Crossfire Trail (2001) - full transcript

Rafe Covington promises a dying friend that he'll watch over the man's wife and ranch after he's gone. When Rafe gets to his friend's ranch, he finds that Barkow, the local power in town, wants not only the ranch but the woman, too, and hires a gang of gunfighters to make sure he gets both. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Rafe. Rafe.

You'll do it, rafe?
You gave me your word.

I'll do it.

I ain't afraid
of dyin'.

What's that
you told me?

"'Tis a poor thing to
fear the inevitable."

Who said it?

Someone who
wasn't dyin'.

That's good advice,

but hard to follow.

'Scuse me.

The hell you doing,

You don't open the captain's
door without permission.

You sure as hell don't
cross that threshold.

I'm gonna beat you within an inch of your
life for what you did to charles rodney.

Charles rodney
got what he deserved.

Rafe, come on.
We gotta get goin'.

There's cape mendocino coming up.
We've got to cast off.

That'll do it, huh?


What's the tariff on that?


I reckon we better
not get caught.

You're turned out like
a rooster for the harvest fair.

One lousy shirt.

He runs off and leaves
a chest full of gold.

- The rest wasn't back wages.
- So what?

* No maid
i've seen *

* like the fair
colleen *

* that i met
in the country down *

get a little
target practice here.

You shoot 'em with that,
you're just gonna make 'em angry.

One's all we need.
They're just buffalo.

Well, they'll
be gone soon enough.

Gone? They're thick
as flies on a bull's ass.

Ten years from now, they'll
be nothin' but a memory.

A frenchman,
a german and an irishman went to a saloon and order whiskeys.

The drinks arrive, and
there's a fly in each one.

Frenchman says, "mon dieu!
I can't drink this."

And the german flicks the fly out of the whiskey and drinks it down.

The irishman
grabs the fly,

he turns it upside down
and he says, "spit it out!"

"Spit it out!"

How long you
figurin' on stayin'?

Long as it takes.
You, j.t.?

Long as it takes.
I owe it to charlie.

How about you,

Thanks to our honest friend here,
i'm still a little short on funds.

Those gold mines in montana
are still callin' my name.

'Tis kindly
i'm thankin' you.

Well, i hope you find
your pot of gold, rock.

May the apple of your eye
see only good,

and may god make smooth
the path before you.

See you in wyoming
for christmas goose.

Is this the
rodney spread?

Forty thousand acres charlie purchased from the sioux chief red cloud.

Well, it ain't heaven,

but it's near enough.

Sighs] close as we're likely to get.

Boy, that mrs.
Rodney, she sure ain't much of a housekeeper, is she?

You get started here, j.t.
i'll be back.

What can i get
for you, friend?

I'd like to order
some supplies.

Ten pounds each of bacon,
beans, flour and coffee.

A pound each of sugar, salt, jerky.

And some
rollin' tobacco.

A long ride
or a long stay?

That the new
centennial model?

Yes, sir.

Winchester's first
big-bore lever gun.

That carbine's

got a case-colored receiver
and factory engraved.

- Special order?
- Uh-huh.

But the, uh, customer died
before it came in.

Thirty-two dollars.

Fella must've
come into some money.


You don't look like
a man who knows beethoven.

I don't. My mother
used to play that.


Don't i look like
a man who had a mother?

I guess i was condescending.
You were.

I read somewhere beethoven
used to wear his clothes...

till they came apart
and fell off his body.

You can read.
Another surprise.

Even write a word
or two-- short ones.

A wit. It's rare
in these parts.

Rare as sassy women,
i expect.

And i suppose you prefer your women ignorant and docile.

Yes, ma'am.

Well, you're amusing
enough, mr.--

rafe covington, ma'am.
Ann rodney.

Mr. Covington?

Mrs. Rodney,

your husband
sent me here.

My husband has been dead
for more than a year.

You must be mistaken.

I must be.

Where can i
get a drink?

Bruce barkow's saloon,
the national.

I'll, uh, pick up those supplies in a day or two,
thank you.



Well, he sure is
an interesting fellow.

He could use
a bath.

What'll it be?
What are my options?

I got whiskey,
whiskey and--

Catch on fast.

To charles rodney.

May he rest in peace.


Yes, sir.
Good man.

Sheriff moncrieff.
Also justice of the peace.

Both of which are in
short supply in these parts.

Rafe covington.


I haven't heard
rodney's name...

spoken around here for some time.
Sad end.

those sioux raidin' parties...

frequent that
wind river trail.

Did you catch 'em?

No, sir. Never even found
poor charlie's body.

Bastards carried him off
like a bunch of crows.

I seen it all.

I'm sorry
to hear that.


Must've been
upsettin' for you.


Go now!

You want the postman,
the barber or the undertaker?

Should've figured.

A new face in town...

ain't likely to have
mail just yet.


the barber...
is in.

Shave and a bath.
Uh, shave first.

No sense gettin' blood
all over a clean body.

It ain't polite
to follow people around.


I'm joe gill.

Suit yourself,
young fella.

I used to work for charles rodney,
he was a hell of a good man.

Yes, he was.

I kinda wish i'd been
with him on that trip.

Thing just might've
turned out different.

Where was he goin'?

Wasn't goin' anywhere.

He was comin' back from
san francisco. Business.

'Scuse me.

That awful day on
the wind river trail,

how big was that
sioux raidin' party?

I don't recall.

Six maybe.

What was
rodney wearin'?

What was he wearin'?

You heard me.

What damn difference does that make?
That was a year ago.

No difference,
you bein' a liar and all.

Say that again.

Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.

No need for hostilities here.
We're all friends.

Come on, snake.


Go on,
get outta here.

Sorry about that,
mr. Covington.

Why are you

Didn't wanna give you the idea this was an unfriendly town,
i guess.

I'm, uh,
bruce barkow.

Well, i love a friendly town.
Believe i'm stayin'.


That's good.

This ain't over, boy.
No, it's not.

Can i ride along
with ya?

Do i have
a choice?

Seem to be lookin' for a lot of trouble,
mr. Covington.

Not particularly.
Oh, yeah?

Well, that fella you braced back there in town,

snake corville.


And i ain't never seen nobody brace him and walk away from him.

Charles rodney wasn't killed
by a sioux raidin' party.

Well, if the indians didn't kill him,
mr. Covington,

how'd he die?

Oh, that's how.

Whoa, son.

You speak sioux?
How'd you know?

It's a gift.
Say somethin' friendly.

Easy, easy, easy.

It's gonna be
all right.

It's all right.

Great heavens.

- We'd better get outta here.
- We'll set her leg. It's broke.

That ain't no run-of-the-mill indian girl.

You see that mark on her?
She's the chief's daughter, and we better go.

Cut some splints, joe.

They catch us
here with her,

they'll skin us and make
jerky out of us...

and hang us on
the nearest sycamore.

Shh, shh, shh.

Well, thank you kindly.

You rounded up our missin' stray.
Rope her, brother luke.

'Scuse me.

Get your own
damn squaw.

We cut that one out
for ourselves.

You wanna take her,
you're welcome to try.

But your brother's gonna
have a tough time...

pullin' on that hog leg
while it's still lashed down.

Luke, is my colt
lashed down?


Well, you still can't
take down the three of us.

Maybe not.

Maybe so.

Enjoy my squaw,

We'll meet again.

Well, you might
turn out to be useful.

Are you this way always?

'Cause if you are,
i'm gonna end this association.

And why's that?
Hell, look at ya.

First day in the valley,
you rile every hard case in wyoming.

To say nothin' about
that war party over there.

Well, it's a gift.

It's a wonder to me you lived
much past ten years old.


that's about as bad
a thing as you can do.

That old man in the lead,
that's red cloud.

And looks to me...

like he's got
a pretty good grouch on.

What the hell's
the right word for "leg"?

Tell him we're friends
of charles rodney.

Rodney's dead.

I promised him i'd
keep his property safe.

He says since you
helped his daughter...

and you're
charles rodney's friend,

you may go.

Much obliged.

Let's just
ease on outta here.

That's true what you said about lookin' after charlie's ranch?

It is.
Well, hell.

That's the best news
i've heard in a year.



How'd you know he was
just gonna do that?

It's a gift.
It's a gift.

Guess today wasn't
my day to die.

Well, hell.
Day ain't over yet.

For you, ann.

Bruce, you know
i can't accept it.

Oh, of course you can.
Nothing's too good for my fiancee.

I wish you wouldn't
use that word.

I would love to replace it with "wife."

i'm a patient man,
but my heart's in a hurry.

Charlie's gone, ann.

He was a good man
and he loved you,

but that's the past.

And you're
my future?

If it pleases you.

Excuse me,
mr. Barkow, uh--

i told you
not to disturb me.

They had a run-in with that covington fella too.

He took me and luke's property too.
I don't want to hear it.

I don't want to know about it!
Just take care of it.

Sorry, ann.


i can't pay the mortgage
again this month.

There just aren't
enough schoolchildren.

Ann, there will be.


this little town is gonna be a magnificent city.

I'm gonna run it.

I want you there
by my side.

I always thought charlie had valuable property in san francisco.

So did i.

I loaned him that money
in good faith.

wouldn't be right.

Maybe i should
just let the ranch go.

Do you know a man
named rafe covington?

Yes. Yes.
I met him today.

He said charlie sent him.

A hell of a mess around here,
but it used to be neat and tidy.

Lookie here.

This kid's killed
this critter twice.

If you want it rare,
there's a bunch of 'em runnin' around outside.

Why don't you go take a bite of one?
Mind your elders, boy.

You know,
i've been around this place a long time.

I was here till barkow
moved mrs. Rodney to town,

and then he run me off.

- Why'd she listen to him?
- She's alone, she's scared.

He's got manners
and smells nice.

Besides that,
he wants this ranch.

- He wants it somethin' fierce.
- Why's he want this place?

- I don't know.
- Maybe he wants mrs. Rodney fierce.

- Maybe.
- Maybe both.

Is it christmas yet?

You don't
look rich.

Maybe rich
stopped mattering.

Maybe charlie
mattered more.

Maybe this gourmet cookin'
appealed to me.

Brendan mullaney.

"Rock" to me mates.

Joe gill.
Pleased to meet you, joe.

Welcome here to
crazy woman ranch.

- Come on, my boys.
- Heya!

Come on, boys.


Whoa! Hey!




Herd 'em, joe!

Oh, boy.

- Better slow down, young fella.
- What difference does it make?

Well, see,
if you take your time,

you get a more
harmonious outcome.

Here, let me
show you, son.

See, really all
you need to do--

and you don't need to
kill yourself doin' it--

is take a couple
of licks this way,

a couple that way,

cross the heel,
you pretty much got it.

I'm gonna pick up
those supplies.

I should
do that, rafe.

Nope. I'll go.

He'll go.

You're full of surprises,
mr. Covington.

Mrs. Rodney.

No. I'll get it.

Spend a lot
of time in church?

Well, it's a good
place to think.

Care to tell me what
you're thinking about?


'Scuse me.

Your husband wasn't killed a year ago.

No, ma'am.
He died in my arms six weeks ago.

Morning, mr. Covington.

Mr. Barkow.

Ready for our ride?

- Have i interrupted something?
- No, bruce.

Mr. Covington
was just leaving.

Yes, ma'am.

I'll be
at the ranch.

What ranch
would that be?

Rodney place.

You're letting him
stay at your ranch?

Certainly not.

Then he's trespassing.
We'll get sheriff moncrieff.

Bruce, he said that charlie died in his arms six weeks ago.

Why would he say that?
Ann, he wants something from you.

For a ranch like yours,
most men would shake hands with the devil. Come on!

Come on, girls!

Go on! Hup!

That won't wash off in the rain.

Let him up, boys.

Ain't it a beautiful part
of the world, mr. Covington?

I'm glad
you're here.

And for me, hell,
it's good to be home.

You bet.

Old hennessey's dyin'
of the tuberculosis,

so the missus sends for the priest to give him the last rites.

So the priest arrives at
the deathbed and says,

"hennessey, do you
renounce satan?"

"No," says hennessey,
"i do not."

"You do not?"
Says the priest.

"No," says hennessey.

"A man in my condition can't afford to make any enemies."

we've made a few.

It won't be long, they'll be
tryin' to run us outta here.

If i couldn't
hear you breathing,

i would have thought
that you had expired.

This waitin' is affectin' my strategy.

Well, i do hope that that strategy don't include plans for that queen,

'cause she's gone.

- No more irish jokes.
- No. I like 'em.

There are two bulls at the top of a hill in county mara.

The young bull
says to the old bull--

would it help if
i give you back your queen?

That's a boy.

- Mrs. Rodney?
- Hello, joe.

Seein' you here
brings back good memories.

For me as well.

I thought the place
would've been more run-down.

It was.

Howdy, ma'am.
John thomas langston.

- Mr. Langston.
- Nice to see ya.

Rock mullaney.
Pleased to meet you, ma'am.

Will you excuse us, please,

Go on, pup.

Cut a trail.
Go on.

Mr. Covington,
when my husband died,

i turned my back on this ranch,
and i haven't set foot on it since.

It wasn't easy for me to come out here today.
I appreciate that.

But what you said
disturbed me.

Who are you?
And why are you doing this?

Mrs. Rodney,

your late husband
was my friend.

- I'm keepin' half my promise to him.
- What do you mean by half?

I gave charlie my word...

i'd look after this place.

And you.

My husband asked you
to look after me?

Yes, ma'am.

My husband never mentioned you to me,
mr. Covington.

I don't believe you.
I can't.

Oh, well.

I met charlie
in san francisco.

My father was stationed there
in the navy.

Charlie was
a businessman.

Real estate
and shipping.

But this was his dream.

I came along
because i loved him.

It was gonna
be such an adventure.

Then our daughter
died at four months.


And then charlie.

Tamed me right down.

I shouldn't have
come out here.

I don't belong here.
Don't you?


Charlie loved this ranch.

He talked about it
all the time.

But i believe what
he loved most... was you.

Enjoy your stay here, mr.
Covington. It'll be short.

Afternoon, gentlemen.

Pee wee.
What'll it be?

Whiskey with
a whiskey chaser.

Yours is on the house,
mr. Covington.

- Two bits apiece for the rest of you.
- Why's his on the house?

I always stand a man
his last round.

Ah, we just
got here, lad.

Mike taggart says he'll kill him
next time he sees him.

Figured that.

comes in,

you might wanna
buy him a drink.

Another wee dram.

You got a problem
where i hang my hat,

don't send a woman
to deliver the message.

I won't.

Any message you get from me
will be crystal clear.

Stay away from
ann rodney.

Slow down there.

Take your time.

Get a more
harmonious outcome.

God invented the whiskey to keep the irish from ruling the world.

You're very persistent,
aren't you?

Mrs. Rodney,
hear me out.

If you want me to,
i'll go.

I met your husband on a freighter out of san francisco.

I was workin' my way down the coast.
He was shanghaied.

And he told me he sold off
his holdings in san francisco...

to pay off the mortgage
on your ranch, so he celebrated.

He got drunk, got robbed
and ended up aboard our ship,

and when the--

when he tried to escape,
the captain beat him to death.

That was six weeks ago.

Do you have
any proof of this?

Just my word.

Pardon the intrusion,

Mr. Covington?

Just let me think.

Thank you, ma'am.

Mike taggart's
callin' you out.


I want you.

And my gun ain't
lashed down now.

Mr. Thompson,

did charles rodney
order that '76?

Yes, sir,
he did.

How's my


Come here.

Where you goin',

I'm gonna blow you
outta them fancy boots.

Now you calm down, taggart,
and you'll get a more harmonious outcome.

Besides, you really
oughta thank me.

Thank you?
For what?

For the fact that
you're wearin' your hair.

That was red cloud's
daughter you poached.

I don't know what
you're talkin' about.

Then we got no quarrel,
have we?


Bastard killed my brother.
He'll do the same to you.

Go to kansas. Find bo dorn.
Bring him back here.

Bo dorn don't like bein' brought.
Likes bein' paid.

That was some shootin'!

Wasn't shootin'.
That was killin'.

Thank you, li.

It's overcooked,

I'm sorry, mr.
Barkow. Cook it again.

Cook it again, now!

Well, why did taggart
confront mr. Covington, bruce?

It's not delicate.

Neither am i.

Shortly after he arrived,
rafe covington attempted to rape a squaw.

Mike taggart caught him and freed the squaw,
but covington got away.

And naturally, being a man
of impeccable character,

taggart felt it necessary
to avenge the squaw's honor.

Yeah. Something like that.
Thank you, pee wee.

It looks marvelous.
Special for you, miss ann.

Bruce, he said charlie
died aboard a ship.

He sold his san francisco holdings to pay off the mortgage on the ranch.

But he was robbed
and shanghaied.

Well, perhaps he wants
to acquire a lovely ranch...

and the lovely lady
that goes with it.

Isn't that what you want?

I love you.

There were no holdings.
No one was shanghaied.

Charlie died
on the trail home.

The prime requisite of charlatans is their ability to fake sincerity.

One, two, three!

Go on up there!
You have got to be--

maybe the dumb bastard thought it was
water and wanted to have hisself a bath.

This isn't the only fine creature here that should be wanting a bath.

You can say that again.

Dumb right bastard.

Let it go, joe.
Let it go.

There you go.
There you go. Go on. Up.

- What is that stuff?
- The boys here are covered in petroleum.

What's "tapolian"?

It's an oil. They make kerosene out of it.
And asphalt for pavin' the streets.

- Is it worth anything?
- It's worth more than enough to pay off the mortgage.

- Howdy, gents.
- Hello, walter.


you're sittin'
in my rocking chair.

- That's what it is for.
- It's for people i invite to sit in it.

Walter, you ain't invited.

- I wanna know your version of them shootings.
- Self-defense.

That's it?
Yes, sir.

Well, there's some folks around here who says different.

- Well, they're not bein' truthful.
- You son of a bitch.

Mr. Taggart, i'm sorry about your brother,
but i gave him every chance to walk away.

Are you gonna arrest him or not?
Not today, luke.

What else you come for,

You are trespassing
illegally on this property.

You can leave freely...
or in irons. It's your choice.

Ann rodney owns this spread.
I'll get off it when she says.

Well, i'm
the mortgage holder.

And i am telling you you have three days to clear out.

It appears you already got
that mortgage money, barkow.

Prove it.

I believe i will.

Sheriff moncrieff?

Well, there is a rather large outstanding balance on this,
mr. Covington.

Three days, mr. Covington.

You had no right to do that.

Did you put flowers
on taralee's grave?

- No.
- He did.

Have i not devoted myself to protecting you and your interests?

Been at your beck and call?


Come over
in the middle of the night...

to chase away nightmares
and spiders?

It was a very big spider.

Could have put
a saddle on it.

In three days,
if rafe covington has not vacated crazy woman,

i will kick him off...

by whatever means necessary.

One question, bruce.

Is the ranch
still mine?

Of course.

Then i'll decide who's
welcome to stay on it.

- Why you shoot that old evans, joe?
- Well, it's got 28 bullets.

And i ain't
a very good shot.

I'm goin' to town.


Apparently, right and wrong
don't mean a thing to you.

Mr. Gill,

once covington leaves the ranch,
you're welcome to stay on.

No, sir.

Your talk's just
as cheap as your liquor.

What'll it be?

I got whiskey,
whiskey and--

that'll be one dollar.


One time he killed three fellas,
cut their heads off,

hung 'em above
the pawn shop...

right by the sign that said,
"money to loan."

Then he's havin' supper
with a guy one time.

Chased him down
the end of main street,

killed him, skinned him,
nailed his hide to the barn door.

He's tougher than the back wall of a shootin' gallery.

And that, boys,
is bo dorn.

Sounds like
one scary fella.

He does, doesn't he? Well,
maybe he's just passin' through.

See, he don't leave kansas unless he's on his way to kill somebody.

- I'm bettin' that somebody is you, boss.
- No bet.

So you're gonna go to town and face this bo dorn fella...

just to keep
a promise to charlie.

Ah, come on now, joe.
There's more to this than real estate.

What are you laughin' at?

Oh, i'm just reading the signs, rafe.
And the tracks is fresh.

'Bout 115 pounds,
answers to the name of ann.

She plays nice piano.

"Above them all the archangel:

"but his face deep scars
of thunder had entrenched,

"and care sat
on his faded cheeks,

"but under brows
of dauntless courage...

"and considerate pride
waiting revenge:

"cruel his eye,

but cast signs of remorse
and passion to behold--"

"i feel the link
of nature draw me;

"flesh of flesh,
bone of my bone thou art...

and from thy state of mine shall never be parted bliss or woe."

I always liked poetry.
Never could understand it.


I was hopin'
you could help.

Well, seeing as though
it's such a beautiful day,

why don't we all
go play outside?

The last time i saw you,
you were busy killing men.

And all to honor your word
to my dead husband.

You were part of the promise.

Yes, i was.


What sort
of a name is that?

Short for raphael.

The archangel,
sent by providence to guide and to guard,

to heal and to save.

That raphael?

My mother
was a god-fearin' woman.

And she taught you
beethoven and milton.

After a fashion.

She sent me
to the jesuits.

To be a priest.

Yes, ma'am.

The lord works
in mysterious ways.

Tell me, how does a man
go from the jesuits to--

couldn't get the knack
of turnin' the other cheek.

Every time you finish talking,
you get on your horse and ride away.

Why is that?

Well, that's
an interesting question,

considerin' you've been tryin' to get rid of me ever since i hit town.

Well, maybe
i've changed my mind.

- Well, that'd be nice.
- I don't wanna lose my ranch.

You won't.

I appreciate your respect
for my husband's memory,

mr. Covington.

- And your promise to him.
- It's a promise i'm plannin' to keep.

Afternoon, mr. Dorn.

You mind steppin' outside
to smoke that?

Can't abide
the devil weed.

I'll be, uh, out here.

Let's get down
to business, barkow.

That, uh-- that 500
i already sent you?

That's just
a down payment.

There'll be 500 more
once covington's gone.

Well, for that amount of money,
i wouldn't waste time nor lead.

- So how much do you want?
- I've been lookin' to relocate.

Kansas is a tad
too civilized to suit me.

Now, the rodney spread,
well, might suit me just right.

I've been workin'
on that over a year.

What, schemin' and
trippin' over your spurs?

You should have let me just shoot ol' charlie and be done with it.

But that was too easy.
"Let the sea take him."

That suited your fine hand
a bit better.

It was a good plan.
I just didn't figure on covington.

What kind of dinosaur upends his whole
life to keep a promise to a dead man?

Well, it don't matter.

You want me to make that dinosaur extinct,
we're equal partners.

Take it or leave it.

It ain't all that bad.

I could just kill you and keep the bitch and her patch of dirt all to myself.

Good evening, ann.

It's a little late for a visit, bruce.
Just in time, actually.

The white satin dress,
i think.

- The one i bought you?
- What about it?

I'd like you
to wear it, tomorrow.

To our wedding.

Did i miss something?
Or did another ann rodney agree to marry you?

Do you want me on bended knee, ann?
Okay, here i am.

Marry me, ann.
Bruce, please get up.

- What's come over you?
- Love. Love.

And love demands an answer.

I'm-- i'm not ready.

You better damn well...
get ready.

Or what?


just do as i say.

I was run
off this place once.

No more.

- I'm stayin'.
- Well, i'm with you, rafe.

If it wasn't for charlie
on that boat,

i'd have thrown myself

He kept fightin',
no matter what.

He never gave up.

Neither will i.

My whole life i never
had roots deeper than topsoil.

I believe i'm stayin'.

What are you gonna do?

Take him down,
flush him out.

Either way,
your problem's solved.

Breakfast, ann?
Oh, that'd be lovely, gene.

Push the rest of the strays into the west canyon.

No later than noon.

You won't like it there.

Whoo-hoo! Andale!

Them boys won't make much fun of these when i serve 'em up.

Go on.
Find your mama.

Don't look like much.

But it's damn near priceless.
That's oil, ma'am.

Is this
what bruce is after?

One of the things.

And what are you after?

One of the things.

Are you after the oil?

No, ma'am.

Get her home, boys.
That's a boys.


Bruce has hired a killer.
A man named bo dorn.

Well, he had to hire somebody.
Do you know dorn?

- Know of.
- Can he--

kill me?

Do you care?
You know i do.

Well, maybe you
should say it.

Well, maybe i should show it.

Can he?

Nobody ever has.

Go. Please.

Aw, kid.


It's starting.
What's starting, ann?

You're wrong, darling.

Trouble isn't starting.
It's ending.

I thought i told you
to put on that satin dress.

I know the truth,
and i believe rafe.

Well, i'm not exactly dressed to the nines myself.

Guess it'll be

Shall we?
Shall we what?

Walk arm in arm down the aisle.
You've lost your mind.

There's no way--
bruce, please.

Did you
say something?


Let me go! Oh!

Somebody help me!

What in the world--

gather the dearly beloved
together, your honor.

We're getting married.

I'll never marry you!
Oh, my!

- Sheriff.
- You gents remove your hats.

If anybody here
objects to this union,

let him speak now
or forever hold his peace.

I object.


You're the big man in this town,
but this ain't right.

Let her go.

Yes. Let her go.

Now, bruce,
don't you think--

pee wee,
get back behind the bar where you belong.

I said let her go.

My, oh, my, oh, my,
you're so brave today,

but it's so...
badly misguided.

Proceed, your honor.

Do you, bruce barkow,

take ann rodney to be
your lawful wedded wife?

I do.

Do you, ann rodney,
take bruce barkow to be your lawful wedded husband?

I do not--

yes. She does.

By the power
vested in me...

by the territorial
authority of wyoming,

i now pronounce you
man and wife.

- You may kiss the bride.
- No!

Not my finest hour.

Aah! Let me go!

We can't let this continue.
Well, there's not a whole lot we can do.

Oh, yes, there is. We can stop being afraid.
They'll kill us, melissa.

We'll continue this later...

when you've calmed down
a touch.

May the road rise to meet you.

May the wind be always
at your back.

May the warm sun
shine on your face...

and the soft rain
fall on your feet.

And until we meet again,
may god hold you in the palm of his hands.

And may you be three days in heaven
before the devil knows you're dead.


How many, you figure?

Only three.

Where are you going?

Just be ready.

How do you know he's gonna be there?
That's where i'd be.

I'm not
a very good rifle shot.

Aw, hell.

The undertaker is in.


- Hoo-aww!
- Yah!

Come on! Come on!

Hold on, joe!

- It's a first for me, joe.
- What's that?

I've never had to fight
my way into a saloon before.

How many?

Rafe, there's something i need to tell you.

Miss rodney might be in there.
Barkow, he sort of forced her to marry him yesterday.

They got married.

I heard you.

Barkow! You still hiding
behind that woman?

That's my wife
you're talking about!

- Send her out!
- You come and get her!

Hello, walter.

Aw, what the hell.

We're low on cartridges.

Melissa, thank god. Come on, dear.
We have to be very careful.


You shot me.

Just when things
were going so well for you.


may the best man win.

No, no, no!
The other arm!

My hat. My hat.

I did something,

Yes, gene, you did.