Critters 4 (1992) - full transcript

Just before bounty hunter Charile triggers his gun to destroy the last two Critter-eggs, he gets a message that it would be illegal to extinguish the race from the galaxy. He's sent a transporter where he puts the eggs - unfortunately the transporter takes him with it and then gets lost in space. After 53 deep-frozen years, he's found by a private wreckage collector team under the unscrupulous Rick. On behalf of the mighty company Terracor they bring him to an empty space station - but Rick is curious and opens the box... so Charlie has work again, to keep the Critters from eating everybody. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
All right, you gumballs.

Stay right there.

Ain't never done that before.


Hoar this...
you are about to violate

bio-preservation laws.

Bounty hunter 0601127,

Earth sector.

You are in violation
of mandate E102.




Is that you in there?

- Charlie, my friend.
- Wow.

- Wow. It's great to see you.
- And you as well.

You're looking good.

We just received your bio-alert.

Yeah, yeah.
What was that all about?

You are in violation
of zoological mandate E102,

Clause 14, paragraph 5,
items 6 and 7.


Specifically, you are prohibited

from terminating
any trans-galactic life-form

if it means total extinction
of the species.

Oh, yeah. But they're dangerous.

You taught me how
dangerous they are.

Aggression factor is irrelevant.

Those two eggs
are the last two eggs.

The intergalactic council
has dispatched

a specimen collection pod.

You are instructed
to place the eggs

into the receptacle in the pod.

The council is sending
a pod here?

Come on, Ug...

Good luck, Charlie, my friend.

Yeah, but Ug... Ug!

Wait a second.
What am I supposed...




All right, put these
in over here.

Specimen retrieval unit empty.

Hey! Hey, wait a second!
Wait a minute!

Off, please.

Oh, no! Not again!

Hey! I don't want to go nowhere!

Ethan! Move it.

Get your ass on deck.

I'm sorry, Captain...

I can't hear you.

20 more days.

Sublight shuttle and Earth.

See you soon, Dad.

Goddamn it, Bernie,
keep us out of that stuff.

Hey, I'm not the pilot, Rick.

- Fran!
- I'm on it.

AI Bert...

Where's your so-called

Looks like 12 degrees
to make about 35 burn.

Roger. I got it.
Give it to me in five.

Ethan, I know you are there.

On deck. Pronto.

Acknowledge. I'm on my way.

Looks like a live one.

Is it hollow?

No can say.

What's it doing out here?

Looks beat up.
Trajectory's pretty weird.

It weighs about a ton
and a half.

It could be a space probe.
Or an escape pod.

Whatever it is,
it's a ton and a half

more beer money than we got now.

So, do we do, or do we don't?


Bernie, go down to the bay

and let's see if we can
put a track on this.


It won't scan.

I can't tell you what's inside.


Where are you going?

Well, sir...

if you simply must
possess this thing,

then I must go downstairs
and make sure

that the gravity panels
still drag in a ton and a half.

- Okay?
- Just...

Make it so.

Aye, aye, Captain.

- Hey!
- Huh?

Number one... you're late.

Number two...

Who told you
you could wear those?

- You did.
- I did?


Well, your lease is up.

I guess Rick's had a little
too much coffee again?

Rick has got a bug up his butt.

See? He's gone

and discovered himself...

a magnetic space anomaly.

And he's gotten stiff
in the jock.

And you, my friend...

must learn to at least

pretend a bit

of servitude.

Just like you?

It's life in space, kiddo.
Catch you in five.

Aye, aye.

Tractor power up.
Online in five.

Roger that.

Two kilos and closing.


Tell Bernie to get ready
to lock, Captain.

Oh, there you are.

Can't you hear the bridge
in your stateroom?


Tractor power's
reading 90 on the line.

- Better get ready, folks.
- Got it.

Pull out when I say,
and not before.

Better grab it fast.
She's going.

I don't know if she's
got the guts, Rick,

but she's all yours.

Give me two more degrees.

Come on, Bernie!
Lateral! Lateral!

Spin it around if you have to.

Just don't give me
any new dents.

Clamps are out,
but they look sluggish.

AI Bert.

The clamps are freezing up.

I got the de-icer boots
working, sir.

Thank you...
Ethan, the engineer.

5.9, she's steady.

All right.
We've got it.

Okay, boys and girls.

Let's reel it in
and see what we won.

Okay, it's hollow.

Agnometer reading 35,

40, 55.

Jeez, it's real cold inside.

- About 10, 12 degrees.
- Hold It.


Could you ask Bernie
to go back a little?

You can ask him
to go back, Ethan.

There's nothing there.

It's just a corrosion swirl.

- Bernie, acknowledge.
- Is that you, Ethan?

Yeah, Bernie, this is me.

Listen, could you move
the camera back manually?

A little slower.

Uh... more.


A bit more. Stop.

It's rust.

Magnify times four, please.

Now it's great big rust.

Bernie, um...

aim a blower
at that section there.

Anything for you, madame pilot.

Look, right there. You see?

It's a factory stamp.

Foundry marking.

No, it isn't.

It's the old
intergalactic council stamp.

- Before they dissolved?
- Yeah, the old logo.

Aw, come on. Who cares?

If it belongs to somebody else,
then it's not salvage.

We got to report it,
S.0.P., Captain.

We still get paid.


I'll log it.

I don't want another
stolen property

rap up my ass again.

Bernie, get yourself up here.

Well, somebody must
own the thing.

AI Bert, talk to me.


Nothing on any
of the registration channels.

It's not been listed
missing with central

in the last 15 years at least.

Hold on.
I think I've got something.

ID transmit Incoming.


Third quarter profits,
403 trillion new bucks.

Huh, what do they want?

Ahoy, RSS Tesla.

Do I have the honor of speaking
to Captain Richard Buttram?

- Right here.
- It's a pleasure, Captain.

I am counselor Tetra.

- Of TerraCor.
- Correct.

And on behalf of TerraCor,
may I be the first

to congratulate you
and your crew

for locating something
we lost a long time ago

and frankly, thought
we'd never retrieve?

We are very grateful.

Give me a break.

Just how grateful
might TerraCor be?

Captain, permit me
to put your mind at ease.

Your location is just three days
from one of our stations.

I am well aware of the
profit margin

of an operation such as yours.

So we are prepared to offer you

triple the rate
in straight salvage,

in cash at our station.

Well, Counselor,
you do understand

that I need to establish
the chain of title

from the Intergalactic Council
to TerraCor.

So, I suggest
we get back in touch

when we arrive at Orion Colony.

Excuse me, Counselor, could you
hold for a moment?

We're getting some breakup
on this end.


Take It!
Don't fool with these guys.

This isn't one of your schemes,
all right?

We're involved in this, too.

I'm not real fond of the idea

of messing TerraCor over
either, Captain.

- The offer is fair, Rick.
- The offer is shit!

It's got to be worth
at least 10 times that much

if we unload it at Orion Colony.

We got a goldmine here.

I can smell it.

I can sure smell something.

I... I agree with Rick.

- What?!
- What's that?

I mean, the Captain.

- No way, Rick.
- She's right.


I think we should do
what she says, Captain.


There you are.

Your transmit is
quite clean now.

You do understand,

we'll need the coordinates
for your station.

Already taken care of.
Hope to see you soon, Captain.

And, Captain, please ensure
that no one on your crew

makes any attempt
to breach the pod,

or interfere with it in any way.

What's your problem?

Three days off course.

That's going to set us back
at least a week.

- Maybe more.
- So what?

You got a date or something?

Well, then prepare
for course correction.

Are we there yet?!

"Why, I'm here with TerraCor."

“You know Counselor Tetra,
of course.

"Close family friend."

“Yes, I'm the man
who found the pod.

"Actually, I first
laid hands on it."

God. You're perfect.

Welcome, RSS Tesla,

to TerraCor station 44.
You may call me Angela.

Please complete decontamination
procedures before disembarking.

I don't know about you,

but she's the first one
I want to meet.

Then proceed to lock number 42.

Welcome, Gentlemen.

Gentlemen, problem.

Ugh, this place
smells like a wet sock.

Blowers are working,

filters just haven't
been changed.

Ethan, check
the main scrubbers, will you?

- Rick.
- Aye, aye.

I don't think
there's anybody here.

Nobody alive at least.


Hey, what was that chick's name?


Angela! Where's the staff?

Our staff is available
on a 24-hour basis

- to serve your every need...
- Cancel.

Give me current status
of this station's

life support systems.

Atmosphere fabrication

functioning at 60%...

Bernie, Ethan,
get back to the ship.

I want masks, backup air
and power packs for everyone.

And, Bernie...

Bring me the gun.

Have a good day
and enjoy your stay with us.


Has TerraCor been notified

about the condition
of this station?

TerraCor Interplanetary was

founded by Maximillian...



The computer's fucked up.

- I beg your pardon?
- Never mind, Angela. I love you.

Why, that's very kind of you.

I wonder what hit this place?

Place wasn't attacked,
it was abandoned.



We got 85% power.

Two levels functioning.

No breaks in the seals.

No integrity breaches.


Five through seven are on

automatic shutdown
to conserve power.

And so are levels nine
through 12.

I got...

Air conditioning,

but I can't do anything
about ambient temperature.

Water tanks are down
by one half.

I got...

a pharmacy on level four.

And executive suites
are on this level...

And we can get to them.

Sporadic audio, some video.

Central logic is 50%.

Nearly Neanderthal.

I guess Angela
ain't going to college.

And the station is drifting

at about one half
a degree a month.

Nice of TerraCor to tell us
the station was decomm.

What? Hello?!

Nuclear core is reading
just shy of the red.

Nearly to alert.



It looks more
like natural decay.

I'd give her about a month

before we all glow in the dark.

Don't kid about shit like that.

Just show me
where the pharmacy is.

What's the matter?

Feeling a little bit
under the weather there?


Tell me which way
to the wet showers.

Showers are available...

Check it out.


This is for big boys.

Come here.

You mind your own
goddamn business.

- Asshole.
- Eh...

Captain asshole.

Caution. A maverick energy

discharge has been monitored
in cargo bay two.

The station just cut a fart.

Angela, give me a deck
by deck scan,

and read off all individuals
not currently in main control.

I do not recognize
your voice pattern

as one with security

Great, be a shitty TL54!
Don't cooperate!


give me security clearance
to all levels, please.

I cannot conform
to your request as I do not

recognize your voice pattern
as one with security clearance.

Angela, do not...

I repeat, do not give me

security clearance
to all levels.

You have
security clearance on all levels.

- Yesl.
- What Information

do you require?


like my ex-wife.

Anything I say...
she does the opposite.

Come on, open up, you bitch!

I have registered another

maverick energy discharge
in cargo bay two.

It must be one of them
subsection power lines

shorting out
in the condensation.

Go down to the cargo bay,
split it off

and dump it in one of those
dead grids, would you, Ethan?

Aye, aye.

Down, please.

Down is a
relative direction in space.

Do you require
a specific deck or area?

Take me to the Tesla.

Please state the registry
number of the Tesla now.

RSS Tesla, registry...

Shit. Um...

Take me to the ship that
most recently docked here.

This is an elevator, not a dock.

Please state your destination.

All right.

Take me to
the visiting ship dock.

Ship's doctors will be
found on deck four,

- corrldors 11 and...
- Cancel!

Take me to the loading dock.

Do you require B level
service docks...

Come on, Angela.

...the B113 docks,
sublevels four through eight,

- for oversized shipments or...
- I can't get out of here, can I?

Please state
your destination now.

No, don't be on fire!



What are you doing?

What happened to "Captain..."

- Squirt?
- What is your problem with me?

Problem? What's my problem?

I'll tell you
what my problem is.

- Rick.
- Sit down!

We all had a chance back there.

All of us!

But they... those people,
they've fucked it up.

- W-wh...
- Shut up. Damn It.

See, I understand you
better than you think.

You're young.

You figure you've got
lots of chances.


Let me tell you something...

there will come a time
when those chances run out.

And then where are you, huh?


What do you say
to getting out of here...

right now, huh?

What about the others?


on the other hand...

I think I've come up
with a solution

to your little problem.

What problem?

See? It's all fixed.

Hang around awhile, kiddo.

I'll be gone soon enough.

Hey, hey, hey!

Hands off me!

Wow, thanks.
I almost got locked...


I'm in space, aren't I?

Are you it? Just you?

Better be something
other than you in there.

Don't move.
Stay right there.

Holy cow.


The eggs.

Attention, third notice.

I'm registering another
maverick energy discharge.

Angela, do not,

I repeat do not
characterize the discharge.

The energy discharge
is conformed

to a type two
Rendel Pickman beam blaster.

That's Rick's big macho gun.

He's going for the pod.

That jerk's trying
to rip off the pod.

Ethan. I sent Ethan down there.

Let's go.

Who are you?


Bernie! Bernie!
Cut that out and come with us.

- What's the matter?
- Rick! Cargo bay.

Seems our fearless leader
has some plans

for TerraCor's long-lost pod.

You mean steal it?
Steal what's inside?

Yup, leave us here counting
REMs as we glow in the dark.

Scumbag. Are you sure?

- Jeez, what did you do to him?
- Me? Nothing.

That was the critters.

I'm a bounty hunter,
and I got a job to do.

Just tell me who you are.
God, are you from the station?

Wait, wait,
what are you talking about?

A bounty hunter?

Look, are you
from the station or

part of the security team
or something?

How far from Earth are we?

Are you from Earth?

Of course I'm from Earth.
Where are you from?

Well, I'm sorry, I've never...

My Father's there. I think.

Hold It.
You've never been to Earth?

No, I'm...

- Wait a minute.
- What?

You an alien?

No, do I look like one?

Never mind.

Here, hold this.

- What are we doing?
- Shh!

I got a job to do.

What happened?

Oh, no.

Where's Ethan?




Not so fast.

Would you give me a break?

What do these things look like?

- What do they look like?
- Yeah.

You ever see a piranha?

It's a fish, right?

That's right.

They look nothing
like a piranha.

But they're hungry
like a piranha.

Whoa! Now watch these ducts.

They love ducts.


"Dr. McCormick."

You know...

- I don't even know your name.
- Um... Charlie.

I'm Ethan.

Nice to meet you.

What do you think
of the coat here?

You... Charlie?

- Hey, look at this.
- Shh.

They're close.

Where are we?


We used to collect specimens
like these.

- Where?
- Oh...

Hello? Fran?

You are engaging

- in unauthorized communication.
- Is anyone there?

This is a restricted
access facility.

Who is that?

Somebody I'm starting to hate.

A lot.

You know, Char...

Char... Charlie?

Charlie, where are you?


Charlie, where...

- Hey!
- Oh!

I could use some help up here.

- In there?
- Yeah.


No way. I'm not going In there.

Well, suit yourself.




Charlie? Charlie, where are you?

What? What?


No, Charlie.
It's okay. It's dead.

Attention, refuse tube A442

is now filled to capacity and
ready for jettison sequence.

Jettison sequence? What's that?

- Charlie, Charlie...
- Relax.

I think this thing
is getting ready

to throw us out into space.

- Just relax.
- Angela!

Angela, don't complete the
jettison cycle.

- That's all, don't!
- I am not sequenced

to respond to the requests
or demands of waste material.

We're not waste material!

- If you were not waste material,
- No, wait!

you would not be
inside the refuse tube.

Jettison sequence will begin
in 20 seconds.

Help! Help!

Wait, wait. Look.

Okay, I see it.

- Lift me up.
- Get on my shoulders.

Up you go. Get it open.

Get it open.

15 seconds to full jettison.

Hurry up. Go!

- I can't get it, Charlie.
- Yes, you can. Go!

Go! Go!

- Charlie, it won't open.
- Full jettison in 10 seconds.


Nine seconds.

- Eight seconds.
- Hurry up!

Wait a second.

- Seven seconds.
- Angela!

Angela, jettison us now.

- That's an order. Do it now.
- 5 seconds...

No, wait a second. I don't think

- that's a good idea.
- 4 seconds.

I am not sequenced
to respond to the demands

of waste material.

Good idea. All right.

Auto-reset cycle has commenced.

- No!
- Go!

Full jettison in 10 seconds.

9 seconds.

- Got it. I got it.
- 8 seconds.

- Go.
- 7 seconds.

6 seconds.

- 5 seconds.
- Come on.

- 4 seconds.
- Charlie, grab my hand.

3 seconds. 2...

What was it, Rick?

Where'd you hide it?

You were trouble then
and you're trouble now.


Let me out of here!

Come on.

- Ethan?
- Yeah, Bernie, open the grate.

Come on, man, open it.

Open it up.

What the hell are you
doing in there, you idiot?

Just open the grate.


Who the hell are you?

- I didn't kill anybody.
- Bullshit.

Bernie! Cool it.

All right, Charlie.

How did you get into the pod?


When I put the eggs in.

Then I passed out.

- I woke up here.
- Here, Charlie.

Is, uh... Is this from Earth?

Yeah, it's a driver's license.

See? Grover's Bend.

Well, where else
would it be from?

But, um...

Charlie, it says you expired.


It's next year.

No, Charlie.
This is like 53 years ago.

No, that's 1993.
That's next year.

Charlie, you've been floating
around in that pod

for over half a century.

Charlie, we're nowhere
near Earth.




Well, uh...

That means...

everybody I know is...

They're dead.

They're toast.

They're history.

Oh. Okay.


Yeah, well...

I can live with that.

- He's telling the truth, Bernie.
- Sure.

Eggs from Earth?
Killer furballs?


it is a little hard to believe.

Good morning, Dr. McCormick.

It's good to hear
from you again.

AI Bert, I found this
in the lab I told you about.

You know,
before we got garbaged.

Let me see that.

Move over.

Log retrieval confirmed.

A number of experiments
have been

concluded since last week.

Of the hybrids,
the most successful

so far has been the syphalloids.

It is proved the most resistant
in nearly every test scenario

and has a very high
aggression factor.

Our forced maturity tests
with the metabolic accelerator

have proven most successful.

What is that?

However, so far
we have not been able

to make it self-reproducing.

Projections demonstrate

that a planetary drop of 1,000
syphalloids could efficiently

- ellmlnate all other life forms.
- Holy...

and clear a target property
in as little as two months,

if we can develop the means
to make them replicate.

as all the other artificials

tend to deconstruct
after a few days,

I recommend
the continuation of funding

in order to locate
a naturally existing

predator species

until, and unless

the syphalloids prove
more viable.

End of log report dated 3-11-43.

I don't know what this place is,

but I don't think

that we should be here anymore.

Goddamn corporate sleazebags.
I don't believe this.

AI Bert, they will be here
in a couple more hours.

- Take it easy.
- So what?

I vote we get
the fuck out of here now.

No, wait a minute.
Where's Bernie?

God, let it work.

We got all of the flavors.

Is that him?

- Bernie?
- Shit!

Oh, man. What?!

You know...
those man-eating hairballs

that you do not believe in?

Yeah, what about them?

Well, I am reading
two life forms on your level

- that could be them.
- Where?

I don't know.

But I do know that they
are real close.

And Bernie, I think
that you should get up here,

and I do mean now.

All right.
In a minute, in a minute.

Bernie, do you copy?

Get back up here double quick.

Bernie, do you copy?



- It's them.
- Bernie, damn it!

What's happening?

Hold it. Hold it, wait a second.

- Come on. Quick.
- Hold it!

Come on.

Now, they'll come
at your face...

And at your throat.

- Keep this up in front of you.
- Come on.

Attention, chief engineer Davis,

please report
to Central Evaluation.

I am m-m-monitoring...

Oh, shit.

Chief Davis
to Central Evaluation.


See if he's still breathing.



They're still wet.


That's not normal.

No shit, Sherlock.

No, I mean they don't
usually turn from a fight.

Or a meal.

I'm leaving.

You folks want to stay
that's fine with me.

But I am definitely out of here,

and let TerraCor
pick up their own pieces.

Attention, code seven.

Chief engineer Davis
to Central Evaluation.

All personnel, please return
to your duty stations.

- Whoa, hold it.
- No, no, that way.

- No, no, I think it's this way.
- What?

Levels 5 through 11

are being sealed
due to a code 9 emergency.

I thought you said
there was no radiation danger.

Well, Fran,
maybe the nuclear core

just changed its mind.


For your safety and comfort,

please return to your stations.

There is a radiation hazard
on decks 6 through 9.

Please return
to your duty stations.

For your safety and comfort,
please return to your stations.

- Gol.
- This is a code 9.

Please return to your stations.

Okay, come on.

- Go.
- Go.

- Go.
- Get your ass down there!

- What are these?
- Those are eggs.

They've been busy.

- Fran, come on.
- We got to get out of here now.

Cut it out, Fran.

Hey, they take
six months to incubate.


Let's get out of here.


Come on.

Please return to your stations.

This is not a drill.

Levels 5 through 11
are now sealed.

We're here.

- What?
- We're here.

AI Bert, we just can't jump.

We got to unlock.

- Ethan, engineering.
- What?

- Fran...
- I got it.

- Charlie!
- Yeah.

Okay, with me.


is a genuine

antique Colt .45.

Used to be the most
powerful handgun on Earth.


it's all we've got.

We're a salvage operation.

Do you actually know
how to shoot one of these things?


I'm a .38 Special man myself.

You do have bullets for it?

I've always sort of wondered

if one of these things
would actually fire.


I'm used to getting
a dud now and again.

- Move.
- This tln can's

gonna move
like it's never done before.

- Watch out, Charlie.
- Main thrusters in line.

25 mark.

25 is set.

Nav-con is on hold.

- Get it yet, Fran?
- Nearly ready.

- Did you do that?
- Of course not.

I'm fast, but not that fast.

- Ethan!
- Yeah, what?

- Did you...
- What?

Never mind.

No! Please, Charlie.


Please tell me
he is not shooting

a gun in here.

I got him. I got him good.

I got him.

Hey, I got him!

Oh, got him good!



Congratulations, Charlie,

you have just murdered the ship.

But I got him.

Can't we just, you know,

go to the next dock over?

Get another ship?

No, this is our ship.

It's the only ship, you idiot!

Holy shit. O-okay.

I can live with that.

But I got him.

But I see what you're saying
about it being the only ship.


Rick and Bernie are dead.

For all I know, we may have been

infected by some
alien goddamn germ.

So, unless anyone else
has another suggestion,

I propose
that we just hole up here

and wait for them
to come rescue us.

They will be here any minute.


If we don't blow up first.

Thanks, Charlie.

So much for Earth.

Nope, there.
The one with the wires.


No. Come on, Charlie.

Goddamn it. This thing is fried.

It's gone.

Where the hell
does he think he's going?

What are you doing?
You get your ass back here!


I've got something
to take care of.

We need you back in here.

Look, there's one left.
I'm going to go take care of it.

- Leave it be!
- You're not my father!

AI Bert.


All right! Come on,
Charlie, let's go, let's go.

Docking complete.

Welcome TerraCor ship
to TerraCor station 44.

- You may call me Angela.
- Hey, hold it, hold it.

Please complete decontamination
procedures before disembarking.

You are the crew
of the RSS Tesla?


What's left of it.


- Is that you?
- No further.

Ug... It's me, it's Charlie.

Who is this guy?

He's my friend.

I mean, he was my friend.

He is.

Where are the eggs?

Look here,

I don't know
who you think you are

or what your game is...


What the hell
do you think you're doing

coming in here with your
goddamn stormtroopers?!

Get the guns out of my face.

You do not pull
that stuff on us, get it?!

What's your problem?

You overstep your bounds.

Where are the Crlte specimens?

Ug, what...?

Don't! Don't tell him
anything, Charlie.

It's not worth it.

Someone must cooperate.

You will die next.

Screw... you.

You three start on this level,
then search deck eight.

Report to me
when you've found the eggs.

I guess you got
a promotion, huh?

Things change, Charlie.

Things change.

Recon formation, guys.

Stay hot.

Angela, do not, repeat,
do not close and secure

door number 16 on level four.


Pulsars on nine. Stay close.

This way.

Angela, do not close
door number 21 on level four.

Angela, emergency drill.
Do not comply.

We're being handled, sir.

I know, the computer's doing it.

Angela, emergency drill.

Do not close and secure
door number 26 on level four.

Deck four, sir.
We're at the lab.

We had a reading here.

47, guys.


They're blast doors, sir!

Okay, close up.

Look sharp.

- Yesl.
- Got him... aaah!

Get him, get him!

Where are they?!


The nuclear core
has become unstable.

There is a danger
of critical mass in 10...

10 minutes.


Commencing countdown.

Please evacuate all...

You hear that?

We're gonna die in 10 minutes!

Ug, listen to me.
You're being pig-headed.

The critters are probably
all the way to Earth by now.


Then your time has run out.

Oh, wow.

Hey, did I hear
you wanted these?


Well, keep your eyes on 'em.

These are the last ones, see?

Your guards, they uh...

They kinda screwed up.

- Ohhh.
- Don't worry,

I'm real good at this.

Sometimes... I just...

I can't quite seem to...

Get it right.

- Oww.
- Are you okay?


Come on, let's get out of here.

Wait a minute,
can you fly this ship?

It's probably 90% automated.

- Does that mean yes?
- It means, Ethan...

in that ship we can probably

make it to Earth
in two months or less.

Right. Come on, Charlie.
Let's go.

I'll be right there!

Ethan, come on,
let's get out of here!

Oh, God.

Chill out...


You're not going anywhere.

That's a nice antique, Charlie.

- Does it work?
- You bet.

Now let him go, Ug.

You can't do It, Charlie.

You never could.

Things change, Ug.

Things change.

So do people.

Attention, attention.

Hear this.

The nuclear core will cause
the station to vaporize

in three and a half minutes.

Can we get out of here now?

- For your listening pleasure,
- Gol.

I have selected a music track

with a running time
of three minutes.

Hustle, guys.

Come on!

Oh, man.

How the hell does
this thing work?

Here, Charlie.

- Strap in.
- Okay.

I hope...

Oh, whoa.

10 seconds to detonation.

Have a good day.

Nine seconds.

- Eight...
- Angela,

you are the stupidest

- machine ever built.
- Seven...

Thank you, but I am not able

to accept compliments
from waste material.

Five seconds. Four seconds...




She couldn't tell time either.

You okay?

Hell no.

We're on autopilot...

Which is how I like to be.

On course for Earth, guys.

Better check this baby out.

Can I help?



- Now don't you touch anything.
- No.

Captain Charles McFadden.