Cross the Line (2020) - full transcript

A good-natured man has an unexpected deadly confrontation. Instincts kick in to clean up the mess caused in the name of self-defense but does one really get away free after killing someone?


I'm out of cigarettes.

- Hi, Toni.
- Hi.

- How's your Dad.
- Good.

Glad to hear it.

OK, thanks.

- Bye.
- See you.

- Dani.
- Laura?

Hi, what's up?


It's over.

Come here.

Come here.
It's OK, it's OK...

Hey, look at me.
It's OK.

Here. Careful it's hot.

- OK.
- Careful.

So now what?

We'll have to start the paperwork,
but I've got it all ready...

No, Dani.
I'll take care of the paperwork.

You've done enough
all these years.

I was talking about you.


What now?

I'll talk to Claudia.

- You're going to ask for time off?
- Time off? No.

I was going to ask her
to make me full-time.

And what you wanted to do?

Laura that was... stupid.

- No.
- It was stupid.

Dani, it wasn't stupid.

Dad's gone.

I know.

He's gone.

I know.

Here it is.


- Looks like paradise!
- You'll be staying right here.

The tide doesn't come in until 2pm,
you can go walking,

- enjoy it all...
- How wonderful!

It's the best trip I have to offer.

- We can't wait!
- Have you been there?

One day. You go first
and tell me all about it.



- Dani!
- What's up?

- Want a coffee?
- OK, lots of sugar, please.


What are you doing next Saturday?

- Having lunch with my sister.
- I need you to swap shifts with me.

It's just with my Dad and all...

- But you see your sister every week.
- I know.

I've met the love of my life!
This woman...

Dani, what are you doing here?
Give me a hug.

- How are you?
- OK.

Look at me.
Why don't you go home?

I already had 2 days off.
I was a bit down, but I'm OK.

- Finish your shift and go home, OK?
- OK.

- OK!
- Good.


What happened with your dad, man?

- He died 2 days ago, but...
- Shit!

It's OK. Honestly.

Sorry, man.

I feel bad asking you to swap shifts.
Would you mind though?


- Yes or no?
- Yes! I'll do it.

My condolences, man.

- OK.
- Thanks.

- Hi there!
- What are you doing here?

- I wanted information about a trip.
- Are you OK?

I want to buy a ticket,
but I have some questions.

Maybe you can
help me, Mr... Aranda.

Laura, please don't do this.

Does the ticket I want have a name?
It's like Interrail,

but with planes.
I can't remember the name.

You can go all
over the world with it.

Laura, please!
I'm at work.

Should I call your supervisor?

No! It's an Around
the World ticket, OK?

- That's it!
- We'll talk later, OK?

Could you tell me about the conditions,
how the ticket works?

Don't do this to me, please!

- OK! Excuse m...
- No, no!

An Around the World ticket
works via an App

and includes all necessary
flights to go round the world

cheaply and easily.

The condition is you have to
travel in the same direction,

always forward,
never backwards, OK?

Just like life.

Sounds great.
I'll take it!

Laura, please! No.

There's more money
on this one. Here.

Charge it.

Charge it.

Thank you.

Whose name shall I put it under?


Use this code to download
the App and reserve all your flights.

Just add all your information.
And you know the best thing?

If you cancel within
two weeks, there's no charge.

No. Dani...

- don't you dare.
- I'm not going on any trip.


What are you scared of?



- Dani!
- Laura.

What's up?

Come to the window.


Is everything OK?

Where shall I send your postcards?
Home or here?


I'm thinking of setting up
a camp bed in the law firm!

I'll be here
all night here for sure.

- Lots of work, huh?
- Loads.

When I finish the case,
I'll come see you wherever you are.

Make it somewhere with a beach,
for God's sake!

That smile...

I've really missed it.

I'll let you get back to it.


You know I love you, right?

Me too.







Excuse me?

Can I sit down?

- Eh?
- Can I sit down?

Are you OK?

- No. I'm not.
- What's wrong?

I've got a problem.

I ordered two burgers,
but my date's stood me up.

Would you mind paying for them?

I'm so sorry.

I'm really embarrassed
just having to ask and...

- Sure, it's OK.
- Really?

Yes. How much is it?

20 bucks.
Well... $19.80.



Thank you.

Excuse me, can I pay?


- I'll leave the 10 bucks here.
- OK, thanks.

- See you next time!
- OK, bye!



Sorry about before.
I'm not like that, I swear.

Honestly, I didn't have
anything on me and...

I was pissed and
I took it out on you.

Don't worry, it's OK.

The burger's on me.

What's your name?

Daniel... Dani.

Dani, I'm Mila.

Nice to meet you.
Sorry again for being rude.

It's my treat, seriously.

If you come round the corner
with me, I'll pay you back.

No, honestly, it's on me.
It's not a problem.

It'd make me feel much better,

I've had a real crappy day.

It's just...
I really should be getting home.

But are you OK?

Hey! What...?

What's wrong?

I'm not OK.
Please, come with me.

Come with me and
I'll give you your money back.

Seriously, it'd make me
feel a lot better.

It's right here, honestly.

OK, fine.
I'll come with you.

You will?

I feel so bad, sorry.

Sorry for being such
a pain in the ass, but...

I've had such a shitty day!

Seriously, it's fine.

You know what happened to me?

I had a date...

and the guy stood me up.

Yup! So I thought:

I'm sure that cute guy
will pay for my burger.

- Pathetic, huh?
- No, it's not pathetic.

- Hey, when do you leave?
- Leave for where?

I saw...

you had a plane ticket.

- I'm not sure when I'm leaving yet.
- Where are you going?



I'm going to go around
the world... perhaps.

Not just next door,
round the fucking world!


Take me with you...

now we're friends.

I'm joking!

- Where's your name from?
- Mila's Russian.

- Are you Russian?
- No.

Mila really comes from Milagros,

but I thought Mila
was kind of cool.

We're here.

- What are you doing?
- I hid the keys here,

‘cos my friends are coming later.

It's so we can all get in.

What is this place?

I work here.

Give me a hand.

Help me get the shutter up.

Wait, wait, wait!


Let's go.

No, I really have to
be getting home.

Don't worry about paying me back.

You came with me
just to leave again?

Seriously, I have to go.

- Really.
- The alarm's going to go off, man.

- Come on!
- I'm serious!

Are you scared or something?

Does everything scare you?

Come on.

Come in.

You want the money?


- I'm happy to pay.
- No, it's fine.


- Listen, I really have to go.
- You sure?

Besides, your friends
are coming and...

Fine... Whatever.

Hey, wait! What are you doing?
I'm serious!

If you won't take the cash, I'll have
to pay you back some other way.


Choose one.

- What do you mean?
- Choose one.

You know my tattoos are worth
a lot more than those burgers, right?

I don't understand.

I'm giving you a tattoo.

I don't want a tattoo!

There are more over here.

Come see.

Let's see...

- I'm hot.
- So take off your jacket.

Give it here.

But seriously,
don't worry about the tattoo.


Just have a look.

Come on.

This one's really you!
Am I right?

OK, let's see...

What wouldn't you ever erase?

Seriously, I don't want a tattoo.

I'm serious.

I mean, I don't know...
Where would I get it?

Wherever you like.

Take a look at these.

I am looking at them.

- Which one do you like?
- I don't know.

- Shall I choose for you?
- What? No!


I don't know.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing, nothing's wrong.

- Are you scared of me?
- No.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

So, why won't you look at me?

- What?
- Why won't you look at me?

- L am looking at you.
- When you talk to me,

- you look away.
- No.

- Yes, you do.
- I'm looking at you now.

Only ‘cos I brought it up.

What was the last thing
someone said that really hurt you?

I don't know.

Well think about it.

This will help make up your mind.

I don't drink.

No, no...

How many more times
are you going to say no?


Which one do you want?

- You nervous?
- A bit.

I told you, I'm an expert.
It won't hurt a bit.

How you doing?

- Good?
- Good.


- I like it.
- You do?

And it didn't hurt, right?

- Right?
- No.

No, really...

It's your reward.

Come on.

Come with me.

Come on!

It's ritual of mine.
I have to take your photo.

Have you tattooed
all these people?

For my collection.

- It was Dani, right?
- Yeah.

You sure?

Come on, we have to go!

Have you seen my cell?


- But, aren't you going to...
- We have to go!

- What's up?
- My friends will be here soon.

Come on! Let's go!


Help me.

You go first.

- My jacket, my jacket!
- Where is it?

- It's on the side.
- Where?

On the side I think.

Hurry up!

Here you go.
Take it!

Give it here.

Lock it.


Hold this for me.

Let's go!

Come on, let's go!

Have you got
anything better to do?

Come on, come with me.

OK, fine! It's your loss!

You're so boring!



- Does it hurt?
- Eh?

- Does it hurt.
- Not really.

I thought it'd hurt more.

You'll see...

once you start, you can't stop.

- What's that look for?
- I'm not giving you a look.

You so are!

Wait here a sec, OK?



No, I don't smoke.

I was out of cigarettes.

Come on.

Come on.

Which floor?

Um... Fifth floor.

Come in.

Come in.

Take a seat on
the couch if you like.

There, on the couch.

Want a shot?

If I keep drinking,
I'm going to get really drunk.

I'm not used to drinking.

Here. Pour two.

Open up.

Come here.

Take off my pantyhose.

Wait, wait...

Who is it?

- What?
- Hey, it's almost midnight.

- I know what time it is.
- Oh yeah?

Turn down the music
or I'll call the cops!

Take my panties and go jerk off!

You'll pay for this, whore!

Fuck you!
Go fuck your wife!

Fucking bitch!

- Who was that?
- No one.

Sit down.

Why'd you turn off the music?

In the case the cops came.

We're animals...

If you forget that,
you're fucked.

Rip my dress off.

Do it!

Suck my tits.

Pull my hair.

- What?
- Pull my hair!


Open it!

- What?
- Open it!


- Answer it!
- What if it's the cops?

- Why me?
- It'll be worse if I go. Answer it!

But it's your house!

Answer the door!

Open the fucking door!


You should answer
your own fucking door!

Answer the fucking door!


I'm coming!

OK, OK...
I'm here.

I'm here.

Who are you?

- Take off the chain.
- Calm down...

No! Let me in
my fucking house!

- What?
- Take off the fucking chain!

It's OK, everything's cool!

Who are you?

- It's cool, it's all cool...
- Who the fuck are you?

What the fuck's going on,
you fucking idiot?

What are you playing at,
you stupid bitch?

- Where were you?
- Working! Working!

Working? Working,
but you pay me no attention!

- Don't start!
- Who were you screwing?

No one! I was at work!

Who were you screwing?

No one! I was at work!

I have to work!

You spend all my money!

- You going to hit me too?
- Enough, I'm calling the cops.

Shut your mouth.

Are you fucking crazy or what?

- Where are you going?
- I'm calling the cops.

Let's talk. Let's talk.

What you going to call the police for?

You're going to call who?

Want the keys? Eh?
You want them?

- Want them?
- I'm calling the cops.

You had the balls
to fuck my girl,

now have the balls
to come back in here with us.

- Come on...
- No, please! Please!

Please? Please what?
Did you fuck her or not?

- No!
- It's OK, I know she's a fucking slut.

- You really didn't fuck her?
- No!

She can tell you!
I didn't fuck her.

- But you wanted to.
- No.

If I hadn't come,
you'd have fucked her.

- No.
- No?

He was fucking me
in the elevator.

- Don't do this to me!
- You fucked her in the elevator?

He fucked me in the elevator!

- Did you know her before?
- In the elevator, on the table...

- in your bed...
- Did you know her before or not?

- We fucked right here in your bed!
- Shut your mouth, bitch!

You're crazy!
Did you know her before?

- Take it easy.
- Yes or no?

He's lying, Ray.
Are you stupid or what?

She's just trying
to make me jealous.

She's been messaging me all night
telling me what was going on.

I feel bad for you.

You brought back the biggest jerk
you could find. Unbelievable!

What are you doing?

Smell it.
Smell his hand.

- Don't do this to me!
- Tell me what it smells of. This one.

- Please!
- Smell his hand!

- Please, don't do this!
- Give me your hand, you idiot.

Give me your hand.
Give it here.

Give it here.

What does it smell of, Ray?

- I'm going to fucking kill you!
- Recognize it?

Mother fucker!
Fucking son of a bitch!

No... please!

You fucked my girl. Now you're
going to pay, you piece of shit!

Where'd you come, asshole?

- I didn't come.
- Where'd you come?

Please, stop!

- I didn't come!
- Where'd you fucking come?

Did you like it, asshole?

Did you like it or not?

Fuck you!
Where'd you fucking come?

In my mouth!
He came here... and here...

Fucking bitch!
You fucking bitch!

You know why I don't
fuck you like before, bitch?

‘Cos I'm fucking a Cuban and
she fucks me better than you!

- You piece of shit!
- Get off me!

- Get off!
- You disgust me!

- Don't touch that phone!
- No!

- Drop the fucking phone!
- No, please!

- No, no, please!
- I'm fucking sick of you both!

I can't take it anymore. You're
a cancer. You're fucking crazy!

- It's over!
- No.

- Get out! I can't look at you!
- No!

- Get out of my house!
- No, no, no!

- Get out! It's over!
- No! I messed up!

- Don't touch me!
- I'm sorry!

I'm really sorry!
I messed up, OK?

- Please!
- Don't touch me!

- I'm fucking sorry!
- Get your things and get out!

- It's over! I'm fucking sick of you!
- Bulishit!

I haven't done
anything wrong, OK?

- I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- It's over!

- What you doing, asshole?
- I'm sorry!

You playing hide and seek or
something? Eh? You piece of shit!

- Please!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

You're in deep shit, asshole.

You're in deep fucking shit.


What are you doing with that?
What are you doing?

Enough with your
self-harm bullshit!

- I swear we didn't fuck! Stop it!
- Stop!

We didn't do anything, I swear!

I swear we didn't!

- Enough bullshit!
- I swear I'll stab myself!

- I swear I'll stab myself!
- Stop it!

I swear we didn't fuck!

Stop it!
Put them down, Mila.

That's enough!
You've really fucked up now!

Where are you going?

- Where are you going, asshole?
- Ray! Let him go!

Where the fuck are you going?

- Ray! Stop!
- Tell me where you're going!

- Stop it!
- I've had enough of this bullshit!

You're going to get hurt!
Are you fucking crazy?

- Stop it!
- You've fucked up my life!

- You're going to pay!
- Stop it! You're going to kill him!

You're going to fucking kill him!

Stop it!
You're going to kill him!

Stop it! Get off him!

Fucking stop it!

You're going to kill him!
Stop it!

This isn't a fucking game!
Stop it!

Stop, stop, stop, stop!

Stop it! Stop!

Stop it!
Stop it, you're going to kill him!

Stop already!


Get off him!

The phone! Give me the phone!

- Call an ambulance.
- You killed him!

Please! He's bleeding to death!

Call... Please!

- Call an ambulance!
- What have you done?

Please! He's bleeding to death!

Give me the phone!

I'm going to call and
tell them you killed him!

I'm going to tell them
you killed him!

- He was strangling me.
- You killed him!

It was your fault!

No, please!
He was strangling me!

You know what?
They're not going to believe me.

You look like butter wouldn't melt!
They're going to fucking believe you!

You killed both of us!
Both of us!

- Give me the phone!
- You know what I'm going to do?

Yeah, I'm going to do it.
Let's see how you explain this!


How are you going
to explain this?

- Fuck!
- What are you doing?

How are you going to
get out of this?

No! No!


No, no, no!

No, no, no...


Fuck! She jumped!

Please, no!
Please, no!

This can't be happening.


I'm S orry!


What's going on?

- The police are downstairs.
- About fucking time!

I didn't think they'd come.
It's that girl and her fucking music!

Don't worry,
she won't bother you anymore.









Hello? I can't hear you?
Is there someone there?



What the hell's going on?

Hey! Who's down there?

Can someone tell me
what's going on?


Let's go look from the balcony!

Everyone's downstairs.

So what?
Do what you like.

Heading up to the first floor.

We're on our way up.

What's going on?


Go round the other way.







- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- License and registration, please.
- Yes.

Why'd you run?

- Because...
- You turned round when you saw us.

- Yes, you're right.
- Why?

I realized I was going the wrong
way. I had to turn around. Sorry.

Where were you going?


Turn off the engine
and step out of the vehicle.

Mr. Aranda, turn off the engine
and step out of the vehicle.

After you.

Get in.

He turned round as soon as he saw us.
He'll test positive for sure.

You can pick your car up once
the alcohol's out of your system.

- Can someone come get you?
- Yes.

No... I'm sorry.

Can you try again, please?
I already...

Call her cell if it's so important.

I have already.

I've been home... Plus, I know
she's working on a case here.

- Please, try again.
- She's not here.

Listen, I know she's here.

- You're going to have to leave.
- Laura!


- What are you doing here?
- Can we talk upstairs a moment?

Yes... of course.

Come with me.

Hang on!
The visitor's sheet.

- Name and surname, please.
- Carlos Jurado. Carlos.

OK. Your ID, please.

- I don't have it on me.
- Come on, Fernando.

Rules are rules.

The rules also say no visitors during
your shift, but everyone lets it slide.

Go on.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

Dani, what's going on?

Dani, what's wrong?

I killed someone.

I killed someone!

I killed someone by accident.

OK, I'll stop by later then.

OK, see you later. Ciao.

Can you give us a minute, please?

Sure, I'll leave you to it.


I couldn't talk to my police contact.
He'll call back later.

I asked a few questions

about the case,
but just casually.

The police know the girl
came home with someone,

but they don't know if that person
left before or after the deaths.

There's nothing
to identify you, Dani.


- I have to hand myself in.
- No, listen.

I have to hand myself in.

Dani, listen.
You can't do that.

They won't believe you.

If you weren't my brother,

I'd think you pushed
that girl too,

to get out of
killing her boyfriend.

You understand that, right?

It has to be...

full of my prints,
full of absolutely everything...

That doesn't matter.

Prints are only useful
if they've got you on record, so...

Even if they found
your prints, blood,

sperm, hairs,
it wouldn't matter,

because they have nothing
to compare it to.

They're looking for you,
but they don't know who you are.

They don't even know
if you're male or female.

None of the neighbors saw you.
We have to wait.

We were both
in the same restaurant.

- OK.
- Yeah...

Did you pay in cash or by card?

- L paid... in cash.
- In cash.

Without a card, there's no name.

Even if the police found out

that she had dinner there,
it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter, because there's
nothing that links you to her.

Can't you see?

What about the tattoo?

- Did you pay for it by card?
- No.

So what do we have?

The neighbors didn't see you,
you didn't eat at that restaurant,

you were never in that tattoo shop,
there's nothing that links you both.


The photo... the photo.

What photo?

She took...

She took...
a photo of us with...

with a Polaroid.

Where's that photo now?

She hung it on the wall.
It's of both of us.

- I have to hand myself in.
- Dani, listen to me.

Let's wait...

for my police contact
to get back to me, OK?

Let's wait until he gets back to me
to see how the investigation's going.

That photo might not mean a thing.

- I'm sorry.
- It's OK.

Dani, please.
We have to wait.

I'll call as soon as I hear something.

It's better no one sees you.

Don't worry.

It's OK.



- Amore, what is it?
- Shut up.

- What's up?
- Shut the fuck up!

Don't talk to me like that!

What are you doing?

What's happened?

- Why's that fucking open?
- Oh, fuck!

What's up?

I've told you to keep
the fucking shutter down!

- It's not hard!
- It was down!

The fucking shutter's open!

We're supposed
to be fucking closed!

Man, I swear,
I thought it was closed!

I'm sorry, dude,
I guess I spaced out.

Fucking shut it!

Hey, here's your share.

- Here's your share.
- Don't be so paranoid!

That gram's waiting for us!

- Turn out the light.
- The fucking alarm!


For fuck's sake!

Come on!

OK! Let him put the code in.

- That's it.
- OK, let's go.


I've been calling you and...

I have to talk to you.
I've spoken to my police contact

and he said... Mila and
her boyfriend fought the whole time.

So the police think Mila
killed Ray, then killed herself.

Everything points to that.

They think the person who was
with Mila left when Ray showed up.

So, Dani, they've closed the case!

They've closed the case,
no one's looking for you.

Call me, OK?
Call me when you get this.

Good evening, I'm calling from
Bit Security. Your code, please.

Can you give me the code
to deactivate the alarm?


What the fuck?
Open the door!

Hey! What the fuck
do you think you're doing?

Turn that shit off!

Where the fuck are you going?

What are you doing here, asshole?

Come here, you bastard!

- He's in there!
- Break down the door!

Open up if you've got the balls.


You son of a bitch!

Don't let him go!
Don't let him get away!


Quick, run! Outside!

There he is!

He got away, you idiot!

Where are you going?

Please, no!
I'm begging you!

Where the fuck do
you think you're going?

Are you fucking crazy?

What are you doing?
Stop the fucking car!


I'm going to kill you!

You're a dead man!


No, no!


Come here, you piece of shit!

You're in deep shit
now, you fucking idiot!

We've got him!

Try and run now!

Now where you going to run to?

- Who the fuck is this guy?
- No idea, man.


Fucking look at me!

- No!
- You recognize him?

What the fuck were you
doing in my shop?

What the fuck were you
doing there?

- Please!
- Answer me!

- Please!
- You going to make me run again?

Where are you going?

Asshole! Take that!

You've really fucked up
this time, asshole!

Argh! My ear!

Son of a bitch!

My ear, you asshole!

Let him go, he's fucking crazy.



Can you lend me your cell?

I need the phone.

- I need the phone.
- Give it to him.


Give it to him!

Babe, let's get out of here!


- Laura!
- Hello?

It's Dani... it's Dani.

Dani! I've called you
a hundred times!

- Where are you?
- The street.

You OK?
Did you get my message?

Yes, I heard it.

The police don't even know
you exist. They've closed the case.

- But there's something else.
- What is it?

- What is it?
- I think it's better if...

we talk in person.
Meet at Dad's place?

Tell me now.
What is it?

- Laura, what is it?
- Dani...

- She's alive.
- What?

She's alive...
she's alive.

But how?

A car broke her fall
and saved her life.

She's in the ICU at
the Hospital del Mar. She's in a coma.

She's in a bad way.

They don't know
if she'll make it or...

if she might wake up one day.
It could take years.

The thing is...
if she wakes up she could talk.