Crisis Point (2012) - full transcript

Criminal psychologist Cameron Grainger is Detroit's go-to hostage negotiator. Blaming herself when a crisis she's handling goes wrong and a young man is killed, she removes herself from service. But she is called back into sudden and terrifying action when her own sister becomes a hostage and the assailants-with an agenda to be revealed-demand that Cameron be the one to negotiate her release. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
♪♪ My time is now
Your time is never ♪

♪ I reload and unload
my chrome Beretta ♪

♪ Getting my dough
on the low ♪

♪ I'm oh so clever

♪ I'm hot for sure
in case you ain't know ♪

♪ My time is now
Your time is never ♪

♪ I reload and unload
my chrome Beretta ♪

♪ Getting my dough
on the low ♪

♪ I'm oh so clever

♪ I'm hot for sure
in case you ain't know ♪

♪ I'm a bastard
Ground me, I'm hood bound ♪

♪ Had a bit of drama in the past but I'm good now ♪

♪ Used to take losses
with hood clowns ♪

♪ But now I'm boss
making hits like bombs ♪

♪ Swinging the wood around

♪ My time is now
Your time is never ♪

♪ I reload and unload
my chrome Beretta ♪

♪ Getting my dough
on the low ♪

♪ I'm oh so clever

♪ I'm hot for sure
in case you ain't know ♪♪

Can I help you with something?

- Everybody on the floor!

- Oh my god!

- Just do
as he says!

- On the floor now!

Keep your hands
where I can see them.

Nobody move!

- That's it? Nah! Nah!
There's gotta be more than that!

- Hey, th--th--there's
more in the safe.

: 911, what's
your emergency?

- Yeah, there's a man with a gun
holding up a corner store.

- I mean it!

I'll kill him
if you move!

Hurry up!

- It's over, man.

Just put
down the gun.

- Aaah! What are
you doing?

No! Wait, I didn't--


- Per capita, the United States
imprisons more people

than any other
nation on Earth,

2.5 times that of England,
France and Germany combined.

Is it because we have
more crime here?

No, it's because we incarcerate
more people for more reasons,

drug possession
topping the list.

We also keep them
in prison longer.

And the sad truth is, the longer
someone stays in prison,

the less chance he or she has
of being rehabilitated,

which is why we also have
the highest percentage

of re-offenders
in the world.

So, as you
contemplate careers

that will put you in direct
contact with criminals,

you might want to bear in mind

that the time
they spent in prison

could've actually
been the reason

they became
true criminals.


Would you mind
taking over?

- Of course.

Is everything OK?

- Yeah.

I apologize.
I can't stay.

Miss Marshall will
take it from here.

Please read the next
chapter and be prepared

to discuss it next time.

Thank you.

- So, um, incarceration rates

and their effect
on recidivism.

If you'll look
at the table on page 73.

- Go, go, go!

- What's going on?

What do we got?

- One gunman as far
as we can tell.

Guy witness who called it in
said the owner's in there

with some customers.

We don't know how many.

- We IDed the gunman?

- Not yet.

: Please!

- Hello?

Darcy, break room now.

- OK.

- Yeah?

Tanya just called me
to the break room?

- Yeah, I know.

Me too.

: I'm speaking to you
from downtown, where we are...

- It's your sister!

...the situation is evolving
at a convenience store.

Information is sketchy at the
time, but what we can confirm

is that there is a gunman

holding several customers
and the owner hostage

inside the store.

In this evolving crisis,
the Detroit Police Department

has called in
Cameron Grainger

a PhD in criminal psychology,
to act as its negotiator.

The gunman appears to be
acting alone and as of yet...

- Hey, she'll be fine. She's
been through it a million times.

- Aaah! Aaah!

- Don't move.

- My name is
Cameron Grainger.

I'm standing right outside.

We'd like to resolve this
situation so no one gets hurt.

So whatever you
want or need,

I'm sure we can
get that for you.

But we need to know
what that is.

So, you're gonna have
to talk to me.

I know you
don't know me.

But you can trust me.

I don't want anyone
to get hurt here.

That includes you.

You're gonna have
to take the first step,

or I can't help you.

- Hello?

- Hi.

Thank you.

That showed a lot of strength.
Are you OK?

- Yeah.

- What's your name?

- My name's not important.

- OK. No problem.

Are you the only one in there
with a gun or are there others?

- No, just me.

- Is anybody hurt?

Does anyone need
medical attention?

- Look, you said
you could help me.

- I can.

Tell me what it is you want.

- Uh, I--I don't know.

- Well, do you know
why you went in there,

why you're holding all those
people against their will?

- I didn't plan that.

I need money.

- So, are you saying you went
into this store to rob it?

- Yeah, and then the cops showed
up before I could get away.

- So you don't know
anybody in there?

- No.

- You didn't go in there
to hurt someone?

- No.

I don't want to hurt anybody.

- Great, then you and I
are on the same page.

So, what can we do
to resolve this?

- I don't know.

- He's just a kid.

- I'm in a lot of trouble here.

- Not necessarily.

No one's been hurt.
All the money's still there.

If you cooperate now,
we can work something out.

- Why should I trust you?

- Because I am going to
trust you.

To keep your end
of the bargain.

- What do you want me to do?

I want you
to put down the gun

and come out the store with
your hands behind your head.

- There's a lot of
cops out there.

They're gonna shoot me.

- They won't. I promise you.

- And why should I trust you?

- Can you see out the window?
You see the police cars?

- Yeah. I see them.

- OK, I'm gonna stand up.

- Cameron!

Hold your fire.
Repeat, hold your fire!

- Copy that.

- Can you see me?

- Yeah. I can see you.

- OK.

- Something is happening.
The negotiator is standing up.

It appears she is communicating with the assailant on her cell.

- I'm gonna set down
the phone a minute

and take off my vest.

- What's she doing?

- She's walking toward to store,
removing her bulletproof vest.

- Don't worry, she knows
what she's doing.

- ...meant to be
a sign of trust.

- I'm not carrying a weapon.

Can you see that?

- Yeah.

- OK, I'm gonna come closer.

I'll be right outside the door.

No one's gonna shoot you
when you come out,

because they'd shoot me too.


- OK.

- All right.

- She continues to approach
the entrance of the store

still on the phone,
no doubt with the suspect.

- We can put an end
to this right now

and no one will get hurt.

Do you want that?

- Yes.

- OK.

So put down the gun,

and come out slowly, with your
hands behind your head.

I'll be waiting right here.

- OK.

I'm gonna hang up now.

- OK, good.

Me, too.

- Hello?

- I'm still here.

Erik, my name's Erik.

- Thank you, Erik.

Now, let's put an end to this.

- I'm sorry.

I never wanted to hurt you.

- Something is definitely
happening now.

It looks as though the assailant may be coming out of the store.

- Leave it be.
It's almost over.

- Hey!

-: Gun!
- No!

- Oh my god!
The police just fired!

- Cease fire, cease fire!

Freeze! Hands in the air!
Drop the gun!

- On the ground!

- No!

- Medic!

- Hang in, Erik.


- Medic!

- No!

- The suspect is not moving.

Police have yet to confirm
what has happened,

but what we do know at this
point is that shots were fired

after the suspect emerged
from the store...

: Come on, folks,
let's back it up.

- The man shot and killed
by Detroit police today

outside a Corktown
convenience store

has been identified
as Erik Sanders,

A 16-year-old runaway who
sources say

had been living on the streets
of the Corktown district

since early May.

Police also confirmed
there were no bullets

in the gun Sanders used
in his aborted attempt

to rob the store and
and subsequent hostage crisis.

- Gun!

- Cease fire, cease fire!

- Dr. Cameron Grainger, the
negotiator enlisted by the DPD

refused to comment
on the shooting

and whether it was
accidental or intentional.

- Let me guess.
You just happened to be

in the neighbourhood
and decided to drop in.

- Well, I was gonna
grab a coffee

at the Starbucks
around the corner

but then I remembered
how good your coffee is.

Plus, it's free.

: Hey.

Hi. Come in.

- Got your e-mail.


You know, when I was a kid,

we used to visit
my grandpa's farm upstate.

He had horses, and I must
have been 6 or 7 and--

- Really, Liam?

The "I fell off my horse and got
right back in the saddle" story?

- It was a pony, actually.

Look, Cameron, you've handled
a lot of negotiations,

sooner or later one was
gonna go south on us.

- He was a kid.

He trusted me.

- It wasn't your fault.

- I should've gone into
the store and walked him out.

- That's against protocol.
- I rushed it.

I got through to
him too quickly.

I thought it was
gonna be easy.

I didn't listen.

If I had, I would've
realized how scared he was.

- All right, look.

If you're convinced
you did something wrong,

nothing I say is gonna
change your mind.

But you should still
get back in the saddle.

- I need to take
some time off, Liam.

- How much time?

- I don't know.

- OK. So when can I take
you out to dinner then?

- You're asking me out?

- You gotta eat.

And since we won't be
working together anymore,

technically, there's
no conflict of interest.

I care about
you, Cameron.

- Let me think about it.

To be honest,
I'm just not...

- Feeling like you'd made
the greatest date right now.

- Yeah.

- Well, when you do,
you know where to find me.

Well, thanks
for the coffee.

- Of course.

- Bye.

- Bye.

- Have you heard
from the boy's mother?

- No.

I shouldn't have
really expected to.

- I'm sure it meant a lot to
her that you reached her out.

- I had to.

- Bad stuff happens, Cameron.

We just have to
figure out a way

to work through it
and carry on.

- So you think I should
get back in the saddle too?

- If by "back in the saddle"
you mean back on the force,

you're out of your mind.

I worry about
you every second.

- Well, I like to think that
I've helped a lot of people.

You can help a lot of people

by teaching your students
to be negotiators.

- So how are
things with Adam?

- Surprisingly great.

I know. The experts say

you shouldn't date
people you work with,

but it's working
for us so far.

- That's good to hear.

- What? What's that look?

- What look?

- You're dating someone!

Is it someone at school!

- No, not dating.
It's not at school.

Liam McNeil.

He is a
police officer.

- I know who he is.

- He asked me on a date.

- And?

- And...

I said maybe.

- Maybe? "Maybe" is a step
in the right direction.

- You think I
should date a cop?

- Not particularly. But I think
you should date someone.

Knowing how picky you are,

if he got as far as a "maybe,"
he's gotta be worth it.

Look, I gotta go,

but you're so keeping
me posted on this.

- Oh, sure, ma'am.

- Hi.

- Hi!

- Some of the students are
wondering when you'll be back.

- I'm not sure exactly.

To be honest, at the moment,
I can't stand the thought

of hearing myself pontificate.

- You don't pontificate.

- How are you making out?

- Well, I was
nervous at first,

everybody watching me,
hanging on my every word.

But I'm used to it now,
and I really enjoy it.

- Of course you do.
You're a natural teacher.

That is why I picked
you to be my T.A.

- But I'm nowhere
near as good as you are.

- You are too kind.

- Which is why
we all miss you

and hope you'll
come back soon.

- Thank you, Hannah.

I appreciate that.

It came in the mail
this morning.

"Dear, Dr. Grainger.
Thank you for your letter

"and forgive me for
not answering sooner.

"Losing Erik
has been hard.

"He was a good
boy at heart.

"You say you feel bad
about what happened.

"Please don't.

"I understand,
better than anybody,

"how, even when you
try your best...

"things sometimes go wrong.

"Thank you for your kind words.
They meant a lot to me.

"Sincerely, Mary Sanders."

- You must feel relieved.

- I do.

I guess.

It's good to know that she
doesn't blame me, but still...

- It'll come. You just
gotta give it more time.

- Yeah, maybe
you're right.

- You'll see.

Some day, this is all just
gonna be a distant memory.

- Speaking of which...

do you remember this?

Oh my god!

Of course I do!

- I was just clearing out
my office and there it was.

I was actually thinking
how little it changed.

- Have you heard from Liam?

- No, but I was thinking
about calling him.

- Well, whatever you do,
don't show him this!

- Because it
worked out.

- Yeah, I know. It's good
we're done with that.

Ah! OK...

- Hey! You free
for lunch today?

- I could be.

- There is a new
Italian on Windward

that is supposed to be great,

next to that shoe shop we like.

- Designer pasta and shoes?

I'll check my schedule
and call you later.

- Sounds like a plan.

- You sure about this?

- Absolutely.
It's a piece of cake.

- Yeah, I just don't wanna walk
into something we can't handle.

- If you're worried about this,
I'll do it alone.

- I'm good.

- Dr. Grainger!

- You guys made it
as far as Chapter 7?

Seems to me like I should
take time off more often.

- Oh, come on!

- Good morning, Mrs. Crane.
- Tanya.

- What can we
do for you?

- My daughter's authorized to
write checks on my account,

and I want
her name removed.

- Is she meeting you here?

- Why would she?

- Do you have
a letter from her

agreeing to her removal
from the account?

- Of course not.

- I'm sorry. Without your
daughter's written permission,

we can't alter
the account.

- Why not? It's my account.

- Well, if you're
both signatories,

then it's consider
a joint account.

- This is ridiculous.

I'm her mother.

I can remove her name
if I want to.

- Unfortunately,
legally, you can't.

- Let me talk
to the manager.

- If I were you,
I wouldn't.

All right, listen up!
We are robbing this bank!

So if you don't wanna die,

shut up and do
exactly as we say!

Get on the ground
over there, now!

You get on the ground.

Go! Get on the ground.
On the ground!

- Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Don't be a hero for
somebody else's money.

Thank you. You?

- Yeah?

- Get over there.
To the couches. Go!

Now. Hey, hey, hey!

Go, go,
go, go, go!

Sit down!
Go sit down! Hey!

Get away
from the door.

Get away
from the door!

All right, everybody
behind the counter

move in on the
floor here. Now!

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Not you two. Get over here.


Come on!
Move, move, move...

- Take the cash from the drawer
and put into that. Do it now.

- Get on the floor.

Get on the floor!
Faster, faster!

Don't move!
Do not move!

Hey, Grandma.

I don't know if you heard,

but when I said
everyone on the floor,

I meant everyone
on the floor.

- I heard you, but you can't
possibly think that I'm going--

- Yeah, actually
I do, come on.

Get down there!

All units, 2-11 in progress.

Possible hostage
at the Detroit Mutual.

All units handle code 3.

- 27-22 responding.

- This is outrageous.
You won't get away with this!

- Yeah, OK.

- It'll be all right.
Do what they say.

- All right, let's go!
Pick it up!

Faster, faster!

- Stay on the ground.
Stay on the ground!

What are you looking at?
Stay on the ground!

- Hey, thanks again
for filling in for me.

- Anytime.

- Please leave a message.

- Hey! I am just checking to see
if we are still on for lunch.

Call me.

- Zip up the bag,

All right, over here
with the others.

Let's go.
Move, move, move!

Against the wall.

We're good to go.

- We're taking her with us.

- What?

- Insurance.

Hey, come here.
Look at this.

- What?

What do we do now?

- We stick to the plan.

Come here.

Come on, come on.

- Hey, bastard!
- Shut up!

- Hey! Leave her here!

- Hey! You've got
something to say?

- Go!

- Nobody moves!

- Keep going.

- Stay here.

- What are you doing?

- Incoming!

- What was that?

- Some gunshots.
I'm going.

- Hey, hey!
Get back! Get back!

Sit down!

Hey, get away
from the door!

Get away
from the door!

Lie down.

- What the hell
were you thinking?

- Everyone down!
Let's go, let's go! Sit down!

- What are we
going to do now?

- Shut up and sit down!

- You got a Plan B?

- Hi, you've reached Darcy.
Please leave a message.

- Fine! I will eat lunch
and buy fabulous shoes

all by myself then.

- Get back.

- You're gonna have
to go this way.

- All right, everyone in
and find a seat. Let's go!

Come on, move!

- There aren't enough chairs.

- Here, here.

- Ah, that's nice,
the Boy Scout!

Come on, everyone in!
Let's go!

- All right, everybody
take out your cell phones.

Put them in here.

- It's upstairs.

- So is mine.

- Come on. Come on.

Come on, come on!

- Hey, you too.

- I don't have a cell phone.

I'm diabetic.

I was gonna go to the pharmacy
after here for a refill.

I need my medication
every 4 hours.

Without it, I could go
into seizure. I could die!

- Why don't I put you out
of your misery right now?

- Leave her alone!

- We got a real
live one here.

- Is that all of them?

You better not be
lying to me.

- I want everybody
pushed back within 50 yards.

What's our status?

Do we know how many
gunmen there are?

- Caller confirmed 2, both male.

- How many are the people
in the bank?

- Eight employees and a few
customers. Caller wasn't sure.

- No shots fired?

- The back alley
when they tried to escape.

- Any of our guys return fire?

- No.
- Good.

Got innocent people in there.
They tried to escape how?

- There's a truck parked
in the back alley.

We're checking it out.
So what now?

- We've got hostages.

We need a negotiator.

- What the hell
are we gonna do now?

- They're not gonna come
charging in here,

not with hostages.

They'll have to negotiate.

- Yeah, we know how that
finishes. We get screwed.

- I don't think so.

- What are you doing?

Who are you calling?

- About time you called.
I was just about to--

Who is this?

Yes, this is Cameron Grainger.

- You're on northeast tower.

: Ten-four.

- Got it.
The truck's hot.

It was reported stolen
from upstate a week ago.

- Have forensics gone
through it yet?

- Yeah. So far nothing.
No images, no prints, nothing.

They must have wiped it clean.

- What about our guys
that were shot at?

Were they able to give a
description to help with an ID?

All they came up with is 2 white
males, medium height and build,

both with goatees
dressed in coveralls.

We have any open cases with
matching descriptions or M.O.'s?

- No, so far, nothing.

I'm hitting walls
everywhere I turn.

- Keep at it. For now, we'll go
with what we've got.

Follow up with the van,
check with local police upstate,

see if they have
anything on their end.

- Will do. Have they
made any contact yet?

- Not a word. We've redirected
all the lines out of the bank.

Anyone makes a call in there,
it'll get routed through here.

- Hey.

What are you doing here?
I didn't request you for this.

- No.

The guys in
the bank did.

- This is absurd. How long do
they intend to keep us here?


- It's your phone.

- Are you outside?

- I just got here.

- Wow, that was fast, Cameron.

Did you break a few
traffic laws on the way?

- Oh, maybe one or two.

Hey, you've got me
at a disadvantage.

You know my name,
but I don't know yours.

- Well, that's right.

- We know that you have
one colleague in there.

- Ha! Colleague?

- Is there more than one?

- And why would
I tell you that?

- OK. I get it.

You don't want to
give me what I want.

So why don't you
tell me what you want?

- Wow! You know, you're
really good at this.

- How do you mean?

- It's like one of them role-
playing video games, right?

You approach from one angle,
your opponent dodges,

then you come at them
from another angle.

- Except this isn't a game.

There are real people involved,

and we don't want
anyone to get hurt.

- Except real people
do get hurt, Cameron.

Don't they?

All the time.

- Not if we
work together.

- "Work together,"

You make it sound
like a board meeting.

- There must be
something that you want.

- Well, by golly,
there must be!

I'll tell you what.

When I figure out what it is,
I'll give you a call.

- He hung up.

- Talk to me, Cameron.
Why'd this guy call you?

How does he have
your number?

- He's on my
sister's phone.

- Your sister? What's she
got to do with this?

- She's in the bank.

She's one of the hostages.

- Oh, no.

- Mr. Winston, the bank-security
tech, is here.

- Mr. Winston, thank you for
coming. We'll set up right here.

- Why'd you hang up?

- 'Cause it's better to
make them sweat a little.

- How did you know
to call that woman?

How did you know her sister
was the bank manager?

- In the paper. Their names
were in the paper.

- Hey!

Don't lie to me.

- We're partners, buddy.
I would never do that.

- Mrs. Crane,
are you all right?

- Ah...

- Whoa!

- I've almost got it.

- Got what?

- The live video feed
from all the cameras inside.

There several cameras
in the lobby.

- Well, they've moved
everyone out of the there.

- Where is everybody?

- I don't know.
Let me try another one.

They've got the guns,
so we know who they are.

- Where is everybody else?

- Look, I don't see
the point here.

We should negotiate our way
out now. We've got the leverage.

- We'll have more
if we make them wait.

- Wait for what?

: Hey! We need
some help down here.

- Where are
they going?

- The break room.

- Well, they must be holding
the hostages in there.

- You have any
cameras in there?

- No, but there is something
you might be interested

to know about that room.

- Hey! Get away from her.

- She fainted.

- She warned
us about this.

- Get away from her!

- She feels feverish. I think
we should try to cool her down.

: Yeah.

- You heard what that
old lady said. She could die!

- I thought you
didn't believe her.

- If someone dies in there,
they're gonna blame us

and I wanna get out of here!

- We will get out of here when
I am damn well good and ready.

Now shut up.

- All right. But we should do
something about that old woman.

- Fine.

- An old aqueduct runs
underneath the bank.

It's no longer in use.

Old building code from,
like, a 100 years ago

forced them to build
an access to it.

- You mean you can get into
the aqueduct from the bank?

- In and out. There's a locked
access cover in the break room.

- Is this something those guys
would know about?

- I doubt it.

- Do the people who work
in the bank know about it?

- Some of the managers
carry keys to it.

As far as I know, no one's
ever had to open it.

- Hey!

- We told you
to get away from her!

Get over there.

- You're asking
for trouble.

- Hey, leave her alone.

You, come with us.

- What do you want
with her?

- If there's a way in
or out of that bank,

I have a responsibility
to cover it.

- Send officers in there,
the gunmen could hear them.

It's too risky!

- Everything about
this is risky.

- It's him.


- There's something I want.

- OK, good.
What is it?

- I need 2 E.M.T.s
to come in here with a gurney

and collect an elderly lady
who's having health issues.

- What kind of
health issues?

- Does it matter?

You have live feeds from
the security cameras?

- Yes.

- Switch to the lobby one.

- Bring up the lobby cameras.

- Got it.

- How does it feel, Cameron...

Seeing your little sister a trigger-pull away from death?

- Not good.

- Well, when the E.M.T.s
get here, you give me a call.

I'll be watching
the door.

If I see any
sign of police

or if the E.M.T.s
come in armed,

my buddy
over here,

he's gonna shoot your
little sister in the head.

You understand me?

- Yes.

- Good.

- There's something
else going on here.

This isn't about
robbing a bank.

This is personal.

- I'm gonna go check
on the old lady.

- Sit down.
Hey! Sit down.

Let me ask you
something, Darcy.

You and your sister,
were you guys close?

- She's my best friend.

- Would you die for her?

- Yes, I would.

You targeted me, didn't you?
Because of Cameron.

- Stay here.

- If this isn't a bank job,
then what is it?

- I don't know.

- You said it was
personal. Personal, how?

Did you have
these guys arrested?

Is this about revenge?
- I don't know.

- The E.M.T.s are on their way.
- Good.

It's a pressure situation,
I hope they're good under fire.

- We'll make sure to brief
them before they go in.

- Call Water & Sewage.
I want access to that aqueduct.

Tell S.W.A.T. to get a team
ready. I'm sending them in.

- I think we're
making a mistake.

- Don't OK? I'll leave
the negotiating to you

but when it comes
to tactical decisions,

you're gonna have
to follow my lead.

- Do we know anything
about these guys?

- Not much.
Obviously, they're pros.

They knew about the cameras,

didn't leave any
prints in the truck.

- The truck?
- In the alley behind the bank.

- Was it registered?

- Yeah, to the guy
they stole it from.

- Local?

- No, somewhere upstate.

- Where?

- Lake County.

- Lake County.

Erik Sanders was
from Lake County.

I need a phone.

I need to keep my
cell line open.

Thank you.

Hannah? This is
Dr. Grainger.

I need your help.

- Hey, back down
there. Now!

Let's go.

Is it possible for someone else
to see the footage

from the bank's cameras
on their computer?

- Yeah, sure, if I give them
access to our web site.

- All right, see what
you can see,

but don't try
to be heroes.

Just do whatever
they tell you to do.

- OK.

- We're good to go.

: The E.M.T.s are
ready to come in.

- Cameron, your sister
wants to say hello.

- It's OK,
Cameron. I'm fine!

- Just remember,
if you mess with us...

...she is a dead woman.

Watch her.

Send them in.

The doors are unlocked.

- They're heading in.

Jackson, get me a status
report on the S.W.A.T. team.

Find out if they're
in the tunnel yet.

- I'm on it.
Control to Bravo...

- You realize we're sending
in potential hostages.

- It's the right
decision, Liam.

- She's over there.

- Stop!

What's in your pocket?

- My walkie.

- What's in your pocket?
- My walkie.

- Hands on your head,
both of you!

Get the woman and
get out of here.

- Bravo one to control.

We're at the door.
We're entering the tunnel.

Copy that, Bravo one.

: OK...

- They're coming out.
- All units stand down.

We have "friendlies" exiting the
building. I repeat, stand down.

Can you tell
what's wrong with her?

- Not until we get
her on monitors.

- There's nothing
wrong with me,

now I'm out of
that hell-hole.

- Debrief her.

- I beg your pardon?

- We need a Lake County police
officer to go to this address.

- Whose is it?

- Mary Sanders,
Erik's mother.

- Cameron, we don't
even know for sure--

- I trusted you
on the aqueduct.

You need to
trust me on this.

- Stay here.

- So, what now?

- Now, we wait
until it gets dark.

It'll be easier
to get away.

OK, get away how?

- Same way we got in,
the van.

- Yeah, and as soon
as we get in,

they're gonna
blow it to smithereens.

- No, see, I don't think so.
We're not gonna be alone.

- Oh right.
The, uh, the girl.

Darcy, our, uh...
What you call her? Insurance?

- Are you OK?

- Yeah. I'm just rattled.

- Listen...

They took my cell,
but I still have my keys.

Under that mat,
there's an access panel.

We could open it.

- Mary Sanders?

- Yes.

- Mrs. Sanders?

- This is Mary Sanders.

- Mrs. Sanders,
this is Cameron Grainger.

Thank you for speaking with us.

The officer brought you
up to speed

with everything
that's happening here?

- She did.

- Are you at a computer?

- Yes.

- Do you mind to go
ahead and press play?

Do you recognize those men?

- No.

- Hold on a second, guys.

These images have been
looking weird to me all day.

- Hold on a second please,
Mrs. Sanders.

- What do you
got, Jackson?

- Let me try something.

Yo, check this out.

I knew it. Those aren't
their real faces.

They're wearing masks.

- You're kidding me.

At least now we know why
she doesn't recognize them.

- Ms. Sanders. I'd like
to place a call

to one of the men in the bank.

Could you just listen in

and not say anything?

I don't want him to know
that you're on the phone.

- I can do that.

- You're muting her
signal into us, too?

- In case we can't trust her.

- I told you.
You don't call me. I call you.

- I was just
checking in to see

if there's anything
that you need.

- If I need anything,
I'll let you know.

Don't call here again.

- Mrs. Sanders, did you
recognize that voice?

Mrs. Sanders?

Mrs. Sanders?
Are you still there?

: Yeah.

I know that voice.
It's Scott.

- Who is Scott?

- My son, Erik's
older brother.

- This is it.
Take position.

I'll check it out.

Bravo one to control,
we have visual on the entrance.

- Copy that, Bravo one.

- Everybody stand by.

- It leads to
an abandoned aqueduct.

We need to get it open in case
we need a fast way out of here.

- It's too dangerous.

- It'll take a minute.

- What if we get caught?

Are you willing to
risk your life?

- Yeah, I am.

- What about them,
what about their lives?

We don't have
the right to--

- I need to
do something.

These people are
our responsibility.

- You're right.
You're right, I just--

I'm scared, Adam.

- I know, me too,
but we have to try.

- OK.

You're right.
So what do we do?

They could come
in at any time.

- So, let's distract them.

- This is Comdr. McNeil,
the officer in charge.

Do you have any idea who
the man with your son might be?

- I'm afraid I don't.

- I'm sure you understand
how urgent the situation is.

Scott and the other man

are holding people
hostage at gunpoint.

- I'm sorry, but I--I have
no idea why he is doing this.

- Actually,
Ms. Sanders, I might.

Scott is in
the bank for a reason.

My sister works there.

She's one of the hostages.

- I don't understand.

- Were Scott
and Erik close?

Mrs. Sanders?

- Yeah, there was
10 years between them,

but they were
very close.

And Scott got locked up.

Erik always looked up
to his older brother.

He'd do anything
just to impress him.

- So Scott was obviously upset
when Erik died?

- I imagine he was,
but I can't say.

I haven't spoken to Scott
in a long, long time.

He went bad.

And after awhile, I just
wouldn't have him in my house.

- Would you
talk to him now?

- Now?

- We'd like to resolve

this situation peacefully,
Mrs. Sanders,

so no one gets hurt.

- Sometimes a family member,
especially a parent,

can break through
when we can't.

- Well, if I talk to Scott,
it'll only make things worse.

- But you're his mother.

- I wasn't a good mother.

The boys' father, he left us
right after Erik was born.

And Scott never forgave me.

He blamed me for
his father leaving.

He hates me.

I'm telling you,
it'll just make things worse.

- I understand.

- But I meant what I wrote you.

Erik was a good boy.

He might have wanted
to be like his brother,

but he never
could've been.

I tell myself, every day,

when he went in
to rob that store,

that he was only doing it

so that he could get
the money to come back home.

I hope your sister and those
other people are gonna be OK,

but there's nothing
I can do for you. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

- We need to talk.

- What do you want?

- We haven't eaten
since breakfast.

- You've got vending machines.
- We don't have any change.

- And some of us
need to use the restroom.

- OK.

You, come here. We're
gonna go to the lobby

and get some
coins. Come on.

- Bathroom breaks,
one at a time.

You first.

- I can hear something
from inside the bank.

- It's not working.

- I'll be right out.

- Do you feel better?

- No, don't.

Please, don't.


- Got it!

Come on.

- Just leave it.
Put the mat back.

- I gotta make sure it opens.

- The access door is opening.

They're coming back!

- Put the coins down there.

Everybody get
what you need.

- Stop. Stop.

- Oh, you like
to play rough?

I can play rough.

- What's the matter, boys?
You not hungry?

- I can wait.

- What the hell?

- Back up, back up!

Bravo one to control.

Shots fired.
Repeat, shots fired.

- Go, go!

- We're moving in.

- What is this?
Where's that go?

Where's that go?
- It's a-- It's an aqueduct.

- Do you have the keys?

Do you have the keys?
- Yeah, yeah...

- Lock it! Lock it!
Get over there!

- Go, go, go!

Come on, come on, come on!

- Bravo one to control.
Come in.

- Who was that?

Who's shooting?
Sit down.

Sit down.

I should kill
you for that.

- Don't!


Sit down.

- Copy.

They shot at the
officers in the aqueduct.

- Did the officers fire back?

- No.

- I don't wanna wait anymore.

I wanna go now.

- This is just a bump
in the road.

- I didn't come here
to get hurt or killed.

I came here for the money.

Why did you
come here, Scott?

- Hello?

- In the lobby.

- The lobby camera.

We have it up.

- I'm assuming you've seen
our van parked out in the alley.

I want you
to open all the doors

so we can see that
there's nobody inside.

We're taking
your sister with us.

Any attempt to stop us
or track us,

well, you know
what's gonna happen to her.

You understand?

- I understand.

- Good.

Do we have a deal?

- No.

You don't take Darcy.

You take me.

- Cameron, no.

- That's the only
deal we'll make.

Take it or leave it.

- Deal.

I'll call you when
we're ready with the van.

- Well, looks like
your sister is willing

to die for you too.

- What do you mean?
- Come here.

- What do you mean?

- I can't let you do this.

- I'm securing the release of
hostages, Liam. That's my job.

- This isn't gonna make up

for what happened to
Erik Sanders.

You know that.

- I've kind of reached
a peace with that,

But I could never
find peace, ever,

if something
happened to my sister

and I could have
prevented it.

- What kind of peace
am I gonna find

if something
happens to you?

- If our positions
were reversed

and I asked you
not to do your job,

would you back down?

Liam, please.

- We'll have your back
all the way.

I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you.

- I know.

- Yeah.

- The van is ready
and so am I.

- We're good to go.

- Hi.

Pat her down.

- She's clean except for this.

- Throw it away.

Get in.

- They're on the move.

- Police! Freeze! Nobody move!
Stay right where you are!

- They're not here.
They both left.

- All clear.

- Where's my sister?

- Come with me.

- Everything's fine.
It's over.

- I don't think
anyone's following us.

- Of course they are.
You just can't see them.

There's a tracking
device on the van.

- There better not be.

- Why? Because you're
gonna kill me?

You're gonna kill
me anyway, Scott.

It was supposed to be Darcy,
wasn't it? That was the plan?

Stage a bank robbery,
take a hostage,

kill her and have me suffer
the loss, just like you did?

- Lady, you don't know what
you're talking about.

- What is she talking about?

- So you had to regroup and
make it up as you went along,

and instead of Darcy,
you ended up with me.

- Are you enjoying
playing the martyr?

- No.

But what choice
do I have?

I have to protect her.
She's my little sister.

I understand
what you're doing.

It's not right.

But I understand.

- You don't understand anything.

- Is there really
a tracker on this van?

- I know that you hold me
responsible for Erik's death

and you want me
to pay for it.

Well, I do pay.

Every day.

I tried to save
your brother and I failed.

And every time
I think about that,

my heart breaks
all over again.

- Do you know where it is?
The tracker?

- I love my sister as much as
you loved your little brother,

and I am ready to die for her,
but let me be clear about this.

If I die, you
probably will too.

- Do you know where it is?

- Yes, and what I recommend
you do is pull the van over,

lay down your weapons
and wait for the police.

- So they can arrest us?
You're crazy.

- Well, if you don't,
maybe you can get away.

We haven't IDed you yet.

But Scott's only hope
is to turn himself in.

- I'm not going back to jail.

- Well, if you get
out of this alive,

you're going
back to jail.

But a bank robbery rap
is a whole lot better

than a murder one,
that is life without.

Because I know
what's driving this,

I promise to testify on your
behalf and plead for leniency.

- Is that the promise
you gave to my brother?

- Close.

I wished I had
the chance to keep it.

- I want the tracker
off this van now!

- Jackson, give me an update.
- They're at the riverfront.

- If you're tracking them
why don't you do something?

Go get her.

- I know you're
worried, but trust us.

Our only objective right now is
to get Cameron back here safe.

Besides, your sister
can take care of herself.

- OK, tell me where it is now.

- It's under the van,
next to the engine.

- Hey! Hey! Get back!

Hey! Get back
in the van!

- No.

- I got it!

Come on, man!
We gotta get out of here!

- Let me help you, Scott.


- Man, we're stopped! They're
gonna be here any second!

- I'm staying.

- Ah! Oh, OK,
I get it, I get it.

You're gonna turn yourself in,

you're gonna cop a plea
and rat me out?

- You know I would
never do that.

- I don't know what you'd do.
You dragged me into this thing.

You didn't tell me anything.

You lied to me!
- Hey!

You got what you wanted!

- We could've got out clean,

but you had a plan!
- That's right.

I'm a selfish,
manipulative piece of work.

So do me a favour. Come on,
do me a favour, huh? Shoot me.

Do it!

Then get in the van,
get the money

and get the
hell out of here.

- This is not over.

This is not over!

- There's another
tracker in the van.

- Yeah, I figured.

- Mask must be suffocating.

- It is.

- You look like him.

- That's what people say.

I was his hero, you know.

He wanted to be like me.

- Copy.

Sanders is in custody.

Cameron is fine.

- This is the police!
Stop your engine!

Put your hands in the air!

- I don't have a gun!

Don't shoot!

- Here she is.

Oh my god!

You OK? You're OK.

- Nice work.

- Well, I couldn't have
done it without you.

- I didn't do anything.

- You had my back.

Made all the difference.

And I'd love to have
dinner with you sometime.

- Pasta and shoes
tomorrow? My treat.

- Damn right,
your treat.

Closed captions: Vision Globale