Creatures (2021) - full transcript

A group of astronomy students get more than they bargained for after finding an injured alien who is being targeted by a group of bloodthirsty CREATURES!. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Please guys. Can we get silence?

Charlie, I said I need a piss!

What you guys talking about?
What you talking about?

Stop. Stop. Stop.

Jorge! Jorge!


Come on guys.

Keep quiet.

♪ He's only got one ball ♪

♪ The other...
Is in the Albert Hall ♪

Come on, come on,
we cannot miss it!

I'm already well
doing the best I can!

I know but we just can't...

Listen. If we go off
the sodding road,

we'll miss more than
your bloody comets!

It's not a comet!

If a comet was about to
come down on us it would

and this is not a
sodding emergency!

Jorge, Jorge!


Come on guys!


Doctor, perhaps it would
be safer you sat back down.

Anything I can do for you?

No, it's okay, Jorge.
Unless you have any Appenzeller?

Never mind.



No, I don't know.


Yeah, I know.

We wouldn't have
to go through that,

If you let me hire
the observatory at...

I know...

I know I saw that
reflected in my pay...

Why don't you offer the
doc a hand-job, whore-gay?

- Leave me alone.
- Oh, I want to mate,

But I just can't,
that dirty stench

of fried chorizo keeps
bringing me back.

Chorizo is Spanish you moron.

You're mixing up
your dago countries.

Hey, they got chorizo in Mexico!

I thought only
Italians were dagoes?

- You're all pigs!
- You're all pigs.

Yes, as much as I would love

to debate the correct usage
of racial slurs.

Is there any chance you

could keep your vile opinions
to yourselves?

So what you and you
gonna do about it?

What do you want to do?

We should do something...

but if, you know..

You don't want to make a scene?

It's okay.

- Slut.
- Offering herself up.

Enjoy yourself.

He's got a stiffy!

Back off!

Alright you idiots, that´s enough! All of you can go to hell,
you racists assholes! I've had enough!

Oh she's gonna beat
you off like a piñata.

Son of a bitch!

Come on then!

What! you protecting him?

I'll fucking have you,
and I'll fucking have you!

What is going on here?


Are you using me as a shield?


Not very gallant.

Am I talking to myself?

Shut up!

Finally... Great!

So can we find a balance...
between complete silence...

and yelling at each other?

Back off!

Or what mate?

Oh, er, that reminds me...

Doctor, I still owe you
the sponsorship money

for that white-collar
event you're doing.

Oh yeah! Me too!

It's ten wins in a row isn't it?

Yeah, all right.

Well, maybe we
were out of order.

When we get back to Uni,

Let's lodge a formal complaint.

Then we'll see who
the real winner is.

Jesus Christ!

Oh God.

Fucking 'ell!

Just where in the hell
did you learn how to drive?

Is everyone okay?

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!

The rest of you, stay here.
I'm gonna see what's out there.

You're gonna see
what's out there?

I'm an astronomer,

That's what we do.

I thought you just
hide away in labs?

No, not my style.

What the fuck was that?

What are you doing mate?
What are you fucking doing?

Can you see it?


Hey, Akane, I guess you waited
as long as you could, right?

I wanna see. I wanna see.

That is fucking gross.

Excuse me, excuse me!

That is disgusting!

Mother of God!

Is that an eyeball?

Is it dead?

Is it dead?

Where's the rest of the body?

I don't know.

That head it came
flying out of thin air.


I am stone-cold sober,
thank you very much!

And here's your bloody satchel.

Oh Shit!

Come on let's go!

Stone cold sober.

I've only had a couple.

Damn it.

Weeks of planning just
ruined by a sheep's head!

That'll be an odd one to
explain to the Chancellor

It'll be fine Doctor.

It'll be fine Doctor.

We're exposed out here.

We should get back on the bus.

No one's stopping you.

Because no one could.

Watch out Tommy, the
ice queen's on the warpath.

Doctor Serling?

What? What is it now?

Could be a meteorite.

Excellent, Amber.

No! Stop!

Convince them to come back.
If you can.

- Are you getting any signal?
- No.

Bloody countryside!

What are you going to do?

Oh my God!

This one landed earlier.

What could it mean?

I don't know.

Brilliant isn't it?


See there was this sheep's head

No, no, just the head.

Is that the police or the...



Hello, can you hear me?


Can you hear me?

Bloody signal.

What the fuck?

What the hell is it doing?

Come on little guy.

What do we have here?

I think it's a part of this...

Is that...

is that how you got here?

Were you hitch-hiking?

Or is it something you made?

You don't want to catch
any strange diseases...

and the alien might
be infectious.


Wipe your hands.


Mr. Driver?


Of course, it's England.

Or having tea!

Is it a drink or a type of meal?

Make your mind up!

He does resemble a hamster
or guinea pig somewhat,

with those chubby chops.

Reminds me of the
time I got the mumps.

Told you.

Made my cheeks all swell out.

How about... Mumpy?

Yeah, Mumpy!

Mumpy it is.

Or Serling's Alien?

Well that's an idea.

Will they let you keep him?

No. This little guy here
belongs to all science.

Plus you already have a pet.

What... the... fuck!

Look at it.

Oh my God!

Oh my god, guys!

Check this one out, I think
he died with a boner!

Look at that?

Struck by the meteorites?

No, meteorites don't bite.

Let's keep it quiet.

A life has ended,

with the passing of...

Get off me!

Alright, let's head
back to the bus.

Get behind me.

All of you!

More creatures like Mumpy?

No, these ones
sounded different.

They sounded more...


- Where's it coming from?
- What is that sound?

We should head back.

Oh yes, Akane did say we
should go back to the bus.

Oh, well it's a good thing
you're here to pass on

the messages after
it's too late!

Come on then!


Come back! What you doing?

- Come on then!
- Stop!

Oh my God!

I'm sorry, It's too late.


What are they?

I don't know.

What do you mean
you don't know?

What do you want me to say?
They're Klingons?

All your family has
come to collect you...

You're a heartless bastard.

I think it's the satchel!

No! You can't take him!

Sorry, why can't they have it?

Mumpy's not an 'it'.

But under the circumstances.
If it's between us and...

No way.

They don't get to kill
Chris and just leave.

What do you creatures
want with Mumpy anyway?

He hardly seems like a threat?

You guys want to eat him?

Want to study him?

I am an academic
myself on this planet.

Perhaps I can help?

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Leave my students alone!

Take me!

Take the leader!

Or perhaps we can talk
about it a little further.

Excuse me, this is not Brexit.

Doctor, I think we're
better off running.

You want him?

Come and get him.




Thank you.

This way!

How the fuck did you
get here so fast?


Tommy! Wait!

Don't Tommy,

Tommy wait!

Sorry mate.

Let's get you to a doctor, yeah?


Jesus Christ!

No, no!
I'm sorry! We need to leave!

We can't, I'm not going!


Run this way!

The weather is changing now.

We better hurry up.

The bus must be here somewhere.

It isn't here.

We should all get shelter.

Alright follow me

Correct change please.


Okay come on, come
on everyone to the bus.

No, just give me a minute.

Give me a minute.


Jemma, we have to go.

We have to go now.

Jemma, come on in?


Akane, open the doors!

I need to save the Doctor!

Open the doors!

- Get in!
- Doctor, get in!

Get in.

- Shut the doors!
- Get in!

I thought the bus was dead.

In Japan...

we know cars.

Well let me know
if I can help you?



We're pretty beat up.

There's a small town over here.

Perhaps we can
make it at least that far?

Let me know if you need a break.


Does anyone have any
phone signal? Mine's dead..

Not working.

Perhaps radiation
from the meteorites

has something to do with it?

No, I don't think so.

Perhaps them.

The one in the back.

What happened with the driver?

It looked like something
had killed him,

But then he came back
to life and attacked me.

Zombies and aliens.


What is that?

We don't know.

But it's not one of them.

What's really going on?

An invasion?

A hunt.

Yes, yes that's much
more convincing!

It's in the gait, I think.

What do you say, Vino?

Aw I love it when
you call him Vino.

Sorry, I but thought I saw
something land in the field.

- Was it a bird?
- Was it a plane?

No, a shooting star! A meteor.

Yeah, could be, I just need
to call it in,

could be of interest to em...

Oh, one minute...

Oh never-mind.

Someone want a drink?

Oh yes please.

Actually we were judging
Colin's zombie walk.

Let's see it then?

Oh, here we go then.



This place looks safe.

No! No! I'm not going in there!

Please, Jemma.

Jemma, please.

We have to! You can't stay here.

Perhaps she's right.

Might be dangerous in there...

Surely less dangerous
there than over here.

Excellent point,
come along, Jemma.

Who are you?

- Can you just let us in?
- What?

Please? I'll explain everything.

And we need to call the police.

Phone's are down.
But to be frank.

I'm grateful for
the peace and quiet.


Down too, but we never get
much signal out here anyway.

So could you.. try to...

What? Take you to the station?
It's in the next town...


Would you like me to get
him out of the way Doctor?

Anything else?

Want me to show you where
my cash and bank cards are too?

- Is everything all right Vinny?
- Hold on a second Colin.

Look, put yourself in my shoes.

A bunch of strangers
turn up at your house.

Looking a mess,

making all sorts of demands.

There's nothing you can say
to convince me to let you in?

I'd say that's
pretty convincing.

What do you think
it could be, Colin?

I don't know
and I don't want to.

Is this a hoax...

- Or is it?
- Colin, please.

If more are coming,
there's no time to lose!

Let's get moving.

You're not putting that in
the car with us, are you?

We need to take it with us,

these aliens are
unknown to science.

Aliens? Plural?

Is it another?

Hello, little fella.

Colin, don't!

Just, get some gloves before
you touch it, just to be safe.

Seems harmless to me.

They're after him.

- But in that case...
- They'll kill us anyway.

Trust us on that.

The doc's right.

We need to take
the body with us.

We need to know what
we are fighting.

Then it can go in your car.

They're gonna get us
like they got Kim.

Like all of them.

Jemma. We're safe in here.

And if we can get to the cars
then we'll get away from them.

- No, no, no, no, no!
- Hold on a minute.


I won't let anything happen
to you.

But you have
to keep it together.

So, what do we do now?

We need to thin their numbers.

We should fight our
way through them?

No. Not a chance.


Excuse me, I think
you'll find it's Captain.

Captain Vinny Williams.


Captain, what should they do?

- They?
- Ask the doc?

He's the teacher.

This is your house.

You know the ways in and out.

And I believe...

you've been in a
similar situation.

Something as hopeless as this.

Your eyes...

give it away.

The memory.

The dread.

Young lady, I think
you should shut your...

Ah that's it!

That's where I recognize you.

You're that guy everyone
was talking about.

Ah what was it?

Erm... a rescue mission
that went wrong?

That's enough out
of you as well.

It's alright, Colin.

It's fine.

We'll make our stand here.

Wouldn't it be better to
lock ourselves in your office?

Or somewhere upstairs?

The loft?

Don't be so ridiculous.

We'll make a death
trap for ourselves?

That's why he's in charge.

Now shh.

It's good to have a
hobby in retirement.


So eh,

Why don't we get one of those?

Because I only have two.

Do the math.

It's maths. We're not Americans.

Ever shot?

Grandfather used to take us
around Geneva, game hunting.

But that was with rifles.

That'll do.

These things don't
have much power,

So we'll have to get
under their guard

and shoot them at point-blank.


Any last questions?

Oh yes, uhm...

Why the Halloween
costumes at Christmas?

I meant about the plan?

Akane! What are you doing?

I thought that was obvious.

Whatever you're thinking, Akane,

We're stronger together.

You quoting Instagram
posts at me?

Akane! Stop this
madness or I will...

Or what?

You'll throw me off the course?

You're just going to leave us?

I saved you out there,

When dear Doctor Serling
lead us into a trap.

- You're blaming me?
- He didn't...

He didn't know.

How many times did I
say we should go back?

We shouldn't divide our forces.

You've plenty here.

They're your responsibility now.

So we're all gonna
make a run for it?

You'd slow me down.

Akane! No, wait!

She doesn't have it.

Then she does not matter.

We need to see what we're facing first.

I agree, they may be clever than they look.

But I doubt it.

GO! You fools!

Doctor, just let her go.

But I have to get her back.

She's made her choice.


Please don't leave us.

- Ready?
- Ready.



Yeh, sure. Let 'em in.

Whats wrong with you? Get in there!


Are you taking the piss?

What are you doing?

That's it...

Oh for fuck’s sake!

Get then back!

Get them out!

Doctor! Doctor!

- Jorge!
- He's gone!

We have a live one.

- Can I see?
- No.

- Can I see?
- No.

- Can I see?
- No!

Well that's the first wave.

- Did we win?
- We didn't lose.


Eurgh! So ugly.

What the fuck?

How's the leg human?

What the…



I'm sorry, it was
a waste of bullets.

They don't know
what ammo we've got.

Perhaps it'll make
them think twice.

It would help to know

More about what we're facing.

Perhaps I can help with that?

If you're of a
squeamish disposition...

Sorry, I think I might...

It's okay.

So it only melts flesh?

Oh, Lucky us.

Let's go sit down.


Makes sense.

If these things have a ship,

they don't want to accidentally
burn a hole into it.

Why are...

Why are you being so nice to me?

Why wouldn't I?

I've been so horrible to you.

I don't want to speak
ill of the dead,

But I feel like Kim
kind of led you astray.

Not as much as you
might think, like I...

It's okay. Just start again.



You should come and
have a look at this.

It's absolutely fascinating.

No animal this small
should have a brain so large.

Could that be how
they control the dead?

Some kind of...

Advanced brain power?

Maybe telepathy?

I can't say.

It would be better if
we had a live specimen.

Are you volunteering
to catch one?

Must be an automatic
response to his presence.



No, it's okay.

Be careful, Colin.

It's like there's something
in there.

It appears to be a...

Come on Doc, save him!

Hurry up, get it out of him!


How many?

How many?

Not sure. One of them looks
like he's looking for something

and there's one over there
that's carrying a kind of brown

Patty, it's two!

It's two!

Oh Nessa!

Oh shit!



Right, you bastards!

There you are!

Hmm. Not bad...

...but watch...


Fuck yeah!

Bullseye! Taste steel, bitch!

Let's get our weapons.



It's supposed to be a moon rock.


My Dad, he always
told me this story about...

going to space.

I was seven so I believed him.

He passed away later that year.

I'm sorry.

He loved watching
the moon and stars.

So I decided to study them.

I thought you might like it.

Let's save it for when
we get out of here.

Guard Mumpy.

It's gonna be okay.

We need to look
after each other.

Let's do this.

What's going on?

I don't know. What's
going on with Colin?


One, two, three.

I've got a game for thee.

You run and hide

And I run and hide.

I'm going to get you...

I'm going to get you.

I'm going to get you.

One, two, three

I've got a game for thee.

You run and hide.

And I run...


- Thee.
- Patty?


Doctor Serling, are you hurt?

No, I'm okay, I'm fine.

Thanks, Jorge.

Sorry, Patty.

I'm sorry.

So what the hell are those?

So is that how they're doing it?

Those things controlling
the bodies like pilots?


Destroying the head,

just like smashing
on a steering wheel.


Stop! Stop him!
Stop him! Come on!

Well, well, well.

Not as clever as you think you are, you stupid humans.

There he is. Get him!

Let’s get outa here!

We are doomed doctor.

Everything’s gonna be fine Jorge.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Come on let's go.

Jorge, can you check out
the door for me please?

- Yes.
- Thanks.

Oh my God!

What is it?

The lock is not working!

What? What are you saying?

Look out!

Wait for the slugs!


They're what is causing the...

Oh for fucks sake!

Hit it with this!




You alright, Jorge?

Yeah, oh fuck!

Wow! Akane!


I knew you couldn't abandon us!

I saw them retreating.

Figured you must have
found a weakness.

Oh... well missed you too.


Mumpy drove them off?

Doctor, what happened?

The noise he emitted
drove them off.

But I don't understand it.

Obviously a defence
mechanism of some kind,

Specifically targeted against

what must be
his natural predators.

Why are we protecting him

and not the other way round?

Calm down, Akane.

Every last one of them is stupid.

Many animals have
natural defences

But they can't use
them all the time.

Octopus don't have
an endless supply of ink.


that's why Mumpy didn't
do... whatever he did...

until now.

Is there anything
you don't know?

Well, I'm not a military
expert like our friend here.

Why don't you ask Colin
what a military expert I am?

Or Vanessa?

- Or Patty?
- I was only trying to...

Well don't alright! Just don't.

I tried to even the odds but all
I did was delay the inevitable.

You were right, though!

Once their numbers
are reduced further,

Then we can make a
break for the cars.

Oh, so now I have
your approval do I?

And there it is.

You keep trying to hold
it back don't you, hey?

But it's there.

Just there bubbling
underneath the surface.

And that's why you really ran?

Afraid you might unleash
something you can't hold back?


If Mumpy cannot make
that sound all the time

then those creatures
will come back.

We have to hold them off,
until Mumpy can do it again.

You'll need this.

You gotta let it out, Doc.

Whatever, Vinny.

Have you heard about my medal?

No, I haven't.

I don't normally
tell people about it.

Cause when I do,

They wanna know about my scars.

Tricky thing to get right,

You want them to be
as beautiful as possible,

Without glorifying war.

I was surprised
they gave one to me.

Yeah, I remember you.

You're that army
guy from the news.


You rescued twenty people
from that little town.

That was well deserved
in my opinion.


I'll forever be that army guy.

It was twenty-two actually.

One of them was a lady
who was pregnant with twins.

They tried to pin
the blame on me.

After the inquiry they decided
it wasn't my fault

and gave me a medal,

bit of a PR exercise really.

So do you ever wear it?


Only when they gave it to me.

And at the first funeral.

You went back?

To the town?


There's no town.

There-s no country.


What did the families
say to you?

The student's parents?

Brothers and sisters?

What do you think
they are gonna say to you?

I really don't know.

Do you ever get over the guilt?



So what do I say
to the families?

Whatever they need to hear.

Which is?

You won't know.

Not until you look
them in the eye.

Just make sure you're
not wearing a medal.

Every time.

Doesn't matter.

I've got a bereavement to go to.

Holy Shit!

This is the night!

The thing is though,
what we gonna say?

I don't know, want a
cheap bit of silent night?

Weeeeee silent night, yeah!
Let's do it!

You know silent night?

What is that? Why
does it have no strings?

Come on guys?

Hey, this is fucking stupid.

You want booze? We need money.
Shut the fuck up and sing.

♪ Silent Night ♪

♪ Holy Night ♪

♪ All is calm ♪

Doctor Serling?

Doctor Serling?

What's going on?

What is it, Amber?

Do you guys here that?


♪ Child ♪

♪ Round young virgin ♪

♪ So tender and child ♪

♪ Holy infant
So tender and mild ♪

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace ♪

- No!
- There are people out there.

No, No, No, No, No.
Come on, move it!

Please don't open the door!

Not now, Jemma! Not now!

Get back inside.

Get back inside.




Perhaps we have
other priorities?

These things are now
killing the kids.

Science and knowledge

are what really win wars.

Damn it. Where is my watch?

Do you have a watch
I can borrow?

It's important to keep
a log of events and...

For the love of God.


Are you hoping to get another
species named after you?

No, Jorge, I'm just
hoping to find a...

- Jesus Christ.
- Jorge, come on.

There must be another way inside.

Then why don’t you make yourself useful.

and go find it you fool?

Fool? Why do you have to be so mean?

I always get the shit jobs!


So, what's' Akane's story?

A colleague of mine,

a professor in Japan,

asked if I would accept
her onto the course.

There lots of sorts of
gaps in her education.

Implied she'd would have
fallen into the wrong crowd.



So, how did she
get out in the end?

Came to a head when...

they threatened
her little brother.

Last straw.

And he's still there?

Some sort of deal was struck.


her family hid out
into another town,

She had to leave.

How long before Mumpy is
able to use his weapon again?

Take it down a notch, Akane.

Well I doubt it
works like a timer.

Can we make him do it?

Make him?

Come on!

That’s it. Don’t look down. Keep going. You’ve gotta want it.

It's the only way to
defeat these monsters.

We might get some of them,

but we're outnumbered.

With him,

we can outgun them,

Much better than with
those antiques of yours, Vinny.

I won't let you touch him.

Is that right?

Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!

You think by hurting
this poor little creature

will make him want to help us?

We don't necessarily
need to hurt Mumpy... just...

encourage him.

And how exactly do we do that?

He's on our side, remember?

Shh! Quiet everyone

Can you hear that?

Go out the front way!

Come on, hurry up!

Get the barricade down.


Roger! Stop!

I'm sorry, Akane.

But I think I can help him.

Give him to me now.

Oh shut up.

Fucking 'ell!

What happened to Roger?

They must have gone after him.

- I need to get him back.
- We have to find Roger.

And get back Mumpy.

We need to stop them.

And make them pay.

Let's do that.

Let's go.

Where's my keys?

Oh I think the keys
got lost in the battle.

Never mind the keys,
where is the car?

The creatures must
have taken them.

What we going to do?

How's everyone's legs?


Guys! Wait!

I can't keep up!

Guys! I can't keep up!


Guys, stop!

- Alright jump on!
- Great!

Oh my God! Oh my God!

- Are you alright?
- Yeah, go!

What's that?
Is that a car?

- There's a car.
- There's a car.

Vinny, is that yours?

There's no one in the car.
Let's go!

They must not be far!

Come, go go go go!

We're all going to die!

Someone barricade the doors!

Hey what'd you say?

You need to turn the music
off! We need to warn everyone!

Warn them? About what?

There's an alien invasion!

- Good one.
- Idiot!

We're all going to die!

I can't believe you haven't got
that done Devina.

I mean it's so unprofessional.

Please! Please
are you in charge?

Oh goodness no, but my assistant
organised this whole affair.

Party of the century.

Or is it... Mille... Mille...

Never mind all that.


Why is everyone wearing
Halloween costumes at Christmas?

Ah! Well we felt a full-on
Christmas Ball,

wasn't all inclusive of
our multi-faith community.

So a reprise
of our Halloween Ball

was a much better compromise.

Brilliant isn't it?



Well are you at least
having a good time?



Why not?

Because there's
an alien invasion!

This is the only defence
we have!


So cute.

Is it remote controlled or do
you have your hand up its...

Oh you've got your act down pat!

Oh no, no, no. This is an alien,

And it's fighting
these other aliens

and we are caught up
in the middle of it all!

That's too elaborate, just get
the puppet to squeak again.

You fools!

You're all doomed!

Oh my God!

Cut the music!
Barricade the doors!

Arm yourselves!

Oh, come on, Devina! Guests!

Are you on the guest list?

We're not here for any party!

Well you're in luck,

'cause this isn't just
any party!

What's going on?

Were you with that strange
young man with the puppet?

Do you mean Roger?

Well he didn't say what
the puppet was called.

Claudia, you slut!

Let's go! Let's go!

Don't you ever just stay still?

Come on, Mumpy,

You little beauty,

time to do your thing!

Oh come on!

You can't still be charging?


Go. Save yourself.

I'm not gonna leave you.

We're meant to be
in this together.




No, Colin! It's me!

Come with me! Come!

Shut the door.

No, Akane,


Akane, come on, open the door!

Open the goddam door!

Try and find a way out.

Don't be stupid,
come on, open the door!

I'll hold them...

No! No! No! No!

As long as I can.

Roger, are you alright?

What happened?

I'll give you one guess.

We fought the creature.

Once it was all over
Mumpy ate it's brains.

Wolfed it down in fact.

I think that's what
gives him power.

Their energy.

Like the dust before


You came good...

In the end?


You found it!

Took it.

But you've returned it.

And now you can tell my parents,

the precise moment...

No, no, no, no, no!



What the fuck?

You OK?

You're safe.

We are safe now.

You were right.

He's some kind of weapon.

No. He's our Mumpy.

It was the creatures blocking the signal all this time.


Reports from the
government today

refusing to confirm reports
that another meteor shower

is on the way
and will crash down

within the next few hours
and days

with a particular
concentration in the south...

More of your kind, Mumpy?

And more of those monsters?

They must try to exterminate
his entire species

Because they're the only threat
they have.

Hmm, must be some
kind of scouting party.

The main force must be en route.

We gotta get word out.

Let everyone know this
is no mere meteor shower.

And we must find
the other Mumpies.

You can come too,

My little friend.

Alright then.

Well that fooled them.