Crazy Wisdom: The Life & Times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (2011) - full transcript

Crazy Wisdom is the long-awaited feature documentary to explore the life, teachings, and "crazy wisdom" of Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, a pivotal figure in bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the West. Called a genius, rascal, and social visionary; 'one of the greatest spiritual teachers of the 20th century,' and 'the bad boy of Buddhism,' Trungpa defied categorization. Raised and trained in the rigorous Tibetan monastic tradition, Trungpa came to the West and shattered our preconceived notions about how an enlightened teacher should behave - he openly smoked, drank, and had intimate relations with students - yet his teachings are recognized as authentic, vast, and influential. Twenty years after his death, with unprecedented access and exclusive archival material, Crazy Wisdom looks at the man and the myths about him, and attempts to set the record straight. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
In a cave carved in the side of a
mountain in the Himalayas,

a young abbot tibetan wrote a
meditation for the world

as he perceived it, and what could
become of this.

The year was 1968.

"Although I live in the mud and filth
of the dark ages,

although stumbling against the thick
fog of materialism,

the tradition of meditation is waning,

and we are drunk on spiritual pride".

This is considered as a was very grim.

In a time in which the sensatéz of
the world has disappeared in a
certain sense.

This is the time of hell on Earth...

the sadness that is constantly with

and the depression fills our minds.

The chinese had invaded...

and there was a previous era in which
Tibet was a spiritual paradise.

But now it was a living hell.

The teachings were going to lose, if
they could not be transferred to the

then his whole function in life was
to make that transfer.

Looked like that was a necessity. He
never gave up with no one.

In showing us the full potential of
our humanity

The heretics and bandits of hope and
fear are transformed...

the "Crazy wisdom".

Crazy wisdom.

The person with the "Crazy wisdom",
which is...

the direct translation of the tibetan
yeshe chölwa".

"Yeshe" means wisdom, "Chölwa" is to
become wild.

Then it would be something like:
insanity turned into wisdom.

We had this conversation back in the
72, I think, in San Francisco.

We were comparing our itineraries and
I said:

"Don't you get tired of being
constantly on the move?, I if."

He said, "Oh, it's because you don't
like your poetry".

I told him "I'm Not sure of that."

He said: why don't you do like the
great poets?

Why not leave the stage and compose?

What for you need a paper, don't
trust your own mind?

"The red flag flies over the Potala,

the people of Tibet are drowning in a
sea of blood.

A vampire army occupies the mountains
and plains,

but the dignity of exist never wanes."

When I was 18 months Chogyam Trungpa
was recognized as a master

At that time he was given the title
"Rinpoche," which means precious

That generation was the last
generation that was able to get

the full training in Tibet with the
greatest masters.

The meditation of my father, and
everything else is made easier,

and became stronger.

To Chogyam Trungpa was assigned to a

that was a person extremadamenet wise.

"Khenpo Gangshar Wangpo" meaning the
lord of everything that comes up.

The monks usually were sitting with
the "mala" or prayer beads

counting beads and chanting the

and Khenpo Gangshar came and snatched
the "bad"

of the hands to a monk and he tore it
and said:

I...aggression, ...craving,

It was demonstrated that they were
doing something for

custom that didn't have a real

I said that I should go to see him.

I did not dare, always ran.

If he said or did something, I was

Drawing from his monastery, Surmang -
by Chogyam Trungpa

The chinese presenting the doctrine
called communism

and realizing that they can't
indoctrinate anyone,

they had to push much harder.

Attacked Surmang.

The chinese troops stormed the

and kicked out all the valuable books.

The treasures of precious metals in
the shrines

were destroyed and shipped to China.

Even desecrated the tomb of the Tenth

and they left exposed the embalmed

Born in Tibet. - Chogyam Trungpa.

Khenpo Gangshar told people,
"Everything that we've

been doing here in terms of buddhism
has ended."

Khenpo Gangshar said, "we Cannot
fight against the chinese communists

and we should surrender."

That is the sign of "surrender" to
the chinese.

Had to leave my country.

We were like 300 in the group.

It took four months to horse

and six months walk

to be able to come to India.

Although Chogyam was so young, he
knew exactly

what we had to do to get there.

Somehow, I don't know how, he managed.

Had No compass, but I had very good

and I could see to a great distance.

Then we have to hide in the day

and walking at night through

of the mountains and the ice.

And then start walking into the river.

When we reach the other side, we know
that we have little time.

The difficulty is not having enough

And people are dying of hunger.

We ended up cooking our laces.

Cutting them in pieces and cook.

I agree masticándolas... it was so

If they attack us, we must not kill
any chinese.

We must not steal what belongs to
another in the journey.

There should not be disagreements
between us.

Each one of us has weapons.

But in our group no one killed

Ten months later, 13 of the 300 people

who escaped and crossed the border to

Some died of starvation. Others

fired, arrested, or simply

Still, others continued to Trungpa
and got

get to a safe place months after.

The Indian Air Force flew to Chogyam
Trungpa of the border to her freedom.

"When the bird of iron flies, the
buddhism will travel

to the land of the red man."
Padmasambhava, 800 D. C.

My work is dedicated to present a

notion of enlightenment to the west.

The world is not going to be rescued
very simply, only by the

religion, but that can also be
rescued by lighting.

This world needs both of your help.

So part of this world... I would like
to turn

you to come in and do something about

You need enormous faith in the people
to create a

enlightened society. You can not have
a attitude part.

And he had that kind of faith, it was
not because

we were amazing people, but by

the appreciation inherent Trungpa

by the wisdom of the world.

The main point seems to be about...

this life.

Don't be a coward

with fear of seeing things.

With fear of being busy.

With fear of smile.

With fear of acknowledging that we
are basically good.

Or as they call americans:
"chickening out"

1963 - Chogyam Trungpa received a
scholarship to study in England.

When I met him he was still a monk
with his robe

and I seemed to be extremely young,

almost ethereal, as if he could
become light at any time.

A bit like a beautiful flower.

All his gestures seemed pure.

Now I don't remember what he said,
but we were overwhelmed by your

It seems somewhat naive to say
something like that, but I had
something very special.


The body of teachings

used to open the mind of a student

to the reality of things

the reality of things as they are in

I was going through a period in which
I was examining as I was going to

I think I wasn't yet sure of what it
would be

the best way to teach to westerners.

Rinpoche was doing several courses to

become familiar with the western

I was trying to deduce the experience
directly for themselves

same, the suffering of the human
condition in the west.

It seemed that he wanted to reach a

of suffering, and say: This is what
is happening

and be able to have the words that we

we could understand, and would allow
us to say: yes!

1967 - Trungpa Rinpoche and Akong
Rimpoche created Samye Ling in

The first Buddhist Center Tibetan in
the west.

There was an article in the
supplement in color of the Telegraph.

And there was a picture of the whole
page in full color with

Trungpa and Akong standing on the
lawn, to the front.

And when you see it I said to myself:
"I have to be with him."

So I quit my job and gave my house
and I went to Eskdalemuir.

He studied at the University of

and I decided to start again with him.

Legué to the station of Lockerbie
late at night.

There was not public transport to
take me.

Then I walked up to Samye Ling, which
are more like 27 miles.

I think I had to take 6 hours.

For me, its mandate was always that
the biggest change

should be internal, and that without
meditation there is no progress

The teachings were at times in the
moment, in

conversation, in their room.
Sometimes very late in the night.

That was where I learned more.

We got into many problems because
then we slept

until late and we did not do the
morning meditation.

Rinpoche also left Samye Ling and
change their

blanket common clothes and wandered
around London.

And he said that he loved the cinema,
as they were red velvet

dark and reminded her of Tibet. Had
that warmth that I missed.

He had been working in an office as a

and he invited me to be his private

He said that he planned to travel to
Bhutan and India

and he asked me if I wanted to go
with him. Of course I said yes.

My trip to Bhutan was an invitation
from the Queen of Bhutan

and take my retreat at Taktsang where
you actually meditated.

Rinpoche said here was supposed to be
where guru Padmasambhava

had thrown her rosary of crystal and
had become a waterfall.

800 D. C. The great indian saint,

stopped the spread of the wars

tribal for bringing buddhism to Tibet.

Being in Taktsang is not very
impressive at the beginning.

What is this place? Because it is
assumed that it is amazing what

is going on here? Maybe I chose the
wrong place.

Perhaps there is a Taktsang on the
other hand, the true Taktsang.

But in reality there are energies and
powers are immense.

Things start to arise.

Although I live in the mud and filth
of the dark ages,

although stumbling against the thick
fog of materialism,

The Sadhana came to me without

It took Me like 5 hours to write it

The Dharma is used for personal
benefit, and the rio

materialism has grown beyond its

THE materialistic point of view
dominates everywhere.

When it came to the Sadhana to his
mind was a realization

and that was what was written. The
idea of the dark ages.

Spiritual values had been lost.

We can see all the damage we have
done to the planet, because of the

And that hypocrisy is incredible.

Trungpa rinpoche returns to Scotland
with the liturgy

he wrote in the cave of Padmasambhava.

Trungpa Rinpoche had come to the west
to transmit

the teachings authentic buddhism to

Akong wanted the Centre Samye Ling in

outside of a home for tibetan

Then, they had points of view very
different, for

that are development a lot of
conflict between them.

People used to get mad a lot because
I was not teaching, and they wanted to

the teaching to satisfy their own
greed spiritual

to be able to say that they were
disciples of Trungpa rinpoche, and is

this to take me on the path to
liberation, or something like that.

And they realized that in reality I
wasn't doing anything, just

this drunk or trying to seduce my
girlfriend, or being extravagant.

It was absolutely electrifying that
first time

I saw it, I had never passed anything
like this.

I was at school in Cambridge and had
to find a way to go.

I spent at least 24 hours in bed with

I think that was the first time in my
life that I felt

that I could communicate completely
with someone.

At some point I said, maybe one day
we could marry.

And I said: "Oh definitely, yes!, I
would love to do that."

Had to do the shopping, so we drove
to nearby villages.

Surely that was the time when Trungpa
and Akron learned to handle.

Were lost-time cases to handle, none
of the

two grew up with paved roads or

I always thought that you should not
let a rear tibetan behind the wheel.

I had heard that he was the best

I was with a girl in the car and I
don't know if

he had taken but the car went out of

and went through the window of a

And there was Trungpa Rinpoche in a
camillaen the corridor,

had cut the throat, and had many
stitches, and after

they found that he was paralyzed on
the left side.

I was so sore, and it took quite some
time before I could

recover some movement on the left
side of the body.

I couldn't cook for himself, or make
the bed

nor is it that you remember wanting
to make a bed...

You couldn't be with him without
realizing that

there was an internal struggle
extraordinary in the.

I think that this time period in
particular was one

of the darkest moments of his life.

Before the accident Trungpa rinpoche
had spoken about the dilemma he felt

he called it "the golden Buddha on
the pedestal"

The main point is to be able to teach
completely in the western world.

It also feels a fascination

general on the response of the people,

and when I speak to them with the
mantle, not hear you but look at your

The people could not ok, I think that
they felt threatened.

The English, with their sense of
convention would have

wanted to have something like a

and at the same time the tibetans
wanted to use his mantle and

was hidden behind this subtle sense
of superiority tibetan.

The was completely unusual and
genuine being

who, in reality, it was and was
rejected by it.

I said that I felt that I was at a
critical point in his life.

"I'm on the verge of becoming
enlightened, and when it comes to

this time, go crazy or attain

Which, of course, made me feel
anxiety because I had finished to
marry with the

Diana, 16, runs away to marry a monk.

After it all happened very quickly.

It was the catalyst for the

the rise in the world.

And surrender to the personality of
the monastic,

and the rest, as they say, is history.

What made you commit for 3 years

of your life to him? What you have
kept him?

It was not that I compromised. It
sounds as if

it would have made a generous offer,
it was not so.

It was not felt as if you were
compromising my life, you know...

I loved to be with him.

And it is 40 years ago...

that was such a good friend...

is gone, but he was a good friend.

Therefore it was not a commitment...

but that came naturally.

This is for that.

It came and went.


Ancient teachings of how to create.

Ancient teachings of how to create an
enlightened society

based on the courage

based on courage and compassion.

He met another of the major "tulkus",
its the same

age, whom he had known in Tibet,

Thrangu Rinpoche, in India, asked:
What are you going to do now?

And he pulled out his mirror.

A small mirror metal that had hung in
the neck.

Your mirror was a form of prophesy,
to see the future in the mirror.

And began to look in the mirror.

And to describe the Shambhala.

And he said it as if you were there,
and I can see.

That was the only clue he gave that
he was going to

go to the united States to find the

Stop bombing human beings, animals
and vegetation. If Jesus Christ

were here tonight, would not dare to
drop another bomb.

It was a tumultuous time where there
was a

a passionate search for a meaning.

It had to do with resistance to the
Vietnam war and

the role of the united States looking
for aggression that way.

The motivation for a radical action

was the introspection about human

That human beings had a great
potential for freedom.

Freedom of expression, of emotion and
of thought.

There was a personal aspect in the
path of growth. The release

personal and the political could not
be separated but to be part of the
same path.

First Meditation Center founded by
Trungpa in the united States.

In the summer of ' 70 we moved our

by a car and decided to make a trip
in the.

It turned out to be a summer very
crazy and psychedelic.

Park to the front of a farm, very

with junk cars and washing machines

with hippies ragged wandering.

We rang at the door and a woman
opened it, Fran, and asked me:

What do you do? And I said: I Am as
an artist.

She said: "Oh my God, come quick! And
it took me to

a cuartico in the background, opened
the door and said:

"What I found" and he said, "Oh, I've
been waiting for, sit down".

He had asked her to go get someone
who know to draw.

There was a weekend program called
"Work, sex and money".

And I thought: "I am interested in
those things" not in that order

The truth I saw it as a buddhist, I
was not looking for

buddhism, or any path, religious in

I just thought that it was someone
who told the truth, in fact, I
thought that the

invented, only that it was so
insightful that I could point out the
nature of reality.

When we speak of the tradition

we do not speak simply of play with

or "dzogchen" or "kaulas", the
phenomenal world.

We do not talk about those areas yet.

We have to be very interested in the
basic aspects of the

matter instead of thinking that
everything is going to be very good

and "great" and not wonder why,

"if you ask them that is your
problem, but if not, everything will
be fine."

"Let's dance and we play music
together, drink honey with milk."

So does not work

He had begun to draw this letter
called "a"

that is the "syllable seed" for them,
as the bird of all

what has been created. Is the
"syllable seed" primary.

It can be simplified as a point in

Then I sat for two hours and he knew
how to

worked the eye, I knew of geometry
and Botticelli

and while more remained, I thought:
That experience, at the end of a

really, because I thought that was an
artist, a hippie tibetan.

Immersed himself fully in american
culture when he arrived here.

And it was not in a calculated way,
which was going to act and

dressing like a hippie to be able to
communicate with them

but I was fascinated by what he was

the people basically wanted to devour
him whole.

In a moment I was concerned about the
issue of celibacy, because I had read
all the

books of hindu yoga, who taught what

important that was the celibacy in
the meditation

and just when I was going to ask
about it, someone knock at the door.

It was Diana, and said: "come lovely."

And he had a towel yellow that barely
covered it

and I didn't know whether to look at
the floor or her.

And then she kissed it and said, "I
almost go to bed, precious."

She was and I had to ask nothing.

He taught you as a human being, he
never said follow me

imítenme, but said, "I am completely
who I am and I want

help you to understand how to be
completely who you are."

And he said, "studying the dharma
that is the truth of trusting who you

discover your own basic goodness,
your innate wisdom, and the

importance of being compassionate"
that has nothing to do with religion

The sanctuary was the attic of an old
farm, that had a few posts

and these studs became a favourite

for support during sitting meditation

to be able to doze off, or hold and
go for the easy way out.

One day we went to the shrine and
there were no posts.

He had gone two weeks before and had

that taken away from you without us
to know.

That was how it worked, most of the
times it was

a small change, nothing showy, but

where you used to pass the time and
let you fall, no

I was comfortable, then now you have
to hold.

This is a picture of the door of
Karmê Chöling, was a white gate

of an old farm, despintandose and
said that he wanted to

paint it as the input for the Dharma
in the west.

It was very important.

I mean, sacred geometry and how it
intersected with

how they were willing your eyes on
geometric patterns

and as the geometry of the door would
go directly

to your eye and cause signals in your

We were not able to prepare the color

leave all materials in the shed

and there was a girl of about 5 years
playing and

when we went to the store for the

she threw all the paints into a bucket

and I had mixed and when we came back,

we saw that it was the turquoise

and it was already getting dark, so
Trungpa rinpoche said that it was

We put all the cars and put them in a
semi-circle with the lights on

in the shed, while he monitored the
implementation of the turquoise.

There is a legend of the Buddha,
where the clubhouse blossomed a
lotus. Almost all

parties where you got Trungpa in the
united States there was a Tibetan

Trungpa established Boulder, Colorado
as the center of their community.

In the first year, I invite the whole
community that it will fit in your

to visit him and asked him to all that

bring their bags of marijuana or
another drug.

And half of them thought: "my god, my
God, this

guru is so cool, want to smoke with

They all arrived and were in very
good mood and asked them to

put all the paraphernalia in a large
tray in the center

and the fireplace was lit,

all very homey and wonderful.

He began to greet and talk to
everyone and was pulling a bag

drug after another to the fire by
making sparks and reventándose

and began singing, "we're burning the

self-deception," with each bag, the
fire burned more.

Assuming that you, or the so-called

since we do not know if we exist or

The so-called "you" is lit...

And what about after that?

Of course, the automatic response is:
"I become Buddha, the enlightened

Is about to become a self-centered.

It is becoming a self-centered, it is
not just to point...

he is thinking that he can get the
very Buddha.

Trungpa founded the Institute Naropa,
the first

buddhist university in the western

The Institute Naropa in the summer of
' 74 was a kind of distillation.

It was like what happened at
Woodstock, suddenly there was

a big movement across the country and
met there.

We didn't have a building, desks,

phones, or stationery, but an idea.

We invite religious figures, indian

american, zen masters, hindu masters

superstars like Ram Dass who came
with a retinue of

"ladies love" as we call them,
dressed in white.

There were people there that I was
not in the way of religion

as Gregory Bateson said.

We come to Naropa trying to figure
out what it is.

We invite you to many poets such as
Allen Ginsberg

that was a school of poetry in itself.

Don Allen!

Do you see potential to Jazz,

Blues and Rock 'n' Roll?

Maybe the Jazz and the Blues have
more of a chance

of prosperity but the Rock 'n' Roll
has less.

Why do you believe?

It is a matter of consent perceptions

sense of the individual. It is very

Have you experienced majesty, calm
and peace in

any song of rock and roll you've

Unfortunately it does not. So try
because it is very difficult, right?

In a moment, I thought that there was
something happening by

high, but it was not what I was doing.

He loved the poets, the artists, the

It seemed that I never wanted to
control the energy, when he founded

Naropa, but he said that he wanted to
fly sparks.

What we did was to bring together the
east and the

the west, was the creation of a new

He said that normally you want to

a kind of diplomatic relation but

what he wanted was to maintain the
integrity of each

tradition and letting it crash to
flying sparks

The water is so precious, so much.

It is like love.

When it comes to Naropa established a
program and

they put me on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, I think

and Trungpa had Tuesday, Thursday and

The two were going after the truth,
and his way of

it was a buddhist and mine was a

People liked to receive the two
points of view. I

I was fascinated with this that
looked like a game of tennis.

Trungpa was saying this, the other
said that...

If we are going to discuss
spirituality in this class,

I would get nerves and you also
should give,

we're not building guile mutual
between us.

We have coined this term called
spiritual materialism.

The spiritual materialism, which is
dedicated to

try to find the "I" using mantras,

songs, meditation of all types

to become a better person and more

Never gave a talk in the first 8
years without reminding

people how silly it was to cling to
the spirituality to be salvaged.

It was cruel, ruthlessly taking apart
what you

use to hang a version built for the

Burlémonos of the "I"-,

but let's build our spirit

the spirit in this case has a
curiosity that something

might have happened, the possibility
that something has passed

but the approach of the "I" is "what
it's going to be good for me

should I do it or not, you are going
to have an economic compensation?"

Trungpa was the head and I the heart.

Things like the soul, God,

Rama and Krishna and all that.

That seems crammed in comparison to

It is absolutely important to make
the practice

the meditation the source of his

it is also your basic intelligence,

think about that.

Can also sit back and do nothing

10 or 20 minutes, just sitting doing

Can think of the Institute Naropa
while they are sitting.

Should not be ashamed of telling your
family and friends who have

learned a very important message:
That you can survive by doing nothing.

Rinpoche had a great command of the
English language.

He said: "English is a language

He spoke as farmer, as trader, as the

of Oxford but it was not just an
imitation but

his mind crept in to the american

and I knew that I had to do it
through language.

You used the word inaccessible
referring to the

teachings of the Vajrayana, what are
you suggesting?

Well, it is very rare

and therefore you probably will not

It is as if ordenaras steak tartar

very few people ask for such a dish,

usually ask for hamburger

or hot dog.

The steak tartar is very rare (or
lightly cooked).

A crucial moment was when the great
sixteenth Karmapa, who was the

head of the lineage of Chogyam
Trungpa was going to come to the
united States.

He tells this great news to the
students and their response is:

"Great!, but seriously, do we have to
aspire for him?"

We need someone to help light the
candles. Immediately.

He worked for hours tirelessly
getting ready for this visit.

Made the people get decent clothes,

hair, put a suit and tie, most were
in the Army

of Salvation to get them there
because no one had money.

This infuriated the people.

The sexual part is not conmocionaba
to the people then,

neither of the drinks, but what about
wearing a suit? Are you crazy?

Many of the students were at that
time in protest.

All forms or rituals are disciplines,
ways of changing the mind.

First of all to create a kind of

to be able to appreciate what was
going on.

And second, to connect with the

particular that he was developing.

Know a certain majesty internal to
know the majesty outside of one's

What we have recommended is that we
cortemos long hair,

we put on ties and go back to the

of the institutions of the u.s. and
try to

influence healthy from inside there.


We always have problems amansándonos,

that's why we have to resort to

Amansarse, meaning...


be decent.

Without ups and downs.

A sense of balance...

A sense of balance... a natural state
of existence.

This type of training is in need of a

it was difficult to be close many

I once asked because there were no
more students

come in to see him, or call him by

And he said to me, it seems to me
that it is because there is fear

students in the desenmascararse,

This was a very important principle
for him, that the people

you had the courage to work with
their own deceptions.

Whence comes the purpose and
motivation in the

enlightened mind is free of desires
and struggles?

Where is your determination?

Well, the determinations come from
having a sense

of self-confidence, a sense of

a sense of loyalty, a sense of
appreciation for

his own family, and his close world

There is a cloud in the sky and the
sky is blue,

and the sun comes out beautifully in
the east and...

flakes of snow fall and have a beauty
when they fall to the ground.

And everything is perfect...

If, more or less...

Always he was showing us the style of
the "Crazy wisdom"

and the teaching was that there was
no certainty, and

you could have a sense of humor about

Independence day.

We don't want to be completely sane.

And that seems to be the problem

that we cannot handle too much sanity

and we like to have a little slice of
neurosis in some part.

Even in our pockets. A small puff of
smoke here and there,

if there are too much sanity to be
able to say: "oh, That was intense!"

It is normal that such a teacher
confuses the

expectations of the people close to
him. And often

behaved in the opposite way to what

considers appropriate to a person so

This is a tradition tártrica of
Tibet, the of enjoy

of your senses is in itself to
express wisdom.

Benjamin Franklin said, wine is the
test of

that God loves us and wants us to be

It is not a new idea.

But if I was drinking too much...

Thomas Jefferson also.

Be ruined by buying good wine of
France to drink it.

It was safe to say that their level
of awareness of the

environment was not affected by

At the very beginning I was giving a

with a guru, west of the new era

and the presence of Rinpoche on the

was a complete drunk,

and not really gave a talk but

he spent nearly falling of the

At the end of the talk they took it
loaded to the elevator

and soon rose and said: "How was

I was not drunk, was not lost,

but so chose to interact with this

A lot of people I try to get Rinpoche
to stop drinking,

he sent petitions and letters signed
by many people.

I remember in one of his talks served
the sake diluted

on water and raised the eyebrow and
said: "this is watered down".

It is elemental madness, in other
words, fearlessness.

Do not give up anything,

it seemed to be the fundamental issue.

Willing to work with the body is there

on the basis of the quality of
monitors paramount.

That seems to be the definition of
the "Crazy wisdom".

Trungpa rinpoche supported the issue
of the sexuality and the alcohol.

Basically, I defended them, because I
like to practice buddhism

and I know that the "crazy wisdom" is
something real,

but I had to recognize certain
defects, in my opinion,

for example: I Think he died at the
age of 47

and they could still be doing a
useful work, and fantastic if it had
not been a

an alcoholic, definitely, whatever
the diagnosis, I was drinking too

People ask me: How can you follow
such a teacher as this?

Or how can you do that an enlightened

I don't know.

I cannot accept a defense as that was
an activity

sacred or something like that, or
come up with a reason to approve it.

I can't think of a reason to fail.

I'm on that: I don't know, I don't

But I can't answer the questions

because the challenged order to
answer them.

When Suzuki Roshi died

Chogyam Trungpa gave a talk at the
Zen Center

and while giving the talk said that

Roshi was a great teacher and a great

and in that moment she began to cry

probably could see that we were
trying to

hold back and gave us permission to
all the crying.

That was a great teaching.

Most of the cultures in their
beginning they have some kind of

idea of trying to pull out the
noblest part of the human spirit.

Rinpoche was looking for examples
that work in the west

I didn't just impose the examples

eastern to his western students

in the United States, the president
lives and works in your home

and in Europe, the place where the
monarch lived was also the seat of
the government

that was one part, I think that he
realized that

that was a very good example that it
already existed.

The Court was an environment very

that was his home, and a kind of
community center at the same time.

In Boulder, when I was still living,
my job

main and my title was "master of the

of the Court of Kalapa.

A typical night in the Court can be
with music

Mozart, Handel, she loved the water
Music of Handel.

A formality british stiff so ironic.

We called each other Mr. Paysinger or
Mrs. Fordham.

This is not just to say something
good but that anything and everything
can be dear

when we find ourselves with a
consciousness of discovering any kind
of power

for this there is nothing excluded
from the practice

that's why I proposed a practice for

absolutely anything, take a cup of

tea, combing hair, putting the
interior in a drawer...

Once I could see him setting the table

it took him 3 hours, because it was
like a work of art to put on the

The way they spoke the american

he looked very scruffy.

And it seemed to him that if not
trying to improve the way you talk

there was a way in which the body and
the mind were not united

then the speech is one of the things
that can unite them, for

to have everything in order,
synchronizing your body, speech and

Took that further and started not
only to

to teach people how to speak English

but he decided to teach them the
English of the queen of England

The how to speak the English
language, and how not to talk to us.

I'll give you an example of the
exercise of elocution.

"Spider is black" "the Sky is blue."

"How tantalizing, this world."

"Kathy''s hair is black" "Her
complexion is white."

"Her attention is like a bow string."

"More than monuments" "More than

"More than dying", "The liberty bell
is more than antique."

In the long run I was trying to

as the sound had an element sacred

so even though we apparently torture

making them repeat these words again
and again.

I think it was much more about the

Then it became a practice display

we arrived, we wore the uniform and
walking towards a display

we imagined as the servants
enlightened of the enlightened master

and somehow all of it was true.

In a certain way was reality, the
other was a representation.

He said that to be able to make an
enlightened society had to change the

and to change the culture had to
change the art

and to change the art had to change

principles on which was based the art.

And those principles, he said, should
be the of Art Dharma.

The basic notion of art is

how to relate to oneself and how to
relate to

with his own phenomenal world with

In the Art Dharma, instead of looking
at a painting

of a river, it is more like being in
the water of the river.

When there is a sufficient sense of
space, then we can

relax more, and we started to realize
that when there is...

the sick world, that any artistic
endeavor is considered sacred.

When that happens, there is no more

The idea of art Dharma is to receive
images, it is not a gloating

The only thing you did was see it and
bring it to the surface.

The caught the fish, not created it.

Things are sacred, not in the sense
of religious meaning

but sacred in the sense that there is
a dignity

innate in the way we see our world.

I was sitting in the altar of a
church smoking a cigarette

and someone asked him to talk about
aggression in the United

States, and said: "I want to talk
about the aggression in this room."

This was the Dorje Kasung, it was
called as well

because it means "protect the sacred

Chogyam Trungpa believed that every
aspect of the society should be

each one of them, so did theatre
groups, trade

educational institutions and also I
think the buddhist version of the

All of them mortificaba the idea, but
he always said

that until we get to the heart of the

in the society and transform that
same energy

to be the forces of peace, we can't

of truth the way things work.

I was involved in organizations and
marches to protest

by the presence of the united States
in Vietnam.

That comes to feel was that we were
doing that

we didn't have more insight of the
fundamental problem of the

the army and the government that we

The principle of Shambhala is what is
known as "the way of The warrior"

here does not mean the warrior as the
creator of war

but the warrior in the sense of
courage, to be brave.

We did military training for hours,
and once in a

when we had visitors, and one of them

What is making this thing military?

His response was that someday people
would see

the Dorje Kasung marching down a

and they make you feel like you want
to smile

and at that time they will have
changed something in the center

of modern society, the problem as I

It took us ten years to realise that
he was teaching buddhism traditional

we didn't know because if you read
buddhism traditional sit like: What?

But his amazing skill with the
language to

translate that to our to be able to
touch your heart

and also was able to give curiosity
to your mind

so you felt that your process was in

what is described traditionally as

"the way it's going under yours and
your going to make

continuously it is that you're going
to encounter."

The first time I met Trungpa, John

"Rinpoche, I want to introduce you to
my wife Agnes."

And Rinpoche did so, and grabbed me
by the hand and greeted me,

and then he said to John: "Your wife
seems to me very attractive"

and I jumped behind John,

looking to Rinpoche on his shoulder,

thinking: "what is he talking about?
who is this guy?"

Many of his students were his lovers
and was known.

My impression of that community was
that this was

part of what was happening, and was

I remember watching Rinpoche with his

and we could clearly see who was who
in the entourage.

Of course in the zen-world the things

the more decks, the thing that became
a problem.

- Can you push it a little
more, sweetheart? - If it is ok.

How do you say "sweetheart" in

- Not what is. - do you
Not know?

Did not hide anything. Or their drink
or their sexuality.

There are so many western teachers
and asian in the west

have fallen in disgrace for what they
call "bad sexual conduct"

but if you look closely, that was not
what made them fall,

was that the students were mocked and

The first time you lay with another,
after I married him,

it was crazy, I sat on the floor of
the bathroom crying all night

and the next day I went and I told
him I was destroyed, I could not
believe that we

would have married and would now

to get divorced because he was
sleeping with other

and he said to me: "it is Not that do
not love you, our relationship

it is much stronger than the sexual

"I can never be a husband
traditional, but you can

trust completely in our relationship
and mutual love"

"but it's not going to be

What was the sexual activity was

free the desire in place of to create

Then it takes that pulse of desire
that is so great

and applies a kind of wakefulness,
where in reality

these there until the end, an idea is
very powerful.

Sometimes I would sit with him for up
to 4 hours in almost complete silence

at times I felt very alone.

My husband Jonathan and I were
already married

at that time, so it was not easy for

has always said, not always very

I'm in number two after the teacher
and it is true.

Was jealous. It was more like: Ah!
then your if you can

to have a special relationship with
him and I can't.

The truth to call it a relationship
would be difficult, because I did not
have this strength.

We're not talking about Trunpa
Rinpoche as a person,

but as the manifestation of that
mind, which took advantage of

the reality as it is and was able to
wake people up

but only because you shared that mind.

In the west it is difficult to
understand the devotion in the
tibetan tradition

from the outside it seems as if all
these little people

follow the steps of this great person

but in fact the tradition itself is
very clear

the teacher has nothing more than the

That the wisdom already exists, we
are all born with it.

And we die with it, we cannot get rid
of it, or to get more

the teacher shows you this

and the student gradually comes to
understand, and the minds are joined.

After being married for 17 years, I
still sometimes

I was lying next to the looking at
this and thought:

"I have No idea who you are." It was
completely impossible to know.

You could never predict their
reaction to something.

Do you love? Talk of love is almost
an insult to our relationship because

he was treating me as the
reincarnation of the Lama that I was

Then in terms of love, we never talk

something like that, I was being
treated like a king from another

He always knew that his intentions
were good and I knew that it would be

but in the background I'm not sure
that is what motivated him.

When I rode a horse.

When I rode a horse Poem of Chogyam

When I rode a horse, subject to my

When you play with snakes, the button
in my wrists.

When I play with maidens dangerous,
I'll leave you to talk about first.

The "Crazy wisdom" as I understand it

means not firmly planted your foot

in the material world or the

When we have the point of view of the
spiritual world, we are bound by

this and when is the materialist, we
are bound by their point of view.

But if you go beyond that, and give
that extra hop

then that is the leap to the "crazy

It is like taking a leap into the

but it is not the abyss of the
nothing, but the abyss of reality.

Would have been able to succeed

commit fully as he did.

He was able to have a nice community
and a good

life, but never thought to their own


The person who makes the be helpful
to the other the principle of their

How much we have tried to relate to
our own heart?

And what, of the attempt to relate to
him, has been

rejected because you could discover
something horrible in it?

Taught Me so much. All that is on
your heart.

And taught me to be, genuine, and
completely who he was.

He was human, fully human, and not
hid it.

Not hiding his tears, nor his wounds.

When we want to relate to our heart...

What are you? Who are you? Where is
your heart?

If you tear through your ribcage with
the hand

and feel your heart, there is a

You feel sore and soft. It hurts.

And you want to pour your heart to
relate with others.

That kind of delicacy brings a notion
of fearlessness.

That fearlessness that shows you
possibilities, that the

world around you can tickle your
heart open.

It was his way of saying that it was
a form of strength

when you feel that delicacy in thee

you become more strong.

He lived his life as the biggest

The bodhisattva promises to renounce
anything that has to do

himself and help others. And that was
all he did.

"Come on, I'm going to make you cry!

That was all he did.

I can't believe it! I went to the
hospital and had

a question about the decoration of a

on Tower Road, and Rinpoche was dying,

and I went to the side of his bed and
I thought:

"Is that you can't hear me, but I can
verbalize my idea and such

time to catch some type of response
on the issue."

And it was as if there was a tv screen

and just to see interference in

Do you know? It's over. No more

A belt of ice fixed covered
three-quarters of the port

and spread about 8 nautical miles in
the sea

The ice fixed is common at this time

year, but rarely get to Halifax.

The whole sea was frozen

and so we felt because he was dying.

He opened his eyes and almost joined.

They were all waiting for that

All understood that he was telling us

somehow that until here came.

There is a moment in which you feel
that you are going to be

his last word, and it's going to be
for you.

All to the expectation.

In a moment, we started singing the
anthem of Shambhala,

I don't know how it started maybe
someone I plan to...

It was like...

It was like... our last offering to

He opened his eyes and looked around

and when the hymn had just breathed a
few times.

We were attentive to each breath,
because we did not know if it would
take another.

Chogyam Trungpa died in Halifax, nova
Scotia on 4 April 1987.

Then I went outside and the ice had
begun to move

and the other day I had nothing, and
it was a lot of ice.

The sky became blue

3,000 people gathered for the
cremation of Chogyam Trungpa.

His holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
reaches of the

India to conduct the cremation

The princes of the Kagyu lineage come
from Sikkim.

I have known teachers who have tried
to emulate him

and for a few years is fine, but all
the years all the time

tell me that does not know as he did.

Only you can think of

or was it madness, or was it "crazy
wisdom" was something incredible.

Even in a film like this, if the
message transmitted is

is that the reason out to be defined
or formulated in any way

that defy the whole purpose of his

that was afford not to be formulated
and fluids and

let others open up to their innate

Do you see it?

What I see, but I am not convinced
that it's something extraordinary.

Is around the sun.

The rainbow...

Something in the clouds.

Something in the sky.

Tibetan buddhism remains in the west.

The books of Trungpa are sold by the
millions, and

214 meditation Centers, Shambhala, led

by his son Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche,

continue the vision of an enlightened

Can it be possible?