CrissCross (1992) - full transcript

Set in 1969, a twelve-year-old grows up in Key West with his mother, who is paying the bills by stripping at the local topless bar. The boy finds out about her activities and tries to convince her to stop, to no avail. A local restaurant owner hires him to collect fish from a boat out in the bay, and the boy discovers that the restaurant owner is using the fish to bring drugs in to shore. He steals one load and goes about selling it so his mother can afford to quit her job. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I know what I did
probably looks like bad news...

but I bet you would do the same
if you were twelve...

and your life
was as screwed up as mine.

My dad was a bomber pilot
in the war.

On one of his missions, he hit
a hospital filled with kids.

It was an accident,
but it really freaked him out.

That was three years ago,
when I was in third grade.

Mom used to be
for the war like Dad...

but that all changed after
she saw what it did to him.

Dad came back from the war
and quit the military.

One night, he took me
down to the gulf.

We collected driftwood
and burned his uniform.

Dad said it was nothing
but a killer's costume.

After that, he moved us
from Texas to Key West.

In those days,
he was drinking a lot.

But by spring...

he started fasting
and took a vow of silence.

Then one day,
he just disappeared.

He wrote Mom and said
he wasn't coming back.

I wrote him once to ask,
"What about me?"

He didn't answer.

They're goin'
to the friggin' moon.

Half my money goes to taxes...

so they can blow away
peasants in pajamas...

and fly to the friggin' moon.

So, what do you say?

You want to replace Monica
on stage or not?

I don't know.

I guess so.

Guess all you want.

Just let me know by tonight.

Well, so long, babe.

We're gonna miss
your 38s, you know?

- Thanks for everything.
- Sure.

Maybe with your tits,
I'll bill you as a 12-year-old.

You got a way with words,
Connie. Let's go.

When Dad was with us,
we lived in a house...

and I had my own room.

These were the good old days...

which Mom doesn't like me
talking about.

If I do, she says "G.T.F."...

which stands for
"Going too far."

This is Mom's ladylike way of
telling me to shut the fuck up.

Hi, Mom!

All you have to do
is adjust the straps.

The thought of them touching me
gives me the creeps.

You start making five times
what you make bartending...

and you won't mind them
touching you so much.

I love you, Tracy,
but it's time you faced facts.

As hard as you work,
you still don't have enough...

for a little house.

If you want a future
for yourself and the kid...

you're gonna have
to bump and grind for it.

You're a tough lady, Monica.

I'm not tough. I'm practical.

Good morning, Termina.

You look pretty.


Good morning.


Don't be late
for the card flip, boss!


Termina, eat your
sunflower seeds, please.

- Yeah, Termina.
- Shut up.

Hey, Snyder!

Come on!

It's OK!

Don't you say bye?

Not to you.

Mom and me stayed in Key West.

She took a night job
being a bartender...

to help pay the rent...

but pretty soon, we had to move
to the Eden House.

Mom was waitressing there...

so the room only cost us
twenty bucks a week.

One 25-pound bag
of yellow onions...

I really dig Emmett,
but the way he chain-smokes...

he could drop dead like a fly
at any second.

And if there's one thing
I've learned...

it's a total nightmare
to love someone...

and have them cut out on you.

It at least will come back
with something...

for the geologists to study.

I'll call you right back.

Armstrong and Aldrin will
collect more than 100 pounds...

of lunar material.

- Seen Mom?
- Not yet.

When you had a mom,
did she used to work all night?

She only had time to sleep.

My father worked nights,

He was a bootlegger.

Would you mind putting
the fish on ice?

French toast, pick up.
Swiss cheese omelet, pick up.

Wrong knife.

So, where's
the little guy's mom?

Still at her night job.

She can't get her tables
set on time...

she gonna have
to find another job.

Be nice to her for once.

She's finally getting
her head together.

Oakley, pick up
the fucking omelet, please!


Pick up this breakfast
before it's lunch!

I'm just going to go set
my tables and get my work done.

Hi, sweetheart.
Did you sleep good?

Better than you, I bet.

I'm sorry, honey.
I had to miss our breakfast.

I had some things
to pick up after work.

I set your tables, so you better
be getting to work.

You better
get ready for school.

I am ready.

- You are not.
- Yes, I am.

No. Come on, put your jeans on.

My jeans are wrecked.

Well, then put on
your green pants.

I outgrew those last year.

Now, I can't have you going
to school looking like a bum.

I ain't no bum.

All right.
Come on back after school...

and I'll sew
your pants up for you.

I have food stand after school.

Not till 6:00, you don't.

If I'd been Dad,
I'd have never left Mom.

My girlfriend Termina says Mom
must be totally blown away...

from Dad abandoning us.

one grade ahead of me.

When we get older,
we plan on living together...

so we can have orgasms.

Termina says orgasms
are something adults get...

after they fall in love...

but Emmett says orgasms are
what make people fall in love.

All Jetty says is
I'll find out soon enough.

When I asked Mom
what exactly an orgasm was...

she said "G.T.F."

You ready to order?

Yeah, I'll take number two...
eggs over easy.

- Anything to drink?
- No, thank you.

Somebody please
pick up on table nine!

More coffee?

What do you think...
cheese omelet or sliced fruit?

Well, how hungry are you?

Hungry. I been driving all night
from Jacksonville.

Is that where you're from?

No, I'm from Washington, D.C.


I'm from here.

Well, actually,
I was born in El Paso...

but I live here now.

No kidding.

I know a guy who played
minor league ball in El Paso...

the Sun Kings.

My daddy used to take me
to those games.

God gave us baseball to make up
for the industrial revolution.

I'll have the omelet
and the sliced fruit.

You might have to wait
for that omelet.

All right.

Make way. Coming through.
Hot stuff here.

Make way.

Had to start without you, boss.

Did you flip
any of our singles yet?

Had to. Leaner won't come down.

I hit it twice.

Shoot. Make way. My turn.

- You cheated.
- Hey, take it easy.

It's only a game.
Put the knife away.

What's going on here?

Cruz just found this knife.

I'll bring it
to the lost and found.

Cruz, the knife.
Bertrand, inside.

Come on, Chris. What do you
think your father would say...

if he was told about this?

Not much really.

He took a vow to silence.
He's a monk now.

Your father's a monk?

Yeah. He lives in a monastery
north of Miami.

When was the last time
you saw him?

About three years ago.

I was nine then.

What did he say?

You remember?

Yeah. He said that
the purpose of life...

is to love everything...

even flies.

Chris, did your father ever
consult with a psychiatrist?

What for?

He talks to God.

Tell me something
about your mom.

Guys her age are always
trying to nail her.

Nail her?

You don't know what
that means? Nail her?

Yeah, I know
what it means, Chris.

Does she work?

Very hard. We're trying
to save up for a house...

for when my dad gets back.

What kind of work?

She's a waitress
and a bartender.

I got three jobs.

Hey, Chris...

you like her very much,
don't you?


Anything else?


Tell me when
you don't like her.

When she forgets she's a mom.

Look, Chris,
I've enjoyed speaking to you.

Chris? And I think that
it would probably be...

a good idea if we did
this again sometime.

What do you think?

Anything beats
sitting around in class...

with Smethurst the worst.

Hey, Chris, no more blades, OK?


- And send your buddy in here.
- OK.

You owe me one, Fidel.

Run, run!

Move, move, move!

Run, Tracy, run!


Go back, go back!


Come on, Tracy!


You dumb son of a bitch!

Will you throw home?

Come on, Tracy!

Hi, smoothie.

I thought you said
I was a hot dog.

My mom's team is playing
like a bunch of bozos.

How about a smoothie?

- Sure.
- On the house.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

My boss is making me
cut back on the fruit.

- How do you like it?
- Delicious.

Oh, please.

This is your first time
in public?

Thought if you could wear this,
we could go steady.

I just don't want
all the other guys...

thinking that
you're not my girl.

Hey, ump!

Jetty, what the hell
are you doing?

Come on, Oakley,
move your omelets.

- Hi, honey.
- Hi, Mom.

- How's business?
- It's fine, I guess.

I'd like you
to meet my friend Joe.

Joe, this is my son

Hello, Christopher. Your mom's
said nice things about you.

That's pretty much her job.

She's my mom.

Will you please step back?
I have to put the hatch down.

Well, hurry up
so we can scoot, Chris.


I'll catch you later.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye.

Give me a break tonight, Chris.

You mean to start
seeing that guy?


What happens when Dad
comes back and catches you?

Catches me doing what,
talking to another man?


Well, I don't think
it'd be any worse...

than having you catch me,
do you?

Seriously, Mom.
I want to talk about this.

Honey, the reason your daddy
and I got divorced...

was he couldn't
talk to me anymore.

I figured once I let him
have the divorce...

that I'd be allowed
to talk to other men.

Well, Buggs
and Termina's parents...

didn't talk to each other
for a year...

and they got back together.

That's because they were
only separated, Chris.

I mean, when you're divorced...

it means you're just not
interested in trying anymore.

Honey, we talked
about this already.

Well, what's the point
of getting married...

when you can crap out
any time you want?

Well, I guess there really
isn't much point.

Come on, Rebel. Come on, boy.

- Bye.
- Come on.

Come on.

Oh, my God. You better get two.


Hey, Emmett,
if Louis shows up...

tell him me and Oakley went
to catch Tracy's new act.

- What act?
- All right.

Oh, hi. I didn't see you.

Get it in the hole.

I'm getting it in the hole.

OK. Get it tight.


You up for a little nose action?

- Yeah.
- OK.

- Oh, boy.
- Steady.


Oh, man.

Oh, monster.

And at one buck a "G,"
for free.

- Ready?
- Blast off, baby!


Isn't she great?



Turn 'em on, Trace!

Come on!

Oh, great.

I was real mad at Mom,
but real sad, too.

What made Mom so crazy...

that she'd put a song
on the jukebox...

and moon a bunch of drunks?

I hitched a ride
with some lady on a Harley.

She told me to hang on tight.

Then she put my hands
on her tits.

I kept them there,
but didn't squeeze.

Thanks a lot.

It was all screwed up.

Deep down, I wanted just to bury
my head on Mom's shoulder...

forget about how we lived
and why Dad was gone.

Hey, mister,
could you give me a ride?

- Where do you want to go?
- North Miami.

OK, kid.

Thanks a lot.

Man is about
to launch himself...

on a trip to the moon...

with the expectation
of landing there...

man going to the moon
aboard that Saturn rocket.

The rocket will go...
will put the men into orbit...

115 miles above the earth...

for one and a half orbits...

and then the third stage
will put them...

on their way toward the moon.

- Excuse me.
- Yes.

I'm looking
for a Lieutenant John Cross.

He's my dad.

I think you want to talk
to the groundskeeper.


He's usually
in the vegetable garden...

at this time of the day,
so just go through the arch...

and turn to the left.
You'll find him.

OK. Thanks.



Remember me?


I need your help.

But you and I know
her stripping's not right.

I only know one thing.

The kingdom of God
lies within each of us.

When you experience
that kingdom...

then you'll know what to do
and how to do it.

What does God
have to do with this?

- Does your mom know you're here?
- No, sir.

The first thing to do
is to contact her.

She's going to be worried.

She'll just be mostly mad.

Will you call her for me?

Son, I haven't spoken
to your mother in three years.

I'm sure you'd get a lot further
with her than I would.

Mom's coming to get me.

I'm going out with this girl
that's a year older than me...

and her brother's
my best friend.

How old were you when
you and Mom got married?

Well, that was my last year
at Annapolis.

I must've been 22.

And you met at a party.

You were wearing your uniform.

She had her white dress on.


That's right.

And you were happy until
you came back from 'Nam...

and started drinking
and having bad dreams.

I'll take this to the kitchen.

You sure are
a great gardener, Dad.

Your mom's here.

I thought we could all
go for a walk and talk.

I'm going to say good-bye
to you here, son.

Don't you even want
to say hello to her?

I'm afraid there's no point.

So, what you're saying, it's
all right for her to dance...

and me not to care for her.

I don't know how
to instruct you.

I'm sorry.

Perhaps one day
you'll understand.

Try to be of good cheer.

It's OK.

At least we had a chance
to work in the garden together.

Where's Christopher?

He's looking for you
at the chapel.

You quit drinking.

- 2 years, 31 days.
- A long time.

Has anything else changed?

Just about everything
has changed.

Is this what you wanted?
Are you happy here?

It makes sense to me. Yes.

I don't want Chris to hate me.

He hangs on to you coming back.

He worships you.

Not anymore, he doesn't.

Well, thank God for that.

I'm sorry.


Bet it's the carburetor.

It's always getting clogged.

What'd you and your dad
talk about?

You must've talked
about something.

Isn't that why you came
all the way up here?

I wanted to see my dad, OK?

Why? What'd you think
would happen?

Try starting it.

If you thought getting us
all together again...

would make things the way
they used to be, Christopher...

I want you to get that
out of your head right now.

Why? Why can't things
be like before?

I want you and Dad
to be back together.

No, you don't. You forget.

It wasn't any good
when he came home...

and it wouldn't be
any good now.

It's better than this.

Better than you yelling at me.


sweetie, you got to stop
fighting me on this.

I'm doing the best I can.

Stick with me, Chris.
I need you.

I'm starving.

I packed you a sandwich.

Oh, sweetheart.

When school ended for summer...

Buggs and me
cooled out at the beach.

Mostly it was great
just doing things together.

And after a year
in the same class...

as Smethurst the worst...

what we needed to do
was air out our heads.

The day before the countdown...

Buggs said
we should try something...

to help the astronauts
have a safe mission.

We decided
everything would be OK.

We closed our eyes and pictured
a perfect flight...

from blastoff to splashdown.

The scariest part for me...

was thinking about
being stuck on the moon.

Buggs said he'd miss his dad
more than anyone.

I said Rebel.

But I really meant my mom.

Who put a shark in the tank
in the first place?

Louis. He's eating all
of Emmett's favorite fish.

So, what do we do
if we catch him?

Put him back in the ocean.

Hey, you guys.
You're going to miss it.

Hey, I think
"Dark Shadows" is on now.

Get away from there, Louis.


T-minus 15 seconds.
Guidance is internal.

Twelve, eleven, ten, nine...

ignition sequence start.

Six, five, four...

three, two, one...


- All right!
- Oh, God!

Liftoff. We have a liftoff,

32 minutes past the hour.


Boy, it looks good, Wally.

- Yeah!
- All right!

All right!

You're loud and clear, Houston.

Houston, thrust is go.

All engines are looking good.

Grab the bow line!

Hey, Snyder!


Gimme some fish!

He's drunk.


You gonna deliver these,
or are you gonna screw around?

You know how my brother hates
when you're late, now.

Snyder's a drunk,
and Jetty's paying him.

You're gross!




There's some tarpon up here.

It's big!

Yeah. Eight-foot.

200 pounds.

Drop it, Rebel!

- This one's had it.
- Wait, look!

It looks like someone
stitched it up. That's weird.

Watch all the guts come out.

Oh, my God. Turn around!

What? What is it?

Let's get out of here.
Come on, get out!

Let's go!

Termina told me what
was in the fish is cocaine...

the drug
people snort up their noses...

like they were pigs...

and that turned them
into sex maniacs.

She said Jetty and Snyder
were just using me...

so they could make money...

and I could
only get into trouble.

It really bummed me out
that Jetty had lied to me.

When Termina asked me...

what I was planning to do
with the cocaine...

I said, "Throw it away."

"And the night before that,
I dreamt I was a wigwam."

I heard this joke, Louis.

It's funny!
I'm not laughing yet.

How come you know
every joke in the world?

'Cause you told me every joke.

I did not!
Did I tell you that joke?

Because he dreams about teepees.

I want to give you some change.

Don't sweat the small stuff,
little guy.

Rebel ate one of the fish.

Doc says,
"Relax. You're too tense."

What did you say?

What did you say?

Rebel ate one of the fish.

"Relax. You're 2 tents."

It is funny! Think about it.

Hey, Louis!
Louis, will you stow it?

Tell Tracy it's set-up time.

What do you mean?

What do you mean,
what does she mean?

Get up there,
and you tell your mother...

to get her buns down here.
It's dinnertime.

- You got me?
- OK! Yeah!



You gotta wake up.

You need to go set up.

You feeling OK?


Must've had a bad dream,
honey. That's all.

Would you give me
my cigarettes?

You shouldn't smoke.

Oh, hush.

Mom, we need to talk.


All right. Go on.

I'm going to splash
some water on my face.

Give me a towel, honey.

You do look serious.

I saved all my money.
You can have it.

Chris, put that money
in your account...

and quit worrying about me.

If I make as much money as you,
will you quit your job?

Don't you think
I'm awfully young to retire?

I know what you do.

You know what I do?

I know you take your clothes off
in front of other guys.

How'd you find out?

What difference does it make?


I was planning on telling you.

I just didn't know
how to do it.

'Cause you know it's not right.

I know it's not right.

I wish there was
another way, Chris.

I just can't find any.

Look harder.

God damn it, Chris...

sometimes there's things
you just don't understand.

I understand.

Now, turn around here.
Look at me for a minute.

I'm making five times
the amount of money...

I would doing that
than anything else.

And I'm not equipped
to do anything else!

Now, I'm all you've got!

And I'm looking out
for your future, Chris.

Who cares about the future?
I care about now!

You think I like
taking my clothes off...

in front of all those people?

It makes me sick to my stomach.

Then stop!


sometimes in life
you gotta do things...

that aren't so good
to get what is good.

It's gonna be all right,

I love you more than anything.

I guess it was like Mom said.

Sometimes you had to do
something that wasn't so good...

to get what is good.

I knew in my head what I was
planning wasn't exactly good...

but I figured
if Dad wasn't coming home...

and wasn't gonna help...

it was up to me to save my mom.

Hell of a time to deliver the
bad news headlines, isn't it?


Ladybug, ladybug,
fly away home.


How come Mom dances
without any clothes on?

People are very tough
to figure, Chris.

Especially mothers.

Will her dancing
get her into trouble?


She puts her goddamn arms
around you, don't she?

So? She puts her arms
around a lot of people.

Listen, Chris,
you're gonna be all right.

When you get older,
you're gonna find someone...

they're gonna put
their arms around you.

As long as you got someone
to put their arms around you...

you're gonna be OK.

How come
you don't got somebody?

Aren't you lonely?

Yeah, sure.
The only thing worse...

than being lonely
with yourself...

is being lonely with someone.

Do people use this stuff...

because it helps them
become sex maniacs?

Where the hell
did you get that?

Rebel brought it home
in his mouth.

Nasty stuff, Chris.
It's cocaine.

People get addicted to that.
Dump it right now.

- Is it expensive?
- Dump it, Chris!

Crap sells for ninety a gram.

You got about ten grams there.

- Ninety cents?
- Bucks!

Jesus, my mind's jumping.

Go on, go deliver
your newspapers.



How you doing?

Enjoying my day off.


Better separate that stuff.
It's gonna get wrecked.

It's already wrecked.

I thought you left.

I did.

Came back.

Where'd you go?


Did you have any luck?

Not yet.

I was beginning to think
you were turned off...

by my work at the bar.

Everybody's got a job to do.

What's your job?

I'm unemployed.

No, I just finished
a job up north.

I'm a sports writer.
I'm writing a novel.

I'm on page three.

I used to read at night.

Now I just pass out.

Thank God for sleep, you know?

See ya.

Hey, what are you doing later?

A bunch of us are
going down to the beach...

and dance and watch
the moon landing.

Have fun.


Save me a dance.

There you go.

To tranquility on the moon...

and right here on Earth.

All right.

Chris has been following
the moon flight...

for months, haven't you, honey?

Yeah. My dad wanted
to be an astronaut.

His dad was a navy pilot.

How about you, Chris?
You want to be a pilot?

- Boat captain.
- He'd like to be a boat captain.

To take people fishing?

- No...
- He likes whale-watching...


I just like to see 'em.

I think he'd make
a terrific marine biologist.

So, you like school?

- I don't want to study...
- He likes school. He does.

Mom, shut up.

You can't talk to me
that way, Chris.

We're havin'
a conversation here.

We are? I'm gonna go
hang out with Buggs.

He gets a little
jealous sometimes.

I'm gonna go hang out
with Buggs, too.

Oh, yeah.

Wow, sweet.

Don't, 'cause he'll wake up.

Watch, watch. After I show you
something, I'll do it.

Wow. He likes it.

Oh, no!

That hurt?

Oh, man.

Here, watch, watch.

God damn it.

I bet you he don't like that.

I bet he don't like
seeing your boogers, either.

You guys want
to buy some beads?

Beat it, kid.

How are you guys doing today?

Listen, don't hassle us
for spare change, man.

Get out of here.

You want to buy some beads?

This ain't no good.
Get out of here.

How about a little...

one-on-one action?

You gonna sell us
your girlfriend or what?

What, kid?

Well, stuff that helps
sex maniacs.

What do you think?

You talking about coke?


How much you asking?

One buck a "G."

A buck a "G."
Get the fuck outta here.

- A hundred?
- A buck a "G."

Must be fine stuff.

It's monster.


You know, we're gonna
have to score a line.

Check it out, you know?

No problem.

Just hang loose.

I'll be back
in about 15 minutes.

Hey, come here for a second.

You're not bullshitting us,
are you?

- You being straight with us?
- Yeah.

- No scam, right?
- Right.

meet us across the street.

- We got a black van. Got it?
- Yeah.

All right.

Where you been?

I'm trying to sell
this necklace...

to those two dudes
over there in the black van.

OK? So if anything
goes wrong...

grab a lifeguard,
bring him over, OK?

OK, boss.

Those are nice.

Come on.

You ever done this before?


You got some
fine powder here, kid.

I'll go 150 for 2 grams.

I can't.

Best I can do is 350 for 4.

Let's see the four grams.

Give me the bucks first.

Pleasure doing business
with you, kid.


We'll see you again real soon.

Depends on what my boss says.
He killed a person once.


How'd it go?

No problem.

Well, did you sell it?

Mission accomplished.

All right.

It really makes you think...

we should all be
happier, doesn't it?

What would make you happier?

A couple of things.

Tell me.

Talking only jinxes it.

Don't you have superstitions?


Although the surface appears...

to be very fine grain
as you get close to it.

It's almost like a powder.

Armstrong is on the moon.

Neil Armstrong,
a 38-year-old American...

standing on the surface
of the moon.

That's one small step
for man...

one giant leap for mankind.

I think that was Neil's quote.

I didn't understand it.
"One small step for man..."

But I didn't get
the second phrase.

I want to hear that.
We'd like to know what it was.

The surface
is fine and powdery.

I can kick it up loosely
with my toe...

His quote was, "That's one
small step for man..."

"one giant leap for mankind."

One giant leap for mankind.

First we go live to Paris.

- I take...
- My hat off...

- I take my hat...
- Off...


Good night, Emmett.

Good night, Chris.

I would say it's certainly
the most fantastic event...


beep, beep.

Oh, God. Jesus.

Oh, Joe.

You OK?


I haven't felt this good
in a long time.

Let me get us
something to drink, OK?


This yours?

What is it?

It's not mine.
Throw it on the chair.

You look tired.

Did you get in late?

Not too late.

I must've been asleep.

G.T.F., Christopher.

I'm gonna spend the day
with Buggs again.

All right. Be home by 6:00.

What for?

'cause I said so.


Don't forget.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- Where is everybody?
- Mom went shopping...

and Dad and Buggs went
to get a new muffler.

- Wanna go up to my room?
- Sure.

My mask.

I thought I lost that.

This is for you.

"Dear, Chris, I'm so happy
I'm your girlfriend..."

"and you asked me to go steady."

"I love you,
and I hope you love me."

"Lots of love. Termina."

Could it be that I love you...

and you love me?


It's OK. It's just us.

- You won't tell anybody?
- No.


You look nice.

So do you.

It's so much quieter
with a new muffler.

- Shit, it's your brother.
- What if he comes upstairs?

Then you're dead.

Oh, yeah. He says,
"Why do elephants..."

What was it?
Why do elephants have flat feet?

Why do pigs have flat feet?


From trying to be elephants.

Hold on, honey.
I think I got one.

God, they're hard to get.

- They run?
- They don't run.

Oh, come on.
Be still. It's almost done.

- This stuff stinks.
- I know it stinks.

I gotta touch it. Door's open!

A gentleman drops by
to offer a lady a ride to work.

Well, a lady
gratefully accepts.


How you doing there, Chris?

Mom and me are trying
to have a heart-to-heart.

I'll see you downstairs.

OK, honey.

Listen, wash that stuff off
in ten minutes, all right?


Look how much I've saved, Mom.

Now you can quit
that awful job.


Honey, we've talked
about this before.

I'm real proud of you,
but that money is yours, OK?

So you keep it.

Just don't forget,
Joe's only on vacation.

You get a good night's
sleep tonight.

Hey, what a day?

Just another day in paradise.

Yeah, that's sort of what
we want to talk to you about.

- You got a minute, don't you?
- Yeah.

- You still in business?
- Maybe.

We want to make another deal.

Look, man,
we're hitting the road, OK?

We want to make
a big score this time.

Listen, can you handle
two grand?

The boss trust you
with 2,000 bucks, kid?

Let me think about it.

Think about it fast,
because we ain't got much time.

Yeah, because we're out of here
day after tomorrow.


Here's our number.

Give us a call
if you can swing it.


Hey, who do I ask for?

Ask for Bobby.

Nice shot.

How do you like the shrimp?

It's great, boss. Thanks.

So, you guys got
the plans straight?

No problem, amigo.


Let me go make a phone call.

Take over for me.

Fifteen ball, corner pocket.

Good shot.

Hi, Bobby. This is Rebel.

Meet me at Garrison Bight
at 9:30.

OK? Yeah,
I'll bring the goodies.

Have you seen Mom?

Taking a nap.

I guess you guys
are going hot and heavy.


I'll try and be
a bit friendlier...

if you and Mom
are doing more...

than just putting
the moves on each other.


I got to work now.

But if you want to talk later,
I'll take you out on my boat.

I got a fish run tonight.



What time?

I'll knock on your door
about 7:30.

Pretty neat?

You like boats?

Hate 'em. I was in the navy.

Did you ever go to Vietnam?

I was there.

You were?

Did you ever meet
Lieutenant John Cross?


He's my dad.

Hey, Snyder!

Who's Snyder?

Snyder's a shrimper.

I'll be right back.


Hey, delivery boy.

Where's Snyder?

He got too wasted
and racked out.

I'm here for a pickup.

Oh, well...

Shut up.

You shouldn't smoke that stuff.

It turns your brain
into oatmeal.

That's the point, honey.

Take care.

Smells like a party going on.

You smell shrimp.


They friends of yours?

No. I just work for them.

You going to be leaving soon?

A couple of days.

Give me that fish,
or I'll stick you, amigo!

- Make a move, and I cut him!
- Take it easy!

- Come on!
- Don't hurt me!

Wait up!

You OK?

I can't believe this.

Well, it's pretty unbelievable.


- Come on.
- Thanks.

You expect me to believe
you didn't even see them?

Do I look that high to you?

Well, they both
had a mask on 'em.



Cuban kids with a switchblade
and a golf club.

Well, it was totally dark,
and they jumped us by surprise.

And you didn't even try
to fight them off?

Just for some fish?

"Just for some fish?"

Come here.

Don't fuck with my head, kid.

Don't want to have to hurt you.

Don't fuck with my head.

But I didn't do anything.

Hey, peace on Earth
and all that good shit.

Get off my case, ace.

Hey, I ain't gonna let you
hurt a kid.

What the hell's
the matter with you?

Mellow out, guys!

Hey, stick a steak knife
in this asshole's ear!

Yeah, right.
What, am I psycho dishwashing?

Come on, man,
you're fucking up your karma.

My karma's cooking!

Now look!

I'm on vacation.

I'm starting to get pissed off.

Yeah, well,
I'm getting ripped off!

It's fish!

There's a lot of people
in this town...

who would kill
for a piece of good fish, pal.

You hear what I'm saying?

Hey! Look, I know where
the kid's going.

I'll take you there.

But calm down. We'll get
this all straightened out.

Just calm down.

Jetty, man, here.

We'll just do it, all right?

If this guy's
pulling your chain...

then you get violent,
all right?

You want some?

Is it local?

- Yeah.
- No.

OK, let's let's go find
Benedict Asshole.

All right, now,
I'm not taking you anywhere...

if you don't behave.

Hey, glad you could
make it, Chris.

How'd you guys know my name?

You told us on the phone,

No, I didn't.
I said my name was Rebel.

You know what? I think the kid
is going paranoid on us...

before the big sale.

Hey, so...

So, are we going
to make a deal or what?

You guys got the bread?

Yep. You got the goodies?


Let me see it.

I'll go get the cash.

What the hell? Fuck off!

Cough it up.

Where's the rest of it,
you little scumbag?

I'll give you to three.
Where's the rest of it?

Cough it the fuck up!
Where's the fucking rest of it?

I ain't got no more!

That's it. Let's go.

Come on!

All right, police!
You're under arrest!

Get down!
Get down on... freeze!

I can't swim! Help!

Hey, kid, what are you doing?
What are you doing here?

Where's Mom?

Thought I'd let her off early.


I don't know.
An hour or so ago.

Mom, we got to talk.

What's the matter, honey?

We got to talk, Mom!


You sold cocaine to Joe?

He didn't look
like a policeman.

None of them did.

But all of a sudden,
they had guns and badges.

- Who the hell are you?
- You want to let me explain?

Explain what?
How you used me and my son...

to bust a bunch of idiots?
You think I'm stupid?

I'm not stupid, mister.

You're not paying a hell
of a lot of attention.

You knew he was in trouble,
and you didn't say anything.

How could you sleep with me
and not say anything?

I couldn't.

What? You couldn't what?
Tell the truth?

You had to endanger
my son's life to do your job?

Well, screw your job
and screw you!

I got to take him
to the sheriff's office.

Don't you get near my son.

He's got to go in now.

Yeah, well, I'll take him in.

Can you pay attention
long enough...

I ain't going to jail!

we're in big trouble!

God, please open the door!

- Chris...
- I'm not opening it!

Chris, we got to talk.

I don't want to.

Honey, I want you
to listen to me.

This wasn't your fault.

It was my fault, honey.

I thought I knew
what I was doing, honey...

but I was wrong, and...

I'll quit my job...

and we'll start over.

You just got to come
out of there, honey.


Are you listening?


What am I supposed
to tell them?

You know the answer
to that, Chris.

You listening, Chris?

The truth?

Let's get this over with.

Apollo 11 has made it.

Splashdown should be just now.


Just write it down.

Landing in the Pacific Ocean...

southwest of Hawaii.

Apollo 11
is back from the moon.

It's hard to be tough in jail.

I tried not to show it,
but I was scared.

What I did was bad news.

They locked me up for the night
to think about it.

Mom said that drugs
ruin people's lives...

just like the war
had ruined Dad's.

I got put on probation
for a year.

I was lucky.

Jetty, Snyder,
and Louis were sent to prison.


You got two big ones there.


The day after Mom quit
her dancing job...

we moved out of the hotel.

Joe's here.

There we go.


Tracy, you got company
over here.

Come here, Chris.

I did what I think is right.

Is your name really Joe?

Yeah, yeah.

So long, Joe.

Emmett had a long talk with me.

He said he loved me,
but that I was a wise guy.

He told me wise guys die young,
and I should quit being one...

if I wanted to become
a normal adult.

I said I'd rather die young
than become a normal adult.

But I learned my lesson,
even if I didn't act like it.

Where we moved wasn't exactly
what we'd hoped for...

but it was what
Mom could afford.

It was a rush
seeing Mom happy again.

The astronauts sure seemed happy
to come back to Earth.

I think because they've been
to another place...

they know
better than anybody...

the Earth's
our only real home...

no matter how screwed up.