Creature from Cannibal Creek (2019) - full transcript

Nature spawns a creature driven by vengeance to destroy a group of cold-blooded cannibals. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- I really do not like this.

- You're such a pussy.

- Pussy's got nothing to do with it.

You know how I feel about this forest.

- Yeah, what was it,
something your mom said?

- Yeah, she said there's like,

you know, a curse or something.

- Like a death curse?

- Well, that's what she said.

- That's what she said.


You were just a kid, dude.

- Yeah, so?

- You sure she wasn't
just telling you that

to keep you out of the woods?

Keep your dirty little boy hands clean?

- I mean, I mean, maybe.

But at the same time, it feels
pretty, you know, specific.

- Well, that does sound pretty Pacific.

- Yeah, you know, she
spoke about these woods

like they were some sort of living thing.

Like they were a lightning
rod for all sorts of bad shit.

- Come on, dude, when in
the history of the world

has lightning ever struck a tree?

- Fair point, I guess that's why

I let you talk me to come out here.

- Come on, dude, you gotta get over this.

Ellis Hardy's having a
bush party next month

and we gotta be ready.

- I do wanna be with her again.

- Okay.

Yeah, cool.

- Now, you better hope nothing
happens to me out here.

- I promise, if anything happens to you,

I'll move into a shack
at the edge of the woods

built in the late-1880s
for the rest of my life.

- Yeah, that sounds fair to me.

Do you hear that?

- Yeah.

I mean, come on, dude, it's...

Dude, he has a fucking...

Fucking, come on, dude, run.

- Get after them.

- No, my legs.

- Don't
let the other one get away.

Come on.

- No.


Stay back.



- Step aside, dummy.

Dead critter, no meat.

- Hold your damn horses,
you big, smelly oaf.

This ain't ready to be ate just yet.

You'll wait for your damn
supper just like the rest of us.

Make all the damn noise
you want, you stupid shit.

I told you this here
meat is for our supper

and I fucking meant it.

Don't you give me no backtalk, mister.

I'll put your head on a spike

before I take any lip
from the likes of you.

You are a tenacious little bastard.

Now, get.


Is he out in that damn woods again?

Don't he know it ain't
safe to go out there

with all them ghosts and goblins?

Well, I hope he ain't stupid
enough to stay out there

after dark or there'll be hell to pay.

Got anything else to say, dummy?

Well, don't you worry
none about that, Eddie.

You know we only eat filthy sinners

just like the good lord demands.

That's right, Eddie.

Eating is good because
we're all sinners at heart.

Well, all right already.

You're worse than a damn dog in heat.

Here's a morsel.

Now, don't you go letting
that ruin your supper.

Damn kids today.

Don't have a lick of patience.

- Now, hear me out, boy.

Now, listen, don't go taking
the law into your own hands.

Leave the investigation
to us professionals.

- Sir.

- What is it, Rose?

Can't you see I'm on the phone?

- Your ex-wife is on line two.

- Crud muffin.

You tell her to hang on.

Hello, boy, you still there?

That sumbitch hung up on me.

- Line two, sir.

- Gad blast it.

- Careless.

Poor animal.

Not very respectful.

- Neptune reporting in.

- I read you, Neptune, go ahead.

- Harriet, we've got a
hiker out in the woods.

Send Eddie for backup.

He's down by the fallen
tree down by Holland's Pass.

- Alrighty, I'll send him.

You boys better get back
here long before dark.

- Roger that.

We'll get back as soon as we bag him.

- How's he look?

- He looks tender.

- Good.

Base, out.

- What is with this rain?

This is a weird forest.

One more.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Take it easy, now.

There's no need for violence.

Why don't you put that sword down?

Okay, man.

Stay calm.

Wait a minute.

It's you, isn't it?

You're the one responsible
for all the disappearances.

- What are you, brain-dead?

You can't hack him up out here.

It's a lot easier to bring
him back in one piece.

Give me that sword.

How many times have I told
you not to touch my stuff?

Besides, this one here's still alive.

And you never hacked up a live one before.

I know you didn't mean it.

Now help me get him back into the barn.

- No.


- Get him inside.

I gotta go back in the
forest and get my sword.

- What is this place?

Aren't any of you gonna answer me?

- They don't like us talking in here.

- I couldn't care less what they like.


- They'll punish you.

They'll probably punish all of us.

Please, lower your voice.

- Hey.

Shut up.

- Okay.


I'll be quiet.


I'm David.

Could one of you please
tell me what's going on?

- I'm Jennifer.

We were grabbed up by these animals

while we were hiking in the forest.

I imagine the same thing happened to you?

- Are there any more captives?

Maybe in another location.

- There were captives.

- I found a piece of her
backpack out in the forest.

Have you seen anybody
wearing one of these?


This'll be better.


Has anybody seen her?

- She was here last week.

- Well...

Well, where is she now?

What happened to her?

Talk to me.

- They took her away
and she never came back.

- Oh, god.

- I'm sorry.

- How long have you been here?

- I don't know, I figure
maybe a couple of months.

- Look, I don't mean anything by this,

but if you've been here for awhile,

why didn't they take you first?

- She's their slave.

She gets to work and she gets to live.

Those that don't work...

- Then what?

- Then they just become
lambs to the slaughter.

- No.

This can't be happening.

We have to get outta here.

- What, you think we
didn't think of that, pal?

- These cages are held together
with nothing but zip ties.

- They're surprisingly strong

and any noise sends one of them running.

- Maybe we can go through the top.

- They'll hear you.

This place might even be bugged.

- The woman, Harriet.

She's everywhere.

- I haven't met up with her yet.

- Pray you never do.

- Someone's coming.

He wants you to put
your hands on your head.

He wants you to go with him.

- Oh no.

- So much for heroics.

Poor bastard didn't have a chance.

- David.
- Sh.

- David.

He won't get far with that open wound.

- He's gotten further than anyone else.

- What the hell?

I thought you said you killed him.

Well, he ain't dead if
he up and crawled away.

Well, he won't be hard to find.

He's leaving a trail a
Yankee baker could follow.

I'll stay here, you follow
that trail and bring him back.

Well, looks like we've had our share

of excitement for the day.

I'll get you a mop and I
want this place cleaned up.

- Yes, ma'am.

- What the hell is going on around here?

You know Harriet's gonna kill you

if she finds out you're
looking at this stuff.

No excuses.

You oughta be ashamed of yourself.

I understand.

Still, you gotta clean this up.

She looks kinda sweet, I'll give you that.

I wonder if she'd taste
as sweet as she looks.

Take it easy.

She's not real, you know.

No, I'm not gonna tell Harriet

'cause she'd skin both of us alive.

Now get this stuff cleaned up.

Horny bastard.

- I got him.

- So predictable.

- I have to get something
for all that money

we donated to the Audubon Society.

- We do get something, a big tax break.

- Oh yeah, I forgot.

Take a look at this.

- You're not actually gonna
stop for this woman, are you?

- Just gonna have a little bit of fun.

- This better not make
us late for the party.

- Hey, thanks for the ride.

But why did we stop?

- You haven't got the ride yet.

Do you have any cash?

- Money?

I'm only going to the next county.

- That's not so far.

How about $5?

Nice doing business with you.

- Jim, what's wrong?

- Looks like you're outta gas.

- I thought you filled
it up at the last stop.

- Me?

You've gotta be kidding.

- I don't believe this.

- What are we gonna do now?

- I think I know where we are.

There's a mom and pop gas station

a couple of miles from here.

- How many miles?

- I don't know.

A few.

- What do you propose?

- Well, you could give me some gas money

and then I could go get it for us.

- No offense, I don't
trust you with a dollar.

- None taken.

- Natalie, you go with her

and I'll stay here until you get back.

- Me?

That's absurd.

You go.

- I don't think it'd be proper of me to be

out in the middle of nowhere
with this young lady.

- Yeah.

That's for sure.

- Come on, honey, take one for the team.

- You bastard.

Wait, you're going too fast.

- I gotta ask.

Why do you stay with that jerk?

- That's an easy one, girly.

For the money.

- Come on, princess.

- What are you getting so
worked up about, Eddie?

They're down by the back 40.

They're nowhere near here.

Well, if they move, remember,

you can switch to a different camera.


Now go, keep an eye on 'em.

- Hope this doesn't take all night.

That bitch is getting a little
too big for her britches.

She better learn to do what
she's told the first time.

If she doesn't like it,
she can choke on it.

- Let's get a move on.

- I'm coming.

It's not easy to walk in
these heels, you know.

- On second thought, you can keep it.

- Damn, Harriet was right.

This thing looks stupid.

What the hell?

Neptune reporting in.

- Go ahead, Neptune.

- I found a dead body in the forest.

- That guy you and
Eddie brought in yesterday?

The one dumbass thought he killed?

- No, this is someone else.

- Well, go
figure, that's strange.

- I agree and I can't help but think

we're not the only predators
in these here woods.

- I've been telling
you morons that for months.

- Yeah, you know what, I'm
starting to believe you.

- He still useful?

- Meat's fresh.

Hardly been touched.

- Good.

Get him back here on the double.

We need to kill all the meat we can

before the winter sets in.

- Okay, but when we're done,
I'm coming back out here.

I wanna take another look around.

- Yeah, maybe you'd better.

- Neptune out.

- Wait, Neptune?

- Yeah?

- You be careful out there.

- Roger that, out.

- What's that?

- This?

Just my lucky key.

- Really?

How'd you get it past them?

- Ha.

I guess they just missed it.

- Can I have it?

- What?


It's all I have left.

- I want it.

- I don't care, Amy, it's mine.

- It's not fair.

When I got caught, they
took everything I had.

- Hey, we all lost
something in here, sweetie.

- I'm sorry, Amy, I really
am, but this is mine.

- I'm gonna tell them you have it.

- What?

You wouldn't.

- I would.

If I tell them, they
might let me live longer.

Well, longer than you, anyway.

- But you'd be killing
me over a stupid key.

- I guess so.

But we can avoid that easily enough.

- How?

- Give it to me.

I'll keep it safe.

I'll even let you look at it sometimes.

- Sh.

They'll hear you.

- No, I'm not giving it to you.

- Come on.

It's better for me to have it than them.

Hand it over.

Come on.

- Fine, just take it.

- Better stop looking at me like that

or I'll tell them how you
nabbed that sleeping bag.

- I'm going back to sleep.

Fuck you, Amy.

- What the hell?

I'm free.

I'd help you out but
fuck you, right, Ross?

- Harriet.

I'm heading back out.

Keep your eyes open for
them government planes.

- Don't you be telling
me how to do my job,

you stinky, old lunkhead.

- Yeah, sorry.

By the way, these flash rainstorms

have made the bugs out here crazy hungry.

- Neptune, like I told you,

them's just God's precious
creatures just like you

and just like me.

They got the taste for blood

and nature just provides
them with the vittles.

- Talking about food,

you got something that'll
hold me over till lunch?

- Go fuck yourself, Neptune.

You know I don't like you
snacking between meals.

- Don't be like that, Harriet.

Tracking down them sinners
really gives me an appetite.

- Well?

- Please?

- All right.

I swear you're a big, stinky kid at heart.

- Great.

What do you got for me?

- How about a lady finger?

- Sounds perfect.

- Here you go.

- Hey, this is a thumb.

- So what?

- Thumbs are all bony and short.

Come on, Harriet.

- Damn.


Just like I said before, a big, old baby.

- Thanks, Harriet.

- You best remember
that I ain't your momma

and I ain't no short order cook neither.

You'd best be remembering that.

And don't you go near that crick.


He's kinda right.

Them thumbs is kinda tough like frog shit.

- I think I love you.

What's so funny?

- You.

You're always saying such silly things.

- All I said was I think I love you.

What's so wrong with that?

- I don't know, everything?

We've only been together a short time.

Isn't it a little early for love?

- Haven't you heard of
love at first sight?

That kind of thing happens all the time.

- Not to me.

- I think I loved you at first sight.

What do you think gave me the courage

to talk to you in the first place?

- Lust?

- That might be true.

- Why don't we sit over here?

- Sure.

- You packed sandwiches, right?

Can I have one?

- Only the best for you, my dear.

- Peanut butter?

This is the best you have to offer?

What happened to the egg salad sandwiches?

- What do you mean, in this heat?

They'd be totally disgusting by now.

- I guess you're right.

- You know, Laura, we've been going out

for quite awhile now.

- Aren't you gonna eat?

- Yeah, well...
- We should head back soon.

You should grab a bite.

- Laura.

- Don't let me eat alone.

You're gonna be hungry later.

- Fine.

- Condoms, really?

Is that where you think
this date is going?

- Don't get upset.

- I'm already upset.

We've talked about this before.

I'm not ready for that.

- I just thought...
- I wanna go back to the car.

- Wait.
- It's this way, isn't it?

- Don't you know?

I thought you knew everything.

I'll show you the way later.


- Help.

Somebody help me.

- You're gonna pay for that.

I'm gonna find you, I swear to God.

I'll fucking find you and
I'll fucking kill you.

What the fuck?

What the fuck?


- Holy shish kabob.

- Okay.

I'm good.

But I think I'm lost.

Better head back the way I came but...

Okay, let's go.

Oh my god.

- Harriet.

Come in, this is an emergency.

Answer me, dammit.

- What's wrong, Neptune?

Jeez, Neptune, what's got
you so damn worked up?

- There's a monster in the forest.

It's been killing all
them sinners out here.

- I told you them
woods was full of goblins.

Where are you?

- I'm by Solace Trail.

- I'll send Eddie.

- You better both come in.

This thing, it's huge.

- Neptune, you still there?


You dumbass.

- Hey, looks like someone else
is making a movie out here.


- Hurry it up.

Is everyone locked up tighter

than a preacher's butt in there?

Well, close the damn
door, you big bonehead.

And don't forget your prodder.

Lord, give me strength.

Let's go.

We're almost there, Eddie.

Keep going.

Well, how are we supposed
to defend ourselves

against goblins if you can't
even work your two wobbly legs?

What is it, boy, you find something?

It's Neptune.

They got him.

They're not gonna get
away with this, Eddie.

I'm gonna be cooking up a
fine mess of goblin stew

before this is rightfully over.

There it is, Eddie.


Let's go get it.

Flank him, Eddie.

Look at me, you dirty goblin.

Zap him, Eddie.

Zap him, Eddie.

It's too damned strong, Eddie.

We need a plan.

That's why we needed Neptune.

He was so good at all this killing stuff.

I think I might have a
plan that might just work.

Hush your mouth, Eddie, and
just give me a second to think.

Maybe if we can lead it back to the pen...

I'll run back and get things ready

and you agitate it enough
to make it follow you.

You get it right, Eddie, do it.

I'm turning on the juice.

That should hold it, Eddie.

Don't you see?

With Neptune gone, we don't got anybody

to do our killing for us.

This here monster's
gonna do our dirty work.

Let's do our rounds and
we'll test my idea later.

- I'm not eating anymore
of your damn slop.

- Just eat the damn slop.

You're gonna ruin it for everyone else.

- I deserve better.

- You both better keep it
down or we're all dead.

- Make all the fucking noise you want.

I know you're just gonna kill me.

At least this way I can
keep some self-respect.

- Hit the road, Eddie.

No snacks before lunch.

So my goulash ain't good enough for him?

Well, it was his last meal anyways.

I'll cook him up something special.

- I wouldn't
eat that if I were you.

You know what it's made from.

- I don't care.

I deserve the best and
this is the best they have.

I knew you'd come.

At least I got one decent
meal before the end.

Electrified fence.

You two are full of surprises.

Wow, first a lovely lunch,
now time in the yard.

You're going to spoil me.


- You ain't gonna spoil.

You're gonna die.

- Okay, okay.

Let me out, let me out.

Please, I'll do anything you ask.

Just let me out.

- All I want is for you to drop dead.

And it looks like I'm gonna get my wish.

- I'm not gonna go this way, I won't.

- You don't have much
in the way of choices.

- No.

- Well, that seemed to work out just fine.

We should do another one.

We'll be set early for winter this year.

Don't just stand there.

You need to get him back to the shack.

Well, butter my butt and call me biscuit,

you and I might just turn out

to be good friends after all, goblin.



That lard ass better be doing his work.

Eddie, what are you doing down there?

All right then, Eddie,
onto the next chore.

- I'm up.


We don't have to do this
all the time, Eddie.

I know the routine, huh?

Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's up.

It's up, I get it, yeah.

Yeah, cut it.

Let's get this done, get it over with.

It's up, all right?

Okay, yeah, good, you opened the door.

Okay, I'm stepping out, I'm
stepping out, I'm stepping out.


Hey, Eddie, Eddie, come on.

Okay, easy with it.

Hey, Eddie, listen.

Just watch it with that thing.

I know you're a smart guy.

I know you're smart.

Okay, just listen to me, Eddie, okay?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

It's okay.

See, see?

Hey, hey.

It's fine.

It's fine.

You shouldn't have done this, Eddie.

You should've listen to me, Eddie.

- What the fuck are you
doing, you piece of shit?

Goddamn, that's some tough meat.


Eddie, you almost let this one get away.

Now you pack him up before
anything else bad happens.

Yes, Eddie, we're gonna do another one.

Didn't I already say as much?

You have someone in mind, who?

That lazy one?

Is he still refusing to do his work?

Well, what does Jennifer
have to say about this?

Isn't she supposed to be the one

in charge of the work crews?

She can't get him to work neither?

Well, I think we found
our next victim, Eddie.

You help me clean this up and
then we'll pay him a visit.

Where is he, Eddie?

Well, how the hell did he get
himself that sleeping bag?

Well, he must have got it
from around here somewheres.

Nothing's gonna wake this slug abed.

Not even your infernal racket, Eddie.

Wait a minute.

Ain't this the dirty, little snitch

that told us that Sawyer
wasn't pulling his weight?

Hang on a spell.

You know what I think, Eddie?

I think he ratted out his
friend for what he done himself.

I thought Sawyer's meat was a might sweet.

I have an idea, Eddie.

Let's teach this couch potato
a lesson he will never forget.

Let's go.

- No.


No, I can explain, please, no.


- Well, don't you look like
a great big chimichanga.

- No no.


Oh my god.





Come on.

Let me out of here.

Please, come on, no, no.

- Hurry up and get him inside, Eddie.

Take him a little further, Eddie.

Come on, Eddie, hurry up.

- No.

Stop it, no.

- Damn.

What a way to go.

Yeah, yeah.

That thing is better than
Neptune was on his best day.

I'm excited too, Eddie, I'm excited too.

Maybe we should do one more?


Well, hold up, Eddie, hold up.

We need to talk about this.

Now, let's just think for a dang second.

How many we got left?

Just one?


Okay, hold on, we have some
choices to make here, Eddie.

She's a dang good worker.

But with everybody else dead,

what does she have to do around here?

We'd be set for winter.

Oh, what the hell, this'll be fun.

Come on.

Morning, sleepyhead.

Wakey, wakey.

- Is it time for me to sweep the cages?

- Not today.

We have a different chore in mind.

Get her out, Eddie.

- I'll come quietly.

- Yeah, yeah, we know.

That's what we like about you, baby girl.

How's about a little song?

Take it, Eddie.

- Oh god, just kill me now.

Oh my god, what is that thing?

Is that Ross?

- Yes, it is.

He took a royal pounding.

Come on, baby girl.

- Please don't do this.

- It'll be all over soon.

Come on, take it like a man.

The least you can do is make it sporting.

- David?


- What just happened?

That thing turn pussy on us, Eddie?

How am I supposed to know what's going on?

Maybe the creature's sweet on her.

I don't know.

- I'm not gonna hurt you.

- I've had enough of this.

Eddie, get your prodder ready.

- I'm not gonna hurt you.

- This is not working, girly.

Let's get you out of here.

Better start making with
them explanations, girly.

Why didn't that goblin kill you?

- I honestly don't know.

I don't know, I don't.

- Eddie, give me them zip ties.

They're not for the cage.

They're for her.

Give me that prodder, Eddie.

This'll loosen your sweet, little lips.

- I don't know what's going on.

I don't know.

I don't.

- Tell me!
- No!

- The power's out.

I'll bet that lovesick bog monster

got something to do with this.

Eddie, get out there and keep watch

and I'll get Ms. Cookie
Britches ready to play.

We just might need her.

It won't be long now, Eddie.


There it is.

We'll get it with the
prodders just like before.

Go, Eddie.

Get him, Eddie, get him.

It's weak from wrecking the damn fence.

Go at it.

Come on, Eddie.

Zap the damn thing.

- How does it feel, boss?

How do you like it?

Spare this rod, huh?

Your turn.



- What the hell?

You gotta die from something.

- It's over.

You did it.

They'll never hurt anybody ever again.

You know, I could get you some help.

You don't have to live like this.

Let me get you some help.


If it's you, let me help.

Goodbye, David.

Thank you.

- Now go, keep an eye on 'em.

- Just left the city
'cause I needed space.

I moved to a town with a
foreign name I can't place.

Rich history, predating European landing.

Indians lived and died right
here where I'm standing.

And the house, spacious,
lots of natural light.

A great place for me to...

- What are you doing back here?

I told you not to interrupt my stories.

Get out.

- I've been on the
market for years but no takers.

Big backyard.