is a very
recent additon to our collection.

It was excavated this year from
an 11th Century Albanian church.

Now as often happens
with these things,

there are many legends
attached to it.

Some refer to its powers,
that it was some sort

of weapon used by mystics,
or possibly it was some kind

of magical key to another world.

If you look closely here,
you see this small...

hollow spot.
Now that...

once held a crystal,
which apparently was...

the source of the
Scepter's power. Now...

what the legend would have you
believe is that...

at some point the Scepter and
the Crystal were separated.

In other words, the magic of it
was dismantled...

in order to make
the world safe again.

Well, it sounds very silly
I know, but...

What you have to remember
is that back then...

people believed in things
like magic.

Certainly believed in it
enough to make it...


So the Scepter has been found,
but the...

Crystal unfortunately...

remains lost.



Oh, shit! What now?

So what do you think?

Do you think the Crystal's
already been found?

Perhaps you already have it?

-She doesn't know where it is.
-Oh, I think she does.

I think you'd like to help me,
wouldn't you?


Where is it?

Where have you hidden it?

Oh, thanks.

I think we should leave right now.

This way.

Let's try the other way.



-A.T., don't!
-Shut up!


This place is history.

We're going to jump in there?

Are you crazy?

Do you want to stay here?

Guys, you want to help me out
with something? Because...

I'm having a really
strange feeling...

that I just landed
in the ocean!

What the hell was that?
What is that?

That's a fair question, Laura.

Why the hell did you lead us
into a trap?

We could have got out of there
without you using the Scepter.

Really? Do you know who
that was in the museum?

If we'd done it your way we'd be
standing around drinking coffee.

Are you guys listening to me?

I've had it, all right? I'm sick
of this! I'm sick of your Scepters!

I'm sick of your horses, I'm sick of
your crystals! All right? I'm sick!

I'm sick of it!

Who signed off on your mission?

The Queen.

She'd never do that.
Not on a mission...

like this.

You guys want to clue me in here?

I'm a little in the dark.

I think I deserve some answers.
Now what the hell is going on?

-We're from another dimension.
-We're the good guys.

They're the bad guys.

We have this.
They want this real bad.

Now if we don't get it to a safe
place fast, we're in big trouble.

That's it.

That's it?

That's not it!
What does that mean, "that's it"?

What is it?

-Oh man!
-I guess we're still on Earth.

Did you say "still on Earth"?

As opposed to what?

I think this belongs to you.

I guess this all
seems strange, huh?


Seems pretty cool, actually.

I'm really happy about it.

-Good. Let's go.
-All right.

Do you guys know how
to steal a car?

How did we get here, anyway?

Come on, guys.
We're not in enough trouble?


Wait! Come on.

Can you wait a second, please?

I think I remember,
sometimes they...

On "Earth"...

We call them "keys".

Sit in the back.

Yeah, thanks. But I've had
enough fun for today, really.

Your dad would know what to do.

You know, your Jedi mind tricks
aren't going to work on me, okay?

My dad's got nothing
to do with this!

Okay. You want to stay?

Stay here. I'm not going
to talk you into this.


We need you to come.


It'll be over soon.

Come on, Princess.

We're leaving.


And no more stupid questions.

I still don't see what the
big deal is about the Scepter.

You want to know what it is?

It's a cosmic chainsaw.

It cuts holes in our reality.

Tears the boundaries
between dimensions.

Boundaries are good.
We need them.

They keep things separate
and clear.

Now here's the problem.

As long as the Crystal
is inside the Scepter,

those boundaries can melt.

Now the guy Ferris...

The man in the museum.

He wants all of the above.

Because he only wants one world.

One reality.

Yes. Capite?


-I think.

Then buckle up.

Clock's ticking.


Which house is yours?

What is he doing?

Stand on either side of me.

When the wind stops,

you can turn around.

I think I want to puke.

Don't puke around here.
You'll turn inside out.

Come on, Joseph.
We only have to make it...

across the valley.

This is where you live?

No, this is the way
to my dimension.

There's a portal up
in the rocks ahead.

From here you can go anywhere.

Picture a house
with different rooms.

In each room is
a different dimension,

connected by a hallway
here at Crossworlds.

How many dimensions are there?

Don't get hung up
on numbers, Joe.

That's it.

I'm done. Put a fork in me.

Don't lose it now.


What do we do now?

Try not to die.

Son of a bitch.

Oh, no. Not you again.

-Who is it?

Open up!

-How are you doing?

Are you Joe Talbot?


Maybe, huh?

Well, you're "maybe" under arrest!

They came looking for you last
night. Hit and run is a big deal.

-Last night? Why didn't you tell me?
-I couldn't find you.

-We were at the party.
-Dude, the party was on Wednesday.

-Today's not Thursday?

What the hell happened
to Thursday?

Have you been eating
mushrooms, perhaps?

Where have you been, man?

-Damn, you look like shit.

All right, look.
I can explain, all right?

This girl cam over the other night.
She had a knife, okay?

Then I open the door and
this guy's on a horse, all right?

And he's got a gun. I don't know
if he was her boyfriend or whatever.

But he starts shooting up the place.
And look, he shot up my...

See? It couldn't have been me, guys.
You guys got the wrong guy.

No "hit and run" here.
Not a scratch on my car.

-That's a good excuse...
-I'm buying it.

All right, look. I'm going
to level with you guys, all right?

There were two guys, all right?
They both had guns, all right?

The part about the girl it true,

I wasn't driving the car, she was.
And it all has to do with this...


This sounds pretty crazy,
doesn't it?

No, it's just we've already heard
this story 20 times today.

Now get in the car
before I break your legs.

Don't worry about it, Joe.

I'm going to put all
your stuff in boxes.

You're going to be okay, man.
I'm going to call your mom.

No! Don't call my mom!

We'll call his mom.

Do not call my mom!

Thanks, Mom.

That was quite a story
you told the police in there.

Now suppose you tell me
what really happened?

I didn't want to say anything, but I
think somebody put drugs in my beer.

You're drinking. Studying business
has certainly had a stabilizing...

-effect on your life.
-Things happen to art majors, too.

Mom, listen.

Is there anything you didn't tell me
about the Crystal Dad left me?

What do you mean?

Is that what this is about?

Look, Mom. I need to know.

You didn't lose it?


I shouldn't have given it to you.

I told you when you found it...

in my room that you could have
it as long as you didn't lose it.

Now it was very important
to your father.

And no matter how you feel
about him now,

it will be important to you.

I don't have time for this.
I have to go.

Mom, I need to know more about this.
How did he get it?

I don't know.
I've told you everything.

I'm leaving.
I love you.

-Call me later, Joseph.

Joseph Talbot, it's okay.

I'm a friend.

We need your help.
The whole mission's in jeopardy.

Very funny.

Very funny, guys.

Keep your voice down!

We may have been followed.

-I'm sorry.
-We don't have time to joke around.

That's right. I forgot.
Saving the world...

is a full time job for you guys.

If you won't help me, at least
tell me where I can find A.T.

What did you say?


I think you know the guy.

Come here!

Who the hell told you
about A.T.?

I don't know what your problem is,
pal, but we're on the same side.

Aren't we?

Get out of here.
I'm not in the mood.


Here's the deal.

Ferris has Laura and the Crystal,

and he's going to kill her
if he doesn't get the Scepter.

All that really happened.

Of course it happened.

-What did you think?
-I don't understand.

-What about my car, my apartment?
-He fixed it.

He fixed everything.

Pretty good at cover-ups, eh?

Is she okay?

She's still alive, but
who knows for how long.

Do you know where the Scepter is?

-Do you know where A.T. is?

-Do you know where he lives?

-Yes... no.
-Yes... no. What is it?

Look, I don't know, all right?
I went to his place and...

it was gone. It was gone.

You must have done something wrong.
We'll go there together. Come on.

Come on.

No, not this again.

Come on, kid.

-Joe! What took you so long?
-Me? Where the hell have you been?

I've been waiting for you.
You want some coffee?

No, I don't want any damn coffee.
Do you have any idea what's goig on?

No, why don't you tell me?

Ferris has Laura and the Crystal.

-Who told you that?
-Some guy named Rebo.


We're on our way over here, these
other guys showed up and shot him.

Right in front of me.

Look at you. You don't care. You're
just hanging out drinking coffee.

We've got to do something.

I'm doing something.

I've got the Scepter,
I've got a plan.

Now what do you suggest we do?

I don't know, okay?

All I know is we've got to save
Laura and get to Ferris somehow.

I think that can be arranged.

Well, well...

Mr. A.T.

So, we meet again.

Nice work, kid.
Couldn't have done it without you.

But you're dead.

I saw them...

Ah, smoke and mirrors.

Son of a bitch!

Joe, I don't think so.

Good advice, old man.

Now unless you want the top
of this kid's head blown off,

I suggest you hand over
the Scepter right now.

Look, why don't you skip
the tough-guy routine...

and take us to Ferris.

This isn't what I had in mind.

-Felling pretty good?

Yeah, it's a good feeling.

Makes you learn things
about yourself.

Like what? That I'm a complete
and total failure?


-Good morning, Mr. Rebo.
-Morning, Alice.

-Any messages?

-Yes, please.

Iced cappuccino would be nice.

What is it with you guys
and your rooms?

You're lucky.


-You okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine. And you?

I've had better days.

-How did you get caught?
-Is this seat taken?

We came here to rescue you.

I knew I could count on you.


I'm sorry.

Look, it's not your fault, okay?

Yeah, it is.

I wasn't asked to get the Crystal.

I was supposed to bring back
the Scepter.

But I thought that the Crystal...

might be in jeopardy.

Come on, it's okay.
All right, it's okay.

I mean, this isn't okay,
but it's...

going to be fine.



How good to see you.

Come in.

Make yourself comfortable.



Where do you get your help
these days?

Well, probably from exactly
the same place that I found you.

That must have been my
"asshole" period.

We all have them.

Really? I must have missed mine.

apprentices seem to show
a lot of promise.

Take a seat.

I'm retired. You know that.

No, I didn't know.
I'm confused.

If you're retired,
what are you doing here?

You're not working for
the Resistance again, are you?

They're too organized.

Too many secrets.

Well, we all have
hidden agendas.

My only "agenda" is the truth.

It's a pity.

You're very good. I mean,
not as good as me, but...

Very good.

I've never felt better.




I'll tell you where
the Scepter...

is if you let the kids go.

Actually, I was hoping we might
be able to work together again.

Like old times?

I'm not that...


You don't still think
of me as evil, do you?

You and your Warlords have already
taken over one dimension.

You eliminated half the people.

You forced the rest into slavery.
I think it qualifies.

A few simple rules, that's all.

We just brought some order
to the chaos.

Nobody asked for
your simple rules.

Why don't you let people
screw up their own lives?

It belongs to them.

I'd rather see the world
go to hell...

than hand it over to a
self-important little punk like you.

Then let's watch the world
go to hell together.

One soul at a time.

You okay?

It's not easy doing business
with morons.

You want more, old man?

See what I mean?

That's enough!

I think he broke my nose.

It seems my old friend A.T. is
very concerned about your welfare.

I think he's afraid I'm going to
kill you once I get the Scepter.

So, what I've decided
to do is remove...

this obstacle from
our negotiations...

and kill you now.

If you're going to kill us,
kill us.

Don't bore us to death.

I'm not bluffing.
Give me the Scepter.

Kiss my ass.

I don't think so.

Look, guys...

I think there's definitey another
solution. We can work this out.

I'm sorry, Joseph.

Dying for a lost cause
seems to run in your family.

Ciao, baby.

Where did you put them?

Somewhere safe.

How do I know you didn't
zap them straight to hell?

Because I keep my promises.

I don't.

Okay, do it.


I didn't know where else
to take you.

Why didn't you tell me, Mom?

-You weren't ready.
-When was I going to be ready?

When they killed me?

-Your father thought it best not...
-I'm not asking about my father.

To tell you until you were mature
enough to handle it. You weren't.

You never showed me
you were ready.

Sometimes I wondered
if you ever would be.

We have to go back.

I'm fighting a war my people have
fought for thousands of years.

We lost,

and all we have left is
the resistance to fight back...

however we can,
to get our world back.

I need your help, Joseph.

I know you're ready.



This time we're definitely
taking the elevator down.

I'll check this way.

Hey, where are you going?


I'm glad you could stop by.

Where's the Crystal?

All right.

Let's get out of here.

This strike anyone as weird?

No. Let's go.

-You think this is too easy?
-Maybe we just got lucky.

I don't believe in luck.

This is not like Ferris.
He's better than this.

Yeah, well, maybe we're
just better than him, huh?

That's more like him.

Whatever happens now,

it's not real.
It doesn't exist.

-It's not real.
-It's not real, huh?

-It's not real. It's not real.

Holy shit!

-Don't look down!
-That looked real!

The floor is under you.

Believe in the floor.

But that looked very real!

Believe in the floor.

-Believe in the floor?

I believe in the floor.

I believe in the floor.

Don't look down!

Oh, my God.

-I'll help you.

Don't move!

Just concentrate on the elevator.
Keep your feet right there.

I'm going to try swinging you
up to A.T., okay?

Don't drop me!

I didn't want to mention...

this before, but if you're not up
here by the time we hit the floor...

you'll be crushed
under the elevator.

Climb up me.



Hurry up!

Give me your hand.
Come on.

That was not so bad.

Feeling better?

Yeah, it's great.

So you're saying my dad
did all this stuff, too?

No, things were different
back then. Easier.

What was he like?

He was a good man.

He died to keep you and your mom
safe. I hope you respect that.

He was a lot like you,

and he didn't turn out so bad.

So, he got you
to switch sides, huh?

Yeah, well, there was a woman...

Okay, guys.
Let's get moving along.

Where is it?

It's right here.

You turned it into a car?

It's in the trunk.

I better do that.

Did you hear that?

Yeah, where did it come from?

Man, you can't take a piss these
days without them knowing about it.

Here, take this...

and this.

And get the hell out of here.

-What about you?
-I'll catch up with you.

I don't think that's a good idea.
We should stick together.

-Yeah, I think so, too.
-Yeah, that's nice.

Get out of here.

Let's go.

I knew this was getting too easy.

-How's the...?
-Where's the Scepter?


The Scepter...

is in the trunk.

Then open it.


You open it.

You want to explain to me
why this thing isn't working?

Oh, shit!

Laura, no. It's too late.
Come on.

There's nothing you can do.
Let's go. Come on!

What are you doing in the damn road,
you stupid son of a bitch?

Look, we're sorry, okay,
but we need your car.

I'm driving!

Look, he knew what
he was doing, all right?

Let's finish what we started and get
this thing back where it belongs.

-I can't find it.
-I thought you knew where it was.


-Well, how did you get here?
-Someone helped me through.

-We're never going to find it.

I feel like a complete idiot.

This is great.
Damn it!

Come here.

I did it.

We wait for the wind, right?

-What's that?
-Oh, shit!

-Come on! Come on!
-Come on, come on!

We're not going to make it!

Which way do we go?

Towards those rocks.

-You're going to be okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine. Just lead the way.

We're almost there.

Not quite.

Are you people always
in such a hurry?

Give me the Scepter, Joseph.

I don't think so.

War is over, my friends. What's
the point of making trouble now?

I don't know.

Just to piss you off, maybe?

Give it to me!

Run, Joe!

Now you've just run out of friends
and run out of time.

How did that happen?

Hey you!
Hold it right there!

Glad you could make it.

My pleasure. Anytime.

Rebo, you're such
an embarrassment.

I tried to kill him and I did!

-I just blew myself up trying.
-I know, I know.

You try so hard, but...

You're fired!

You can't fire me!

Now, where was I?

You were about to die!

Wait! I think you'll find
it'll work a lot better with this.

You didn't actually think I'd let
you escape with the real...

Crystal, did you?
The whole purpose...

of my causing all this disruption
and chaos was to bring the two...

things together.
Get one to find the other.

I think you'll find things
move a lot faster now.

Which is a good thing,
because I'm not a patient man.

You need to work on that.

-Get the Scepter out of here.
-Are you crazy? I'm not leaving you!

I can do this, Joseph.

If Ferris gets the Scepter,
it's over for your world.

You can do it.

It's up to you.

You want to play, Joseph?

All right, let's play.

Don't you just love it...

when worlds fall apart, Joseph?

You want to talk now,
just the two of us?

What should I do?

I can't do this alone.

Why not?

Why not?

Look, take this.

I can not do it for you.

And this will give you
everything you need.

You're the weapon.
Find the will.

I think you're going to need
more than that, Joseph.

I don't understand why
you can't lose gracefully,

like your friends. I mean,
they're getting very good at it.

Give me the Scepter, Joseph.

It's all yours.

You missed.

-You're not real.
-Of course...

I'm real.
It's all real.

I mean, that felt real, didn't it?

You want to know something, Joseph?
I like you. I really do.

I think it's because I see
a lot of myself in you.

Charm, perseverance...

I mean, the only reason that
you're not already...

dead is, as you can see,
we appear to have an opening...

and I was wondering if you'd
like to come and work for me.

No, thanks.

We can make a wonderful team
together, you and I.

I'll tell you what.

Why don't you sleep on it?

Does this room...

seem familiar to you, Joseph?

Vision from the past, perhaps?

Maybe the future.

A glimpse of your own death.

You're not quick enough
for this game.

Nice punch.

Your anger tasted very good,

Have you got any more?

I killed someone else in here.
Long time ago.

To get the Scepter.

He thought he was a hero, too.

You want to try me?


You finally got angry.


It's a long time coming.

Yeah, I was really
rather hoping that...

I might be able to win you over
to our side, but...

looks like I'm just going...

to have to settle for
the Scepter and the Crystal...

and all the dimensions.

Pity, though.

You put up a much better fight
than you father.

Only to die just as badly.

Guess again.

Now I bet that really hurts,
doesn't it?


-You're all right?

And it's Joe.
Just plain Joe.


boys and girls, don't we have
to get this thing somewhere?

I'm glad I got to meet you, Joe.

That sounds like goodbye.

It probably is.

You can't be in that much trouble.
It's not like we lost.

We've missed you.

We have, have we?

Your mission was unauthorized
and foolish to the point...

of jeopardizing the entire

Look, excuse me...


Okay, its' her fault, but look...

try not to be so hard on her,
all right?

I mean, you probably would
have done the same thing.

I don't think so.

You did a good job.

Your father would be proud.

As for the Crystal...

it's best if it's kept
in your world.

We could use someone
like you there.

You fought bravely, Joe.

And Alex...

are you going to be around?

The truth is, I'm here...

to stay.


I guess I must be missing
something, because...

We won, right?

Forget about winning. We only
won because you chose to fight.

-The fight never stops.
-Yeah, but you quit.

I was wrong.

You did good, Joe.

So, you've got
to stay here, huh?

Yeah. This is my home.

So, what are you going to do?

Trans-dimensional warrior.

We get weekends off?

Yes, we do.

I think we're being watched.

Yup, I think they're onto us.