Creature (1985) - full transcript

A crew of scientists arrives on a far, cold planet to examine archaic artifacts of unknown origin. They discover that their German enemies already have a ship there. When they seek their help after a failed landing, they only find the Germans' bodies, obviously slaughtered by one of the archaic creatures, awoken to new life. Now the alien is after them. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(bright electronic music)

(dramatic music)


(thunder cracking)

Oh, wow.

This is fantastic.


The CD unit says these structures

are over 200,000 years old.

- I can believe that.
- (thunder cracks)


Hey, Ted. There's something over here.

(thunder cracks)

[Ted] Oh.

What is it?

[Ted] It's a skeleton of something.


Oh, I gotta get a picture of this.

(thunder cracks)

Hey, Ted. This one looks unbroken.

[Ted] Unbroken?

(thunder cracks)

(Howard chuckles)

Let's get it out of there.

Wait a minute.

- Let's think about this.
- What?

Well, whatever's in here's
probably been in here for

a quarter of a million years, right?

- So what?
- So...

If we wake up, it's
liable to be very pissed.

And very hungry.

[Ted] What kind of a scientist are you?

Come on.

[Howard] All right.

[Ted] Be careful, don't drop him.

[Howard] I'm not kidding,
Ted. I don't like this.

[Ted] Howard, would
you stop being stupid?

Whatever's in here has probably been dead

(grunts) for 100 centuries.

Oh, it's heavy.

Oh, man.

[Howard] What do you think it is?

[Ted] I don't know.

Looks like a face.


I'll tell you, wherever
this thing came from,

it wasn't bred for looks.

(chuckles) Hand me my light.

(Howard grunts)

(thunder cracks)


Oh, Jesus Christ!

What happened?

- I think it opened its eyes.
- Are you sure?

[Ted] Well...

I don't know, maybe it was the lightning.

Hey, sorry. (Chuckles)

[Howard] You cracked it when
you dropped your light there.

[Ted] Oh, yeah. Well, looks okay.

Uh, come over here for a second.

[Howard] Why?

[Ted] Would you just come over here?

[Howard] Why?

Howard, would you come over here?

I have to take a picture
and I need you for scale.

[Howard] All right.


How's this?


Oh. Oh, no, wait a minute,
I can't get you all in.

Uh, why don't you sit on it?

(sighs) You sit on it.

Howard, this is gonna
make us famous back home.

Now, would you sit down on it?

(Howard sighs)
(thunder cracks)

Oh, shit. All right.



(Ted chuckles)

- That's great.
- How's this?

[Ted] Let me get a ruler.

(Howard sighs)

(thunder cracks)

Here. Hold that, just like that.

You know, on second thought, Ted,

maybe you should be sitting
here and I should be...

(eerie music)

Howard, are you okay?

(Howard groans)

(dramatic orchestral music)
(blood splatters)

Oh my god!

(creature shrieks)

(brooding orchestral music)

(dramatic orchestral music)

(keyboard clacks)
(distorted radio chatter)

Uh, roger. We have
you confirmed at 839LB

at section five.

Your ETA is 9601 and you have compu-sync.


(computer chirps)

Sir, I've got something very odd here.

I've got an approaching craft

on an intercept course with Concorde

and it's approaching at 10,000 kps.

Can you confirm that?

(computer chirps)

Yeah, it's there all
right. Try to raise them.

This is Concorde calling spacecraft

approaching from section three.

Please identify yourself. You
are on a collision course.

Please alter your course to point five KW.

Please respond. Do you read me?

(distorted radio chatter)

Please respond.

[Commander] Why didn't
you see this before?

It must've been masked
behind another ship.

Go to red. Condition red.

Station control, condition red.

Repeat: Condition red.

Unidentified craft will
impact Concorde in 45 seconds.

(keyboard clacks)

We've got a visual here.

What the hell?

Holy shit!

(explosion roars)

(moody synth music)

Whatever your personal reasons are

for volunteering for this
mission, this is an NTI venture

and our obligations are
to NTI because of it.

Now, your job here is simply to set claim

to an archeological
discovery of alien origin.

The find was discovered a
few meters below the surface

of Titan by a geological
research team from NTI.

Why didn't the team claim it?

Because the only survivor crashed

into the Concorde on his return,

and we can only assume that
the rest of the team is dead.

Here are your coordinates.

Are we supposed to
bring this back with us?

Look, our job here is to
officially mark it, document it,

and return any samples to NTI.

Uh, if we're on a research mission,

why do we have to have a security officer?

Just in case.

In case of what?

I don't know, I've never been there.


Bryce, you can't take these.

These are prescription drugs!

Look, can we...

I'm gonna be in a lot of trouble here.

You have got no right to take these!

What's the matter? What did Bryce want?

Drugs. Heavy sedatives, mostly.

Hmm. What does she want those for?

- Well, you've got me.
- She didn't bother to say.

As a matter of fact,
she didn't say anything.

What I don't understand is,
how could you be on a ship

for three months and not
say anything to anybody?

I don't even know her first name.

Mmm, I think it's Melanie.


Hi, Doc.


- Hi.
- Hi, what're you doing here?

You told me to meet
you at the medical bay.

- I said the observation bay.
- Oh, no.

Boy, you've been somewhere else lately.

Come on, there's a great view
of Titan. You wanna see it?

Okay, sure.

Uh, would you like me to
talk to Davison about Bryce?

No, don't bother. I'm
gonna speak to Perkins.

I think he's the person holding her leash.

- (chuckles) Okay.
- See ya, Doc.

(classical piano music)

- Well, hello, Sladen.
- Hi.

(chess piece clacks)

Three moves, I'll have checkmate.

No way.

We'll see.

After all, a commander doesn't
have to have any brains,

just a good, strong voice.

How many times are you
gonna read the same book?

I happen to like this book.

Besides, it's the only
one I brought with me.

That stuff is gonna rot your brain.

(Beth chuckles)

I see Susan's been here.

You shouldn't drink so much
coffee. Bad for your health.

- [Mike] Yeah, I know.
- I've heard that somewhere.

Hey, why don't you stick around

so I can beat the crap outta your king?

(laughs) Thanks for the invitation,

but they need me on the bridge.

(door whooshes)

(door whooshes)

- (Jon sighs)
- I never knew this was here.

Well, most of the time
the shield's in place,

and you probably wouldn't notice it.

You know I sleep here sometimes?

It's beautiful.

I love lookin' out at the stars.

It makes me think of where
I grew up in Michigan,

going to sleep on the back
porch on an August night.

(brooding electronic music)

There it is.

One gigantic ball of methane gas and ice.

I know, it's...

It's creepy.

[Jon] What's the matter?

I don't know, it's kind
of hard to talk about.

It's this trip.

Is Perkins getting to you?

No, not that.

You must've been listening
to some of those rumors

on Concorde about the first expedition.

Maybe, but every time I look up there,

I get a feeling I'm being smothered.

I guess I'm being kind of silly, but...

something about this trip.

It's the fear of the
unknown. It's natural.

I'm not coming back.

- Of course you are.
- What're you talking about?

No, I... I can feel it.

Make love to me.


(romantic orchestral music)

(keyboard clacks)

Confirmation on scan, please.

I have an LRV of a spacecraft
back about three degrees.

Give me a replay, please.

You bet.

So, what've you got?

(radar pings)

Let me enhance this.

- Is this right?
- Yeah.

[David] Are you trying to
tell me they landed in a crater?

All right, the specs on this craft

show that it's a Richter Dynamics design.

Richter Dynamics.

(sighs) Damn it.

So this has been your
little secret, huh, Perkins?

You knew we were racing
Richter Dynamics up here.

Well, great. It looks like they won.

No, no. Not yet.

We're the only ones with the
exact coordinates of the find.

It was too easy. I should've known

when I saw all the artillery
being loaded aboard.

These people aren't trained
for a mission like this.

Don't worry, Bryce can
handle whatever might happen.

Now, we know they're here.

So I want you to land right back here.

Okay, let's do a geo on the surface.

No, we don't have time for that.

Just punch in the coordinates
from the black box

and let's get down there.

If the commander of the German ship

landed in a 300-foot-deep,
sheer-cliff crater,

he had a damn good reason for it.

Now, I think it's a
good idea to do a geo...

You never learn, do you, Davison?

I told you to put this
ship down there. Now do it.

(sighs) Fine.


Punch in a landing site
using the Titan probe disc.

(dramatic orchestral music)

Hold onto your chairs, kids,

I'm gonna be puttin' you on your heads.


Okay, burn is on time.

Seven six miles and dropping.

Davison, you said when
we started this trip

it was gonna be fun.


Yeah, so are we havin' fun yet?

Three-three degrees. Retro engines stop.

I don't know, ask me later.

Hang onto your hats.

One more time. Here we go.

(engines roar)

(thunder cracks)

Altitude one-niner-500.

Increase oxidizer by 80 pounds.

[Beth] 100 down four.

It looks like we're kicking up some dust

from under the ice.

(dramatic orchestral music)

Rockets at touchdown.






All engines...


(triumphant orchestral music)


What's the matter?

Everyone, maintain
your position, please.


(explosions roar)
(siren wails)

(explosions bang)
(siren wails)

Everyone! Perkins!

Check in!


- Sladen?
- Yeah, Mike.

See if you can reach
the Richter Dynamics ship.

[Beth] All right, but I
don't know if we'll get through

the RF interference from the storm.

Well, try anyway, and then
see about reaching Concorde.

Cancel that order!

We're not asking Richter
Dynamics for anything.

Look, we are now in
what your corporate manual

would call a life-threatening situation.

So from now on,

your authority on this
ship's extremely limited.

Am I making myself clear?

Yeah, you make yourself clear.

But let me remind you, Mr. Davison,

you may be the captain of this ship,

but I'm still the
commander of this mission.

You might find yourself without
a job when you get home.


Then we've got nothing
more to talk about, do we?

This is Davison. Send those
messages as soon as possible.

- [Beth] I already did.
- There was no response,

but I have no way of
knowing if we got through.

Thank you.

Feelin' I better dust off the EVA suits.

Well, let's take a walk over

and see if we can get a
lift from our neighbors.

And that stays here!

We're goin' over to ask
for help, not a battle.

Miss Bryce takes her orders from me.

The weapons go with us.

(thunder cracks)

[Mike] Stay within sight of each other.

The suit intercoms are no
good if you get too far apart.

[Beth] Whoever heard of spiders

in an atmosphere like this?

[Susan] Jon, what did you
say the temperature was here?

[Jon] On the surface,
288 degrees below zero.

But down here, it's a lot warmer.

About 77 degree below zero.

[Susan] (sighs) I'm never
going camping with you again.

(eerie music)
(wind howls)

(ominous music)

[Beth] What is it?

The door's open.

Damn it. Take it easy.

All right, Jon?

You and Bryce come with me.

The rest of you, stay here.

All right, let's go.

Nice and easy.

(thunder cracks)


Be careful.

Wait, I'm coming with you.

(button clicks)
(panel bleeps)

(door whooshes)

(air hisses)

(eerie orchestral music)

(door whooshes)

(suspenseful music)

(device pings rhythmically)

The air's good.

No, don't, Jon. Keep your
helmets with you, everyone.

Is there anyone here?

All right, let's do a preliminary search.

And stay in contact.

Now, spread out.

Jon, you and Susan take the corridor.

Bryce, check around the
corner here through the door.

(thunder cracks)

(suspenseful music)

(switch clicks)

(thunder cracks)

Is anybody here?

(doors whoosh)
(intense orchestral music)

(doors whoosh)

- (gasps)
- Sorry.

I'm sorry, baby. I'll try and
make more noise next time.

What the hell happened here?

I'm not sure.

Look at this, Jon. It seems like an egg.

And the material's synthetic.

I wonder what this stuff is.

Don't touch it.

Looks organic.

Looks like some sort of
container or something like that.

That's all we need is another mystery.

I think we better tell Davison about this.

And you better connect your air hose,

- Mike's gonna be pissed.
- Hmm?

Better connect your air hose, or Mike...

Yeah, I'll be there in a few minutes.

[Jon] Don't take too long, okay?


(doors whoosh)

(dramatic orchestral music)


Davison! Davison!

Bryce, what the hell's goin' on?

Davison! Davison!

There's something back down
this hallway and it killed them.

What do you mean, "something"?

I don't know!

(eerie orchestral music)

(creature breathes heavily)

(creature breathes heavily)

Wait, Bryce!

(gun fires)
(creature shrieks)

(gun fires)
(creature shrieks)

(dramatic orchestral music)

[Mike] Come on, Susan!

[Jon] Don't close it!

(yelling over each other)

[Susan] Oh, god!

Susan! Susan!

(Susan screams)

Try it!

Damn it!

(muffled yelling)

- Come on, Susan!
- No! (Screams)


(Susan screams)

(creature shrieks)

(blood splatters)

(eerie music)

- No!
- Jon, she's dead!

(dramatic orchestral music)

No, no!


It's all right, it's
just a tranquilizer.

Come on, help me get him up on his feet.

(helmet clicks and bleeps)

(helmets click and bleep)

(door whooshes)

For Christ's sake, what happened?

Where's Susan?

What's the matter with Jon?

What... what happened in there?

Will somebody tell me what's going on?

(door whooshes)

(thunder cracks)



There's something over here,

I think you better take a look at it.

(thunder cracks)

(gun cocks)

- What is it?
- Some sort of laboratory.

(eerie orchestral music)

[Mike] Looks like you found
what you're lookin' for.

According to the first expedition,

this stuff is over 200,000 years old.

This stuff is gonna be worth a fortune.

Only if we make it back.

(thunder cracks)

(switch clicks)
(machine hums)


Some of this stuff is still working.

(pulsating electronic tones)

(eerie orchestral music)

Specimen containers.

Too bad they're all broken.

[Wendy] Maybe it's a
good thing they're broken.

(container door whooshes)

(Beth screams)

[Beth] Come on, let's
get the hell outta here.

Yeah, come on. Let's go.

We'll figure this all out
back at the Shenandoah.

(thunder cracks)

(thunder cracks)

(door opens)



There's nobody on the bridge.

Oh, okay. I'll go up.

No, that's okay. I
didn't mean it that way.

It's just that I couldn't find anybody.

Oh, well, Wendy's with
Jon in the medical bay.

[Mike] What about Bryce and Perkins?

Bryce is in her room. I
don't know where Perkins is.

Where are you?

I'm here.

Look, I'm gonna talk to
Jon and see if we can repair

the ship enough just to
get a liftoff, all right?

How's our air supply?

It's not good.

(thunder cracks)

(Beth sobs)

I just can't believe that Susan's dead.


Do you think we're gonna die?

No, we're not gonna die.

Look, I need you to do something for me.

Can you put together a KFM transmitter

out of the stuff we've
got left here on the ship?

You want me to build a hyperspace...

It's the only shot we've got.

If we can break through this interference,

get a message to Concorde,

maybe, just maybe, they
can reroute a ship to us.

I don't know, I could try.

I'd have to lift (sighs)
stuff off the computer.

(sighs) And what about our air supply?

Even if we got a message...
Ah, ah, ah, ah.

I've got an idea that just might work.

(thunder cracks)

(brooding electronic music)

(jacket unzips)

(Bryce screams)

I see you like guns.

What else do you like?

You haven't told me what else you like.



(gun cocks)

(Hans chuckles)

- How's Jon?
- I gave him a sedative.

He's still resting.

She's good. (Chuckles)

If she had meant it,
you'd be dead by now.

(Hans chuckles)

So, who are you?

Hans Rudy Hofner.

Richter Dynamics.

Well, Mr. Hofner,
how did you get aboard?

You hadn't noticed half
your spaceship is missing?

I came in from the back.

Whose clever idea was it
anyway to land on the surface?

Listen, let's not waste
time talking to this guy.

Let's throw him out and save the air.

Now, we all want the same thing, no?

We wanna take off this moon alive.


So, I can help.


How's that?

I know something you don't.

I've seen what it is you're up against,

and I have the way to destroy it.

I wouldn't trust this guy as far as I...

Will you please just...

- Please!
- Perkins!

(sighs) What are we up against?

No, no.

No, no...

(sighs) I shouldn't tell you.

But then, yes, why not?
If we are all friends.

This place out there,
you know what this is?

This is die sammlung von lebensgeister.

Yeah, ist ein sammlung von lebensgeister.

I mean, we found someone's

collection of life from
all over the galaxy,

like a child's butterfly collection.

Only... that some of these butterflies

are not so friendly.

We did a terrible mistake.


Made the terrible mistake of bringing

aboard one of those broken
canisters with a specimen in it.

Yeah, we thought the thing in it

was in suspended animation, but... (sighs)

It was not asleep.

It was alive.

It was waiting for us.


And when we landed on this moon here,

then there were 22 of us.

And now, it's only me, Rudy Hofner.

One by one of my guys (chuckles)
died, killed by something.

It had waited for them 2,000 centuries.

And now, it's waiting for us.

(sinister string music)
(muffled thunder cracks)




(eerie music)


(thunder cracks)


Help me.


[Jon] Susan!



Why don't we just go back
to the ship and secure it,

section by section?

This creature is sly.

Look, Bryce can take care
of whatever we might run into.

- We tried that already.
- Bryce's weapons had no effect.

You fired at a couple
of shadows in a hallway!

You cannot fire at it on our terms,

we have to draw it out of the ship.

Now, come on, let's go back.

Let's go back on my spacecraft.

I have bombs there that
will blow it back to hell.

Let's think about it, all right?

What do you mean by "think about it"?

What we've found is great evil!

That thing is using us for food!

What do you mean?

What I'm talking about?

It's using our own mind
to kill each other.



Oh, my god.

Some kind of collective intelligence.

Now, look, I think it's time for a walk.

We all have to get back in shape, hmm?

Thank you very much for
your kindness and treatment.

Yeah, you too. Thank you.

That man is certifiable.

No, no, Davison.

He's still in shock.

Do you believe him?

I don't know what to believe anymore.

Look, I'm gonna have a look at Jon.


(thunder cracks)
(door whooshes)

(eerie string music)


Susan, wait!

(tense orchestral music)

(suspenseful music)
(thunder cracks)

(tense orchestral music)


(eerie music)
(thunder cracks)



- Yeah, what?
- Davison, Jon's gone.

- What do you mean, "gone"?
- The outside door is open.

[Mike] And the airlock?

One of the EVA suits is missing.

Aww, shit.

- Oh, great. Where'd he go?
- Where do you think he'd go?


All right, we're gonna have to find him.

You check the ship again,

then get your medical
equipment together, all right?



I'm afraid you have a slight problem.

What's my problem?


Took the liberty of
checking your air supply.

There's no air.

At least not enough to waste
it on a full-scale search.

He's right.

If we go out there,

we're gonna waste the air
we have lookin' for him.

There won't be enough air to
do one more trip to my ship.

And what happens when
we get to your ship?

We have no more air to come back on.

- We won't have to come back.
- I can lure this thing outside.

Look, I know how we
can supplement the air.

Bryce, you and Perkins get your
suits on, take the sled over

to the dig and bring back
the air tanks, all right?

You mean the tanks
from the Richter crew?


Wait a minute. I'm not goin' out there,

and I'm sure as hell not goin' out there

takin' air tanks off dead people.

Well, fuck it. I'll do it.

If you don't mind,
Commander, I would like to go.

I know this area better than you, anyway.

I wanna go with Miss Bryce.

(thunder cracks)

[Melanie] Don't fuck with me.

(Hans chuckles)

I see we are going to be
great friends. (Chuckles)

(device bleeps)

Okay. Go ahead, try it.

(switch clicks)

Stop, stop!

(Mike sighs)

No good, huh?

(alarm buzzes)

Hey, what's this? Sladen.

Someone's trying to contact us.

Well, how come I'm not hearing anything?

Well, because it's coming in
on a European-assigned phase.

Hold on a second and I'll convert it.

- What's happening?
- Just a second.

(switch clicks)


I guess you didn't expect to see me again.

- Where the hell you been?
- I'm on board the German ship.

Are you all right?

I'm fine. I'm okay.

I'm better than okay.

Sorry I didn't tell anyone
where I was going, but

I had a feeling you might not
let me try to make it here.

You got that right.

How's your air supply holding out?

We're almost out.

Well, don't worry,
there's plenty over here.

- Did you find Susan?
- No.

I don't know where she is.

I looked everywhere, but
she's nowhere in sight.

What about the thing that attacked her?

Oh, it must've left the ship.

I mean, I searched the entire
ship, but it isn't anywhere.

That means it's safe
for us to go over there.

(sighs) Jon, are you
sure you're all right?

I'm fine. I think I
pinched a nerve in my neck.

The main airlock was jammed

and I had to force the auxiliary.

Mike, the ship is ready to go.

I mean, I've got a
couple circuits to patch,

but I mean, it's nothing important.

I could have her ready
by the time you get here.

Okay, we're gonna think on it.

Well, don't take too
long. I wanna go home.

(computer chirps)

(Mike sighs)

(eerie music)

(organism hisses and squelches)

(thunder cracks)

Oh my god.

Oh, my friends.

This is not a place for you.

You are not butterflies.

(thunder cracks)

(eerie music)

I'm sorry.

(speaks German)

(thunder cracks)

[Melanie] Hofner.


(organism squelches)

- What is it?
- It's moving.

It's Susan.

(Susan snarls)
(intense orchestral music)



- All right, look, Beth.
- I'm not crazy about this.

There's somethin' wrong
with the whole situation

and that German ship,
but we can't stay here.

Sooner or later, we're gonna
have to get on that ship.

I want you to wait here
for Bryce and Hofner

until we can check out
the situation, all right?


Oh, listen, and shut down
anything you find unnecessary.

The power cells are gonna
be dead in a little while.


Take care.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

Good luck.

(doors whoosh)

(thunder cracks)

(suspenseful music)

(door hums)

(thunder cracks)

(gun cocks)

Whoa! Take it easy, guys.

(helmets bleep)

[Mike] I almost shot the shit outta you.

Nice to see you, too.

Next time, will you
shout, yell, do somethin'?

So, what happened to your head?

I was down in engineering

checking out one of the DKC
units and I didn't realize

until later, but the
Germans use caustic fluids

in those things, and I
must've got some on my head.

You know, Jon, I should
take a look at that.

In a little while. I've
got some stuff to do first.

Hot in here.


The air temp unit. I
haven't gotten to it yet.

So, where are the others?

They're over scavenging
the air bottles at the dig.

We don't need 'em anymore.

Yeah, but they don't know that.

And the helmet radios
can't cut through the RF,

so I had to leave somebody behind

just to let "em know what was goin' on.

Hey, Fennel?

How come some of these
system monitors don't work?

Well, I've still got
a few circuits to fix.

I'm gonna head over to
engineering, see what I can do.

Look, why don't you have Doc

at least take a look at the head?

Oh, okay. She can come along.

I just wanna get outta here.
This place gives me the creeps.

(Mike sighs)


I don't know.

I mean, it just seems that
he's forgotten about Susan.

I think you and I should make

our own little inspection of the ship.

That's a good idea.

(sighs) I think there's
something I should tell you.

Oh, what's that?

I'm not exactly what you think I am.

I have a confession to make:
I'm not a regular doctor.

What kind of a doctor are you?

- Well, I'm into biophysics.
- I mean, I know medicine,

it's just that... that's
not exactly my field.

That's okay, I have a secret of my own.

Oh, yeah? What's that?

Well, here we are.

(button clicks)

(doors whoosh)

(groans) Damn lights are out.

Hang on a second, will ya?


Hey, Jon?

[Jon] Come on in,

it'll only take me a couple more seconds.

(eerie orchestral music)


Jon, are you okay?

(doors whoosh)

Jon, cut it out. You're scaring me.

(breathes heavily)
(ominous music)


Oh, my god!


No! Oh, oh!

Oh my god!

(grunts and screams)


No! Get off of me!

(Jon groans)


(ominous music)
(creature breathing heavily)


- God, it's hot in here.
- Yeah.

Come on, let's check this area out here.

What's the matter?

Think about it.

We're sweatin' like champs

and Fennel wasn't sweatin' at all.

Let's get down to engineering.

Which way?

You go that way and I'll go down here.

(button clicks)

(doors whoosh)

(flesh squelches)
(ominous music)

(creature snarls)


(head thuds)

(intense orchestral music)


(intense orchestral music)

(Jon grunts)

(Jon laughs ominously)



[David] Fennel!

(gun fires)

(brooding orchestral music)

(blood splatters)

(thunder cracks)

(electricity crackles)

Oh, shit. What's going on now?


(buttons click)

Oh, come on. I don't wanna go outside.

(switches click)


(sighs) Oh, good, Sladen.
Forget your tools.

(button clicks)

(door whooshes)

(eerie music)

(panel bleeps)

(door whooshes)

(thunder cracks)

(eerie orchestral music)

(thunder cracks)
(door whooshes)


Is that you?





You are so pretty.

Come and join me with my friends.

My precious.

(Beth grunts)
(dramatic orchestral music)

(Beth screams)

(Beth screams)

(door whooshes)

(Beth grunts and pants)
(suspenseful orchestral music)

(doors clack)
(alarm wails)

(Beth screams)

(door whooshes)
(thunder cracks)

(Beth grunts)

(Beth gasps and coughs)

(thunder cracks)

(helmet bleeps)

(Beth gasps)
(Hans snarls)



Come on, Sladen. Be there.


The power cells were
goin' out, maybe they quit.

Let me try one other thing.

Look, there's a couple of
emergency suits in the airlock.

Hofner and Bryce oughta be
back at the Shenandoah by now

with those other tanks.



Come on, Beth, answer.

We can figure this out later.

Let's get the hell outta here!

Damn it.

(sighs) All right, let's go.


(thunder cracks)

(thunder cracks)

(suspenseful orchestral music)

(Beth screams)

(doors whoosh)

- Hey, Davison.
- What?

Look at this.

Check the racks.

Nothing. They're empty.

They took 'em.

It wants to keep us here.

There must be somethin' else we can use.

There's gotta be some emergency
suit somewhere on this ship.

Yeah, you wanna go lookin' for "em?

You got a better idea?


Come on, the bridge.

(helmet clunks)

Try raising the Shenandoah again.

Yeah, come on.

All right, if I can reach 'em,

I'm gonna have "em bring
over the emergency suits.

Secure the bulkhead doors.

- What, these?
- No, on the right.

(switches click)
(console chirps)

[David] There's somebody out there.

- What?
- I saw them a second ago.

[Mike] Where?

That's Beth.

Yeah, and somebody else.

- What're you gonna do?
- Let 'em in!

No, you can't let them in.

What if they're all like Fennel?

Then we're all gonna be dead.

If you think I'm gonna leave
Beth out there, you're nuts.

Now, come on.

(thunder cracks)
(suspenseful music)

(footsteps approach)
(thunder cracks)

(panel chimes)

(door whooshes)

Come on!

(thunder cracks)

(ominous music)

(door whooshes)

(doors whoosh)

[David] Get her helmet off her.

(Mike grunts)

You all right?


(intense music)

(Mike grunts)





(gun fires)

(Hans snarls)


(Hans shrieks)

(Hans shrieks)


(Beth moans)

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

It's okay, he's dead.

(Beth moans)

All the bulkhead doors are secured.


So, Hofner came back to the Shenandoah.

What happened?

(Beth sighs deeply)
(somber synth music)

He tried to kill me.

He had one of those creatures...

(breathes heavily)

What are they?

I think they're some sort
of biological control device.

That's what Hofner meant
about collective intelligence.

Like mind control?


Somethin' like that.

Except these things
actually replace the brain.

Yeah, and we're next on the menu.

Okay, then what?

After I escaped from
the ship, I came here.

I guess I ran out of oxygen
and Hofner carried me in.

I guess he figured he
could use you to get to us.


You have any idea where Bryce is?

I don't know. I assume that Hofner...

I don't know. She just never came back.

Look, we're wasting time.

What're we gonna do about this thing?

I don't know.

Damn, it's not stupid.

It knew enough to wipe out our spacesuits.

There's gotta be something on this ship

we can use to Kill it.

The fusion unit.

We'd have to go through the
engineering bay to get there,

and you know who'll be
waiting for us there.

(thunder cracks)

I saw a movie once

where a group of people were
trapped in an ice station

by a carrot from another planet.

(men laugh)

Wait a minute!

They Killed it by electrocution.

They set up a grid on the floor

and when they got it in position,

they simply melted it away.

Well, that doesn't do
us much good, does it?


Electrocuting it is not a bad idea.

If I can hook up the fusion accelerators

into the power system, hell,
we can fry half of Titan.

But we've still got the same problem.

All that stuff is down in engineering.

(Beth sighs)
(alarm whines)

[Mike] What's that?

My god, it's a breach in life support.

Damn! The fusion unit is
filled with gas from Titan.

It's opened one of the service ducts.

The pressure in engineering has dropped.

It's opened one of the doors.

It's on the move.

It's opened another service
duct in aft quarter C.


[David] You're right, it's no dummy.

This thing's gettin' smart fast.

Perkins, get down to the computer room

and get on that security camera.

We'll have the headsets on
and track us all the way.

If you see anything, tell us.

- What are you gonna do?
- I'm going to engineering.

Right, let me get some tools together.

(suspenseful music)

I have you in sight.

(eerie music)

No offense, but I
wish Melanie were here.

That's okay.

So do.

(button clicks)
(doors whoosh)

- Oh, god!
- Shh.

(doors whoosh)
(tense orchestral music)

Okay, looks like it's had its fill.

If we're lucky, maybe
feeding time is over.

What're you gonna use for a grid?

We don't need it.

I'm gonna wire into the buses
above and below corridor D.

The insulation will just get (grunts)

Fried off with all this
current going through it.

What about us?

As long as we stay forward
of the next bulkhead,

we should be all right.

I'm gonna rig this into the computer room.

So we can just cut in from there.




Oh, my god! (Screams)
(intense orchestral music)

(gun fires)
(creature shrieks)

(creature breathing heavily)

(intense orchestral music)

[Mike] Computer room, quick!

[Beth] Come on. (Groans)

All right, do it now!

(creature shrieks)

(buttons click)


I can't find the right bus!

All this shit's written in German!

Sladen, come on! Come on!

Come on, Sladen! Any time!


[Mike] Now!


Now! Come on, Sladen, any time!

(creature growls)

(electricity crackles and zaps)

(creature shrieks)

(console crackles and buzzes)

(console bangs)
(Beth yelps)

(alarm wails)


(fire extinguisher hisses)

- Are you all right?
- I'm fine, I'm fine.

[David] Is it dead?


Is it dead?

It's dead.

(Beth and David sigh)

(Mike chuckles)

All right, let's get
the hell outta here.

Let's warm up the ship and go home.

(Mike and Beth breathe heavily)

We did it.

Why don't you get down to engineering

and get everything ready for liftoff?


(breathes heavily)

(intense music)

(buttons click)


Did you hear that?

[Mike] What?

Sounded like Sladen.


Damn it.

(gun cocks)
Come on.

(intense orchestral music)

Beth! Beth!


(ominous music)

It's got Beth.

- Is she still alive?
- Yeah, I think so.


- What? What is it?
- That thing was right there.

- We gotta get her outta there!
- Wait a second.

Think about it!

You can't go in there!

You're right.

I'm glad to be right about something.

I got an idea.


There's gotta be another
way to get in this room.

I might be able to get
in there and lure it away

while you go in and grab Beth, okay?


Put on your headset.

I'll call you when I get
down to the computer room.

I wanna check out the
blueprints of this ship.

Good luck.

(button clicks)


[Mike] I'm here.

There's a service port
in the engineering room

that leads to the cargo bay.

Now, I can get to the cargo
bay through the galley.

- Davison?
- Yeah.

[David] I'm in the cargo bay now.

I'm moving back toward
the ladder in engineering.

I haven't seen our friend for some time.

(eerie music)

Wait a minute.

I think I've found what our
friend Hofner was talking about.


There's enough explosives
here to blow us all to hell.

(ominous music)

(suspenseful music)

(switches click)



Davison, I think I've found a way

to dump tall, dark and
handsome out onto the surface.

- Should I come down?
- No, stay where you are.

(eerie orchestral music)

Davison, the hatch to engineering is open.

Have you got that thing in sight?

[Mike] No, haven't seen it.

[David] Oh, shit.


You read me?





(button clicks)

Come on.

Come on!

(explosion bangs)
(panel crackles)


(suspenseful music)

(Beth moans)

(rhythmic thuds)
(Beth moans)

(suspenseful music)

(ominous music)

[Mike] Davison!

You just wait here. Just wait here.

(eerie orchestral music)

(faint gurgling)

(gasping and panting)


Do it.

Do it.

Do it!

(button clicks)
(device hums)


(thunder cracks)
(dramatic orchestral music)

(Mike coughs)

Close the hatch!

[Beth] Are you all right?

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Through that door.
- It's dangerous!

- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Oh!

(thunder cracks)



(gun fires)
(creature shrieks)


(creature snarls)

(Mike yells)

(Mike groans)

(Mike coughs)

(Mike coughs)

Oh, it didn't go off! (Coughs)

Oh, yes it did.

(gun fires)
(explosion roars)

By the way, where were you?

Well, when Susan killed Hofner,

I ran back to the Shenandoah
and there was no one there,

and then I came here.

You were gone a long time.

I got lost.

You what?

I got lost.

So, Davison...

are we havin' fun yet?

(Mike sighs)

Ask me that later.

Let's go home.

(soft orchestral music)

(engines roar)
(dramatic orchestral music)

(eerie synth music)

(tense orchestral music)

(brooding synth music)

(eerie music)

(dramatic orchestral music)

(somber orchestral music)