Crime Thief (1969) - full transcript

Jean (Trintignant), a psychopath, casually witnesses a young woman's suicide. In his sick mind, he begins to be convinced he murdered her and starts sending letters to newspapers with details of his "murder", which eventually lead to the police actually searching for him. As he is about to be caught, he meets a young woman Florinda (Bolkan) and the idea of a real crime begins to shatter his disturbed mind.

Crime thief

Hi. Yes, i'm fine.

I took sleep pills at 5 am because i couldn't sleep.

Who? This is funny.

What do you do this week-end?

You know, me and the country....


What time is it?

I'll call you on monday. I'm late. I'm in a hurry. Bye.

The mysterious murder of the black leader M.L.King.

She's beautiful.... but she is a messy eater.

Nonetheless, i would fuck her.

I mean i would agree on it.

What a flop !

- You know her? - Absolutly not.

- How are you? - I've just seen something unbelievable.

- You didn't sleep home tonight? -No, i spent the night with Paul.

What a fun we had ! He's really great !

- He's an asshole. - A total asshole !

- You have the money? - Oh yes.

- You're looking good. - Yes, it may be useful.

See my children.

How horrible !

Here you are finally. I've been waiting for you all night, mr guieff.

You did well, Loulou, the night is starting.

By chance, i've just witnessed a suicide.

I thought i was an eagle, and i'm not even a crow.

- I'm going this way, bye. - Good-bye.

- You know where you're going? - What?

Where are you going? Come with me, if you like.

- What's the unbelievable thing you have seen? - Nothing.

Could you lend me your brother's room?

- You had a row with your wife? - Not at all.

Miss , i'm lending my brother's room to a friend.

- For long? - I don't know.

- Can i come here when i want? - You can live in here, if you want.

No, only occasionally.

Can these be taken away? I can't stand useless things.

- What are you doing here? - You see, i'm tidyng up.

So, we're leaving you. You come?

We're waiting for you downstairs.


i'v witnessed

a murder.

To Mr the chief redactor of France-Soir,

Mr, today i've killed

i've killed for no reason.

I had never seen this woman before.

She's the one who accosted me, and invited me for a stroll.

She's the one who provoked me.

I've committed a gratuitous crime.

Maybe, i'll do it again.


Until today, i've been a lonely being.

I was second-rate.

Yet, i have an important function in society.

I'm a notary .

(I go to the desert with the blue men.) You all saw me

on TV.

You read my name on the books i write.

Some of you attended my conferences.

(Yes, what i do is to protest against myself.

just like in Cuba, without consumer society...)

I'm going to give you a helpful clue :

Next season, in Paris,

there's going to be a play by me

at a, i won't tell more.

at a parisian theatre.

I am a known, esteemed personality.

Be careful ! Hands off !

-You don't know who i am ! - Who do you think you are?

Leave me alone ! Are you crazy?

What's going on?

I care nothing for your respect.

I don't want of your humility.

I can't stand your servility anymore.

All of you are slaves.

Judge, you're a nigger.

Emperor, old scratch-head, you're a nigger.

- Daddy. - Sleep.

No, i'm not Rimbaud.

Yes, i have killed.

I have killed for no reason.

You come home late.

I had never seen this woman before.

She accosted me after she regognized who i was.

Flattered to see i thought she was beautiful,

she led me in her car for a ride.

I did nothing with her.

I tied her up to her chair, like in a game.

I remember that she was waiting for something.

She was laughing.

I pushed the car.

A crashing car is beautiful. Beautiful !

But can you understand?

Thank you, Mr policeman.

Jean ! I ordered a cake.

- What? - For the youngest's birthday.

He'll be 2 tomorrow. Why not celebrate today, it's sunday.

Already 2. Do you realize?

- How old will he go to school? - Let's not be in a hurry.

Nice baby.

We'll make him blow out the candles.

- It's a pity, i can't be present. - Where will you be?

I forgot to tell you the boss invited us to diner tonight.

Because of the baby, i said i 'd come alone.

I could have sorted it out, could'nt i? Don't move.

I wonder how many sundays there are in one's life.

As many as weeks.

Hopefully, we have sundays.

A young woman killed at the wheel of her car.

I'd like to speak to Mr Ledieu please.

Mr Girod won't be able to come to work for a few days.

He felt a little sick.

Thank you, Miss.

Private life of the young woman killed investigated by police.

What were your links to the casualty?

I'm sorry i can't answer to you. I don't have the right.

I don't want to spoil this woman's memory.

What a lot of papers everywhere !

- What do you want? - I am here to sweep up.

- It's useless. - I don't agree.

I forbid you to. I don't want anybody in my room.

Mr Christian's brother didn't mind a little sweeping now and then.

He was less proud than you.

- Get out, Ms. Jean, did you see Christian?

Precisely, I'v heard he was at the Lutece.

Would you like to come with me?

I live around here for now. Just above your place.

- And before. - and there.

- I'm not from here. - One wouldn't guess.

I like your smile. You were looking angry just then.

- Did the landlady bother you? - No.

Do you know Tiane for long?

3 or 4 weeks. He's nice, isn't he?

- And before that? - I was seeing with a very rich man.

- One day i left him or rather had him - Why?

He had weird thoughts.

Suit ! Do we stop?

You owe me 3.3 millions +4, that makes 7.3 .

I sign you a receipt, or i give you a 7.3 millions worth painting.

- You have a painting of that price? - It's worth 7.5 , but i give it to you.

- You owe me 200.000 francs. - Who has set the price? - Me !

Ok then, that's fine.

A 200.000 receipt. - Hi.

I give you back the 1000 francs i took you last night.

- Is it the bill you took? - Of course not, i spent the other one.

It' the one you stole while i was asleep. I don't want it.

I'll try to get it back.

The weir murder. Police is on the tail of the self-accusing murderer.

He, may i?

Private life of the victim sifted through by the detectives who think

....that it might be a close friend work.

The letter sent to the police is one of a crazy person.

The Lucien Leger case starts again said Professor Desachon.

- Genet did it. - No, the letter is published. Genet is a better writer.

I think his writing is beautiful.

How marvelous ! Not only does he kill, he's arrogant too !

- You really think he's marvelous? - I love this kind of guy.

She's wacky! What would you tell the guy if you met him?

He's gonna get caught if he keeps on sending letters.

Why should he be caught if he writes to newspapers?

Anyway, it's funny to kill this way. Do we go?

- The perfect crime. - He writes to the Press.

And he'll write tomorrow and the day after. Look at him !

If he killed for no reason, he'll never be caught.

No one knows. He may lie.

He's having a good laugh now. He 's wandering.

- Christian says he did it. - Tian is crazy but reponsible .

- Maybe , it's you? - Me? - Yes, you. - Why not?

I said it just like that. Florinda shouldn't have repeated it.

I like Jean. He's not a nuisance.

So you're used to receiving such pepople at home?

You must have a lot of money ! Is portrait painting a good business?

Sometimes. Good enough, apparently.

In 1965, you painted only 4 portraits. Don't you have other incomes?

- When i'm broke, i paint apartments.- Apartments?

I see. Noone has ever bought any of your abstract paintings.

Why? Are you interested?

No, i've never seen a trial. Why do you ask me?

Just to talk..

- What a bastard this guy is ! - He's mad...

( Now our contest sponsored by Pirelli : safety at high speeed;

smoothness . Pirelli , the modern tyre. Ready to note?

Let's start ! How long can you eat a lollypop without crunching it?)

Can you go to the hospital after your work?

( How many lollipops can you eat between Paris and Deauville

at 100 km/h? The contest is over. See you tomorrow Mrs.)

A student has come over .

He said you were interested in English lessons.

I told him it was a mistake.

- Did you read the newspaper? - I have no time for it, you know.

I 'll let others fall for their lies.

The sewing-related seller is a gold-digger; the baker's wife

deceives her husband on the sly of her mother. Papers tell stories.

- Who the hell do you trust ? - You, honey.

I know what poverty is, what solitude is.

I lied to you : i'm not a famous writer. I am nothing.

Police on a new track : his writing casts light on the sadist's identity.

I was nothing.

I've been scorned, despised, misunderstood.

Doors were closed on me.

- Don't touch me ! - Do we call the police?

In 15 min, the weir murderer will kill again at the Kef swimming pool.

- What are we here for? - Don't know. You wanted to come.

- You wish you knew. - Just tell me if you like.

I know the murderer. I know him very well.

- I know as much as you do about this writing guy. -Really?

You really think so?

Then, why don't you have him arrested?

- It doesnt suit me. - Why? - I don't enjoy it.

If i don't squeal on him, this man belongs to me.

If he's yours i envy you. He's a remarkable being.

They're afraid.

This fear justifies what he has done.

How amusing it must be to lead someone to death , quietly.

You must see it all in the eyes.

The beginning of the doubt. Then fear, real fear.

- Then death. - What if you really were him...


- What's going on, mr policeman? - Move along.

Is is an accident? Someone got drowned?

You're searching in vain. You won't find me.

Just now, a policeman gave me a light.

I thought i could get him a promotion.

Then i changed my mind. I enjoy seeing you worried.

You can't recognize me. I look like everybody too much.

But your identikits are getting better.

Only one thing makes me different, a huge thing : a murder !

But all the people i know pass by quietly. With no

sign on my face, you won't find me - Unless i want it.

I've just read the paper.

- This guy has a hell of a nerve. - And he's still free !

- We're no more safe. - Unbelievable !

I'm fascinated. I think he's great !

That's because you're romantic, miss.

I felt immediatly uneasy at his sight. I knew he was filthy and cheap.

He looked at me contemptuously. - So what?

- Miss told you to leave without her. - Make up your mind !

May i offer you a drink, miss?

- Is she crazy? - Oh, women !

- You have nerve. You've been great. - They all annoy me. All the same.

I don't think you defended this man only to be contrary.

What about you ? Why do you defend him ?

Because he's on his own !

Because he chose the hardest way .

Yes , but he's a murderer, isn't he?

He was right to kill !

Just now, you were fascinated by him.

- He's a murderer ! - So what ?!

- Perhaps, you'd have killed too ? - No, not i, even in self-defence.

Then, why did you defend him?

I like his letters.

Police is stalking the weir sadist.

I wish this letter doesn't disappoint my lovely fan.

I advice the owner to call his pub :

"At the Murderers Rendez-vous". See you, Mrs.

This guy has nerve ! I hope he won't go back to this pub.

- He'll be back, for sure ! - Why should he?

- Because he's a slick sick. - Slick sick? - Well, a sick slick.

- You and your odd ideas. - Right, i'm not normal .

Exactly 95 seconds from the police station.

- So that's where we come? - Yes it is. Not bad?- Not bad.

- Do we have a drink? - Why not? - So, it's 1 min away

from the nearest police station? - Yes but at a brisk pace .

- What about their cars? - Wait for them to start 'em up, first !

How much?

- You got any money? - No, but we'll pay another time.

Yes, write it down on the board.

Do you think he's calling the police?

This dude is totally whacko !

He looks funny, doesn't he?

- You know him? - No, do you? - No.

Would you have a drink? It's on the house.

71, 72, 73 , 74 , 75

76, 77 , 78 , 79 , 80 !

84, 85, 86 , Good-bye, waiter .

The monster is surrounded by the police.

You're playing the peeping Tom now?

Come on in.

Do you want some coffee, Jean? And you, Tiane?

My shirt suits you very well.

Don't you think it suits him well?

- He doesn't like you. - Is that true?

- Don't you like her? - Yes,yes.

She told me she likes you a lot.

She does not know me.

She doesn't know who i am.

Teach her.

I could show her i'm different from what she thinks i am.

- Different? - Show her then.

- I said i could. - Isn't she beautiful?


- One token, please. - 50cents mr. It's direct - Thanks.

Radio Europe1. This a voice mail. Talk to leave your message.

I am the weir murderer.

Tell Mr Herbert not to write about me anymore.

I won't bear the contempt of a lowly journalist for long.

Does he know who he's talking about?

Besides, my arrogance really deserves the headlines.

Good luck, Mrs. Greetings from the murderer.

- Are you busy? - No, have a seat.

- I like her when she's asleep. - She got on your nerves. - When?

when you wimped out.

- I don't remember. - You ' re lying.

- I seldom do. Why do you say that?

Just to talk.

I had an idea for a novel last night.

- Do you write? - Yes.

I want to make it. I want to make money.

Money.... It comes... It goes....

- What are you working on? - Nothing.

On the weir killer, from Identikits.

- So? - Do you sell it?

I never sell. Besides, to who? I know nobody.

I 'll be published. I 'll be rich and famous. People will recognize me.

- Would you like it? - Why don't you mind your business?

He's right.

- The murder has been arrested. - How?

He had today's letter in his pocket.

- What about the evidence? - His writing , of course.

He denies, of course.

He said someone slipped it in his pocket on the sly.

You see what i mean...

The guy is nabbed. Funny, isn't it?

You don't look surprised?

- You didn't expect it, did you? - No, i didn't.

I'm disappointed. He had to make a mistake.

You've just made a miscarriage of justice.

Why do you say this only now?

Because i wanted to demonstrate that such mistakes

are still possible in a criminal court.

So, who's the murderer, according to you?

A certain..... Guieff !

- Where does he live? - In Paris.

- Can you be more precise? - Don't you think it's enough? !

I've just proved what a mistake you made.

I give you the killer's name. What else do you want?

Couldn't Justice do its duty, for once?

Your office called.

They worry about your health.

You can explain to me, can't you?

- Explain what? - What! I've just learned that you

haven't shown up at your work for eight days.

Where do you spend your time?

I think i can feel surprised about it.

-I have the right to ask you. - Yes, you have the right...

There's a woman, isn't there? I should have guessed already

when you defended this adventuress, in front of my mother !

Now, i must look smart in the neighbourhood !

I really wonder what you're doing with her !

( Have a look at my nice French beans! )

My change !

- We need a discussion. - What about? - It'd be too easy.

Be sure i'll defend myself !

- I saw my sister the other day. - She's back from the usa?

- No, the one who's a hooker. - Oh really ? !

She seemed sad. I wonder if she's as bored as i am.

Don't switch subject. It's no use.

- What's wrong? - I'm sorry. - What are you talking about?

I'm so bored.

I'm so bored.

I don't understand.

I thought i knew him. We were so happy.

- I don't understand. - Did you meet his friends often?

- No, i hardly knew them. - And the victim?- No.

Did he seem weird to you lately?

I told you : i didn't understand. Leave my wife alone, please.

May God help and protect her like i wish i had done myself.

The weir case : towards a dismiss.

So you want war. You wish public opinion to forget me.

I won't stand it.

Since you have decided to snub me ,

I will do it again.

Yet, it hurts me to kill.

I don't like death.

When i see the others, a deadly cold overwhelms me.

I killed with no mercy. I regret nothing.

Thanks to this crime, i'm no more like them.

Now i know i'll never be myself again.

Or... i was born... 6 days ago.

A murderer cannot be a loser.

I didn't kill a human being; i killed a principle.

I'm not sick. The wold is.

You think i'm crazy !

I praise myself for it !

Yes, i'll do it again !

Now, my conscience is beyond the moral taboos

that rule the others... The ones who obey.

You're afraid to lose... to lose your comfort

your definite settled ideas, your wife, your job,

your connections, your distance.

I could feel her heart beating faster.

Her fear was mine.

She was so weak suddenly. She knew that she was mine.

We were partners in her own murder.

What's essential to me is that you believe in me.

What do you want from me ?

Stop ! Stop him !

Here Madame. What should we do with him?

He's been following me for one hour. I didn't know why.

- Let's take him to the police station. - That's all he deserves.

- I could beat him up ! - What an unusual robber!

He doesn't even look worried ! - He's sick ! I broke tougher ones.

You really want to go to the police station?

- Yes i think we'd better go. - I'm sure he never was in the army !

Make up your mind. Will you press charges against him?

- Why didn't you press charges? - Don't know.

I didn't understand. I can't explain.

What are you doing here?

- Shouldn't you be at school today? - Yes. - So, why aren't you there?

- Do your parents know you're here? - No - What school do you go?

- What school ?!! - Why? - Because i'm a school inspector.

- What's your name? - Antoine.

Come with me.

Watch out ! Don't play with me !

I'm not a kid !

You have a knife?

You've stolen it !

- Where would you like to go? - To the movies.

- Wouldn't you like some speed driving in the country?

Did you steal it for real?

One vanilla ice cream, please.

- Are you famous and rich, finally ? - Come in.

Is it a gift from your publisher?

- Did you see Tiane? - I was at his house.

He was not there.

- Would you like to go for real? - Where to?

- I don't know. Anywhere. - You have ideas?


- Can you drive? - Not at all. Will you teach me?

Contact. Starter.

I don't like the women who take the initiative.

What kind of woman do you like?

I 'd like your kind enough.... if you were tied.

Unfortunatly, men who says so seldom dare tie us up for real.

I didn't like your behavior at Tiane's, the other day.

I did not want you then, because i'm the one who decides.

You see, Florinda, i choose. I.

You don't know who i am, Florinda.

I am the weir murderer.

I don't believe you.

The other one didn't believe me too.

Yet, that's where it happened. In this quarry.

She didn't believe me until the car fell down over there.

I don't believe you , Jean. Please , stop. I'm afraid.

It's a silly game.

I don't think i'll make love to you.

I'm going to kill you. Simply.

You haven't understood anything about me.

Only Tiane knows me.

He knows what an extroardinary being i am.

Farewell, Florinda.

- Hi. - Have you seen Florinda?

- I was not here when she came. - You've been wrong.

What do you mean?

You look sick. You should be more careful, Jean.

You should be careful about me too.

What's the matter?

- I'm lost. - What are you talking about?


I'm going to bed.

- Aren't you hungry? - No, i 'm only sleepy.

You have killed.

And you don't seem to feel guilty at all.

You even look satisfied with yourself.

I don't look like satisfied, mr, I am.

I don't know what it is to look like.

It's not these ink colored clothes, nor the abundant stream of the eyes,

nor the terrifying tears of the face.

That's what to look like means.

Because a man can pretend to such acts.

I have something in my heart which is too hard to represent.

- I'd like to speak to the superintendent. - Personnaly?

What about?

It's personnal. I have something very important to say to him.

Name. First name. Address.

You look like General De gaulle.

Mr Girod please.

What is it about?

It's about the weir murderer. He did it again.

How do you know?

I was having my breakfast at a cafe's terrace.

By chance, i heard a conversation next table.

Someone said he had done the same thing at the very same place.

That's how i understood he was the weir murderer.

You understood?

How did you understand?

Because he mentionned the weir, precisely.

Interesting. What did he look like?

He was of average height,with blue-grey eyes and brown hair.

He was wearing a black suit.

What's the address of this bar?

- Is he still there? - No, he left.

You didn't think of following him?

His friend had a car. I don't have one.

I came immediatly to inform you.

- You have your papers? - Not now.

- Is it your present address? - Yes.

One minute. I'm sending men to the weir.

I, undersigned Jean Girod, assure that i am the weir murderer.

Jean locked the door. They want to break it down !

- You have a search warrant? - Who is he?- A friend of his.

- You have not the right! - Don't you have a spare key?

- You have your papers? - You have your warrant?

Do you want me to sign my statement?

No. The experts are certain that, if he did it again,

the murderer will give himself up .

Oh really!!? What a funny idea !

They are sure that this character will not stand anonimity for long.


Journalists haven't published anything on him for 2 days.

- You know, me and the newspapers... - Don't you read it? - No.

Newspapers are not allowed to publish his letters for 2 days.

- What's your job? - Im a writer.

- Does it pay? - I'm not an official. I take each day as it comes.

One day at a time.... How long have been

living at your address? - Two months. - And before?

What was your previous address?

It's a real examination !

You speak to me as if i were already in jail.