Crime Is Our Business (2008) - full transcript

Prudence Beresford is investigating another murder. Her aunt had witnessed it, but no body was found, and nobody trusted her word. Nobody, except Prudence, of course! - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
The train from Morgane
will enter the station…

Bye, Madam.

-Thank you.
-Thank you. Goodbye.

Let's sum up. Prudence
and Bélisaire Beresford got married,

they had a daughter,

two beautiful grandchildren…

and they will be happy until their death.

Things can be so different
from what we expected!

Very profound remark, but not really new.

But I'm bored. I'm so bored.

I am in a vault.

You buried me alive.

When you open my coffin,
you will find that I have turned around

and that I have eaten my hands
up to the wrists.

Prudence, what is it?

Nothing happens to me, precisely.

I can't stand this routine anymore.

Are you really satisfied?

Colonel Beresford.

Former manager of secret services.

A shadowy figure…
Impossible missions…

You no longer dream of adventures?

Of romantic feats?

Imagine how thrilling it would be

to hear a knock on the door, to go open

and see a dead man staggering in!

If he's dead, he's not staggering.

You see what I mean,
they always stagger before they die,

before they fall at your feet
uttering enigmatic final words…

"The spotted leopard… Argh!"

I don't like staggering dead people.

You're becoming so dull!

What are you doing?

Can't you smell anything?

No, nothing.

Can't you smell a smell?

-A smell of what?
-Of… I don't know…


-A smell of old?
-Yes, that's exactly it. Old.

-Well, thank you.
-No, but…

It's not about you, it's about me.

I've had the impression for some time
that I leave a smell of old behind me.

I don't smell.

You don't smell. We don't smell.

Are you conjugating the verb to smell?

We are not old!

We're retirees, isn't that old?

You decided to retire. You ruined my life.

-But you wanted holidays.
-Holidays, precisely.

Anyway you shouldn't have listened to me,
you should have said no.

Are you okay, George?

-I'm burning leaves.
-Jolly good!

Keep going!

What is it, Prudence?
I've never seen you like this.

I've been boiling over for a while.

-Go buy yourself a hat.
-I already have lots of them!

Even if you have 40 of the same,
we never know. Get yourself a hat.

44, and it's normal for hats
to all look the same.

And yet,
there are infinite nuances between them.

I would be so happy if something
exciting happened to us.

That would do us a world of good.

If a fairy appeared to us…



Mr Inspector…

Excuse me, Madam.

What's wrong?

A woman got strangled
on the train that just passed us.

I saw everything.

Tell me calmly what you saw.

I dozed off…

The train passed us.

And I saw the back of a man
strangling a woman.

-Strangling a woman?

Like on the book you're reading?

Exactly the same!


Rudi, did you notice anything
on train 18 932?

No, why?

Never mind.

I would like to know
what you're planning to do.

I am not a police officer,
but if that reassures you,

I will report the incident.

An incident? A crime!

Aunt Babette!

Prudence, I witnessed a crime!

-A crime?
-Yes, a crime!

No trace of a corpse.

-Do you think I invented all this?
-Of course not!

I'm glad.

The train inspector didn't believe me.

But I did realize that.

A simple aggressor would have fled,
leaving the corpse.

That leaves us with premeditated crime
or crime of passion.

A fit of jealousy, fury.
The man strangles.

But I don't understand
what he does with the body.

He throws it out the window.

He hides it in a trunk.

No sensible murderer would travel
with a trunk containing a corpse nowadays.

He would stand out.

A fifth one, for the road?

For me, the only solution
is that he threw it out the window.

Or the corpse stumbled away!

-Was your assassin strong?
-Yes, quite strong.

Well, I think so.

Quite tall, rather dark-haired.

I only saw his back and shoulders.

And this unfortunate woman.

With her red gloves!

It was horrible.

It must have been a dream.

Or you witnessed a domestic quarrel

that was less tragic
than what you imagined.

Less tragic? A crime!
But I saw it with my own eyes!

I'm disappointed!

Your Bélisaire is like the others.
He doesn't believe me.

You said it happened near Andelieu?


I could recognize the place.

There was a sharp curve
that made me lose my balance.

And then our train
went through Andelieu station

about ten minutes later.

Please, Bélisaire!

I really need to have peace of mind
during my trip.

Where are you going this time?
Hunting what?

In Guyana.

The Zigoeunus Thomasuscallimorph.
The male.

The most graceful butterflies
from the Amazon.

Why did you take out your kilt?

For my meeting in Glasgow.

You know, the Oval Thistle club.

Did you forget I'm leaving in two days?

Quickly get to the ironing,
there are lots of folds on a kilt.

What are you doing?

Drop this Aunt Babette crime nonsense!

You're forgetting
that crime is our business.

You have to admit
that your aunt is loosing her marbles.

Commissioner Richard
searched everywhere.

Trains, stations, hospitals, morgues…
No corpse.

No reported disappearance.

The train that passed Aunt Babette's one
must have been the 4:50 p.m. train,

stopping at Aigrefonds.

And at this very spot, the railroad track

follows the secondary road
straight ahead…

And then, there is indeed a curve.

So what?

So the murderer
threw the body out the window.

It's an obsession!

And then a masked accomplice
hidden behind thickets

recovered the victim
in his black van

and threw it all in the lake.

There is no lake there.

You're too rational,
you only believe what you see.

That's why you are wrong so often.

Yes, I could recognize the place.
There was a sharp curve

that made me lose my balance.

And then our train
went through Andelieu station.


I think I found it.

Near the curve,
there is a shady, secluded property.

The ideal place to get rid of a body.

It's an obsession.

I have the intuition
that Aunt Babette is telling the truth.

Please, not your intuition!

She couldn't have invented it,
she has no imagination.

Old ladies can have hallucinations.

No, Aunt Babette is in her head.

She is a worldwide authority
in the field of butterflies.

She doesn't invent them.
She grabs them and names them.

She wants to do the same with the killer
and we will help her.

You don't hunt murderers
like you hunt butterflies.

I don't agree. It's the same.
You catch them and whack! You pin them.

"Whack"! I don't understand a thing!

Because you don't listen!

Have fun. Happy Oval Thistle Day.

-We're not going to drink just water.
-I imagine!

Alright, have a nice trip!

Look at the Scotsman!

He must be naked under his kilt!

How could I do that? I can't believe it!

-Can we help you?

We're going to untie you.

Wait, I'm going to try.


How did you do that?

With my gloves on, it slips.

I can't do it. It's stuck.

Ah, there you go!

-Your coat.
-Thank you.

-Goodbye. Thank you.

Who's this girl outside?

Looks like the new maid
from Wolves Valley.

Another one that didn't last long.

Must be hard to stand old Charpentier.

-The Charpentier family.
-Yes, the whole family.

Poor girls…

With the snow there is on the road,

she's not about to get her bus!

There is no bus today.
Shall I take you somewhere?


How lucky you were there!

They would have all let me freeze there.

Are your seats heated?

-No, it's the engine.

They're all the same in this hole,
real dogs!

Like my boss, old Charpentier.

-A dog?
-A rat!

He's loaded, but you can't imagine
what a cheapskate he is!

And always trying to sneak up on you
in the hallways, with a look!

You know, those looks…

-What kind of look?
-I don't know.

A look that sends shivers down your spine.

Actually old Charpentier scares everybody.

What were you doing
at this scary old man's?

Everything. The dishes, cleaning,
shopping, beds. I did it all.

-All alone?
-No, there was Madame Clairin.

The house is so big
that you would need an army.

And he lives there all alone?

No, with his poor daughter
and a gardener.

But the worst was the kitchen.

They gave me peanuts to buy food
and expected miracles.

How long did you stay?

Seven weeks.
I wouldn't have stayed one more minute.

Come in. Wait, I'll tell Miss Emma.

The new maid is here.

-Take her to my office.
-Yes, Miss.

Come on, she's waiting for you.

You are the 13th this year.
I hope you're not superstitious.

Hello, I am Emma Charpentier.

Are you a cook?

-Do you have certificates?
-No, none.

It is quite unusual.

Most certificates are pure convenience.

The proof is that they never say
why we leave a job.

Very true. For your day off,
which day would suit you?

I'm very available.

Since my poor husband died…

I've got plenty of time.

Good. Shall I show you your room?

I need more than a cook.

The house is big
and Mrs Clairin is not here everyday.

My grandfather, the founder.
A whimsical man.

Very difficult.

This tear, my father did it one day,
out of anger at his father.

He doesn't want to mend it.

My father is an elderly man,
a difficult character.

He's a bit tight-fisted
and he's sometimes unpleasant.

Don't worry, I'm used to elderly people.

At first it will be easy,
there will be only four of us.

Me, my niece on vacation,
her girlfriend and…


…my father.

But my brothers are coming for Christmas.


Is that your quote for Christmas Eve?
Do you want my death?

But who is she?

The new cook, I told you about it.

Come! Come on, come closer!

-What's your name, my dear?
-Prudence Beresford.

She has good arms.

Good, then…

Miss, remember two things: I hate waste.

And the fact I live in a castle
doesn't mean that I'm rich.

I live here because I want to,
not because I can afford it.

Now get out of here.

And remember that a good cod
is well worth a turbot.

I'm sorry.


Come back, Emma!

Excuse me.

Let yourself in your room.
Upstairs at the end, left of the stairs.

The key is on the door.

My own children
become my enemies!

What now?

Tell your stupid doctor
that his medicines are useless!

-What do you mean?

Who is here?


You must be Miss Charpentier's niece.

Yes, I am Alexie Charpentier.

-And you, you are Mary Poppins!
-Ah! Mary Poppins!

You're not like I imagined
my grandfather's employees.

And you're not like I imagined
Miss Charpentier's niece.

Mrs Clairin is waiting for you
in the kitchen.

I'm getting changed and I'm coming.

I'm waiting for you on the landing.


Always yelling at my aunt.
Her life isn't fun.

Yet she is the only one who loves him.

-The others don't like him?
-They're like vultures.

They're waiting for his death.

-Who are these vultures?
-My uncles.

Uncle Raphaël. He's weird.

A banker and a gambler.
We don't know who he really is.

He lives in Lyon, with his wife.

All he likes is money and drugs.

Uncle Augustin lives on an island.

He abandoned sculpting
for hunting and women.

The more he shoots, the happier he is.

-And who's responsible for you?
-My father.

My mother is dead.
The family sees him as a failure.

They call him "Skint Frédéric".

I don't care. He's a very good guitarist.

It's over there.

And there was Uncle Edmond,
he died in the war.

It's downstairs, come on.

She's already drinking.

-A little one for the road, Mrs Clairin?
-With this weather, it doesn't hurt.

I was waiting for you to go.

I'll show you where things are.

She won't last more than a week.

In the pantry,
there is all you need for lunch.


The stove works well.
I turned it on this morning.

Always fuel it, it's cold in this house.

I made coffee.


Careful, grandfather hates eating late.

Lunch is served at noon sharp,
Mrs Poppins.

Come, we're going to be late!

-Who is right?
-Dad, you're exaggerating.

I know them better than you think.
My discomfort, two weeks ago,

I'm sure your brothers were involved.

What are you inventing again?
It was just indigestion.

Sit down and calm down.

Are you kidding? Indigestion!

Even your dear friend doctor Lagarde
had doubts.

But you're all forgetting one thing.

Misers always die last.

The serving hatch doesn't work.

The fuses blew long ago.

-Can we fix it?
-I don't think so.

We'll help you.

-Quick, just thirty seconds before noon.

Mrs Poppins, Valérie, my best friend.

Nice to meet you.
Go ahead, I'll follow you.

The soup is good.

It's good, really good.

A sharp curve…


Prudence Beresford!
Finally! Where have you been?

Would you believe that I discovered…

Where are you?

I hope you're not pursuing
this absurd story

of railway murder! Answer me.

I discovered a passion for snowshoes.

So I'm doing a course.

-What? A snowshoe course?
-Yes, I never dared to admit it to you…

but I've always dreamt of…

snowshoe walks, alone in the snow.


When are you back?

I'll be back…

I'll be back… I don't know.

In five days, it's Christmas, remember?

Marie-Christine and her family
are coming to spend it with us.

Is it Christmas again?

Yes! It happens once a year.

Every year.

How could I forget that?

Christmas, our adorable grand-children!

You seem very cheerful.

-We're getting the sledges at the museum.
-The museum?

The pink house at the end of the park
where grandfather keeps his treasures.

We can only go by the rock.

Come, it's over there!


Mary Poppins!

-Hey oh?


It's frozen here!

Echo… Echo…

Hold on!

Remember to close the door
because of wild boars.

You can't enter.
This is Monsieur's museum.


This is Babette Boutiti's answerphone.

You can't reach me,
I'm hunting butterflies in Guyana.

Leave your message after the "pop".


Aunt Babette, I just discovered

the corpse of a strangled woman

in a fur coat with a red glove

in a large sarcophagus.

That's it. I will tell you more
when you're here.

Bye for now.




Is it Christmas again?

I have never seen this woman, I'm certain.

What's wrong? You are very pale, Emma.

I'll be fine, thanks.

Here. Breathe gently.

Thanks for coming so fast, François.

You're welcome.

Breathe gently.

-Inspector Blache, Dr. Lagarde.
-Nice to meet you.


It is unacceptable!

A sarcophagus from the 18th Dynasty!

I brought it back from Florence,
fifty years ago!


A wonder. And a stupid creature
had to get killed in it!

It's awful.


Mr Charpentier, return to the castle.

Give him a whiskey, I'll be joining you.

-I'm taking care of it.

Oh, Emma…

I have many elderly patients like him

who are well but pretend to be crippled
to bully their loved ones.

Inspector, who discovered the corpse?

The new maid.

You said that at night,

you went to the so-called museum
and forced the lid of a sarcophagus.


-To what purpose?
-I was looking for a corpse.

You were looking for a corpse.
So you knew that there was one?

Yes of course, I knew.

Besides… I'll explain you.

It all started with my Aunt Babette
going to hunt butterflies in Guyana…

I can't tell you. Stone dead!

It made me…

-Do you think I'm going to swallow this?
-You can check.

My aunt filed a report
at the train company

and at the Andelieu police station.

Your name please?

Mrs Beresford. Mrs Beresford, I'm a widow.

Beresford. Aren't you related
to Colonel Beresford?

It is a common name.
There are plenty of them in the region.

-Sorry, I must go to work.
-You're welcome.

I'm sorry, I should have recognized
Mrs Beresford straightaway.

But I haven't seen her often,
and it was some time ago.

A snowshoe course! Fuck me!

-You were saying?
-Nothing. I was talking to myself.

-I'll make her stop this masquerade!
-Actually, she's useful to us on the spot.

And in fact, it would be better
if you changed your name.

But why?

To protect her.
There was a murder over there.

And I forgot to tell you…

Mrs Prudence pretends to be a widow.

Mrs Prudence, a widow?

Well, let's talk over there.

-When did the death take place?
-The coroner says two weeks.

But according to your aunt Babette,
she was murdered on November 28

on the regional train Morgane-Bellefonds.

Then the body was supposedly dragged
and hidden in this sarcophagus.

But what went into her when she opened
that sarcophagus? I can't believe it.

You only believe what you see,
my poor Bélisaire.

That's why you're wrong so often.

You lack fantasy.

In any case, nothing proves
that one of the Charpentiers is involved.

Except that I discovered the corpse
on the family property.


-Yes… I was saying that…

I am listening to you.
What do you know about them?

You'll meet them.
They all arrived at the castle.

A lovers' quarrel
that went wrong, that's it!

That's what I'll tell Inspector Blavache.

It's Blache, Sir.

Whatever. I will tell Blavache
that none of us had ever seen this woman.

And you will all say the same.

You sound quite certain, father.

Maybe it was a girlfriend of… Raphaёl's.

Very clever!

It must be Dr Lagarde. Let him in.

Still with your injections of youth,

It's not funny, Augustin.

Wait, father.

I would take anything to survive you all

and protect my property
from your predatory claws.

The police said that they would come
to question you soon.

Prepare your alibis carefully!

What were you thinking
when you opened that sarcophagus?

I saw that the lid had been raised.

So I checked it out of curiosity.

But you know,
I always wanted to be an archaeologist.

You're talking nonsense.

And I was, how shall I put it…
indisposed by the smell.

The slightly sticky smell of death.

OK, spare us the details.

How awful! This poor woman
came to die in our home.

Just forget her.
She has nothing to do with us.

-She was there by chance.
-Really? What do you know?

If it's a coincidence,
I don't see why Emma is upset.

There was a murder on our property
and you're surprised she's upset?

He reacts like an artist.

By the way, do you sculpt marble now
or are you still using modeling clay?

But that's enough!

It's not the time for this!

The police think that the crime took place
on November 28.

-How can they know it so quickly?
-We are no longer in the 19th century.

Nothing to brag about.

Friday 28th. Isn't it the day
when Emma brought us together here?

-So what?
-The night of the 28th, we were all here.

-The police may suspect all of us.

What about the lovers theory?

It wouldn't be the first date
in dad's museum!

The dates in dad's museum!

I find it hard to imagine
a couple meeting up

in such a freezing place
in the middle of winter.

Your daughter is charming.

Her and her girlfriend
are all excited with this crime.

It's normal at their age.

Daddy, the inspector is here
with another gentleman.

Our new employee,
Mrs Beresford, recently arrived.

Mrs Beresford widow, I suppose?

Sorry, I have a terrible rhinitis.

You'll have to come to the police station
for your statement.


One of my agents will take you
if your condition allows you to go.

Ask for me, I am Colonel "Snowshoe"!

Okay, we would like first

to question your brothers.

You're wasting your time.

If this woman had worked or lived here,
or even just paid a visit,

my father and I would recognize her.

All the elements that we have indicate

that the victim was not from here.

-The victim was a foreigner.
-A Russian?

Girls, this conversation isn't for you.
Go and play elsewhere.

Mrs Beresford,
please take these gentlemen upstairs.

Very well.

I have to check on my father.

Gentlemen, I will show you the way.

I am dead, and you are a widow?


Your father is in good shape.
It seems that the murder did him good.


What is it, Emma?

What is going on?

I think we have
a criminal in the family.

A criminal? What makes you say that?

It's still about Martina.

My brother Edmond's wife,
who was supposed to come.


-Is there anything new?
-No, precisely.

And the police think
that the murdered woman was from the East.

-The dead woman would be Martina?

I wonder
if I should tell the police about it.

-Did you tell your brothers?
-No, I'm too afraid of their reaction.

Emma, I know you.

If you don't talk about it,
it will make you sick.

-So your advice is to tell the police?

Gentlemen, this way.

May I take your jacket?

Never during an investigation.

-Thank you, Madam.
-I'm staying.

You may go, Madam.

You bastard!

Without me, you are nothing.

Keep talking!

Nothing! Nothing at all!

Wait, let me think.
When did you say you arrived here?

A little over three weeks ago,
to see my father.

-Did you stay here?
-No, I was mostly in Paris.

I only stayed here for two days,
at the end of November.

-When was she killed again?
-End of November.

-End of November…

Are you married?

Your wife isn't with you?

She hates winter in France.

Do you come here often?

Sometimes, to see my sister.

-When was the last time?
-About three weeks ago.

End of November?

End of November.

How do you get along
with your father?

None of his children
get along with my father.

Even Emma struggles sometimes.
He is so stingy.

But it's all my grandfather's fault.


My grandfather hated dad
and got his revenge in his will.

My sister, my brothers and I
share the bare ownership of the fortune.

He only has usufruct.

He can't sell anything,
or decide anything, it drives him crazy!

-Do you come here often?
-From time to time, with my daughter.

You were all gathered here at the end
of November. For what reason?

No particular reason.
It was just a family reunion.

A family reunion
where everyone hates each other.

It's a disgrace!
The police invaded my home

and didn't have the decency
to talk to the head of the family first!

Who's the boss here?



You, of course,
but we wanted to avoid tiring you.

-Dr Lagarde said…
-To hell with him!

If I listened to him,
I would be bedridden.

The fuss he made three weeks ago
for a small indigestion!

You would have thought
I had been poisoned!

Mind you, we still had the previous cook.

Not like the new one, she's a real gem!

And with curves…
in all the right places!

In all the right places. You don't say!

-Have you seen her?
-I couldn't take a close look yet.

So, what is your hypothesis?

It's a bit early for hypotheses,

especially as we don't know
who this woman was yet.

A foreigner, it seems.

-One of Augustin's girlfriends for sure.
-No, your son didn't recognize her.

It doesn't mean anything.
He was scared probably.

My sons are all cowards, liars,
good for nothing.

A gang of vultures waiting for my death.

Now I feel very bad. Emma!

I must lie down.

I've seen more moving displays
of fatherly love!

He does not forgive his children
for being disinherited.

Charpentier has his hands tied.

Well, goodbye, Colonel.

What is that?

Bélisaire, don't be a fool!

I have seen nothing!

Come on, open up!

A dead man cannot open to his widow.

I said it like that, I was joking.

What we say like that is not innocent.

Okay, I'm choking, open up! Bélisaire!

Soon a widower, Bélisaire!

Come on!
I can't believe it!


You are upset because I was right,
it's simple.

Bélisaire, come on, that's enough.
Open up.

Open up!

What's going on?

The spotted leopard!


Now that you found the body
and fulfilled your mission,

you bow out and come back home.


I'm tired of seeing my wife
disguised as a cook!

About your outfit, no comment.

Cooking nice meals for others,
never for me.

-You're forgetting my salted chicken.
-It was ten years ago.

And above all, even if I'm repeating
myself, it's almost Christmas.

You know how much the children
like Christmas shenanigans.

Their Swiss side, no doubt.

Yes. I'd like to see
the autopsy pictures again.

-She's a dancer.

The victim is a dancer.
Look at her feet.

You should look in the dance world,
you might find something. But not ballet.

Why not ballet?

Look, her toes are less damaged
than in ballet.

-Alright, Sherlock Holmes.
-You're welcome, my dear Watson.

Now Bélisaire, there's no way
I will give up this case.

Nor the band of fops hovering around you.

Are you jealous?

Oh, how cute!

Now, my dear Colonel Beresford,

it was delicious,
but I have to return to my kitchen.

My boss is waiting for me.

My dear Mrs Beresford,
you're forgetting one thing.

The fact that you found the corpse
puts you in a delicate position.

You are my number one suspect.
I'm taking you into custody.

I'll let your employer know.

In custody, all night long?

Yes, but not in a cell.

Yes, you should always
give in to temptation!

When you are sure you want to.


Ah, there you are.

Are you out of custody? How was it?

Very well. I would never have imagined
that it would be like this.

-What is this place?
-My old workshop.

Nothing has changed for two years.

Did you leave on a whim?

Yes and no. I needed the light
of the Mediterranean.

Ah, the pastis!


Can you wait for me?

What now?

-I need to talk to you.
-What is it again?

Don't you think the murdered woman
could be Martina?


-You mean Martina?
-Her telegram to cancel was so weird.

After the letter announcing her arrival.
Shouldn't I talk to the police?

No, you'll confuse them with a story
that has nothing to do with it!

I'm worried, I don't know what to do.

You say nothing. You do nothing.

I was told that you liked
painting women a lot.

No. I don't paint women, I take them.

I paint the sea. The stones, the light.

-But not people.
-No, not people.

It's too complicated with people.

I don't understand
what a woman like you is doing here.

What do you mean?

Being a maid, it doesn't suit you.

You're quite prejudiced for an artist!

Don't tell me that you like
making the beds, cooking, washing up.

I don't dislike it.
It takes a bit of imagination to cook

and the rest satisfies my taste for order.

I would like to paint your portrait,
one day.

-She's a spy!
-A spy!

Catch her!

She's a spy!

-She's a spy!
-She's a spy!

-Dirty spy!
-Down with her!

Right now!



Oh no!

And we aim for the heart!

Death! Death to the bitch!

Take aim!



Thanks for coming.

Excuse me, I…

I'm upset because I had not come back here
since my brother Edmond's death.

He wrote me a letter just before he died.

He said he had met a Russian, Martina.
They were going to get married.

And I learned of his death
right after receiving his letter.

I don't know what became of this Martina.

I only knew her first name
and I ended up forgetting her.

But a few weeks ago,
I received a letter from Lyons

signed Martina Charpentier.

"I hope this letter will not shock you."

"I don't even know if Edmond
had mentioned our marriage."

"After his death,
it was too hard to write to you."

"I rebuilt my life,
but my situation has changed."

"I am writing to you for my son."

"He's your brother's child.
I no longer have the means to raise him."

"I'm in France for a few weeks,
could you see me?"

"I hope my request isn't inopportune.
Martina Charpentier."

I liked Edmond very much.

He was my favorite brother.
So the idea that he had a son…

I invited this woman at home,
at the end of November.

-It was the reason for the family reunion?
-Yes, that's it.

I wanted everybody to be there
to meet her.

Augustin did not take the matter

Raphaёl was very skeptical.

Frédéric was the only one
who believed me.

What happened then?

The day we were expecting her,
I received a telegram.

"Sorry. Setback.
Forced to leave France. Martina. "

And since then, nothing.

So when you said that this woman
was a foreigner, I thought

that maybe it was her in the sarcophagus.

And it's been haunting me ever since.

Talking about foreigners,
what do you think of that Mrs Beresford?

Prudence? You think…

No, I don't think anything, but you?

She is an efficient woman
and surely very intelligent.

What about your brothers?
Your father?

They don't think anything anymore.
It's like she's bewitched them all.

-My God, I'm going to strangle her!

No, nothing.
Don't worry, Miss Charpentier,

we will clear this matter up.
You did well talking to me.

-What are you going to do?
-Check the brothers' timetable

and inspect the whole property
with a fine-tooth comb.

I think that it is in the dance world…

I think, Bélisaire!

Well, Prudence thinks
that it's in the world of dance,

but not ballet,
that we'll find the solution.

Circulate pictures of the victim.

It's good. Others, go slowly.
Place yourself.




Out! You have no business here.

Lieutenant Margaret Brown!

The Intelligence Service
leads to everything.

It could be anyone in that state.

Has one of your dancers recently
disappeared in a sudden or worrying way?

Colonel, the girls here come and go.

One of them wouldn't have dumped you
towards the end of November?

-Anna Karenina.
-A Russian?

Russian, or Polish actually.
Here it's like the Foreign Legion.

Anna Karenina
dropped me at the end of November.

She said she had made up with her husband

and she was going to live with him
in the countryside.

Since when was she working with you?
Was she a good dancer?

Six weeks or so.
Quite a special girl.

She went on a cruise
with her English lord.

Anyway, she was a mythomaniac.
She was talking nonsense.

I'm sure she was Polish.

And Catholic.
She was going to church every Sunday.

That's a good clue.

Only the Poles are still religious now.

Still, she was telling fibs.

I don't agree.

Thank you.

The cops from a few days ago
want to question you.


The police want to question you.

Please excuse me.

Your orange juice is in the kitchen.

Where did you find this Mrs Beresford?
With an agency?

No, she said a relative of the former maid

-told her the post was vacant.
-You hire a complete stranger

who barely arrived,
finds a corpse in a sarcophagus.

It's easy to lash out at your sister.

You Doc, you did enough damage

by pushing Emma to tell the police
about Martina. Mind your own business.

-Augustin, don't be rude.
-The police is on our backs since then.

They believe we're responsible
for Martina's disappearance.

If it was really her…

I'm going to see your father.

-Your cake is delicious.
-I didn't bake it, it was Mrs Beresford.

It's amazing how many recipes I found!

It's like skiing, you never forget.

I doubt that it will advance
the investigation.

On the other hand,
you forgot a fundamental thing.

-Really? What?
-My birthday.

I don't know what's going on here,
but it's the first time you've forgotten.

Is today the 22nd?

December 22,
birth of Bélisaire Beresford.

My little Jesus! Oh dear!

I'd like you to come with me
to the police station, Madam.

Very well, sir. I'll go get my coat.

-Anything new, Mr Snowshoe?

-These girls are funny.

I feel like forging fake clues for them.

-Fake clues?
-I could write on a piece of paper,

"Martina, if you care about life,
stay away from the castle."

-And I'd make sure they find it.
-Why would you do that?

Poor girls, they ferret about all day
and remain empty-handed.

But if they found something,
they could be in danger.

Do you realize that the murderer
may be in this house?

Officer, it's Huguette,
one of Margaret Brown's dancers.

I got a postcard from Anna.

-Anna Karenina?
-From Saint-Barth'.

When was it posted?

The stamp… Wait…

December 14 or 17,
it's not very clear.

-December 17?
-So the English Lord story was true.

Exit Anna Karenina hypothesis.

One of the dancers received a postcard.
She's in the West Indies with her Lord.

So back to Martina Charpentier.

The untimely widow.

Everything brings us back
to the Charpentier children

refusing to let their share be reduced

by the unexpected arrival of a new heir.

We have to find out who
benefits the most from the crime.

As long as old Charpentier lives,
it does not benefit anyone.

Didn't Dr. Lagarde suspect

that someone attempted
to murder old Charpentier?

Indeed. Several symptoms
evoked arsenic poisoning.

We know that a certain number
of people would benefit from…

How shall I put it…

hastening his demise.

But then the poisoner, after this failure,

would have increased the dose
and they didn't.

Yes, that doesn't make sense.
What a strange family!

You may look at it from any angle,
it's black.

How long have you been their doctor?

Mr Charpentier was my first client
when I came here after my wife died.

Anything wrong?

I'm the only one without an alibi,
it worries me.

Raphaёl had to give a detailed schedule.

Augustin was with a girl, of course.

What do you mean "of course"?

He's a womanizer, haven't you noticed?

Behind his artist image,
he is devoid of any feelings.

Other than our sister,
he doesn't love anyone.

What were you doing that day?

My days do not interest me.

Is it worth it to remember them?

I think so, yes. Try to remember.

I don't really like remembering.

It feels good to have you here.

You are cheerful, joyful.
You sing all the time.

Especially when I cook.

Dishes are like plants.

They are better if you sing them a song.

For example, for all fried food,
it's more jazz.

Beef on a string,
with its mix of raw and cooked,

I'd say trumpet mute.

It's bubbling!

For oysters, whose martyrdom recalls
that of the first Christians,

eaten alive by lions,

a requiem and nothing else!

You brighten up the kitchen.
You remind me of my wife.

She knew also how to put joy everywhere
and she stood up to my father.

But after all,
she got along well with him.

And you don't?

We are all too obsessed with money.

We're all sitting on a pile of gold
and we can't touch it.

For God Sake!

They all slipped between my feet,
I didn't kill a single one.

-Do you like to hunt?
-No, I like to kill mostly.

-You ran.

You have red cheeks,
I really like it.

-Oh, please!

Madam prefers old people, perhaps?

Your younger brothers are not bad either.

Colonel Snowshoe, we found something.

That's the proof
that Martina came here, isn't it?

That means she's the woman
in the sarcophagus, right?

Where did you find this?

In the laundry room.
We put gloves on, for fingerprints.

You did well.

Don't forget to relax your fingers.

-Ah yes.

You have to press with your fingertips,
but without hurting yourself.


-Mr Snowshoe…
-Thank you.


Please. Thank you.


Press gently.
Without touching the other fingers.

Can we help you?

I came to see your sister.
But first I have a question

for Madam.

I'll tell her.

We'll resume later. You are very good.

Thank you.

Don't pull that stern face.

I have the right to learn the guitar,
even with a handsome man.

A real forger's work, hats off!

But don't you think the situation
is already complicated enough?

I've never seen this envelope,
where did you find it?

-Didn't you write it?
-But no!

I don't understand.

Do you recognize this envelope?

Yes, it's the letter that I had sent.

Have you found Martina?

This envelope was found here.

No, but…

So you think the woman
in the sarcophagus was really Martina?

It seems more likely.

You really never leave us.

Haven't you finished your questioning yet?

I have. For the time being.



He's always around here, that guy.

Why is he snooping around like that?

Why the hell did you tell
this whole Martina story?

Yes. We're in a right mess.

You should thank me, on the contrary.

What do you mean?

The police would have found it suspicious
that nobody mentioned it

since the dead was really Martina.

What do you mean?

The installation is dilapidated.

I would never have expected that from you.

Apparently, you have decided to ruin me.

Rest assured, Mr Charpentier,
it cost you next to nothing.

What do you call "nothing"?
Say the number! Come on!

Is it true?

You're not saying that to soften me?

No, I swear.
Cross my heart and hope to die.

Oh! How did you do?

You are an angel, a gem!

A fairy!

Oh! Please!

You smell so good, a smell of garlic!
What a woman!

This waist! These hips! These breasts!


Mrs Beresford, tonight,
you will dine with us.

Here we go again!

You will be seated next to me.

You don't look like to a servant,
Mrs Beresford.

Who are you? Where are you from?

The day after your arrival,
you discover a corpse

and the police is constantly on our backs.

I have watched you closely,
Mrs Beresford.

And I will continue.



But what are you doing here?

I wanted to surprise you, but I failed.

Some light!

Yes. Hold on!

I didn't want to miss
our Christmas tradition.

I hurt you!

Where is this champagne?

Colonel Beresford!


Something doesn't add up.

What, Prudence?

One, this envelope addressed to Martina
that was found here.

Two, this Martina who reappears
20 years later.

And three…

this corpse with dancer's feet.

And our dancer is in the West Indies
with her English Lord.

We were given a false lead
and we ran there!

Miss Prudence!

Yes, I'm coming!

Merry Christmas, my darling.

Kiss my grandchildren for me.

Can you zip this up?

Thank you. What do you think
of my outfit?

Now you can leave
as discreetly as you came.

This jewel looks great on you,
dear Mrs Beresford.

What a moron!

-Dear Mrs Beresford.
-Yes, asshole!

It looks like mom's brooch, doesn't it?

-Yes, it looks like it.
-Yes, it looks a bit like it.

-I can't believe it!
-Excuse me.

Excuse me. An emergency.
I must leave you.

-Too bad, I'll see you out.
-Thank you.

The soup is good.

The capon!

Are your suitcases ready?
You're not in pajamas yet?

What time is your mum coming tomorrow?

At ten o'clock.

I'm so happy to go skiing in Sils-Maria!

Oh, what a mess!

I will miss you, Mrs Poppins.

You will be here for the next vacation,
won't you?

-You're not feeling well, Valérie?

-Where does it hurt?
-The belly.

I'm not feeling well either.

What's going on?

Go lie down.

What is it? I'll warn someone.

It hurts!

Lie down, I'll be right back.

Miss Charpentier…

The girls are sick.

-You're not well?

I'll be back.



I think they're off the hook.
But we must know what happened.

You're the only one who didn't get sick.
Did you eat everything?

Yes, apart from the Yule log,
I never liked it.

I didn't drink champagne either.

Are there any leftovers?

No, they didn't leave anything at all.

I've never seen such a thing.
They sucked on bones.

Apart from candied fruit
and the carcass of the capon,

there's nothing left. Of course I washed
the dishes, I couldn't have known.

My God! Is that arsenic?

How do you know?

Yes, there is a good chance it is arsenic.

The murderer may be among them,
playing sick.

Would you be able to know the difference
between the real sick and the false?

I don't think so, no.

I don't think so.

I'll call a nurse. It's 5 a.m.

She should be here at 7,
or 8 at the latest.

I will prepare something for everyone.

I'm going upstairs to see them.

When I'm gone, keep your eyes open.

-Especially on Emma.
-Yes, count on me.

Thank you.

I would never have believed
that I'd work on Christmas day!

It really is for Miss Emma.

I told Mrs Beresford
that the lobsters were worth nothing.

She answered, "No,
the lobsters were very fresh."

Who knows, with the hydrocarbons
they throw into the sea.

Anyway, they won't make me eat them.

They could have all died.

I am Mrs Valois, Valieri's mother.

Are you coming to pick her up?

I understand you.
I wouldn't leave my daughter here either.

Mrs Valois, I'll take you to Valérie.

The house has suffered
a mild food poisoning,

but don't worry, your daughter is fine.

Alexie and her are ready to go.
Follow me.

My little girl!

What's wrong with you?

I have to tell you.
Alexie's dad had an elder brother,

who is dead, and his wife…

Why doesn't Emma send that nurse away?
It will cost me a fortune!

It's your job to take care of me, dear.

They're all sick,
I can't be everywhere at the same time.

Why doesn't Emma help you?

She's in bed.

-What about the others?
-Them too.

But everything's fine.

After this eventful night,
they're resting.

-What's this?
-Broth and crispbreads.

Take this away, I'm hungry.
I want some meat.

No, the doctor banned it
for the time being.

The doctor is a fool.
I'm very well, I want meat!

Could I see Alexie's daddy?

Unfortunately, he's not well…

My daughter and Alexie told me about
the woman in the sarcophagus.

I have to talk to someone of the family.

I'll ask if Miss Emma can see you.

Tell her it's about Martina Petrovna.

Martina Petrovna?

You heard about of Martina?

It seems that she's the woman
who was found in the sarcophagus.

-It is not possible, precisely.
-What do you mean?

Because I am Martina Petrovna.

I met Edmond in Damascus
and we never left each other.

And then… there was this drama.

I was sent to Belgrade.

I met Valieri's father
who was stationed there.

A Frenchman, like Edmond.

You know…

I never forgot your brother, and…

When I heard that at the boarding school,

my daughter had become friends
with his niece,

you can't imagine how much
this coincidence moved me.

I even thought of writing to you.

And then I thought,
what's the point of stirring up the past?

But when my daughter
told me about this drama,

-I thought that I had to tell you.
-You did well.

This woman is lovely.

I wonder who wrote me
pretending to be her.

A crook who was after your money probably,

and recoiled seeing that the game
was not that easy.

What is it, Mrs Beresford?

It's… your brother, Augustin.

-What, Augustin?
-It seems that his condition…

My brother is dead,
if I understood correctly?

I thought he was stronger.
He was definitely unreliable.

You are hardly moved.

I have no time for eulogies!

You're too sentimental, Mrs Beresford.

You might get boring.

What do I hear?
Augustin kicked the bucket?

Mr Charpentier, go back to rest.

No need, I have never felt better.

So is it true? Is he really dead?

He was so anxious to inherit.

Good bye, artist! The exit is this way!

How can you say that?

You will see, I will bury them all!

Here you are. Troubles come in threes.

Now that tongues are loosened,
I hear of all sorts!

-Do you want to know?

What is this, Prudence? Do you smoke now?

These people, Bélisaire,
they are wolves.

No, not wolves, jackals.

-Good evening, sir.
-Good evening, Martha.

Sorry about your brother.

-It's OK. Is Madam home?
-She's waiting for you.


Help! Camembert, and all?

Well I'm leaving you.

Raphaёl, you look awful.

But you look radiant. Did you have fun?

Everyone goes to Mauritius now. Help!

But you spent the month there.

-Is that so? The whole month?

Who'd have thought? Help!

It is strong this time, at least?

In New York the other day,
I stumbled across this crazy Hermeline.

She said in the middle of dinner
that at the Wolves Valley,

they had found the corpse of a…

It was very embarrassing
for everyone and me.

But it's true.

It's true? Oh shit!
Who was this woman?

Some girl from the East, apparently.

A girl from the East!

-I don't feel very well.

I'll go to bed early.

Me too. I am completely jet-lagged.

Let's go.

I forgot…

It's for you.

Did you bring me a present?

No, nothing to do with me.
It was delivered this afternoon.

"Continue the treatment for three days."

"Two tablets at night."

-Lagarde told me to stop.
-You must have misunderstood.

Dreadful as you look, it won't hurt you.

You are right, it can't hurt me.

Raphaёl, help, I'm freezing!

I suspected Augustin, he's dead.

I suspected Raphaёl, he is dead.

I dare not say that I suspect Frédéric,
it could kill him.

As for Emma…

No, let's get back on the lead
of the dancer.

As soon as we started
getting interested in her,

they put this Martina Charpentier
under our nose

and that was the trap
that we fell into head first.



We have to find the true identity
of this Anna Karenina.

I'm convinced it will lead us
to the murderer.

The murder of the sarcophagus woman
is linked to the Charpentier family,

but not in the way we thought
in the first place.

Don't you think so?

I don't understand a thing
of what you're saying.

Is that so? I have my idea.

-Either way, I have a plan.
-A plan?

But I don't know if I'll tell you.

Oh, Prudence!

Okay. With Aunt Babette.

-With Aunt Babette?
-Yes, with her.


It's the last straw!

First you didn't believe me
and took me for an old fool.

Now you're asking me
an embarrassing thing.

Why would I go for tea with strangers

and then pretend that I'm feeling bad.

I don't like this!

I hate playing this kind of act!

It's not about playing an act,
it's about murder!

I know that.

Prudence just asks you
to follow her instructions.


-Aunt Babette!

So if I understood her instructions

I have a pleasant conversation
with these chatelaines…

Just small talk! And blah, blah, blah.

And suddenly…

Suddenly, I have a small dizzy spell.

I find a pretext, I will invent one,

to leave the room.

-And after?
-You come back into the room.

-When will I come back?
-At the signal.

Ah, because there is a signal?

And I can show them my Zigoeunus?

"Zigoeunus Thomasus callimorph,

"North Sanamarie, French Guyana,
on 12/28/2007."

It's a male.
He's handsome, isn't he?

This is the crowning
of my entire career.

The male lives only for a few hours.

Immediately after having "met" the female,

it dies.

This is why it is so rare
and difficult to capture.

But there are several techniques:
the stake,

the zigzag hunt.

That's good, keep going.

They are whimsical animals,
sensitive to fragrances.

Patchouli, honeysuckle…

Chanel number five…

The main thing to catch them
is to become a master in the art

of concealing one's shadow.

But I speak and I speak,

and I'm not telling you what a wonderful
house you have here, Mr Charpentier!

Coming soon.

Oh, what a delight! Toast with red mullet.

It must be a change
from your Amazonian menus.

You don't say!

Having said that, some ants in pâté
are not that bad.

It cracks pleasantly under the tooth.

It must be economical.

Do you have the recipe?


This is delicious.

-You don't look too well.
-On the contrary!


You are very pale!

I'm sorry. Please excuse me for a moment.

-Where is it?
-This way.

Thank you for coming, François.

Hello, Mr Charpentier.

You look better.

You regained some colors.

What's going on?

-Calm down.
-I have a fishbone in my throat.

Let me have a look. Open your mouth.

Calm down. Turn round towards me.

Tilt your head back.

It's him!

The man on the train!

No! Don't say anything else!

You didn't think

a witness saw you
strangle this woman on the train?

My aunt, Babette Boutiti.

She was on the train
rolling next to yours.

Suddenly she saw…

Mrs Beresford, I know
you are overworked, but now

-you are delirious.
-Not at all!

It's absurd! Why would I go
strangle a stranger?

A stranger?

You knew this woman very well,

on the contrary, Dr. Lagarde.

Since she was yours.


He wanted to marry you,
but he was already married.

To this Anna Stravinska,
known as Anna Karenina.

A dancer who refused to divorce.

I thought he was a widower.

And I thought you were a widow.

Neither widow nor servant nor cook.

And this is my last service,
Mr Charpentier.

Emma, you must have told him about Edmond?

And that's where he got the idea.

He wrote you a letter
signed Martina Charpentier.

He killed his wife,
hid her in the Wolves Valley,

and thanks to this letter, he made sure

that the body was identified as Martina's.

So he not only involved the family
in this murder,

but he was also preparing the ground
for the following.

He was planning to kill
all your brothers and incriminate

the one who remained: your father.

So that you would be rich
when he would marry you.

But if I had died Christmas Eve,
his plan would have failed.

That's where he was clever.

There was very little arsenic
on Christmas.

Just enough to give inflammations.

The next day, the nurse, without knowing,

gave Augustin the coup de grâce
with the pills the doctor had prepared.

All he had left
was to send the pills to Raphaёl.

-What a bastard!
-You should thank him!

You owe him a great debt. It's true!

This whole story just brought me trouble.

My sarcophagus is ruined.

And not a penny!

You, on the contrary,
your fortune has doubled!

They like money a lot in this family.

At least I avoided a family Christmas!

Are they still here? They haven't left?

They said they were leaving.

Marie-Christine probably wanted to stay
for New Years Day.

How many children do they have now? Ten?

No, still two.

-And two make so much noise?

Aunt Babette doesn't know
how happy she is.

Just with her butterflies, camping.

Wild camping!

I'm thirsty!

Bélisaire, wake up.

Open your eyes.

And tell me what you see.

Millions and millions of stars.

And what do you deduce?

From an astronomical point of view,
that there are millions of galaxies

and billions of planets.

From an astrological point of view,
that Saturn is part of Leo.

From a time point of view,
I take it that it is approximately…

3:15 a.m.

From a meteorological point of view,
we will have a beautiful day tomorrow.

From a theological point of view,
I see that God is almighty

and that we are small and
insignificant in the face of the universe.

And you, Prudence,
what do you see?

My poor Bélisaire,
what a nerd you are!

I see that somebody stole our tent.


Subtitle translation by: Valerie Le Guen