Crossing Over (2009) - full transcript

Crossing Over is a multi-character canvas about immigrants of different nationalities struggling to achieve legal status in Los Angeles. The film deals with the border, document fraud, the asylum and green card process, work-site enforcement, naturalization, the office of counter terrorism and the clash of cultures. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Let's go, let's go.

Ready for them?

Rosie, open up.

Come on. Outside. Come on.

Okay, let's go.

- Just give me five.
- What?

What do you want me to do?

Look, it's not my problem.

All I'm asking, Stevens,

is did the old man get seen to?

He was sweating and shaking
when I put him on the bus.

He said his arm felt numb.

Jesus Christ, Brogan.

Everything is a humanitarian
crisis with you.

You signed off on more
orders of recognisance

than the rest of
your unit combined.

Don't give me that shit.

The man's about to have
a goddamn heart attack.

I want him seen to.

Here he is.

Your guy was given a clean bill
of health by Doc Sturgess.

He bused out three hours
ago. You happy now?

Yeah, I'm happy now.

Hey, Max, you're coming
on Wednesday, right?

For my dad's
nationalisation party?

Max, it's an important
thing in my culture

to make my father proud.

You know they've been
wanting to meet you.

I give you my word,
they're not as scary

as I made them out to be, okay?

You better do it before they
blow the lunch whistle.

All right, let's go,
friends. Let's do it.

Get down.

- Over there.
- I got it. Sorry.

What you waiting for, Brogan?

A marriage proposal?

Come on.

Come on.

Hey, hey. Gene.

I got her. Thanks.

No, no, no.

It's not possible.

Very beautiful. You
get her number?

I smell an O.R.

Yeah, he's always giving
the pretty ones a pass,

sometimes even the
not-so-pretty ones.

- Oh.
- Okay?

Now knock it the fuck off.

Okay, everybody say,
Thank you, Mr Kossef,

for singing that beautiful song.

Thank you, Mr Kossef.

You know, that was actually
a pretty tough crowd.


Well, was I shit?

No, actually.

No, and for somebody who just
learned the song last night,

I thought you did a very good job.

Oh, good.

Because I had absolutely no idea

- what I was singing about.
- Yeah.

- Oh, you could tell?
- Yeah, and also,

please don't take
this the wrong way,

but what kind of Jew gets
hired at a Jewish day school

who doesn't speak any Hebrew

or even really, like, know the
first thing about Judaism?

Well, I guess, the atheist kind.

Excuse me?

No, I'm sorry.

It's just... I just needed a job.

And it was actually
my manager's mum

- is the principal of the school.
- Ah.

- You didn't completely suck.
- Oh, thank you.

I do not want you to say a
word about this to anyone.

I mean anyone.

It could be very serious
trouble for the school,

- and for me.
- No, I'm not gonna say anything.

I want you to know

I am only doing this
because of my son,

because he says to
me, Mum, Gavin is

going to be an important musician.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

Otherwise, I wouldn't
do anything like this.

Well, thank you.
Thank you, Rachel.

Honestly, I can't
thank you enough.

She'll be right along, ma'am.

Thank you.


Hold on just a second.

Would you like to draw?

Here you go, honey.

I have something else
for you this week, too.

Your teacher, Madame Ntende,

sent this to me in the mail.

She said that you lost
it right before you left

and that you were really sad.

And she found it a few weeks ago.

Honey, it's gonna be a
little while longer,

and we are working very hard
to find you a good mummy.

She won't ever replace
your real mummy,

but she will love you.

And I promise that
she'll never leave you.

The men involved in
this terrorist attack

have been vilified,
demonised, and condemned

by the Western world.

But we never want
to talk about the

9/11 Jihadists as real people.

The media and our leaders
are quick to label them

as terrorists and
monsters and murderers.

But shouldn't we try to
understand them as human beings?

Fuck, no.

Everybody calls them cowards

for murdering helpless passengers

and causing the deaths of
thousands of innocent lives.

- What would you call them?
- Hey.

It's the truth.

But cowards do not knowingly
sacrifice themselves

for a greater cause.

- I don't agree at all.
- The cause is to kill us?

You may not agree
with their cause...

I don't understand
why she's up there.

But I do not believe their actions

were either cowardly
or irrational.

You know you don't want
to hear this shit, Ms B.

She's talking.

I feel that, like the
oppressed Palestinian people,

or the Iraqi citizens

under occupation in
their own homeland,

that they found themselves
without a voice.


And that the only way
for them to be heard

is to scream with the
might of tons of steel

and thunderous jet engines
behind them upon impact.

Okay, okay.

Their voices were heard.

You may not like
what they had to say

or how they got their
message across,

but for the first
time, we heard it.

We gotta listen to this shit?

What we heard was a
cry for justice.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Okay, okay. Yes, thank you.

Hey, Ms B., thank you.

I am... I am not sure

that that was the point of
the assignment, Taslima,

but, yes, it was certainly

- Bullshit.
- Yeah, bullshit.

You can sit down now.

College is hungry for her.

Fucking traitor.


Why don't you get the
fuck out of our country

and go back to camel-humping
Saudi Arabia,

where the fuck you
camel-humpers live.

Brian. Brian.

I know you're upset,

but I'm not going to condone
an outburst like that.

Yo, what's your name?
Taslima bin Laden?

Hey, yo, I just got
one question, Ms B.

Did you frisk her?
What if the bitch

be strapped with dynamite
or TNT or something?

She going to get a grenade.

- Yo, take us all out.
- Boom.


Sure, I'm up for that.

Oh, shit, it's my brother.


I thought I told you not to come.

Javier's giving me a ride home.

It's on my way.

I just need five
minutes to finish up.

I'm in the middle of an order.

Look at you. Cover yourself up.

Just go.

I'll meet you in the car.


- Heavy-eye?
- Javier.

Hi, I'm Claire. We spoke
on the phone, remember?

Right. Yeah.


Is that okay?

Yeah, it's good.
Come back on Friday.

Friday. Is that the soonest?


Okay. See you Friday. Okay.

He's lying. I did it last night.

Oh, mama's boy taking out garbage.

Who made you the
bitch of the family?

You got no sister to
do your grunt work?

We take turn.

You gotta keep that shit
under control, motherfucker.

Tomo. Let's hit it.

Where to?


Oh, shit, I got this
little Glock, homie.

Okay, check it out. Wan's
uncle's into him for 50 large.

Pays out on Saturdays,
gets the cash in the store

Friday night right before closing.

We're gonna roll by
and scope it out.

Yeah, you the bitch.

Give Yong the Ruger.
Sweet gat, yo.

Tell me this don't make
your little chachi hard.


Yong, you're gonna pop
your cherry, fool.

- That's right.
- You up for that, Yong?

Better be, homie.

By sunbathing,
crocodiles accelerate

the chemical reactions
in their bodies.

Once the croc is up to speed...

No, I don't know her name.

I'll recognise her when I see her.

Yes. Andasol Fabrics.

I'm gonna come down and have
her released on an O.R.

She's got a minor child
left unattended.

Are you sure?

How long ago did they bus out?

Wait, wait, wait.

Did anybody from Children's
Services see her?

Yeah. Okay.

Thank you.

Fuck it.

♪ In a man with angry rules ♪

♪ It's that bitter pill
can make you kill ♪

♪ It don't put me in the mood ♪

♪ So don't talk to yourself ♪

♪ But don't talk to me ♪

♪ There's a river
running through it ♪

♪ The devil's not my enemy ♪

♪ So don't talk to yourself ♪

♪ But don't talk to me ♪

♪ If there's poison in the maker ♪

♪ Don't mistake the ♪

♪ Enemy ♪



That was great.

Thank you. I'm done.

Glad you came. So
how was your class?


I got a recurring role
on The D'Angelos.

- You got a part? Are you serious?
- Bitch.

- You did? You got a part?
- I know, it's unbelievable.

Oh, fuck. That's a big
deal, babe. It's big news.

- Yeah.
- We should get a drink.

I'll get it.

Thanks, babe.

So how did you pull it off?

I don't know. The casting
director knows my situation.

She's given me until
Friday to get my I-9 in.

So there's a fellow I met
through someone at Crunch.

He works at one of those
photocopying stores on Fountain.

Come on, no, no, no.
You can't do that.

If you get caught with
a fake green card,

you could be done for fraud.

It's no different
from Photoshopping

your Social Security card

to remove the Not for
Employment stamp.

Or passing yourself off
as a religious Jew

when you're an atheist,
like, an actual atheist.

- Come home with me.
- What?

I'm serious. Come home with me.

It's not practical. You know that.

You know we can't make a
go of it without status.

I've gotta get legal,
and so do you.

You've got to get
legal. You know that.

I'm working on that, all right?

I just want to know
where this guy is.

Your Captain America
who's gonna come down

he's gonna sweep
you off your feet,

he's gonna marry you, he's
gonna make you legit.

Isn't that what
you're looking for?

Captain America?

I just wonder what's
taking you so long.

Here you go.

Thanks, babe.

Yeah, listen, I gotta go.

I gotta go. It was a real
pleasure meeting you...

- Rose.
- Rose.

Yeah, just give me an email
when your TV thing comes out.

Gavin, I'll see you...

before. You know?

Yeah. Yeah, maybe.

She owes me money for the week.

What are you doing,
negotiating with me?

Is that what you
think you're doing?

How much?


If it's not the right
kid, I'm coming back.

What's his name?


Juan Sanchez.

Thanks, pal.

I need a reverse ID
on a Tijuana number.

Let's see.

It is 661-555-7782.

Appreciate it.

Oh, I think it's this goddamn
stomach flu that's going around.

I've been throwing up all morning.

Well, let them know I'll
call in later tomorrow.

Okay, let's go.

I'm not finding any record
of your I-539 in our system.

You said you sent it
in six weeks ago?

Eight. Eight weeks ago.

Okay. Well, do you have
a mailing receipt?

No, because I just copied my I-94
and sent it by regular mail.

Okay, well, then how
about a cancelled

check for the application fee?

Well, I paid by money order.

I don't have a chequebook.

I didn't get a receipt
for my money order.

Listen, I'm starting to get
a little concerned here...

Ma'am, you are not out of status

until you receive a decision
on your extension application.

However, if that application
is lost in the system

or for whatever reason
it doesn't get to us,

then how are we supposed to know

that you even sent it
in in the first place?

From our perspective,
with no mailing

receipt or cancelled money order,

you're out of status, unless...

My application just turns up.

Son of a bitch.

Fuck. It's a brand-new
fucking car.

Sorry, didn't I...

I didn't have time to stop.
You just shot out like that.

- I signalled, didn't I?
- No, and even if you did,

it's supposed to be clear before
you turn into the street.

You okay?


Yeah? You look dazed.

- No.
- Do you need to sit down?

Does it hurt anywhere?

- No, no, no, no, no.
- You sure?

Yeah, I'm all right, I think.

I've just had a really,
really shitty day.

- Where you from, New Zealand?
- Australia.

It's always one or the other.

I can never quite
tell the difference.

I said New Zealand to impress
you in case I was right.

Most people usually say Australia,

which upsets the Kiwis.

I don't have the money
to pay for this.

I'm not insured on my car.

Ouch. That's not good.

I must have fucked someone over
really badly in a past life

because shit is just
piling up for me today.

I just spent the last
three hours in there

trying to convince some
bureaucratic bitch

that I actually did file for an
extension on my visitor's visa.

Which I fucking did.

- What's your name?
- I'm sorry. I'm Claire Shepard.

Claire Shepard, I'm Cole Frankel,

- and I know of your frustrations.
- You do?

I'm a supervisory centre
adjudications officer.

What that means is
I get to determine

whether a green card
application has merit or not.

Ah, that must be interesting.

Yeah, I'll tell you
what's interesting,

and what's of a bit
of concern to me,

aside from you not
having insurance,

and that's someone
who's filing for

an extension of their
visitor's visa

driving around with a stack
of head shots in her car.

There's nothing wrong with a
beautiful woman like yourself

having head shots in her car
if you were back in Australia.

You're not authorised
to be seeking

employment in the
United States, Claire.

Am I wrong about that?

All right, here's what I propose.

We call AAA... my card, of course.

If you don't have insurance, you
sure as hell don't have AAA.

Then we get your
vehicle sorted out.

Then we go grab some
lunch together.

Excuse me?

I want to buy you lunch, Claire,
and explain your options to you.

Or we could just take a
walk back into the building

and sort it out there.

Juanito. Juanito.

Juanito. Juanito.

Thank you, Señor.

Sanchez. Mireya.


It would be last night
or early this morning.

You positive?

Yeah, okay. Thanks.

That's a great show.

Nothing can touch that on TV.

I thought you said you wanted
to discuss my situation.

All right.

Here's the thing, Claire.

You want to be an actress like
Nicole and Naomi, obviously.

You know as well as I do

the work they do in Australia
doesn't count for shit.

They're stars because they
make movies here in America.

If you were to get deported, or
even chose voluntary departure,

you ain't getting back
into this country

for a minimum of ten years.

And with voluntary departure,
they say it's closer to five,

but the truth is, you're lucky
if you ever get back in.

What's your wife do?

She works for the other side.

She's an immigration
defence attorney.

Oh. Is she available
for a consult?

That's funny.

Sexy, great sense of humour.
You got it all, Claire.

Except for a work permit.

I don't think you'll feel so witty

when they introduce you to a
holding cell down in San Pedro.

Strip-search, the whole bit.

Some mama Latina makes you her
bitch for a couple nights.

All right. You've made your point.

So where would you like to do it?

You're goddamn amazing.


You really are...

a perfect little fuck machine.

Without a green card.

Well, maybe we could do
something about that.

You can get me a green card?

I can't just manufacture
one for you.

I'm not in the
counterfeiting business.

But I can have your
file and application,

which would conveniently
land on my desk,

and regardless of the
merits of that application,

it would be approved.

You could really pull that off?

Like, on what grounds?

You're a recognised TV
star in Australia, Claire.

I'm bloody well not.
I'm not even close.

I don't know that.

And no one else does.

You fabricate some credits,

a few, Aussie awards,

some bullshit testimonials.

And I make it fly.

It's called an EB-1.

It's a green card for persons
of extraordinary ability.

Are you jerking me around?

Or is this real?

Because if you can make
this happen for me...

You'd make it worth my while.

For two weeks.

For a green card?

Six months, baby.

I don't think so.

One month.

Three months.

Two months

and you get me approved
up front, all right?

You can hold on to the paperwork,

but I want to see it. I want
to know that it's real.


But you're on the
clock from tomorrow.

I call, and you get your ass over
to whatever address I give you.

All right.

So you through with me for the
day? Can I go grab a shower?

No, wait.

I got one more favour
to ask of you, Claire.

I want you down on all fours
at the edge of the bed.

You ain't got that yet?

- You cheated today.
- Check it out, yo.

Wait, wait, wait.

You gonna talk to her, dude?

- Taslima. Taslima.
- Oh, God.

It's the sand-nigger express.

Raghead chick can
hide her face and

nobody even know she butt-ugly.

Hey, maybe you can get your sister
to convert or something, A.Z.

Shut up.

Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff.

Put on your belt.


Immigration Customs
Enforcement. Open the door.

What is this about?

Federal agents. Open
the door, please.

We have a warrant.

Hands against the wall, please.

Hands against the wall.

What is this?

Why is the FBI here?

Relax, sir. Put your
hands behind your back.

Are you Taslima Jahangir?

I'm Special Agent Phadkar.

Will you show me to
your bedroom, please?

I don't understand
what this is about.

Did you write this?

Why do you have it?

It was brought to our attention
by the principal of your school.

He was troubled by the
position you took.

I thought there was something like
freedom of speech in this country.

You essay elicits sympathy
for the 9/11 hijackers,

suggests you feel
their cause was just.

That's not what I wrote.

I wrote that I understand
why they did what they did.

I didn't write that I support it.

Do you? Support their actions?

I understand their
need to be heard.

I don't think they went
about it in the right way.

Agent Phadkar.

Do you have an
interest in suicide?

Your diary suggests you do.

That's not...

Those are notes on a class paper
on why religions oppose suicide.

And you're not opposed to it?

I wouldn't become a suicide
bomber, if that's what you mean.

But you condone suicide bombing

as a legitimate means
to make a statement?

That's what you wrote
in your essay.

You're twisting my words.
That's not what I wrote.

Well, reads that way to me.

Upon impact, their voices
were finally heard.

You may not like
what they had to say

or how they got their
message across,

but we heard it. For the
first time, we heard it.

I was just saying that
they got our attention

and that maybe we
should understand

why they did what
they did. That's all.

So if someone's pissed
off at America,

they should hijack and fly
planes into our buildings.

That seems like a
reasonable thing to do.

Agent Phadkar, over here.

Take a look at this.

She has a World of Islam account.

She's been frequenting some
interesting chatrooms.

Global Jihad,

Jihad Talking Points.

I'm interested in all
Muslim points of view.

It keeps me informed.

Taslima, your parents are in
the United States illegally.

My brother and sister
were born here.

They're American citizens.


But you and your parents are not.

When your brother and
sister reach the age of 21,

they're entitled to petition for

your parents to
enter this country.

Until then, your
family has no status.

Listen to me, Taslima.

Here's what I'm willing
to do for you.

I'm not interested in
detaining your family.

But I'd like to talk
to you further.

Immigration and Customs
Enforcement has every right

to take your family into custody,

but if you leave with us
now and cooperate with us,

Immigration won't detain them.

They'll still have to
resolve their status,

but nobody's looking to make
an issue of that right now.

You understand?

Mr Max, welcome to my home.

Thank you.

You honour me with
your presence tonight.

- Thank you.
- This is my wife.

Very nice to meet you. Welcome.

Thank you. You have
a beautiful home.

Thank you.

Congratulations, sir,
on your naturalisation.

Thank you. Farid.

Come over here. Come and
meet an important gentleman.

He's my youngest
son. He's a lawyer.


- How are you?
- How do you do?

- It's a pleasure.
- Hi. How are you?

This is Max. He is the
partner of Hamid.

You show him the respect, or
he will have you deported.

He can't deport me, Baba. I've
already been naturalised.

You're the only person in this
house who can be deported.

Until Saturday. Then
he becomes one of us.

I'm gonna go put her down.
It was good to meet you.

- Thank you.
- Okay, come on.

Hey, Max, I'm so glad
you made it tonight.

I really appreciate it.

Get you a drink?

Yeah, Scotch rocks, please.

Hey, guys, what are you doing?


My sister should not
have come here tonight.

What's going on there?

She puts herself
before the family.

She shouldn't expect to
be welcome around here.


So, Max. Hamid speaks
so highly of you.

He looks up to you.

Never understood why he joined
the immigration Gestapo.

I think that deep down inside

he doesn't feel like he belongs.

I mean, what better way to prove
you're red, white, and blue

than by throwing out those
who also don't belong?

You're a lawyer, huh?

I'm a junior partner at
Berkhof, Mazolo, and Klein.

Specialise in personal injury.

We have 35 lawyers under us.

You're an ambulance chaser.

I don't chase anyone.

I turn clients away.

Excuse me.

You have another one of those?

Max Brogan. I work with Hamid.

I know who you are.

Thank you.

What does that say
on your bracelet?

Little angel.

My father gave it to
me when I was 12.

You realise that
they're staring at us.

Very disapproving
looks you're getting

for consorting with the outcast.

I'll risk it.

I've never been invited
to a shunning before.

What is this? Something you
guys brought over with you?

I didn't bring it.

I was born here.

I'm the only one in this family
who's an actual American.

Probably decided to naturalise.

Makes 'em every bit
as American as you.

Let me tell you about my father.

The great American-to-be.

He was always
critical of the Shah.

But after the revolution,

one of his business rivals spread
rumours that he was anti-Khomeini.

And the whole family had to flee
across the border to Turkey.

He spent most of his savings
trying to get everybody over here.

But see, he doesn't pine
for the days of the Shah.

And I think he'd be
perfectly content

in that fucked-up Islamic shithole
that that country is today.

Which is why he resents
every day he spends here.

Well, he could go back.

He's too old to start over.

So what's your story?

Any family?

I have a daughter.

I'm not with her mother any more.

How old is she?




You better get that straight,
or you might piss her off.

I think I did that already.

Max, my father's asking for you.

It was nice meeting you, Max.

You, too.

I'm out of here.

Got a date.

Got a real hot date, Max.

Ignore her. She's crazy.

I'm tired, Hamid.

I'm gonna go home.


My father.

See you tomorrow.

Tell your family
thanks for me, okay?

You know what she said

to the Yoruban interpreter today?

Are you my mummy?

The interpreter says

she's losing her ability
to speak the language.

It's 23 months that
she's been in there.

23 fucking months.

I feel gutted every time I go.

Ah, it's a shitty situation.

But you can't keep beating
yourself up over it.

I was thinking...

we could maybe adopt her.


I'm serious.

Her mother's dying of
AIDS in a hospice.

Leike's dad back in
Nigeria denies paternity

and won't accept custody of her.

We're working on it.
One of our own.

And we can keep working on it.

I've thought about this a lot.

And it feels right.

It feels like it's meant to be.

You can't just lay this
on me and expect me to...


Will you think about it?

It's important to me.


Yeah, I'll think about it.

Thank you.

- I can't do this.
- Oh.

I haven't even spoken Hebrew
since my bar mitzvah, you know?

I didn't even know it then.

You know what?

You guys, you're all the same.

All of you. You're
all reform at best.

Most of you haven't gone to
Shul since your bar mitzvahs.

But first thing you
do when you come

over here is play the Jew card.

Haven't you got any shame?

Ouch. That's pretty...

Oh. Hello?

Hey, Mum. Hey, hey,
hey. How are you doing?

Yeah, did you get my message?

Huh. Yeah.

Well, what about the rabbi?

No, I need you to get
him to write a letter

like on the Temple's letterhead

saying, that I attend
services regularly.

I was bar mitzvahed by him.

And that I'm, you know,

I'm strongly committed
to the Jewish faith.

All right.

Well, listen, I'm kind
of busy right now.

But I'll get back to you, though.

And will you do that for me?

Yeah, you promise? Okay.

Listen, M... Yeah.

I'll speak to you soon.

All right. I love you, too.

Bye-bye. Bye-bye. Bye. Bye-bye.

Look, I got to be
home by 10, yeah?


- Good luck.
- Thank you.

- With everything.
- Thank you.

Oh, what about if I just
kind of twiddled these...

these side bits here?

You think I'd get away with that?

If I just stick these
out like that?

I can go all night with my wife,

but I'm like a teenager with you.

Doesn't sound like you've gone all
night with her in a long while.

It used to be hot between us.

One day, you're just
not into it any more.

It becomes like an effort.

Easier to jerk yourself
off in the shower

than to rub her back
for half an hour.

Bloody sad.

Yeah, it is.

Maybe I'll come watch you
on the set next week.

That's not part of the deal.

It's not supposed to be.

I just thought I'd stop by and...

I got to go.

I've got a meeting with an agent.

If she signs me, it's major.

I'll call you tomorrow.

Denise Frankel.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Please, thank you for
helping my daughter.

Clearly, this is not about
her immigration status.

But they're using
her lack of status

to get around normal criminal
and juvenile proceedings.

My wife wants to know
when we can see her.

I'm working on that.

I'm pushing for a
one-on-one with the

FBI task force officer tomorrow.

Right now, your entire family
is at risk for removal.

I recommend you do not go
back to your apartment.

Do you have any friends or
family with whom you can stay?


Come on, Rosa.

Rosa. Rosa.

Can't find you, Rosa.

And another one bites the dust.

We do our best.

I'm sure you do, sir.


Yes, this is him.


Hey, Hamid.

Hamid? Hey, Hamid.


What's up?

It's my sister.

What's the matter?

Maybe you can help me.

Do you recognise him?

Agent Baraheri?

It's her boss,

from the print shop
where she works.

We've got security
video from the motel

of an unidentified male perp

in a hooded sweatshirt
leaving the scene.

Time of death somewhere
between 11 and midnight.

Did you know that your
sister was having relations

with Mr Bedraz,

who was married with
two young kids?

I never talked to her

about the details of
her private life, no.

Do you know of anyone

who may have had it in for her?

Jealous of her, perhaps?

Like I said, I didn't
get into her life.

There's something else.

I found these while going
through Mr Bedraz' jacket

looking for identification.

They come in sets of threes.

Green card, driver's
licence, social.

All counterfeit.

We found more of this
stuff at his apartment

earlier this afternoon.

As best we can figure,

he was cranking them out
after hours at the store.

We've referred that end of it

to your documented benefit
for our task force.

Think it might be Mexican mafia,

upset about him cutting
into their action?

We're looking at a number
of possibilities right now.

When would be a good
time to interview

your other family
members, Agent Baraheri?

Can I just...

I'd like to spend a moment
with my sister alone, please.

Of course.

I'm sorry for your loss.

I hate the fucking
smell of that place.

I know you're judging me, Max.

What are you talking about?

My sister.

What you witnessed last night.

Now I'm mourning her.

You doubt the
veracity of my heart.

I'm just sitting here feeling
your pain, my friend.

Feeling for your entire family.

It's a sad, terrible
thing, your loss.

No way do I doubt your
love for your sister.

No way.

Well, if you need someone
to talk it through with...

Thank you.

Officially, she's being held

for an unlawful presence
in the United States.

Unofficially... and I'll never
repeat this outside this room...

she's being detained for
presenting an imminent threat

to the security of
the United States,

based upon evidence that she
planned to be a suicide bomber.

And what evidence would that be?

Don't play coy with
me, counsellor.

The signs are all there.

We're talking about a
devout Muslim young woman

who at 15 years of age
walks around veiled.

Who engages in internet talk
focused on the duty of Jihad.

And writes openly about suicide.

Did you take a look
at her bedroom?

How austere it was?

This isn't the life
of a normal teenager.

Everything about
her is a red flag.

Only when viewed through the
distorted looking glass

of your own paranoias.

I could joust with you all day,

but here's the reality
of our situation.

She's illegal. She's removable.

And I intend to have Immigration
and Customs Enforcement remove her

to ensure the safety of
the American people.

Just like that?

You would uproot a 15-year-old
American teenager

who came to this country
when she was 3 years old?

Who doesn't speak Bangla,

at least not with any fluency.

And based on the most
circumstantial of evidence,

you would exile her to a
Third World garbage dump

that to her might as
well be another planet?

That's exactly what I'm
going to do, counsellor.

What about the rest of the family?

The two younger siblings
are American citizens.

Yes, they're American citizens,

and they're shit out of luck.


Have you got company?


Are you looking for some?

I'm not being funny,
all right, Claire?

But I just want to
know why some INS guy

would commit fraud for you.

It's not like you're famous enough

- to get that kind of visa.
- All right.

No, I'm only saying. I
only know because I tried.

Well, they don't call
it the INS any more.


Come on.

I always thought I'd have
to marry an American guy.

That's why I didn't see any
point in us, you know?

But I don't have to do that now.

I don't have to marry
an American guy.

I can be with the
guy that I'm into.

This changes everything for us.

You know?

I just...

I just want to know why he's
taking all that risk for you.

- You know?
- Oh.

Are you paying him?

Where'd you even get
the case worker?

Oh, baby.


It... Don't go there, baby.

Oh, come on, Claire.

How are you paying him?

Well... Come back.

No. How are you
paying him, Claire?

How are you paying him?

No. No.

You are fucking kidding me.

You are fucking kidding me.

I am such a fucking idiot.

You are fuck... Are you serious?

Baby, I want to be with you, baby.

You know I want to be with you.

Were you with him today?

- Please don't do this.
- Were you with him today?

Baby, please don't do this.

Just tell me. Were
you with him today?

Was he inside of you today?
Were you with him today?

Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck.
How many times?

How many times, Claire?

I just want to know.

I just want to know how
fucked you have to get

to get a fucking green card.


As often as he wants.

It's only for two months,

and then I never have
to see him again.

And I never have to worry

about being deported
or being narced on.

I can just...


Easy. Easy.



- Hey, hold her.
- Mireya?

I am sorry. I am sorry.


I'm sorry. You have
very few options,

none of them favourable
to your situation.

You may request voluntary
departure as an entire family

and leave the United
States immediately.

Or you may choose to
fight the matter,

which inevitably would
lead to deportation.

There is a third option.

And as painful as it is,

I am required to
present it to you.

One of you could choose
voluntary departure

and leave with Taslima,

and one of you could
remain in the US

with Jahanara and Abul.

How is that possible?

Special Agent Phadkar
has intimated to me

that if we were to choose
that course of action,

Immigration would not seek
out the remaining parent,

provided they kept a low profile.

There is something else
you should understand.

Whichever of you remains,

if you choose that,

if you try to see Taslima
before she leaves,

you would be taking
a really big risk.

In all likelihood, she will be
escorted by Immigration agents

all the way to her departure gate.

All right, girls.
Come on. Lights out.

- Under the covers.
- Lights out in two minutes.

Let's go, María.

You look like you need a friend.

Are you waiting for your
mummy to come get you, too?


Yeah, I am.

When is she coming?

Any day now.

Do you know any good stories?

I know a lot of good stories.

All right, girls. Lights out.

Come here, and I'll tell
you all the best ones.

Time for bed.

And how could you disbelieve

while to you were being
recited the verses of Allah.

Thank you.

Hey, Chin.

- Good morning.
- Black suit.

This is clean and press. You
gotta get the smell out of it.

- Hospital?
- Yeah.

Thank you.

Better not forget this.

Very nice.

Hey, can we do this
now or what, huh?

I'm leaving her.


We won't have to skulk
around any more.

Skulking's fine with me.

I'm not exactly proud
of this arrangement.

I don't want an arrangement.

- Cole...
- Just listen to me.

I know this started
in a fucked-up place.

And that you are not here
on your own volition.

And that there's a...

there's a good chance I
probably make your skin crawl.

I just want us to
start over again.

I wouldn't say who I was.

I wouldn't put any
kind of scare in you.

Just ask you out for
a cup of coffee.

I'm not looking to renegotiate.

You're not hearing me.


You're not hearing me.

This is what you need
to understand, okay?

When I come into one of
these fleabag rooms,

I switch off.

You might as well be making
it with a rubber fuck doll,

because she'd be giving you more

emotion than you'd
ever get from me.

When I get home,

I'm an hour in the shower,

getting clean of you.

That is the extent of it.

That is as real as it is ever
going to get between us.

Is that clear enough...

for you?

So you want to do
this now or what?

You won't hear from me again.

And your green card
will be in the mail.

Good luck, Claire.


How are you doing?

Hey, listen,

you left your jacket in the car
on the way back from the morgue.

You were complaining
about the smell,

so I took it to the dry cleaners.

You can pick it up any time.

That wasn't necessary, but thanks.

This fell out of the
pocket at the cleaners.

I was wondering why it wasn't in
her personal effects envelope.

She broke it a few days ago.

I said I'd get it fixed.


I got a friend with a
shop on Western, and...

Thanks for coming, Max.

Gavin Kossef?

Gavin Kossef.


I have to be honest
with you, Mr Kossef.

I don't see much experience
here as a religious worker.

You're not an ordained
rabbi, are you?

No, no, I'm not.

But I've spent many years
devoted to my faith.

I grew up in a religious family,

I attended services regularly.

I was bar mitzvahed.

I've taken Jewish
leadership courses...

I'm still not sure
that qualifies you.

You know, I honour
my religion daily.

You know, in the Jewish
school where I teach,

I lead the class in prayers.

We discuss Bible stories.

And you've been working at
this school illegally, right?

Yes, I have.

Yeah. But I've admitted to that.

You can read the language?

- Hebrew, right?
- Yes.

And what about the prayers?

You can... You can recite

the important prayers
of your faith?

You can do that, right?

Yes. Yes.

I can do the prayer for wine,

the prayer for bread...

Excuse me just a moment.



Come in. Close the
door right behind you.

Mr Kossef, this is Rabbi Yoffie.


Ordinarily, I'd file a
request for evidence.

But something tells me this

approach will prove
more expedient.

I'd like Mr Kossef
to recite a prayer

to substantiate his knowledge
of the Jewish teachings

above that of a layman's.

If you could suggest something
and authenticate his response,

I'd greatly appreciate it, Rabbi.

You may recite the
Mourner's Kaddish, no?

The Mourner's Kaddish?


Yes. Yeah.

It's a tradition that
you cover your head.

If you just put your hands
on your head like that.


- Like that.
- Yeah.


Very nice.

Very moving.

You should sing in my
services sometimes.

Oh, I would love to.

Thank you very much, Rabbi.

We'll be with you shortly.

Thank you.

Well, can't argue with that.


I wasn't kidding about the voice.

I expect you tomorrow morning,

Temple Beth Shalom.

About the rest, we can teach you.

I don't want to
leave Jah and Abul.

When will I ever see them again?

Or Papa?

He wants to be able to
say goodbye to you,

but what if he was
to come here today?

They would arrest him
and deport him as well.

And then Jah and Abul will
have to leave as well.

I don't care.

Why can't we all go?

Why do they get to stay?

Because they were born here.

And if they stay
and finish school,

they have more opportunities.

And I don't

because my life is shit now.

I'm sorry. We're out of time.


Mummy, please.


Please don't leave me, Mummy.

Come, my sweets.

Say goodbye to your sister.

You won't be seeing
her for a long time.

Please, I need the room
for the next visit.

Did Homicide see these tapes?

No. They figured it
was gang-related,

so they only looked at
the night of the murder.

Slow down. Slow down. That's them.


That's the girl.

Back up a little bit.

This car that just pulled in here.

Move in on there.

Can't make anybody.

Let's put another tape in.

Roll on down.

Slow it up. That's them.


Well, I'll be damned.

There he is again.

Can you go in on
the licence plate?



Let's go to the next day.

There they are, coming out.

Back up a little bit.

Go in on it.

Same car.

It's the same goddamn car.

Let me run that.

Another, please.

Another, please.

Last call, pal.

Hey, Yong. You ready to
pop your cherry, bitch?

Fucking balls, man. Come on.

Come on, you fucking pussy.

Get your fucking hands up.

Move, motherfucker.
You, too, bitch.

Move it. Come on.

Stand the fuck down,
you fucking cunt.

Open the fucking door.

Don't you fucking
dick me, old man.

Open the fucking door now.

Open the fucking door.

You making big mistake.

You have no idea who
money belongs to.

If I give to you, I die anyway.

Get the fuck back
up, motherfucker.

Get the fuck back up.

Shut up.

What the fuck?

What'd you go and do that for?

We weren't supposed to
hurt anyone, Seung.

That's it. Search
him. Find the key.

Move, bitch. Shut the fuck up.

Shut the fuck up.

Get the fuck up.

Yeah, blow her fucking head off
if she tries anything. Let's go.

Hurry up. Hurry up.

- Where's the key?
- Right, which fucking key?

- Which key? Which key?
- I don't know.

Which fucking key, bitch?

Fuck it. We're all in...

Put it down, man.
I'll do it. I swear.

You'll do her?

Where the fuck did you learn
to talk like that, huh?

You get that on some
American cop show

while you're growing up in Seoul?

I'm not from fucking
Seoul. I'm from.

Hey. How old were
you when you came

over? You still got an accent.

I'm gonna say maybe
11, 12 years old.

I don't give a shit.

I'm gonna blow this bag's head off
if you don't put down your gun.

Huh. You still on the green card?

I'm American citizen, raghead.

My whole family just
got naturalised.

We're doing all
ceremony shit tomorrow.

Oh, tomorrow?

Hey. You haven't
taken your oath yet.

That means you're not a citizen.

Not until you take the oath.

And I don't see how the fuck
that's gonna happen now, you know?

You're either gonna die here, or
you're going away for murder.

You have done your parents proud.

It wasn't supposed
to be like this.

They told me no one get hurt.

I didn't kill anyone.

What am I supposed to do?

I don't know what to fucking do.

How many in your family?

Why do you keep asking
about my family?

They're not here now, are they?

How many in your family?

My parents.

My younger brother and sister.

My sister was born here.

Well, tomorrow was supposed
to be a special day.

And you shit on it for
your whole family.

I've been through it.

It was the most spiritual
moment of my life.

You know, you're standing there,

looking around you at all
these people from everywhere.

Countries you can't
even pronounce,

you didn't even know existed.

And they're happy.

They're elated to be there

because it's their choice.

You wouldn't be here right now,

in this mess you're in,

if you could ever appreciate the
awe you'd feel in that moment.

The worthiness of the journey.


when you're standing
there tomorrow,

in your new suit and tie,

I want you to look around.

Okay? Look at those faces.

And understand the sublime
promise of this moment.

What the fuck, man.

I'm not gonna be there.
You said it yourself.

Stop messing with my head.

All right. The way to end this,

my friend, is for you
to put down your gun.

- Now I'm gonna put mine...
- What the fuck.

What the fuck are you doing?

What the fuck...

Now you put down your gun.

Let go of that woman. You
go in that back room.

You take the surveillance
tapes out of the system.

Okay? And you keep on walking.

You're fucking with me.
Stop fucking with me.

You think I'm some jackoff? Huh?

I think you made a mistake,

and you will never make a
mistake like this again.

LAPD. Put your hands up.

Get 'em up.


Situation's under control.

Help me out here. You're saying
there were four of them,

but the owner's wife is
positive there were five.

She says you let one of them walk.

She also says you let him take
the surveillance tapes with him.

She's confused. She had her
head down most of the time.

Hey, I killed four of them.
Why would I let one go?

I look crazy to you?

I can tell you how
many there were.

There were only four.
She's mistaken.

This man, he saved our lives.

There were four.

The witness has corroborated it.

They must have been
lax in surveillance.

Probably just covering up
for insurance purposes.

Hamid. Where the fuck are you?

I need to talk to you
as soon as possible.

Give me a call as soon
as you get this message.

Immediately. I don't
care what time it is.

One message.

Max, it's Kevin.

Listen, call me when you can.

Just a heads up.

LAPD contacted me a
few minutes ago.

Apparently, Hamid was involved in
a shootout tonight in Koreatown.

Don't worry. He's fine,
but I'm heading over

to the crime scene now
to check things out.

Try me on my cell.

End of messages.

I'm not interested in
you. I'm not interested.

I'm not interested in you.

For one, you're too old for me.

Miss Shepard, I'm
Special Agent Ludwig

with ICE's Document and
Benefit fraud unit.

This is my partner,
Special Agent Howell.

May we have a word with
you inside, please?

We discovered these and
quite a few others

when we performed a search of
Javier Pedraza's apartment.

I didn't, use these. I
didn't go back for them.

So you can't...

You see what's
interesting, Miss Shepard,

is we ran a check on your name.

A Claire Shepard arrived
on a B2 visitor's visa

seven months ago.

And then just two days ago,
she has her status adjusted

to an EB-1 green card for persons
of extraordinary ability.

According to the
Internet Movie Database,

the only Claire Shepard

that matches your spelling,
age, and place of birth,

has two credits on
little-known Aussie TV shows.

Walk-on roles.

She hasn't won any national
or international awards.

Which is something the adjudicator
who handled your case

would have to have been aware of.

And yet he approved
you for an EB-1.

Miss Shepard.

We'd like you to tell us
about your relationship

with Centre Adjudications
Officer Cole Frankel.

Congratulations, McGill.

Mr Frankel.

Special Agents Poulson and Womack.


We have a warrant for your arrest.

What is this, a joke?

I take it you're familiar
with Claire Shepard.

She just traded you for
voluntary departure.

Turn around, please.

Hands behind your back.

Do you have to do this?
Do you have to cuff me?

Yeah, I'm afraid we do.

What the hell is this?

Cole, where are you go...
where... what's going on?

Ma'am, your husband is under
arrest for immigration fraud.


Good morning, everyone.

My name is Judge Leslie Freeman,

of the Federal District Court.

And it is my great pleasure
to welcome you here today.

All of you seated here
share one thing in common.

You have all chosen,
of your own free will,

to become citizens of
this great nation.

For many of you, the road
to this joyous moment

has been fraught with
hardship and sacrifice.

It is incumbent upon
me to remind you

of your newfound
responsibilities as citizens,

and also to remind you that
an American citizenship

is not a guarantee of success

but rather the promise
of opportunities.

Unlimited opportunities.

It has always been my contention

that America is a
welcoming nation,

a country that accepts
every new citizen

with an embrace of good faith.

You have endless credit to
pursue your hopes and dreams,

as long as you honour the rules
and laws of our society.

I myself am a
first-generation American.

- I guess I called it right.
- Max?

Well, he's gotta put
the family first.

Ain't that right, Hamid?

You know what I'm talking about.

- Do we have to do this right now?
- Yes, God damn it. Right now.

An innocent... yes,
innocent young woman

was brutally murdered because
she flashed a little tit

on occasion, got it on
with a married man,

tried to live her life
outside your goddamn family.

She was your sister.

She deserved better
than that from you.

In this country, we don't
abide by that shit.

We got a name for it. Murder.

Cold-blooded murder.

And you and Farid are
going down for it.

Will our new citizens
please stand?

Raise your right hand

and join me in reciting
the Oath of Allegiance.

I hereby declare on oath...

I've got the surveillance
tapes from the motel.

From the day before.
From last week.

ID'd Farid's Beemer.

He was watching her,
reporting back to you,

waiting for you to take action.

I begged him, Max,
to leave it alone,

but he was being
pressured by our father.

We both were. He
poisoned Farid's mind

with this talk about the shame
that we brought on our family,

because of her. But he never...

he never intended
for this to happen.

Only that we would
teach her a lesson.

We were supposed to
catch them in the act

and beat them like dogs.

My father wanted Zahra
humiliated, brought in line.

Congratulations to
all you citizens.

I wanted no part of it.

I thought if I just
turned my back,

it would all go away.

And now will you please stand

and place your right
hand over your heart

as we listen to Phil Perry
sing our National Anthem.

♪ Oh say ♪

♪ Can you see ♪

♪ By the dawn's ♪

♪ Early light ♪

He arrived at my
apartment that night.

After he...

After he...

Help me, Hamid.
Please, God, help me.

How did you get this?

Where's Zahra?

- I only wanted to scare her.
- What are you talking about?

I couldn't stand it any more.

Her seeing a degenerate
fucking beaner.

What did you do, Farid?

I only wanted to get in
his face a little bit.

You have to take this.

You're a cop. You know how
to do that kind of stuff.

What did you do, Farid?

I looked in the door.

They were doing it like animals.

Oh, shit.

What the fuck are you
doing? Get out of here.

What the fuck is this shit?

What's your fucking problem?

What did you do to our sister?
Tell me what you did.

She's my girl, man.

She's my girl. Don't be stupid.

Put the fucking gun down.

Get the fuck outta here, man.

♪ In air ♪

♪ Gave proof ♪

♪ Through this night ♪

You should have come
to me, God damn it.

I was ashamed.

Ashamed of myself.

My family.

Better get yourself a good
criminal attorney, Counsellor.

You're gonna need one.

♪ Star-spangled ♪

♪ Banner yet wave ♪

♪ For the land of the free ♪

Running out on our
National Anthem.

Now, that's just
plain disrespectful.

♪ And the home ♪

♪ Of the ♪

♪ Brave ♪

Farid Baraheri, you
are under arrest

for the murder of your
sister, Zahra Baraheri,

and Javier Pedraza.

Congratulations to all
our new citizens.

Good luck to all of you.

820 Bravo.

75 approaching position
reported by Foxtrot.

820 on 10-42 Delta.

Approximately eighth of a
mile east of Ambush Alley.

Confirming a female
victim. Mexican national.

Approximate age, mid-20s.

Looks like she's been out
here a couple of days.

I think she paid the wrong
coyote to bring her across.

I copy. You are 10-42 Delta

one eighth mile east
of Ambush Alley.

I'll contact the PD
and the coroner.

10-4, 820. I'm standing
by at this location.

10-4, Bravo 75.

I'll also notify your FOS.

Guess who's going home today.

All of my friends leave.

Not today, sweetie.

Someone's come for you.

Oh. All right.

When we get in there, it's
gonna be a real clusterfuck,

so watch your ass.

You got it.

Here we go.

Wait a second.


Yeah, that was me.

You sure about that?

Mireya Sanchez.

What about the family? Have you...

Do me a favour, will
ya? Hold off on that.

I'd like to take
care of it myself.

I just want to do right by her.

Thanks. I'll be down as
soon as I'm off shift.

God damn it, Max.
We gotta roll, man.

Max. We gotta go.

Don't worry, Lieutenant.

You're not gonna miss anything.