Crimson Gold (2003) - full transcript

For Hussein, a pizza delivery driver, the imbalance of the social system is thrown in his face wherever he turns. One day when his friend, Ali, shows him the contents of a lost purse, Hussein discovers a receipt of payment and cannot believe the large sum of money someone spent to purchase an expensive necklace. He knows that his pitiful salary will never be enough to afford such luxury. Hussein receives yet another blow when he and Ali are denied entry to an uptown jewelry store because of their appearance. His job allows him a full view of the contrast between rich and poor. He motorbikes every evening to neighborhoods he will never live in, for a closer look at what goes on behind closed doors. But one night, Hussein tastes the luxurious life, before his deep feelings of humiliation push him over the edge. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
What do you want?

- Where's the jewelry? l have a gun.
- ln the safe.

- Give me the key.
- What key?

l don't have a key.

The key or l'll shoot.

- ln the drawer.
- Which drawer?

- l know your voice.
- l'll shoot if you turn.


lt's locked!

l don't have the key.

- Give it to me!
- Watch it!

Move it!

lt's in my pocket.

Hand it over. Hurry up!


- Give it to me!
- No!

You'll regret this!

l'll shoot you.

- Let's go.
- Where?

- Where to?
- Downstairs.

Hello, Mr. Vaziri. You opened early today.

What are you doing here?

- Get in here!
- Help! Thief!

That old goat hit the alarm.

What did you do, Hussein?

Why did you shoot?

He's with the other one! Help! He killed him!


Call the police!

He killed him!

Get out of here, you bastards!

Go away!

Go away!


You bastards...

Go to hell!

You can't stay here!

Stay calm!

l'm with you!

That's his accomplice!

Go away, bastards! l'll shoot.

He's completely crazy!

What's wrong with you?


- Hey, man.
- Where were you?

l spent two hours in line.
They wanted you there in person.

Did you get it, finally?

Of course, l got it. Who do you think l am?

l almost gave up.

l waited for two hours. lt was a mess.

l said without this paper
you couldn't marry my sister.

A real effort!

l don't understand.

Me neither.

Doctor said everything's fine.

Be happy.

What's that?

Found a purse. Didn't check it out yet.

Yeah, right in front of you.

l can't hear you.

Yes, in front.

Did you hear me?

l can't hear you. Bye!

And this is for us. Why is it cut?

Guess marriage made her fat.


See how much this necklace cost?

lt's marked 75, and 1, 2, 3...

six zeros!

What does that make?

75 million!

You're joking.

No, l would never.

This is a receipt for 75 million.

''Necklace made in ltaly.
For Mrs. Roxanne Mazaheri.''

Can l sit down?


You want to humiliate me?
You know my situation.

l would never do that.

Especially not to you!

Plus, that woman paid for it herself.

Let's not argue over this.

How many months of work is that?

Depends on you.
Looks like you hit the jackpot.

lf l may...

in any job, precision is a must.

lf not, it goes wrong.

lt takes professionalism...

and still something else.

Do you know what?



l would say honesty.

lt's the same thing.

Am l bothering you?

No, we love to listen.

Honesty is the basis for all professions.

Even yours.

lt's a widespread profession.

There are millions of you in the world.

Last year, when l was in Europe...

one of your colleagues...

Actually, one of ''our'' colleagues.

He went after my wallet.
Obviously needed it more than me.

He lifted it.

You know what?

lt all existed before us. lt will all go on after.

Among those who do it...

some get caught up in the game.

They get moody, start feeling guilty.

l've rarely seen guys as open as you.

But you're not alone,
not alone in this profession.

You can add me to the list.

lt's easier...

to count those who aren't on the list.

''lf you want to arrest a thief,
you'll have to arrest the world.''

Have one...

Among all of our colleagues...

only the most honest really succeed.

These cigarettes are too strong!

Last week,
some guys stole a woman's purse.

They found...

pocket change and 4 bus tickets.

l insulted them with every name in the book.

They traumatized her.
Just for some pocket change.

Now she'll flip
as soon as she hears a motorbike.

She held on to her purse.
They dragged her for 50 meters.

Know exactly what you're doing
before you actually do it.

Evaluate the consequences.

Shouldn't cause so much damage
for just pocket change.

A woman entering or exiting a bank...

You must guess what's in her purse.
You must choose the moment well.

Distinguish those
from good neighborhoods and bad...

How can we know?

lt's an art.

That bastard! He's trying to lecture us.

l can hardly hold on to my own wallet...

Don't feel hurt. He was talking to me.

Me and my dirty face.

What does a pickpocket look like?

Like him.
He thinks we're all from the same mold.

What do you think his job is?

He doesn't go after purses,
but he plays with heads.

Hold on to yours.

lf l had something in it,
l wouldn't be stuck in this shit.


lf we were pros, we wouldn't be here.

What do you think his specialty is?

He's a con man. A real charlatan.

Saw how he weaseled his way
into our conversation?

Hey, guys, hope you're not angry.

No! ln any case, you have
more experience than us, right?

Especially when it comes to purses.

My office is across the street,
in case of need.

Put it on my tab. Bye.

He doesn't seem the type.

Keep it, just in case.

Forget it. Tear it up.

Keep it, Hussein. You never know.

What a jerk! Playing the big shot.
''Put it on my tab''...

For two teas!

Come on, we should go.

Your bike must be ready.

Saw that?


Nice package! Saw her purse?

l wonder if she's going to the bank
or on her way back.

He said pickpockets
should have sixth sense.

They should know how to guess
what's inside a purse.

What did you do with it?

lt's right here.

lt smells so good...
Can l tell you something?

Spit it out!

Since that guy talked to us about purses...

l look more at the purses than the women.

Saw that?

She's holding it so tight.
What's she got in there?

4 bus tickets and pocket change.


Check out that one! What's going on today?

She didn't have a purse.

l wasn't talking about her purse.

lf my sis finds out
l'm showing you other chicks...

she'll go mad!

lt's around here.
This is the top part of town.

Let's go see
what a 75-million necklace looks like.

Look at her!

No, she's from down below.

Aren't you through yet?

No, why? l've got time. And l'm in the mood!

Hold on, it must be around here somewhere.

There, that's it.

Give her a body and she'd be great!

Thank you for coming.

- l have a question.
- Tell me.

- Can't we come in?
- l'm listening.

- l can explain inside.
- Go on, tell me.

Let me do it.


This ring... lt was his engagement ring.

He gained weight. lt had to be cut.

Now l'm getting married.
Think you could fix it for me...

We don't do that. Try the lower part of town.

Down there, in Galubandak...
Those jewelers do things like that.

Come on, give us a smile!

That will inspire me
to focus on the ladies again.

Tell me, what was it like, in your day?

Women really went out naked,
without veils?

How old were you then?

1 7-18 years old.

Can l ask you something else?

- Were you really offended?
- You weren't?

Yeah, but not as much as you.

You're really a little too sensitive.

We're not good enough to be his customers.

That hurt me, too.

The way he looked at us!
Did he really have to do that?

He wanted to snub us.

Forget it. Let me light you a smoke.

Just like with my father,
l won't smoke in front of you.

l respect you just as much.

A smoke will do you some good.

You know, l really like you a lot.

Because l know you well.


But that guy can't know you.
He's always counting his money.

Who's he got in life? 44 people at the most?

They'll all fit in one bus.
You shouldn't be angry with him.

Pay your respects to him
and he'll respect you.

That's how this world works.

So you're defending him?

He didn't need to look at us like that.

l would never defend him!

Stop taking this out on yourself.

You and my sister are all l've got.

lt's nice of you to marry her!
l was worried about her.

Not that you couldn't find better...

but between us...

you'll never find a bro-in-law like me.

As for that guy, l'll fix him up real good.


That guy who pissed you off.
l'll show him who he's dealing with.

What are you going to do?

You'll see.

l'm talking about the purse.

l'll give it to my sis.

No, dump it.

Too bad, it's a nice one.
You throw away money you find?

That's not the same.
Money is made to circulate.

lf you give the purse to your sister...

someone could recognize it.

You're right.

Plus, she doesn't like black.

She prefers white.
A nice white wedding purse.

Keep moving!

White car, move it!

White car, forward!

Keep moving!

He should be more reliable.

l have to call out ten times before he reacts.

He's always off in his own world.

l spend my time
calling out his name and number.

l know. You're right.

His medication slows him down.

lt's not his fault.
The doctor wants him to get better.

Number 33! Hussein Emadeddin!

Hey, where's that order?

See? No answer. He doesn't come.

lf there's a problem, l'll take care of it.

You know, he's a diamond.

l know everybody likes him.

Even the boss likes him.

He was offered...

a job in the kitchen or on reserve
if he has problems on the bike.

He didn't want to.

Yeah, he's a little claustrophobic.

He can't handle being inside four walls.

He likes the motorbike. He feels free.
He's more at ease.

He says it clears his head.

ln fact, he never wears a helmet.

l'm always reminding him.

lf something happens to him...

he won't have a head to clear.


Better if you talk to him. He's sensitive.

- OK. l'll tell him.
- Thank you.

Hey... See you later.


This is for Vozara.
After, drop this off to Alvand.


Number 15.

- Yes?
- Mr. Chayeste? l have your order.

The eIevator is broken. 4th FIoor.

- 4th?
- Yes.

Can't you come down? l have my bike...

Your bike wiII be fine.

- Open up, then.
- Enter.

Hello, thanks. Sorry about the elevator.

- What do l owe you?
- 18,500.

Just a moment...

That's 19,000. Keep the change.

ls that you, Mr. Chayeste?

Yes, it's me.

l'm Hussein.


ln Chalamche. At the front line.

Chalamche... Hussein...
Of course, in communications.

You've really changed.
l didn't recognize you.

lt's the cortisone. l hardly recognize myself.

How you've changed!

You, too. You've changed...

You were a real saint.
l thought you had gone to Heaven.

Your bike's out front?
You'd better go. Here...

- No.
- l insist. lt's a pleasure.

l'll be in touch. But l have to go now.



Who do you want?

Mr. lzadi.

- Which floor?
- 3rd.

Sit over there.

Park your bike in the corner.

- l have a delivery.
- Wait over there. l'm coming.

Sergeant, must we wait long?

Until your daughter comes down.

- When?
- Don't know. She's your daughter.

l beg you... l'm a mother. This is unbearable.

l told you to wait in your car!

l'm sorry, it's the last time.
She won't do it again.


Sit in the car.

What about the delivery guy?

He's got nothing to do with the party.

What about me?

The chief told you. Park your bike.

l have pizzas to deliver.

Watch your tone. You're not in charge.

l've got a job to do.

Go ask the chief.

Excuse me, l have deliveries to make.

What should l do?

What were you told?

Chief, a car is coming!

Hide behind the trees.

- Excuse me...
- Yes?

- Where are you going?
- lnto this building.

- Which floor?
- 2nd. Let me go!

- You going to that party?
- What's wrong?

- We didn't go up.
- You look like the type.

- Sergeant!
- Let me go!

Let him go!

- Put her in the wagon.
- We didn't even go!

What a mess! Let her go!

- l don't want...
- Don't argue.

Move along, cooperate.

You're going to our little party.

- But we didn't even go up.
- Move it!

Get in!

- Go on, get her in there!
- This way, little lady!

Go on, hurry.

- Just let me go!
- Take care of this guy.

Move it!

l don't care about the 2nd Floor.
My delivery's on the 3rd.

So what?

So, they placed an order.

l have to deliver. They're hungry.

Don't worry about them.
Take care of yourself.

Exactly, this is about my job.

Just let me do my job.

Move your bike onto the sidewalk.

Just let me go.

Do what l said already.

How long do l have to wait?

Until the cows come home, if necessary.

Come out here!

Why, what's going on?

But we're married!

Let me explain.

Yeah, right! Who goes out with their wife?

That's a family get-together.

Not so loud. Go on... Go on...

Arash, do something!

l said move along!

Go on, move along.

How old are you?

Aren't you a little young to be a soldier?

Tell me, how old are you?

15 years old. No, l mean 18.

What do you want?

l'm looking for my daughter.

- Which floor?
- 2nd.

Wait here. She'll come down.

- What's going on?
- Nothing. Wait here.

But she's expecting me at midnight.

Do you have a mobile?

Can l call from there?

- Do you have a mobile?
- Yes.

Call her. She'll come down.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing. Call her.


- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

You'll get it back later. Wait in the car.

Hurry up.

Excuse me...

Could l call the restaurant...

with the lady's mobile
to find out what l should do?

You can't call and you can't leave.

Don't crowd me. l need some air.

That's something...

Not only is he a chief,
but he makes miracles happen.

He asked for air. He got what he wanted.

What's going on up there?

l don't know.

They're dancing.

Yeah, dancing.

Only dancing?

Don't know.

Point your gun down.

l'm still young.

Why did they place you here?

They need me to stand watch.

They posted me here
so that no one escapes.

And if someone escapes?

l'll catch them.

You're a lightweight. How could you?

With my gun.

At least you're here for a reason.

l'm not having fun like them,
but l'm still stuck here.

That ever happened to you?


Have fun.

What's fun?

Have you ever danced with girls?


Look, they're going to stop that car.

What do you want?

l dropped two girls here earlier.
l'm here to pick them up.

- What name?
- Afshani.

- Which floor?
- 2nd, l think.

Buzz and call them down. Nothing more.

The taxi for Mrs. Afshani has arrived.

She'II be right down.

Now get in your car and go!

They're having fun
and l have to wait around.

Delivering in this neighborhood
was a mistake.

Why do l have to wait?

- Don't you know?
- No.

lf they let you go,
you could warn the others.

Then they won't ever come down
and we'll have to wait till dawn.


That's right. We have to wait.
No drinking, no eating.

Wait for them to come out one by one?

Look, those two have finished.
They're coming out.

Finished what?

Don't know.
Finished whatever they were doing.

- This way, ladies.
- What for?

- Move along.
- We didn't do anything!

Move along!

You have no right touching me. l'm coming.

Come on. The party goes on this way.

Come on. The party goes on this way.

Can smell their perfume from here.

You're lucky. l smell nothing.

How much longer?

Last time,
we finished at 4:00 in the morning.

4:00 in the morning?

Yes. Their kind sleeps in during the day.

At night, they do that.

Do what?

Don't know. They booze it up.

And you, did you eat something?


Then you'll be my guest.

You haven't eaten.

- Have something.
- Thanks, but l can't.

- Go on!
- No, thank you.

- Sir, have some.
- What's that?

A gift from Heaven.

Pizzas are falling from the sky?

Have some.

- No, thanks.
- Go on.

No, thanks.

Have some, so the others will dare to eat.

They're hungry. lt will get cold.

But only if l pay for them.

One of your lot has already paid.

- One of ours?
- ln a way...

Here, take a look.

- ls it really all right?
- Of course.


Be my guest...

Go on.

You, too.

Share it among yourselves.


Have some, please...

Have some. There's no charge.

Have some.

- Share it.
- Thanks.

The chief took some. So can you.

Tell me, how old are you?

Will you tell the others?

- No.
- 15 years old.

The military's not for kids.

My older brother died.

So l was given his identity card.

What's happening?

- What's going on here?
- A block party.


- Can l take some for the kids?
- Yes.

Does this go on every night?

l don't know.

Chief! A car's coming.

How are you?

Look at our Mr. Hussein.

How classy!

- Why's she all dressed up like that?
- l'll tell you later.

- You think he'll let us in?
- Trust me.

Everything's cool.
You look like real rich people!

Yes, may l help you?


May l help you?

The other day, there was an older man.

Mr. Vaziri is downstairs. May l help you?

l would like gold for my fianc?e.

And what would you like today?

An ensemble, with a necklace.

Excuse me, one moment...

- ls Mr. Vaziri here?
- Yes, he'll be right up.

- May l take that for you?
- No, thank you.

We're in a hurry.

Of course. Something to drink?

No, thank you.

Mr. Vaziri, Mr. and Mrs. Mozafarian are here.

- So, what would you like?
- A necklace.

May l ask your price range so
that l can be of assistance?

Between 1 and 1 .5...

l could go to 2 million.

This way, l'll show you several styles.

The blue ones, that's what l'd like...

They're more expensive
than your price range.

Come this way. l'll show you others.

l can propose these necklaces.

There's this one, made in ltaly.

Or this one...

lt's in yellow gold.

Which color are you leaning toward?

Do you prefer yellow gold or white gold?

That stuff from lndia or Pakistan is real chic.

Don't you have any?

No, sorry.

l'm sure you already know...

the trend is toward ltalian
and lranian necklaces.

We don't import from other countries.

So, tell me what you prefer...

among those l showed you?

What do we do now?

You're paying. You choose.

Mr. Vaziri?

Hello, how are you?

Your order is ready.

l hope you'll find it to your satisfaction.

Do you mind if l have a look at it?

- Would you like a mirror?
- No.


We're in a hurry. How much do l owe you?

- lt's a pleasure serving you.
- You're so kind.

Nine million, six hundred thousand.

- With the discount.
- Fine. Thank you very much.

He didn't even look at us.

- Thank you, Mr. Vaziri.
- At your service.


- Goodbye.
- Come back soon.

The pleasure is ours.

l'll try that, please.

l'll try that, please.

- Do you like it?
- Yes.

What is it?

Those are diamonds on white gold.

How much is it?

lf you like it...

the price is within your budget.

- What do you think?
- What?

- The necklace?
- Yeah, looks good.

Would you like to try on
the matching earrings?

Yes, give them to her.

That will cost too much.

Give her the earrings.

ls that stuff l asked you about
a lot more expensive?

Honestly, l don't know what to tell you.

We don't carry those styles.
l fear l won't be able to help you.

l'm sure it's more expensive and more chic.

- l don't know.
- Bigger and cooler.

- ls it pretty?
- Yes. Try the other one.

But they're not shoes!

How much do they cost?



250,000 is the price for the earrings alone.

The price of the necklace is 1,150,000.

Total price is 1,800,000.

Below what the gentleman requested.

Can l give you a piece of advice?

What you chose is ltalian.

l suggest you consider buying...

something which could be
rapidly liquidated...

if ever you're in need.

We always try to satisfy our customers.

So l suggest...

to buy handcrafted gold...

made in lran.

Can we see some?

We don't have any here.

You can find it in the bazaar,
in the Galubandak district.

You know, there's a gold souk.

lf my daughter was getting married...

l'd advise her to make an investment.

l'd tell her not to buy jewelry.

Buy gold which can be rapidly liquidated.



What's come over you?

What's wrong?

lt's Ali, l swear...

He told me to dress like this.

l didn't want to.

He doesn't know who he's dealing with.

- Want a cigarette?
- No, l'm cold.

l'll get your jacket.

ls it me? Am l the reason you're upset?

No. Let's go.

Here's your cap.

- Want me to drop you off?
- No, go on.

- Will you drop off my sister?
- Yeah, go on.

- Bye.
- See you later.

Are you mad at me
because l lifted my shawl?

l just wanted to show you the necklace.

No. Let's go.


l was so happy to see you like that...

ln a suit and tie at the jewelry store.

l thought: He's better.
We'll be married soon.

l didn't want to go.

l only went because you asked.

You know l don't care about jewelry.

l'm sure we could rent jewelry somewhere.

Just for the sake of appearances.

We would give them back after.

There's no real need for them.

Are you mad at me?

Tell me, are you angry?

No, not angry.

Why did we go there?

There must be some reason...

No, it's nothing.

lt was too expensive.

l was thinking about something
around 200, 250.

Ali said 1 .5 million and you said 2 million.

ls it me? ls there something wrong with me?

Are you angry with me?


Was it because l lifted my shawl?

What's bothering you?

Nothing. Please stop talking.

Don't l have the right to know?


As you wish.

l don't want to make you mad.

ls it because of the tie?


Because you don't want to wear one
for our wedding?

There must be something wrong.

Tell me what would make happy.


l didn't do anything!


What for?

l did nothing!

Why are you taking me away?

l did nothing!

Stop whining! Take the kid inside.

Number 14!

Hi, Hussein.

One second. l'll bring your box.

Hi. Can you give me a light?

Hey, skinny! Move away from there.

Hi, Ali.

So, skinny, how are you
holding up in this cold?

Tough guys like me adapt to everything.

Shit, what sneakers!

Classy, aren't they?

Aren't they a little tight?

Actually, they're a little too big.

Forgot your feet when you bought them?

No, but Reza told me:

the bigger they are, the better you feel.

Tight shoes and tight women
wear one out fast!

Tight women!


Like them?

How much?

Not much.

A little more would have
bought you a pair like mine.


Let me see...

Bought them at the flea market?

You would never find another pair
even for a fortune.

Take them off! lt's dirty!

The more it costs, the more it's worth.

They look pretty good on you!

- Thanks, man.
- No prob, dude.

l'm late. Gotta go.

- Did you see his girlfriend?
- No.

A real looker!

A bomb! She came by here last night.

Everyone went crazy for her!

Tongues were hanging out!

She rode on his old bike!

She deserves a Ferrari!

What a waste!

Take care.

Number 33, Hussein Emadeddin.

Some guys are so lucky!
Only 1 out of 100 girls is good.

And the guys?

Not even 1 out of 100.

Ali is lucky to have a brother-in-law like you.

- Are you making fun of me?
- l would never.

ls that my order?

Don't forget the bills.

There you go.

Thanks. l'm off.

This is for you.

l already asked you to write better.
l can't read this.

ls that all?

Zaferanie, Building A, Top Floor.
Want me to read the number?

No thanks. Bye.

Yes? How many?

Hussein, wait a minute...

How many did you say?


An extra one for Zaferanie.

l didn't see.

l got here when they took him away.

What did they say?

He's in bad shape.

l'll go see him after my delivery.

Where are you taking that?
Give me that shoe!

Get out of here!

Show some mercy, please...

Delivery for Mr. Nakhayi.

He's waiting. 18th Floor.

- Elevators?
- To your right.

- Yes?
- Mr. Nakhayi?

- That's me.
- l have your pizzas.

Pizzas? But the girls already left.

l came over right after you called.

What am l supposed to do with them?

You ordered them...

Yeah, and for two sluts!

What a city of lunatics!

Did they leave?

l'm talking about the two girls.

Are you sure? Did you see them?

Sorry... l just don't get it.

What do l owe you?

This is really a city of lunatics.

That slut comes over,
but she brings along a girlfriend.

They arrive, then take off...

l don't get it at all.

This is for you.

l don't need them. Keep them.

- 3 pizzas for me alone?
- Me, too...

l'm alone.

So, well...

let's eat together.

No, l can't. l have work.

Work? At midnight?

Everything's closed.

l'm hungry, too. We can eat together.

l need to talk. l'm depressed.

Come in.

Come in. Don't act shy.

How can you live in this city?

lt's a city of lunatics.

No need to take off your shoes. Come in.

Believe this... l saw her maybe two times...

and she was talking marriage!

Marriage... She's crazy!

Over there, l spent 5 years with someone.

Even after 5 years,
marriage wasn't so evident.

l went to all this trouble
just to make her a special dinner.

And what does she say:
''Can we order some pizzas?''

Don't just stand around.

They can go fuck themselves! Sit down.

Here? Like this?

Forget it. Make yourself at home.

The bathroom?

ln the back, to the left.

She wanted to come.

Then she shows up with a girlfriend.

They lock themselves up in the bathroom...

They come out, then say they're leaving.

So why come at all?

And l went to all that trouble
to set a great table... Bitches!


- Why, what's wrong?
- There's blood.



Stupid cows! They left as soon as
they got out of the bathroom.

They can't even handle a simple
biological problem.

They stuff their purses with make-up.

lnstead, they should put in there...

two or three things to avoid
this kind of disgusting mess.

Use the other bathroom upstairs.
l'll clean up here.

What crap! Plus, they just ran away.

''My parents don't approve of this
kind of contact.''

To hell with all of you,
you and your families!


Wrong number.

You made a mistake.

Sorry, but l helped myself to your things.

No problem.

l was too dirty for your table.

Don't worry about it.

Thank you. ls this apartment yours?

Of course not.

lt belongs to my parents.
l live in it, sort of...

More like vegetating in here... Have a seat.

We'll get to know one another.
What was your name?


Great. l'm Pourang.

Sit down.

Where are your parents?

ln the States. l was there, too.

But l got homesick.

Now l'm back and l feel like a foreigner.

They don't understand me...

They're different, they're bizarre.

ln the simplest discussion...

if l try to get my ideas across...

it's like walking into a wall.

What's worse...

everyone is twisted here.

All of you are twisted.

Why don't you eat?

And you?

l lost my appetite. l'd rather speak.

By the way, about the bathroom...
We both got it wrong.

l wish it was what l had thought.

At least there's some logic.

While now...

my head could explode...

What was it?

Nail polish. Red nail polish.

She did her nails in the bathroom!

l don't get it.

lt's disgusting. Know what that means?

They're unbearable.

You heard that joke?

- Do you have some water?
- Don't move.

l'll get it. l'm glad l found an ear.

So this guy gets married...

The guy realizes that his wife isn't a virgin.

He acts like nothing's wrong.
The wedding isn't spoiled.

But the next morning...

he hears the bride screaming
in the next room.

He wonders what's going on:
her ears are being pierced!

She's not being pierced in the right place!

ls a bathroom really a place to polish nails?

- Here.
- Thanks.

Are you listening, Hussein?


You didn't laugh.

My mouth was full.

See something interesting out there?

l'm looking for my house.

l never saw the city from this height.

My house must be there.

You stopped listening. That's OK.

You really want to see the city?
Go upstairs, it's better.

Me, too. l was like you, the first time.

l thought that view was great.

My father spent 4 years fixing
up this apartment.

He lived in it 4 months, then he left.

That's what l mean
when l say that they're bizarre.

All these rooms... And only for two people.

lt's her. l just know it.

She calls, but she says nothing.

l can't believe it!

They call, but they say nothing.

- Eat.
- No, l'm not hungry.

l lost my appetite.

There, l'm sure that's her...

Say something!

Why won't you speak?

Why won't you speak?

Hello? l know it's you.

lf you won't talk, then hang up.

Why won't you speak?

Say something!

Speak to me.

Listen to me!

l beg you...

Stop calling me.

Or if you call me, speak! l know it's you.

Do you hear me?

Why are you doing this?

What's this game? l know it's you.

l know it.

Your pizzas are here.

l didn't even eat them.

Do you hear me?

Take a taxi and come over.

Do you want me to send you one?

Are you listening?

Shit! She hung up.

Can l smoke?

Yes. l'll smoke, too.

- What kind are those?
- 57.

No, too strong for me.

For me, too.

Do you want a lighter one?

No, that's all right.

l forgot to offer you...

There's lots in the fridge.
All kinds of drinks...

l don't touch the stuff. You?

l don't drink like guys here.
l don't understand them.

They drink just to drink.

l need some sort of ambiance,
some kind of occasion...

l don't understand.
There's everything in the fridge.

Help yourself.

Hold on a second.

She's speaking, finally.

No, there's no one here.

No, l'm alone.

No, l told you.

l put the pizza in the oven.

You talk too much. Let's not argue.

Come back.

We'll talk about that when you're here.

l didn't invite you before...

you came on your own.

You came on your own.

Come over and we'll talk.

Come over, l said.


OK, it was me.

OK, l invited your girlfriend. ls that better?

l told you, it was me.

Just forget it.

Stop it...

You're wrong.

You didn't eat? Neither did l.

Come over and eat with me.

Come back over.

We'll talk about it.


l said listen...


Why won't you listen?

That night l saw you...

l was planning on shaving my beard.

But you said l looked like Shakespeare.

l kept it for you.

Who are you?

Where's the jewelry?

- What jewelry?
- Those from the window.

What do you want? Why are you doing this?

Where's the jewelry?

- What are you doing?
- Where is it?

- l'll shoot you!
- What for?

- Don't do that!
- Where did you put it?

- The jewelry?
- Where is it?

- The blue ring...
- Which one?

From the window, on the pyramid.

- Stop it!
- Where is it?

This can't be...

- Where did you put it?
- ln the safe.

- Where's the safe?
- Downstairs.

- lt's no use!
- We're going down!

- You're making a big mistake.
- l'll kill you.

Adaptation: Richard Lormand
Dana Farzanehpour

Subtitling TlTRA FlLM Paris