Criminal Lovers (1999) - full transcript

After a perverted impulse drives them to kill, Alice and her boyfriend, Luc, drag the body into the woods, only to find themselves hopelessly lost - much like the fairy-tale plight of Hansel and Gretel. Starving and with no hope of being found, they chance upon a dilapidated cottage where a hulking man takes them prisoner and proceeds to feed Luc's sexual appetite. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I'm standing before you.

I'm taking off my shoes.

Unbuttoning my skirt.

Should I take off my top
or my panties next?

It's up to you.

OK, boss.

I'll take the top off.

I'm unbuttoning my shirt...

I'm down to my bra.
Unfasten it.

What are you doing?

Come closer.

You're in no hurry!

There, it's done.

Now I'm topless.

My nipples are hard.

Should I moisten them?

I'll do it.

Too late, it's done.

Hands behind your back.

Now take off my panties.

With my feet?

No, with your teeth!

I'm here.

I can feel you.

What happened with that chick?

She was hotter
than all the other bitches combined.

Hotter than the cross-eyed senior?

Yeah. She grabs me in the cafeteria

and says "Said, I'm ready!"

You gonna fuck her?

She's coming to the gym tonight.

- You're gonna do it there?
- Sure. Nobody'll be there.

I'm gonna make you hard.

Can I take off the blindfold?

No, keep it on.
Don't move, just play dead, OK?


I'm undressing you.

She put her hand on my face,
in my hair.

She moved down my neck, like this...

then down my chest.

She caressed me, like this.

Then she went a little lower,
to here.

- That's when it got good.
- You fag!

You should've fucked her boyfriend.

What are you doing?

I'll be right back.

Where are you going?

You're not even hard!

What are you doing?

I'll send it to your mom,
and show it

to your friends!

I'll get a picture
of your fat ass and pussy!

What are you waiting for?

What's wrong, Luc?

How could you?
What did I do to you?

It was just for fun
and to turn you on a little.


He should be in there.

Here goes.

Dad, Mom, I took the car.

We went to a nightclub.



- Got everything?
- Yeah. Here.

Nobody saw you?

No. But hurry up.


do you love me?

Shit, don't fall asleep!

I'm not.

I'm just resting my eyes.

Where are we?

Luc, what the hell
are we doing here?


We weren't supposed to sleep!

You fell asleep first.

That's no excuse.

Hurry up, we've got to move.

OK, we're ready to go.

I can't see anything!

You gotta make holes, dummy.

Let's go.

Hands up!

The cash register!

Fucking cool, check out what we got!

Plus the jewels!
We're gonna be rich! How much?

Not that much, really.
We should've done the bakery.

You wanted to do the jeweler.

You could've thought it out.

We got enough.
I never knew it was that easy.

Yeah, but at the bakery

we would've gotten croissants
and cinnamon rolls.

I think we did great.

There was no damage, no blood.

We're artists!

Excuse me, where are
the gardening tools?

In the back,
second aisle to your right.

Thank you.


- What?
- I'm hungry!

So steal!

I can't find the forest.

Can't you read a map?

Read it yourself!

- How fucking hard can it be?
- Slow down!

You hit a rabbit!

The car's alright.

We have to bury it.


You're crazy! There's no time.

You've got no heart!

How can you say that to me?

After what you just made me do!

It's not the rabbit's fault.

Goddammit, Alice!

- Shut up! You make me sick!
- We've got to bury Said!

Stop it Alice, stop it!

Stop it! OK,
we'll bury the rabbit too.

We've got to get rid of Said first.

- OK?
- OK.


I can't go on!

So who's gonna dig?

I don't know. There's no hurry.

Isn't it exciting?


Our adventure!

You used to complain
nothing ever happened.

Happy now?

Yeah, thrilled.

That should do it.

Let's go back.

You remember the way?

We'll just follow our tracks.

Come on, let's go.

Our tracks are gone.

It's not possible.


That's definitely not ours.

Think someone followed us?

I don't know.

Without the tracks, we're lost.

You remember the way?


We've got to find the car.

We're better off without it.

My dad'll kill me!

Fuck your dad!

Let's go.

There's a boat.

We could cross.

I'm not crossing!

Why not?

I can't swim.


Shit, shit!

Forget it, it's OK.

Find us something to eat,
I'm starving.

You ate everything!

We can't live on three candy bars.

So what do we do?

I don't know! I'm sick of deciding,
try to be a man!

You're like a ball and chain.

A ball and chain!

You were happy I killed Said,
drove here and buried him!

Oh, quit complaining.

- Where are you going?
- Fuck you.

You knew it wouldn't be easy.



- Come on!
- Where?

There's a house.

The guy's gone.
We can steal some food.

I adore you!


- You sure he's gone?
- Yeah.

Don't you trust me?

Come on.

After you, Princess!

Look, the poor rabbits.

It stinks.

There's bread.

Well, well, I've got company.

We thought nobody lived here, so...

So you took the key, came in and
made yourselves at home. Is that it?

We won't bother you.
We'll be going...

Out of the question!

I can't let you go just like that.

You entered my house.

You'll have to pay!

I've got money...

You can't buy me off!

- If you preferjewelry...
- Shut up!

Get down there!

Mister, we didn't do anything.

What did we do?

Let us out!

Help! Let us out!




He dug up Said's body.

Mister, please!

Alice is having an attack.

Let us out!

Alice, I'm here. Calm down.


Said's mouth, brown and purple

becomes smooth and shiny,
pink like the head of a penis.

Lower lip very large.
Maybe two or three centimeters.

Skin curving into a deep wrinkle.

In winter, it must crack and open.

Large tongue,


very moist,

quickly licks

the lower lip

with a force that's


"You think about it?"

"You decided?"

"Don't you think...

I'm handsome?"

I'll fuck you, asshole.

Today I want

to explore the work
of one of the greatest French poets:

Arthur Rimbaud.

One significant fact...

that may inspire
your interest in the poet

is that Rimbaud wrote

his entire work...


What are up to?

I'm listening and taking notes.

- Would you read the text?
- OK.

- What page?
- 146.

"I swallowed a mouthful of poison.
My entrails burn.

The venom twists my limbs,

deforms me, floors me.

I'm dying of thirst.

I can't cry out.
This is hell,

eternal punishment.
See the flame rise.

I'm burning as I should. Go, Demon!

I believe I'm in hell, so I am.

The catechism is at work.
I am slave to my baptism.


You made my misfortune
and you made your own.

Poor innocent.
Hell cannot attack pagans.

I'm still alive!

Later, damnation's delights
will be more profound.

Quick, a crime!

That I may fall into the void,
by human law."

What do you want?

- How's it going?
- It's going.

What's wrong? In a hurry?

Can't you tell?

You don't come see me box anymore.

I'm busy.

You decided?

Decided what?

To sleep together.

Fuck off, asshole!

Don't you think I'm handsome?

You make me sick!
Go screw one of your bimbos.

I'll fuck you deep, you'll see.

Yeah, right. I'll fuck you, asshole!

Been here long?

You turn me on...

Stop joking around.

I'm not joking.

I came to ask you something.


Do you love me, Luc?

Yeah, of course. Why?

I need your help.

Help with what?

- Can I trust you?
- Obviously!

So here goes.
I need to kill someone.

What are you talking about?

I've got to kill someone
and you've got to help.


Someone. I'll tell you.

You're crazy, Alice!

Kill someone?

We'll need to talk about it later,
I've got class.

It's important. I'm not joking.
I'll explain. OK?

I don't know...

Tomorrow, my house.

Please, mister...

Please, mister...

Can't you see I'm reading?

We didn't do anything.

Dirty little liar.

You and your girlfriend will pay.

Alice, get a grip!
This isn't the time to lose it!

We've got to do something.

Why? We're fucked now.

Come on, that's too easy.

You got us into this,
you've got to get us out.

Forget it.

He has my diary, he'll turn us in.

We're going to prison, Luc.

Get out of there!

No, first the boy!

What about me!

Open up!

- Shut up!
- Let me out!

Help me!

So, my little rabbit,

you think you're smart.

Don't be afraid.

Be a big boy and maybe
I'll let you and your girlfriend go.

Leave him alone,
he didn't do anything.

I'm the one.

Can I have something to drink?

Go ahead.

And heat up some water.

That's it.

Pass me the towel.

Dry me off.

Your turn.

But I'm not dirty...

Don't argue, get undressed!

Your name is Luc?

How old are you?


Do you like rabbit?

You'll learn to like it.

What's his name?

Said. I'll show you his picture.

That's him.

Oh, I know him. He's a big asshole.

More like a major dick!


Promise you'll never repeat
this secret?

I promise.

A month ago, Said dragged me
into the basement of his building.

What for?

Let me finish, you'll see.

We were already together!

OK, I won't tell you.

It was like a maze where he took me.

He started kissing me
and feeling me up.

I didn't want to anymore.

You mean you had wanted to?

Stop thinking about yourself.

This is serious, Luc.
What happened was terrible.

I'm sorry.

So, I didn't want Said
to touch me anymore.

I just wanted to leave,
go home.

But Said got upset.

He said not to move,
twisted my arm.

Four of his friends came,
wearing ski-masks.

What did they do?

They raped me.

All four. One after the other.

I struggled, but it was no use.

It just got them more excited.

They had me pinned down.

So I just let them. I was crying.

Did Said also...

No, he didn't touch me.
He watched and jacked off.

He had a camera.

He kept taking pictures.

- What'd he do with them?
- Don't know.

He said I'd get them
if I slept with him.

Why didn't you tell the cops?

Nobody would believe me.

You see why I want to kill him now?

I need you, Luc.

I don't know, Alice.

Killing someone...
I could beat the shit out of him.

You think that would fix everything?

Do it for me, Luc. For love.

Dinner's on.

I'm not hungry.

Come sit down!

I'm tied up.

I'm hungry too!

Can I give her mine?

I don't like rabbit...

Eat! You need to fatten up.

If you want to eat us,
you'll need to fatten Alice too.

Listen, kid.
You need to understand this.

I like my girls dry,

with just muscle
and skin on their bones.

Whereas I prefer my boys
nice and plump.

So eat!

I can't take it anymore.

Disappear, quick!

You piss like that?

How do you piss?

I don't know. But you piss wrong.

Piss straight.

Stop looking! Mind your own dick.

Every dick for himself.

- You coming, Luc?
- Yeah.

- That's the virgin.
- That's him?

He's cute.

Hey Virgin, go get laid!

Shut up!

How'd you do it?

Like I told you.

Nobody saw you?


Hands off.

It's beautiful.

It's so great!

I love when you take charge.


Yeah, it turns me on.

You know what I want?

Can't you guess?

I want you to fuck me.

You afraid?

I said I wasn't!

Then come on.

You hurt me.

I'm sorry.


I can't do it.

Are you upset?

No, I'm getting used to it.

But don't be surprised
if I go elsewhere.

I can loan you some porno tapes.
It might help.

That's not necessary.

I'll make it.

Come here.

You know your life is ruined?


Because you and your girlfriend
committed murder.

Are you a cop?



I don't have to be a cop
to know right from wrong.

Why did you dig up Said's body?

To help you.

What are you going to do?

Nothing bad.

Just let it happen.

We can't just do it.

We've got to plan it.

But everything's ready, why wait?

Think of the photos!

Are you scared or what?

No, but...

Don't worry, Luc.

You know he wants to fuck me.

We'll take advantage of that.
Trust me, OK?

Yeah, OK.

You hungry?


What is it?

It's good, eat!

Kill him. Get a knife.

The big one.

Go on!


What have you got?

Uh, nothing.

Nothing? Liar!

Put it down.

- Play with your girl.
- Leave him!

- That'll teach you.
- Bastard!

Leave him alone!

Shut up!

Leave her alone!

Next time,
I'll keep you on the leash.

You crying?

You must be happy. You did it.

Did what?

You came!

What do you mean?

I'm not making fun of you.
It's great.

I'm hungry.

Eat a rat.

Or eat Said.

What's wrong?

Said's body...

is missing a leg.


He's an ogre.

I'm thirsty, I'm thirsty,
I'm thirsty...

Shut up!

Think about something else.

What now?

Only you can help us.


You've got to seduce him.

It's easy.
We'll do like we did with Said.

We're gonna die, we're gonna die...

He must be in there.

Here I go.

- You're here already?
- I couldn't wait.

Wait, I'll get dressed.

Why bother?

Are you in heat?

Could be.

You still want to fuck me?

Isn't that why you're here?

Among other things.

What's your virgin say?

Nothing. I've been
driving him nuts about it.

He just wants us to do it,
once and for all.

Chicken? Don't want to?

- Of course I do!
- So?

Said's body, brown and strong,

Skin iridescent and hairless

Light scent of sweat

Fresh, salty, warm, spicy

Skin soft and smooth, veins showing
under tense, tight muscles

When blade penetrates flesh,
the body shakes,

twists and writhes

Dark red blood spurts like sperm

Burning stain

Last jolt,
breath of life extinguished

Then nothing.
Empty eyes, staring white.

Saliva frozen, cold invades

Said's body, dead,
killed, assassinated.

We look at each other, breathless.

Luc, I love you.

He's still hard.

It's the blood.

We did it.

- I can't find the pictures!
- What pictures?

They're not here!

They never existed, stupid!

Did the basement exist?


Chickening out?

Want to call the cops?

This is all wrong!

What are we going to do?

Like we said.

We're murderers!

So? You want to go to jail?

Listen, I'm right.
We'll do what we said.

But why?

He wanted to fuck me.
He deserved it.

You were wonderful. The best
thing anyone ever did for me!

- Shut up!
- But I love you.

It's true. I love you more
and more each minute.

I'll love you till the day I die.

Luc, come up!

I've got to go.

Come here.

I'm thirsty.

I'm thirsty.

What's wrong with you?

Why didn't you let me kill him?

Isn't it enough?

He's got my diary, asshole,
I wrote everything!

No matter what, we're fucked.

You're such a loser!

You liked it when he fucked you!

Shut up! Shut up!

Yeah, and the boat's gone.


I'm sorry for earlier. I was upset.

It's no big deal.

Yes it is.
Thanks to you we're still alive.

I love you.

Hurry up, run!

We're gonna make it!

Run! Faster!

Stand up.

Pull your foot out.

It's nothing.

Come on, it's OK.

I can't. You go on.
Hurry up.

- I won't leave you.
- Run.

Cross the river. Please!

Go on, get moving!


I love you!

There they are.

Don't move!

She's gonna shoot.


Let me go!

Let him go!

He didn't do anything!

Please! Let him go. Please!

Let him go! He didn't do anything.

Let him go.

Subtitles: Sionann O'Neill

Subtitling by TVS - TITRA FILM