Creed II (2018) - full transcript

Under the tutelage of Rocky Balboa, heavyweight contender Adonis Creed faces off against Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
We can do this

Conlan fight Adonis Ricky's Creed,

I have a curiosity

But other things
an incredible challenge

And since then, he wins
6 times in a row,

able to fight and tonight
Danny Contortionist Wheels

to become the heavyweight champion of the world

Train hard so some Creed
until a few days previous

And foretold
is going to be busy

All the best


What it isn't

Don't forget to keep your eyes open

Just calm down

This is just a little fight, OK

You can do this

You know only 3
notches in the ring

Only 3

You can look at your eyes tonight

A journey

this would be the place
the world's most isolated

It will be just another fight

Wants to take you down

Tonight I'm going to ask you something

You're going to prove here
things for other people

Or prove something
for yourself

For myself /Right

Ask me something /let What

What happened to your hair

My special

Anything else you think

Prove it to them

Beat him up


This belief up
Experienced Wheeler

Come on, Come on!

The most amazing Xang
The journey of Adonis Creed

is fighting tonight
to get the belt

owner Coach never
Rocky Balboa-come on, baby!

and his father, Apollo Creed

Wheeler seemed like waiting for
We've seen this before

Wheeler smell when
blood is very horny

Let's See, D!

KO was 3 years ago

Weight is no longer the same

You can do it! Come on!

Creed is on a mission
Wheeler stepped

The punch shot

Continued to get through a crisis of faith

Come on, Raise your hands!


An attempt to suppress.

Creed is trying to lock
In Wheeler

Come on, Come on!

Wheeler don't fall down!

I can feel it!

Wake up! Wake up!

Wheeler / trying to get up, get up!

But I don't know what it is
this makes is calculated

3, 4, 5, 6

7, 8, 9

A blow.

May not be recalculated

Faith Adonis
heavyweight champion of the world

You did

Do you know what Darling
is happening

Do you know how

The most impossible beginning

Grow so big,

managed to get a position
this boxing top

This never happened before

Fight a champion
there's only one thing in life

Another thing to be a champ

This is the first step
build your career

I can't wait anymore.
to see for yourself

Adonis's Creed development

What do you think

Really beautiful-

Xa /O we must be quick
out of the bathroom will be finished soon

Donnie, why don't you
this said to me before

I don't know will win

This / I don't know what is my relationship with

Let me know what I should do

Kneel down.

People still do it

You can always send him a message

It's serious

Adrian was long

We went to the garden
animals, snow

All the fresh smells

There is snow on the streets

This walked

I understand that, said
what you just said

I'll take you there Xang

I asked what that
he wants to marry me,

Dumb Ways
I said My World

Is the best for me

You don't have to worry about listen
speak your heart and let

You'll be fine

Sure /Xa



- What / Xa isn't a very good thing


Look, B

I know I flirt
since a few years

There's something about the game

I don't know how

but I feel you beside me

Well I can live

I'm trying to say Xang have

will you marry me?

I'm still hungry dear
I don't know why

Are you serious, D

Xa, serious/I'm not
Stop messing around.

I don't play games-

You haven't heard, Yeah

Listen what

What you hear is

What did you say

You don't know the things I don't know yet

Remind me

Cause I love you

I need you

D, you know who
this time

Quite quite what you mean Xa/


So, you're always with me

You're the only one
Now I want you to show me this

So, what is the answer

Will you marry me?

Or what /Xa is



Your son looks great

I'm sure you've heard the good news


Do you ever think
Back to Los Angeles

The people of Philadelphia

Xa, I guess, but

May be more
Space and your mother

Other Xang

I can meet more people

I don't know what I feel
Philadelphia is complete with already

I it's time to go.

How with Rocky

Rocky had a life of its own, D
Also have a life of its own

Cold today I wouldn't doubt it.

I tried to call his son
we, Bobby, a few times

But I hang up the phone
always raised

because I don't know
what should I tell him

So on from working day

it feels just like yesterday

And I had to do

Tap on the door and say what's up

How are you doing

I don't know

I miss you

Didn't like the old one

It's really clever

You're tacky

My father is coming

You never told me that

I have to say


Hey, what's up /Hey, Rocky

Look for the big guy is out there waiting for you

You will know who said

I like it

You have to accept the duel
shut this guy up


The sound of the TV enlarge

it's a tragic story


It is a beautiful photo

Xa None

About me a picture / how to

Why are you here

You don't know

Ukraine, Viktor Dragon Warriors,
appeared in Philadelphia today

very public

heavyweight champion of the world
recently, Adonis Creed

A press conference was held last
by a boxing promoter, my friend Marcelle

Came all the way to Philadelphia
to say to you is serious.

The men here had a long fight

Let's be honest Creed
3 years too late

Easy to get back

In this country people like you

But Russian

No one wants me

That night changed everything

It's been a long time

But today for me looks /
This is why you came here

say that to me

Ivan, incidentally, not the son
Immediately after the dragon appeared

The son of Apollo, Creed earn his belt

This is Drago's first listen

This is a fight
wants to be seen by the world

This is a war and
was forced to

Of course, again, I'm afraid, said history repeated itself

The history of what you mean
1995 fight of the year,

where the legendary Apollo Creed boxing
Russian fighters were killed by Ivan the Dragon

Coach Apollo, Rocky
Balboa, has come under heavy criticism because

the failure in this struggle

D, baby

Has already passed

Don't worry

Later that year,
Balboa defeated the Dragon

behind her in the courtyard
own in Russia

I lost everything because of you

Country, respect


You will never see stray dogs in Ukraine

They don't eat for days
People spit on them,

any house is not

Just a desire to endure
to live, to fight

I have a son

Xang know

just this

You will destroy my son

This is a long day.

We're done here

People here are sheep
stray dogs in remote locations

This is a picture Bagus

Guessed you'd be here.

I continue to try the phone,
but no one replied

I don't know you
application or to fight

I'm trying to clear my head

I understand this
a psychiatrist, that's for sure

I don't know what happened

You're mad inside

But I know
I really feel

Xa, I know

But that vanished a long time ago
denganmu to do

About Listen
Apollo I don't want to,OK

It shouldn't be
happened, but it happened

You have to let go

Have you never seen him fight

I once I saw it on TV

Nov that its great

like you, no doubt about it.

You know

I'll show you something
today is your lucky day because

Christmas came early
I'll keep the bag, because

I'm a lucky man, Yeah

Why Lucky/don't get what I mean

'You say
hold the bag for me

The XA is really good

You can smash Creed
This may be coming soon

Creed fell and was badly injured

Apollo answered

No pulse

Amazing sound

The sound of a player
like a good show

Step-suck /
A personal problem

I don't understand
why did you

but this is very bad

Search for anything you want

It sounds like to me
just trying to get money

Second snow money

Not Rambo in the woods
creating self

Someone has to do it

I want to /
Oh, and you

Like what you see

I want more of her
you / Why against Xa

What happened

Boxing history,
77 heavyweight champion

You know it

How many people do you think know about this

4 5


Beberapa doesn't even know

You know Daddy

Her shortness of breath

When it stopped beating


Makes like your father

Sure, Rocky said

I'm serious

Amazing sound

What are you doing son

We need to talk

Let's say I need to get some fresh air

You have to stop here

I think I broke a little
things is driving me crazy

I don't want to fix

Xang not cool, not cool, isn't it

I have to say, he's not stupid

Competing I


I can't allow that

I am the champion

Choice /I have no choice

Your dad said the same thing
when he died in my arms

See the consequences of her choices against your mother

You're not really
doesn't want this to happen

I guess you know what I mean

If I didn't fight
this, I now free

The child grew
you know what I'm talking about hate

You never know
/ But you do it


I'm doing this for your father

I should be there
that night, father

I may just throw
towels, but I'm not there

Against it, my knees are broken

It has never healed.

Does not match

Definitely not

Why do you want to fight

I just told you.
No, you didn't.

Why do you want to fight me
to understand that want to fight with you

I know what they are
What are you fighting for

Listen to me, something may be missing


When it won't be a war
it's a loss, he's dangerous

I'm dangerous!

I guess Crazy /think I'm
I didn't say that

Luckily I know ahead

But I feel like you don't feel
you can beat him

-No, he's not

I said no
here forever

So what does that mean
you need to think smart

You want to talk about
results wise, rock

Alone in this house
I'm interested in you

I'm here for you

One more


I will fight with or without you

You'll have to do without me

This / I can do anything

Walk away from me

At least you don't have to worry
about this time threw in the towel



D /Rocky, you're good

Rocky-what's left of me
to fight

You waited for her accept the fight

After all he had been through, that
stop fooling around

I take care of him when he was sick with cancer

He Could Have Died, B/
I'm sure there's a reason

Like what

I don't need him

I love her-

I want a wooden seat

All for any problem

I don't know maybe
just tired from the flight

We don't need to go out
stay home and order a meal

No, you should tell your mother

Music how

Donnie said


I forgot

I'll sign the contract Xa


Will release a record album

Safe Thank You

How Rocky

With you no ma'am, / don't

Do you know how
Hates travel

Okay, Ma

I'm sure you've guessed,
but /Xa, I already know

Salt, shiny hair, eat

skin shimmer


Ma'am, do you think


I think I was pregnant

No, pregnant/I'm not


The result /D don't touch what was

Just want to see / I
I don't want to ruin it

What happens as a result

-What the two lines mean

Maybe it's broken

This is crazy

I Don't Know, D

You said you wanted to have children

Xa, but in this short time, I'm not saying

I don't know
what we'll be ready

Come on Get ready


Do you know the family already

They are currently talking on the phone


Why do you accept
marry you, I don't know

Also I don't know

When you get home,


The fight between us and

his son, Ivan Dragon



It's one thing to say more.

So it doesn't bother you /
You think it didn't bother me

Regardless of what you've grown
And other people think

This guy is a competitor you want to is none of your business.

You don't need my approval

Obviously blessing's
Rocky-Rocky don't get

He's not his father

Your life changed my life

Don't tell me
I'm sorry, I don't miss me at all

About me rotation,

and don't pretend
your dad about this

You're the champ
a world without a father

I feel why not
world champion

If your father was here,
will says he doesn't feel

But not here

Just hope
here for your son

Why you're stupid

Stop, you're tickling me

I mean no disrespect

I want something to eat

All the people
pregnant membuat sandwich

It's not a sandwich, singing

Just hate us, isn't it

It's not a baby

What you hear is not what

Can be hereditary

Everything will be fine
I promise

watch this fight

There is a lot of bad history

Everything your father and your father

He trained you remember

I know why
application no previous

You're not ready


Xa, but this is different

My son Drago and his great,
fast, strong, unusual

There's mass

Eaten breakfast
for this balanced

Is ready to think
everything I have will be ready

Do this for me, will not have anything to

at least do it for her

Think of

This being the case

Change the way that I remembered

This opportunity for us

Our history

Lecture may lie.

but, believe me, is very strong.

So you should be with me

I'm here

We will see later on

Creed Dragon his opponent means something

What is the effect of factors
the decision to accept this fight

You can make me stay
without a career is not a dragon

I want this for all the people that I want Xang

I'm also aware that it won't be
does it ring in the corner this time

For a family vacation with a rocky relationship

But Duke taught
my dad knows everything



I believe I am ready
to combat this

it was between your father and the Dragon,

you must have an emergency

What should I be afraid of

I was fighting this.

That was me

You're too small
we calculate which

D!/Come here!

Do you hear me

Look at me when I talk to you!

Let me know why
You Killed My Father!

This broadcast
live a few seconds longer

first, the main event tonight

Xa, I don't think
after all these years

other creed and Dragon duel

They've already gathered.
Viktor is heading to the ring Dragon

The way his father

You can feel the energy
Feel sure I'm paying in advance

There is more snow
this large audience

Until focus
Focus is the key

This size and style of the dragon with
seemed to have a very large power

and the speed is great

I am a champion

I am a champion

I am a champion

Adonis Creed is displayed with
Wonderful Tonight

And that's too big
the spirit of the audience did

Creed show
clearly to whom it belongs

This will change
The story of two sons

become a fan of the world
the previous tragedy

Gentlemen, I'll explain the rules

When you fight,
always protect yourself

And I said,
it must comply with

Good luck with Tos


It's the first game without
former Apprentice, Rocky Balboa

It will be interesting to see how
Corner of the deal the Duke ring nya

so much
the tension between the fighters

Okay, I think you're ready

Show him
This is your home, Ok

We started

The Dragon is the last of the Creed look
throw in a few attacks

Come on! Beautiful!

Destroy the Dragon
it's a big thing

Top, bottom

Have some punch


Yet Dragon /swing
Hit to meet again

Took a shot
and still

But I don't know what it is
Creed disliked him.

Don't be silly, boy I'm

Continued by pressing the right key
Throw in some boxing


Come on, son, empty your mind

strong blows to the ribs

The other side /another!
What he did, D!

Dragon do hit hard
Faith jumped behind her head

Creed gathers strength,
and now dragon attack

Come on, Come on! Beat him!

The dragon was chasing him

In the corner, stay away from D!

In the corner!

D, out of the corner!

Got shot in the head
Dragon, Creed gets hurt

For Dragon in the first round

I was very surprised when watching Xang
how impressive

Minutes Viktor Dragon
the opening of this fight

Two men are past,

Let Duke Creed withstand busy
emotion self

What do you do, D
Stick to the plan

Away /I know
Throw your anger fist

I know, I know!Give him
Let the left hook

Think I don't know
he / she if you know, do it!

I want this

Now get ready for the tour
2 the crowd still keen

Possible Dragon
No. 1 beat boxer

Think smart

2 all Type of applause

The dragon attack is coming

Creed-pointed-fuck you!

Tried to avoid the blow


Conditions deteriorate rapidly

A punch to the head and more
Creed is in big trouble

Let's Go, Donnie

Another blow to the head

I'm trying to find a way Creed
Creed is working to get

Come on, son

2, 3, 4, 5, 6!

That's true!

What it isn't


Creed is trying to reverse
to fight this situation

Dragon attack

Hard is a shitty shot

I'm working Creed wake
Not ready to give up yet

The referee's going to be
extend a more

Attacked directly

The dragon to put an end to it

The referee will withstand the Dragon

Seems to be limited because I don't know
finish a fight

Doesn't have to hit

Still more may be

This will be the last time Xa /I

You wouldn't do this

You can get view more
you look, if your ribs are broken

He's looking at me

I'm not quiet

I'm not quiet

No, Donnie

Here We Go, Round 3 Adonis Creed
already battered and bloody

Life Network
Viktor Dragon 2. in the first round

What we'll see
Adonis Creed is still left

while working hard
fight life

It's not a fight

Dragon attacked
Her creed is trying to relay

to survive

There's too much pressure

Don't fight!

A more powerful blow

Wanted to throw
the last shot /let him, D!

Too bad this shot
rib/ Back!

This of course is a disqualification
Viktor Dragon

Creed seconds
was tender shot

Stop it!

No, no, no! Calm down!

It's lonely here
the audience is waiting

Adonis about faith status

Cracks in the two bones,
two broken ribs,

concussion, a ruptured kidney

A ruptured kidney.
Heal wounds

the remaining
time including the kidneys

We need to do right now
his control may be the result of,

but we want to stay in
At least 48 hours SC,

just in case

May not be sober, but morphine
bislam feel then

OK/Are you good

I'm nauseous

She's Not Pregnant /
I don't know what

No, I'm serious

Plans OK

I'm sorry, Dr. Ewell

You have a visitor here late

Bianca, I'm so sorry
everything I'm supposed to be there

Also I'm very sorry

I came to hear

What's the difference for us
We'll see what happens

They know what to do

I don't care


I can't keep myself WBC
the decision of the arbitrator, i.e.

Viktor remains disqualified

At this point, you're the champ

Now you must rest
I need something, I'm out

A life, D

Stop him
I work

In Philadelphia, I'm watching you

No doubt you're very hurt

I'm hurt

I don't know why you're here

This rock isn't what/

Why not this
have to deal with him

I lost the fight
it started, didn't it


This man is the great and powerful

You need to reach

Then why don't you train me

Be my coach

No, look at me look at me

What are you still doing here

/ Status not to restore

I want to be the bad guy


I have to go

Take care of your son

I'm sorry


He loves you, D

Look at me

Good /you look
No, honey, look at me


D please /help me help you
I told you, I can walk

Please, please, please /I said

I don't know that lately

He's not himself

And I understand that
a lot of trouble

Just started physical therapy

as you work to develop yourself

And goes away

and trimmed

No one really like
currently it's important to her

Including me

I know

Still when I see her,
cure him, give him Your Love

But at the same time, there is a difference in that place
you're the only one who can bring him back here

He lived but all

All of this

You've been with him
every step

A grown man

Kept them all
Trust me, I know

I don't know about this

Highlights for this return tonight
Viktor looks bad too

After that interview
Compete with Max Kellerman

Viktor, this new pair
months after the loss

Adonis Creed is against

How to win this makes.

More often

I'm sorry descalificacion
Adonis Creed is against

tonight, how do you feel

I don't care

I should have been Creed /
And if you don't fight, you

Then champion / he's not an Adonis.
the challenge is already provided


/What's good I've met

Nothing /nothing

I'm just busy at home.
with the arrival of the baby

How good are you


I hate to say it, listen

They want to know we are planning
who will come to fight

You Drago competitor or
you have to fight someone

Have to defend the belt

If not, will be cancelled.

I could arrange 2 Mac

You know what don't worry
current Look

In Samsun,
warm up

I'll go get my stuff, Xa,
and will be again


Gloves focuses
True Slant There

Xa, I'm saying it a thousand times


How long he wants to
a certain number of years

How many people XA
safe hit by a lightning strike

I'm not kidding

Can I call you back


Mary Anne still needs




What happened, son

What are you doing here

Hope you don't mind
Your mother asked me to come

'he was worried about you

I'm worried also

I'm fine

That's not to come
this train trip, 3 days

Gives me time to think

why there are so many places
printed on a card

The experience is pretty great

Xa, if you say so /
It was fun Xa

There is this unusual
outside of all this here

To see him wake

Xa not tell

So, just give them a merry chase

Everything better

Live better

To be a better man

I think you're saying
what intelligent results

I've done in my life

Doesn't love me

It wasn't me
when your son my son

The birth of my grandson asked

And because

I don't even know where he lives


Why don't you call her

I work

Listen I don't want to do
the same mistake like me

You know what I mean

I ask you,

what is a precious thing

I asked first

What will really happen

I'm afraid

I hope to change this upper

I'm afraid I can't do it
can't do that

This is weird

Is an integral part of me.

Now I can't do
listen again

Tell me
to get into the ring

Grab my legs, hard
removing my hand,

shoot everything that gets in my way

I can't hear anymore

Now I'm lost

Not your mind

In this way the nature of the business
this big guy

Are you trying to say that it is better

I warn you,

Hello, it's me / you

I talked to your mother and said:

your son / Amara you will find a name for

Amara /Xa

How bad /it's not
It's a beautiful name

But this is quite a complicated word.

Why not one more word
Simply Becky or Kate

Kate's Creed

Kate / easy for you to remember's Creed
black knew it would be, didn't he

Right, I forgot

Xa, Mrs.


Calm down everything will be fine

Just have to be there
for him, it's OK

How is this-I understand

Don't forget this will be the day
the best day of his life

Where /Xa-OK

The best thing

Have children

What I know / what did you do?

Don't Forget This
Get the best out there

Wait here, okay?

You know I'll do
my best

Here you're old enough

Mr. Balboa

Already born-beautiful

Amazing very nice

We have a daughter

It's an honor


Hey, Amara, you are beautiful.


/How to test

I will be doing a review soon
then you and Amara breaks

What, dear

Fortunately it's very quiet /Xa

Something in what you feel /
No mention of harm

We have to do Xang
I give him a quick warning

the response of the nerves and


The normal audio range with


We start

Looking for / we increase the read

- We don't see the increase

They're going to do
some tests

They said it was still early
Sometimes a wrong reading

Can I ask you something

If the result is bad, how

I don't think so

You know what I mean

How will you cope

So /thought I'd
You'll be in love with him

Why do you ask
what kind of question is this, Rock

Xa, Good / I'll love him

Because of will feel
I'm so sorry for himself

you don't regret it and never

Marseille Safe Mate

From whom

Rival Don't. 1, Viktor Dragon, accept
In Russia with open arms,

his father's hometown in
and fun

But it's okay
In the mind of every person

If you don't, where Creed
choose your opponent immediately,

there is a risk of losing
for the title, and in person

I can't think of that
who will live

What-what /Xa
Fortunately slept

Hey, I need to get out of the House

I'm going to the studio

You could take care of him /Xa of course


-What may /Xa's what I'm


This is Mary Anne, please leave a message

Mom, she knows listen
I want to stop crying

Way let me know
stop her crying

Just give me a call
then you get this message

What happened, dear

What Baby Don't cry


I'm sorry

Dad sucks


That's how

She's a fighter

Like his father

Just like her mom

I have to fight him again

I wouldn't be that person
stop you

I don't want to finish
your mum alone

I really understand it.

It's not just us now, D

I know it sounds crazy
do this all over again

It won't be the end of it
myself, yourself, or finally

It can't be because we are a team.

We're not a team when you receive
the fight is the last time

You're right I'm sorry


Then why do it again

/What to prove
This is not about that

Won't never be useful to anyone
if you love

You can't breathe, isn't it

I'm not useful for everyone
if you can handle this

the correct way

But I need you

I'll beat him


You should think about this
very difficult

You need to be prepared
who you will encounter

So I can't lose

Why would he be said
the fight must be Russian

Accept it or not

Russians on its territory

If Russian bride

You should think about rock

Net profit
when the decision of the arbitrator

Then we'll let
not influence the decision of the referee



Thus you will train me
at 5 o'clock in the morning here

a better plan

So Philadelphia / no?

If you listen if you want to change
the situation in a big way,

then you have to do
some big changes

You must be joking, isn't it

Go Warriors

Start from the beginning,

Why is this taking so long

This crazy /Xa

Seems like a bad idea to me

You're going to hell because
you must learn yourself

Come on



Harder, harder!

Keep it up!


you should familiarize yourself with this

What it isn't

Go there

Come on

Wake up, wake up now I want to

So true

This is a few minutes away
was waiting for a fight already

all over the world to watch

A rematch between
Adonis Victor Creed and Dragon,

heavyweight champion of the world

If you say what you think
with this Adonis in faith

more mass and weight

Very impressive
see what that mindset

as enters the ring

Don't Forget The Dragon

He was
ladies and gentlemen, Viktor Dragon

walking into the arena

Had a belt.

but his fame reached Russia

and the world

The goal is to be the champion

The outer Creed may be
from this fight

Has high demands
Adonis took a step back

With Viktor in the ring

Sure Ivan, I feel good
here after all these years

Why don't you forget this


This creed everything
Rival Dragon part 2

Creed looked great tonight

But impossible to forget
what happened to her

when was the last time
the dragon in the ring with

Rumors wound at least
broken ribs

rupture and kidney

A big difference
this fight

former champion, Rocky have
Balboa, rear corner

And this would be very different

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

His rematch for this
grab the title of heavyweight champion of the world

Ladies and gentlemen, let's go party!

You can feel the energy
restless here tonight

Creed dare
to return to the ring

the guy almost
he ended his career

Man hungry to become a champion

I wanna be fighters
a clean fight

I say it's over,
two guys in the corner


Rocky Balboa and Ivan Dragon
for the first time to the public share

within three years

Who knows if people
How I will beat the Dragon


If you know you could be brave
I know you will be brave

You will be successful

And now, you know
what you're fighting for

Viktor made a belief
overwhelmed previous

I think you still remembered
Adonis inside his head

It will be interesting to see
how Rocky Balboa

Creed for the completion of
this definitely will be

the war completely


And here we go

Creed shook two boxing

At the start of combat and direct

Dragon was quite surprised
Creed almost punched him

Dragon pressing harder,
but it's not backwards Creed

Go ahead

Creed a little closer
Night of the Dragon

This combination of three shooting

Now back dragon attack

The Dragon push him!


Creed managed to slip

Come on!

They are now
scream in the middle of the ring

Almost the same powerful approach

The bell is coming to an end
the first round of

Dragon's Creed limited look
like everyone else tonight

It's True, D!

Good/ Xa?

You have to think she couldn't do it
think with your brain waiting

Round will be warming up
but this is ready for the future

On the right hand prefer to wear
With his left hand right, you're tired

Okay /stands on the right, Boxing
left /don't respect

Ivan did the same thing to me

After observation, I guess
combination shots Creed

much better tonight
during the first

2. tour begins

The left-hander hit the Dragon

Right hand and a little
The dragon attacked again

Creed boxy back

Look at your legs!

A Belief

After the uppercut, Creed
hold him now

The corner trying to discredit Dragon Creed

There is/are!Get out!

Creed dropped

What happened

Combat changes
with the first Dragon

this time showing the power

What-what /Xa

Dragon attack directly
Creed Creed The Fall

This is incredible the power of Drago

Time use

When you wear Creed
this recreation

Down take a breath!

Rocky listened

No he didn't
in this situation before

Creed back

Ready /Let's Go

Don't fight him.

With this shot, round.
open Dragon is owned by Viktor

I feel so angry that

Xang will be a next war

Not earlier

From now on, who
if you want more.

and who is more hot

Tired leave, stay away

Her depressed

It's going to hurt, or damage


Round 4 has the appearance of a

Because he took Dere
Dragon shot by a lot of

I didn't want to stop Dragon
he even stole

What's your problem

Shot in the chest

Creed fell again

Come on wake up

The Dragon is almost mastered
this fight

Creed but I won't give up

He got hit too much

You have to stay
naked space

Unprotected saw her when you let her go

That's true!

Dragon lose now

Entering Round 8

Get heated
unexpected fight

The temperature outside is too hot

A response that sought to impose

Xa, dear!

Xang we saw last night
this is Adonis Creed

the power last
Viktor Drago incredible

He's not going anywhere

Viktor Drago extend

Remember, never reached the round of 8

a professional song

What Points you get from him!

Creed dropped with
impact of chest pain

Around with Viktor
the guise of looking for something there

-Rocky Balboa I Think
a decision that should be made

He knows better than anyone

how it's the same story
It was 30 years ago


What you want to do

You want to take a step back

I don't think so

You have to stop him

But not like this

Because I like to pay

You know why

Dangerous because you /
I've changed the month Xa

True/10 seconds

Now, 10 rounds
it will be a long fight already

Dragon attack, but
Creed pushes it back


Creed dodge

Come on!

Creed fell again

And this may be
the end of the war


The other man must be
you can't compete

But managed
Adonis Creed fits

Name /what is your belief

What is your name


Dragon attack Creed Adonis Viktor


Come on!

Cornered Dragon

And fell

The scene is very wrong

In case he wakes up, then that

6!/I can't believe Dragon's wake up

They do have legs of steel

Dragon seems to be extinct
Should just be able to stand upright

and survive till the end

Creed attacked again
The Dragon has cornered


Let him go!

Come on, honey

Viktor Drago fell off again!

The reverse situation

Creed waited for the count from the referee

The dragon was able to stand up to
The number passed

Continues to shoot

Creed continued to attack
We should watch this

I don't think the Dragon's still
strong, but refuse to give up that


Ivan Drago threw in the towel

Adonis to defend his title Belief

name defend

defend his legacy

Still became heavyweight boxing champion of the world

Stand and and Russian Brio
Cheer for American fighters

Already done

The background plan everything!

We should give him some time

I love you

I promised

Let's go home

I don't know what

Rock I did.

This time

What happened, dad?

Sorry, I came just after all these years

I'm not sure what you mean

I think I need to tell you
your mother is fine

Now that



He was a good man

I see why you like him

Also I can't see why
I want to fight him

I came here
you say

I got it

But I don't do it
'it's not for you

I'm doing this because
this is my fight

get in the ring.

it's not just about me


Kim Logan /Xa, you must be


I sometimes think I should
everything someone

Hey, Robert


It was close to here, so

This is not your grandfather's

You're just like your father's mother

Xa, I know

I want to recommend someone to you

What do you wanna go?

Give it to me

What Ball /Xa have

Game ball /catch Xa


This granddaughter

Amara, bu Dede