Criminal Intent (2005) - full transcript

Although he was the one to make the 911 call alerting the authorities to the situation, high profile businessman Devon Major is charged in the stabbing death of his ex-wife, Angela Major, the two who only recently got divorced. His story is that he received a telephone call from her to visit - he hoping that it was to reconcile - when he found her in her new home with a knife in the abdomen. Devon makes the surprise move of asking Angela's friend and divorce attorney Susan Grace, a former criminal lawyer, to defend him. His rationale is that he wants her to believe his story and as such when she tells the world of his innocence, it will truly absolve him in the eyes of the world without public skepticism. Although she still does see many of the reasons that Angela divorced him including that he uses his charm on women to do what he wants, Susan does believe him and does agree to defend him, largely to protect Angela's memory. District Attorney Kirsten Sorensen decides to try the case herself, she who is known to bend the rules to get her conviction. Susan believes Kirsten has decided to try the case if only because of their own personal animosity. As the two sides proceed with the case, a third party enters the scene that not only could disrupt the nature of the trial, but the trial in and of itself. But that intervention may also provide some insight into whether Devon is truly innocent or guilty, and the motive for the murder regardless of if it was Devon who stabbed Angela. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Nine, one, one emergency.

Police, fire.

- Nine, one, one emergency.

Police, fire, or paramedic?

- My wife's been stabbed,
please send help.

- I'm alerting police and paramedics, sir.

What's your name and where are you?

Devin, Devin Major,
I'm at 953 Carnation,

I just arrived and found
Angela on the floor.

Please, please hurry!

Devin, hon, hey, just stay calm.

Hurry, I need help now!

- We've got a code one
female stabbing victim.

Victim is seriously wounded.

Be aware, perpetrator may
still be on the premises.

Male caller is on the phone.

- Ten four.

A domestic.

Hate those calls.

- Devin what's happening?

- She's losing so much blood.

Please, please hurry.


- Devin, the police are on their way.

Are you alone in the house?

- I don know, I just got there

and she's, don't, don't
move, stay still, don't move.

She's not breathing, she
just stopped breathing.

- Devin you need to remain calm,

you need to start CPR immediately.

Clear her mouth, pinched her nose,

tilt her head back and breathe
twice into her mouth, okay?

Devin, can you hear me?

Are you doing it?

- Babe.

Devin you
need to listen to me.

Place your hands on her chest

and compress her chest ten times.

- Oh no.



Devin, hello?

- No.

- Police, police!

Drop the weapon, drop the weapon!

Drop the weapon, drop it now.

- Help her please.

- Drop the weapon!

- She's dying, please help her.

- Drop the weapon, drop it now.

- Help her please!

- Drop your weapon, drop your weapon.

- Drop the knife or I'll shoot.

- She's not breathing.

Turn around, hands on your head.

- Get on the ground do it now!

Grab him, I'll cover.

- All right, let's be careful guys,

we've got one here but it may be others.

- Where are the paramedics?

What the hell are you doing?

- Calm down.

- What the hell are you doing?

- Calm down, we're securing
the house, calm down.

- She was stabbed, I
came in and found her.

- That's enough, hold it.

Sir, you have the right to remain silent.

- What are you doing?

- Is she breathing?

- Are you insane, I didn't do this!

- If you cannot afford one,
one will be provided to you.

- I called you, I called nine, one, one.

Do you fully
understand these rights?

Is the IV connected?

- It's just so wrong, it's all wrong.

- There's no breath.

- This is all wrong.
- Get him out of here.

Applying compression.

- This is not happening.

We're losing her.

- Either you want a divorce or you don't.

No, I can't go into court sort,

of maybe, representing you.

Well if you want a trial separation, fine.

When you're ready to separate.

- Susan, Susan, Susan Grace,

your comment on last nights murder?

- Do you believe he did it?

- Did what, what's going on?

- You don't know about Angela Major?

- Angela.

What happened to Angela?

- She was killed last night,
her husband caught red handed.

- You represented her in the divorce,

do you think that had
anything to do with her?

- I have no comment.

- Susan, please, just
a word for the family?

to be formally charged

with the stabbing death of his ex wife,

millionaire, entrepreneur,

Devin Major protested his innocence.

- Susan.

- Marg, I said no calls, no interruptions.

- I know, I know, but you're
gonna want to take this one.

It's Devin Major.

- Susan?

Devin Major.

- Hello Mr. Major.

I want you to know that I'm
recording this conversation.

- I don't care.

You heard about Angela?


- I didn't do it, Susan.

I swear to you, I didn't do it.

But they're going to be
charging me with her murder.

I need a lawyer, I want
you to represent me.

- What did you say?

- I said I'm going to be
charged with Angela's murder

and I want you to represent me.

- Listen to me very carefully,

I'm going to give you some free advice.

You need a criminal defense
attorney, not a divorce lawyer.

- Which you were at one time

and more importantly, Angela
was your friend, wasn't she?

- She was.

- She ever once to tell
you she was afraid of me?

That she felt threatened by me?

I didn't kill her.

Please just come down.

Talk to me, review the evidence.

That's all I ask.

- Look, I can't promise anything.

I'll let you know.

Call the DA's office.

- Okie dokie.

- He looks like hell.

- Most murder suspects do.

- Susan.

- Kirsten.

Marg, meet district
attorney Kirsten Sorensen.

She's the reason I no longer
practice criminal law.

She kept convicting my clients.

Even if it meant the DA's
office was breaking the law.

- Bending, not breaking.

My job was and is to prosecute criminals

to the fullest extent of the law.

You just couldn't take the heat.

Your boss was a major thorn in my side.

Kept filing complaint after

complaint with the
attorney General's office

complaining about my prosecuting tactics.

- And I seem to recall that they asked,

no let me rephrase that,

they instructed you to reframe,

as you so eloquently put it,

of bending the law quite as far.

- That was then, now it's now.

- So let me get this straight.

He called you?

He called his wife's divorce attorney

to defend him in a homicide charge?

- Yes.

- Yeah, well that makes no sense at all.

But then what murderer does?

I know that you were very
close friend of the victim

and I am truly sorry.

But at least we have the man responsible.

- So the evidence against him is solid?

- Bulletproof, man one, crime of passion.

I'll be handling this one myself.

- I thought you might.

I'm sorry we have to go.

Excuse me, we're ready
to see Mr. Major now.

- interrogation room seven,

I'll have him brought out shortly.

- Thank you.

- Why is the DA going to prosecute this

and not an assistant?

- Two reasons.

One, she believes it's a
high profile slam dunk case

and two, the fact that
I'm somehow attached.

My letters to the
attorney General's office

really ticked her off.

- Yeah but I'm sorry, it's Devin Major.

You see him on TV and in the papers,

he just doesn't strike me as a murderer.

- Yeah, I know what you're thinking.

He's rich, successful,
and he's a handsome man.

But Angela was stabbed,
a knife is personal.

The attacker wants to inflict pain.

When I was a defense attorney

and a woman had been knifed to death,

it was always someone close
to her that was responsible.

A husband or a boyfriend,
never a stranger.

Keep that in mind.

- I will.

- There he is.

Before you say anything, I'm not here

as your lawyer, this conversation

is not protected by
client confidentiality.

I can testify against you in court.

We're being recorded and monitored.

Do you understand all this?

Of course I do.

Then you agree to talk to us

without your lawyer being present.

- I was sort of hoping
my lawyer was present.

- All right, let's start with that.

Why would you possibly
want me to represent you?

- I'm a public figure.

If I want my life and my
business to get back to normal,

I can't just be found not guilty,

I must be vindicated, completely.

Susan, we both know that every

defense lawyer always claims
that their client is innocent

and no one ever believes them.

But if you were to say it,

Angela's lawyer, a friend,
people would believe you.

- Well, I would never
say you were innocent

Mr. Major unless I truly
believed it in my heart.

Did you kill Angela?

- No.

And you know I didn't.

- What happened last night?

- Angela called me, out of
the blue, I was shocked.

I hadn't talked to her.

Didn't know her number, didn't
even know where she lived.

She was crying, upset.

Wanting to see me.

And I'll be honest, I was
hoping for a reconciliation.

I kept knocking, and calling out her name.

Angela, Angela it's me.

Then I tried the door.


It just opened.


I called out her name.



She was lying on the
floor in her own blood.

And there was a knife.


Buried into her.

It was all a nightmare,
I called nine, one, one,

I did everything I could
to try and save her.

And she was wild, panicky,
clawing at me like a tiger.

And then she just stopped.

Stopped breathing.

She, she died in my arms.

Oh no.

- Thank you, Mr. Major.

- I'll talk to the DA,

review the evidence and then
I'll give you my decision.

- Okay.

- Guard.

First impression, Marg, gut instinct.

Is he telling the truth?

- I don't know, if he's lying
he's very, very good at it.

I think I believed him.

- I thought you might.

And I suspect whoever represents him will

want as many young women on
the jury as they can get.

No offense.

- None taken.

So what about you, what do you think?

- I'm not sure.

One thing I do know is he
is the same old Devin Major.

- What do you mean?

- He smiled at you, held eye
contact, put on the charm.

Do you think he would have
done that if you were a man?

He's a womanizer.

It's what broke up his marriage.

Did I tell you that he represented
himself in his divorce?

- No.

- Every time we'd meet he'd
turn on the slick charm,

like I was some brainless
bimbo that he could seduce.

Stupid macho arrogance.


Prisoner coming
through the East wing.

- Copy that.

- He can protest his
innocence all he wants,

this is an open and shut case.

We've got her blood on him,
his skin under her nails,

his prints on the murder weapon

and he was caught at
the scene of the crime.

- Caught?

He called nine, one, one.

He stayed at the scene of the crime.

He tried to save Angela's life.

- Look, I'm not saying
he's a cold blooded killer.

They had a fight, he lost it, flipped out

in a jealous rage, he attacked her.

She tried to run.

He caught her.

And then stabbed her over, and over.

- Please, please!

And when he came to his senses,
he realized what he'd done.

He tried to cover it up

And stayed at the
scene instead of running away?

- A point in his favor

and maybe he did try to resuscitate her,

there's a couple of mitigating factors

for the jury to consider

but it doesn't excuse what he did.

- No, it certainly doesn't.

So manslaughter one, huh?

- Mhm.

- Five to ten, no previous record,

solid citizen posing no threat to society.

He could be out in a few years.

If he did kill Angela,

he deserves a hell of
a lot longer than that.

- I agree.

One of my staff will be contacting you

to get a witness statement
and the divorce records.

- I don't think so.

- Well, why not?

You're a material witness.

I got my physical evidence,
now I just need the motive,

and it's obviously the divorce.

- No, that was amicable and
quietly settled out of court.

I won't testify, or surrender
my documents to you.

- You can't do that counselor.

- I can, attorney client privilege.

- Angela's dead.

Why would you refuse
to hand them over now?

- To protect Angela.

They're divorced involved other people

in certain circumstances

that I swore to her I'd never reveal.

I won't let you air their dirty laundry

to support a motive I know not to be true.

- Look at your friend, counselor.

Look what he did to her.

That's the murder weapon, and
his prints are all over it.

- Kirsten and this is a combat knife.

Angela would never have that in the house

for him to grab and use.

- He brought it with him.

- Then it's premeditated intent to kill.

You'd be charging him with
murder, not manslaughter.

- We've thought about that.

- But a premeditated murderer

would never call nine, one, one.

Wouldn't stay at the scene.

Wouldn't bring wine and roses.

Kirsten, he didn't do this.

And what about the card that was found

in Angela's hand, the
death card ace of spades?

Perhaps that was from the real killer.

- That card came from a
deck inside the house.

- Are you investigating any other leads?

Do you have any other suspects?

- I can't talk about other suspects.

- I want to access his
nine, one, one call.

- I can't do that.

The defense would scream
witness tampering.

- I may raise my voice,
but I won't scream.

- Are you saying you're going

to defend your friend's murderer?

- All I'm saying is that Angela

still had feelings for Devin.

She would never want him convicted

of a crime he didn't commit.

This isn't for him, it's for her.

I'll see with you at the arraignment.

- In view of the wealth of the defendant,

state would like to
set bail at $5 million?

- I can't afford that right now.

- I know, and she knows it too.

Your honor, I need a moment
to confer with my client.

- She's trying to find something

that she can wave in front

of the jury that says,
this is why he killed her.

Look, I can ask for reduced

or no bail based on you're
not being a flight risk

and your current diminished finances,

but that opens a door for her

to demand all divorce documents,

listing your assets and holding.

- There's nothing in there that.

- I know but, Devin, if she
sees how much money you lost,

she'll base her case on.

We'll talk about this later.

- Okay.

- Your honor, my client cannot make

and does not contest bail.

We do ask that Mr. Major be remanded

into segregated custody away from

the general prison population.

- Will the defense also
request a chef and decorations?

- I fail to see the humor.

My client is a first time offender.

The notoriety of this case
will make him a natural target.

- The counselor is right, I apologize.

We have no objection your honor.

- Granted, anything else?

- The defense has one last request.

My client will be incarcerated
during his wife's funeral.

We ask on compassionate grounds
that he be able to attend.

- Ex-wife, not wife.

This is a blatant, transparent, attempt

to sway potential jurors.

A funeral is not a place for a media,

publicity stunt like this.

- She was murdered, he deserves.

- Jail.

and he'll get it.

- I'll allow the defense's request.

Your honor.

- Is it necessary for me to remind

the DA that a suspect
is considered innocent

until proven guilty?

Mr. Major will be granted

the right to pay his last respects.

- Then we request full security

to prevent the possibility of an escape,

that includes guards, physical restraints.

- Who's playing media games now?

The prosecution what's
my client in shackles

and chains projecting the image of guilt.

- Defense wants a big show
of grief to get sympathy.

- Please, Mr. Major will be restrained

as per state law and
escorted by two officers.

He'll have a specified private period

of time alone at the cemetery.

Furthermore, he'll have no contact

with the murder victims family.

He'll make no statements to the press.

- Your honor, this is highly prejudicial.

- The safety of the public will be upheld,

while respecting the
rights of your client.

Save it for the appeal.

I understand that the victim

was a friend of yours, is that correct?

And that you'll be attending the service?

- Sadly, yes.

- My condolences counselor.

But if I see you on my TV,

holding the press conference
on the church steps,

I'll be very, very unhappy.

- I promise you that won't happen.

This is a personal matter.

No business.

- Court dismissed.

Susan Grace.

Oh Susan Grace, Susan Grace,

is it true that you will
be the lead defense counsel

for Devin Major in his upcoming trial?

- No comment.

- Susan, isn't it highly unusual

for the lawyer who represents
the victims divorce

from the suspect in her
murder, to now defend him?

- Yes, I represented Angela Major

and now I'm representing Devin Major.

I knew them both.

There was no evidence that directly

links my client to the murder.

He is innocent of all charges

and we welcome our day in court.

- It's no secret that there

has been bad blood between you and the DA.

Would that explain why she's
taken on this case personally?

- No comment.

Susan, the DA.

- Sorry, no more questions,
I have a case to prepare.

Susan, the public

does not take kindly to no comment.

It can be misinterpreted.

Would you care to comment

on the blood found at the scene, Susan?

- How do you manage to
remain unbiased in this case?

Is that not next to impossible?

Do it now, okay?


Is she breathing now?


- Find out of there was more recorded

after this, it might be useful.

- Right.

- What we have here is good.

He does say that he just arrived

and it certainly sounds like
he was trying to save her.

- Why would anyone want to kill Angela?

- I don't know yet.

Robbery and sexual assault
don't fit the evidence.

Find out about any unsolved murders

with a female victim that have

taken place in the last two years.

See of we get a match there.

Okie dokie.

Nine, one, one, emergency

police, fire or paramedics?

My wife's been
stabbed, please send help.

- Yep.

I'll be right there.

- Nice tie.

- Thanks, oh, there she is.

- Can I help you?

- Yeah.

Mark Fairfield, federal treasury agent.

I'm sorry about the after hours visit

but time is of the essence.

I want to talk to you about
one of your current cases.

- Which one Mr. Fairfield?

- Call me Mark.

The Devin Major murder case.

- Well, after I'm finished with him,

you can dress him up in a tutu

and put them in a circus for all I care.

- How refreshing, a district
attorney was sense of humor.

I like that.

We'd like you to drop
the charges against him.

- Forgive me if I just
lost my sense of humor.

- On a man one count, your case is weak.


- Best case scenario?

- I'm listening.

- Second degree murder.

Not premeditate.

You'll get nickel and dime time.

We get him, we'll bury him
in a federal max forever.

- File your charges in
addendum indict him.

- We don't have enough on him.

- You're criticizing my case?

- We don't have enough on him yet.

We've identified the
individuals in these photos.

They're American, Russian,
Asian underworld King kingpins.

They've made staggering amounts of money,

which they need to launder.

And that's where Devin Major
falls into the picture.

We believe that he's formed

an Alliance with these
illegal organizations.

Who have to hide their money

and change yen, rubles, euros,

whatever into American dollars.

Invest their money in hard to follow,

highly profitable enterprises.

Online pornography, off shore
gambling just to name a few.

If we can nail Devin, we can nail

the rest of these guys, the big boys.

Devin is the key, but right
now he can't open up anything

because you have him up on charges.

- Oh, forgive me if his killing his wife

has inconvenienced the
treasury department.

Look, I'm very busy.

Counselor, you're not
seeing the big picture.

- The only big picture I
care about is this one.

- You want to know his motive?

Okay, for tax and business reasons,

everything was in Angela's name, not his.

So when she went to see the divorce court,

she says, I don't know about finances.

- I brought these papers,

I was hoping you could
take a look at them.

- Sure.

- I don't know about all our finances

and I don't trust him.

Can you check these out?

- Absolutely, I'm sure there's
not going to be a problem.

- Let me know if you find anything.

I will.

- Okay.


- Thank you.

- So that lawyer checks things out.

All this lawyer sees are dollar signs

followed by lots of zeros.

If he's not looking for dummy corps,

shell businesses, one time accounts,

all the forensic accounting
that I'm looking for.

Now Devin has got some very bad boys

breathing down his neck.

So he settles fast out of court.

He gives her everything.

All he wants.

- Are his records back.

- Exactly, but they're in her name.

Maybe she says no, or wants a full audit.

He snaps, he kills her.

If we could get these records,

we would both have the
evidence that we need.

- I can't, her divorce
lawyers defending him.

- Well, she sure as hell
ain't doing it for the money.

She's the one that wiped him out.

- I don't know what her reasons are.

All I know is the physical
evidence points at him.

Anyway, what if I dropped the charges

and Devin disappears, there
goes your investigation.

- It's not going to happen, counselor.

We will track him 24 seven.

- Oh.

- Wherever he goes, whatever he does.

- Forgive me, if I'm less than confident.

- Look, the treasury department is putting

all its resources behind this case.

Chances of him disappearing
are negligible.

Granted, it's a calculated risk,

but it's a risk that we want to take.

- Well, he's safer in jail than outside.

Here's the deal Mark.

I'll get the records without
dropping the charges.

That way we're both happy.

- That's a hell of a gamble.

- It's a calculated risk.

You want what?

- The request of attorney
client privilege to be denied.

Your honor, the financial
documents she refuses

to release are in Angela
Major's name, not her clients.

- The prosecution must have forgotten

that in addition to
representing Mr. Major,

I am also Mrs. Major's legal executor.

- We haven't forgotten.

We simply ask that that'd be
broad conflict of interest,

she cannot be allowed to
remain in control of evidence

belonging to one client

that may convict yet
another of her clients.

- Evidence, what evidence of what?

- This is at the request
of a government agency.

That's all I can say

without compromising their investigation.

- Then have this government agency file

an open court and show cause.

You're honor, confidentiality
is the cornerstone.

- Spare me the lesson counselor.

There are precedents

for annulling client attorney privilege,

but those are extreme
life and death cases.

Mrs. Major's divorce records
do not meet the standard.

Request denied.

And until criminal charges

are filed against Mrs. Majors estate

that relate directly to this case,

there is no conflict of interest.

Good day to you both.

- At the request of a government
agency, the IRS, right?

- I can't say.

- Oh, come on Kirsten, a rich entrepreneur

like Devin, who else could it be?

You trying to add tax
evasion, well good luck.

Because Angela told me
they were constantly

being audited and they were
always clean as a whistle.

- Well maybe the IRS saw the wrong records

and maybe Angela found the right ones on.

Unfortunately for her.

- The only unfortunate thing

is you fishing desperately for a motive.

You've got this tunnel vision

about some murderous
rage that never happened.

You've got the phone records,

you know she called me that night.

I don't have to tell you this

and in fact I probably shouldn't.

But she was happy, upbeat.

She wanted Devin's new number.

Of course they didn't have it

and she didn't tell me why she wanted it,

but she sounded so excited,

I really think she wanted to reconcile.

So much for your fearful
woman being stalked

by an ex-husband theory.

- Well, let's see, she had a new home,

she had an unlisted phone number.

- Well, yes, first after the divorce,

she was a little cautious.

She never answered the phone.

She always let the machine pick up first

and she saved all messages.

But you already know that
because you have her machine.

- Excuse me.

- How dare you?

You were Angela's friend.

Now you're defending her murder.

Ruth, please don't do this.

- I am so sorry about Angela.

- Devin is a murderer.

You know it and we know it.

And we're going to do whatever

it takes to see that that man spends

the rest of his life rotting
in jail for what he's done.

Come on honey, come on.

Area clear, media has left.

- Roger that.

We're moving.

- Goodbye Angela, I love you.

I'll never forget you.

- Hey, check this out.

This thing is sweet, it's a
top of the line, new machine.

It's got an H228 chip,
which means mucho memory.

It's all digital.

So a what are you looking for?

- Phillip, I need you to find me

a message that says nothing
but tells me everything.

That's all I ask.

- Okay.

- Yup.

- It's Mark, your news travels fast.

I heard the judge denied your request.

I want you to cut him
loose and drop the charges.

- No, I'm requesting again,

this time with new evidence, relevant.

- Look, I don't care.

The trail's getting old and
want you to cut him loose.

Get over this.

- I can't do that.

- You're in the big leagues, Kirsten.

The boys in Washington are watching.

If you lose this case, in my opinion,

it could cost you your career.

- There's a lot of messages on here.

Do you wanna hear them all?

- No, I have the phone records.

I know what number is called or.

Look, I'm looking for a no message call.

Someone that calls but says nothing.

- How's that going to help you?

- Background noise.

I'm praying for a street sound,

a restaurant, a nightclub sound,

anything that gives me a location

where I can put the prime suspect as well.

- Bad news.

This machine deletes all no
message calls after 24 hours.

- Phillip, you tell me that you

can find those messages again.

- Nope.

They're gone forever.

It's a memory saving function.

Who wants to save no message hangups?

- I do, dammit.

- Well, there's still one last one here.

It's saved because they unplugged this.

Hey, that's my coffee.

- Thanks.

That tells me nothing.

- The number's still in the call display.

And according to the computer,
it's a first time caller.

- First time call on
the night of the murder?

Thank you
for calling OS Corporation.

You have reached the
voicemail of Devin Major.

Please leave a message.

The company phone.

That's why there was nothing

on his home or cell phone records.

Oh Philip.

I could kiss you.

Thank you for
calling a OS Corporation.

You have reached the
voicemail of Devin Major.

Please leave a message.

- Silent stalking your honor.

He calls, she answers, he hangs up.

No message is the message

and that call came in from the cell phone

that was found on Devin
major at the scene.

- All you've proved is it someone

at United Bank called Angela.

- And immediately hung up

and then poor innocent Devin just happens

to turn up with the exact same cell phone.

- This isn't the trial.

This evidence is persuasive as to how

it relates to as possible stalking.

What does it have to do
with this divorce documents?

- Nothing, it's for the IRS.

- Your honor.

The defense's fundamental claim is that

the divorce was not a
motive in the killing.

And is proof they point to the no contact,

and no harassment behavior,
which has been clearly refuted.

- Yes, it has, access granted.

- Your honor.

- Wait counselor, I haven't finished.

Only those documents clearly showing

the financial losses suffered

by Mr. Major will be
admissible as evidence.

A jury will decide whether or not

your presumed motive holds merit.

- But your honor, this
other government agency.

- Thank you, counselor,
I haven't forgotten.

Share these documents in property

with anybody else and
I'll file for contempt,

then throw out all charges against

the defendant due to
prosecutorial misconduct.

Do I make myself clear?

Yes, your honor.

- Okay.

- Listen, I want you to know the Devin

swore to me that he never called her.

I would never have mentioned
that damn answering machine.

- I believe you.

Do you still believe him?

- I don't think I killed
her if that's what you mean.

- All right.

Now what about the documents?

- I'll call Marg

and have her bring them
over this afternoon.

- Good.

- Devin made big money, all
legal but dirty investments.

Third-world sweatshops,

the porn industry, that
sort of nice stuff.

A lot of prominent people
were silent partners.

Angela would never have
wanted that made public.

- Or Devin.

- I don't care about Devin right now.

I care about the memory of the woman

that was buried this morning.

The prosecution has a tape

from Angela's answering machine

that indicates you called her
at least once before at death.

- That's impossible.

- It gets worse.

Your divorce records are
going to be made public.

- No.

No, damn it!

- The truth Devin, were you harassing

Angela with a company phone?

- No!

- Well it looks that way.

Or it looks like this one
time you use the wrong phone.

It's your answering
service, not someone else's.

But you told me that you never called her.

- I did call her.

Now I remember, I kept knocking
and buzzing the buzzer,

but she wouldn't answer.

Okay, don't get excited.

- I kept calling out her name!

The machine, check the machine!

The time!

The time!

Check the machine!

Do it!



- Hey, these are the Angela
Major divorce files for Kirsten.

- Marg.


Thanks for bringing the files.

- Sure.

- So how's the slave driver treating you?

- I'm fine, thanks.

- Well, you can't have
worked for her for very long.

This your first big case?

- No, I haven't, and yes it is.

Excuse me.

- What is it Marg?

Behind enemy lines, only gave your name,

rank, serial number?

- Look, I'm sorry, I
don't want to be rude,

but you are trying to convict Devin.

- Yeah I am.

Have a seat.

I remember my first big case.

Felt like my life was on the line.

Sounds familiar?

- Yeah.

I can't sleep, I'm terrified
I'll make a mistake.

- Oh, Susan wouldn't have
hired you if you made mistakes.

- Well, I think Susan hired me

because I don't have a
boyfriend or any kind of life.

- Join the club.

You're looking at my nightlife.

This is just a trial.

It's a serious one, but it'll be over

and then there'll be another and another.

Don't make this your whole life.

And the day the verdict
comes in, bring tissues.

Lots of them.

Trust me.

- Okay, I will.


- Opponents, not enemies?

- Definitely not enemies.

Thanks for talking to
me about all this stuff,

Susan would never.

- She's all business.

Listen, I'll give you my card.

Call me when this is
all over and we'll talk.

- Thanks, I will.

- Counselor.

- Oh Mark.

You know, I wasn't sure

if you'd be coming in through the door,

or the window, or the
air conditioning vent,

but I was expecting you.

- Nice to see you too.

Aha, these my files?

- Yeah, you can't have them.

Get a warrant.

- You know damn well we can't do that.

We do that, we'll scare
off the major players.

A DA with Devin's records
makes them nervous enough.

They find out that federal
treasury is after them.

- Too bad.

I'm not letting a killer walk
cause his case is thrown out.

- You like traffic court, Kirsten?

Cause here's a call that's
going to put you there.

- You do that, you get nothing.

Send the files back and go
with the physical evidence.

- That evidence is 50 50,

between fighting to kill
her or fighting to save her.

Not good odds.

- Well, let's see, ex-husband, dead wife.

Let the jury do the math.

- No photocopies.

I just look at them here with you.

- No, there's a chance it
could be inadmissible evidence.

- I will take that chance.

- Okay.

There's one way we can both win.

- I'm listening.

- He's got a choice of man one
time, or federal felony time.

You scare him.

Offer him immunity, witness protection,

he testifies, you get your other big fish.

And I, I get my conviction.

- I can live with that.

- Truce?

- Truce.

- Marg, it's Susan,

listen, check Angela's answering machine.

See if it timestamped all incoming calls

and then check the time of
his nine, one, one call.

You got that?

Okay, bye.

- Get in the car.

Are you gonna be a good girl?

You promise?

- Please don't hurt me.

- The man that I work for
him is a little upset.

He wants you to get a message to Devin.

- Yes, yes anything, yes.

- Anything?

- Ow.

- Consider that a friendly reminder, okay?

- Yeah.

- You just see to it that
your client understands, yes?

- Yes.

- Uh huh?

- Yes.

- We're watching you.

- Yes.

- So don't do anything stupid.

Good girl.

Stop the van.

- These records are too clean.

You know what I think?

- Gee, let me guess
another conspiracy theory?

- Okay, okay, just bear with me.

- I'm listening.

- I think Angela was in on it with Devin,

but she wanted out.

Angela listen to me.


You don't know
these guys like I do.

I don't care.

I don't care.

Angela you need to listen to me!

- I want no part of this anymore.

- Well you heard it, you're
already a part of it.

- I don't care.

- Well you should start caring

because you've got an investment

in this just as much as I do.

- I don't want anymore part of this!

- Angela listen to me for once!

- Will you shut up!

Shut up, shut up!

- Don't you walk away from me!

- You can't retire out of this business

with just a gold watch.

So they come up with a divorce angle.

He gives her all the legit money.

She's out, she's rich.

She has a new life, but they've
got to make it look real.

So enter Susan Grace, she
doesn't know it's a scam.

I've brought these papers

in for you to take a look at.

- Sure.

- I don't know about all our finances

and I don't trust him.

Can you check these out?

- Absolutely.

I'm sure there's not
going to be a problem.

Okay, I'll look them over
and I'll call you later.

- Kay, here's the rest of them.


- Kay.


- Bye.


- Angela gives her all the phony records

and they settled fast out of court.

Everybody's happy.

Devin's still in, Angela's out

and the bad boys don't
know or they don't care

and it's business as usual.

- So one night, they just?

- Yeah, one night what?

You don't buy some homicidal stranger?

- No, poor innocent Devin.

The unluckiest man in
the world just happens

to come by a few minutes later?

You got to work harder to sell me.

- Give me a minute.

- Coming.


What's the matter?

- I need to talk to someone.

- Of course, come on in.

My God, you're bleeding, what happened?

But why didn't you call the police?

- I just need time to think.

They knew who I was, where
I live, where I work.

Plus I never even saw their faces.

I don't remember the color of the van,

much less the license number.

And I'm not sure that the
police would believe me.

- Not believe you Susan,
look at your neck.

- It's not a serious wound Marg.

I could have done this to myself.

A lot of people could believe I'd stage

this to invent a defense angle for Devin.

That these shadowy men in the van

were Angela's real killers.

- But they are Susan, look.

- Marg, listen,

They scared me so badly, I'm
really thinking of quitting.

I don't want these men
coming after me again.

- No, no, no, they won't

because Devin will be out really soon.

He didn't do this and we can prove it.

His answering machine call to Angela

was timestamped at 9:19.

So he has to be at her front door at 9:19

because his nine, one, one

call is the exact same time, 9:19.

- Are you sure about this?

- Yes, Susan, he had a maximum of what?

59 seconds to commit a brutal murder?

It's impossible.

- You're right.

We've won.

Listen, Marg, I don't want to scare you,

but when they grabbed me,

I dropped my cell phone in their van

and your number is on my cell.

I think you should change it.

I mean they're after
Devin, not us, but still.

- Okay, will do.

Have you told Devin?

- No, not yet.

First thing tomorrow I'm
going to go warn him.

When I'm doing that, I want you

to petition for dismissal, okay.

And you call me the
second you hear anything.

- Okay, I will.

Susan, do you want to stay
here tonight, you're welcome?

- Oh, thanks Marg, but no.

But I am going to go
check the office messages.

- Okie dokie, make yourself at home.

What's this?


- I mean I know what it is,
but what are you doing with it?

- It's nothing.

- It's nothing?

My assistant has the DA's home number

by her phone and it's nothing?

What is going on?

What are you telling her?

- Nothing, Susan, take it easy

we just chatted a bit, that all.

- About what, this trial?

- Yes but no, not, not really.

It was just, it was nothing,
it was just idle talk.

After I dropped off the records.

- Oh, that's right.

You gave the records to Kirsten today

and then you had a little chat

and then I had a knife held to my throat.

- What, you think that happened

because of something I said to Kirsten?

Susan, what on earth could
I possibly have said?

- I don't know, I don't
know, I don't know.

Nothing I guess, I'm just so wired,

nervy, getting paranoid over nothing.

I've never been so
scared in my whole life.

I really thought they
were going to kill me.

- You know, you really should
report this attack Susan.

I mean, that's what we
always tell women, right?

- Yeah.

I will in a few days.

I'm just to freaked right now.

- It's okay, I totally understand.

- Speaking of understanding,

a toast to you.

I was wrong about you
Marg, I'm really sorry.

- Hey, I'm just glad you're not firing me.

- You don't look so good.

- I don't feel so good.

Okay, Devin, I've got good
news and I've got bad news.

The good news is you're getting out.

- Yes.

- The bad news is you're getting out,

and there are people waiting for you.

I met two of them yesterday.

- What happened Susan?

- I don't want to do anything about this.

Just deal with it as soon as you get out.

- I will.

Are you sure I'm getting out?

- I'm sure.

- I knew it, I knew I
picked the right lawyer.

Thank you Susan.

- It's not over yet.

Thank me when it is.

This is Marg Anderson,
please leave a message.

- Marg, it's Susan.

I'll try at the office

You've reached
the office of Susan grace.

Please leave a message.

- Marg, it's me, pick up.


Where are you?

I'm going to try your home,

but you better not still be there.

Hi, here's the beep.

- Marg, Where the hell are you?

I've tried Your cell, the office.

- Susan, it's Kirsten.

- Kirsten, what are you doing there?

- Listen, if you're driving,
pull over and park if you can.

- What's wrong?

Has something happened to Marg?

- I have some terrible news.

Is there anywhere you can sit down?

- Ma'am I'm sorry you can't come in.

- No, I need to go in.

- Ma'am no one can.

- No, I need to go in.

- That's okay.

Oh Susan, I am so sorry.

The cops were trying to reach you.

They saw my card on the
table and they called me.

- How could this happen?

She locked the door, I heard it.

- They think the person or persons

broke in through a window.

One of them has been tampered with,

you heard her lock at the front door?

- I was here last night to warn her.

Some men were after
Devin, I don't know why,

but they grabbed me.

I didn't see their
faces, but they did this.

- Did you file a report?

- No, no, I was just so scared.

They must've followed me.

I lead them right to Marge.

- You don't know that Susan,
this is not your fault.

- Where is she.

- You don't want to go in there.

- Oh my God, Marg.

How did she?

She was stabbed.

- You mean stabbed like Angela?

- Similar, but.

- What do you mean similar?

It's the same MO, she was stabbed.

And look at the card,
it's the ace of spades.

The police kept that piece

of evidence secret from the public.

Only the real killer would
have had knowledge of it.

Damn it Kirsten.

Remember when I asked you
if you were investigating

any other leads, if you had

any other suspects besides Devin?

- Yes.

- Well what do you think now,

because Devin sure as hell didn't do this.

- Listen, Susan.

- No, you listen.

We have proof that Devin is innocent.

It was on the answering machine.

And now I'm wondering
if you knew it as well.

- Counsel, you're very
emotional right now,

but don't you dare suggest

that I deliberately withheld evidence.

- Just know that in my lawsuit
for Marg's wrongful death

your name will be front and center.

- Mark, it's Kirsten.

I have to see you


Well, hate to admit it.

Maybe I should've listened
to you from the start.

In a very short while, Devin's
gonna walk out a free man.

- You dropped the charges?

- Yeah.

Good day for Devin,

he gets away with money
laundering and murder.

- Murder?

But what about the evidence?

- It just proves he's a smart killer.

You want to hear my,

my final theory.

- I'm all ears, I'm listening.

- Thanks.


Devin goes to Angela's

house with wine, flowers, and a knife.

He is going to get those
records back, no matter what.

When the wine and the
flowers don't go well.

- I'm not giving the records back.

- Angela I'm telling you,

this is more dangerous than you think.

- I don't care.

God, I'm so tired of this.

- You know, you just don't listen.

You don't listen.

You don't listen and I'm done.

I've had it, I'm tired of this.

It's enough, all right.

What, no, what is no!



- When he realized she would
not give the records back,

he had to kill her.

I don't know if this next part was,

was planned or he thought it up

on the spot but he phoned her machine.

Knowing that his call would
be timestamped on the machine.

And then he even opened the door

so the squeak would be recorded.

Then he planted the ace of
spades to throw us off track.

Nine, one, one, emergency,

police, fire, or paramedics?

- My wife's been stabbed,
please send help.

I'm alerting
police and paramedics, sir.

What's your name and where are you?

- Devin, Devin Major,
I'm at a 953 Carnation.

I just arrived at found
Angela on the floor, please.

Please hurry.


- And then he faked the struggle.

That explains the blood in the scratches.

You buy it?

- I'll buy it.

He's a smart man.

Clever alibi.

- But I can't prove any of it.

- Here.

Have a jube jube.

I used to love them when I was a kid.


- So what's going on with
Susan Grace's assistant?

- Marg Anderson?

- Yeah.

- Well that's being investigated,

but somehow it's all tied together

unless I'm completely wrong about Devin.

And it was his friends who killed Angela

and threatened Susan, and murdered Marg.

- Well, that's certainly
what the media is saying.

- Oh, I had to turn it off

before I threw my TV out the window.

It was bad enough watching
Devin get released.

- Yeah, I saw that.

Funny thing though.

I haven't seen Susan Grace on TV at all.

She's what, just dropped
out of sight or what?

- Can you blame her?

- No.

- Anyway, it's over.

- Devin, Devin's probably off

somewhere with his rich friends,
popping champagne corks.

Gloating about how he
got away with murder.

- To justice, and more
importantly, freedom.

And to us.

- Especially to us.

- I can't tell you how much
I love you for what you did.

You saved us.

But Marg, your own assistant?

- Devin, I just had a
knife held to my throat.

I didn't know if they'd found
out that I was your partner.

Maybe your next warning
would be my corpse.

And I never meant to hurt Marg.

In fact, I went over there to warn her

and then I discovered
she was betraying me.

Only she knows why.

Maybe she thought her
career would take off

if she helped the DA
nail a crooked lawyer.

- The DA suspected you?

- Why else would Kirsten be working

with the IRS or treasury or whoever

the government agency was?

Whatever Marg knew or said,

must have been leaked from
the DA to your friends.

So I made the decision to shut
her up and get you out fast.

I needed to point the
finger at the same killer.

It had to be the same MO.

Knife and the ace of spades.

Making sure no one was around,
I went back into the house.

I spiked her drink to slow her down.

Then I stabbed her.

And the rest is history.

You with Angela, me with Marg.

It's amazing what you're capable

of doing when your life is on the line.

- And millions of dollars.

- Speaking of which.

- Already done, a few
keystrokes, $15 million wired.

And our friends are happy.

- Then I am very, very happy to.

So how long do we have to wait?

- Wait, no, no, no.

No, no more waiting.

I just got out of prison.

- No, I mean, wait until we finally

come out in public as a couple.

- Well, I don't know honey,

I have to grieve and recover starting now.

Two lattes.

- To criminal justice.

- Best's system money can buy.

- Yeah.

- Hello?

Uh huh.



Okay, thanks.

That didn't take long.

Devin's back in business.

- You think?

- Devin in jail, pipeline dark and quiet.

Devin out of jail, pipeline lights up.

I guess you had no choice but
to return those documents huh?

- Oh no, I still have them.

- You do?

Well nobody asked for them back.

Susan fought so hard to give them to us

and Devin obviously didn't need them.

- Well, obviously he didn't need

the records that Susan gave us.

New theory.

- Devin and Susan?

- Partners.

- Okay.

Angela never knew.

She somehow, she came
across the real records,

incriminating stuff that
Devin thought he'd hidden.

Angela shows the record to Susan.

Susan realizes that she
is now looking at evidence

that will put her and Devin in jail.

She panics.

Later after suspecting
that Angela is onto her,

Susan secretly tells
Devin that she's spooked.

- Devin, we have a problem.

- The people that he's
fronting big time coin for

are not going to tolerate his records

being examined in a divorce court.

They'll kill him so he can't testify.

- Okay, so they settled
out of court quickly,

but something goes wrong.

- Angela finds out about it.

Maybe they're more than
just business partners,

Maybe they were lovers.

- Hey!

What the, what is going on?

- Angela, calm down, calm down.

- What is going on?

What's going on?

- Nothing is going on, we just.

- Don't tell me it's
not what it looks like,

I just saw you two kissing.

We were just
having a business meeting.

- That was not a business meeting.

I trusted you.

- Angela, it's not what it looks like.

- Don't touch me.

What was that about?


- I saw you kiss him.

Look, we were just.

What is going on here.

- Angela, listen.

- I've had it.

- This is not good, this is not good.

This is not good.

- It's okay, she'll calm down.

- You think they'd be
so careful at that point

not to get caught like that.

No, I bet Angela still
wants the records audited.

- But Susan won't give them back.

She's stalling, trying to buy time.

- Which she can't do forever.

- And they don't know if
Angela has made extra copies.

- So they have to act,
to save their own skins.

- But why make it so obvious
that Devin's involved?

He calls nine, one, one

and just stands there
waiting for the cops?

- We do ask that Mr. Major

be remanded into segregated custody

away from the general prison population.

- Because he's safer in jail.

See out in public, he's a sitting duck

if the bad guys terminate his contract.

- That's right.

And if Susan grace is representing him,

his records are off limits.

- Except they weren't.

- And if he stays in jail too
long, he loses his business.

- Yeah, well he'll lose a hell

of a lot more if he's convicted.

Unless he knows he won't be convicted,

that he'll walk soon free and vindicated.

Gotta get to the office
first thing in the morning

and comb through that evidence again,

there's gotta be something, anything

that'll incriminate these two.

- I'll help you.

- No.

- Don't be so stubborn.

Okay, maybe there's something

that I missed the first time round.

Don't forget your coffee.

- Thanks.

- I booked us on two
separate flights to Mexico.

You're going East coast, I'm going West.

- Good.

- We'll meet up in Mexico city.

- When do we leave?

- My flight is at six
and yours is at midnight.

- That doesn't leave us very much time.

- You sure about that figure?

Yeah, thanks.

Damn, right to the penny.

Zero discrepancy between these
records in the IRS audits.

The guy's a Saint.

How are you doing?

- Great, I found the defense.

Crappy if I'm the DA.

- I'll see what I can
dig up on Susan Grace.

- Yeah.

- My guess is her records are so clean

we could eat off of them.


- Hey what's the hurry?

- I want to start packing.

- We got lots of time for that.

Come on, our friends are off our backs.

Cops can't touch us, we won.

- Won?

This isn't a game Devin.

- Susan the pressures off.

Let's enjoy it.


- You know, I can actually feel, thanks,

I can actually feel my
head getting flatter

from bumping into all these dead ends.

- And I'm getting carpal tunnel eyeballs

just staring at this stuff.

- Okay, there's only one weak point

in Devin and Susan's story.

They both agree that he
had no contact with Angela,

didn't even know the phone number.

- But he calls her on
the night of the murder.

- Right.

And Devin said that when she called,

Angela gave him the phone
number and the address,

and look it's even corroborated
in these phone records.

On the night of the
murder, she called Susan,

she calls four, one, one, she calls Devin.

But I think he's lying.

I just, I can't prove it.

- Yeah.

- Hey, there's no rush.

- We'll call separate taxis.

- Okay, sure but just relax.

- Relax, how can I relax?

I've been dealing with this all alone.

The government was closing
in, Marg was spying on me.

- Easy, easy, easy, take it easy.

It's over now.

- And we killed two people.

- We had to Susan.

We had no choice.


Come on.

It's over now.

We'll just drop out of sight.

We'll just be with each other.

We'll have all the money we ever need.

What's this?

- I've been lying awake all night

wondering if every noise I hear

is the FBI or one of your friends.

- No, I meant what the hell

is this doing here Susan, get rid of it.

- I will, I just want to finish packing.

- We are very slowly getting nowhere.

- So why does Angela
call Susan that night?

- According to Susan
to get Devin's number.

- But given what happens later,

something in that call forces them to act.

- So really Angela said something like,

well, where are they?

- No, that's crazy, I want them back.

Why can't you give them back to me?

No, give me those records back
now or I'll call the police.

- And if you're Susan, you tell Angela

exactly what she wants to hear,

which is all right, I'm coming over.

- So why does Angela
then call four, one, one?

- You're right, she's not
exactly going to call Devin

and give him the good news,

but Angela has to make the call

to make their cover story work.

- So they hold a gun to her head.

They force her to make the call.

- Well, no, no, cause she could

just scream their names and yell for help.

- Another beautiful theory
killed by ugly logic.

- When you call a cab,

make sure you use a different company.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

You can't use my phone.

- Honey, you're being paranoid.

They're not tapping your phone.

We're not under surveillance.

They're not watching the taxis.


The cops don't care about me anymore.

- Devin.

Not until we're drinking
tequila in Mexico city

will I be able to breathe.

Now use your cell phone, call
a different taxi company.

Remember I'm your lawyer.

You're supposed to take my advice, right?

- I wish you'd just send
me back to traffic court.

Remember it's where you wanted

to send me in the first place?

- Angela called four, one, one,

25 minutes after calling Susan.

- Yeah.

- Now that's quite a time gap.

- Yeah.

Especially when Angela said
that Susan was so excited,

as giddy as a school girl on a first date.

And Devin said that Angela was upset.

- That's a big mood swing.

Unless one of them forgot the cover story.

- The only one who would really

know the mood is the
four, one, one operator.

- And if he or she remembers
how does that help us?

- It'll tell us who's
lying, Devin or Susan.

- Oh, and then what?

Oh, don't tell me they confess.

- No Mark, but I'm tired and bitchy

and it's the only thing I
can think to do right now.

Do you have any more questions?

- Yeah, I do.

I've got one more thing.

I never asked if you were single or not.

Are you single?

- Administration please.

- Hi, I'm Catherine, the
four, one, one operator

that handled the call you're asking about.

- I'm Kirsten Sorensen, I'm the DA,

and this is Mark Fairfield,
my junior assistant.

Let's talk about the call.

- The computer log indicates
that the call was routed to me.

- And do you remember
anything about the call?

- The lady said she was divorced

and needed a number, that's about it.

- It's been some time.

Why is it you remember this specific call

over all the other calls you received?

- Easy.

My boyfriend proposed to me that very day

and I was walking on clouds,

showing my ring off to
everyone and anyone at work.

- Very nice.

- Anyway, I get this four, one, one call

from this lady who says she's divorced

and looking for her
ex-husband's phone number.

For some reason that
struck a chord with me.

Here I am getting married
and starting a brand new life

and this woman searching for ex-husband.

I don't know why, but
I felt sorry for her.

- Do you remember anything
about how she sounded?

- Nothing I could pinpoint for
you, that's all I remember.

- Sorry I couldn't be of further help.

- Oh no that's.

Thanks for your time.

- Have you talked to customer relations?

I've only been on the job for 60 days.

For employee evaluations
and training purposes,

they keep all audio tapes of my calls

for the first 90 days of employment.

Talk to them, they may
be able to assist you.

- Did we tell you how lucky your fiance is

to have such a smart girlfriend?

Can you lead us over
to customer relations?

- Of course, right this way.

- Okay, laptop, money, passport.

Okay, remember to do what
I told you with the knife.

- I'll take care of it.

- Not here, not on this property.

- Relax, I'll throw it in the ocean.

- And make sure you wipe
your prints off the knife.

- Susan.

- I know, I'm sorry.

I really need this vacation.

- I know you do.

Now go, I'll see you later, I love you.

- I love you to.

Make sure no one sees you leave.

- Adios.

You mean.

- Susan?

- What do you want?

Check upstairs
for anything you can find.

- Yes, sir.

May we come in?

All right fellahs, let's move.

- I don't have time for this.

- Oh yeah, you have time.

- Okay seal off the house,
pack up all the computers.

- Yes, sir.

- Devin Major.

Mark Fairfield, federal treasury.

I want to talk to you, sir.

- Don't say anything.

- You heard my lawyer.

- I think you're going
to need a new lawyer.

- Kirsten, this is trespassing

and harassment unless you've got a.

- Search warrant?

Your house, your office,

your phone records and your computer.

- You haven't deleted your files.

That's interesting.

Why don't we talk about that?

- You can't do that, not
without me being present.

- Oh, I think Devin can make
some decisions by himself.

In fact, I'm pretty sure he's going

to be making a few
important decisions today.

I've got a laptop here.

- Good, bag it, send it to forensics.

- This is a personal vendetta.

You have no just cause, no legal basis,

it's pure harassment.

I'll have this tossed out and
ruled inadmissible so fast.

- Before you waste any more breath,

I think there's something
you ought to hear.

Sometimes in an
investigation you get lucky.

Four, one, one calls on occasion.

are taped for training purposes.

Four, one,
one, how may I help you?

I'm looking for a
local listing for a Devin Major.

We're divorced and I
don't have his new number.

I have a
new listing for a D Major.

- That's not Angela's voice.

That's your voice.

- That's not me.

I'm looking for a
local listing for a Devin Major.

We're divorced and I
don't have his new number.

- See, I can get voice analysis

and I can get a few people who know

you to come in and testify
that that is your voice.

Devin Major, we're divorced

and I don't have his new number.

- See you're going to
have a really hard time

explaining why you were at Angela's house

calling four, one, one saying
that you are Devin's ex-wife.

But I know why you did it.

Cause you needed Angela to call Devin

to invite him over to her house.

And you said you weren't
there, but you were.

You were part of the killing.

- I had nothing to do with it.

- Is that what Devin's going to say?

Because he's in there playing

let's make a deal with the treasury agent.

He's really in trouble.

Once they find the files on
your computer, you will be too.

Unless you want to start talking now?

- You're loving this aren't you?

This is personal.

You hate me because I have a
man like Devin and you don't.

- I don't want a man like Devin

and has for hating you, yeah.

I hate the way you led me
around like a dog on the leash.

Documents, you fought to protect.

You wanted me to have them all along

an alibi on your answering machine.

Yeah, you played me for a fool.

But this time I won't have to bend

the rules to win the case.

What I hate you most for is

for making me feel
responsible for Marg's death.

- You are responsible.

- What?

What did you say?

- Shut up, shut up or
I swear I'll kill you.

You are to blame for Marg's death.

You had her spying on me.

- No.

- Don't lie to me.

I know, I found out.

You gave me no choice.

- You, why?

- I know, you do almost
anything to survive right?

Well you put me in the same position

and so did Angela.

- Susan, drop the knife and let her go.

- Back off or I swear I'll kill her.

- Now just take it easy, we will talk.

- There's nothing to talk about.

Devin and I are leaving and
Kirsten's coming with us.

- Drop the knife, no one's going anywhere.

- You're not taking me seriously.

- Okay, easy.

I'm going to put the gun away.

- You don't know how much

pressure I've been under, the stress

- Mark, get Devin.

I don't want to die.

- Bring him in.

- You're making me nervous, back off.

- Do it.

- Susan.

- We're leaving.

Let's go.

- You're not leaving.

You are not moving or this deal is over.

- What do you mean deal?

- He's turning state evidence.

- No, you're lying.

Devin, let's go now.

- On the road, no money,
no witness protection.

I don't think so.

- What's it going to be Devin?

It's over, Susan.

- Oh you son of a.

Get in here.

Yes sir.

- He killed Angela, I'll testify.

I'll testify, I'll testify.

- Get her out of here.

Take him away.

You all right?


- It's okay.

- Bag the knife.

It's probably still got
traces of Marg's blood on it.

Oh God.

- Let's get out of here.

- All parties, please rise.

Susan Elizabeth Grace.

For the single count of man
started in the first degree,

how do you plead?

- Guilty, your honor.

- And do you have anything
to say at this time?

- Yes, your honor.

I deeply regret the actions

I was forced by others to take.

I still have faith in the justice system,

despite this verdict today

that I had no choice but to accept.

- Thank you, Devin Michael Major,

to the single count manslaughter
in the first degree,

how do you plead?

- Guilty your honor,

and I to have something to say.

Nobody was forced into anything.

We were motivated by love and greed.

And two people died because of it.

Hopefully Susan, you'll realize
the truth of this one day.

- As per prior agreement,

you're both sentenced to serve

a minimum of 12 years incarceration.

Court adjourned.

- Good job.

- Thanks.

- Great job.

- Thank you so much, thank you.

Right this way please.

Watch your step.

Man one plea bargain.

Testimony and cooperation.

Better be worth it.

It will be.

And you'll get your pound of
flesh at Marg's murder trial.

- Ha, yeah, more fun and games.

- Listen, I've got a new theory.

- I'm listening.

- If there was a treasury agent

and a district attorney

who decided to go for dinner tonight.

- Yes?

- Well yes is a very good start.

Don't you think?