Criminal (2016) - full transcript

Bill Pope (Ryan Reynolds) is a CIA agent on a mission in London tracking down a shadowy hacker nicknamed "The Dutchman." When he gets mysteriously ambushed and killed, an experimental procedure is used to transfer his memories into dangerous convict Jericho Stewart (Kevin Costner). When he wakes up with the CIA agent's memories, his mission is to find The Dutchman and make the deal with him before the hacker launches ICBM's and starts World War III. But complications soon arise and the mission turns personal.

They messed with my brain.

Thought they knew
what they'd get.

But they were wrong.

They don't know me.

I don't know what happens next,
but this I do know.

You hurt me, I hurt you worse.

Excuse me.

Hi there.
My wife was in last week

and she ordered
a brown duffle in leather.

We were only able to locate
in black, sir.

Well, she'll be
very disappointed.


Okay, thank you very much.

- Hey, Jillie.
- No, Daddy, it's Emma.

I can't find my Elly.

Hey, baby, we'll find it.
Put Mommy on.

Mommy, it's Daddy.

- Hey, Billy.
- Hey, Jillie.

When are you coming home?

That depends really.
What are you wearing?


Same thing I always wear
when I pick up Emma from school.

That explains the good grades
she's been getting.

Hello? Billy?

Um, listen, I gotta go. I'm gonna call
you back a little bit later.

All right, baby.
Love you.

Hey! That's my bike!

So we lost him off the bridge,

but he has three options
at the roundabout.

Waterloo Road, Stamford Street,
and Waterloo Bridge.

He's been off the grid
for 20 minutes.

I want two by twos
out from the roundabout.

- Hey, Charlie, re-wreck every screen.
- Sir.

Found him.
Bank two.

Duffle's gone.
Money's gone.

- Time stamp?
- It's now.


- Where to, mate?
- Just drive.

Please, thank you.
Not too fast.

It's a black cab.

License number S-I-5-2-J-G-N.
I'm on him.





Can I borrow your mobile, mate?
20 quid extra.

- Borrow me phone?
- Yeah.

20 quid?
One call, yeah?

It's Billy.

They're all over him.

Get him to the cement factory
in Deptford. We used it before.

Get a laundry team rolling, now.

We're going to a cement factory.
Hornlink Way, Deptford docks.

I put it in your GPS,
so just follow that.

All right.

Road to destination
has been calculated.

The docks at Deptford.

Very romantic.

Turn left
at the next roundabout.

Move, move, move.

Outside cement factory, sir.

This isn't a cement factory.

This isn't a cement factory!

Hornlink Way, Deptford. I mean,
the GPS don't lie, mate.

Turn around.


- Do we have him?
- We got nothing, sir.

Nobody here.

Do a GPS on that phone number.

Find him now.

If you've never been
to a slaughterhouse,

you have to go.

To see what we do
to those poor animals.

They use this...

A picana.

Nasty way to push them
towards their doom.

Now where is our friend?


I respect your silence.

I really do.

The problem is,
I need the Dutchman.

Last chance.

Fuck you, psycho!

Left. Go, go, go, move.

Going silent.

Point established.
Just arrived on site, sir.

Check right. Check right.

North perimeter is clear.

Bravo, copy.

Go. Go. Go.


- Action required.
- We need a medic.

Confirmed: Agent Pope.

Perimeter secure.

Agent not responsive.
Repeat, agent not responsive.

Respiration negative.

Ready for defib.

- Charging paddles.
- Clear.


He's dead, sir.


Doctor, I'm so sorry, but this man says
he's with the government.

Dr. Franks, I have
one job at the moment,

which is to get you onto a A400 airbus
sitting on a tarmac at Dover ASAP.

Your memory program
is going live.

We have an officer down
and we need what only he knew.

You're going to retrieve it for us.

Does he have any brain activity?

That was taken a few hours ago.

I am five years
away from human trials.

You have 48 hours
to make this work.

National security threat,
highest level.

Can you or can you not
transfer memories

from a dead mammal
to a live one?


What do you need?

I'll need my equipment,
I'll need my staff,

I'll need a suitable,
uh, recipient.

D'you have any candidates?

Um, they're not gonna like him.

Just so wherever
you're taking him knows...

Jerico Stewart. He's in and out
of prison more than half his life.

He's got no impulse control,
no sense of proportion.

He's unable to calculate

the potential negative
consequences of his actions.

He has a total lack of empathy
for anybody or anything.


He feels nothing.
No hatred, no love.

It gets worse.

This is what was left of a gang member
who tried to recruit him.

Truth is, I have no way
to discipline him.

You can't punish someone who doesn't
know they did anything wrong.

He does not understand society

or how people are
supposed to behave.

Come on.

- Hey, Jerico.
- Come on.

These men are here to see you.

They're taking you out.

I haven't had my lunch.

That's right.
Get Jerico his lunch.

- Yeah.
- Send in the lunch.

That's right,
get Jerico his lunch.

Lunch in the hole.

Come on. Yeah.


All right, enough of this shit.
Lunch is over.

You're coming with us now.
Let's go.

I can't.

I got a chain around my neck.


You know you're gonna have
to use two of those.



You fuckers.

Oh, you fuckers.

Got him.

That's it.
Open the cell.


Chopper Gamma EMHG special,

you are clear for approach
on runway 2-2-Lima.

You better wake him up.

Give this to the doctor.

Any allergies, Jerico?

- What?
- Anything you're allergic to?

- Yeah, luck.
- Ha!

Good kind or the bad kind?

You tell me.

We're all set, doctor.

Any previous surgeries?


I don't need no surgery...

All right, hit him with 150 mg
of hydroxyzine.

- That's enough of this.
- 150. Yes, sir.

What are you doing to me?

You had an injury to your head.

You got hurt, right?
When you were young.

You remember how it happened?

Yeah. My mother...

told my Daddy that
he wasn't my daddy.

So he called her a whore
and threw me out the car window.

I'm gonna take care
of you, Jerico.

My next guest
is Xavier Heimdahl.

He's best known as the founder
of Stone Harp Industries,

makers of phone, computer
and communication systems.

Most recently, he was charged
with treason by the Spanish government.

Mr. Heimdahl, how would you respond
to these very serious allegations?

Well, if it's treasonous to call out
massive corruption at the highest levels

and to expose political murders...

Yes, then I'm guilty.

But your accusations were never actually
proven in a court of law.

Of course not.
How could they be?

The police, the judges and the courts

are all part of the world's
most powerful criminal enterprise.

So to clarify, you're calling for the
overthrow of the Spanish government.

No, no, no. I'm calling for
the overthrow of all governments.

Politicians, religious fanatics.

Brainwashing by corporations,

the corruption of the banking system...
Gone. Gone.

Washington, Berlin, Beijing
will be graveyards.

And only then
people will understand

there is a better way
to run this world.

And that's what you really want here,
worldwide revolution.

Governments must fall.

Got one.

Elsa Mueller.
Former German Special Forces.

One of Heimdahl's.

Guys, you gotta roll.
Jerico Stewart is now landing.

Is Billy still breathing?

Artificially breathing.

The machine's keeping his body
alive but he's gone.

You see those diodes?

They deliver a micro charge
to his frontal lobe.

Even though his brain
is clinically dead,

the charge fired the neurons
one last time

and lets us build a map
of the neuronal pattern.

And then you transfer it
to the other guy's head?

No, it's not a transfer.

Jerico Stewart was chosen because
he has frontal lobe syndrome,

trauma to the brain
when he was a child.

Incredibly rare.
One in 10 million.

His frontal lobe remains
in an undeveloped state.

A hotbed of neural stern cells.

We stimulate them with theta waves,
duplicating the pattern.

And you've made this work?

Subject rats can walk straight through
mazes they've never seen before.


What about human trials?

You're looking at it.

What happened
to the other... other guy?

Drilling commenced.

Recipient port
ready for insertion.

Fiber optic package
ready for insertion.

Theta waves activated.

Neural stem cell
stimulation commenced.

Testing theta.

Whoa, temperature is spiking.

We've got a bleed.
He's at 102... 104.

Put the cold packs on him
before he strokes out.

What's going on?

We're losing him.

We have to pull out the robotic arm
or he's going to die.

All right, we 're going to pull
the robotics, it's too much for him.

Hey! You pull nothing!

You carry on!

You think I give a shit if he dies?

Carry on!

He's stabilizing.

What are we gonna tell his wife?


As far as she's concerned,
Billy died two days ago.

It's not right.

Not when you come
from nothing, like Billy.

Like you.





Jerico, take it easy,
everything's fine.

- My head.
- I just gave you an injection.

It will take effect in a minute
and you will feel better.

You swear to God?

I do. You can trust me.

Okay, everybody out.

- No, no, there's a protocol...
- No, not you.

You stay.
Everybody else, come on.

Hey, hey. Look at me.

Look at me.
You know who I am?

My... my head's bad,
I need some kind of pill.

Yeah, no, I want
to give them to you.

But first, I need you
to remember.

- Remember what?
- What's your name?


- My name...
- Yeah, your name.

Your name is Bill Pope.

Why are you messing
with me, boss?

I'm sick, doc, I need some kind of shot.
I need something just...

Don't, don't look at him.
He can't help you.

Only you can help you.

Your name is Bill Pope.

You're an intelligence officer
with the CIA.


What the fuck...
What the fuck?

- Pay attention.
- What did you do to me?

- Pay... Pay attention, all right?
- What did you do to me?

Jan Strook.
Dutch programmer. Genius.

Selling trap doors to Heimdahl.

I need some water.

That's better. Now...

A few days ago,

The Dutchman dug a wormhole
in the deep web.

Will you stop this

and give me a moment with him?

The man has just had
major brain surgery

and he's not going to tell you anything
if you kill him.

Suddenly the Dutchman's got his finger
on the whole Command and Control.

He can fire missiles
anytime, anywhere?

But he's in way over his head.

So the Dutchman
calls you, Bill Pope.

And he needed protection,

offered to make
a deal with you, Bill Pope.

I need something, please.

Aspirin. I'm being good.

Christ, give him an aspirin.

Aspirin is not good for you,
but this will help.

Billy, we had orders to put a bullet
in the Dutchman's head.

- All right? But you forced the play...
- Oh, God...

because you thought
you could trust him.

You thought you could pay him off.

Billy, we did it your way.

You got him to the safe house.

Anything. Billy!

Where did you put him?
Where is the Dutchman right now?

That is all we need to know.

You were headed back to him

and you picked up the money.

You were going back
to close the deal! Remember!


I don't remember nothing, fucker.

You got me confused
with somebody else.

Try family.

Your daughter's name. Huh?

Come on, you remember.
What's her name?

Your wife, Jillian.

Jill, huh?

Come on, you dumb shit,

Something! Anything!

We have nothing,
absolutely fucking zero.

- The science is good.
- Oh, the science is shit!

Look at the fucking science!
How long you been working on this?

18 years.

We want a refund.

- Take out the trash.
- Yes, sir.

Guys, we're back to square one.

We start from the beginning.

Hey, Charlie, pull up
the Dutchman video.

- Yes, sir.
- What a fucking mess.

My name is Jan Strook.

My cybername is Dutchman.

I am now the sole administrator
of Vigilant Shield,

the Emergency Command
and Control system

for the United States military.

I can authorize and activate

any weapon system
in your arsenal

and I can override
any standing order.

I will sell Wormhole
back to you for asylum,

permanent passport,
guaranteed protection

- and $10 million.
- Turn it off.

All right, guys,
let's, uh, think about this.

There's Heimdahl,
and the safe house, here.

Luggage store is here.

So somewhere between these two
points is the Dutchman, right?

Okay, where?

Hotel, youth hostel,
we'd know about.

Homeless shelter,
we've already checked.

So where the hell is he?

You're not listening to me.

- Hello?
- Uh, Bill Pope, please.

Who's this?

Uh, old friend. Jan Strook.

Is he there?


My husband's dead.

Hello? Hello?


Can I have a minute, fellas?

Open your mouth.

It's a vessel dilator.

It will increase the blood circulation

and relieve the pressure
inside your head.

Thanks, doc.

They gonna release me now?

You take care of yourself.


Oh, fuck.

You all right?

One of those.
I want that.


Hey, number 11, order up.

Hey, hey, hey. Hey!

Go on.

You're funny.

It's not worth
the kerfuffle, man.

Who is this guy?

What's wrong with your face?

- United, all right!
- Oi, yeah!

- I'm taking your van.
- What?

What did you say?

I said I'm taking your van.

Hey, this nob says
he's taking our van.

What? That's bang
out of order!

That's out of order, mate.
Now fuck off.

Go on, jog on.


What the fuck is going on here?

What the fuck is that?

What the fuck?

- My leg! You fuck!
- Martin!

You fucking cunt!

Who is this guy, huh?

My head's cold.

- The essential mix.
- Bloody new.

It's the hottest
deep house around the world.

Now, over on BBC Radio 1xtra...

The number one DJ, the legend...

DJ Solomun.

Oh, God.


No! No! No!

Where's the money, Jill?

No, the big bag full of money.

- Billy's bag.
- I don't know.


Don't make me hurt you.

Please, you can take
whatever you want.

Yeah, no shit.

You changed the PIN.

The PIN code, 6969.

Yeah... I know stuff.

Silent alarm at the Pope house.

Security code, please.


Emma must have hit the button again,
guys. Sorry, Ruiza.

- It's okay.
- Where were you?

- Who's there?
- It's okay.

Mommy's here.
Mommy's here.

There's someone in the house!

My name is Jan.
Jan Strook.

My cybername is Dutchman.

I am now the sole administrator
for Vigilant Shield,

the Emergency Command and Control
System for the United States.

I brought you in,
I made you my partner.

I treated you like my son.

And you betrayed me.

I am seeking to turn this control
over to a responsible party.

The Americans have fucked me
and now want to kill me.

I'm going to hunt you down

and rip out your fucking heart!
You understand?

The anarchist Heimdahl
is hunting me and I,

I can't let that crazy motherfucker
get it because I am not crazy.


Please, come back.

Come back home.
To the cause.

I ask for asylum
in the Russian Federation.

A permanent passport.

I want a better deal
than Snowden got.

I need guaranteed
protection and $10 million.

It's not about the money,
it's about my freedom.

I will demonstrate my control
over Vigilant Shield

today at 6:00 p.m.

Jillian called the police.

They put out a description
of the intruder.

It matches Jerico.

She told them
he knew personal details.

PIN number, house security code.

You're shitting me.

I talked to him.
He recognized my voice.

He knew my name.

That's fucked up.

The lab work came back
from forensic

and it confirmed that the two passengers
in the vehicle

were officers
Pfeffer and Butler.

But the third passenger
in the car was not Jerico.

Well, we gotta find him.

All right, what we got?

We got trash for cash.



Let's go.

I'm hungry.

Yeah, thanks.

Hi. Can I have those,
and I'll have a vanilla coffee...

- Bonjour, Francoise.
- Bonjour.

What'd I just say?

Pamplemousse, grapefruit.

Boule, sweet roll, and coffee.

I'm speaking Spanish, motherfucker.

It's French...


I don't think we met.


- Anybody else?
- Did you see that?

Anybody else?

Oh. Good.

Who punches someone
in a patisserie? You animal!

Anybody else?

Want to talk about it
over a motherfucking latte?

I think he broke my nose.
Oh, my God. It hurts.


Are you all right?

No, I'm not all right!


Hey, you got any, uh,
George Orwell books here?

There's a queue, sir,
if you wouldn't mind.

That's right. And I'm at the front
of it, sugar puss.

Maybe you can tell me
where this Orwell guy is.

- 4th floor. Section 41.
- 4th floor.

4th floor. 4th floor.


This ain't right.

Where's the bag, Billy?
Where's the bag?

Oh, God.

Guys, someone's logged in as Billy.

That must be Jerico.

Christ, block it!
Shut it down!

No, leave him in there.
I want to see what he's looking for.

I can't get in the account.
He's locked us out.

What's the access point?

A terminal.
London public library.

- It's this one.
- It's this one.

Okay... um...

Looks like he accessed
our phone tracking software.

Dr. Franks.

- Hello?
- It's Quaker.

Jerico's on his way to you.

We have your location.
Do not hang up.

Do you understand me?
Do not hang up!

I understand.

What's up, doc?

I need more of those pills, all right?

Because without them,
when I remember Bill Pope stuff,

it's like my head's being crushed

from the fucking inside!

- You remember?
- Do I remember?

My fucking skull's splitting apart,
and so is yours gonna be

unless you figure out
how to help me.

Yeah, of course.
Yes, yes, of course.

Well, where to?

Where to?
I'm not hearing anything.

- A pharmacy. D-down the road.
- Good.

Let's go.

Hello, Dr. Franks.


Hey. Hey. Faster the fuck up.

That was mean, I'm sorry.

You hear that?
I'm not sorry.

That's Billy talking, not me.
This guy's fucking up my game.

Billy Pope's personality
is affecting your behavior. Goddamn.

I don't know about Billy, all right?
I don't know about that shit.

All I know is that I'm living this.

I can do stuff.
It was you, all right?

You're the one that put stuff
in my head. I tracked you down.

You have skill sets?

That's right. I do math now.
I talk languages.

I go where I want,
I do what I want.

Everything's different.
I'm brand-new.

Are these memories

I don't know. It's kicked off
by shit I see, smells.

You know, sometimes stuff
just blurts out.

Please, I just need one of those pills.

- Okay. Okay.
- All right. All I need is...

All I need is one pill.

You're recalling Billy Pope's
automatic responses to sensory stimulus.

Cognitive sense, touch, smell.

- What about emotions?
- Yeah.

I met his wife and kid.

- And?
- And there was...

There was something.

What do you mean, "something"?

People always told me that I didn't have
feelings about this or that.

I didn't know what they were
talking about until...

I can't.
How do you do this?

It's child-proof.


What about now?

Now it's messing me up.

Or making you better.
It's called emotions.

Well, whatever they are,
I got no use for them.

Not much meaning
in life without them.

Yeah, well.
Thanks for the pills, doc.

I need to run some tests on you

before the re-patterning
starts to fade.

Starts to fade?

How much, uh, time... I got?

48 hours. I don't know.

Maybe there's a way
to make it last longer.

Well, then I better boogie,
right, doc?

Got shit to do.
Money to find.

- Money?
- Yeah. Big bag full of money.

What are you gonna do with money
when you find it?

I don't know.

I might buy a house,
you know. Get a TV.

Go on vacation
like other people, right?

Of course.

Here. Take what I owe you.

- On the house.
- Cheers.

Cheers. Who the fuck
says "cheers"?


You still owe Billy £20 on Arsenal.

Guess it's only fair
you pay me, right?

All right, that's enough!

You remember everything, right?

Where's the Dutchman?

I don't know. But I remember
Mike's busted-up ankle.

I don't know what your men do,

I don't know how they do it,
but you have got to stop hitting him,

especially in the head.

I get the point.
But he's coming over here.

So who am I dealing with in there?

Is it Bill Pope?

No, he's Jerico. But he's influenced
by Billy Pope's memories,

skill sets, routines.

- Routines?
- Yeah, routines.

Most of what we do in life
is reduced to subconscious routine.

It's these things that have made
the leap from Bill Pope into Jerico.

He mentioned money, a bag of it.

It's driving him.
Offer him that money,

he'll give you anything you want.

Take him to the last place
you had the Dutchman,

trigger Billy Pope's memories,
and follow the trail.

Source in Lubyanka Square
just forwarded this to us.

The Dutchman is trying
to make a deal with the Russians.

Says he's gonna
give them proof today at 6:00 P.M.

Did you hear that?
We're fucked.

Because you wanted a psychopath
instead of a hero from Seal Team Six.

The ransom money in the bag.

You take us to the Dutchman,
it's yours.

Do we have a deal?

Do we have a deal?

That. That.

Yeah. The beach.

I want that too.
I want to go there.


Okay, you can go to the beach.

Now, do we have a deal?


- Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
- Get your hands off him!

Stand down!

Only you can put out this fire.

The Dutchman.

Where is he?
And the money's yours.

The money's mine?

All of it.

I want to go there.

And the picture. Yeah.

Which way, Jerico?


Sir, the facial recognition system
just picked up a red notice.

Pull over! Pull over!

Put the convict on ice
and send him home.

- That's it?
- The Dutchman's been flagged

at London City airport.

MI-5 are covering him.

We're heading over.

Hey! Hey!

Hey, my money.

Hey! What about my money?

Elsa, he's yours now.

I need him alive.

I'm afraid it's not your man.

I'm hit!

Give me the gun!

Don't shoot him!

Sir, we ordered a dive team
to search for Jerico's body.

What a fucking mess.

The Russians cannot be
allowed to make the buy.

Blanket their embassy.

Anything in, anything out
gets covered.

- Clear?
- Yes, sir.

And that fucker Heimdahl's been
up our asses from the start.

I want new passcodes,
new firewalls.

- Switch to military channels, got it?
- Yes, sir.

Gunfire broke out
earlier today on the Connaught Bridge,

with five confirmed fatalities
and numerous seriously injured.

Authorities continue to search
for missing bodies in the river Thames.

I'm really sorry that I lost him.
Maybe if I...

If, if, if, if!

If you had kept closer tabs
on the Dutchman,

maybe we'd already
have the Wormhole!

I must say I'm not that happy
at the moment, Elsa.

- Do you want me to leave?
- No.

I apologize.


We need to find Jerico.

Mommy, can I watch TV?

Sure, baby.
Of course.

What are you doing
in my basement?

What is all this?

That belongs to Emma.

Did you work with Billy?

I don't think anyone like him

ever would've worked
with somebody like me.

They stuck Billy in my head.

I got a scar. See?

All the stuff that he knew,
all the stuff that he could do,

I got it all scrambled up
inside me.

That's impossible.

First car you two ever bought,
used... used Rover.

It smelled like fish and chips.

Bum clutch blew the first week.

Cost you 1,100 quid
to get it fixed.

I told you.
They stuck his brain in me.

- That's enough.
- Mom?

Mom, where are you?
I'm hungry.

Just a second, baby.

Sunday night.
Chicken and waffles.

You do the chicken,
I do the waffles.

I know that she likes
the syrup on the bottom only.

I get pieces.

Things pop up.

Different places, I...
I see things.

Don't ask me how they did it,
but they...

...they did it.


Oh, God.

They're looking for details about where
your husband stashed a guy

before he was killed.

Now, go feed your kid.
I'll finish here and...

I'll finish here and get out.

Leave you alone.


Billy could never hurt you, Jill,
so neither can I.

Hot bird in tube 4, sir.

- That's not possible.
- Guidance system's a go!

- Tracking system's a go!
- Shut it down!

I can't!
We're locked out, sir!

Missile away! Repeat!
Missile away!

Punch in the self-destruct code
before the fish can arm itself!

Alpha 30, echo 40, Bravo Hotel.

It's not responding.

We're good.
No nuke flash. We're good.

Jesus fucking Christ.

We didn't
terminate that missile, sir.

Did you know I lost my Daddy?


He gave me Elly.
For my birthday.

If we don't go deeper,
his trunk's gonna stick out.

Go deeper.

Did you hurt yourself?


Emma, come here, please.

No, Mommy.
We're burying my Elly.

Come here.

He said he was a friend of Daddy's.

Leave. Please.

Can he stay for dinner?
He's nice.

Emma, go inside.

I'll do the waffles,
then I'll go.

- Come and play.
- What?

Come and play.

I don't know how.

I'll teach you.

I don't know if this is
such a good idea.

It's fine. Come on.

Come on.

So you just put
your hands like this.

Put your hand there.

And then you go...

It's okay.

That's right.
And then you go again.

Okay, Emma. It's late.

It's time to go to bed.

Yes, Mommy.
Good night, Jerico.

- Good night, Mommy.
- Good night, baby.

Who are you?

I don't know.

Most of my life, a number.

My brain don't always work right.

I haven't always acted right.

Having your man
in my head made me...

...made me feel things.
Know things.

Right. Wrong.

I guess it don't matter.

Doc says it's all going away
pretty soon.

Can you feel what Billy felt?

Can you?

There was this funny thing
Billy used to do.

This is too much.

That was our signal
that he loves me.

I, uh...

I know... I know...

I know what that "love" word's
supposed to mean, but I...

I never...

Our wedding day.

Do you remember?


The beach.

- First time I handed you Emma?
- Yeah...

You were so happy.

Yeah. I have...

I feel it.

I feel it. Yeah, I...

He loves you... so much.

Where will you go now?

I don't know, wherever he...
wherever he takes me.

Then stay here.

You can stay on the couch.

It won't be the first time
on that couch.

Our top story, a mystery missile

that was launched
off the coast of Portugal.

The question is,
where'd this missile come from?

Our adversaries
are getting more sophisticated.

Good morning.
Got you some fresh coffee.


Don't worry about it.
It's okay.

...where this missile came from,

we won't know who will be held

This is now the smoking gun.
We have radar analysis...

You work at the university.

There's a cage in the library, right?

A bookcase with a key.

Yeah, the rare book collection.

Billy and I used to go there

- Why? Does this have something...?
- Yes.



I'll need a car.

And the key for the books.

Sure. Yeah.

We're gonna have money, Jill.

Lots of it.

I wish I could keep being him.

Come upstairs, please!


Come. We need to take a shower.

- Did you lock the door downstairs?
- Yeah.

Where is Jerico?

Georgie Orwell.



You're the guy who killed me.

Good memory.


You hurt me.
I hurt you worse.

I respect your creed.

Mm, good.

Over there.

Sir, I have something.

Russian FSB operative.

What's he doing arriving
on a fishing boat in Dagenham?

The Russians
aren't stupid enough

to try making a move
from their own embassy.

They're bringing in a grab team
to pick up the Dutchman.

Get me in the air now!

He'll be on the A11,
headed right toward us.

We follow the Russians.
They'll lead us to the Dutchman.

I don't particularly
like children.

They never live up to their hype.

Jerico, help! Please!

Get in there.

Stop! Stop! Please!


No more violence.
No more violence.

Get him up.

Take me to the Dutchman.

He's in there.

Give me thermals.

The Russian grab team
is in the truck.

We follow.
Do not engage.

All units, we are
in ghost surveillance.

- Do not approach.
- Copy that.

At the university.

Do not approach until
we see the Dutchman.

All units, do not approach.

- Copy that. Stand down.
- Roger that.

Let's go.

Sniper team.
What's your position?

Sniper team on the move.

Sir, we have a visual
on Heimdahl and Jerico.

- Move in! Move in!
- All units, move in.

Take out the Russian team.
We need Jerico alive.

Your wife and kid just died.

Get this thing on the ground.

No, your guy's not over there.
They don't have him.

- What do you mean?
- I just said it.

They don't have him.
All right? I just told you.

You tell the psycho.
He's up there, all right?

He's not over there.
They don't have him.

I'll go. Get to the airfield.
You need to get out of here.

Get the Dutchman.
See you there.

Where are we going?

Through here.

Jillian's office.

Where is he?

In the corner office.
See him?

Get out.

- Don't kill me.
- Shut up.

You don't know me, all right?
But I know you.

You and Pope made a deal.

He's dead,
but he's making it good.

That's your money.

That's your passport.

- The passport.
- The Wormhole. Where is it?

It's in my computer.

- Set it up.
- No problem.

You do exactly
what I tell you to do,

maybe you'll live to spend
all this money.

You're a fucking genius.

This is some good
crazy shit right here.

Live by the sword,
die by the sword.



- Give me the flash drive.
- I'll give you anything you want.

- Come on. Don't make me wait.
- Yeah. Here.

- Flash drive.
- Thank you.


Fuck you...

- Fuck you, bitch!
- Painful?

Giving Heimdahl Vigilant Shield
is fucking crazy!

- Elsa?
- I got it.

I'm on my way. The Dutchman
and Jerico are dead.

Good girl.
I'm waiting for you.



Fuck you.

You need an ambulance, sir.
Just wait over here.

I'll send the paramedic
over to you immediately.

- Can I get paramedics?
- Okay.

Who is that?

She's dead.

Yeah. Here.

Take the computer.
Have it scanned.

Stolen ambulance right outside.
Wounded man took it.

Fits the description of Jerico.

- Jerico's got it.
- On our way.

Somebody get me a track
on that ambulance.


Does this sound
like Elsa to you, motherfucker?

- Where is she?
- I beat your girlfriend up.

She's dead.
Fuck her, all right?

I got what you want.

So here's what's gonna happen.

Are you dictating terms to me?

That's right, psycho.

Get the little girl.

I'm sending you directions.

- You come here...
- No, no, no.

...and deliver me that flash drive.

Or they die.
Say something.

Jerico, help, he's taking me.

- He's gonna do something.
- Hey.

His little one first...

so her Mommy can watch.

Do you understand?

I'm gonna fuck you up.

I'm gonna fuck you up!

Jerico! Jerico!

Do not give him the flash drive.

Do you understand me?
He will scorch the earth.

You copy?

I got this figured out.

Jerico, you have nothing figured.

You only have
half a fucking brain.

You are not Bill Pope.

He has a gun to her head,
asshole, all right?

He has a gun to the... to the baby.

What's her name?
I can't remember her name.

Her name is Emma!

Patch in the ambulance radio.

We're on. He can hear you.

Jerico, it's Dr. Franks.

I think I can freeze
what's left of the implant, Jerico.

You can be normal.

But we have to do this now,
before it's gone.

You turn around,
come back here and see me.

What about Jillian?

There's too many lives
at stake, Jerico.

We're all gonna die.

Leave them.
They don't matter.

They do to me.

Little closer.


Officers down! Officers down!

Medical units en route.
We have casualties.

He's getting close,
so let's get ready.



He's got Emma.

Put it down.

Put it down!

Give me the flash drive.

Emma, run!

What are the coordinates down there?

I have a... little souvenir
for them.

- Quaker!
- Copy!

Heimdahl just fired one of our cruise
missiles 60 miles north of you.

Evacuate the area.
Get out of there!

Hey! Do you have any idea
what you've done? Yeah?

You killed us all,
you fucking asshole!

Hey! What are you doing?
He just got shot, for God's sake!

Get back!
Get her out of here!

Get her out of here!

Ah, you worry too much.

I made...
I made that guy fix it.

- Who?
- I can't remember his name.

- Jan Strook?
- No.

The Dutchman?
The Dutchman?

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, the Dutchman.
He fixed it.

- Fixed what?
- He...

Jerico! Jerico, what did
the Dutchman fix?

Heimdahl's first shot.

Whatever it was, wherever
he tried to send it... comes back for him.

I told that motherfucker...

You hurt me, I hurt you worse.

Fuck me.

My head's cold.

I'm cold.

Are you sure about this?

He hasn't been responding.

Maybe this will trigger something.

If he remembers anything,
he remembers it all

and Bill Pope is here to stay.

You might not remember me,

but I know you.

It's unbelievable.
He remembers.

You gonna release him now,
turn him loose?

I'm gonna offer him a job.