Crossbreed (2019) - full transcript

In the near future, the President of the New United States of America hires a team of military veterans to retrieve an alien bio-weapon from a top secret research facility orbiting the Earth.

Elevator arrived.

Fuck you!

Elevator arrived.

Where is it?

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

UCT monitor

will self-destruct
in 10 minutes.

UCT monitor will
self-destruct in nine minutes.

Murphy, here.

Cargo secured.

Copy that, Murphy.

They initiated self-destruct
in four minutes.

You guys think you could get

your fucking act together real
quick and get me out of here?

We got your back, Murph.

Stay frosty in there.

We'll see you soon.

Thank you, Murph.

So that's the way it's gonna be.



I figured it would be you.

How about you

take good care of my kids, okay?

I deserve that much.

UCT monitor will self-destruct

in eight minutes.

Welcome to Sector Nine.

Blue Collar Wing.

Have a nice day.


Call the team!

I'm ready to work!

Fighting fuck!

I'm fucking ready, woo!

Hello, boys.

What's up?

There's some blood and
some germs for the gentlemen.

How're you guys
doing tonight, good?

We're doing great, Amy.

It's Amy, ain't it?

It's Ashley.

That ass looks like an
Amy, so I'm calling you Amy.

Yeah, I like Amy.

Yeah, right?

I got a question for you?

What can I get for you?

What do you think
you can get for me?

Yeah, tell her, Chulo.

I want that neck.

And when I'm done
with that neck,

I wonder what time those
legs open or business.

Yeah, what time?

Fuck all night long.

Actually, they're
closed for the holidays.

Yeah right,

you could be paying me
at the end of the night.

Come on, mamacita.

You're just turning me on.

Fire it up!

We'll have a good time.

Keep fighting,
you're turning me on.


Leave the girl alone,

finish your drink
and get the hell out.

I took shrapnel in the
ass during the war.

Little pissants like you,

you ain't never done shit.

You ain't never worked
for a goddamn thing.

Now get the fuck out!


You're a bitch.

Gentlemen, I believe
you were asked to leave.

You're headed the wrong way.

Door's that way.

Who are you, the busboy?

Fist time here, guys?

You know,

I'm gonna go back to filling
up the salt shakers real quick,

but first, you guys
need to learn the rules.

Yeah, fucking right!


That's strike one.

Hit him again harder this time.


That's two, yeah.

You see that sign over
there on the wall?


I think this is a
good time to tell you,

it's my sign.

You're the boss, huh?

I am, indeed.

♪ This time I have
made enough mistakes ♪

Fucking dead, old man.

Ow, that hurt.

How're you doing, Ryker?

Call me Boss.

It's not wartime anymore.

It is here.

Thank you.

You okay, honey?

I'm fine.

Don't worry.

Take the rest of
the night off, okay?

I'll cover for you.

Okay, thanks.


Still extending the helping
hand to the unfortunate.

How lovely of you, Adam.

Some things never change.

She's young.

There's no family.

It hasn't been that long.

It's been 15 years.

Why are you here, Weathers?

I've got a job offer.

No thanks, I've got a job.

And your job sucks.

No offense.

And I hear you're
behind on your payments.

Oh yeah?

Where'd you hear that?

The President of
the Unites States.

President Henricksen,
ring a bell?

Back in America, on
the planet Earth.

Spins around, spins around.

It's got one moon.

Mercury, Venus,

the one we fucked up
with the nuclear weapons.

Were you unconscious
on your way up here, man?

I don't live there anymore.

Want a drink or something

because I got a
lot of shit to do.

I need two minutes, Adam.

Hear me out.

You were always
needy as fuck, man.

You got two minutes.

You look good too.

New fall fashion, what
do you got on there?

Two minute, asshole.

Ron, I need a few.

I got you.

Last time I saw you, you
were sweet on Henricksen.

You were still running
around the country

soaking up all that
"war hero" bullshit.

Yeah, well, I settled down.

I got a wife and kid.

Lost both.

Came up here when they
started the settlement.

Henricksen's president now?

She is.

Pretty good one too.

You don't keep up
on much, do you?

Not by choice.

All right, Weathers, I'll bite.

What's the job?

Spacecraft UCT monitor
carrying an alien life form

was commandeered by mercenaries.

We need you to
bring it back, Adam.

Who are the mercs?

It was Murphy and
another team unknown.

Okay, so where's Murph now?

They killed him, Adam.

The unknown team.

And they made off
with the life form.

Fuck me.

Who hired the mercs?

Omni Tech Universal.

Omni Tech Universal shut
down, they're out of business.

That's what we thought too.

Intelligence tells us
that they have a satellite

hovering around the earth,
right now, as we speak.

We believe they're going
to use it as a platform

to launch chemical weapons
against the United States.

This is a matter of
national security, Adam.

We need you to pick a team of
five men and bring it back.

Why just five?

This is a snatch
and grab, solider.

Not a firefight.

What's the pay?

10 million credits
to be disbursed,

as you wish, amongst your team.


that definitely takes care
of a few things around here.

I'm in.

Knew that you would.

Here's my briefing.

All the information you need.

Thank you.


Thank you, Adam.

Don't think me yet.

I'll take that drink now.

I bet you will.

It's on you.

Always is.

The mission has been accepted.

Who took it?

Our old pal, Ryker.


He still putting
on the stoic act?


Doesn't make me happy.

This guy's got a rep.

He's a decorated war hero

and the prime reason
we're alive today

and walking these halls.

I know his record and I
know you served with him

but this "war hero" is
now a citizen of the moon.

That makes him a
deserter in my eyes.

This isn't about nationalism.

We need someone
who can do the job

and Ryker is the best candidate.

Best candidate, maybe,

but that doesn't mean
he's upping our chances

of pulling this off.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

What do you mean?

This isn't the same Omni
Tech that cloned game hens

to feed the homeless
back in the 2020s.

They're biological

They're dangerous.

If they're doing what
my intel suggests,

should Ryker and his
team not pull this off,

it could be bad.



I think that Miller's
concern lies with the cargo.

It was taken from
the Sharak System.

They're pirates at best.

Interstellar revolutionaries.


But nevertheless, they
are quite dangerous.

Then what are you
assuming, Miller?

If you don't mind,
I'm kinda on a roll now.

What Miller is suggesting

is that if Ryker is
unsuccessful and that cargo

does not end up in the
hands on the Sharak team,

then most assuredly,

World War Four will not
be instigated by mankind.


That's what I'm saying.

Then Ryker has no
choice but to succeed.

Set aside a bonus of
another 10 million credits.

Don't let him know
until it's deposited.

If he doesn't succeed,

turn those credits
back into the military.

You're dismissed.

I just one time wanna do that.

"You're dismissed."

Love that shit.


May we interest you in a
decontamination and zen vacation?

Guaranteed to be
nuclear fallout free.

Good evening.

Identify yourself.

You know who I am.

Ryker, Adam J.


I need you to look up
some old friends of mine.

Load mission.

Loading known affiliates.

Ryker, Adam J.


Rejected, rejected.

Rejected, rejected.

R'Reon Jones.

Codename, Degenerate.

♪ Run it back


♪ But the only one that matters
is I won't be defeated ♪

♪ So keep talking,
pray that I lost it ♪

♪ I keep it cool, my
attitude's defrosted ♪

♪ And I'm pretending to
bring the revolution ♪

♪ They're far too many problems
and far few solutions ♪

♪ Started to stress and
march towards the hills ♪

♪ Marching towards
dreams to be fulfilled ♪

♪ The man is fretting and
I'm making him sign a bill ♪

♪ Letting down our future
is hard on me still ♪

You gotta move, baby.

Don't you want me, baby?

Oh, you know I do.

Move up your trashy
and fill it up with.

But seriously, you gotta move.

Don't you want me, baby?

Two seconds, three seconds.

Incoming mission

from Ryker, Adam J.

To accept this
mission please say...

Skip it.

I'll take the job.

Damn it.

Only for you, boss.

Don't you want me, baby?

Baby, baby, baby, baby.


Alexander Murphy, deceased.



Rejected, rejected.

Alfonso Sihft.

Codename, Four-Eyes.

Hit me.

Incoming mission

from Ryker, Adam J.

Hit me again.

Life can change in
the flick of a wrist.

What's it gonna be?

Play or bust?

Would you like to
play again, sir?

Hold that thought.

This could be some
more spending money.

Take 200 for you.

Rejected, rejected.

Ray Stephenson.

Codename, Slaughterhouse.

Would you like to
invite to mission?

What are you thinking about?

This is perfect.

I love being here with you.

You're happy, I'm happy.

Your refined peace
is where I wanna be.

I'm happy because, you know,

you calm the demons in my head.

This is a fresh
start for all of us.


I love you.

And I love you.

Mission accepted.

Selection complete.

Have a wonderful
evening, Ryker, Adam J.

Ah, you're getting slow
in your old age, Stephenson.

So is you, man,
don't you forget it.

Okay, I got friends like
you keep reminding me.

You haven't been down
to Earth in awhile, have you?

No, I haven't.

After we wrap this up, man,

you should come back and visit.

You should stay awhile.

I can't, man, I can't.

I've got the bar to look after.

Settlers like to roughhouse.

It's a mess.

That's an unfortunate.

It is, it is.

How're the girls doing, man?

How's Abby?

Girls are doing good and
Abby about to go to college.

Oh, come on.

Trust me.
Kidding me?

Grew up right in front
of my eyes, brother.

That's hurtful.



She don't any boyfriends yet.

I hope not, man.

I ain't old enough to be
handling the whole shotgun hand

when some punk kid come
take my girl on a date.

You're right and I tell
you, when that time comes,

you let me know, I'll
send the porch with you.

Hey man, I'm gonna
hold you to that.

Please do.


Hey, it's good to see you, man.


I missed you.

Man, it's been
too long, brother.

Too long.

Too damn long.


You son of a bitch!

Where you been at, man?

You still living up in that
strip club attic in Jersey?

No, man, I got me a fine
piece of cybernetic ass

up on the Kennedy Station.

Holy shit.

Is she the one?

She's one of the ones.

One of the girls in the club.

I got me a fucking woman.


That's enough, thank you.

Mount up!



That's you.

DNA recognition, Noob.



What hell is a noob?

That like newbie or something?

That's your name now.



Hey, didn't you ever play Halo?

What's that?

That's you being a fucking noob.

He is a noob, big time.

Where's you find
the infant, boss?

Bartender recommended him.


Jesus Christ, I
hope he's stronger

than Ron's old Bloody Marys.

Yeah, like you handled them.

All right, baby,
give me good news.

DNA recognition, Four-Eyes.


Oh fuck.

Would you like to stun,

maim or kill?


Too long, been too long.

Missed you, baby, welcome back.

She missed you.

Yes she did.

DNA recognition.

Slaughterhouse accepted.

Would you like to
stun, maim or kill?

Say my name, bitch, say it!

DNA recognition, Degenerate.


That's what I like to hear.

Talk to dirty to me, baby.

So what's with the DNA coding?

It's not coding.

It's a highly committed,
physically explicit relationship.

Give it a feel.

Leave the kid alone, D.

If you want, D can
give you some DNA coding.

Look, Noob,

just don't use
someone else's weapon.

That's all you need to know.


I said it's a physical.


Thank you.

Focus up!


this is a simple snatch...

Sorry, boss.


I thought you at least
got out of the third grade.

This is a snatch...

And delivery.

Omni Tech Universal
has a alien life form

and our client
wants it returned.

Alien life form, what kind?

You're looking for an alien.

Did I stutter?

You'll know it's an alien

because it's the only
alien in their laboratory.

Need you guys sharp on this one.

You need to pay attention.

No one gets hurt.

This is going to be
clean and by the book.

No unnecessary casualties.

The pay is 10 million credits.

That's 2 million
credits a piece.

That is a hell of a lot of
play money for all of us.

Fuck yeah.

Put my little girl
through college.

I'm gonna pay my bar off

and I'll share that
tuition with you.

I'll hold you to that.

I'll pitch in and get
a hooker for the kid.


Come on, kid, what's the matter?

Don't you like hookers?

Like them just fine.

You know what a grapefruit
and a pussy have in common?

Store the filth, D.

I said cut the shit!

You're not the kind of me.

Actually, when I'm not
around, Slaughter's in charge.

So he is the king.


Let's go.

That's not funny.

It's kinda funny.

And what the fuck is
up with your hair?

It's like sonic boom.

♪ 'Cause I'm a man

♪ 'Cause I'm a man

Hey, scientists!

Your lab is a fucking bastard.

Really good to
have you, Mr. Ryker.

Really, really good.

Your reputation precedes you.

You can stop now.


What's going on?

Are we ready to roll?

We're having a bit
of trouble hacking

the OTU server at them moment.

Okay, what does that mean?

As soon as Gus, over
here, finishes up his work,

you'll be golden.

We're going in ahead of
schedule but I think we're fine.

We don't need anyone
caught mid-particle stream.

I've seen it happen,
it's not pleasant.

Get it right.

What happens
if you don't make it?

You implode on
a molecular level.

So basically, you're dead.

Sorta dead.

Sorta dead?

Yeah, it means even
if they get you back,

what comes back ain't sexy.

Most people come
back turned inside out.

It's kinda like
the end of Timecop.

Have you seen that?

Dude, Timecop, fucking classic.

Hell yeah.


I fucking love Timecop!


No, I fucking hate Timecop.

Fuck Timecop.

So, anyway,

once you're inside,

there's a small window of
time before they figure out

security is down and reboot so,

hit the ground running.


Ron swore by you.

You have a job to do.

Can you do your job?


Yes or no, Noob?

I didn't ask for
a goddamn speech.

Can you do your job?

Yes, I can do that job.

That hesitation can
get people killed.

My people.

I need to know that
we can rely on you.

That we can bank on you
and you got our backs.

Yes, sir.

All right.

All right.

Here's the deal.

Lab rats are gonna
drop us into the room.

We're gonna go down
directly to the laboratory.

I've been assured that
there is no one down there,

that we are in an empty space.

We're going five in,
we're going five out.

Got it?




How long's it usually take?

Digitizing initiated.

Destination OTU Space Station.

Noob, relax.

In a matter of seconds,

we'll all be digitized.

Digitizing complete.


What the fuck is this shit?!

Thought you said this
place would be empty.

They said it would be.

Drop the guns,
scientists, do it now!

I don't think these
are fucking scientists!

Hang on.

All right, all right.


Hi there.

Hi there, hello, hello.

Oh, hey, didn't
see you over there.

Yeah, I'm gonna give you
folks a couple options.

Either come back through the
way we came or we open fire.

Yeah, choice is yours.



Well, you can't say we
didn't give you any options.


Drop your weapon!

Do it now!

What're you doing
with a gun, scientist?

I'm a physicist.

I have a PHD in alien biology.

I know nothing about these guns.

Uh huh, all right.


Tell me, physicist,

you set off any alarms?



I swear.

I just need to go, aye?



You said it would be empty!

What the fuck?!

I know.

Well I almost
got shot by a physicist.

Yeah, I know, I saw!

They told me it would be empty.

Oh, they told you?

What, you trust the
fucking government now?


But their checks clear

and everybody seems to be
okay with that, aren't they?


This is not what
we signed up for.

This is not what any of
these guys signed up for.


what're we going here?

I don't wanna lose the bar.


Ever since I lost
Mary and Bridget,

the bar has become my family.

It's all I got.

I need this!

We need to go, guys, let's move!

Let's move out.

Chances are our arrival
has been announced.

Stay tight, stay on point.


at least we made it
through in one piece.

Timecop, right?



Let's go.

Hey, Slaughter.

Yeah, boss.

You have those blueprints handy?


Bring them up.

We only have a 50 yard range

with these kind of
walls and space.

A 50 yard range is a hell

of a lot better warning then
no warning at all, buddy.

We're headed down to cargo
level five, gentlemen.

That's where she's at.

We're all clear.

Check everybody.

We need to find out
what happened here.

They're all dead, sir.


I want answers now!

The digitizer logged
in arrival at 10:42.

Were any arrives
cleared at 10:42?

No, sir.

Anything on camera?


Just a blackout logged.

A blackout?


That could only
be about four people

on the planet.

Three of them are incarcerated.

I'm sure number
five will be next.

Who's number five?

That's not important.

They're here for the cargo.

Ovecheck, I want you
back to dispatch.

Put everyone on alert.

They guys are good.

If they got the com tech,
and I'm thinking they did,

then we have a serious problem.


Come with me.

Welcome to search and define

medical research level.

Very impressive.

Hello, in there.

You are about to do more
for modern science on Earth

than anyone has ever done
in the last 500 years

and I can retire.


Have you ever fucked a steak?

It's the most amazing thing.

Here we go.

You're all making me sick.

I mean, I
didn't think it was awful.

Don't act like
you haven't tried.

Anything yet?


Shut the fuck up, Four-Eyes.

Just A-B-B-A back.

Remember that steak I
bought you last month?


Up close and personal.



It's looking a
little vacant in here.

It's a big ship.

Geeks don't hang
out in hallways.

Geeks like labs and shit.

Yeah, one of those geeks

almost blew my fucking
head off back there.

Okay, let it go!

It was a lucky shot.

Anybody can be lucky once.

Yeah, that's true.

Especially with your sister.

You said you weren't
gonna talk about Tonya.

I can't help it.

She likes to fuck.

Yeah, I like
to fuck, you like to fuck.

So fucking what?

She's fine, man,

and I don't know anybody
here who hasn't fucked her.

If I'm the only
one, I'll shut up.

No, you're not the only one.

Hell, I fucked her.

Before I got married.

And I fucked her too
but you already knew that.

Yeah, that's because I
caught your ass with her.

That's right but at
least you let me finish.

All right.

Is this all you
guys ever talk about?


No, we don't talk about sex.

We talk about fucking.

Fucking and steak.

Seem a little crude.

Hey, when we get out
of here, we get back,

I am going to buy you the best

cyborg lap dance
that credits can buy.

Yeah, man.

Once you go neck,
you never go back.

Okay, all right, hey.

Break it up.

That's enough.

All right, Slaughter,

taker Space Jesus,

head on down to
security dispatch.

I need eyes on the whole ship.


Scum Bag One, Scum Bag Two,

you're with me,
we're going to cargo.

Let's get this bitch and let's
get the fuck out of here.

Yes, boss.

Roger that, boss.

Come on, Space Jesus,
you're with me, let's go.

Is Boss always such a hard ass?

Shit gets real

and you need someone
good in your corner,

those are the guys
you wanna call.

So D and Four-Eyes
are actually useful?

Look, I trust those
assholes with my life.

Let me tell you something.

20 years ago,

we were in a bar and I had
just asked my wife to marry me.

Fight breaks out

and someone pulls a gun.

Four-Eyes clears the room
and kept my wife safe.

D took a bullet for me.

You don't know what
people are really like

until you have to trust
them with your life.

You ready for this?


Get out of way!

How long you
looking at this for?

Yeah, I thought so.

Fix now!

There's nothing to fix.

Reboot! Reboot system!

It's gonna reboot on its
own in like 20 minutes.

It's not gonna reboot.

We need to see now.

We have breach, fix!

We need to see when someone
gonna shoot in back of head!


You are old as shit, man.

Just watch the fucking door.

Boss, come in.


We got to dispatch.

Ran into some unfriendlies.

That's a real shame.

Sorry to hear that.

Hey, patch that camera feed in

so we can get eyes
on the whole place.

Give me one minute.

Overcheck, come in.

Overcheck, do you copy?

Sorry, comrade.

Was held up.

Doing what?

Had to dehydrate

around corner.

That's disgusting.

Are back at dispatch?


Get those cameras back online.


Over and out.

Sounded a little more
German than Russian

at the end there, pal.

I didn't think it
sounded half bad.


take them up to level
five, run a sweep.

Report back to be
as soon as you can.

Move out.


All right.

Give it a shot.

Tap the side

and it should cycle
through all the cameras.

Not bad, kid.

All right, boss,
you're good to go.

We're sending the feed
to your pieces now.

Good job, kid.

I ain't standing
around doing nothing.

I want to shoot
some motherfuckers.

I'm dying for a
fucking steak, man.

Just settle down.

All the other feeds are clear.

Everything is clean.

Except level five,
laboratory wing.

Foggy as hell.

Wow, that's fucking great.

Elevator arrived.

How many?


I said, how many?

I don't know.



Five of the Russians.

Come on, kid, you can
crack security feeds

but your eyes can't count?

All right, five.

Negative, that's four.


I really hope that that's the
nozzle of your gun on my leg.

I'm just happy to see you.

We need more.

Get your ass some
target practice.

Do you have my
camera feed up yet?

Yes, sir.

Keep the elevators on.

I want to pin them on five.

Yes, sir.

Let's go.

It stopped.

No shit, it stopped.

Shit, someone knows we're here.

Put them in.

Shit, is that an EMP grenade?


I win.

Points for efficiency,
kid, but don't get cocky.

Boss, we're good.


Visual on elevators out.

Guess we're taking the stairs.

Come on!


Come on.

Come on!

I'm coming.

Come on!




Jesus Christ.

So that's how you got
your fucking call sign.

I seen some shit in my time.

We gotta go.

Elevator arrived.

That's enough, they're dead.

Take the bodies to
the incinerator.

Boss, can we spit

these fucking things out now?

You may get a shot off.

You might no miss

but I'll take all
three of you with me.

You wanna make a
bet on that shit?

Set the weapons down.

Let's keep it civil.

Look at the bodies, man.

I think we're way
beyond being civil.

They're just hired badges.

They're not killers like you.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

I know you.

You do?

Bruce Miller.

Biotech engineer.

US Marines.

Now Secretary of
Inter-planetary Relations.

Is that it?

How you been, Ryker?

Cut the bullshit.

Just being polite.

This doesn't look like

a government sanctioned
operation here, Miller.

It's not.

What the hell's going on?

Gene splicing.

Using alien DNA to benefit ours

and it will pay me more
than an entire career

in politics ever would.

Take us to it and
we won't kill you.

You're dumber than you look.

That would be a federal crime.

And that's why we're
calling the POTUS

when this is all said and done.

It'll be your word against mine.

None of you have
the best reputation.

You really don't know what
you're deal with here, do you?

Wanna see if you
can drop that faster

than I can pull the trigger?

Francis, I knew it was you.


Your name's fucking Francis?

It's Frankie.


Noob's fine.

The only person I knew

who could hack into
the network here.

You know this asshole?


I did my grad school
internship at the White House.

Well color me fucking impressed.

Means a lot, D, thanks.

You're welcome, Francis.

I'm pulling the trigger now.

Go ahead.

I'll drop it anyway.

Do it, I'm a good catch.

Besides, I can tell by
the sweat in your brow

that you're bluffing.

I drop this, I
do you all a favor.

But you won't.

It's not your style.

You like money too much.

You got me.

Damn good work, kid.

Take us to it.


Welcome to Sub-level Five.



What the hell?

Is this the right room?


I tried to warn you.

Are you kidding me?

This was supposed to be
a simple snatch and grab.

What the hell is
going on here, Miller?

Oh, God.

You didn't put a lot of
thought into this mission

before you took it, did you?

So you're gonna lose the bar.

Big fucking deal.

Look around you!

This is a fucking
suicide mission.

Tell him.

Come on, tell these guys!

Tell them what
they're doing here,

risking their lives for
a simple, what is it?

"Snatch and grab?"

This is bullshit, boss.

All of it.

We're not even
supposed to be here!

Let's just go.

You're on thin ice, my friend.

Where else are we
supposed to go?

You're gonna
get a shot in my fucking side.


Is that's what's gonna happen?

Are you fucking kidding me?!

There wasn't
supposed to be anybody here.

That's what I was told.

We already had
this conversation...


This is horse shit!

You know what's horseshit,
your fucking attitude!


I can't look away!

I can't look away!

Son of a bitch!

Goddamn it!

D, no!

Oh, no!

Oh, no!

Help me! Help me!

Do something!


No, no, no, no, no.

Hey, hey.

Hey, buddy.

Come on.


D, D!

This is on you.

This is on fucking you!

We gotta keep moving.

Five pieces down,
set the motion.

Ah, D, come on, man.

Come on, we gotta go.

We gotta go, let's go.

You gonna be all right, man?


Son of a bitch.

Keep moving.

So what can you tell
me about this thing?

You didn't see enough yet?

Just talk.

What is this thing?

It's from the Sharak System.


Half truth.

It's half Sharak Ti,
half something else.

Crossbred with another
specials from the system.

What species?

We don't know.

But something much worse.

The Sharak Ti seem
to have created it

as some sort of bio weapon.

The Sharak Ti aren't
exactly happy.

POTUS wants to sway an
interplanetary incident.


I know something more dangerous.


us and D.

It knows we're here.

It's smart.

We're sitting ducks here.

Shut up.

Thank you.



Above! Up!

Watch my back.

Only if you watch mine!

That thing killed my brother.

He was my brother too.

Don't get stupid!

Get away! Get away!

Get away from it!


Four-Eyes, answer
me, goddamn it!


I got you, I got you.

I got you.

Help me.

Oh, man.

Stay back, this is spreading.

You're contagious.

Can we help him?


We could put him
out of his misery.

For Christ sakes, boss, we're
in a medical research lab.

We'll never make it!

He's dying.

We have no choice.


I am so sorry

for throwing you into this.

This is my fault.

You were one hell of a solider.

You were a better friend.

I failed you, buddy.


Yeah, boss.

Come here, man.

Pick him up.

Pick him up.

God speed, buddy.


Motherfucking son of a bitch!

This is all your fault!

You knew about this! You knew!



Yeah, boss.

We gotta finish it.

We gotta finish it.

If we don't, I lose the bar.

So that's what's up?

Yeah, that's what's up.

Alfonso was right?

Yeah, man.

He was right.

If you were in trouble, why
didn't you come and talk to me?

You got a little
girl, you got a family.

I couldn't do that to you.

I couldn't drag you into this.

You've had my back
since we were kids.

I say let's go turn this
asshole to the government

and let's get the
fuck out of here.

Maybe they can figure
something out to help you.

Yeah, right.

The last time I trusted
them I lost my family.

But that doesn't mean we're
not making a phone call.

Let's go asshole.

What the fuck was that?!

Keep down!



Once again, thank you, everyone.

Prime Minister Girardi and I
are very proud to take credit

for our two nations forging
and unprecedented partnership

through this strategic dialogue.

But today I want to come
by and express my gratitude

to all in attendance.

Not only to Secretary Murdoch

but to Prime Minister Girardi

and everybody in this room

who are actually doing the hard
word of advancing the goals

set forward by the
Prime Minister and I

in our bilateral meetings.

Call her!

Do it!

Unprecedented partnership?

Is that what you
call a trade embargo

that lines the pockets of
the prime ministers here?

Children are being wasted
in sweatshops in Tyrone.

Congressman Lawton,

I can assure you that
this has been investigated

and there has been
no evidence of these

so-called sweatshops in Tyrone.

Once again,

thank you everyone

and I look forward
to a positive future.


What is this?

There's been a malfunction.

Good morning, Ellen.

Call me Madam President.

Madam President,

got a bit of a problem up here.

Your alien liaison hasn't
been entirely honest with you.


You can call me Boss.


What is the issue?

The issue, Madam President,

is that Weathers
hired my team and I

to extract an alien life form

that we now know to
be a biological weapon

owned by the Sharak Ti.

While returning it would be

a really nice
gesture on our part,

your friend, here,
has some other plans!

Why don't you tell her
all about it, friend?

What are your
other ideas, Miller?

I moonlight with Omni Tech.

Shit, I own the company now.

I hired a mercenary team

lead my former Navy
Seal Alexander Murphy.

Who he killed.

To board a Sharak Ti vessel

and apprehend a bio-weapon
they were crossbreeding

on their home world.

How do you know about
this crossbreeding?

Through a radio
transmission I intercepted.

I am your Secretary of
Extraterrestrial Affairs after all.

That's why you appointed me.

You mean to tell
me that you hijacked

a hostile alien
vessel for profit?

That I did.

The American dream is
still alive and well.


not anymore.

I am relieving you
of your duties.

If interplanetary
was was to happen,

I'd rather have the guy
standing next to you,

who has already saved our
asses once fighting for us,

than you.

Your services are
no longer needed.

Goodbye, Miller.

Real sorry to hear you lost
two jobs in one day, buddy.

Let's go!

I don't know about you

but I'm selling all my
shares at Omni Tech.


Fuck him.

I guess we got no other choice
now but just to shoot you.

Any objections?

None from me.


All right, Miller.

Sorry to have to do this.

This thing knows how to
operate a power generator now.

Of course it does.

It's smart.

How many times do I got to
tell you to shut the fuck up?!

Go ahead, pull the trigger.

Why stop the inevitable?

We got company.

Real slow, guys.

Real slow.


We already saw what
this thing can do.

I got an idea.

Everybody behind Miller.

Oh yeah, thanks.

Consider this a
tax payer's thank you

for all your years
of wonderful service.

I'm sorry.

Let's move, let's move,
let's move, let's move!

Up those air holes now!

Digitizer room's gotta
be around here somewhere.

Through here.

Come on, kid, so you know
what you're doing on that thing?

Can you make it work?!

I can figure it out.

Let's go, don't get fancy.

First coordinates you find
let's get the fuck out of here!

Come on, kid, let's move!

Got it!

Come on, let's go, let's go!

You guys ever been
to the White House?

What house, yeah, that's great!

Thank you, Space Jesus.

Where the fuck is your gun, kid?


DNA recognition rejected.

Boss, stay with me!


Stay with me, boss.

Stay with me.

I think he's hit.

Boss, are you okay?

I'm fine.

It's nothing, it's nothing.

Come on, man.

It's just a little
scratch, come on.

I think we're under
the White House.

Underground railroad.



It's here.

It's here.

It's fucking here.

Let's go, get the gun!

Get my gun!

Go! Go! Go!

Come on, we gotta go.

Come on, we can make it!

Faster, come on!

Slower, kid, slower.

All right, we're almost
there, boss, almost there.

Just a flesh wound.

It's thinking.

I can see it, it's thinking.

Just like us.

I can see it in its
eyes, it's thinking.


Kill the motherfucker.

What's your plan, kid?

You set him up

and I'll take him out.

Do it! Do it!

Take him out!

Take him out!

Take the shot!

Take him out, goddamn it!

You got it.

Almost there.


Gun is jammed!

Goddamn it!


Drop the goddamn shooter.

Save the kid!

Save the kid!

Adam! No! No!

Come on, kid, let's move!

Come on, kid,
let's go, let's go!

What was that?

I don't know but it definitely
came from underground.

You think it's an attack?

I've fought in wars.

That was barely a tremor.

Well, well, well.

If it isn't fuck and you.

How the hell did
you get in here?

Same way Kennedy got out.

And each one after that.

They all had their affairs.

Where's Ryker?

He's gone.



I see.

I'll mourn at the funeral.

This is business.

What kind of business?


Where's the cargo?

It's in the tunnels.

That wasn't part of the deal.

We really didn't
have much of a choice.

We couldn't very well let
this thing follow us up here.

Could we?

The Sharak Ti are coming for it.

You know that, right?


There are still a
few pieces left.

You're one of the
good ones, Ellen.

You're not corrupt.

You're idealistic

and I saw that in you.

But if you wanna
win another term,

now's the time to prove
why you deserve it.

And don't forget that pay.

So that's

two million credits for
each of your, right?


Plus the shares from the others.

We need them to go to D
and Four-Eyes' next of kin.


I have both of their files.

I'll track them down.

What about Ryker's share?

Oh, don't worry.

It's gonna be put to good use.

Madam President.

Thank you.

Better prepare for war.

Well played.

Our old pal, Ryker.

Yo, where's the old man?

Hey busboy,

where's boss!

I ain't the busboy.

Thank you, everyone.

The Sharak Ti are going
to be looking for it.

The Sharak Ti are coming for it.

Does this mean war?

Madam President,
does this mean war?!

♪ Whoa

♪ Whoa

♪ Good old Jezebel

♪ She's got something to sell

♪ Standing three
feet from the door ♪

♪ I said, you better run

♪ She's a loaded gun

♪ Now we're headed off to war

♪ Now three days gone,
there's nothing to show ♪

♪ From the whisky
drinking drama queen ♪

♪ Have I lost my mind

♪ I think she took my soul

♪ Now she's headed
down to New Orleans ♪

♪ Yeah

♪ Whoa

♪ Whoa

♪ Good old Jezebel

♪ I pray thee tell

♪ The stories high and low

♪ And if I see you again

♪ Why don't we just pretend

♪ Our poor chapter
was never told ♪

♪ Yeah

♪ Yeah

♪ Whoa

♪ Whoa

♪ Never told, yeah

♪ You

♪ Subconsciously

♪ Challenge everyone

♪ No one remains

♪ You wanted this to
fuck everyone you know ♪

♪ No one to fly

♪ Kill

♪ Everyone

♪ That you see

♪ That there is
nobody left but me ♪

♪ That's okay

♪ You'll never live

♪ Another day

♪ You did this to you

♪ Did this to you

♪ Did this to you

♪ There's no one awaiting

♪ It's so frustrating

♪ Do I

♪ Do I

♪ There's no one awaiting

♪ It's so frustrating

♪ Do I

♪ Do I

♪ You did this to you

♪ Did this to you

♪ Did this to you

♪ You did this to you

♪ Did this to you

♪ Did this to you

♪ Kill

♪ Everyone

♪ That you see

♪ That there is
nobody left but me ♪

♪ That's okay

♪ You will never live

♪ Another day

♪ There's no one awaiting

♪ It's so frustrating

♪ Do I

♪ Do I

♪ There's no one awaiting

♪ It's so frustrating

♪ Do I

♪ Do I

♪ There's no one awaiting

♪ There's no one awaiting

♪ There's no one awaiting

♪ This time I have made

♪ Enough mistakes

♪ For you to bear against me

♪ Endure and break

♪ Now original

♪ I give you what's due

♪ Betray your trust

♪ Like all your brothers

♪ Nice

♪ Shit

♪ A piece of shit

♪ Alive in you

♪ Never enough

♪ To be here now

♪ This time I have made

♪ Enough mistakes

♪ For you to bear against me

♪ Endure and break

♪ Now original

♪ I give you what's due

♪ Your betray of trust

♪ Like all your brothers do

♪ Where is your loyalty now

♪ Where is your loyalty now