Cream Puff Murder (2021) - full transcript - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
--- subtitles by Rubens ---

As a baker I've always found
something magical about the mornings.

You have the world to yourself.

And I love being in my little sanctuary
when no one else is around.

As the aroma of breads and
sweets begin to fill the air

there's a little time left for me.

And this is the time I love the most.

It's a time that allows me
to take risks.

To try something new.

Because I know the key to any
successful dessert is consistency.

Simply follow a time-tested recipe

and you know what
you're gonna get.

Introduce a new ingredient
at your own risk.

The end result could be
something new and wonderful.

Or it could be a complete disaster.

Howdy stranger.

Oh, come on. It hasn't been
that long since you saw me.

Has it?

I'm sorry Hannah, it's just so crazy.
The station is still short-staffed.

I get it. I do.

Ships in the night, long hours...
I know what I signed up for.

- Is this... Wait. Is this treat...
do you like like that, is that too much?
- It's good. It looks really good.

I'm gonna make it up to you, though.
How about dinner tonight at Raven?

I have a better idea.

Why don't you come over?
Eat. I'll make something special.


Do you need me
to bring in anything?

- Just you.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- Sounds good.

- I gotta go. I gotta go.
- Yeah.

- Yeah. I'll see you tonight, though. Ok?
- Yes. Absolutelly.

- Ok.
- Ok.

A kiss.

I see you later

See you later

Good morning, ladies.

- Good morning, Delores.
- Oh, Hannah.

I think I shall treat myself
to a lemon tart today, please.

Okay. I can't wait to hear
all about your interview.

- Interview?
- Well, The Lake Eden Journal

is doing a feature on my
debut novel "A Match For Anna".

- When am I getting a copy?
- I will autograph you one right away.

The launch party is this weekend.
It is a Regency themed tequila.

- Oh, I will dust off my bonnet.
- Oh, that's perfect.

Oh, Hannah, have you made
any progress on the Menu?

- Well, I was thinking...
- Thank you.

about making
miniature cream puffs.

Well, the menu must be
true to the time period.

I want my guests to feel
transported back to 1820.

Okay. I could make flummery.

It's an oatmeal that's been
boiled to a jelly-like consistency.

- That's disgusting.
- That's the 1820s.

Just for you know, I have
invited Norman to the party.

You've invited half the town.

As well he accepted. Despite
the fact that you broke his heart.

I didn't break his heart, mother.

- Did he say that to you?
- He didn't need to.

I'm a writer, Hannah.
I am very intuitive.

Norman and I are friends.

So, are you inviting him
to your wedding?

Oh, and speaking of which,

I brought you a few
magazines for research.

And I've made just a few notes.

Mike and I haven't even
set a date yet.

Sweetheart, a beautiful wedding
doesn't just materialize overnight,
it takes months of planning.

Guest lists, caterers.
Seasonal considerations.

Will it be a spring wedding?
Will it be a winter wedding?

Oh, Hannah. I suggest you
avoid a summer affair.

Your hair we'll never hold up
against that kind of humidity.

We just got engaged.

Six months ago.
What are you waiting for?

Hey, Jacqueline. I haven't
seen you at the gym lately.

How can you treat people like this?
Don't you have any shame?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You know exactly
what I'm talking about.

Ok, let's all just take the...

- Oh, boy.
- Oh, mine.

- Are you OK?
- Ma'am, I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.

- I'm so sorry.
- It's OK.

Karma, is coming for you.

- Oh, my goodness.
- I'm sorry.

Oh, no... Oh.

- Oh, look, Hannah. Are you all right?
- Just peachy.

I opened this morning as usual
and everything seemed fine.

But then I came back here
and I found this.

How much did they get?

Nearly 2000 in cash from
the fundraiser last week.

Right. Anything else,
any merchandise from here?

I'm still taking inventories.

It's the city manager.
She's at a conference in St Paul.
I haven't told her yet.

- Yeah, go ahead.
- Thanks.


And were you on patrol last night?

- I'm overnight all this week.
- Okay, did you see anything?


What about that?

Still waiting for the city manager
to release the security footage

but we should have
the next couple days.

- What about the feed
from the parking lot?
- No cameras there.

We been after the city
forever about that.

Well, this will help our case.

Now the security guard
did say something interesting.

That the thief seem to
know his routine,

because he was patrolling
the other side of the Rec Center
when it happened.

- Hannah. I haven't seen you in class.
- Hi, Delly.

Oh, I was helping Andrea
with her move.

Oh, how's she liking Seattle?

She loves her new job but
not so fan of the weather.

Well, let her know that
we missed her already.

Hey, I haven't seen your mom
at the bakery lately.

- Yeah, she's just feeling a bit down.
- I hope everything is okay.

She's been having a
tough go of retirement. I think
she's feeling a bit lonely.

You wouldn't have to be hiring?
Just a few hours a week.

- No, but I can ask around if...
- That will be great. Oh, thank you.

- Hey, Marco.
- Afternoon, Hannah.

Thanks for squeezing me
into the 5 o'clock session.

Life go fast, but anything
for my favorite member.

Why am I your favorite member?

Oh, your candy bar cookies
single-handedly keep me in business.

- Hey, Delly.
- Yeah?

Who is that? I saw her
at the bakery this morning.

That's Ronni Ward. She moved
to Lake Eden a few months ago

and she has made quite
an impression since then.

So where is Brett?

You didn't hear?
He got fired.

What happened?

All right. Welcome back
to spin class.

- I tell you later.
- Enough chit-chat.

Grab your bikes and
let's get started.

Here we go.

Let's have some fun. Whoo.

That's right. Whoo.

All right everybody.
You're doing great.

That's right.
Now, let's kick it up a level.

Push yourself.

Get up over the pedals.

You got this.


Stop right there.

Push yourself.
I know you can do it.

Three, two, one.

Nice work.

It's not over yet.
We're gonna go again.

I guess class is over.

- We should call the police
- I just want to go home.

Ronni, after everything that has
happened these past few weeks.

I'll follow report in the morning.

I'm just worried about you.

I know.

You stay here.


- Oh, hi, sis.
- Michelle. - Surprise.

Well, thank you for understand, Mike.

Yeah, no problem.
Tell Michelle I say hi.

Now, I do expect
a rain check, though. Ok?

I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Sorry, I torpedoed your plans.

I just didn't know you were coming.
I Thought you were in Cairo.

No, Cairo was last month.

I was supposed to be in Milan
shooting out fashion,

But it got cancelled. So,
I hopped on the red eye and...

- And then broke into my house.
- Well, the key was under the mat.

Hey, was this date supposed
to have wine, or...

- It's in the fridge.
- Excellent.

- How long are you staying?
- Just a couple of days.

You have room for houseguests?

- You want to stay here.
- I can't stay with Mom again.

Last spring I was home
for literally two days

before she tried to set me up
with the mailman.

Yeah, but two days it's actually
a lot of restraint for mother.

I always knew she liked you best.

- Please.
- Of course you can stay.

Thank you.
Hey, congratulations by the way.

- Did Mike pick this out?
- Yeah.

Oh, he has good taste.

Are you wearing my bunny slippers?


Slow down a little bit.

- Everything OK?
- Yes I'm fine. I just...

I just wasn't paying attention
to where I was going.

OK. All right.

So, just slow down a little bit.

- Good night.
- Thanks. Good night.

If you'd like to leave your business
card we have a weekly cupcake raffle.

You know, I think you should
get married somewhere tropical.

That way you can get hitched
and I can get a tam. It's a win-win.

I always pictured a small ceremony.

A few friends and family.
Something maybe in the backyard.

You wanna have a backyard wedding?
Mom would lose her mind.

I love it

- Good morning.
- Hey,

do you think if I sit really still,
she will notice that I'm here?

She's our mother,
not a velociraptor.


Oh, there she is.

- My baby girl. Come here.
- Hi, Mom.

Oh, my goodness.
Let me look at you.

Oh, let me do just
a little hairspray.

Right there.
It has been so long.

Tell me, what is new?

You mean, besides all the tattoos?

That's just a joke.

I see you still have
your father's sense of humor.

So, what brings you to town?

Michelle wouldn't miss
your big debut, Mother.

- Not in a million years.
- Oh, Michelle.

Well, it is going to be the
social event of the year.

You could take pictures.
Did you bring your camera?

I did, it's with my luggage
at Hanna's.

Oh. Well, then we will just go
and grab our things.

I've already got fresh linen
in the guest room

and we will get you
all settled in. Come on.

You know, I would love to,
but, Hannah actually

insisted that I stay with her.
Sisterly bonding. Right?

But I have to inventory
tonight, late. So...

You can have Michelle
all to yourself, all day.

That's wonderful.

There are so many people
who are going to want to see you.

Come on, grab your coat.

Tell me is there anyone
special in your life?

- Hi.
- Really sorry to be bothering you miss.

There's a possible break-in
at the flower shop.

I'm talking to nearby businesses
to see if they've seen or heard
anything suspicious.

Nearby businesses? That flower shop
is blocks away from here.

Well, just being thorough.

Thank you.

- Want some coffee?
- Always.

Mike, another break-in?

Yeah, they tripped the alarm.

Didn't notice anything stolen.
So, it could be nothing.

Do you think that I should get
better security for the bakery?

I think that's a very good idea, yeah.

Right. Mike, shall I heat up
a cinnamon bun for you,

- Or, I don't know, something else?
- No, I gotta go.

I still have
some people I gotta talk to.

People who actually live
near the flower shop.

People who actually live near
the flower shop. Yeah, exactly.


Thanks for this.

Open and ate them.

What? Why?
Why you waking me up?

- Yeah. It's 4 o'clock.
- Four in the morning?

Time to get up.
Time for some sisterly bonding.

- No, no... - Come on.
- No, no... - Yeah.

No, no, no, thank you...

I'm just gonna wait in the car.


How can you work out those early?

I'm on baker's hours.

- Where's everyone?
- In bed.

No. There's usually someone
at the desk. Hello?

- Marco?
- He obviously just stepped away.

Well... Yeah.

So, what do you want
to do first, treadmill?

Hot tub.

hot tub is this way.

Oh, sorry, we...

Michelle, call 9-1-1.

You okay?


- Are you ok? Are you hurt?
- I'm fine.

- You're sure?
- Mm-hm.

What happened?

It was Ronni Ward, the spin instructor.

She was just
floating there dead.

I didn't know anyone was here.

I didn't see her car
in the parking lot.

OK. What did you do next?

We just went and
found the security guard.

he was doing his rounds
and he called it in.

- Okay. Ted, yeah.
- Yeah. - Good.

I'm glad you're okay.

You're can be alright
getting home?

Yeah. Um, my sister
is here with me.

- Michelle.
- Hey. - Hey, good to see you.

Yeah. I wish it was
under better circumstances.

- You ready to go home?
- Yeah.

- Ok, see ya.
- OK. See you later.

- Detective.
- Yeah?

Ronni's car was vandalized
last night.

She wouldn't call the police, but

- I kept this. Just in case.
- Excellent.

All right, take me through
everything that you saw.

- Take it.
- Oh, thank you.

Oh, Hannah, your ring.


Whoa, whoa, Hannah.
You can't go back in there,
It's an active crime scene.

But, Sheriff, I left my watch and my
engagment ring in the lock room.

- I'll grab it for you.
- Oh, thank you.

We'll just wait right here, then?

Drop by the station.
I'll have it for you there.


Sheriff, do you mind not saying
anything to Mike about this?

I don't want to worry him and
he's got a lot on his plate right now.


- Thank you. I owe you.
- Blueberry crunch cookies?

You bet. I will bring them
by the station.

Awesome. See you.

We're just trying
to establish a timeline

for the day to see who she
might have interacted with.

So, I can't believe you knew her.
I mean, does she was your neighbor?

Do you have any idea who could
have sendered the cookies

that we found in her locker?
Who could have bought them?

Well, I know it wasn't Ronni.
She didn't buy them herself.

A box of chocolate chip? I mean,
it's the most popular order.

- I figured it was a bit of a long shot.
- Yeah.

Where's your ring?

I take it off when I'm baking.

I don't want it to end up in a pie.

So, how do you feel about
the Fairmount, for the wedding?

The country club?

Isn't that a little outside
our price range?

It may work

It's so beautiful. I mean, the views
are so spectacular it holds

- 300 People.
- Three hundred?

Yeah. I mean, more if we
hold it out in the gardens.

And I talked to the owner,
and I got us a tour next week.


Wow. Okay.

- I'll let you get back to work.
- Okay.

Don't mind me, just
pretend I'm not here.

Hmm... Okay.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Don't you have
something to frost?

Yeah, the coroner's preliminary report

estimates the time of death between
2:00 and 3:00 in the morning.

Were they able to get any
physical evidence on the body?

Yeah, the ME confirmed that
the ligature marks on her neck

didn't match the resistance band
that they found in the hot tub,

but the chlorine in the hot tub
removed any touch DNA completely.

Maybe the perp put her body
in the water on purpose.

- What about the spray paint can?
- Clean as a whistle.

Mike, I call in the Bureau.


Until those budget increases are approved
we're working on skeleton crew.

You know, you get to
have a partner on this.

What are you talking about?
The last thing that I need

is to have some pencil pusher
from the CBA looking over my
shoulder every five seconds.

Mike, I'd like to introduce you
to Stella Parks.

Hey, um...

- Miss Parks.
- Agent Parks.

It's a pleasure
to meet you, Detective.

- I look forward to working together.
- See there?

Already you have off
to a great start.

- Can I get you some sugar?
- Hm-mm... That'd be nice.

- Cream too, or...?
- Yeah.

The Sheriff still hasn't gotten
back to me about my ring.

How much longer
on the pecan, Sandy?

Three minutes.

What are you reading?

Your mother's book.
Have you read it yet?

- No. Not yet.
- Ah, it's a real page turner.

Well, you know my mother. She
definitely has a flair for the dramatic.

Oh, Hannah. How could you?
I'd wish you are better than that.

Better than what, Mother?

You know exactly what I mean.
You found another body.

And just days before
my book launch.

I'm so sorry, Mother.
It must be terrible for you.


But I have no choice
but to persevere.

Oh. Lisa.

So, what do you think?

And don't hold back, I wanna
hear it all. The good and the bad.

Oh, it's fun.

Carnivals are fun, dear.
This is literature.

Oh, well, um...

I really like the romance.

- I'm team Nathaniel.
- Aren't we all?


I'm having an epiphany
right now on the Dessert Menu.

What would you think about
miniature cream puffs?

- Great idea, Mother.
- Thank you.

It suddenly occurred to me.

Hey, Lisa, what are these?

Oh, I pulled the receipt checks
you asked for the chocolate
chip cookie boxes.

Oh, great. Thank you.


Mr. Fields, get a sec?

Got a couple questions
about Ronni Ward.

How long has she been
working at Heavenly Bodies?

Almost four months.

And was she well liked?

Depends on who you ask.
Ronni could be divisive.

Yeah. I asked that because
her car was vandalized recently.

And I know she didn't file
a police report.

Do you have any idea why?

No, I don't know.

You know, I encorage her to, but...

I think maybe she might
have been embarrassed.

What was your relationship
with Miss Ward?

She was a frien... uh,
an employee. A friend.

So, strictly professional.


And where were you last night?

I was visiting my sister in Maple Grove.

- For the whole night?
- Yeah. I just got back to
town this morning.

OK. That's all we got for now.
If we have more questions
we'll be in touch.

I have one more question.

Was it usual to have a single
staff member on an overnight shift?

Uh, no.
No, usually we have two.

One on the desk
and one on the floor.

And who was scheduled
for that night?

I was.

I couldn't get coverage, but
Ronni assured me that she could
handle it all by herself.

So, the trip to visit your sister
was a last-minute decision.


Okay. Thanks for your time,
we'll be in touch.

I'll call the sister and see
if the story checks out.

When it comes to a
family member in trouble
memories tend to get fuzzy.

We'll need footage on the tolls.

He would go through at least
two before he hit Maple Grove.

And we'll need employ files,
background checks, customer complaints.

- I'm on it.
- Great. While you do that,
I'm gonna grab some lunch.

You don't need me looking
over your shoulder.

OK. So, this is a list of
all the people who bought

chocolate chip cookie boxes
in the last three days.

With a credit card. Through
a dozen more with cash.

Ok. We can't worry
about that right now.

Margot Ross bought
some for her mother.

Trina Copeland was for
a birthday party, I think.

And then... Well, Mark Shields
he buys a dozen every monday.

So, that's
seven unaccounted for.

So, how do you figure out
who bought the box for Ronni?

We could...

I have an idea.

Congratulations sir, you have won
our weekly cupcake raffle.

But to clean your prize,

you're going to need to
participate in a short survey
about your past purchases.

Well, there's only one name left.

Good thing too, because
we are out of cupcakes.

May I help you?

Hi. I'm not sure
I really have the right house.
I'm looking for Steven Grant.

Steven went out of town.

- And you are?
- Jacqueline, his wife.


- When did he leave?
- This morning.

What is this in regards to?

Your husband won our
weekly cupcake drawing.

We're not interested.

But I just need to
speak to him for a minute.

If you don't mind sharing where
he is or how I could reach him...

Oh, hey, little guy.
Where are you off to?

Hi, sweetie. What?
Did you make a jail break?

- Oh, yeah.
- Scooter. Hey, here, boy.

- Oh, my gosh.
- Norman.

- Thank you, so much.
- Hi.

Stop to tie my shoe.
he saw his opportunity and...


When did you get a dog?

A couple weeks ago.

Margaret Beeman, her dog
had a litter puppies

and I got Scooter here.

A couple weeks ago?
I uh...

I hadn't realized it had been
that long since we talked.

Yeah, well, I mean...

You've been busy, right? Planning
your wedding and everything else.


But I do believe
you are due for a cleaning.

So, you will have to
pencil me in at some point.

OK. Absolutely.

Put it on the calendar.


- I'm gonna get this little monster home.
- Oh, yeah.

I'll see you.

Norman, you should
come by the bakery.

My mom's book reading
is tonight and

We're selling pop cones now
and I bet Scooter would love one.

In fact, the first one
is on me.

All right. I'll keep that
in mind. See ya.

All right. Bye.
Bye Scooter.

Oh, Sheriff.

Blueberry crunch cookies,
as promised.

Yes. Help yourself.

- Oh, get your watch here.
- Oh, great.

Sorry we haven't found your ring yet.
But we'll keep looking.

- Is Mike in?
- Office.

Right. Thank you.

You are not going
to believe what I found out
about the Ronni working.


I was looking for Mike,
um, detective Kingston.

He stepped out for a moment.

Well, I'm Hannah, his fiancee.

Stella Parks, Minnesota
Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Wow, how do you fit all that
on a business card?

- Hey.
- Hi.

It seems that your fiancee has
made a break in the Ward case.

Oh, well I just found out who
bought the cookies for Ronni Ward.

It's a guy named Steven Grant.
He works at Sunset Reality Alpha Beam.

- You didn't talk to him did you?
- No, of course not.

I talked to his wife.

The day before Ronni's murder

she and Jacqueline Grant got in
a big dust up at the bakery.

- Oh, yeah? About what?
- Well, I Don't know for sure, but

I would think it had something
to do with the fact that her husband
was buying Ronni gifts.

Do you do this often?

Involve yourself in his
criminal investigations?

- I wouldn't say often.
- No.

And just what is
your area of expertise?

I'm a baker.

I can't believe it.
The murder bumped my interview
right off the front page.

What is this world
coming through?

It's buried under the classifieds, Hannah.
Nobody reads past the crossword.

Your dresses just came in this morning.

Oh, they're absolutely lovely.

I can't wait to see them on you.

- Dressing rooms are right over there.
- Thank you.

Yes. So, bring up the shoulders
like this and then

the fabric is just bunching
just a little bit here at the seam.

Well, I'm happy to make
all those alterations, but

- you'll have to purchase the dress.
- I'm planning on it.

Mother, what are you gonna do
with a Regency dress?

Fashion is cyclical.

Wait long enough and
everything comes back in style.

- It's been 200 years.
- Hannah?

Oh, a rental is fine for me.

- Are you sure, honey?
- Yes. Yes, I'm sure.

Uh, Carol what do you have
that will work for Michelle?

Oh, no, no, no, no.
I do not need a dress.

Sweetheart, everyone will be in costume.
You'll stick out like a sore thumb.

- I may have something in the rack.
- Oh, goody.

So, let's see here.

Everyone is just so excited
about your Mother's novel.

Must be specially
exciting for you, Hannah.

Why is that?

Carol, what are your
suggestions for accessories?

- Oh, excuse me.
- I love it.

What do you think that was about?

Have you read mom's new book?

- I'm surprised that you have.
- I read it on the plane.

It's surprisingly not bad.
Been overwritten in parts, but...

So what does that
have to do with...


Look at this.



What do you think?

Uh... It's a bit much.

Sweetheart, it's your
wedding day.

There's no such thing as too much.

Would you like to try it on?

- I don't think the...
- Yes.

Well, I would love to see that.

Maybe some other time.

Well, when you're ready to start
your search, we're here.

- When is your wedding date?
- Yes, Hannah.

When is your wedding date?

Yes, Ronni and I had
words at the bakery.

I thought she had crossed the line.

What did she do exactly?

My husband and I both got
memberships to Heavenly Bodies.

We wanted to make a
positive change in the new year.

Suddenly Stephen was going multiple
times a week. I hardly saw him.

And then I found out
he'd been giving Ronni Ward
rides to work. And money.

Clearly she was using him.

Were you aware that her car
was recently vandalized?

I was not.

What are these?

I restore old jewelry.
It's a hobby.

They're beautiful.

I mostly do it for friends and family.

I feel most things can be saved
with a little effort.

I know I lost my temper detective.

But I only said to Ronni
what half the women in this town
wish they had the guts to say.


I'll do my best to have those
alterations done by friday.

Thank you.
Oh, Michelle. Look.

Lolly's Fashion Lounge.

I'm sorry, the soonest opening
I have is next Sunday.

I'm afraid it's the best I can do.

Okay. All right.
I'll see you then.


Seems like you could use a hand.

I've really been stretched thin
with the party.

Why? Do you know anyone
who might be interested?

Sue Plodnik, my friend Delly's Mom.

She's looking for a reason to get out
of the house and be around people.

Well, that's certainly
in the job description.

- Perfect.
- I used to have a
help wanted sign up,

but it wasn't attracting
the right candidates.

The last one asked if she
could be paid under the table.

Who was the applicant?

Ronni Ward.

She was very cagey
about her past.

Doesn't give me references
or agree to a background check.

I got the impression
she was hiding something.

Just came in.
Take a look.

- Who's Veronica Hoffman?
- Our victim.

Apparently Ward was
her maiden name.

She was married?

She lived next door to you,
she ever mention a husband?


No, our conversations were usually
just small talk in the mail room, but

Never came up in any interviews either.

I think she may have been
hiding it for a reason.

- Find anything?
- Uh, 77 cents and a bunch of
hair ties.

Let's keep looking.

I just don't understand it.
I mean, where could my ring be?

I hate to be the wet blanket here,
but maybe it was stolen.

You did say that Mike has been
dealing with thefts in town.

No. I can't even
think like that.


Will you just
stand guard for a second?

- There's nothing here.
- Why would you ring be
in a filing cabinet?

No. I'm looking for
Ronni's employment file.

But there's nothing.
I mean it just doesn't make sense.

No background check,
no tax forms.

So, Ronni was working
off the books.

Maybe Marco was more accommodating
than the dress shop.

But why was it so important
to her not to leave a paper trail?

Maybe she wasn't looking
for anything permanent.

Maybe someone was looking for her.

Let's go.

Good evening.

I'm just so thrilled
to have you all here.

Thank you everyone for coming tonight.

I am so excited to share
with you just a few passages
from my debut novel,

A Match for Anna.

Shall we?

As the carriage approached
the Reid's Estate,

Anna was nervous.

Nathaniel Reids was a man of reasonable
character and pleasant demeanor.

A more than suitable
match for young Anna.

But Anna has had been turned
by the roguish Mr. Kingstone.

Must to her mother's
great disappointment.

Poor Anna's brow furrowed.

Who to choose?

Her mother?

Or the rogue that would
ruin her life forever?

But we shall find out,
shan't we?

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Isn't dreamy?

Your mother gave me
an advanced copy.

- Wow.
- I loved it.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- You too?
- Yeah. Wow.

Ready to get home?

Brett. I took your
friday night spin class.

Right, right, um...

Yeah. And I'm sorry I don't
see you at the gym anymore.

Yeah... Rather not get into it.

He's offering private sessions
if you're interested.

Yeah. I would be.
Thank you.

- Oh. Yeah.
- Okay.

Great. Thanks.
See you at the gym, Caty.

Well, I for one... I'm looking
forward to reading the rest.

Norman, I have no idea.

I know, I know, I know...
It's your mother, she's uh...

- There are no words.
- Yes. Well, I got go.

I'm double parked
and I'm getting towed.

- Wait, really?
- No.

No, but that is the lie I told your
Mother and I'm sticking to it.

You know, she was asking me
to pose for pictures with the book.

- Yeah. Bye.
- Bye.


An errand means picking up
a gallon of milk.

Not skulking around a junkyard.

Mike said that Ronni's car was
towed the morning of the murder.

That means if the car
is still in this impound lot,

she had to get a ride
to the gym that night.

- So...
- There's a potential witness
out there

who hasn't come forward.

Well, they're closed.

Looks like you'll just have
to come back tomorrow.

We can fit through there.

Hold that, hold that.
Let me get this straight.

You were gonna sneak into a junkyard
illegally, in the middle of the night,

on a hunch that you might find
a dead woman's vehicle?


Oh, I am so in.

Well, I most certainly am not in.

- Suit yourself mother.
- We'll be right back.

Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

I am not going in there.

Oh, Hannah. You make my
Saturday bridge club so difficult.

Christine Khan is lending me
her gorgeous home for the gala.

But you started asking awkward
questions about this dreadful business.

So, I had to artfully
change the topic.

So, what are
we looking for here?

A silver car with
purple graffiti.

Oh, really?

Oh, honestly Hannah.

Was something that I did?

Did I give you too much
affection as a child?

Did I simply care too much?
You would tell me wouldn't you?

How could you write a book
about my love life?

That is absurd.

Two men fighting for the affections
of a flaxen haired beauty?

My, my, don't we think
highly of ourselves?

You name the main character
Anna Swanson.

Any resemblance to persons living
or dead is purely coincidental.

You're just...


- Hey, this is it.
- Are you sure?

Pretty sure, look.

So, do you, like, do this a lot?
- Yes. - No.

Maybe I should
come home more often.

You know, that is not even purple,
Hannah. It is deep aubergine.

I had the patio furniture spruced up
with that same color.

- Yeah, of course you had...
- Oh, down, down, down.

- The office is this way.
- OK, OK. We can go.

- I need help.
- We got go.


Stop it.

- My shoes.
- Okay.

I'm sorry about your shoes.

- Yes. Let's just get out of here.
- Okay.

- I wanna go home.
- Do you have any idea?

- Try to walk with these shoes.
- Oh, mother.

Okay, we can go on.


Surprisingly roomy in here.

Although those walls could
really use a little color.

Oh, oh...

Sir... Please, uh

What time are the police notes
getting delivered to the paper?

Mother, you are
handling this very well.

Oh, honey. All publicity
is good publicity.

Mike. Hi.

Trespassing, huh?

Thank you.

Anytime. Not that there
has to be another time.

I just don't understand how
agent Parks got there so fast.

I wasn't responding to a call.

Yeah, we were following up
on Ronni's Car.

You're very luck, Miss Swenson.
If were up to me, you'd be spending
the night in a jail cell.

Mike, I am so sorry.
I didn't mean to cause trouble.

I just got this idea in my head
and I had to see it for myself.

You got good instincts,
you should follow them.

Well, I did pick you.

Did I say good instincts?
Because I meant great instincts.

- Good night.
- Mm-hm.



What, what?
What's wrong with it?

- They're a little dry.
- Dry?

Trash them.



Don't look me like that.
You're a genius.

Hold down the fort.
I'll be right back.


- Norman. Hi.
- Hey.

You just picking up some
flowers for the bakery, or...

Do you know Ronni Ward?

No. I mean, not personally, no.

But I heard what happened.
That's so sad.

The night that she died
there was a bouquet of roses
in the trash.

Okay. And you're here
to figure out where they're from?

- It might be nothing
- It might be something though, right?
- Right.

- Special occasion?
- Oh, yeah.

First date.
I'm not sure if...


Her name is Maisy,
she's the new librarian.

- That's great. That's uh...
- Yeah.

- That's good.
- Can I help you?

- Absolutely.
- Yes.

Who is first?

- Well...
- No, no, no. Go ahead.

- Please, I insist.
- Oh, thanks.

For sure.

I was wondering if I describe
a bouquet to you

could you tell me
who purchased it?

I'm sorry, I can't
disclose that. Store policy.

But if you're interested in flowers

we are running a special
on a number of arrangements

and all purchases

Come with a complimentary pen.

Did you get a lot of
repeat business with those?

- Oh, quite a bit.
- Huh.


I was thinking about
getting magnets for my shop.

I own The Cookie Jar,
the bakery down the road.

Well, pens, always
come in handy.

You're right. Totally.

So, about that purchase...

I'm sorry... I wish I could help,
but my hands are tied.

Right. No.

You know, I'm getting married. Soon.

And I'm going to be placing
a big order, I mean

massive order of flowers.

Where's you ring?

We're having it resized.
It was my grandmother's, so...


Yeah. Can I be honest
with you, Craig?

See the thing is

Hannah's dear mother
has a secret admirer.

And we are just desperate to
find out his identity

so we might make a little love
connection between the two of them

before our special day, you know?

So, I know it's
against your policies

this small favor
would mean so much...

It would mean a lot.

What was the order?

A dozen red roses purchased
sometime on Wednesday.

- That was a such great
- All right?

Yeah, anytime. Of course.

You know, I meaning, Hanna.

I know things have
changed between us, but

You're very
important to me and

if you ever need anything,
you know, anything at all, just

Say the word.
I'm here.

We did have an order for
a dozen roses place that day.

They paid in cash.

When was the last time
you saw your wife, Mr. Hoffman?

- The night she left.
- And when was that?


Day after Christmas.

I got her a set of high luggage
and she decided to use it.

She gave you
any reason for leaving?

Ronni was always impetuous.

She humped and did
things with little forethought
or consideration of others.

And you never made
any attempt to contact her?

She said she wanted space.
I was trying to honor her request.

I'd hoped for reconciliation.

Can I see her?

We can make arrangements.

I just...

I can't believe this is happening.


Where were you in
the night of the 10th?

I hope you're not suggesting
I had any involvement.

It's a very simple question,
I'd like an answer.

Where were you in
the night of the 10th?

I was home.

In my bed.

Can anyone confirm this?

I think that's the last question
I'll be answering

without a lawyer.

Sorry, Hannah. No ring.
But I just got the OK from
the police to reopen

so, I'm bringing in
a cleaning crew before I do.

- I'll let you know if they find anything.
- Thanks for keeping an eye out.

Heavenly Bodies.

No comment.

Press has been
hounding me non-stop.

Looking for some angle
on Ward's murder.

Do you have any idea,
who you think did it?

Well, it would be irresponsible
to accuse someone without proof.

Right, of course. I'm sure
you must have someone in mind.

Brett Stevenson.

The fitness instructor.

He was harassing her at work.

When Ronni told me,
I fired him on the spot.

- Harassing her how?
- He was constantly asking her around.

At one point Ronni thought
he might even be following her.

Brett has a girlfriend, though.
Right? Isn't she a manager here?

Yeah, Katie. She works
administration downstairs

She's a sweet girl, but

when Ronni's car got tagged,
she was the first person I thought of.

- Ronni had her boyfriend fired, so...
- Yeah. He was furious.

Ted had to escort him
out of the building.

Look, sorry, Hannah.

I promise I will let you know,
the minute your ring turns up, OK?

- Yeah, thank you
- Okay.

I thought I told you
not to call me on this phone.

You'll get your money.

Any word on locating
Stephen Grant?

His travel plans check out. So,
we'll interview him when he gets back.

What you got there?

Oh, it's a burglary
from earlier in the week.

Somebody stole the money
from the Heavenly Bodies Rec
Center fundraiser

You need another
set of eyes on it?

No, I got it under control, thanks.

Now, why did I know
you were going to say that?

I know your type.
Solo act.

You'd rather carry the whole load,
than ask for help.

It just um...

It's just a little bit easier
when I handle things myself.

Is it?

Okay, um...

This is from four nights ago, here.

I just got the tape.

- You're thinking they're connected?
- I'm not sure.

What's he doing?

He's punching in the code.

Well, obviously it didn't work,
if he had to resort to a crowbar.

Yeah, but he thought it would.
Which means he had inside information.

So, if the thief worked there

could've learn or have seen something
that he wasn't supposed to?

All right, ladies.
Give me five more.


Four... Three more.



- One more, ladies.
- OK...

Good job.
Take some water.

I really felt these last 10.

Yeah, me too, you know?
In the first 20.

If you two have any friends
with some fitness goals

- tell them I'm the guy
- Oh, thanks. Great.

Have you been
getting a lot of business?

Not as much as I'd like.

I can't believe
the gym let you go.

That makes two of us.

Is it true that Ronni had you fired?

- You're heard that?
- Small town.

So, is it true?

That I was fired? Yes.

The reason you probably
heard why? No.

So, you didn't make
a pass at her?

Look, maybe I was
a little friendly, but...

I'm a friendly guy.

Wait, she wanted my classes.

She was constantly begging
Marco for more hours, and I had
the best time slots.

- She wanted me gone.
- So, she lied.

Work, didn't?

What's made you angry.

Okay, I see what
you're trying to do here.

- Trying to bait me into a confession.
- Do you have something to confess?


The last day I saw Ronni Ward
was my last day at Heavenly Bodies.

I was happy to keep it that way.

And now, every night she talks
non-stop about the dress shop.

It's really bright her spirits,
Hannah. Thank you

- Oh, I'm so glad that I could help.
- Delly, half a dozen pistachio wings.

- Thank you.
- Thanks, Lisa

What do you have here?

Oh, a few of us from Ronni spin class

are collecting money for a
donation in her memory.

- Would you like to contribute?
- Of course. Um...

Wow, that's really thoughtful.

And look at that, it looks
like you've gotten a great response.

Yeah, it's really been wonderful.

Her class helped a lot of us.

She could be tough,
but she got results.

Yeah. I guess reputations
aren't always fair.

Ronni was a very private person.

When you keep certain things
to yourself, others start filling in
the blanks on their own.

Some look to Ronni and saw what
they wanted to see, you know?



- Let me get this out of your way.
- Oh, thanks.

- Your earring is a little loose.
- Thank you.

I got it from my aunt.
I have them refurbished.

Well, it's a really lovely color.

Thank you, it's called
a deep aubergine.

Oh, if you have any old jewelry,
you just need to give her a few dollars

for the solvent and spray paint.

Sorry, who did you say
did the refurbishment?

Fine, it was me.
I spray-painted her car.

I wanted to send her a message.

Women like Ronni think
they can have anything they want.

But there's consequences.

Like losing her life?

I didn't hurt her.

I just wanted to scare her.

And I would do it again.

"Are you a bridezilla? Take the quiz
and find out." Let's do it.

- Oh, don't you have
somewhere else to be?
- No.

So, Mike told me that he wants
to have a big wedding.

Really? Doesn't really seem
like his style.

I know.
I was surprised too.

It's just that

we feel like we're on
different wavelengths lately and
normally we're so in sync.

It's been hard to get
even a minute alone together.

Well, you know what they say.

When things get hectic,
you just have to get creative.


You are a sight for sore eyes.

I wondered

if I might be able to take you up
on that rain check.

What? That's perfect.

I'm sorry it's not like
more romantic in here.

You were saying?

So, you think that the theft and
the murder might be connected.

Maybe. The murder definitely
feels more personal.

Well, that takes back to
Jacqueline Grant, right?

- She tagged Ronni's car.
- OK, no more shop talk.

Now, we gotta get into
something really important.

First, have an olive.
And secondly,

the quest for the perfect
cream puff. How's it going?

Not great. I've tried
four different recipes

- and I just can't get it right.
- Really?

You're gonna have
a breakthrough, I can feel it.

I hope so.

Hey, have you picked out an outfit yet,
from my mother's Regency gala?

- Yeah. Last week.
- You did? You didn't tell me.

What did you pick out?
A costume? I mean,

- I Hope it's a tailcoat.
- I'm not going to tell you.

You got to wait and see it.
And it's awesome. Then you're
going to love it.

- Yeah.
- I can't wait.

- Hey, Hanna.
- Mm-hm?

When are you gonna tell me
you lost your ring?

- How...?
- Detective.

I didn't lose it.

I really didn't lose it.
I know exactly where I left it.

It just happens to be in
the middle of a crime scene.

That crime scene.

- Mike?
- Yeah?

You said that there was
a box of chocolate chip cookies
in Ronni's locker.

Yeah. Those.

Those are not
chocolate chip cookies.

Those are chocolate chip
mega cookies.

And that's somehow different?


Yes, this is a completely different
cookie. Can I borrow your phone?

Yeah. Sure.

- Because they look pretty similar.
- They don't look similar at all.

What are you talking about?
Those are chunks. Chocolate chunks.


Lisa, I'm gonna need you to
pull up a whole bunch more receipts.

Great class today everyone.
See you next week.

Hey, Brett.
You got a sec?

Really, the cops?

Well, you told me that you
hadn't talked to Ronni in weeks.

What was I supposed to say?
I saw her the night she was murdered.

- How's that look?
- Bad. - Yeah.

So, why were you there?

It's been tough, all right,
since I lost my job.

My bills are overdue,
my landlord tried to evict me.

I thought maybe if I pled
my case, I could convince Ronni
to get my job back.

The cookies seemed like
a good way to butter her up.

- And did she agree?
- No.

She took the cookies
and told me to get lost.

What time was that?

I don't know...
Maybe nine.

Marco said that she thought
that you'd been following her.

No, I wasn't the one
following her.

- Who was?
- Some guy hanging around the gym.

You know, asking
all sorts of things.

- What did he want?
- He wanted to know where she
spent her time, who with.

- Did you tell him?
- No, that guy gave me the creeps.

And you're sure this is the guy
that was following Ronni?

Yeah, I saw him run a red light
just to stay on her tail.

What he look like?

Average height.
Not a lot of hair. Whore a hat.

Drove a black car.

Look, am I free to go?

Yeah, thanks for your time.

You know, I saw a guy that
looked like that driving a black car

in the parking lot at Heavenly Bodies
the night that Ronni was killed.

I think I may know
who it belongs to.

Two vehicles registered
to Wade Hoffman.

We've got a red Mercedes
and a silver Lexus.

No black car.

Could have been a rental.
He would were trying to be discreet.

Brett mentioned

that he ran a red light
to stick with Ronni.

Maybe one of your officers
had an earlier encounter with
the mystery man.

On a traffic violation.

I will check the last
two months citations.


Roman Campbell

Pulled over for speeding,
10 days ago.

Are you sure this is our guy?

Private Investigator,
Wade Hoffman hired him.

He tailed Ronni Ward
for three weeks

trying to get something incriminating
for the divorce proceedings.

And he told you all of this
without a subpoena?

Hoffman stick him on his bill.

That'll do it.
He find anything?

- Is that...
- Marco Fields.

So much for "strictly professional".

- That's not all.
- There's more?

Take a look at
the time stamp.

From the night of the murder.

I already told you
everything I know.

Did you?

- It's not what you think.
- What do I think?

We were involved, yes.


We were trying to keep it discreet.
I was her boss.

And Ronni still had to
get through her divorce.

You told us you were
in Maple Grove.

These photos put you in Lake Eden
30 minutes before the murder.

I stopped into the gym
to say goodbye.

- Then what?
- Then I left.

I drove to my sister's
just like I said. I swear.

Ronni and Marco.
And you think Marco did it?

Well, he lied. Never a good
barometer for innocence.

These... are fantastic.

Yeah, thank you. I finally cracked it.

Yeah. You know,
I knew you would.

There's something about Brett's story
that still bothers me.

He was desperate to get
his job back and then

he just takes no
for an answer?

Well, I'm sure down played
his reaction a little doesn't mean
it ended in murder.

Still, he's a super slime ball
for hitting on one woman
while he's dating another.

He's seeing someone?

Yeah. The manager
of the Rec Center.


That's her.

- Where are you going?
- I got to check on something.

What? Hey, my mother's party
is in a couple hours.

Yeah. I will be there.
I promise.

Does Brett Stevenson
ever visit you here at work?

Brett? What does he have
to do with this?

I believe that Brett is the one that
robbed the administration office.

- What?
- He lost his job he got into
serious money trouble and...

Yeah, I know Brett. He would never
do anything like that. That's insane.

Can I show you something?

Okay. All right.

- Honestly, I can't see much.
- Okay. Let's come in a little closer.

And right there, you see the suspect
punching in the code to the safe.

We changed the safe code
every two weeks. So, only
my boss and I know it.

Okay, but has Brett ever
been here in the office while
you've opened the safe?


Oh, my gosh.

Welcome. Thank you
so much for coming. Welcome.

- Oh, lovely to have you.
- Thank you so much.

Have you notice that we're
the only ones dressed

like we took a wrong turn at
a Jane Austin convention?

I'm trying not to
think about it, actually.



Hello, hello...

Oh, Norman.

- Oh, you look fantastic.
- So, do you.

Oh, thank you, thank you.

I played Bob Cratchit in last year's
production of "A Christmas Carol",

which is technically Victorian,
I know this is Regency, but...

Well, you're a lot closer
than the rest of the guests.

Right? Yes, funny as a lot of them are
asking me to sign their books as well, but

Oh, I wonder why
that could be.

Would you like to dance?

I would love to.

How was your date?

Oh, it was nice.
Yeah, she was um...

- She was nice.
- Did you invite her tonight?

Uh... No, I don't think
there's gonna be a second date.

Why not?

My heart just wasn't in it.

Norman, we never talked
after the engagement and, I...


Let me ask you something.
Are you happy?


- I am.
- It's all that matters.


- May I cut in?
- You did it.

- Of course. I promisse I would.
- Right.

- Thank you for the dance.
- Oh, thank you.

- Norman.
- Michael.

- Nice ascot.
- I believe they call this a cravat.

- Ah. Well, it fits you.
- Right?

You're good. You're look so good.

I love your hair like this.

And though, even though my book
is set in the Regency era,

I really think that it says a lot
about modern romance too.

Oh, Michelle.

Have you met Mr Jacobs?

He owns a funeral home
over on Western Avenue.



She's just a little shy sometimes.

Oh, darling, thank you.
Our cream puffs are a hit.

Oh, I'm so glad, mother.

Great. Here you go.


- Hannah we found your ring.
- You have?...

- You wanna come get it?
- Yes.

- Come over here.
- Yes. I'm on my way
right now. Thank you

Will you let Mike know
that I'll be right back.

- Everything okay?
- They found my ring.

Oh, you gonna never be able to
get your car from the valet.

She's right. He's such a crush.
You better take my car.

Oh, darling, they're keeping it
close by for my grand exit.

Thank you, Mother.


Where was it?

Clean crew found it out the lockers.
It must have gotten kicked around.

- Thank you so much.
- Of course.

I'm just glad I could deliver
a little piece of mind.

Oh, I just need you to sign
the release form. It's policy.

Yeah, yeah. Of course.

Do you have a pen?

- Here you go.
- Yeah.

Here you go.

Thanks again.

So, is that Catherine
with a "C" or a "K"?

Catherine... Love...

- Hey.
- Hi.

- Oh, Mike I need...
- Just one sec, sorry.

Hey. Where'd you sneak off to?

Mike, you need to get down
to Heavenly Bodies right away.

Because, I don't think that...


Hannah, can you hear me?


Yeah, I need a back up unit
to Heavenly Body Rec Center.

Get it there as soon as you can.
I will be there ASAP.

Yeah, Heavenly Body.
Valet, this car out. Now.

Hey. Hey hey, hey...

OK. You have to understand

I didn't mean for any of this
to happen. Okay?

I didn't even mean to hurt her.

I'm a good guy.

I am a good guy.

You were in love with her?

And you try to tell her, didn't you?

You even brought her flowers.

She turned you down, didn't she?

She said she needed me.
I did everything for her.

Including giving her a ride
to the gym that night.

She told me she didn't want
a relationship.

And that it wasn't a good time
to start something new.

What happened?

You saw her with Marco?

And then, you threw
her flowers in the trash.

So, you waited until
you knew she was alone.

Then you follow her
into the spa.

Where you knew
there are no cameras.

It wasn't like that.
I love her, okay?

I didn't mean to harm her,
it just happened.

Once you realized
what you had done, you

you put her in the hot tub,

- to try to erase the evidence.
- Enough.

Stop. Let me go.

Let me go Tad, come on.

No, no...

Let me out right now.

Tad. No.

What are you doing, Tad?

You can't do this.
Tad, please.

Tad, don't do this.

Don't do this.







I'm looking for Hannah.
Have you seen her?

No. No, I haven't.

- Really?
- Why, is something wrong?

I'm gonna look inside.
I'm wanna you to help me. Come on.

You know what, you look inside.
I'll go check the north side
of the building





Help! If there's anybody
out there, please, help me.


Find the security guard
and detain him.


You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can...


Got you. Got you.

I got you. I got you.

Hey, you're OK.
You're OK,.

- Mike.
- Yeah.

This dress was a rental.

Hey, how are you
gonna find Tad?

We got him.

Thanks to Mike's good instincts
Tad didn't get out of the parking lot.

- Listen, I gotta head to the station.
I gotta process him, okay?
- Yeah, of course.

I can handle it.
It looks like you're needed elsewhere.

- Thank you. For all your help.
- My pleasure.

- Thank you.
- Take care.

Hannah, let's get you home.
Come on.

Oh, no. I have to go back
to my mother's party.

Hannah, you were
almost killed.

If I miss my mother's party
she'll finish the job.

- Oh, Hannah.
- Mother.

You know what?

I'm not even gonna ask.

Come dance with me.

We should talk.

- OK. Me first, okay?
- Okay.

- I need to apologize to you.
- For what?

I thought it wouldn't
change anything.

I mean, taking on all
new responsibilities at work

and putting them
on the old responsibilities.

- I thought that I could make it happen.
- I told you that I understand.

I'm just so used to do
everything. Me, alone.

And it's not just me anymore.

Not anymore.

OK, your turn.


Is it that bad?

I don't want a big wedding,
like fancy caterers or an overpriced
country club.

And I don't even know 300 people.

I only suggested all of that
because I thought it was exactly
what you wanted.

- Why...
- From the magazines, the fancy
bridal magazine.

With the little tabs on the end,
all the pictures, and the people,
and the things.

That was from my mother.


Would you care a dance?


I just wanna to take our time
and enjoy being engaged.

- Is that okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, it's okay.

No rush.

We'll do this at your pace.


--- subtitles by Rubens ---

I'm back now so let's just enjoy
the time we have together.

Starting next
Sunday at two.

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Chesapeake Shore season 4 marathon.

You ever think
about how we got here?

To prepare you for the
all-new season 5 premiere.

If you two are meant to be together,
you'll find your way back.

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