Crisis (1950) - full transcript

Husband and wife Americans Dr. Eugene and Mrs. Helen Ferguson - he a renowned neurosurgeon - are traveling through Latin America for a vacation. When they make the decision to return to New York earlier than expected, they find they are being detained by the military in the country they are in. Ultimately, they learn the reason is that President Raoul Farrago, the tyrannical military dictator of the country, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and will die without an operation to remove it, Farrago choosing Gene as the doctor to lead the surgical team. Because of the volatile politics within the country and for his own safety as revolutionary forces would like to see him dead, Farrago refuses to go to a hospital for the operation, instead it to be done at his home. Despite not particularly liking Farrago or his ways, Gene agrees purely in his oath as a doctor. However, he ends up being caught in the middle between Farrago/his brutal regime and the revolutionaries, each side who is willing to use him and Helen to get what they want, namely the life or death of Farrago. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Ha ha ha ha ha!

What's the trouble, por favor?

Do you speak English?

Yes, sir.

What's happening?

Oh, this farrago...

oh, is the president here?

Oh, no, señora.

He's the brother of the president.

What's he done?

He insult the player.

They hate him for that?

Oh, no, señor,

They hate him because he is the brother

Of the president Raoul Farrago.


You all right?

Let's get out of this place.

Grande Hotel... El Grande Hotel.

Hola. Hola.

Is everything all right, Dr. Ferguson?

Oh, yes.

Now, that is good.

Hello. Room 204.

I have your bill ready
for you, señor doctor.

Thank you.

Hello, Helen?

Yes. Well, come on. Are you all set?

Certainly. I've got the bags in the car,

And I’m just about to pay the bill.

Huh? Uh... wait a minute.
What were you saying, dear?

No. No, there's somebody on the line.

Hello, will you please hang up, señor?

Who? Yes. Yes, this
is Dr. Eugene Ferguson.


No, no, i was speaking with my wife.

What? Colonel who?

Will you please tell the operator
to reconnect me with room 204?


Thank you.

Señor doctor, el colonel Adragon...

he wishes to speak to
you from long-Distance.

I was speaking with my wife.

I know, but he is a
colonel of the military.

That doesn't give him
the right to be rude.

But, señor, you will
speak with him, yes?


Hola, colonel?


I’m disconnected.

Good. Now get me room 204 again, please.

Hello, darling. Never mind.

Looks deserted, doesn't it?

Yeah. As far as i can gather,

Since the bombing, all those
who could leave town have left.

Is it safe to travel by car?

Ah, si, señora. It is
perfectly all right.

Your change, señor doctor.

Thank you.

Did you pay the man in dollars, darling?

Yes, i paid him in dollars.

I thought you were going to
insist on changing dollars.

No, I've given that up. It's
never going to work in this-

But, please, let me explain to you

The law about dollars and pesos.

Si. Ah, señor doctor.

Again, it is colonel Adragon.

I've never heard of him.

But he demands to talk with you.

What for?

Oh, please, señor doctor.

Tell you what you do.

My wife suggested you explain to him

The law about pesos
and dollars. Good-Bye.


Well, i suppose you're anxious
to know which way we're heading.

No, no. Anywhere you say-

Except no more jal alal games, huh?

Yeah. I guess if they're going
to have trouble down here,

We better head back to the ship.

Now, that's not a bad idea.

You mean, so that you can
spend the rest of our vacation

Shopping on fifth avenue, huh?

You're the boss.

Now, you know that's what you've
been dying to do all along.

I didn't know it showed.

Do you really mind very much?

I wouldn't dare say yes.

I guess I’m not the
outdoor type after all.

Sometimes i wonder why
you ever married me.

Come here.

Because i love you that's why.

Few other doctors can
make that statement.


May we pass by? We're
trying to get to our ship.

What's that?

Maybe he wants to see our passports.

Si, si, pasaportes.

Passports? Ok.

Por que... um... por que...

how do you say "trouble"?

You got me.

Dr. Ferguson?

Si. Dr. Ferguson!

You're señor Ferguson.



wait! Our passports!

Now what have you done?


What's the trouble? What have i done?

Better not make any trouble, gene.

Just a moment.

Do you speak English?

This man... the automobile.

I think he wants us to get in.

Oh... if we're going to be arrested,

I'd like to know why.

Dr. Ferguson y señora?

Si. Si.

Colonel Adragon.

How do you do?

Buenas noches.

Is it all there?

I think so.

Are you sure this is the same man

Who cut in on the phone this morning?

Well, I’m sure it was
a colonel somebody,

And I’m sure of another thing.

This is not a mistake.

They were looking for us.

It was us they were
waiting for on that road.

Now, why?

Maybe they think we're spies

Or revolutionists or something.

Oh, that's silly.

Maybe we're being kidnapped.

That's not so silly.

No agua.


no. Aqul.



No, no, señor.



Mucho gusto.

Pardon me.

Buenos dias.

Upon careful consideration

In the cold light of morning,

My dislike of you has doubled,

And i think you're lying

When you pretend not to understand me.


Good morning.

New mouthwash?

Moonshine rinse.

Where did you get the coffee?

I swiped it.



Thank you, darling. Where are we?

Way up here.

Isn't it beautiful down there?

If it's so beautiful down there,

Why did they bring us way up here?

Now, that's one of the most
logical things I've heard

For quite some time. Here.


Can you make it?


All right, let's try this.

Put your hand around
there. Put your head back.


Adios. Muchas gracias.

Oh, looks like we're getting in.

Oh, it does.

How do you feel?

Oh, i feel fine.

No, i don't. I'm kind of scared.

Well, they're certainly
glad to see us here.

From the bulletproof glass,
they must expect that often.

Did you notice how he
tried to protect you?

He thinks I’m prettier than you.

You must admit that your company

Has made millions from
the oil of my country.

We are your friends, Mr.
Proctor. Your only friends.

Now we need help.

I'm sorry, señora.

Sorry? That is not enough.

My hands are tied.

What is it?

We will discuss this later.

Yes. We will discuss this later.

Thank god you could come.

Mrs. Ferguson... i am very
honored and grateful, doctor.

Oh, this is a countryman of
yours, Mr. Samuel proctor.

Señor Arturo Magano,

Our finance minister.


Of course, you have met colonel Adragon.

We seem to have met everyone but you.

Forgive me.

The señora never thinks of herself...


I am Isabel Farrago. The
president is my husband.

Now will you please explain
why we were arrested,

Held prisoners like criminals.

Colonel, is this the truth?

I was afraid he would not come, so i-

Oh, i... I’m terribly sorry.

I apologize for myself and for him,

But you see, he wanted only

To save his president's life.

Oh, your husband's dying?

Of a sick brain, yes.

You will save him.

Why me?

Well, as long as you are here.


My business is oil,

But i am sort of unofficial
ambassador around here

For American tourists.

I probably can be of service to you.


Perhaps I’d better look at your husband.

Thank you.

We tried other hospitals.

One doctor was too busy.

Another one refused for...

various reasons.

We contacted johns Hopkins hospital.

They said you were in our country.

But there are excellent
surgeons here in Latin America-

Better ones than i.

You are very modest.

I am never modest.

There's a well-Equipped
neurosurgical hospital

Just across the border from here.

Well, i shall be frank with you, doctor.

Some of our neighbors
are not exactly friendly.

This is our family
physician, Dr. Nierra.

Dr. Ferguson. This is Mrs. Ferguson.

It is an honor, doctor.

Some people want my husband to die.

Not a doctor.

In that case, doctor,

There is no excuse not to save him,

Is there?


I will show Mrs. Ferguson to your rooms.

Raoul, this is el Dr. Ferguson.

El presidente Farrago.

So, you have come.


Thank you.

This is my chief of staff,

General Valdini.

A pleasure and an honor, doctor.

The general was just trying
to explain how my army,

Equipped with tanks and machine guns,

Cannot destroy a few revolutionaries

Equipped with machetes
and ancient rifles.

Are you interested in tactics, doctor?

Well, it seems the enemy is
attacking us from the rear.

Perhaps, general, if our soldiers

Turned their faces to the enemy,

There would be less rear to attack.

For this kind of a fight,
you do not need maps.

You only need courage.

To me, doctor, you do not
look like a brain surgeon.

No? What should i look like?

Emilio tells me that you are a genius.

Are you really one,

Or is your competition so poor

That you only seem one?

I am a genius

Because i have removed all competition.

Emilio says that a tumor
is swallowing my brain.

Is it?

I don't know.

Ah... the first sign of genius.

How often do you have those headaches?

Hold out your arms, please-

Straight out in front of you.

Now close your eyes, please.

Keep that right one up.

No, no, no. Don't lower the left.


Has this sort of
seizure happened before?


The same kind of dreamy state?



In the last week, several times.

Can you hear me?


Open your eyes, please.

Raise your left arm.

Lower it.

Good. Now the right one.

Now lower it.

Did you see anything strange,

Something you couldn't account for?


I knew they weren't there,

But i saw them just the same.

There... people...

friendly people waving to me,

Smiling, cheering.

That's right.

Now close your right eye.
Keep the left one open.

Fix your gaze right here.

Now tell me when my hand
comes into your line of vision.


Open that eye, close the other one.


Keep your gaze fixed here.


Here at all?



Have you an opthalmoscope?

Thank you.

There is great pressure.


It is the tumor.


Can he live without an operation?

Not much chance.

Will he live after an operation?

I don't know.

Well, headache still there?

Tired and sleepy?

So, you have decided to save my life.

I didn't say that.

But you are going to operate.

We'll see.

How do i know i can trust you?

You don't.


Well, doctor?

Madam, I’d advise flying
your husband to Boston

Or to the institute of
neurosurgery in Chile.


If you start now, you may save his life.

He cannot leave here now.

Why not?

Because he has certain duties.

Is there hot water for a bath, dear?


If my husband were to leave
here now, the people might-

No, no. He cannot leave.

In that case, he'll probably die.

Can't you help him?

Excuse me, dear.

He didn't mean it the way it sounded.

If he would only try.
That is all we ask.

Help me, señora.

He must decide these things for himself.

No, it is his duty!

Even a simple brain operation-And
this one isn't simple-

Requires every possible
break, the best equipment,

Highly trained assistants.

You shall have them. Please. Please!


All right.

How soon?

In a few days.

Why not immediately?

Further examinations.

There's no time for that.

Madam Farrago, i don't know
how well you run your country,

But I’d never presume to advise you.

I expect the same consideration
concerning my work.

Yes, doctor.

Another thing
- I want our passports and our car returned.

Your colonel kept them.

Anything else?

My fee.

I usually charge 10%
of a patient's income...

but in our case, sir-

Regardless of how little he earns.

Whatever you say, doctor.

Thank you.

I hope he does not change his mind.

Why should he?

Oh, people talk.

It is easy to defame a leader.

Here, it is even a sport.

You are interested in politics, señora?

Only on election day.

Ha ha! It is better so.

Thank you.

How could you have mentioned money?

Why not? They've got plenty of it.

Oh, are those my shorts, clean? Good.

You know how people say that

Americans think of nothing but money.


When did you make up
your mind to operate?

When i saw his condition.

You should have told her right away.


There's a vicious
streak in you somewhere.

Women are always mistaking
honesty for cruelty.

It had better be us.

"Doctor, save my husband. "

Ah, it's a little more
involved than that.

The man is dying,

And he won't go where
he can be saved. Why?

Other surgeons evade coming here. Why?

We've been shot at. Why?

The way this place is
protected by soldiers,

Our popular presidente
isn’t too popular.

Well, having met him, i know why.


You know, Helen, this isn't
just an operation, dear.

It's a national crisis, and
we're caught in the middle of it.

We don't know the language.
We've got no friends here.

We have few legal rights because
the country's under martial law.

All right, operate.

Do the best that can be
done under the circumstances.

Suppose he dies anyway.

Have you thought what
could happen to us then?

Then don't do it.

I've got to. I've
already committed myself.

What i object to is
the choice wasn't mine.

I dislike force of any kind by anybody.

Nobody's forcing you to do anything.

Buenas tardes.

Buenas tardes.

And a good afternoon to you.

Dr. Ferguson, Dr. Gracian.

How do you do?

Mucho gusto.

Do you expect me to operate here?

What's the matter with your hospital?

I was told it is better here.

But not safer.

The bedroom of the
presidente is in there.

To move him from there to here is safer,

Much safer, than is to move
him through the streets.

Could you call him, please?

The wrong tip.

You can take this machine out.

We have the finest
instruments for the army.

Mm-Hmm. What about the
surgeons to go with these?

We had one. He was trained in Vienna.

Politically, he was...

so, at the moment, he's dead.

Good evening.

You send for me, i come.

Remove all the furniture
and comb the room down.

Yes, doctor.

Everything- Curtains,
carpets, books-

Strip it.

For assistance, I’ll need
two good nurses who can scrub,

And anesthetist, two doctors,

And a circulating nurse.

I have already talked with them.

They know your reputation, so
they are honored to assist you.

They also know my reputation,

So they are very, very
anxious to save my life.

How are you feeling?

Friendly, my friend.

You will have some wine with
us before dinner, Emilio?

Dr. Gracian and i have
much work to do here.

You see how i regard you.

You tell me to sleep, i sleep.

You tell me to come, i come.

I am very obedient.

A good patient, yes?

This is my mother.


And you have met colonel Adragon.

To me, he is very loyal.

To me, he is obnoxious.

Good evening.

She does not speak English.

She rarely speaks at all.

She does not trust words.

She is 71 years old,

And she had her last
child when she was 48.

This was not so remarkable.

But my father was almost 80.

This made it very remarkable.


No, thank you.

When i got sick, she had
all the mirrors covered up.

She was afraid that if i looked into it,

The mirror would snatch away
my image, and i would die-

An old Indian or Spanish superstition.

Do you speak Spanish?

A few words.

I had to learn how to say,
"how much does it cost?"

"That's too much,"
"where is the washroom,"

And "thank you. "

A practical beginning.

I have made a law.

Everybody must learn to speak English,

And why?

Because the Americans do not wish

To learn Spanish.

So, if the money will
not come to the mountain,

The mountain will come to the money.

You do not like my little joke.


I shall think of some
better ones during dinner.

That's what i wanted to see you about.

My wife and i are not dining here.

But here is the best food anywhere.

I'm an expert on eating...

also drinking.

We've already accepted an invitation.

Easily arranged.

Your friends, they shall eat here.


Something troubles you, doctor?

Yes. I will not stand being
followed around and spied on.

I insist on freedom.

Freedom to do what?

Just freedom.

I see.

May i ask who your dinner host is?


I'm only trying to protect you.

If you go out in the streets...

i have certain enemies.

I consider your people my friends.

You are right, of course.

Come and go as you like.

But please be careful, my friend.

After all, if anything happens to you,

It also happens to me.


You know, that's the first
rule of being a good patient.

Always wish your doctor perfect health.

Good night.

Pardon me.

1,800 miles of oil pipes.

Thank you.

Some of the places were so
rough, we had to fly it in.

4 years of work before we
pumped one barrel of oil.

What happens to you if
the revolution breaks?

Regardless of who runs the country,

They need us as much as we need them.

After all, they get 30% of the profits.

Well, the country ought to
be able to do a lot with that.

Yeah, trouble is instead
of helping the people,

Those profits go into a Swiss
bank in the name of Farrago.

I see.

Was that phone for me?

El secretario el presidente Farrago.

Si, señor.

That will be all, thank you.

Yes, sir.

How about some brandy with your coffee?

No, thank you.

We have a very fine native liquor.

Why don't you try some?

Oh. Excuse me, dear.

Of course.

Want some advice?

Forget the operation.

Get out of the country tonight.

Is there that much danger?

I think so.

What about the American
embassy? What do they think?

Sometimes they move after the fact.

No, thanks.

I'll arrange for a car and a driver.

You can leave tonight from here.

Uh-Uh, i can't do
that. The man will die.

Doctors' ethics are all right.

Do you know Farrago
- Really know him?

He's 44 years old,

Weighs 80 kilograms, blood
pressure a little high,

Heart and lungs normal.

He has a meningioma of
the left temporal lobe.

He's a fair risk for anesthesia.

What else ought i to know that
could affect the prognosis?

Several things.

Most important is the
temper of these people here.

Shall i get you a brandy, dear?

Oh, am i still here?

Ha ha!

I don't think he realizes

How deeply involved you may become.

How would you like the
woman's angle on all this?


All right. It's typical
after-Dinner men talk.

I've heard it ever
since i was... so high.

There you are.

Thank you.

What is there about
marriage that makes men

Talk about war and politics and taxes?

Maybe it's because
they're always with us.

They're not always with you

When you're trying to get
a girl into... marriage.

Thank you.

Coffee, darling?

No, thank you.

You wouldn't believe this
was a vacation, would you?

Land of gay music and happy people.

Isn't that what the travel folder said?

Oh, yes, that's what they said,

But, darling, you can hardly
blame me for this revolution.

But, darling, you don't
have to enjoy it so.

Now, there must be someplace around here

Where people are having some fun.

Or is it against the law

For married people to enjoy themselves?

You win. No contest.

I know just the place to go.

Plenty of local color.

You're not angry, are you?


Well i-

Did i talk too much?


Well then why didn't you shut me up?

Well, that's what I’m trying to do.

Oh. That woman's angle of yours,

I liked that.


Please excuse me, señor.

My name is Gonzales.

How do you do?

I am nobody. This is my
friend Guillermo Cariago.

He is somebody.

The most famous, the greatest,

The best guitarist in the entire world.

He has a desire to meet you.

Oh? How do you do?

How do you do?

Won't you sit down?

Thank you.

You-You have heard of him, perhaps?

Well, I’m sure i must have.

It is of no matter, doctor.

But he has heard of you.


Everybody has heard of you.

One hour after you come,

You are the biggest news

Since the earthquake... bigger.

Bigger news, bigger catastrophe.

Ha ha ha!

Oh, no offense, señor.

Is it true that you are going to

Save the life of this tyrant?

How does that concern you?

You speak as a doctor, perhaps.

Well, i am a musician,

And i have not played since
the beginning of this tyranny,

And i will never play here again

Until my people are free.

He tells you the truth, doctor.

One tyrant alive, one guitar dead.

Please, doctor, go away.

Do not do this thing.

He's a romantic.

Doctors must operate, Guillermo.

Otherwise, they would be poor.

But when you have the presidente

With his head open,

One little slip of the knife... tsst!

And who will know, huh?

I do not ask that you kill.

To kill, one must have
the belly for this,

But it is Farrago's time to die.

He is an artist, a genius.

But not practical, huh?

In front of the world
where everybody's watching,

You must do what is expected, Guillermo.

Honor is a great thing.

But once inside of
the brain... finished.

You have done your duty
as a doctor, and as a man.

A hero in every way, huh?

Oh, this is Rosa el Dona,

The wife of the proprietor,

Also very talented.


A very fine gentleman.

We are advising him how to operate.


she wants to know why you interfere.

Let him die.

She says perhaps it would be better

If the doctor would die.

Another doctor might come.

A cemetery could be
built just for doctors.


Darling, this is señora Rosa...

how do you do?

Señor Gonzales, señor...

señor Cariago.


My wife. Mr. Proctor.


Excuse us, señora,

We are making a good-Neighbor policy.

Señor Cariago is the famous guitarist.

Didn't i hear you play in New York?


Would you play for us?

I'm sorry.

He's given up his music.

You could make him play again, doctor.

I’m a very appreciative audience.

Play, Guillermo.

Play. Make the first payment

On the tyrant's death.


Muchas gracias, amigo.

Good evening, doctor.

Señora, are you having a pleasant time?

I did not wish for this to happen.

I am sorry.

I came here because it
is not safe here for you.

You will leave now, yes?

It would be better if you left also.


Why? Because it will be necessary

To arrest some of these people.


There are many laws.

Take my word for it.
They can be arrested.

They must be.

You mean it's your duty?

Yes, absolutely my duty.

Well, then, go ahead.

But you'll have to arrest me, too.

Whatever they've done, I've done.

I might add, colonel,

That I should resist arrest.

That means you'll
either have to shoot me,

Or slap me unconscious.

You're quite good at that.

However, if that should happen to me,

You know what will happen to your boss.

Now go ahead and do your duty.

I'll only be a moment, dear.

Ole! Ole!


Now, that may be a bad bruise.

I wish there was something
more I could do about it.

There is something you
can do for all of us.

Good night. Good night.

How did the rehearsal go?

Well, not too bad for the first day.

However, they still need a lot of work.

Oh, dear.

I better give him
something to quiet him down.

Will he live, doctor?

I still say get him to a hospital.

It requires too much
teamwork, combined technique.

Suppose we get into a hemorrhage

And the clips haven't been set right.

All right. Tomorrow morning at 8:00

We start practicing again.

Please tell them all thanks for me.

See you later, doctor.


Oh, this is Father del Puento.

El Dr. Ferguson.

Tanto gusto.

How do you do, father? Well...

what is that?

Roll up your sleeve.

It's dangerous for you to get excited.

This will put you to sleep.

Everybody wants me to do
something I don't want to do.

That's right.

Why should I sleep when I'm not sleepy?

When you wake up, you'll know.

All right.

Well, father...

I understand the English
better than I speak.


How is it in north America, doctor?

Does not the church respect authority?

It respects the law, yes.

Well, I am the law.

Not god's law.

God and I are on very good terms.

He prefers me to the revolutionaries.

Señor doctor.

Señor presidente.

I asked him to have a day
of prayer for my health.

Is that so much?

If he is against me, he
is against the country.

If he is against the
country, he is a traitor.

I am surrounded by traitors.
Do you know that, doctor?

All around me, nobody I can trust.

Even the savior was better off.

Out of 12, only one was a traitor.

Whom can I trust?

Except you.


last night, where did you go?

You know where I went.
You had me followed.

What did you hear about me?

That you're a tyrant.

That I ought to let you die.

They think I'm afraid to die.

Aren't you?


I'm only afraid to die badly.

Why do they think you should kill me?

Because I'm an American.

Ah, they are stupid.

Are they?

To them, America means freedom.

I'm American. You are a tyrant.

Therefore, it follows
I should let you die.

Freedom. Everybody talks about freedom.

It would not work here.

You have to be educated
to freedom, you understand?

My people have not.

It is not an easy thing, this freedom.

Here, they think it means no
more work, no more troubles.

Somebody will bring in a big machine,

Suddenly nobody will be poor.

I have spent much time
in your country, doctor.

If a sign on a trolley
car says no speeding,

Nobody speeds.

Here, they spit on the sign.

The American still means
respect for the law,

Respect for property, responsibility.

But here...

even a simple thing
like a movie theater...

in your country, they
stand in line for hours.

Here, they begin to form a line.

In one minute, there is a crowd.

In two minutes, there is a riot.

Me, I hate poverty and disease.

But my enemies... they use it.

Yes, the people are very stupid.

They cannot help themselves.

Only I can help them.

You will not let me die,

Will you, doctor?

Will you?

¡La señora Farrago!

No! No!


Fernandez was a university professor.

He was against the presidente.

He became the leader
of the opposition party.

A year ago, he was assassinated.




Hi. Where have you been all day?

Look at that thing.
Pretty good, isn't it?

You know how many statues of Farrago

There are in just this one city?

Almost a thousand.

Everywhere you go, one of those.

"You are sitting in this park
through the courtesy of Farrago. "

"That fountain of water comes to you
through the kindness of Farrago. "

Yes, yes.

They're allowed to breathe
by the grace of Farrago,

Providing they pay the taxes he demands.

Helen, what's the matter,
dear? What happened?

Señor presidente.

Good morning, doctor.

Good morning.

How are you with this
kind of an instrument?

Would you like to try a few shots?

I told you not to leave your room.

I am tired of my room.

You're a big boy now.

Every time you disobey
orders, you complicate surgery.

Don't scold me, doctor.
My head is splitting.

My eyes are playing tricks with me.

You do not let me eat what I like.

You forbid me wine.

This morning, the maid
brought me my breakfast,

The very pretty maid.

She aroused in me nothing
except disinterest.

I might as well be dead.

Liars. I could not even see the target.

You are the best marksman

In the whole of our country.

Was, colonel. Was.

I learned to shoot before
I could read, fortunately.

History is made with guns.

If you were a student of history,

You'd know your fate beforehand.

Fate is moved by power.

Power is guns, tanks,
and planes and audacity.

How much longer must we wait?

Put that cigar away and sit down.


I cannot bear this room any longer,

And I will not get into that bed.

For once in my life, it bores me.

Now, listen carefully.

Mrs. Ferguson is leaving here tonight.

Without you?

You'll provide her with
the necessary papers.

You have had a fight
with your wife, correct?

She would not fight with me.

The trouble with American husb-

You'll give her military escort

So that she leaves the country safely.

It is because of last night.

Your wife thinks I killed
Fernandez, and so do you.

Admit it.

Admit you'd kill a
harmless little professor?

Of course I admit it.

Please, doctor. I may
be a great many things,

But one thing, I am not-

I am not stupid.

Alive, Fernandez was nothing,

A harmless little speech maker.

But dead...

dead, he is a martyr.

I even thought his own party had
killed him to make him a martyr.

And do you know who did it?

A jealous husband.

To think that because a little professor

Was indiscreet with another man's wife,

My entire regime is in danger.

All finished?

Make the arrangements for
Mrs. Ferguson to leave.

Today, not mañana.

You see what happens when
you give a woman independence-


I have a theory about women, doctor.

Would you like to hear it?

I already know your theory,
and it's not very original-

Keep women poor, keep them
ignorant, and keep them pregnant.

It never worked for any other
dictator. It won't for you.

My wife is not leaving me.

Maybe she's not staying
because she loves you, either.

That thought ought to keep
you from getting too bored.


Hello, Sam.

Hello and good-Bye.

Now, food, aspirin,
stomach pills, cold pills.

Oh, these will keep you
from getting typhoid.

This will keep you from getting tetanus

On the seats, like this.

Got all your papers in order?


Making her leave here

Is the smartest thing
you've done so far.

Of course, I still think-

Good-Bye, Sam. Can I look
up your wife or anyone?

Did I say the wrong thing?

I usually do at a time like this.

We'd better get off, Sam.

When you get to nueva
vista, look up Irish Cochran.

That's his address. He'll get you
out on pan American right away.

This is Tuesday. You
should be home by Saturday.

Call us if you can get
through to my place.


Bye, Sam.

I'll phone you soon as I get home.

I'll wait for your call at
Sam’s house Saturday night.

Take care of yourself.

Well, shall we start again?

They're very tired. 4 hours, doctor.

Surgery may take 6 hours.

We'll begin another rehearsal

After I explain this
one point, all right?




it will probably bleed a good deal

When the bone flap is elevated, so.

At this point,

It's essential to have a
hot, wet lap pad to lay on it.

There should be some bone wax laid
out along the edge of the basin.

Along the edge of the basin.

Good evening.

Did your wife have a pleasant departure?

I have brought you an audience.

Perhaps the doctor
does not want us here.

Oh, but everybody has

A morbid curiosity about these things.

Doctors always make such a
mystery about these matters.

Of course. You're welcome.

After all, it is my head,

And for the first time,

A stranger is going
to see what's inside.

You may be a stranger to what's
going on in there yourself.

Ha ha ha!

Assume this is the bone flap.

After the hemorrhage has
been reasonably controlled,

I'll place a hot, wet lap pad
around the concavity of the flap...

then a piece of gauze around that...

and a rubber band around the clamps.

So these must be ready in that order.

Thank you.

Now we'll outline the flap.

Markers for drilling.

Sheet and towels.

4 towels.

Towel clips.

Next, the head drape.

We'll begin with the
forward leg of the incision.

I beg your pardon.

Let me see you tamp on the skin edges.

That's fine.

Press down hard, and don't let up

Until the snaps are in place.

No, no! Don't slap the fingers!

Press them into my hand.

All right.

Next the retractor...

and small Hudson burr.

If that salt solution is hot enough,

We'll start practicing an irrigation

As if we were drilling the bone.

After the guide has been
placed, then the saw-

And this is one of the points of danger.

Please tell them never to use
that instrument on the brain again.

It might suck a piece
right out of the brain.

Still curious?

No, thanks.

How did it go?

Oh, it went quite well,

But you died.

I'm sorry to disturb you, doctor,

But we cannot quiet him.

What will you think of a general
who makes deals with the enemy?

Raoul, please.

I don't deal with traitors. Not I.

Or with those who
suggest such compromises.

I only suggest a military truce.

It is never military to retreat.

Do you suppose that I won
these decorations by retreating?

Sit down, please.

He says that my soldiers
rebel against me,

Our supply lines are cut,

Students riot, people
rise up against me.

People-People do as guns tell them!

Do as the doctor says, please.

Sodium numinal.

Lie here. You need rest.

Rest? We're in a civil
war, you understand.

This is worse
- Far worse than any other kind of war.

Nothing destroys so much as civil war.

Now, what is the answer to civil war?

What stops it? Compromise? No.

Truce? No.

To give in? Never!

The only answer is war-

Real war against an outside country.

Any country.

Everybody must come to the
defense of his own country.

Patriotism is a great weapon.

Brother stops fighting brother
when a stranger attacks.

With one master stroke,

We end this stupid civil war.

We become valiant, courageous...

defenders of our soil! Patriots!

Doctor, I'm sick.

Help me place
him on the bed, please.

That's right.

We'll operate tomorrow morning at 11:00.

Better send in a nurse.

In nomine patris, et filii,

Et spiritus sancti. Amen.

Doctor, is there anything I can do?

Praying might help.

About those things you heard him say...

try to get some rest.
Good night, señora.


Speak in English, please.

You were asked to declare
a day of prayer for him,

A public demonstration of faith.

It only takes one voice to reach god.

You will do as we say.

Forgive me, señora.

To pray, that is one thing.

Oh, yes, very good.

But to use prayer for
political reasons... no.

That is bad.

Then I shall declare
a day of public prayer.

The public will not come.

They come on Sunday anyway.


Sunday then.

Pray loud so that everyone may hear you.

My prayers are directed to god.

For him, a whisper will do as well.


pray for me, too.

Si. Buenas noches.

Buenas noches.

Write what I say in English.


Dr. Ferguson...

your wife was taken from
her train last night...

by the army of the Partido Nacional.

She, uh...

she is safe, but she is our prisoner.

We know you are operating
on Farrago this morning.

If you let him live...

your wife will die.

Colonel Adragon...

colonel Adragon has already been shot.


Si, si. Fusilado.


This is your wife's driver's license.

So you can believe... what... we... say.

It is good to go to
school. No, muchacho?

I will take the letter!

You are too young.

Raise your head, please.

How is Mrs. Ferguson?

All right, I suppose. Why?

I like her.

Have you heard from her?

I don't expect to hear
from her until Saturday.

I wonder where I will be

On Saturday.

Same place
- Safe in bed.


Would you get onto
the stretcher, please?

Of course.

Doctor, are you going to give me ether?

No. A local anesthetic.

I'm glad.

I have never taken an anesthetic,

Not even when a bullet broke my leg,

Nor do I permit my
dentist to give me gas.

I cannot even trust
myself to go to sleep.

You don't trust anyone else.

Why should you make an
exception of yourself?

I trust you.

Mmm. You've no other choice.

Doctor, do many people die

In an operation like this?

Under the best conditions,

About 12%.

These are not the best conditions.

You don't like me, do you?

I try to regard

My patients impersonally.

Can you?


Will my hair grow back again?

It will be beautiful and curly.


Yes, you. Out.



Por nada.

Move your head forward, please.

Ha ha ha!

Ah, doctor. Do you feel as good as I do?

Well, you sound like
your old self again.

I am, in more ways than one. Ha ha ha!

Well, don't strain yourself.

A sudden shock or fall,

Too much excitement
- Almost anything could cause a hemorrhage.

Me? I'm indestructible.

Hmm. Isn't that remarkable?

Yes, yes.

Before an operation, the
patient begs, "doctor, save me.

Only you can save me, doctor. "

When he comes out of the anesthetic,

He says, "thank god I pulled through. "

4 days later, he says,
"I'm indestructible.

Nothing could kill me. "

Ha ha ha!

Prepare a phenobarbital and give it
to him before he goes to sleep, please.

Do not think I am ungrateful, doctor.

I am really very fond of you.

Is that why you kept me
prisoner for the past 4 days?

Well, as long as my life

Was this way.

Even now, at this very moment,

Nobody outside the palace

Knows the result of the operation,

And as long as you controlled my fate,

I thought it only just
that I should control yours.

Now, of course, you are free
to leave whenever you wish.

What, you mean I can go?

That's an outrage.

Señor Magano has the
remainder of your fee.

Divide it among those
who assisted me, please.

At least permit me to thank you.

You have done a great service

Not only to me but to
the people of my country.

I only saved your life.
I didn't vote for you.

Neither did they.

Good-Bye, doctor.

Please give my regards to your wife.

Thank you. I shall. I hope to
speak with her later this evening.




Ha ha ha!

Rubio! Where have you been?

I asked the girl to find you hours ago.

Where's Mr. Proctor?

Come on, come on. You speak
English. I've heard you.

I go to meet señor proctor now.

I'll come with you.


I tried to phone you at the palace.

I was kept incommunicado.

Well, anyway, I was in
the fields for a few days.

We had a big fire at
one of the oil depots.

Hear from Helen?

No. No. I tried to get through to her,

But they wouldn't even place my call.

Said that all outgoing messages-

Wireless, radio, phone
- Were canceled.

Something's awfully wrong.

Nobody around.

The streets, they've
been empty all night,

Just as if...

I don't know, as if they
expected something to happen.


Not particularly.

I am. Let's go where there's
food and news at the same time.


muy bien. Buenas noches.

¿Que tal, Carlos?



Did you get a note or a letter,

Or have you heard from Helen,
anything the last couple days?

No. Why?

Wait a minute.

There was a message. Gonzales
had it delivered to you.

What message? What
are you talking about?

Come in, please.



Do you know this man?


Think very carefully, doctor.

His life depends on what you answer.

A message was sent to you on
the morning of the operation.

He says he gave it to you.

The message concerned your wife.

What message? What did the message say?

It said your wife was
taken from her train.

It said she was our prisoner.

It said if you let Farrago
live, she would die.

What has all this to do with Helen?

I don't believe him.

You can believe me, doctor.

I speak the truth.

Then what about my wife?

What have you done with her?

What have you done with Farrago?

Did you let him live?

We have not been able to find out.

Is he still alive?

What about my wife?

This is very important to us, doctor.

You have not answered my question.

I don't have to answer your question.


Hello? One moment please.



Yes, dear. Are you all right?

Where are you, dear?

Well? And Farrago? What of him?

Señor doctor, please, you must help us.

They are coming.
There's no one to resist.

Colonel Valdini has the army,

Deserters gone over to the enemy.

Look, look for yourself! You see?

No soldiers! Cowards! Deserters!

Save me, señor doctor.
They will kill me.

I have money in America in the
bank. It is yours, all yours!

You are not needed here.

Madam, get away from the door.


You got that hostage note, didn't you?

Yes, I did.

You would have let her die.

To save Farrago's life, yes, yes, yes!

50 like her!

She does not matter! Nobody matters!

What do you want?

I bring regards from Mrs. Ferguson.

She's interested in your health.

Why didn't you tell me about the note?

It was my life or hers.

It still is.

Move. Over there.



They're saying I'm dead.

Doctor, my head.

There is a torrent in my head.


It's starting.

You're hemorrhaging inside.

No. No.

No. No. No.

You'll never get out of here alive.

I will not only get
out. I will stop them.

You can't. You're dying.


You'll go blind.

Then your right arm and
leg will become paralyzed.

Nothing can kill Farrago.

Except you. You're killing yourself.

I made a nation out of that rabble.

I am their backbone.

Without me, they are nothing.

All people must have a leader.

Only I can help them.

You're finished.


You're dying.




Doctor, where is the key?

Give me the key! The key!

It's too late.




You did good!

Very good!

Tonight, we are making history!

What about my wife?

Ah, you worry too much, doctor.

Smile, amigo! Smile! Ha ha ha!

Farrago is dead! The people are free!

They are excited, like children.

They will learn. I will teach them.

The people always need a
leader. Now they're on my side!

I wonder who's on their side.

Well, you see? I kept
my end of the bargain.

I didn't kill Farrago.
He killed himself.

What does it matter now?

What does it matter?

Yesterday, Farrago. Today, you.

You intellectuals. What
do you know about life or-



save me, doctor!

Same old cry, down through the ages.

"Save me, doctor.

Save me, anybody. "