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Is there a mosquito in here?

Do you wanna drink more?
I could go buy some.

It's okay, Min-chul.

I've drunk enough.

Do you mind if I lie down
for awhile? I'm tired.

Yeah, go ahead.

It's alright.

Are you crazy? Stop it.

It's alright.

I said, stop!

Let me...

Wait a minute.

Can you put something
on before we do this?


A condom.


I don't have any.

Over there... in my bag.

Inside the zipper pocket.

It's not in here.

Give it to me.

It should be there.

That's weird.

Do you want me to
turn on the light?

I'd better get going.


Why are you sitting here when
there's so many empty seats?

Get away.

I can't believe you had
the balls to come.

Why do you think I came?

This isn't easy for anyone.

Why are there so many
things to fill out?

You're so eager to marry me off.
But I'm not paying for the registration fee.

You pay it, Mom.

Don't worry. I'll subtract it
from your wedding fund.

Educational background,
college graduate.

Age, thirty.

You should note my actual age

because my birthday
hasn't passed yet.


Occupation, physical therapist.

Appearance, average.

Wait a minute.
Why am I only average?

I look pretty good compared to
others my age.

Give it to me.

Mom, you underestimate
your daughter.

Special skills...

Can't you go any faster?

I'm so hungry,
I'm gonna go crazy.

Can't you just walk?

Can't you do anything right?

Why are you starting again?

Didn't you like
my chicken stew yesterday?

Just forget it.

Do we have ramen at home?
If not, go buy some.

Let's just eat rice.
I can quickly make it.

I wanna eat ramen today.

Just go buy some while
I'm asking nicely.


Did you fly back?

Fly where?


Why do you look so surprised?
Did you see a ghost or something?

What are you doing here?

What do you mean?

Is that something you say to somebody
you haven't seen in four months?


you should've at least called me
and let me know that you're coming.

How could you
just show up like this?

Do I need to announce myself
before coming home to my own house?

A year has passed,
but this girl hasn't changed one bit.

What are you doing?


You must be hungry.
I'll go buy some ramen.



I came out on vacation and
I have to eat ramen?

What the... nevermind, just go.

Okay, I'll be right back.

What's wrong with you?

Shh! Be quiet.

My grandma just arrived.

She's gonna break my legs when
she finds out that I'm living with a man.

Really? What should I do then?

You should go somewhere else
and sleep tonight.

I'll call you tomorrow.


Okay, take good care of
your grandma.

I'll go now.

But wait a minute. Shouldn't I go
inside and say hello to your grandma?

Go, go, just go.

Okay, I'll go.


Here you go.

I slept with
my boyfriend's friend.

We were drunk.

But it's been weird ever since.

It's not like I'm tired of
my boyfriend or anything,

but I'm starting to
like this other guy.

What should I do?

It's driving me crazy these days.

It must be very hard for you.

But you need to figure out what you want.

Otherwise, both men could get hurt.

Do you know this feeling?

I had a delivery van that
I used to drive,

and when somebody drove it
without letting me know,

I could always sense it
and knew right away.

Something just wasn't right.

Whether it was the
steering wheel or seat,

I just felt something was different.

Why are you talking
about your van?

Did something happen
while you were gone?

No, it's nothing.

- Wow, she's not bad.
- Give it back.

Who's she? Is she yours?

No, it's not like that.

Then what is it? What is it then?
Why don't you hook me up?

You already have a girlfriend,
you shithead.

Dude, she's not mine anymore.

Hey, let me call this girl.

Why would you call her?

You know that
I have a way with words.

Ah, fuck.

What the hell!


I'm gonna dive in.

Okay, we'll call you.

Whenever you're going anywhere...

I'm going your way.

Rock and roll!

We're looking for a vocalist.

I've started,
but can't see the end.

Do you know what it means.

My name is... Hiya...

a virus that has lost its smile.

Hiya... Hiya...

Try it with your chin down.

Hiya... a virus that has
lost its smile.

No, I don't mean push
your chin down into your neck.

Hiya... A virus that
has lost its smile.

I need a strong vaccine.

Do you wanna try it
one more time?

Yeah, I just arrived
at the coffee shop.

Of course I had my hair done.

Hold on, Mom.

Excuse me,
are you Seung-hwan Oh?

Yes, that's me.


Mom, he just got here.

Yes, I'll talk to you
when I get home.

Corporal Won-jae Park left
on Wednesday for vacation.

Didn't you call before you came?


Hello, is Won-jae home?

Oh, is this Hyo-jung?

As a matter of fact,
I wanted to talk to you.

Don't you think you went
a little too far?

You should've let him rest
while he's on vacation.

How come you're calling him out early
in the morning and sending him home late at night?

What are you doing?
He's utterly exhausted.

You're old enough to know better.

Don't you think so?

Isn't that your phone?

What are you doing?
Why are you so hard to get a hold of?

I was in class.

I see. Your class is
more important than me.

I guess you can expect to
receive a scholarship.

I'm bored.

The others went out for
the night and I'm by myself.

Eun-suk, I'm seeing somebody else.

Don't joke around with me.

So I can't wait
for you any longer.

Let's break up.

What the hell?
You said you'd wait.

Didn't you promise me you'd wait?

I'm sorry that
I couldn't keep my promise.

Fuck! What are you talking about?

Then keep your promise.

Take care. I'm hanging up now.

Hey, Jin-ah!

So, I see that you came out
on vacation without even telling me.

Where the hell have you been?

Do you know what your mom
said to me today?

She wants me to act my age.

Why do I need to hear this
from her?

That's enough.

Is there someone else?

Why can't you say anything?
So that's the way it is, huh?

Didn't you say that I'm a burden to
you when I come out on vacation?

That's why I didn't call you.

Now, you won't have to
waste money on me either.


Let's stop here.
I'm tired, really tired.


Do you think you're the
only one who's tired right now?

I'm tired too.

I don't even know
what I'm doing right now.

Let's just end it.
It's over.

Can I help you?

Bo-ram! Over here!

Have a seat.

You're really tanned.

All soldiers are like this.

You got prettier.

This is my fellow soldier
and we had the same vaca...

That's right.

Wow, you look so much
prettier in person!

Nice to meet you.

My name is Wook.

I hope we get along well.

Min-chul and I became close friends
ever since we trained together.

And he talked about you so much
and suggested that I should meet you.

And I kept saying no, no...

But since he insisted that
I should meet you at least once...

I thought it would be rude
to refuse his request every time.

Even though I was so busy today,

I still came out to see you
even though

I didn't have time to change
my clothes.

Was this what you wanted to
talk to me about?

No, it's not that.

He kept asking me about

you ever since he
saw your picture.

Min-chul, I think I have
to go now.

Bo-ram, where are you going?


- Bo-ram!
- Let go of me!

Let's talk. Let's talk.

Are you really that stupid?

You really don't get it,
do you?

Don't you know why I visited
you last time and

why I'm here right now?

Don't pretend that you don't know
what I'm talking about.

I thought you would act
differently once you found out.

That maybe you would
look at me just once.

I thought about giving up more than
a hundred times.

If you don't like me,
just say it!

Yeah! Where you going?
Come here!

Don't you think you spent
too much money today?

Then you can pay for the
second round of drinks.

Second round?

It's too early to go home.

Do you have things to do at home?

We're both lonely, so let's have
another drink together.

Alright, where should we go?

Hmm... what sounds good?

How about wine?

Shall we get married?


Marry me!

I'll think about it.

What kinda reaction is that?

I'm serious.

Marrying me would be like
winning the lottery.

The lottery?

Will you marry me or not?

Will you marry me or not?

Poor soldier.
I bet he's got girl problems.



Rather than wine,
let's have some soju.

Really? I love soju!

Who the hell is
this guy you're seeing?

What's he got that
I don't have?

Think whatever you want to.
It's none of your business.

Don't do this to me, Jin-ah.
It's all my fault.

Let's just forget about breaking up.


I don't like this either!
Let's forget it.

I really don't know.

If you don't know,
then let's forget it.

Do you remember this?

They're the pills that I took
when I missed you.

Well, the medicine stopped working.

I missed you so much,
I couldn't stand it.

Stop it, it's over.

It's not over for me.

I'll call you more often.

I'll write more often.

I have no feelings
for you anymore.

Please don't call me
or write me anymore.

Go! I beg of you!

This is too hard for me.

I know you're mad at me.

But you can't end it like this.

It's my fault.

Can we just talk
for a little bit?

Look at me.

I won't play music anymore.

And it's uncomfortable seeing you.

Bo-ram, this isn't
what you want, is it?

Please go.

I was a little scared
when I first slept with Eun-suk.

But it got better and better.

You're talking crazy.

Remember, you couldn't make it

to my birthday party last year
because of your work?

I forget.

I was very lonely that night...

and I realized why people have sex.

I realized it for
the first time that night.

But it seems so long ago...

I've heard enough.

Let's go to my house, alright?

This is something we
should talk about at home.

But I don't wanna go home.



Let's go to the mountain spring.

It's really nice there
this time of night.

It's really nice.

C'mon, it's my birthday today.

Eat well and live well.

Fuck. Happy Birthday.

Somebody must be very happy to celebrate
her birthday with her new boyfriend.

Hey, don't say those things
about Jin-ah.

She doesn't have a boyfriend.

What are you talking about?

The guy got exempted
from military service.

Hey Ki-sung, you saw him, right?

Kyun-sook, let's just go.


On your birthday last year,

I got beaten like a dog
by corporals

because I was singing happy birthday
to you by myself.

But I was still happy

because it was your birthday.

Because I couldn't be next to you.

But how the fuck could you
do this to me?!

Why? I need to get this
off my chest.

Stop it. Try to understand.

He drank a lot today.

- On your birthday last year...
- I'm not drunk!

- Did you...
- I'm totally fine!

I'm gonna go.

Hey Jin-ah! Did you sleep
with Ki-sung that day?

What did she say?

Hey, say something.

Ki-sung! Spit it out!

Why you son of a bitch!

Hey... hey.

Say it, bitch! Say it! Ki-sung!

- Get up, get up!
- Stop them!

You call yourself a friend?

How could you do this to me?

Just because I wasn't around,
did you feel free to take what was mine?

Tell me! Tell me!

Why am I yours?

Yeah, I slept with
Ki-sung that night!

Because I wanted to.

I know, it's my fault.
But you weren't there for me.

I did what I felt like.

Do I belong to you?

If I was something you could control,
why couldn't you stop me then?

Of course, I don't belong to you.
I belong to myself.

I don't even know what I want,
so how can you say that?!

When are you getting the deposit
from your parents?

They won't give it to me.

Then what are you gonna do?

I told you.
You can't stay here that long.

Bi-ang, I have something to
tell you.

What is it?

Promise me that
you won't be shocked.

Why? Are you going to the army?

How did you know that?

You'll wait for me, right?

You're driving me nuts!

What's wrong?
It's not working properly?

What's wrong with this?

Please, let me give it to you.

No, it's alright.

I'll give it to you.

One, two, three.

The bride's makeup
looked good today.

Hyo-jung, you should do
your makeup there, too.

I'll give you the money tomorrow.

It's alright.
It's not necessary between us.

Between us?

I should go introduce
myself to your parents.

I have time next week,
would that work for you?

What are you talking about?

When did I say that
I would marry you?

Why do you keep
saying such things?

Hey, what's wrong with me?

Where the hell am I? Shit.

Let's see...

If you're gonna leave like that.

What do you expect me to do?

If you're gonna leave like that

I'm really think
I'm going to cry.

Say one word to me
before you leave

Bo-ram, let's do this together!

If you really loved me up
until now.

You're the only one for us.

- Don't forget this one word.
- What the heck are you doing

in front of my store?!

You are the only one
that I love.

Oh, my love, just say one word
before you leave.

That you loved me up until now.

Hey, have you seen me before?

Private Ho-Shin Song!

I don't know, sir.

No, I feel like
I've seen you somewhere.

But I'm not sure.

Have I seen your face
on the Internet?

Hey, Joon-myung,
what's for lunch?

Shit soup, sir.

Shit soup, shit soup,
every day, shit soup.

Fucking shit soup.


Room number four!

Second platoon,
your last visitation of the year.


Visitors, visitors,
every day, there's visitors.

Corporal Wook Huh,
you have a visitor.

What? Who me?

You finally get a visitor
with one week left to go.

Hey, what are you doing here?

What do you mean?

I came here
because I missed you.


did your new boyfriend dump you
and run away?

What are you talking about?

I was busy because it was
my senior year in high school.

So I couldn't pay much
attention to you.

Okay, but didn't you
bring anything with you?

I only had money
for transportation.

Why am I not surprised.

Do you wanna eat some dumplings?

Yes. You know how
I'll eat anything.

Uh my legs hurt.
Why is this place so far?

- Ho-shin!
- Mom.

Armies are normally far away.

A distant place is the army.

What's the matter?


Hey, have a seat.

Yes, sir!

Mom and Dad,
this is Corporal Wook Huh.

Oh my gosh,
it's so nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Please take good care of
my son, Ho-shin,

even though he's somewhat lacking.

No, he's doing really well.

Is that right?

And because my hometown
is also Pusan,

I'm taking good care of him.

Pusan? What part of Pusan?

I'm from South Boomin town.

South Boomin town?
Oh my gosh!

South Boomin town.

Doesn't your niece live there?

Who? Heng-ja?
She's in Koo-po.

It's Man-duk town.
Below Man-duk Terminal.

Then who lives in
South Boomin town?

Just be quiet.

And this must be
your girlfriend.

Yes. Bi-ang,
why don't you say hello?



Do you guys know each other?

Ah, that's right...

um, who are you?

Nice to meet you.

He looks Japanese.

Then, did he shave
his eye brows too?

No, his style is not like that.

If he's good looking
then hook me up.

I'll buy you something delicious.
Let's all get together.

Okay, I'd better get going.

Did you get discharged?

No, it's my last vacation.

I see.

Have you registered
for your classes yet?


Try to avoid Professor Shin.
He's pretty stingy.


See you later.


Bo-ram, long time no see.


I heard that you're now the
vocalist for our band.

If there was no one to sing,
you should have told me sooner.

How could you make Bo-ram sing?

Have you ever heard her sing?


I didn't think so.

Things are looking
brighter for us.

Let's go in and get ready.

Are you nervous?

A little.

Just do it as usual.
Don't worry.

Do you mind
if I relieve some tension?


I don't think that was enough.

I'm sorry for
not contacting you sooner.

I also waited patiently
to see you and

took a part-time
job while on vacation.

You spent a lot of
money whenever I came out.

Even though I didn't look it,
I felt really bad.

This is the money from the army
that I didn't use and saved until now.

This is all I can do
for you right now.

I don't even know
what I'm doing.

Let's end it. Let's end it.

Should I not come out then?
Is that what you want?

A lot of things have changed in
the past two years.

But I still believe that
this is not the end for us.

When I go back,

I hope that there's still a place
for me beside you.

I love you.


Hey, let's go in.

Hurry up, hurry!

Hello. We're Peacock Green.

I'm happy to be back
after two years.

Are you guys ready?


Let's do it!

Take care.

Take care.


Freedom, freedom!


What is this,
without even a word.



Do you think you can wait for me

another four years until I
finish college and get a job?


Four years?

No, maybe three years,
three years.

I'll definitely get a job
within three years.

But how old will you be then?

Stop driving me crazy!

Seriously! Hey, be careful!

I almost fell.
Hold on tight!