Cristo Rey (2013) - full transcript

Set in the Dominican Republic, Leticia Tonos Paniagua's uniquely Caribbean retelling of Romeo and Julie chronicles the love between a kind-hearted teenager, ostracized for his mixed Haitian-Dominican descent, and the beautiful sister of a local drug kingpin he's hired to protect. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
The Dominican Republic
and Haiti

share a unique geographic
situation in the Caribbean:

two nations on one island.

1.2 million Haitians
and their descendants

are estimated to live
in the Dominican Republic.

80% of them are undocumented.

This is the story
of one of them.

Born of a Haitian woman
and a Dominican man,

Janvier lives in Cristo Rey, an area
controlled by drug lord El Bacá.

An island... two worlds

Show me you papers.

Immigration! Immigration!

Open the fuckin' door!

Get off me!

You son a bitch!

You don't own the streets!

Hey you!

- Papers!
- I have my papers.

Fake, for sure!

Stay right there!


Dammit, where did he go?

No idea.

Is it El Bacá?

A Haitian.

Haiti! Come here the
truck's waiting for you!


Go back!

You go!

Colonel, you know
I have a wife and a son.

Plus, I get a shitty pay. I don't
want a machete in my back!

My name isn't Haiti.

What's your name?

Janvier. I have papers.

Jan... what?
Can't even pronounce it!


Fuck your papers!

I decide who goes on the
truck and who doesn't!

Tell me where El Bacá is?

Anyone who hides a criminal

is also a criminal!

Is that clear?

Drop that machete dammit!

Shoot him and you're dead!

Where the hell do
you think you're going?


Damn, Menor...

I hadn't seen you
here in a while.

I'm hungry.

Why don't you call room service
through this intercom?

What's the joke?

C'mon, say it... college
boy, what's the joke?

Chill out, Menor.
We're all in the same boat.

In the same boat?
I don't think so man.

You think you're better
than all of us.

You're a goddamn tire burner.

Tire burner.

Tell me, wasn't it you who set a
bus on fire with people in it. Murderer!

Kiss asses like you were put in
here to see what they can find out.

Find out what?

You don't fit in!

No, he doesn't fit in.

There's three kinds
of people in Cristo Rey.

Us tigers.

We get by anywhere,
even in the desert.


Then there are those who can't pull
a job but do their thing on the corner.

Then the dancers, athletes, and
those who work for the community.

Then the rest...

are these goddamn Haitians, who
have been invading our neighborhood

and what's left
is trash like you.

Cut out that damn shit!

It's Pedro Lee.

Well done, Haiti.

You're active.

What the fuck's going on?

The brothers making trouble.

The Haitian and the Dominican.

You been playing
tough guy lately.

You guys know what I'm after.

I want El Bacá.

The one who helps me

will turn out fine.

I can help his family...

and his mom.

I'm supposed to let
you guys out of here.

This morning,
some communist came to see me.

He said I've been making
illegal arrests.

If that bastard knew
all I have to do

to keep this shit in order,

he wouldn't say
a fuckin' word!



What is it?

Where's my mom?

We sent her to the
end of the world.

Let's go.

Come, come, come.

Dominican Republic
Haiti Border



My sons, what happened?

Everything's fine, bro.
We'll meet soon.

Sure, man. Send my regards
to Hector Ignacio.

I'll take care of that.
Ok, bye.

I'm good.

How about you?

I don't like to leave you alone.

Why don't you go away awhile?

Montilla is after you.

Nobody will get me out of
Cristo Rey! You got it?

They're saying that...

Don't listen to what people say.

They spread gossip
to break us up.

They're jealous of us,
don't you get that?


since mom went away,
who's looked after you?

Me, right?

Well then?

Go on now.

Take care.

Bye, Pedro Lee.

Take good care of him.


Remember this.

It's only and you and me
alone... against the world.

You and me.

- Remember that.
- I will.

Pedro Lee,

You will be the next me,
you hear me?

You're going to
represent me, bro...

Go out there and find
that goddamn snitch.

What's up, boss? We're all set.

This is Pedro Lee, talk to him
now. That's what I'm talking about.

Yeah, boss?

I got no money today.

Times are tough.

Do what you want man,
I don't care.

Bacá, El Menor won't be
talking to Montilla again.

I shut that squealer's
mouth up forever.

Look, he's dead.

Get out of there, goat!

I need to talk to El Bacá.

I don't know where
my brother is.

Why'd you bring me here?

How can such an ugly fatso
have such a pretty sister?

Colonel Montilla,
can I help you?


My favorite communist!

Many memories.

Way too many.

I'm surprised you turned out a
cop instead of a ball player,

you sure did a lot of batting!

See you soon.

Let's go.

Imperialism eating us alive!

- Teacher...
- Wait.

Let's talk about what matters.

Learn this song for the
rehearsal on Saturday.

It's by Luis Díaz.
A great piece.

You guys don't know Luis Díaz.

This is hopeless! All is lost!

Mr. García, we already tried.
I can't do it.

How can you say that?

You have great talent.


Theater is about
passion and life.

You have life, but
you lack passion.

You have to find it.

...and find it
quickly because...

Dr. Cruz Jiminián said he's coming
to see the rehearsal on Saturday.

If this man he likes it, he'll
invest some money in our show.

You know we need this money.

- This Saturday?
- Yes, this Saturday.

You have to be there... Hang on.


Smoking's not allowed in school!

Hey, honey.
I think Mr. García is into me.

Sister, you can't waste your
Saturday on a stupid rehearsal.

Let's go to El Drink.

My brother doesn't like that.

That's why you gotta
have fun now.

You'll end up a spinster.

Mind you, conjugal visits
are allowed in prison.

I suppose you're talking
from experience.

You're going too far!

Anyway, I'll end up
in a convent.

Serves you right.

No one comes near
El Bacá's sister.

How about me?

I took you out.

And I'm out of here.

Stay, mama.

Not sure, handsome.

Don't do that, babe.

Hey, can I walk you home?

- No, Rudy.
- Why?

How can you ask why?

You vanished, and I
was worried about you.

Then I found out
you were messing around.

Listen, I don't know who
told you those rumors.

You dare deny it?

Forget that chick, bro.

El Bacá didn't kill you
last time by pure chance.

Forget her.

Hi, Mon.

Can I?

- How's your mom?
- She's in Haiti.

If you need anything,
I have some extra bucks.

You done?


I don't need your money.

I get by alone.

Worry about your other son,
not me!

Why do you speak to me
like that? You're my son too.

What are you looking at!

Speak properly.

In Dominican so we can
understand, dammit!

I don't need you or anyone!


Couldn't you
get out of the way!

You said you wouldn't
make him work here again.

It's just just a couple hours.

But if this bothers you so much,

why didn't you come help me?

Go wash your face, Charlie.

You look like a Haitian.

Go, Charlie.

Learn a job, you never
know when you'll need it.

Need it?

What for?

To end up like you?

With greasy hands every day?

Try it now, Don Manuel.

Well, let's see.

You got good imagination
for this kind of thing.

You should do this
for a living.

Have you spoken to your mom?

Not yet.

Her cousin in Port-au-Prince
said she'd call soon.

Listen, since I've
known your mom,

she's always been a fighter.

Anyway, you can always find
a way to bring her back.

As long as you have
what it takes.

I know.

But Montilla's making it
way too difficult.

Just doing odd jobs in the hood,
will be very difficult for me.

How I'd like to make a burial
suit for that bastard.

I gotta go.

Wait a second, son.

Thanks for the lamp. Here.

I won't charge you.


¡Mamá! ¿Dónde estás?

At my cousin's in

Life's unfair.
You don't deserve this.

Life is fair.

It s men who aren't good.

Don't worry.

I'll get the money

to pay Montilla

and bring you back.

I was born here, pumpkin.

Don't worry about that.


why don t ask your father to
help you?

If Mon is my father,
why'd he abandon us?

I knew I was getting involved

with a married man.

But he's still your father.

This call will be expensive.

We'll talk soon.

OK, pumpkin.

It took you a while.

You don't talk much.

I like that.

I know you're in hell of a fix.

I got an offer for you.

Calm down.

- I'm here to look after you.
- Bullshit.

- You're bleeding.
- Don't!

Who are you?

I'm your shadow.

- You have a generator?
- Of course.

I can't believe my brother
had me followed.

Way too strange.

Let me see.

It's a small cut.

But there's glass in it.

That's why it hurts so much.

What are you doing?

Do you have antiseptic?

I'll go now. See you tomorrow.

Do I have an option?

The power's back on!

I brought the man.

Is that the one?

Have a seat.

You know, it's a privilege...

a huge privilege

to work with us.


Pedro Lee brought you here
cause he trusts you.

I don't know if you
understand me bro,

If anything happens
to my sister,

I'll blow your brains
out, got it?

She doesn't want me
to look after her.

She wants to look after herself.

The thing is...

when she was little,

we used to tell her tales

that a Haitian would
take her away.

No offense.

I know, man.

Prejudice sucks!

Your brother sent you this.

So now you are a delivery
boy as well?

If you need anything,
ask me and I'll get it for you.

If I need anything
I'll call the grocery's.

My brother thinks I'm hopeless.

You read?

What do you think?

That I'm a Haitian
who can't read, add or write?


I can read and my mom taught
me to read French and Spanish.

I didn't mean it that way.

Forget it.
Can I have some water please?

I'll be out there
if you need anything.

You can't tell anyone.

You heard me?

This is our secret.

Listen to sell here,
you gotta talk to me first.

Where's the dough, cocksucker.

I sold nothing.

Hey, that's my bag!

I said it that shit
wasn't a good idea.

I'm sick of them thinking
they own the world.

Not the world.

Cristo Rey, pal.

Hell, man! El Bacá's hiding.

The cops want him.

Dead or alive.

And he still controls this shit.

Let's go.

How's business?

A bit slow.

Come here.

I was looking for you. Get in.

Your turn now.

How are you, Rudy?

How's college?


A couple subjects to finish.

Mon buys that crap,
you're telling me?

Leave Dad out of this, Montilla.

You're starting your business...

aren't you?

Nothing works here without me.
Where d'you think you live?

Let's talk.

You know what?

I'm looking for a partner.

The old partner I had...


Shit, Montilla!

I'm no snitch.

I didn't say that.

What are you reading?

A book by a Haitian writer.

I know you're thinking:
"Haitians write books?"

What's it about?

A love story.

You reading that!

Read a bit.


You can read it later.


OK then.

This is what a girl
called Anaísa said.

"I'm no longer the same person.

What's happening to me?

It's so sweet it almost hurts.

It's heat that burns like ice.
Soon, I abandon myself..."

I don't do this well. You do it.

"Oh, Master of the Water,

there is no bad magic in you.

You know all fountains,

including the one that slumbered
in the secret of my shame.

You awakened it.

And it pulls me.

I cannot resist.

Goodbye. Here I am."

Laurence, phone.

Mom, how are you?

Pumpkin! I called you in my
mind. Thanks for the money.

Tell me about your new job.

I like it.

The job?

Of course.

We're talking about that!

If it's not dirty money, fine.

If I find out it's illegal,
I'll come over

and give you a thrashing.

You hit her.

That's what you need
to have here

a gun.

The next one who
gets in the way...

I'd blow his brains out.

Do we buy more?


Well then...

Haiti isn't too bad.

You think so?


If he wasn't Haitian,
I'd hit on him.

Do we look beautiful?

Where are you going?

Partying at El Drink.

Jocelyn, your brother
doesn't want you there.

And who's going stop me?

Janvier, what happened to you?

Hello, Don Manuel.

Hang on a minute.

Come on, sew this button on.

I'm fine.

Sew it on, come on.

This is so cool!

Oh yeah?

Janvier made it for me.

That kid's very bright.
How about that?

Here, I'll do it.

I bet he doesn't know how.

If you take off your shirt,
it'll be much better.

You don't have to do it.

I feel responsible.

There are photos
of the whole neighborhood here.

From the early century.

Police shoot down two
in Cristo Rey.

Hey, you're strong!

Who's that nice suit for?

It's for Brunilda's son.

El Menor?

But he's dead, Don Manuel.

What do you mean, dead?

I didn't want to tell you
to ruin the night

but he was found dead
in a canal.

That kid never wore
a suit all his life.

Now he'll spend all eternity
in this one.

You think my brother's bad?

He's helped many
people around here.

I don't know.

Let's go.

I'm not going to El Drink.

Don't you have rehearsal?

I wanna live my life.

Aren't you the one who
keeps saying I live in a book?

I'm ready.


Let's go, Iris.

Hey, babe.

Leave me.

For old times' sake.

Let go of me, Rudy!

Leave her alone!

You made a big mistake.

C'mon, man!


Leave me!

We gotta go.



Everything's turning, man.

My head's spinning like a top.

Move over.

You're a pain!


You saw how Jocelyn
protected the Haitian?

I need a scam!

I know something
that'll cheer you up.

- What?
- Listen...

Pedro Lee's working on a job.

I'm sure Janvier's in it.

I've gotta make up
with my little brother then.

Coming from college?

Not now, old man.

I was out all night.

Explain this to me.

Santo Domingo University
Notification of Expulsion

And you still got the balls...

to ask me for dough.

What will I tell Charlie?

Whatever you want.

Some of my money is missing.


tell me it wasn't you!

I gotta go.


Get in trouble?

Get arrested? Steal?

Fuck off!

When did you start to change?

When I was born poor...



if you walk out that door,

don't even come
back for clothes.


Shit, Pedro Lee! Can't you knock
like everyone else?

Get up!

El Bacá knows about last night!

Juanita Lee.

Some woman!
Cristo Rey took her from me.

But now...

I make it pay for it.

Night and day.

El Bacá didn't want you
to mess with Jocelyn.

Whatever you heard is a lie.

A lie?

Pedro Lee...

what happened with Jocelyn...

Drop it.

Grab that bag.

You know it...

All set for Thursday.

This Haitian will pick
the stuff up.

Pedro Lee...

Listen, now you're
working with me.

No more of Jocelyn's shit!

It'll be the big life!

The Chino and the Haitian
controlling Cristo Rey.

Thank me later.

I can't do that.

You're up to your neck in this.

Those guys will be
the first to talk...

if anything goes wrong.

So make sure everything
it works out on Thursday.

Or I myself will come after you.

- Is that the place?
- Yes.

That's where they sell the
best banana leaf wraps.

Gotta go there on Friday.

That guy knows about El Bacá.

Hey, man...
I've never seen you here.

You don't like this food.

It's Montilla, he never comes
to Haitian joints.

Not even here they
leave us alone!

As long as there's men like him,

Haitians and Dominicans
won't get along.

Colonel wanted at HQ urgently.

Some rum?

No, thanks.

Boniface, what's Haiti like?

Same as here.

Nothing changes.

That's it, Haiti.


Thanks, brother.

- You'll have no problems now.
- Thanks.

I'm designing something
to stop the noise

and avoid overheating.

Tell me when it's done.

You'll have many customers here.

Plus, it's your neighborhood.

Here comes shaggy!

When I catch you,
no one will save you.

Keep talking...

- Was looking for you.
- I don't wanna fight.

Me neither.

I know Mon kicked you out.

Yeah. You must be very happy.

That's not why I came.

I wanna talk business, brother.

Now we're brothers!

We've always been.

I just couldn't see it.


I think you and I
can gain much, much more

being allies than enemies.

We both work hard.

We try to survive
in this goddamn neighborhood.

And they shove shit
in our faces.

We're always going through hell.

I know you're on a job
with Pedro Lee.

- I don't know about that.
- Don't bullshit me.

I just need an ally inside

to find El Bacá and
get rid of him.

Then everything will be
yours and mine.

I don't know where El Bacá is.


we're talking big money.

You can bring your
mom back from Haiti,

do whatever you freaking like.

There's a lot of money.

Be careful.

Snitches don't end up well here.

I'm no snitch,
I'm a goddamn survivor!

You won't be turning in a
good man, but a crook.

That could solve all
your problems.

Think it over.

What happened?

I'm sorry, teacher...

Why on earth

did you keep Dr. Jiminián
and me

waiting for over an hour?

I have to go.

Don't you see how serious
the situation is?

I'm sorry.


What's happening to you?

You don't seem yourself.

It won't happen again.

I promise.

I spoke to Dr. Jiminián,
he said...

he may be able to come again
next week.

Can I count on you?

Can I count on you?

Sure, you can count on me.

Acting like a diva!

Learn the song, you hear me!

Watch it!

They told me about last night.

I don't want you at
that Drink place.

That Haitian almost
got you killed.

You know what?

El Diputado will look
after you now.

Don't do anything to
Janvier please.

Since when have I done
anything to anyone?

And El Menor?

I don't want anyone
shadowing me.

I'm not a child.

Why are you angry?

All I do is out of love for you.

I know.

I don't like that at all,

but if that's what you want...


You can stay at my place.

My gran'll think
you're one more grandchild.



What are you doing here?

I wanna be with you.

You can't stay here.

- Go home.
- I won't go!

Go away or I'll beat
the shit out of you.

Take it easy, bro.

I was very worried about you.

For a moment,
even I worried about myself.

We can't carry on like
this. It's dangerous.

That music!

Come, I'll take you home.

Didn't you hear me?


I'm going.
Do what you want.


About last night,
it can't happen again.

Hey there.

She made my braid.

If I'd known she was your chick,
I'd've shaved her hair off.

What did she say?


Shall we dance?

- Come on.
- I said no.

Dance with her.

Get up and dance.

It'll stop raining soon.

You live here?

Do you miss your mom?

Very much.

I only have one memory of mine.

A trip to the zoo.

I didn't care about
any of the animals...

but the train!

Mom and I on the train.

That very day she went away.

I'd have done the same.


Stupid bastard!

Wake up, moron!

Fuckin' Diputado!

You take forever to move!

Talk about being slow! Jesus!

El Bacá, the job's confirmed.

I don't want you to do it.

Pedro Lee can't force you.

I don't want to do it either.

But if I don't, he'll screw
me up anyway he wants.

I'll talk to my brother.

That'd be too obvious.

We could go away.

Only you and me.

We'll never be able
to live freely here.

I'm not afraid of work.

Wherever we go, we'll be fine.

You would be a famous singer

and I'd invent things
to make people's lives easier.

Me a singer?

You're mad.

You sing very well. I heard you.

How come?

How embarrassing!

I don't sing in front of people,
I get nervous.

Practice with me.

No way. I don't even sing
in front of my brother.

Come on!

Take me with you...

to the end of the world.

Hey, the job's tomorrow.

You know what you gotta do.


Everything sorted
with the Haitian.

Tonight we'll be rich.

Help me do this.

Are you ready?

I don't know.

We'll meet under
the bridge today.

Then we say goodbye
to Cristo Rey.


♪ The Jeep churns
The dark waters ♪

♪ A drum sounds at the border ♪

♪ The Jeep looks ♪

♪ For victims on the corner ♪

♪ Walk at your own risk ♪

♪ On the island... ♪

Two more packs.

- Any left?
- No.

It's good stuff.

- You tried it?
- It's the same stuff.

♪ On both sides
The same dictator ♪

♪ A cross of crows ♪

♪ Gives birth to a grave ♪

♪ A brief respite ♪

♪ From the darkness ♪

♪ The Jeep looks
For victims on the corner ♪

♪ Walk at your own risk... ♪

Shit, Pedro Lee!
I gave the stuff to the Haitian!

Just like you said, man!

He picked it up awhile ago.
Didn't he give it to you?

♪ On both sides
The same dictator ♪

The motherfucker
packed up his shit and left!

Fuckin' Haitian!

♪ Hey man ♪

♪ Why always talk about slaves ♪

♪ Hey man ♪

- El Bacá's in there?
- Janvier stole his drugs.

What the fuck you lookin' at?

Is this a fuckin' movie?

C'mon, beat it!


Let's go, Rudy.

Don't be a fool.
He'll blow our balls up.

Didn't you fuckin' hear me?

Easy, man. I know
where Haiti is.

You know where he is?

Say it!

I'm gonna tell you.

but you won't like it.

I should take you to
a whorehouse!

Pedro Lee...

if she moves, kill her!

I'll come with you.

This is family stuff,
not business.

You guys come with me.

First you screwed my sister,
then you robbed me!

Someone set you up,
I didn't rob you.

I got nothing from you, man!

My dope?

Hiding from me, eh?

Thought you'd get away?

Tell me.

Who snitched?

Tell me!

He'll end up worse
than El Menor.


Talk to you later.

Let's go.


Good job.

The Haitian got away.

Never mind. I'll
catch him later.

Tell me...

how did you end up
with El Bacá's dope?

Wasn't it the Haitian who was
supposed to pick it up?

I gave you your share.

I suppose that's
what matters, right?

Tell me everything.

What happened?

A Haitian did pick it up.

Only, not that Haitian.

All Haitians look
alike, Montilla.

Everyone knows that.


El Bacá still lives!

Long live El Bacá!

El Bacá still lives!

El Bacá still lives!

I wish it this was
all a nightmare.

I'll go get you some water.

Any news of Janvier?

He's surely dead.

Why do you care about a traitor?

What do you mean, traitor?

Everyone knows
he gave your brother away.

To keep the drugs...

and you.

You're lying!

I know it's hard
to believe it...

even to me.

But I'm here to look after you.

Look, I got money.

Come on, drink this.

How did it go?

Something's left to do.

You're out of your mind.

I can't break the law.

Remember when it was
the woods here?

And I came to pick you up?


To go fruit picking.

Mangos, guavas...

Of course I remember.

Your dad picked us up
in that jalopy of his.

I'll help you.

I will.

Goddamn coffee's cold again!


tell that kid
I'm giving him 24 hours

to get out of this country.

After that...

I'll have nothing to do with it.

Don Manuel, how do
you like this?

Not even Fefita La Grande
would wear that.


you want me to fix this
so you can go to the garage

and get under cars.



everyone's after you.

Not only Montilla's guys,

but also El Bacá's gang.

Mon said you must go away today!

Hang on...

Here's the bus ticket

and a few bucks.
From your dad.

Take it.

I'm sorry I got you into this.

I don't want to get
you in trouble.

I get in trouble by
myself, Janvier.

And I do it because I want to.

Don Manuel...

I need a favor.


Don Manuel says to
look at page 12

that's the dress he
recommends you.

Bye, Jocelyn.


I feel like I came back
from the dead.

You're the only light I see
in this dark tunnel.

I'm going to the end
of the world,

to Haiti, where my mother is.

But I can't go without
seeing you one more time.

I'll wait for you tonight
at the Haitian bar.

I love you, Janvier.

The neighborhood's screwed, man.

With El Bacá dead,
who's gonna control this shit?

Pedro Lee.

You're mad! No one's seen him
since El Bacá was killed.

Look, talk of the devil...

There's trouble tonight.


get up from that bed.


Come out here!

There he is.

He snitched on El Bacá.

That's a lie.

Go back to your homes.
This will solve nothing.

Shut the fuck up.

I love her.

Think, Pedro Lee!

Who profited from his death?

It wasn't me.

Don't listen.

These people want to
take all that's ours we have.

Shit, a power outage!

What happened?

What have they done to you?