Creature from Black Lake (1976) - full transcript

Some fishermen are attacked in the Louisiana swamps. When the word gets out of a mysterious Bigfoot-type creature, two researchers come to a small town to study and hopefully discover what the beast is. Their research from some farmers help the two men to learn that the creature may be a very angry and murderous missing link. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(frogs croaking)

(water splashing)

(frogs croaking)

(dramatic instrumental music)

- Hey, Joe, look at this.

- Ah, something's been stealing our game.

- You mean someone's
stealing from our traps, Joe?

- Yeah, damn.

(motor sputtering)

- A theory that many
anthropologists have considered

is that this creature could
possibly be a mutated bear,

or a gorilla.

Some scientists absolutely
scoff at the idea

of a Sasquatch, a bigfoot, a yeti,

a skunk ape, or whatever
you wanna call it.

(motor sputtering)

- [Trapper] Hey Joe, look!

He got this one, too!

- Science has been proven
wrong on many occasions,

with regard to evolution
in the animal kingdom.

For instance, 1938, a fish
caught off the coast of Africa.

Supposedly extinct for 70 million years.

Just a few years back, a tribe of Indians

found in the Philippines,
their living habits

and tools supposedly what
prehistoric man used to be.

They had never seen civilization.

(indistinct shouting)

(indistinct shouting)

- I saw it, right there, right there

in front of me I saw that damn thing.

Right in front of the boat.

(tense instrumental music)

Hey Joe.

Look at this one.

This one is--

- Shut up!



(brush crackling)

You hear that?

- Hey, Joe?

Let's get out of here.

(motor sputtering)

- There is one good note, though.

There's never been a report or an incident

of this creature ever attacking
or harming a human being.

(motor sputtering)

- Damn, hit something.

- Oh, what do you reckon it is, there?

Well, I'll check it out.


(engine struggling)




(frightened shouting)


- We've done research,
you've done research.

We know it's in southern
Arkansas or northern Louisiana.

And we're willing to do it,
we've got the summer free.

The only thing we lack are two things.

That's money and wheels.

- Y'all really wanna go
down there, don't you?

- Man I wanna prove its existence.

- Prove its existence?

(motor sputtering)


(uptempo rock music)

- What do you reckon we'll find down here?

- Well, hopefully a bipedal primate

and about 14 or 15 Cajun women.


- What?

(uptempo music)

You tired of driving?

- Ah, a little bit.

- Let's switch.

- While we're moving?

- While we're moving.

- You ready?

Oh, switcheroo!

(pleased whooping)

Now, down to some heavy driving.



- [Rives] Thanks for warning me.

- No, I mean the van; we need gas.

Did you get it?

- Yeah.

Here's the orange juice.

- That's my orange juice.

(unintelligible muttering)

(doors creaking)

(uptempo music)


How far have we gone today?

- I don't know, you wanna
stop somewhere for the night?

- You bet.

- Well, why don't we find a place to camp,

and try out some of our new gear?

- If we stop at the campgrounds, you know,

we're not gonna get french
fries, hamburger and a Coke.

- Aw, isn't that a shame.

- Suffering.


Big creature, here we come.

Hey you, hey.


(dog barking)




- You all take care.




- Meditating.

- A little,

a little nectar?

- Why thank you.

- Ah, this is great, isn't it?

Wish I had a hamburger
to go with this beer.

- What's this with you
and hamburgers, man?

I've never seen anybody eat so many

hamburgers in my entire life.

- Chicken.

- Chicken?

- I'm from the chicken
capital of the world.

And my daddy was the king,

so we had chicken for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We had chicken fried,
barbecued, stewed, skewered,

we had chicken, my mother, one day,

tried to make chicken jello.


- Well, that explains it.

(frogs croaking)

- Rives, you really
believe there's a creature?

- Yeah, I do.

Just like any other phenomena, you know,

UFOs or stuff like that, you kinda believe

but you never really
believe until you see one.

There's a guy down here,
never made the papers

like the thing down in Oil City.

This guy comes home from work one day,

the two kids are a wreck.

They're saying: daddy,
we saw the boogie man!

We saw the boogie man!

We saw him!

I mean, but they're scared.

So he thought the wife was
telling stories, right?

He says: what have you been telling them?

And she can't handle any of it anymore.

And snaps, right in
front of his very eyes.

I mean, flips out.

They all go in the loonie bin.

So this guy is just: what happened?

So he goes out for 21
days, stalking this thing.

- By himself?

- By himself, and if my
memory serves me well,

it's right around these
parts here someplace.

He goes, search party goes out after him.

And they found him.

Totally dismembered, and his
gun wrapped around a tree.

You know?

- I believe I'll relieve myself.

(brush crackling)


(dramatic musical theme)


- Hey, what's happening, man?

- Uh, we, ah,

we're camped out down here.

We got a lot of hot
coffee if you'd like some.

- Sure, that sounds pretty good.

- This guy wants a cup of coffee.

I'm changing my pants.

- Man, it is hot.

How much further we got to get there?


- We got enough time for,
according to the map, for lunch.

Almost there.

So just drive on.

(creaking and whirring)

(dog barking)

- Okay, we're here.

Wake up.

(door creaking)




Good morning!
- You and your sense of humor!

- Oil City, here we come.

- We're here! (chuckling)

What do we do now?

- I don't know.

Walk around, introduce
ourselves, ask a few questions,

and try to find Joe Canton.

(uptempo country music)

You know where Joe Canton might be?


Some sort of creature attacked here,

I think it was about
40 miles out this way?

- You don't know Joe?

Appreciate your time.

- You didn't read anything
in the papers around here

about some trapper and his
friend that was killed,

or was lost or?

Do you know a guy named Joe Canton?

You know about any creatures
living around here?

Am I in Oil City, Louisiana?


- [Barber] Come in, have a seat.

I believe you're next.

- Well, actually, I'm not
shopping for a haircut today.

- Well, you kind of
look like you need one.

- No, actually, I'm a student
from the University of Chicago

and I'm down here doing some research

on the bigfoot creature.

You know, if anybody has seen it?

I was wondering, well, if
anybody claimed to have seen it?

Like that trapper I read
about, lost his partner?

- Well, I don't know
anything about that creature.

Maybe you'd better talk
to this man right here.

- Look, son.

I'm Sheriff Billy Carter.

And it's my duty to protect
the citizens of this parish.

That includes keeping
them from getting riled up

over a wild rumor.

Now, you're welcome here,
so long as you don't

go nosing around, scaring the daylights

out of these people about
some mysterious monster.

We've had more problems
than we can say grace over,

and it happened without you.

- Now, what about that trapper?

Could I see a police report, please?

- You don't listen very well, do you?

I told you to forget about

any creature you were talking about.

Now, if you don't,

you're gonna have to start
doing business with me.

Do I make myself clear?

- Oh yeah.

Perfectly clear.


Good afternoon.

(somber country western music)

- Hi.

- Oh!

You better watch out, HB,
I'm gonna tell your wife!

- Now don't get nasty.



- What can I get for you, sir?

- Just like a hamburger,
french fries and a Coke.

And I'd like to hold your,

I'd like for you to hold the tomatoes.


- I bet you would!

- Hey, hey, hey, come here please.

Sit down, please.

I'm Pahoo.

- Eve.

- Listen, we're a couple
of college students

who are doing research, ah,
from the University of Chicago,

on the bigfoot creature.

And, well--

- What'd you say?

- Bigfoot creature.

And what we were--

- HB!

This fella here is looking
for the bigfoot creature!

He's from Chicago.


HB, you know anything about any creature?

- Sure do.

- [Pahoo] Is that right?

- I was laying up there in bed one night,

I heard something stirring out my kitchen.

So I got my gun, flashlight,

and went to creep up off the floor there.

I shoved the door aside, and there I was,

standing face to face!

Oh, them red eyes and
this long, stringy hair.


- Now, well, what?

What happened?

- It was my wife.

(raucous laughing)

(loud slamming)

- Is that supposed to be funny?

I said: is that supposed to be funny?!

- No, Joe.

- Well, little Willy
don't think it's funny!

And I don't think it's funny!

Any more of your funny jokes,
you got me to answer to!

- Okay, Joe, okay.


- Who was that?

What was he saying, something about Willy?


- Well, he claims that
this creature of yours

killed a friend of his called: Old Willy.

He's crazy as a coot, if you ask me.

I think his name is Joe Canton.

- Joe Canton?

Thanks, Eve.

Oh, my gosh!

Excuse me, did you see somebody
just come out of there.

He looked like a wild
man, he was like, ah...


I just saw the guy we were looking for.

- Yeah, in there?

- Yeah.

- Did you talk to him?

- Joe Canton, the trapper!

- Where is he?

- Well, I lost him.

- You lost him?

- Yeah.

- Nice going.

Don't worry about it.

I already had a warning
from the town sheriff

to forget about any kind of creature.

- Great start.

- Hey!

Listen, it might not
be any of my business,

but I heard what was going
on in the barber shop.

And ah, well,

seeing how you're researching, ah,

I figure I might as well tell you.

- Tell me what?

- I seen him.

- You saw Joe Canton?


- No.

I saw the creature.


Listen, hey, I don't
want this getting around.

And ah,

seeing as how I could use a ride home,

I figure I could tell
you on the way out there.

- Step into my office.

- Pahoo.

- Orville.

- Come on, I want you
to be comfortable now.

- You live close by?

- No, I live out in the country.

It's on down.

- Well, Orville Bridges,

tell us about your
experience with the creature.

Did you really see him?

- Experience with what creature?

- Now, why does everybody clam up

when we talk about the creature?

Orville, we're talking about the creature

who supposedly lives in this area.

- Yeah well, my memory's
just not too good right now.

I'll tell you what
though, you turn that tape

recording machine off,
my memory might improve.

- How'd you know that was on?

- This old country boy
ain't quite as stupid

as what you might think.

- Ah, we didn't think
you were stupid, Orville.

- No, we weren't trying
to trick you or anything.

I mean, this is just a
part of our research.

- Yeah, well, just the same,

I don't want this to be repeated.

- Deal.

- It's a deal.

- Okay.

Well, to tell you the truth,

I was too young to remember.

But my grandpa told me
the story so many times,

I figure I can tell
you as good as anybody.

One day, me and my mom and dad,

just when I was a little baby,

we all went on a picnic
with grandma and grandpa.

(engine rumbling)


- Yeah, that tire's flat again.

- Dad-gum hot day, flat tire!

Gonna kill me!

You ladies come on and get out, please.

While we fix this flat tire.

Take off a load and
y'all get in the shade.

- [Mother] Alright, come on, Orville.

- Get on there, Orville.

- Can you get a blanket?

Oh, I think we're going to
have a (overlapping muttering).

- Get that on and put that on
and get over in that shade.

Dad-gum woman.

- Now, Pa, get that hooked to that winch.

- You know, Ma, they been
griping ever since we left.

- [Baby Orville] Mama, mama.


- Well, don't you fret none, honey.

Menfolk always fuss.

You pay 'em no mind.

- Here, Orville, you stay right here.

And don't go running off.

- Dad-gummit, Grandpa, (straining)

I can't get this last lug off!


(birds chirping)

(ominous instrumental music)

- Orville?


Come back here.


Orville, come back here.

Hey! (laughing)

(baby fussing)


(panicked shouting)

- Get back, get back!

- Oh, my God!

- Come on! (overlapping shouts)

(bestial growling)

(intense instrumental music)

(engine rumbling)

- Watch the tree there!


- Mom and dad were killed in the wreck.

- Sorry.

- Well,

I was really too young to remember.

I've lived with my grandma
and grandpa all my life.

- Well, what about that trapper

that I mentioned in the barbershop?

You know anything about him?

- Joe Canton?

- Oh yeah, well, I've heard his name.

But all I know is he lived
back in the swamp somewhere

and now folks around here
say he's kind of a craze-o.


- We oughta get along fine
with him, Rives. (laughing)

- Say listen, pull in at
this mailbox down here.

And don't say anything to my grandpa

about me talking about the creature.

He's real touchy about it.

- Can we share anything about our work?

- Sure, yeah.

- Alright.

- Who is that, now?

Hey May, go on in the house, honey.

I'll find out who it is.

Hey, Orville, where you been?

I been looking for you all day.

- Hey, Grandpa.

- What?

- I went to town this
morning and got a haircut,

just like grandma said.

- Well, you look a lot better.

You was getting to look more
like a dad-gum hippy every day.

Who are these two fellas?

- This is Pahoo, that's Rives.

- Pahoo?

- Yessir!


- You boys ain't from around here.

- No, sir, we're from Chicago.

We're anthropology students
here doing a research project

on a bipedal primate that
was reported in these parts.

- What'd you say?

- It's a scientific term.

It means a creature that
walks on its hind legs.

- Come here.

What you been telling them boys?

- Grandpa, I, I didn't think that--

- Oh, you didn't think it.

Best thing for y'all
is to get out of here.

We don't want nobody snooping around here,

making us look like a
bunch of dumb rednecks!

Now, what we seen and what
we heard is our own business.

So get out of here.

- Mr. Bridges, we're not
trying to make you look

like a bunch of dumb rednecks.

The only thing that's peculiar about this

is that you people have
obviously seen something,

and are reluctant to talk about it.

Or afraid to.

Now, if there is something out there,

well, we're here to find it,
or capture it if necessary,

but we can't do that
without the cooperation

of people that have seen it.

Doesn't look like we're gonna get any.

Come on, Pahoo, let's get outta here.

- Rives, what about that $25?

- What $25?

- The $25 that we're saving to give

to the person who cooperates?
- Who first cooperates.

The reward money.

- Reward?

Wait a minute.

Hey, Orville, go on in
and tell your grandma

to set a couple extra plates.

We gon' feed some Yankee boys.

Get on in there!


Well, boys, what was that
there y'all was talking about?

That reward?

- For information.

- Information?

Well, y'all come in here up on the porch

and we'll talk it over, yeah?

You boys like it down here?

- [Pahoo] Yeah, it's a little hot.

- Oh, it gets a little hot,
but heck, it's nice down here.

We've got good food
down here, though, boys.

- [Pahoo] We sure appreciate that!

- Where is it?

- What's that?

- The reward!

- There's 20.


- Sure nice getting to visit
with a few Yankee boys.


- Sho' 'nuff.

(uptempo country western music)

(laughing and clapping)

- You Yankee boys really like
good country music, don't you?

- Yeah, you bet!

- It was really good; really good.

That alone was worth $25.


However, how about some information?

- You mean, about the creature?

- [Rives] Yes, sir.

- Well, Orville already told you

what happened to his mom and papa.

She was my daughter.

I never will forget the
first time I seen it.

About 11 o'clock, I woke
up and I heard the worst

commotion you'll ever hear.

My two good hound dogs, Bob
and Blue, was a-growling,

a-barking, and the worst
scream you ever did hear.

I walked out on the porch
and-- (audio fading)

(bestial growling)

(dog whining)

(gun firing)

(bestial shouting)

(dog whimpering)

(fierce roaring)

The most ungodly scream
I've ever heard in my life.

Just like, it's just like an old cat

being cornered by a red-boned hound.


- Well, you boys almost ready to eat?

Supper's nearly ready.

- Yes, ma'am, honey!

Wait a minute, boys.

I don't want you Yankee boys to say

one word about that creature, you hear?

Because this just scares
the devil outta my wife.


Let's go in and get
something to eat, boys.

I'm sure these boys
wanna wash up, Orville.

You boys ain't gonna never taste any food

like you're gonna get tonight.

Tell 'em now, Orville, the way it is.

- [Orville] It's the best
food you boys ever had.

- You get on this side
and I'll sit down there.

Come in and sit down.

What did you say your first name was?

- Pahoo.

- Pahoo!

- [Rives] Oh, looks good.

Potatoes, beans and (sighing).


- Here you are, pa.

- Oh, my, looks good.

- Chicken?

- You boys like chicken, I know.

I know you like it.

- Yeah, I reckon it's about my favorite.

- Go on over and sit down, ma.


Sure is good, I'll tell you that much.

- We starting in--

- Wait a minute.

We, I don't mind you eating,

but we always thank the good Lord first.


our thanks for this day,
even though it was hot.

I wanna thank for my wonderful wife,

for our grandson, Orville,

and for giving him the
inspiration to get a haircut.

I want to thank for these
two boys who come down

to visit us, even if they are Yankees.

I wanna thank for all the
vittles, especially chicken.


- [Together] Amen.

- Now, y'all start this one around here.

Because when it gets back around here--

(overlapping dinner conversations)

- Organic.

(overlapping dinner conversations)

- You eat that chicken,
because it's really good.

- I believe I'll start with onions.

- We got more, plenty more of it, too.

- How about some more greens, Rives?

- Hm, no thank you, I've had enough.

You know something?

I can't remember having such a fine meal.

- Why thank you.

- Well, I'll have a little more.


- Good for you, son.

- Pahoo, you know, you're something.

- Well, you know, I do
enjoy good home cooking.

- You know, I caught a catfish
one time, weighed 350 pounds.

- Really?

- And I took that sucker home

and learned him how to read and write.


- He tells it different every time.


(animal braying)

- Was that it?

Was that it?

Was that the creature?!

- No, that was just our mule.

(somber music)

- Ma?

I told you not to say
anything about that creature.

Now, you done scared the devil out of her.

After she fixed this
good food for you boys.

Just like a damn Yankee
to go back on his word.

Now, you get outta here.

Get outta here before I chuck you out.

Get up!


Both of you!

(morose instrumental music)

That damn creature!

(muttering conversation)

- Orville,

I owe you an apology.

I didn't mean to upset
your family in there.

- Well, I just can't
believe y'all did that.

After me asking you not to.

- We're sorry.

- Yeah, well, I mean, that's okay.

But as you can see, my grandad's
really sensitive about it.

- Yeah.

- Well, listen, you
know a place around here

where we could camp tonight?

- Yeah, sure.

Why don't you just stay
out in the barn tonight.

- Ah, thanks, but...

- Sure, why not.

Thank you.

- Okay.

- That's very nice.

- Rives.

Thatch an aperture knob
one quarter to the left?

Oh! (whooping)

- Light!


- Rives, I believe I ate too much.

- How many times have I told you,

and reminded you, about
your dietary habits?

- It's got nothing to do with hamburgers,

french fries, and Cokes.

It was this chicken!

Yeah, I'm gonna try to get some sleep.

- Arrived in Oil City 11:47 AM.

Weather conditions, et cetera, et cetera,

same as last report.

We met the local sheriff.

- Tell 'em I wouldn't wanna mess with him.

- That's for sure.

Initially, no new data.

Only after brilliant interrogation
on Mr. Lewis's behalf

did we lose some valuable
and pertinent information,

as to the whereabouts of
Joe Canton, the trapper.

- Yeah, right.

- We did meet a local
family, one Bridges family.

Orville Bridges, in particular.

(heavy breathing)

(horses whinnying)

(ominous music)

The townsfolk are very reluctant

and afraid to talk about this subject.

I wonder why.

(bestial roaring)

- Pa, help!

(frightened muttering)

It's him again!

(ominous music)

- Get in here, that's him!

- I just want my tape recorder--

- Get in here, that's him!


(rooster crowing)

- Rives, wait up.

Rives, I've heard screams
and I've heard screams.

I mean, I was in Vietnam, I heard screams.

As a matter of fact, I
used to go with an ole gal,

and every time she'd get
excited, she'd scream.

Now that scream scares me!

I'll tell you what I think we oughta do,

is just gather up all our equipment

and just head back to the windy city,

and we'll just call this
whole thing a misadventure.

Rives, old buddy, you listening to me?

- [Tape Recorder] Afraid
to talk about this subject.

I wonder why.

(bestial shouting)

- Did you hear that?

- Yeah, I heard it.

- I think we should call Dr. Burch.

I'll be in touch with you.

Right, thanks.

Do you wanna know what he said?

After we eat.

(uptempo country music)

(overlapping conversations)

- Are you still here?

- Yup.

- You find your creature yet?

- Would you just take our order, please?

- Why don't you order, then?

- I'll have two hamburgers,

two orders of fries, and a large Coke.

- How about you?

- I'll have the same as him.

- Hey, alright!

Heavy on the onions.

- Ed, you give me four
burgers, four fries,

two large Cokes, and heavy on the onions!

- Looks like you've been making

a lot of friends around here, of late.

What are you, running for mayor?

- Ah, I don't think it has
anything to do with me.

I think it's the company I keep.

- Check it out.

- Huh?

- Check it out.

- What?

I don't see anything.

I believe I just fell in love.

Oh, is she a beauty.

- [Rives] Those ah, eyes.

- [Pahoo] Thank you.

- Back to work.

I don't think Dr. Burch believes us.

- Why do you say that?

- Well, he wants to have the
sound expert examine the tape

and determine whether or not it is a fake.

- [Ed] Pickup!

- Listen to it again,

and you tell me if you think it's a phony.


- I believe, I believe!

- Just listen to it again.

- [Tape Recorder] I wonder why.

(bestial roaring)



(angry screaming)

- Watch the trash can.


- I don't know what you find so funny.

We didn't get to eat!

She threw the food at us.


- She is beautiful, though.

- She was beautiful?

The girls were beautiful
across the counter.

The redhead, did you see?

She was looking at me.


What I wouldn't...

The skin, the hair, the eyes!

It was just, it was all there!

- Hi.

- Hi.


- You enjoy your meal?

- Yeah, ah, no.

I think the waitress did.


- You girls live around here?

- Sure, lived here all our lives.

- Oh, really?

Well, my name's Rives.

- My name's Becky, and this is Michelle.

- Hi, Becky, hi, Michelle.

This is Pahoo.

- Pahoo?

- Yeah.

Ah, yeah.

- You're the guys from
Chicago, aren't you?

- How'd you know that?

- Well, in a town this
size, word gets around.

- Ah, what do you all do here at night?

Oh, we just do what comes naturally.

(nervous laughter)

- Listen, ah, we're
gonna set up camp tonight

outside of town, the state
park, you know where that is?

- [Becky] Oh yeah, mm-hm.

- Why don't you drive by about 7:30?

- Seven?

- What do you think?

- Yeah.

- Sure, sounds interesting.

- Really good time.

That's good.

- What's wrong?

- Here comes the man.

- The what?

- Oh, he's a mean one.

- Oh, we had a little
discussion yesterday.

Business, you know.

- Hi, dad.

- Becky.

Tonight's prayer meeting, your
mother wants you home early.

- Sure.

- Well, did you sleep on
the conversation we had

in the barbershop yesterday?

- Yes, sir.

- Good.

- Yes, sir.

- Becky, go on home, dear.

- You don't look like your dad.



- How's this?

(muttering conversation)

(singing and whistling)

What time is it?


We'd better get this place cleaned up.

(uptempo country music)

We didn't have time to do our wash!

Clean and lean, ready
for my redheaded queen.


(crickets chirping)

They're not coming.

- Oh, I think they probably
had to go to a prayer meeting.

- No, you can't trust 'em.

Especially redheads.

You know, I think they
were just leading us on?

- I think they're gonna come.

- They're not coming.

- They'll show up.

- Yeah.

(horn honking)

- What'd I tell you?

- Right, we gotta be cool, casual.

Just play it like, you know,
we haven't been waiting.



- [Girl's Voice] Hi!


(faint conversing)

- Oh, we're just sitting around.

- Sorry we're late, but we
had to go to prayer meeting.

- Oh.

Uh, glad you guys could come.

- Would you guys like, I mean,
would you all like a beer?

- I'd love one.

- Yeah, I'd like one.

Yeah, thanks.

- Thanks.

Well, ah, well,

since we're out here with mother nature,

you wanna do what comes natural?


- You Chicago people don't
waste much time, do you?

I like you, sit down.

- I like you.

Now, you really can't waste
time because life's so short.

- You're right, I was just thinking

about that the other day.

(thunder rumbling)

- Hey, it looks like we're
gonna have to move inside.



(overlapping chatter)

- [Pahoo] Oh, what school?

- Oil City High.

- High?

- Yeah.

- You have beautiful eyes.


- Well.

- Fact is I never even
kissed a Yankee before.

- Ah, I hear you've been doing
research on the creature.

- Yeah, that's why we're here.

- I did some research on
the creature one night,

and had a date with him!


- Ready for the north to meet the south?

- [Michelle] Well, I don't know why not.

- Okay.

- Well, watch out, because
here comes the north.

- North meets south!

(bestial roaring)

- Rives, for crying out loud!

There's a time and place for everything,

and there's other things to play with!

- Just a little humor
there, I mean, really.

(overlapping chatter)

(ominous music)

- Hey, the rain's stopped.

- Sure did.

That was a quick one.

- Is it like that all the time?

(heavy breathing)

- Why don't we go outside?

- For sure.

- I'm kind of comfortable in here.

Do you wanna go outside.

- No, not really.


- It's beautiful after a rain, isn't it?

- Yeah, it is.

Smell of woods.

- Do you really believe
there's a creature?

- Yup, I do.

Do you?

- I don't know.

Father says it's just a crazy man.

- A lot of people think
that, you know, it's a...

I certainly don't feel like
talking about any creature.

(crickets chirping)

(thunder rumbling)

No, I don't feel like talking
about any creature, no.


(bestial shouting)

(animal grunting)

- [Becky] Daddy!

- Give me that!

Becky, what in the hell are you doing?

(panicked crying)

Get home, both of you.

Get home!


- Want a beer?

We were just having a little party.

- You think that's funny, boy?

- No.

- Well, if you do, we're
both gonna have a big laugh.

Because you're going to the slammer.

- What?

- Ha, ha.

Now get up and come on!

Can't be nice to these kids.

Here, take this.

I'll give you punks just
10 minutes to get this junk

all packed up and get
out of here, understand?

- 10 minutes, all that time?

(door clattering)


(heavy breathing)


(heavy breathing)

(ominous music)

- I swear I heard something.

You hear something?


(ominous music)


(angry grunting)

(gun firing)

(animalistic moaning)

(door slamming)

- Dolores Ann, my one and only love.

Signed: Sally.


Here's a good one.

VD loves Willy, Willy loves
Dimples, Dimples loves--

- Mabel?


I am not sending any
more deputies out there.

Because every time I send one out,

he comes back all scratched
up where you've jumped on him.

- If you're writing
graffiti on these walls,

you're in big trouble.

If you're standing on my
table writing graffiti

on these walls, you're in bigger trouble.

Signed: Billy Carter.


- Sheriff!


- I gotta go.

- Sheriff!



Come on out to my place!

Get all the men you can!

Bring all the ammo, come on, hurry up!

- No, no.

- Yeah, come on!

I swear I seen the creature!

He damn near come into my house!

- Joe, Joe!

Just what in the hell are
you trying to tell me?

- I'm trying to tell
you I seen the creature!

He's that big!

- Joe, have you been drinking?

- You don't believe me.

- Close your eyes, hold
your left arm straight out

and touch the end of your nose.

(ragged breathing)

You've been drinking alright.

- Just a little bit.

- Come on, bring him in here.

Bring him in here.

(drunken muttering)

(coughing and sputtering)

- Pretty rough.

Come on, Joe.

- Hey, let me help you.


(drunken muttering)

- Well, boys.

Here's your trapper.

Between the three of you,

you should make a great team.

We'll talk in the morning.



- Say, you're Joe Canton, ain't you?

- I was last night.

- I wanna shake your hand.

You the same Joe Canton
who claims his partner

was attacked by a bipedal primate?

- By a what?

- I mean, a creature of some sort.

- Oh yeah, that was me.


I'll tell you boys something.

Old Willy was the best, well,

was the second-best trapper
ever was in these parts.

He was jerked out of that boat,

just like you'd snatch a
catfish outta the bayou!

Neck was broken, snapped just like a twig.

He didn't drown.

- Then you've seen him,
the creature, yourself?

- Damn right, I've seen him.

I tell you, last night,
when he come by my house,

if I hadn't been drinkin' so much,

I'd have blowed his butt off.

- [Rives] Well, what did he look like?

- Well, it was dark outside.

Some shadows and I never
got a real close look,

but he was big, I'll tell you that!

Over 300 pounds.

Seven or eight feet tall.

Big, and he was strong.

And he was mean, like me!

Had him a big eye, glowing in the dark

like some animals you see.

- Hey, Joe.

- [Joe] Hi, Sheriff.

- Time to go home.

Look, I want you to lay off that bottle.

- Oh, I ain't never drinking
no more, I'll tell you.

You boys wanna hear some
more about that creature,

you come out to my--

- Come on.

- Look, you come out to my place.

- Go!


- Morning.

- Yes it is.

- Now look, kids, I'm
gonna turn you loose.

Now you gotta promise me
you'll get outta town, right?

- Yes, sir.

- I ah, (laughing)

I hope you didn't pay too much attention

to Joe's tall tales about this monster.

You gotta understand,
when Joe starts drinking,

he begins to see buggers.


Okay, now get the hell out of here.

- Thank you, sir.

- See you in Chicago.


Hey, Joe?

Like to take you up on that invitation.

You mind if we follow
you out to your place?

- Well, if you think
you can keep up with me.

(frogs chirping)

There she is, boys, home sweet home.

By golly, just make
yourself comfortable here.

I'll cook ya's up some swamp coffee.

- Tell us more about what
happened to your friend.

- Well, I don't talk
about my private matters

with just anybody, but
I guess since we was all

just in calaboose
together, it won't matter.

I went back in them swamps,

a hell of a lot farther
than I ever been before.

And I found the tracks, and
I started following them.

And they just went in deeper,
and deeper, and deeper,

and that's when I began to
notice something kinda strange.

There's lots of birds and
that little stuff around,

but there wasn't no big game at all.

Now, I'd been trapping
in these here swamps

for 40 years, and I know I
shoulda found some wild pigs

or some coons or something.

And I come up over a little knoll,

and I smelled something.

There was something dead upwind of me.

And it stunk up the whole place.

So I headed that way,
and that's when I found

what I was looking for.

It was a wild boar, about a 200-pounder.

Was all clawed up, couple
of big wipes out his gut.

Neck was just snapped like a stick.

Been dead about a week.

Went on about another 50 feet,

and there was a big boar
hog, about 400 pounds,

all squashed up like it
was a little, wet rag.

Couple of big bites out of him.

He wasn't bit all up;
just a couple of bites.

Went a little farther,
and there's another.

Couple bites out of him.

Squashed up.

Back broken.

Farther was another, and then another.

And I stand there in the
middle of all this stuff,

and that's the first time I heard it.

- What was it?

- Nothing.

- Huh?

- Nothing.

That's what I heard, listen boys.

Hear all them living creatures here?

They cawking and the squawking away.

That's what the swamps is.

They's talking all the
time, and there's noise.

It ain't never nothing,
and it was nothing.

Not a sound.

And I could just feel there
was something out there,

staring at me.

I don't know what kind
of creature it takes

to eat his way through a
whole herd of wild boar,

but that thing is killing
an awful lot of big animals.

Got Old Willy.

- Do you think you could
tell us how to get out there?

- Well, you can go through
that gate over there.

If you go, stay to the right of the ridge.

And then just keep going
and going and going,

as far as you can go.

- Thank you very much for your time.

- Thank you, Joe, nice meeting you.

- He's flipped, man.

Are you crazy, are you nuts?

- We've come this far, let's not quit now.

(doors creaking)

(engine rumbling)

- Come again!

Hold it, hold it, hold it!

Well, let's try it again.

(engine revving)

Hold it, hold it, hold it!

Come here.

Take a look.

Looks like come along time.


(engine revving)

It's coming, it's coming, it's coming.

It's coming, it's coming,
it's coming. (whooping)

- Hey!



This is it.

- Hey, did you bring that
camera with the infrared film?

- [Rives] It's in the trunk.

- Okay.

(animal calling)

- What was that?

- What?

I didn't hear anything.

- You gonna eat all those beans?

- No, I thought I'd save a little for you.

- Wouldn't want you
scaring that thing off.

- Alright, go ahead and make jokes.

You stupid...

I don't think you understand
how dangerous this can be.

I mean, I been in places just
like this, just like this!

In Nam, yeah, I was running
around getting my butt shot at

while you were probably
lollygagging around Canada!

- I think you better go back now.

The van's not far from here.

The keys are in it.

It got you in, it can get you out again.

Because the last thing I need
right now from you is trouble.

Now, why don't you just get out of here.

- You know, I might just do that.

(somber music)

- Want some beans, buddy?

- Yeah.


- They're pretty good.

My own special concoction.

There you go.


Guess you had it pretty tough in Nam, eh?

- Yeah.

You know, I,

I guess I never really
realized how important

this project could be.

The scientific importance makes
the danger all worthwhile.

Doesn't it?

- I'm glad to hear that.

Because I think something's
been circling the camp.

- Now?

Why didn't you tell me?

- Because I wasn't sure.

- I just lost my appetite.

(whispering conversation)

- It's over there somewhere.

Let's go.

(frogs croaking)

(ominous music)

We have had company.

- [Pahoo] What?

- Look at that baby.

(muttering whispers)

It's a beauty, isn't it?

- Here's the other one.

This is where he was standing.

This is where he saw us!

Look at the depth of that.

It's gotta weigh 300, 400 pounds.

He's a mighty big one.


He's out there.


This thing's empty.

- I supposed we wouldn't have
to use any bullets tonight.

- [Pahoo] Rives!

- Okay, alright, I'll go
to the van and get some.

- Hurry!

(ominous music)



I'm over here!


(ominous music)

(bestial screaming)


(enraged bellowing)

- Oh my God.

(frogs croaking)



Answer me!

(dramatic instrumental music)

(engine rumbling)

(radio static)

Clear 190, clear 190, I have a Mayday,

Mayday, please, clear!

(radio chatter)

Clear one-niner, clear one-niner, please!

I have a Mayday, I have a Mayday!

Never mind, get off the line!

(muttering over radio)

One-nine, clear, please.

One-nine, clear, please.

I have a Mayday.

Come on, it's an emergency!

- [Voice On Radio] Boy,
that sounds just great.

You know, I just come down from Nashville.

I spent the week up there, and man,

I gotta tell you something that, boy,

there is the place to be.

- [Voice On Radio] That's
what you're talking about.

Country music and fine women, right?

- [Voice On Radio] Oh,
those country women, yeah.

I gotta tell you something
about them country women.

Of course, I don't dare tell
you who's with this man.

- [Carter Via Radio] This
is Sheriff Carter, here.

Who's calling Mayday?

I said, who's--

- Yes, clear, here,
here, here, here, here!

I got a Mayday!

I'm at Black Lake and I need
some people to come out at, ah,

the swamp!

- Slow down, buddy-boy,
I can't understand you.

- We got a, I'm about 25 miles
east of Joe Canton's place,

off the old swamp road up County 90.

You got that?

Hurry and come as fast and as,

come as fast as you can, okay?

Are you there?

- I got you.

Just take it easy; I'm on my way.

- Thank you.

(glass shattering)

(bestial shouting)


(dramatic music)


(fierce growling)

(heavy banging)

(panicked shouting)



(bestial howling)


(gun firing)

(leaves rustling)

(primal screaming)


(booming explosion)

(animal howling)

(pained shouting)

(tense instrumental music)

- Joe?


- Who is it?

- Sheriff Billy Carter, open the door.


(frogs croaking)

(bird calling)

(ominous music)

- Come on!

(dramatic music)

- Rives!

- My God!

Oh, Jesus.

(dramatic instrumental music)

- [Sheriff] What it is
I can't figure out is:

why you sent those boys out when you knew

damn well I wanted 'em out of town!

- [Joe] Well, I didn't
send nobody out nowhere.

It's like you said: they
just followed me out here.

(siren wailing)

- Come on!


(siren wailing)

- Hell, kid, what happened?

What happened, son?

- I was looking in the,
for the thing, and--

- Come on, let's go.

- And he came out, instead of the--

- That's alright, get in.

- [Woman's Voice] Dr. Snell,
you're wanted in radiology.

Dr. Snell, to radiology.

- Well, it shouldn't be long now.

- You knew I wasn't
crazy, didn't you, boy?

Son, you can't go on blaming yourself.

Your buddy's gonna be alright.

Old Doc will fix him up, and if he don't,

I got some stuff I can use
on anything from rheumatism--

- Look, son.

I was wrong about you and your friend.

It's just that I've got
this responsibility.

- I understand, Sheriff.

We've all got responsibilities.

- Stink in here to you?

Stinks in here to me.

(angry muttering)

I'm gonna get my shotgun,

and I'm gonna make a rug
out of that damn thing!

Sure stinks in here!

Maybe I'll mount him,
and then folks will know

I ain't lying, I'll tell you,

make a good blanket I'll betcha!

- Now, I got to go.

But will you do something?

Just as quick as you find out
anything, will you call me?

- Sure.

- Thanks.

- [Woman's Voice] Attendant
needed in emergency room.


- Ellie was asking about you.

I think she's ready for
another hot date. (chuckling)

I guess you could care
less about that right now.

Because you can't even hear me, can you?


Hey, man, you hear me now?

You gotta make it.


well, we got a lot of things to do.

We have places to go, people to see, and,

I can't stand to see you
lying there like that.


You look like you...

If there was only something I could do.

Something I could get.

- How about a hamburger,
french fries and a Coke?

- Hey, Pahoo.

You okay?

- I'm okay.

A little beat up.

I'm a little mad, at this point.

- I don't blame you.

I had no idea that this was gonna happen.

- Hey, partner, I'm not mad at you.

I'm just mad that we gotta start

this dang project all over again.


- You gotta be kidding.

- It's out there, somewhere.

We're gonna find it.

Right, partner?

(bluesy country music)