Crisis (2021) - full transcript

Three stories about the world of opioids collide: a drug trafficker arranges a multi-cartel Fentanyl smuggling operation between Canada and the U.S., an architect recovering from an ...

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

I'm not armed!

I need you to shave
a week off that.

Yeah, all right.


We have to talk.

The Canadians.

Their kid got snagged
at the border.

What, the courier?


He's all over the news.


How the fuck did that happen?

We don't know how
the fuck that happened.

But apparently
there's a great amount

of anxiety bouncing around now.

Where are they
holding the kid?

detention center.

Maybe I know
someone inside there.

Should this Cedric get
an itch to name names-

- No, he's not gonna
name any fucking names.

Good, because that would
be unpleasant for everyone.

- What the fuck?
- What?

I've been in there
for half an hour.

Yeah, there was traffic.

Did you recycle at
the Conway off-ramp?

Yeah, are you
getting paranoid again?

Don't start with
that paranoid shit.


- Sorry, okay?
- Drive better.

I'll do my level best.

I'll be back in an hour.



Your sister's in the TV room.


Who knows?

Another time, another place.

Hey, small fry.

Doctor said you got 19 days.

I'm almost finished
with my deal.

And I figure when we're done,

we can go for a
drive up to the lake.

We can have breakfast.

I mean, fuck, we could
even bring Mom.

What do you think?

- She's taking methadone?
- Yes.

Anything else?

Mild sedatives.

She was violent.

And there's some hearing loss,

about 40% in her right ear.

Hopefully it'll stop.

Why's that happening?

We don't know.

We see it sometimes.

We think the opiates damage
the nerves in the ear canals.

I'm... Claire.

I'm an addict.

Drug of choice, oxy.

Um, I heard Ron talking
about doctor shopping

and it brought back
some nice memories.

Not as good as
the memory of, um,

this one time when I
really needed a fix

and my doctor wouldn't write
me any scripts anymore.

And uh,

I still had the cast from
my original accident,

so I put my wrist in
the car door and I,

so I could, you
know, get a script.

I have an amazing
16-year-old son

and I can't even sit through
a hockey game without...

Without thinking about it.

I would like to be a
better person for him,

and I am working
on that every day.

Did you bring the slip?

- I did.
- Come here.

- How are you?
- How was school?

- Pretty good.
- Good.

Thank you.

All right, um, your aunt's
coming over for dinner tonight,

so on your way
home from practice,

can you please stop by the store

and pick up some tortillas?

I'm gonna make fajitas tonight.

Oh, you're cooking?

Are you teasing?

You say you're
ordering a pizza?

What did you say?

I'll get them.

- Thank you.
- Love you.

I love you.

With our product, Klaralon,

we never cross the
blood-brain barrier,

so we block the receptors from
the reinforcement mechanism

and this greatly diminishes
possibility of addiction.

A patient takes one
dose twice a day

and the incidence of
addictive behavior

is less than a quarter
that of oxycodone.

Klaralon will be the first
truly non-addictive painkiller.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is the holy grail.

So, let's drink from the cup.

And what's been
forgotten today,

in our rush to judgment,

is that in the field
of observation,

chance favors the prepared mind.

Now, who said that?

Uh, Alexandra.

Louis Pasteur.

Louis Pasteur, he
said that, yes indeed.

And he lived it.

For 30 years, he worked in
pursuit of a singular goal.

Now, many will tell
you that anyone

who works for 30 years on
anything without results

is uh, insane.

But isn't the very
definition of insanity here

just another word for focus?

Because without us crazies,

I mean, where
would the world be?

Okay, what is next?

No, I understand that, Bill.

I just wanna double check
our results here for you,

make sure nothing is off.

I'm sure your work
is good as usual,

but you know, we're really
getting behind here.

Just, just bear with me.

Everything will be fine.

Look, we've given
you a lot of business

over the years, Tyrone, and
you always come through,

but if you want me to
call David Nunez at UCLA

and ask him to pick up
some of the testing work-

- No, no, no, there's
no need for that.

I promise, Bill,
it will be ready.

- Hey, Reeva.
- Hey.

Do you have the results
from the Northlight study?

Yeah, I'm sorry, Doctor.

I'm just double checking them.

They should be ready by tonight.

Is everything
all right with it?


Well, I'll know shortly.

Okay, well, let me know
as soon as it's done.

Now, new GS is up from
Washington, name of Garrett.

She wants a full report.

So, what, you couldn't
explain it to her?

I could, but she wanted
the agent in charge.

That's you, isn't it?

- What's happening, fellas?
- How you living, Slim?

Oh, can't complain.

So, what's the deal?

You know anyone who's
worked with her before?

Yeah, me, actually, back
when I was in Virginia.

You did?

Doing what?

Well, she was a field agent

before she became a supervisor.

Field agent?

Thought you've always
been a desk jockey.

I guess there's things

you don't know about me
after all, Mr. Kelly.

Thank God.

Let's keep it that way.

The operation itself is
pretty straightforward.

We just set up
our own pill mill.

That's where
the oxy gets distributed?

Uh, almost.

No, that's where we hire
the corrupt doctors.

These doctors are
really strung out.

They're on their last legs.

And the patients come in

and the doctors write them
a prescription for oxy

whether they need it or not.

Uh, where are these
patients coming from?


- Those are your recruiters?
- Uh, yes, ma'am.

Like one source we're
developing named Red.

He goes to homeless shelters

and recruits people
to come to our clinic

and pays them $100 a visit.

Listen, man, you
wanna make some dough?

Hell yeah.

What you need, bro?

He tries to find
people with Medicare cards,

and then brings them to
us one van load at a time.

Patients can even show a dog
x-ray and walk out with pills.

Looks like you're in bad pain.

You good with oxy 80s?

And uh, 30 Somas too, right?

And what about
your partners, the Armenians?

Yeah, Armen Matosyan
and Minas Soghomonyan.

They're AP13, it's
a loose collection

of Armenian power gangsters.

Are we selling drugs?

Uh, no, ma'am.

No, the homeless get the
pills at the pharmacies

and then we buy them back from
them right then and there.

So, why open up your own mill?

To buy credibility.

The only way Jake
could get close enough

to the Armenians to build
trust was to show cash flow,

and it took a year of
undercover work to get this far.

So, $600k of taxpayer money,

you have corrupt doctors,
cappers, and some Armenians.

Why not make a bust?

Because it's not
about oxy anymore.

The new killer is fentanyl.

And as everyone in this
room already knows,

it's 100 times more
potent than heroin,

and it's being shipped from a
syndicate in China to Canada,

and then smuggled into America

across the wide open border.

The Armenians control

most of the coastal
city oxy distribution.

Now they wanna control fentanyl.

If Jake can bring the Armenians
and the Canadians together,

we can take everybody down.


Hi, Sam.

It's David's mom, Claire.

Oh, hi, Ms. Reimann.

Yeah, have you seen David?

No, I
didn't go to practice today.

It's just he's not home
yet and I don't know.

you try the coach?

No, I'll do that.

Yeah, I'll do that.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- Bye.

What about the
foundation grant?

Ah, trust me, you'd
be the first to know.

Learning to live
with cutbacks,

I suppose there's
an art in that.

Oh, so I guess that
raise is out, then?

Nobody is getting a raise.

Well, maybe you are when
you come back this fall

from maternity leave.

I thought you were gonna
spend time with the baby.

Well, it's hard for three
to live off love, right?

Geoff's helping a little.

Hopefully he'll help a lot.

More wine, please.

What kind of artist
would you wanna be, then?

- Hey, Reeva.
- Hi, Doctor.

- Are you still at dinner?
- Yeah.

- I
- finished the study,

but there's something
concerning me.

Well, what exactly?

rather discuss it in person.

Can it wait?

Not really.

Can you come to the lab?

- What, now?
- I think it'd be best.



Yeah, okay.

All right, I'm on my way.

And I said to the client,

"The most important choice
that you're going to make

to define your brand
is the typography."

And the client looks at the team

and says to us-

Coach Vogel, hi.

Thank you for calling me back.

Yes, Ms. Reimann.

Yeah, David, he was
at practice today.

He left at around five.

Said he had to stop by
the store on his way home.


Um, and that was the
last you heard from him?

Yes, ma'am.

I'm sure he'll be there soon.

Thank you.


I'm going by the store.

Okay, I'll come.

Would he have gone
to a friend's?


I mean, I don't know.

Well, what's he
up to these days?

Same thing. Sports.

- Anything else?
- Like what?

I don't know.

- What are you suggesting?
- I'm not saying anything.

He's a good kid, all right?

Well, maybe he
has a girlfriend.

No, he would've told me.

You've gotta be
fucking kidding me.

Garrett said it's
time to make some busts.

The president wants a political
win and this could be it.

So, what, she
can't wait at all?

She'll pay for two more weeks.

Could you connect the Canadians
and the Armenians by then?

And find the fentanyl labs,

and take everyone down, dead
to rights, with no support?

It's either that
or they scuttle it.

You know, she even wanted
the Chinese connection,

but I told her we'd
be chasing ghosts.

Two weeks, um...

Yeah, yeah, I can
make that work.

I gotta get out of here.

I gotta get up there.

- Okay, uh, walk me out.
- Yeah.

Hey, what happened with that
kid up at the border, Cedric?

What the fuck was that?

Well, RCMP must've
got onto him somehow.

Yeah, how?

We're the only ones
who knew about the run.

I don't know, maybe they
have a leak somewhere?

They're not saying much.

We've worked too hard

to let a bunch of
Mounties fuck this up.

Where are they keeping
the kid anyway?

Uh, they're moving
him to WITSEC.

He's gonna testify
he was smuggling

on behalf of the
Montreal syndicate.

And that means Mother.


That means it's only
a matter of time

before Mother gets to him

and anyone else who
knew about this.

Yeah, Jake, you really
think this is realistic?

I mean, the Montreal piece.

You're right, you don't
have a deep rep with Mother.

Maybe it's dangerous to
press a big sale now.

Yeah, but what fucking
choice do we have?

- I, I don't know.
- Seriously?

We need to find him.

So many people
come through here.

Yeah, so, somebody had
to have seen him, right?

Ma'am, I don't know.

Yeah, I know you don't know,

- but somebody knows.
- Claire.


You've gotta calm down.

No, I'm not gonna calm down.

Is everything all right here?


Everything's not all right.

I'm, I'm looking for my son.

All right, we wanna help.

We're gonna find him.

- All right?
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Sorry, I didn't...



This is sugar water.

And where's the drug?

This is 182 over here.


I guess Northlight
hasn't quite cracked

that blood-brain issue yet, huh?

Eh, well, they'll
be disappointed.

Doctor, you asked us to
use Klaralon as a baseline.

Yeah, yeah, it's
a good control.

Well, we did, and we ran
it for 10 days as well.


I don't understand you, uh,

you ran 182 twice?

No, Doctor, this isn't 182.

We gave these mice Klaralon.

This is Klaralon at day 10.

What the hell is going on?

We were contracted
to do a 7-day study,

and I elected to use our
standard 10-day protocol

to yield a more
informative result.

Now, everything was fine
throughout the seventh day,

but on day eight, you can
see what started happening.

The mice keep seeking the drug.

They stay only in the
drug dispensing area.

- Until they die.
- Exactly.

You can see from the fMRI scans

that all the addiction centers

in their brains are lighting up.

And then by day
10, they're dead.

That goes for P182 and Klaralon.

This can't be right.

Apart from the extra
days of experiment,

everything ran
according to protocol.

Well, then run it again.

We can't afford to deliver
an unprofessional result.

I'm sorry, unprofessional?

Northlight is already into

the final stage of human
trials with Klaralon.

We're just looking into
their new formulation.

There's no way
Klaralon is this toxic,

it's about to be
approved by the FDA!

We followed the
protocol exactly.

Then recheck it.


The drug, the mice.

Even the damn cages.

Contract research
covers all our funding.

If word gets out that we
don't know what we're doing,

we're, we're done,
we're finished.

Of course, Doctor.

We ran a standard
replicate study

and it'll be ready
with you first thing.


And call me as soon as.


That's him right there.

That's 5:21 p.m.

Uh, looks like he
bought some tortillas,

- hot sauce, paid cash.
- Yeah.

Can you follow him outside?

He exited through
the south door,

got on his bike,
looks like, and then.

And then what?

I'm afraid that's it.

There's only one camera on
that side of the building.


That's fine.

- What's fine?
- Okay, we'll come now.

Let's go.

- They just, um, they-
- What?

26, this is central.

2-11 in progress, the
corner of Cass and Henry.

- Suspect is a male black-
- What is it?

What's going on?

- Are you Ms. Reimann?
- Please tell me

- what's going on.
- She's Claire Reimann.

I'm afraid there's
been an accident.

- Your son, David.
- Yeah.

He's gone, ma'am.


What do you mean?

He's gone where?

He's dead.

I'm sorry.


Wanna drink something?

A beer?

- Labatt?
- Sure.


- Hey, listen, I wanna-
- Wait for the beer.


The way I see it, the
question before us is, why?

Why was the boy
stopped at the border?

And the logical answer is,
someone knew he was crossing.

Now, who knew that?

Your people knew that.

My guys wouldn't talk.

Well, somebody
had to tip this off.

It's an unpatrolled stretch
of our southern border.

Can't be caught
without informant.

But, Mother, my associates,

and you've met them,
they're Armenian.

They would rather die
than talk to the police.

Look, Jake, I like you.

You've been a good customer,

buying a little
batch here, there,

but this larger plan now

seems to be beyond
your capabilities.

These boys, they
worked well for us

until we delivered to you.

Now we have a bust.

And who knows how many
they're pressuring.

Okay, I agree.

Things haven't necessarily
gone smoothy so far, but-

- Smooth?

Are you stupid or what?

Maybe for now you
keep your head down,

focus on what you know.

Couriers aren't the only way.

My guys run trucks through
the entire United States.

So, you take the
product to a warehouse,

you package it as vitamins,

then they come in their
trucks and pick it up.

Well, tell me,
what's gonna happen

when they get to customs?


You take it to a
Foreign Trade Zone

where the police
can't do inspections,

only customs agents can,

and they're not gonna open

every single bottle
of sealed vitamins.

Before we trust, as your
President Reagan used to say,

we must verify.

We must learn why it did happen.


We're gonna talk to
our guy at customs.

It's right there.

You sure?


Oh, god.

We won't have
toxicology for a few days,

but a paramedic in the alley
said it was an overdose.



was foaming at the mouth

when they arrived.

They tried Narcan to revive
him, but it was too late.

Were you aware of any
issues with your son?

Like what?

- Drug issues.
- No.

Absolutely not.

Any idea where
he would get pills?

Uh, my, my sister had
an accident a while ago.


And there were some
painkillers lying-

- Sue.

There were some
painkillers around.

Those pills have
been gone for months.

children steal these pills.

David wasn't doing
drugs, I would've known.

I understand.

Is it a single parent household?

What are you getting at?

Just come out and say it to me.

Otherwise what are
you gonna do about it?

We're gonna continue
to monitor the situation.


see if anything comes up.

- What does that mean?
- I, I, Claire-

- No, what does that...

What the fuck does that mean,

see if anything comes up?

Are you out there looking?

I'm sorry, I love you so much.

Right now the department

is treating this as
an accidental death.


You don't even
know what happened.

Ms. Reimann, we have
40 overdoses this week,

here in Detroit alone.

That's more than homicides.

This isn't anything
against your son.

It's a terrible drug.

I'm sorry.

We have his belongings for you.

We just need you
to sign for them.

So, this is the
replicate study I brought in,

and it shows exactly
the same result.

Biological explanation?

We'd need a mass spec to see
how the liver's metabolizing,

not to mention many
more basic experiments.

We're talking six
months of work at least.

Mm, that's not gonna
fly with Northlight.

Something in the drug is
crossing the blood-brain barrier

and hitting the reward centers,

but Klaralon is supposed
to reduce dependence,

not increase it threefold.

How could they not
have caught this?

Well, write up your findings.

We should get this over
to Northlight right away.

How did the border
agents know to stop the boy?

You tell me.

You're supposed to be
our ears of the patrols.

- I heard rumors.
- What?

Someone's talking,
in your house.

That's ridiculous.

It's true.

There's a list.

What list?

- And who are you?
- Never mind that.

- Answer the fucking question.
- Hey, whoa.

Whoa, relax.

You know a guy named Davison?

The cop that was disgraced,
facing corruption charges?


When Internal
Affairs got onto him,

they heard about a list he kept
at the major crimes bureau,

Over 200 names on it.

Every informant from every
crew he ever worked with.

I bet that on that
list is your informant.

Where's the list now?

I heard
he's trying to sell it.


I'm just a custom inspector.

Can't you find him?

All right, get out.

Get the fuck out!

See, I told you, he's garbage.

We gotta find that list.

this is Dr. Meg Holmes.

Please leave a message.

So, in recognition
of that great bounty,

our foundation is pleased
to announce tonight

a five-year $30
million commitment

to the building of this
new contemporary art wing.

Once FDA approves,

we will bring Klaralon
to market in six months.

And in the spirit of gift giving

you demonstrated tonight,

here on page three are
the sales projections.

Wow, those are, uh...


Physician response
is tremendous.

When our dad built Northlight,

his dream was not
just to make money,

it was to make the
world a better place.

An addiction-free painkiller
was always his goal,

and you found it.

You've done our
family proud, Meg.

It was only possible through
your support, gentlemen.

I'm pleased we were
able to deliver for you.

Will you excuse me?

- Of course.
- Sure.


Meg? It's Bill.

We've got an issue.

How long has
he been a resource?

Eight years.

He's always stamped whatever
we put in front of him.

So where'd this come from?

A mistake, apparently.

As you can see, he
ran the study twice

with the same results.

I've been saying we take
it under advisement.

But now Tyrone's
recommending we share his data

with a panel of scientists

and present it at a
conference for further study?

I thought you were
on top of this.

How do you wanna handle it?


Apparently he's in
a motel downtown

trying to make a
sale of the list.


- So, what's the move?
- I arranged a meet.

You guys go down there.

Motel Arlequin.

Room 206.

If the list is good, you buy it.

- For 200k?
- I front the money.

We can turn it around
to the other crews,

make a profit, too.

Or you can use the list to
eliminate your competition.

See, I told you he's smart.

You could learn
something from this man.

I'll be by your
hotel tomorrow.

Google's made
it more difficult

for some phones with
two-factor authentication.

Can you unlock it?

This will
brute-force some codes

by overriding the lockout.

It might take a minute.

Okay, let's see.


You're lucky, it was
a four-digit code.


Thanks, Ted.

It's not that
we don't appreciate it.

Northlight just has a lot
of studies to look at.

Was there something
wrong with our work?

No, no, your
work is excellent.

And that's why they
authorized me to award you

a grant of $780,000
for continued funding

of your other research.


This is very generous
of you, Bill.

It would mean a lot to the lab.

If you'll just sign
these modification papers

we can process the grant
as part of the new set up.

Should be able to get
your funds within a week.

All right.

Um, let me look over these

and I'll get back to you.

It's pretty standard stuff.

Just wanna get you up and
running quickly, you know?

Get this thing moving.

Yeah, yeah.

Um, I'll have them
read by the morning.

Fair enough?

Yeah, yeah.

You bet.

Wow, this is amazing.

- Thank you, Bill.
- Thank you.

Good to see you, Bill.

- Tomorrow.
- Oh yeah, for sure.

What's this guy's deal?

Never mind that.

He's a piece of shit.

All right.

Looks like being an informant

doesn't pay what it used to.

- 206?
- 206.


How much you wanna bet the
list was on the fucking laptop?

Let's get the hell out of here.

Who took the list?

How the fuck
would we know that?



What do we do now?


The deal goes down as planned.

Nah, no way.

It's too risky.

The Armenians can be trusted.

I don't know.

I think we should
just wait and see if-

- They want 3 million.

- Street value?
- No.

Raw fentanyl, at your price.

Still, the timing feels wrong.

Look, I'll guarantee the cash.

Right to the switch point.

And you have no
distribution exposure.

And even if there is a snitch,

as long as it's kept
between Mother, you, and me,

no one will find out about it.

Fuck, I'll think it over.

You'd better hurry,
'cause we can buy elsewhere.

Ah, fuck.

Just drive the fucking car.

After you hired me, I
read the police report.

It said that your son died

from an overdose of
oxycodone 80-milligram pills,

ingested and inhaled.

Yeah, I know.

I read the report.

Well, here's the thing.

There's no smoke in his lungs.

No smoke?

And from the pink
condition of his lungs,

I'd say he didn't smoke ever.

Further, there's severe bruising
on the back of his head.

What are you saying?

Either your son took 10

80-milligram oxys
on his first try

- this night on his way home-
- Or what?

Someone hit him over the head

and forced him to swallow them?

Is that...

How could the cops miss that?

Cops miss a lot of things.

I know, I used to be one.

How did he die?

As I said, the indication is-

- No, I mean, how?

What was it like for him?

Do you really wanna know?

I need to know.

And with that, I bid you,

go forth and bring
me a breakthrough.

Bonne chance!

Hey, Geoff.

You have fun the other night?

I did.

Now, honestly, did
I overcook the fish?

Honestly, I thought
it was chicken.

What's up?

Well, I heard about this
situation with Northlight,

the pharmaceutical study.

One of the trustees know
somebody on their board.


Well, as you know,

I'm not a big fan of
these arrangements.

Well, we've never
had a problem before.

Well, no, but I have.

The situation is not
unique to you, Ty.

I got a lot of teachers
that pay their rent

with these corporate studies,

which means I'm often
asked to look the other way

on the inherent conflicts.

Added to which,

Northlight is one of the
school's major donors.

That's not fair
and you know it.

I'm not trying to make
waves for you, Geoff.

Well, then, you
can see why we don't

wanna make a federal
case out of this thing.

I understand they want
you to sign something.

Have you read it?

I've read enough of it.

Well, then you will
know that they want me

to sign a statement saying

we made significant errors,

that we cannot be relied upon,

which is as bizarre a
request as I have ever seen.

Who cares if it's bizarre?

It's a confidential agreement.

We have been a good source
for them for eight years,

and the one time, the one time,

that my results
contradict theirs,

all of a sudden they
want an expanded

confidentiality agreement?

Geoff, you know
what this is about.

No, we're not jumping to
any conclusions here, okay?

Our job is to be educators,

not to grapple with big pharma.

Let's just think about
signing what it is they want

and we can be done with this.

Hey, it's Simon.

Please leave a message.



Hey, what do you want?

I'm uh, I'm, I'm
David's mother.

- David Reimann.
- Yeah, I know.

Then why did you
walk away from me?

I don't know.

On his phone there was a
bunch of missed calls from you.

What did you want?

- We were friends.
- No.

You weren't my son's friend.

If you were, I would've
known your name.

- Simon, are you okay?
- Yeah, he's fine.

Why don't you leave him alone?

Come with me.

Look, we hung out
a couple of times,

it wasn't a big deal.

So, then, what did
you want with him?

I mean, I wasn't
his friend exactly.

Um, Cedric was.

Cedric Beauville?

From the hockey camp?

You went to Montrose?


Look, all I know is
that Cedric needed him

and he told me to find him.


Where can I find Cedric?

- You didn't hear?
- What?

- It was on the news.
- What?

Look, I really
don't know anything.

I only ran for them once.

It wasn't a big deal.

You ran drugs?

Come with me.

All right, all right.

Look, look, it was
Derrick up in Montreal.

He runs a lot of oxy there.

Just please don't tell
him I said anything.

Nobody's heard anything

from the Armenians on the wires.

If you don't get them
to buy from Mother soon,

it's all gonna fall apart.

I really think you
gotta get back here.

Okay, I'm
on my way back.

we're running out of time.

Yeah, I said I'm on my way.

I'll be there when I'm there.


Just spoke to my guys.

They're good to go.

Are we on?

Yeah, we're on.

But one thing.

You come alone.

What, and carry
everything out on my back?


My guys bring in trucks.

After you pay.

No way.

All right, then forget it.

Okay, I bring in
a million as a deposit,

but I wanna see the goods.

After that, my guys come
in and they bring the rest.

That's it.

Yes or no?



But I'm coming with big money,

so I wanna see your
operation first.

I need to know that
you can actually

step up and handle this.

I'll talk to Mother.

Look, it's just bad.

Now the feds are
tracking prescriptions,

the smart move is walk away.

Yeah, that's why
we're walking away

from the pill mill business
and getting into fentanyl.

Mother's ready.

Too much heat.

For all we know, we're under
surveillance right now.

Look, if we pussy out now-

- Pussy out?

Not a very sophisticated
way to look at it.

Maybe we should listen
to Armen and walk.

On the other hand,
the demand is high,

and the junkies are
fiends for this.

Maybe it's worth the risk.

If we go a million a piece

we can turn 3 million into 30.

I don't have a million.

Fuckin' Maserati
Minas over there does.

He's rich.

Borrow some from him.

What a brave
fellow you are, Jake.

We'll let you know tomorrow.

RCMP say they've
arrested Cedric Beauville.

The 18-year-old was
crossing this snowy,

unpatrolled stretch of the
border wearing camouflage.

Authorities say he
set off the alarm

at the Saint-Armand crossing

where he was caught with
over half a million dollars

of fentanyl pills.

The pills are a
public health menace

and are popular among
younger drug users.

Beauville is being held

at the federal detention
center in Montreal, Quebec. -

So, you weren't contracted
to work with Klaralon.

How'd you get it?

I don't follow.

The drug Klaralon.

It's not on market yet.

How'd you get it?

From the chemistry department.

I asked them to make me some.

Based on the
patent literature,

you had our chemistry department
synthesize it for you?

Yeah, we do it
all the time, Geoff.

You know that.

And now based on your results,

you want Northlight to pull
their billion dollar drug,

a drug that's just
about to hit the market,

off the market for
some further testing.

The results show
co-valent bonds-

- Chris, can you talk to
him about the liability?


The original agreement that
you signed eight years ago

already contained a
confidentiality provision.

You still can't share
your findings with anyone.

Well, that's insane.

This is a public health issue.

Dammit, Tyrone, we
don't know that at all!

And just so you know,

Northlight spoke to a
number of your clients

and they also had strange
results from your labs.

- What clients?
- And when pressed further,

many of them had
significant questions

about your testing methodology.

If people are accusing
me of being unprofessional,

I think I have a right to know.

If you leak Northlight's data,

the university can be liable.

And we're talking
about Northlight,

a multibillion-dollar

from three generations

of one of the richest
families on the planet,

a family that, I think
we can all agree,

has done a lot of
good in the world.

Oh, have they?

If we knew about oxycodone
then and could've spoken,

look at all the harm
we could've prevented,

the lives we could've saved.

If you take it upon yourself

to publish Northlight's
proprietary data-

- Dr. Brower, you
could even be liable

for criminal charges.

A crime?

For telling the truth?

- I don't believe it.
- Believe it!

Tyrone, you know I respect you,

but I need you to promise

that you won't share
this data with anyone.

Tenure's not forever, you know?

Neither is your reputation.

What is that supposed to mean?

You bring shame
upon this university

and it can cost you
a hell of a lot more

than your teaching job.

You have reached

the Gratiot Police
Department after hours.

If you have the extension of
the party you'd like to reach-

- This is always the way.

First it was tobacco,
then it was oxy.

Now it's your turn.

Dangerous territory.

If this carries over
to the human trials,

not only is this painkiller
not non-addictive,

it's three times more
addictive than oxy.

They're in the final stages
of their FDA submission.

If your report became public,

they'd have to withdraw
their request for approval,

all for some mice

that are outside the scope
of the agreed protocol?

And nobody cares.

I could always
take it somewhere.


How about the FDA?

this is not something

you wanna bring upon
yourself lightly.

You've gotta have a plan.

A plan?

For telling the truth?

Don't be naive.

Sometimes that's not enough.

And we've both done a
lot of contract work

is this really the
worst you've ever seen?

The worst.

Then be careful.

Yeah, to a T.

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

I can't believe I'm doing this.

But you'll approve it?

If you guys get the
Armenians on board,

I can authorize a
mil in flash money.


But the whole op is gonna
have to be supervised.

We won't have advance
notice to get cameras in.

You can use surveillance
vans, can't you?

- Absolutely.
- Yes.


All right.

Stan, you're willing to go
out in the field with him?


Okay, sign right there.

Anything happens to that
money, it's your asses.

Nothing's gonna
happen to the money.

- Excuse me one second.
- I guaran-fucking-tee it.


Hi, is this Mr. Kelly?

Yeah, this is him.

Yes, I'm calling

from Gables Treatment
to let you know

that your sister has
checked herself out.


Mom, how much did she get?

Well, it looks
like all of it, Jake.

Are you gonna go
to the pawn shops?

Pawn shops were
open hours ago.

I'm passing the buy spots now.

I'll call you when I get her.

Hey, Jake, man.

What up, dog?

Yo, yo, you all right?

Where is she?

- Is that it?
- Yeah.

How many people are
in there with her?

I don't know, man,
I don't go in there.

Come on.

Get the fuck out of here.


- Get your hands off me.
- It's okay.

It's okay, come on.

- Come on.
- Hey.

- Come on, Emmie.
- Hey.

- Come on.
- What are you doing?

Get your hands off me.


Sit the fuck down.

- It's okay.
- Hey, get your hands off me.

Get your fucking
hands off me, Jake!

- It's okay.
- No!

- No!
- It's okay.

Get your fucking hands off me!

Get your hands off me
now, you're fucking...


Dr. Brower.

I'm Ben Walker, from the FDA.

May I sit?

- Do you have some ID?
- Yes.

I'm glad you reached out.

Well, I read your report.

Who else knows about this?

Northlight, obviously.

The university.

They're not happy with me.

There's some things I
need to ask you about.

Go ahead.

I understand
there was an issue

of sexual harassment
some years back?

- With a student?
- Oh, Jesus.

You really have been
checking up on me.

I was cleared.

But what was it?

It was nothing.

A remark I
made one night in the lab

and it got blown
out of proportion.

The tenure committee
didn't think so.

- You were censured.
- I was cleared!

You've gotta prepare yourself.

Will the FDA take action?

I'm not gonna lie to you.

Science at this level is often
a matter of interpretation.

This is not
interpretation, this is data.

What I'm saying is,

until now you've mainly
been a validator,

taking the money and letting
the studies play themselves.

Well, that's pretty cynical.

I like to think I did a
little more than that.

Through your own
research, maybe,

but as far as your
outside contracts-

- Who the hell are you?

Some bureaucrat with
a plastic badge.

You're here because
I pressed the button,

and you wanna ridicule me.

They're gonna come after you.

They'll say you're a drunk.

I'm not a drunk.

And a bad scientist,

whatever they can think of.

But what you're doing now

may be the most important
thing you ever do.

- Come on, out.
- Get off me.

Don't fucking touch me.

Oh, you're taking
me back to Mom now?

You're gonna fucking tell on me?

Is that it?

Do you have any idea
what you're doing to Mom?


- Look what he did to me.
- In the house.

- Jake, handcuffs?
- Jake, these really hurt,

I'm telling you.

- Take them off.
- Mom, don't start.

- It's our house.
- Listen.

- You gonna relax?
- Yes.

- Can you behave?
- Yes.

Take it off, please.

Thank you.

Fuck you!

- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Fuck you!


What is wrong with you?

- It's my fucking life!
- Give me your hands.

You can't help me.

You think you can fucking
help me like this?

- Ow, you're hurting me!
- What the fuck is wrong with you?

- Fuck you!
- Why are you like this?

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

- You're a fucking disgrace!
- Look what you

just did to me.

You're a fucking disgrace.


- I fucking hate you both!
- Mom.

- Mom.
- You hear me?

- Mom.
- I hate you!

You leave her there
for two days, okay?

- Be strong.
- Okay.

I love you.

Love you.

You said
it was non-addictive.

It is.

Brower's study is outside
the prescribing scope.

It's not apples to apples.

So, what, you're
saying that if they take

it within the 30-day
window prescribed

they won't get addicted?

Yeah, that's right.

And if they take
it longer than that?

Some patients might
develop dependence,

but that's only if they abuse it

by taking it too long.

do you have a plan?

Discredit Brower.

We have already found
things from his past.

- What things?
- Indiscretions.

They're in the dossier.

And remember, we have
successful human trials.

He's just holding
up one animal study.

He'll quiet down.

I think it's time
we got more involved.




May I help you?

Oh, no,

I think I'm in the wrong place.

Thank you.

No, no, no, maybe
you're at the right place.

- No.
- No?

- But thank you.
- All right.

Really, sorry.

I see you've read the news.

I know it's not true.

Oh, there's some truth to it.

I did ask her out.

It was before I met Madira.

It was after my divorce.

I was still drinking,
and she was a student.

And I shouldn't have.

Doctor, I know you.

Whatever you think, I know you.

You've gotta stay strong.

Thank you.




Dr. Brower?

This is Jane Williams,

secretary to the
tenure committee.

We're calling to inform you

that a meeting
has been scheduled

and you need to be present.

I'll be there.

You seem like

a trustworthy man, Jake.

How does it go down?

It happens in a
warehouse in Montreal.

I show up with my
share, my million,

and I verify the product.

Once I do, I call you.

You come in with trucks.

You're going
into the buy alone?

Mother's paranoid.

It's the only way he'd do it.

How do you know they
won't just beat your ass

and take the money?

Well, I guess I don't.

Either big, brave
balls on you, Jake,

or you're an idiot.

You just stay close.

Once I verify the
merchandise, I'll call you.

Maybe you are an idiot.

You know what?

Fuck you, Minas.

I thought you had big balls.


We're in.


rental car's in slot D4.

It's untraceable.

Now, did you have a
PI run a VIN number

belonging to Guy Broussard?

No, of course not.


in a Montreal precinct

checked the plate,
emailed owner records

to an outside cell phone.

It's registered to some
local private investigator.

You get the location?


I'm tracking his phone now.

I'll send you a link.

All right.

I ran the VIN number.

That him?


His name is Guy Broussard.

He's the number two
of the operation.

Works for a man called Mother.


- Yeah.
- That's his name?

Real name is Claude Veroche.

He owns a bar called La Marina.

This is
the man in charge?

He looks like a
respectable citizen, right?

The file tells a
different story.

Been arrested for
distribution, manufacturing.

Did four years for manslaughter.

He's also been linked to
several unsolved homicides.

What about the other thing?

It's a ghost gun.

It's untraceable.

Safety's on the trigger,
so if I were you-

- I know how to shoot.


What are you planning
to do, exactly?

Thank you.

You can go now.

You be careful.

Jake, what's up?

Yeah, I got a plate for you.

Michigan plate, 23458
QV, Quebec Victor.

Run the ownership
records on that.

Tell me what you find.

I'll do it right now.

All right.

The owner is Claire
Reimann, an architect.

Couple of arrests, one for
possession, one for DUI.

- Narcotics possession?
- Yeah.

Uh, hold on, there's
something else.

Oh, her son just died.

OD'd on oxy.


Yeah, she was
making some noise

about wanting an investigation.

Was her son
involved in anything?

Uh, don't know.

They think he was clean.

Well, what's his deal?

Any interests?

A sports star,
looking at scholarships.

Wait a minute.

Winter sports?


- Cedric!
- Yeah.

What do you wanna bet
they knew each other?

You know I didn't
harass anybody.

That is all Northlight.

We can't have any contact
until the tenure hearing.

It's against the rules.

Dragging my name
through the mud,

is that part of the rules?

Keep your voice down.

Come with me.

Your whole goddamn career,

you basically just
took the money

and you, you, you
stamped it all through.

Isn't that about right?

And now you grow a conscience.

- People here like you!
- Yeah, except maybe you.

- That is so unfair.
- Don't you get

what Northlight is doing?

This is the biggest public
health crisis since tobacco!

We can't just turn a blind eye!

We can't weather it!

We barely have enough
funding to get by.

You understand that?

And I'm responsible for
thousands of students,

- and faculty, and-
- Oh, Geoff,

this drug is gonna
fucking kill people.

Just like oxy,
just like fentanyl!

- You don't know that!
- You don't see it, do you?

You don't see it.

This just doesn't go
back in the bottle.

We're a university,
we're not the FDA.

It's not our responsibility-

- Then whose is it?

Sign what it is they want.

Maybe you'll get your lab back.

Get your life back.

Don't throw it all away, Tyrone.

You're not gonna win this.

This is the mixer.

It blends the powder
base with the fentanyl.

This one takes the
fentanyl powder

and presses it into pills.

This is the counter machine.

Pills go in, pills go out

and drop directly into
your vitamin bottle.

Street value is $30 per pill.

That's impressive.

What's your situation now?

My guys will be
here in three days.


So, now you've seen.

We're gonna be ready.

Oh, and also, uh,

we took care of
that other problem.

What problem?


The courier.

- Yeah?
- Yep.

That son of a bitch is gone.


We also found out who the
informant was after all.

Oh, you did?


Good, good.

And who was it?

you knew all along,

it was you, Tabernac!

He killed Davison in the hotel
room before you got there.

He stole the laptop because
he knew his name was on it.

He was an RCMP snitch.

How, how-


We went to his house.

We find the laptop there.

But your name wasn't on it.

That was good news
for you, my friend.

But now you know the stakes.

Anything happens, we can touch
you anywhere in the world,

no matter who you are.

So, are we still on?



Sit down, now!

Please don't shoot me.

Did you have my son killed?

- Please don't shoot.
- Did you have my son killed?

- Who?
- David.

David Reimann.

I told them he
didn't know anything.

He just came along on one run.

You had my son
run drugs for you?


- It wasn't like that.
- Then what was it like?


We met at camp.

I asked him to come along
on a trip with some friends.

I hid the pills in David's bag.

He never even knew
what he was carrying.

So, then, why
did they kill him?

Why not you?

I don't know!

I didn't know they were
gonna kill anybody.

You didn't know who
was gonna kill anybody?


Word is after Cedric got busted,

he got completely paranoid

and started cutting loose ends.

I'm probably next.

Please don't shoot me.



- Is it true?
- Is what true?

Did they kill the kid?


I'm afraid so.

They found him
foaming at the mouth

at the foot of his cell.

Somebody got to his food.

There's another
kid dead here, too.

What kid?

Simon Gilcrest.

OD'd on oxy like
the Reimann boy.

We don't know how
they're linked yet.

He was probably another courier.

We think they all
went to the same camp.

Guy's dead, too.


- How?
- Mother.

Just now.

I was fucking standing
right next to him.

I think
we reconsider the meet.


Jake, remember what happened

when Benny Alvarez
messed with these guys?

They're still pulling pieces
of his body out of the river.

Do you think I don't
fucking know that?


Do you have any idea
what I just went through?

They're doing
multiple homicides.

You cannot walk
into that buy alone.

- Mother said that-
- Fuck Mother!

Is he worth your life?

We can't quit.

We can't stop.

At least let me have

some advance warning
to cover you, okay?

Even 40 minutes.

Okay, yeah.

I'll text you the meet
location as soon as I get it,

and you coordinate with RCMP.

But they can't fuck this up.

I'm on it.

Okay, and be flexible.

The meet location could
change at any minute.

I went
by the school today.

Why didn't you tell
me what was happening?

I'm sorry, I...

I tried to take care of it, and,

it got so much bigger.

I guess I overestimated myself.

But why didn't you
share it with me?

Do you think I
couldn't handle it?

No, no.

I didn't wanna worry you.

I wanted to protect you.

Oh, come on.

We're in this together.

And you have a responsibility.

Yeah, to our family.

To something larger than that.

If they let me go now,
under these circumstances,

I just can't turn around
and find another job.

I really don't know what to do.

We will manage.

We will.

We always do.


I'm sorry.

Um, Bill.

It's, uh, Tyrone.

I've thought about
your proposal.


Uh, let's come to
an arrangement.


I've been trying to call you.

Your car's not in the driveway.

Where are you?

I'm traveling.



Listen, Sue,

I can't really talk
right now, okay?

- I-
- What are you doing, Claire?

- Sue.
- Claire.

I know that this is hell.

You know,

the doctor said it took

four minutes for his
heart to give out.

It took him four minutes
to stop breathing.

Four minutes his heart was
constricting in his chest,

like someone was strangling
him until he died.


I'm sorry.



- Dr. Brower.
- Yes.

How are you?

I'm Sarah, Dr.
Simons' assistant.

- Hi.
- Follow me, please.

Thank you.

Did you find everything okay?

Yeah, thanks.

It's uh, quite a place, huh?


I'm lucky to call it my office.



These are the
execution copies.

And here is the grant
check for your lab.

It's made out to me.

I'm sure you can
endorse it over,

if that's what you want.

It's up to you.

Dr. Brower.

I am Meg Holmes.

Dr. Holmes.


The CEO.

I uh, must be important.

Very important to us.

And thanks so much,

so much, for being here.

I'm glad we were able
to come to an agreement

to support your work.

Support my work.

That's surprising.

I didn't know you'd taken
much interest in it before.

We only learned recently
how much good it can do.

Dr. Holmes, with respect,
may I ask you something?

Why ignore my data?

You read the report, you,
you know what happens.

Klaralon doesn't work.

Let's say it doesn't work.

What then?

Then why make it?

Because it will work.

It will, in time.

You're a scientist, you
can't sign your name to a lie.

It's not a lie.

It's a step on the path.

I am here operating
in the real world,

and if Klaralon is even
1% better than oxycodone,

then that's 1% that
can change the world.

You will never change
demand or behavior.

But you will fund continued
research through these products

and take a step closer

to the ultimate
breakthrough that will come.

That's not my world.

That's a cause.

I don't deal in causes.

- But somebody has to.
- I deal in science.

I deal in truth.

And what precisely
is that truth?

You think you get to
make that decision,

along with all the
collateral damage

it might bring with it?

What about the millions
in pain who need this drug

to ease their suffering
and use it legitimately?

Should they be denied
care because you say so?

You're holding up
one animal study,

one highly questionable study,

while even you yourself know

that 65% of these animal studies
don't translate to humans.

And for that you wanna destroy
a chance at real relief?

If that's not a cause,
I don't know what is.

I can't do it.

I won't do it.


No Labatt tonight?


Just whiskey.

Takes all kinds.

We all set for tomorrow?

Of course we
are, what we said.


So, where's the meet?

We still work out
a safe place for you.

I'll tell you tomorrow, Correc'?

And you'll be there?

'Cause I'll be there.

And I'm not handing
all of my fucking money

to somebody I never met before.

What, you worry I set you up?

Is that it?

Or maybe you set me up.

It's a crazy business we choose.


I guess we'll
find out tomorrow.

Of course
I'll be there.

You wanna eat something?

We make a good steak here.


I'm going home.

I'm going to bed.


Excuse me, miss.

Can I help you?

No, I'm fine.

Thank you.



Ms. Reimann, whatever
you're looking for,

you are not gonna
find it in there.


I suggest that you go home.

Go all the way home.

How do you know who I am?

It doesn't matter.

All that matters is that no
one wants to see you dead.

Go home.


Oh, god.

Oh, god.

In light of the
evidence presented

and the university's
zero tolerance position

on sexual harassment,

the chair feels that
we have no choice

but to recommend that Dr.
Brower's tenure be revoked

and that his employment
at the university

be terminated
effective immediately.

All those in favor?


The ayes have it.

This concludes our proceedings.

- What did you just say?
- I told him to move closer.

Where's Mother?

Don't worry about it.

You're dealing with us.


No Mother, no deal.


Where you going?

What is this, a joke?

Come back here.

- Is this everything?
- Mm-hmm.

- Do you mind?
- Mm.


Where's the rest?

What, you don't trust
me anymore, Mother?

This is Montreal, my friend.

Strange things happen here.

That's $1 million.

That's my deposit,
like we discussed.

Now what's gonna happen is-

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

I'm reaching for my phone.

All right, everybody calm down.

Now I text my guys.

All right, we move when
they come in with the cash.

Then they're gonna park
two trucks down at the end

and your goons are
gonna help them

load up all these pallets.

After that-

Tell your man to
stand down, right now.

I want a better view

if we're gonna send
our guys in there.

You heard that?

Check it out.

What the hell is
going on here, Mother?

We wait one minute, okay?

No, no more minutes.

My guys come in and we
do the switch right now!

Go, go, go!

Go out!

Freeze, motherfucker!


Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

No, no, no.

No, no, no.


Look at me, it's okay!

Man down!

Man down!

Oh, goddamn.



The division takes the
opioid crisis very seriously.

As the president
himself has said,

there is no greater scourge
facing America from within.

Well, I still fail to see

how a breakthrough
drug, like Klaralon,

despite the purported

of Dr. Brower's so-called tests-

- Mr. Chairman, respectfully,

Dr. Brower's implications
are more than purported.

According to Dr.
Brower's own report,

he exceeded the
study parameters.

And that's precisely
why he was able

to find the results he did.

I think we should
hear from Dr. Brower.

One moment, please.

Okay, are we talking about
a shutdown?

- What's going on?
- I don't know.

Thank you, Dr. Brower,
that won't be necessary.

The division has
discussed the matter

and is prepared to
make a decision.

Mr. Chairman, I object
to a decision without-

- That's enough, Mr. Walker.

The division has
read the evidence

and it is our position
that the benefits

of the item outweigh
these potential risks.

FDA approval for
Klaralon will proceed.

Northlight Pharmaceuticals
will arrange a fund

for further studies of addiction

in the amount of $11 million.

Do you all agree?


Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Chairman, at
least let me speak!

Sorry, Dr. Brower.

Meeting is adjourned.

What happened?

I've been reassigned.

So, that's it?

It's over?

There's gotta be another way.

I've been thinking.

There's someone you can talk to,

but without the
committee's protection,

you'd have to violate
your non-disclosure.


And if it goes
bad for you now,

we're talking debts
surviving bankruptcy.

You'd probably still be
paying in the afterlife.

Well, I got nothing now,

so what difference
would it make?


It's your sister.

I just wanted to say I'm
really sorry for the other day,

and I'm feeling much better now.

I love you so much.

still ID-ing the bodies,

but from what we can tell,

they were low-level muscle.

No traffickers.

What about Mother?

Apparently he's got
some family in Algiers,

so we put some men
on the airports,

but we're not gonna
see him again.

How about the Armenians?

Prosecutor says he doesn't
have enough to charge them.


They never set
foot in the building,

let alone the lot.

There's no overt act.

We'll issue a Red
Notice for Mother,

but beyond that my superiors
wanna terminate cooperation.

Yeah, mine too.

So, that's it?

You're just gonna quit?

Calm down, Jake.

Two crown officers are dead.

My department won't risk
any more loss of life.

I'm sorry.

Agent Kelly.


What do you want me to say?

What do you want from me?

I want you to calm
down and be professional.

Professional what?

Agent or drug dealer?

You realize how fucked this is?

Yeah, I do.

I'm the one who had
to call Stan's wife.

He was my friend, too.

I'm sorry.

What do you think
we're here to do?

To make a difference?

So, what are we here to do?

Our job.

As mandated by the people.

So, we're just here
to clean up, is that it?

I don't accept that.

That's not fair, Jake.

You're a good agent.

We fight the best we can.

I'll see you at the airport.


Hello, Ms. Reimann?

This is Jim Douglas,
Douglas Investigations.

I'm just following up on that
individual that we spoke of.

You asked me to let you know

if I had any new information.

Well, I think you might
be interested in this.

Where's Mother?

I will blow your head all
over this fucking bar.

Where's Mother?

I don't know!

Last chance.

He keeps a seaplane by
the Dwyer shipping yard.

That's all I know.

If I find out
you're lying to me-

- It's the truth!

I swear it!


Hey, hey, hey.

- Hey.
- What?

It's okay, hey, relax.

- Relax, relax.
- Get away from me!

I'm a federal agent.

I'm a federal agent.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Let me see.

Fuck. Okay.

It just went through your arm.

You're gonna be okay.

Come on.

It's okay.

There you go.

Stay right here.

I'll be right back.


The university
gave us three days to vacate.

- Where to?
- I don't know.

How long did we
work together, Tyrone?

A long time.

And in that time,
didn't I support you,

and champion your labs,
and find you grant money

wherever the hell I could,

help keep your whole
field of research alive?

Yeah, yeah, you
did all of that.

Whatever I did, I never
compromised our university.

And I never compromised
our students.

Geoff, all you
did was compromise.

You had the facts and you
just didn't look at them.

You stood there while
they made you complicit.

I spent a lifetime
building that school.

That I should take a
moment before deciding

whether or not to destroy it

supporting your
half-baked research

against a drug monolith.

What about the people,

the ones that we're
supposed to serve,

the ones who can't
speak for themselves?

It's the Detroit Evening News.

You gave them the
whole story, huh?

Even everything that
happened between us.

I thought we were friends.

So did I.

You know this isn't gonna make

a damn bit of difference
to Northlight.

They've got their approval.

They'll still put
their drug out.

But the people will know.

They'll know.

And that's the best I could do.

I've been asked to resign.

I'm sorry.

Me, too.

If I could do it all over again.


What difference does it make?

Bye, Tyrone.

Hopefully it looks
like two gangsters

killed each other
for a million dollars

and no one looks any deeper.

Didn't you say you were a cop?

I was.

So are you
taking me to prison now?


Why not?

You remind me of someone.


I'm sorry.

I don't understand.

So, what am I
supposed to do now?

I don't know.

Thank you.

And given the doctor's
ongoing press schedule

that you may have heard about,

if any of you ever get out

of your labs long enough
to read the paper,

we were very lucky to get him.

So, I hope you'll all
join me in welcoming

our new co-chair of biology

here at University of Michigan.

Dr. Tyrone Brower.

Thank you!

Thank you, and welcome to
my class...