Crazy Thunder Road (1980) - full transcript

When the leader of the once-notorious biker gang of Tokyo falls in love with a barmaid and quickly loses his rebellious ideals, the rest of the gang feels betrayed. Especially the reputedly troubled kid Ken revolts against his former friend. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

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Shut the fuck up, man!
That's bullshit.

Who cares if you ride or not?
You're wasting my time.

- Oh, you're amazing.
- I said...

"Won't" ain't the same as "can't," right?

He ain't wrong.

Don't talk shit, jerk.

He has to break up the gang,
no other choice.

Yeah, he's right.

So, what's the point?

We'll just fade away.

And achieve what?

At least the cops will be happy.

We'll ride as long as we can.
Right, guys?!

I'm pissed off.

Be serious, for god's sake.

Ken, what about your gang?

Come on, make up your mind!

Will you go on riding or not?

- You should know when to quit, right, guys?
- Right!

Producers: Mitsuhiko AKITA

Written by Sogo ISHII
Masumi HIRAYANAGI & Mitsuhiko AKITA

Photographed by

Lighting: Yoshiharu TEZUKA

Production Design & Music by

Director: Sogo ISHII

We came here to decide.

Don't wanna leave behind any grudges.

What do you think?

My mind's a blank.

There ain't no choice.

Hey, answer.

I'll shut 'em up.

Some won't buy it.

Don't you worry...

We'll take care of them.

Right, Ken?

No worries?

You guys agree or what?

Let's get outta here!

Bunch of losers!

This is what we decided at the meeting:

The Maboroshi (Phantoms) Flag
comes down today.

You'll become members of the
Elbou Alliance...

and will act accordingly.

Out of my way!

What's going on here?

Ain't you ashamed?

- It's our decision.
- Your decision, more like...

You're all chicken!

Fuck you!

The ex-leader of the
Maboroshi Bikers sunk this low!


The cops will come after us?

Great, we'll give 'em
a run for their money.

She's turned you soft!

- Jin!
- Shut up!

Listen, Ken...

You can't stop the rest of us riding!

Don't just sit there, the rest of you!

I'll lead the Maboroshi from now on!

Got that?

You heard me.

Let's hit the road.

Shigeru, come with me.

Don't be as dumb as the rest of them.

Let's split.

You think you're cool.

But you're up against me from now on.

You hicks belong on a farm.

Yeah, peasants!

I'm sorry.

You quit for my sake.

That's not true.

The guys hate you.

Guess I'm getting old.

I've lost it, don't know
what to do anymore.

Don't blame yourself.

I owe them.

Go on riding!

Isn't that what you want, Ken?



I don't have to stop riding!

We have to go on and on!

The thing is...

...what kind of men are you?

The Dokuro (Skulls), The Maboroshi,
The Gaya (Power)...

What were we all fighting for?

Uniting isn't the main issue.

We all gotta think about survival.

We talked about it...
and we made a decision.

If you don't go along with it...

you'll be kicked out.

Got it?

We're gonna be "loveable"
bikers from now on.


Hold it!

If we really do come together...
What makes you think we'll stay united?

Why should we always dance to your tune?

What do you mean?

Hell, don't you ever get mad?

What about those punks
who jumped us the other day?

Some of us were hurt badly.
But... others were hardly touched.

What are you saying?

Are we gonna let those
scum get away with it?

You think it was us?

Prove it, goddamit!

Shit, we weren't touched...

Because they couldn't touch us, asshole!

So where the hell are
the Maboroshi Kamikazes?

We'll never find out who jumped us.

Yeah, think about it.

This lot are like mad dogs.

If we knew, we'd have
had our revenge long ago.

Ken, what do we do now?

It's too late to catch them now.

- You think it really was Jin?
- That's not my point.

Those punks were real dangerous.

Going after them is
asking for more trouble.

Who's there?

Long time no see!


That was a stupid meeting today.

- Too right!
- We behaved like fools.

Let's score some girls.

- Shall we?
- Let's do it.

Hey, that's Jin from the Maboroshi!

That asshole!

Give me that bottle.

Get me a helmet.

Keep to the left, jerks!

Don't fuck with the kamikaze!

Let's get outta here.

So that's the story.

Don't know what to do.

What's the problem?

These guys are raring to go get 'em.

Wrong man!
We ain't crazy no more.

Then forget about revenge.

- None of your business anyway.
- Shut up!

I won't butt in.

You're a real big guy these days, huh?

- Let them be what they want.

You were the warriors, remember?


We were the warriors.

But, I see...

You guys got problems.

Leave it to me.

- Can't wait anymore.
- We've been screwed.

- Let's go!
- Let 'em try to stop us!

We're staying.

- What's Ken's plan?
- Forget about him.

I know who did it.

We'll kill 'em!

- Keep this quiet from the Maboroshi guys.
- Sure!

It's a deal!


Hey, Jin...

Jin, look...
There's a stranger here.

Who the hell are you?

You must be Jin.

Yes sir, can I be of service?

I'm Takeshi...
Pleased to meet you.

As you can see I'm an infantryman.
Let's talk a bit.

What's there to talk about, you old fart?

- I'm sorry I broke in here.
- Screw you!

- I have something to say.
- Well, I don't.

Don't move another inch!

Fuck off!

Get the hell out of here!

Let's not fight.

What do you want?

I founded the Maboroshi eight years ago.

Now I'm one of its seniors.

I see...
So Ken sent you here?

That does it!
Get the fuck out!

Calm down, boy, listen...

- Die, fascist scum!
- You should know... I'm on your side.

I'm right behind you guys who
want to raise hell on your bikes.

You beat the pseudo grown-ups any day.

But listen, Jin...

This way you'll end up
wasting your energy.

- What does he mean, Jin?
- Who cares?

I'll make you a proposal.

Let me put your energy to good use.

What do you mean?

I'm asking you to join us
before you hit a dead end.

Leave it out!
We don't need this crap!

Why don't you just get lost?


All right, I'll go.

But think about it.

This is where you can reach me. Anytime.

Watch out!
The other gangs are on their way to get you!

I made him gone, guys!

Throw that away!

I need some dope.
Let's get high.

Some real good stuff.

That's what's missing.

Find 'em!

Get those fuckin' Maboroshi kamikazes!

Are you with me?




Get 'em!

Here they come!

- So long.
- See ya! Call us!

Sure will.


- Man, was she stacked!
- Not even 15 and already like pros.

- Looked more like 25.
- I came five times, man.

- Five? That's too much.
- Should have brought Jin along too.

Nah, he'll have his own by now.

- They say he's still a virgin.
- No kidding!

Never seen him with a girl.

- Let's head home.
- I'm kinda tired.

- Hell, they got him!
- Do something!

Outta here!


Tell Jin, if he wants him back, come to
the Death-Match Factory at 9 am.

Is that clear?

Jin! Jin!

- He's still at it.
- So what, man.


Wake up!

Stop fucking yelling!

Yukio's in trouble!

You know, I have low
blood-pressure in the morning.

- Yukio's gone!
- He's gone, man!


Some Dokuro guys snatched him!

Here, taste this.

Wanna bite, baby?

You can be my date.

Spit it out, asshole!

What a jerk!
Where the hell is Jin?

Shit, he's not talking.

Call a meeting.

All the gangs.

Time to wipe out the Maboroshi kamikazes.

Did you hear me?


This is the big one.

Those fuckin' Dokuro!


It ain't a game anymore.

Get ready to kill 'em!




You gotta fight your guts out.

- Who's there?
- What took you so long?

Big trouble!

You're all...

gonna be killed!

Us? No way!


I hate their guts.

Say something, jerk.

This will be easy.

Let's do it.

The Dokuro aren't alone?!

All the bikers are there, dozens of them!

Do you still need to be told... not to go?

Not go?

We're not backing off.

Don't hide!

We're kamikaze, aren't we?




Say something!

Don't chicken out now!

Son of a bitch... hey!

What's wrong with you?

We gotta save Yukio.

Don't even think of leaving!

- We better run, man!
- We ain't running, asshole!

Let's get some help.
Shigeru, ask Ken for help.

- Ken alone ain't enough.
- Come on!

Hey, that fascist yesterday...
Let's call him!

- He won't come.
- Do it before they kill us!

He's Ken's friend. Call him!

Move it!

Bring 'em down here!

Chicken shit, don't ever come back!

We four will crush 'em all.


Where the hell is he?

Son of a bitch!
He's gone!

Just the three of us! Shit!

But we'll make it.

Don't be scared.

You must be crazy!
Dope doesn't help, man!


Still sleepy?


Then kiss me.


Ken, wake up!
We're in deep shit!

Here they come.

These assholes are for us both.

Yukio... Yukio...

This is the Jet Action Force.

Stop fighting!

We'll take strong measures
if the fighting doesn't stop!

Who the hell are you?

- Don't mess with me!
- Bugger off, asshole!

You ain't got any business here.

Get your goddam hands off me!

I'll kill you!

You're asking for it, man.


Let me handle this.

Leave these mad dogs to me.

I'll turn them into real men.

All right?

What is it, Jin?


Give me a drink.

One that will knock me over.

Did you hear me?

You will regret it.

Shut up, faggot!

You ain't good enough to fight me.

Get your dirty hands off me!

Jin, don't be so obstinate.

The game is over now.

The kids in town are united.

It's peaceful.

Look, they fought to become men.

Our training will toughen
them to defend our nation.

They killed Yukio,
and I couldn't do anything.

Jin, forget about that.

Eiji has joined us.
So have Shigeru and Chu.

All your buddies are with us.

Now it's your turn.

See, that's the enemy.

Harder! Keep it up!

So you came.

We're not excluding you.

To be honest, we want you.

We'll make one hell of a team.

Your friends are waiting for you.

Wake up!

Wake up...

...and move forward.

Run! Take it to the limit!

Go now.

Go for it! Go!

That's it, go!

Stand straight.

Be strong.

Don't even blink.

You have a nation to defend.

Well, look who it is! Mr. Flag!

You keep your damn foot on
the brake the whole time.

Chicken, I can walk
faster than your bike.

Damn fascists!

Run if you can, moron.

Fuck you!


Jin's fighting again, by the lockers.

All right.

Excuse me.

Again? He's hopeless.

- The imperial guard is here!
- What's the problem?

I'm sorry, sir.
He's so cocky.


All right, I see.

- What's the matter?
- Wish I knew.

- You were penalized again?
- Damn right.

- Come on, Jin...
- Shut up.

We're not punks or bikers here.

No matter what...

Here we go again.

I've heard this sermon before.

You can't just have it your way.

I never asked to!
Anyhow, I'm quitting.

- What?
- I quit.

By leaving, you risk your life.

You think those dumb bikers scare me?

They'll get you for sure.

Nobody will help you.

Help me?

You never helped, and I never asked.

Don't leave.

Stay here, Jin.

- You'll be a cadet soon.
- Who gives a shit?

Every man has his own path.

You guys use your brains and decide.

Thanks for the training, pal.

Keep up the good work!

You look like shit!
So long, goons.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Jin, wait!

Excuse us.

Jin, quitting won't work, they'll kill us.

Get killed, man.

We're doing fine here.
Why quit now?

- We're safe here.
- Give me a break.

I leave, you stay.
It's as simple as that.

Take these.

I'm going.

- So you're still riding?
- Sure we are, still roaring!

You're going out of style.
You should stop.

Since you got this job...

Hey, being a cop isn't easy.

Mister Smart!

I have to get up at five
and go to meetings!

Who are you shooting?

Only punks like you.

I'm so sleepy.

Another call?

Dumb cops!


Wasn't that Jin?


Let's go.

What are you guys doing?

We left that shitty place.

What will happen to Jin?


Wanted to leave yourself?


Jin let me down.

I expected too much from him.

Will he be killed?

I had dreams for him.

But I've still got you.


Come with me.

- Let's have fun!
- Sure!

- How about a disco?
- Why not?

No, wait!
Since we broke loose...

Let's be crazy.

You don't do what I want.

You said you'd discipline Jin.

Can we discuss this?

Silence about this.

For god's sake, explain!

Don't get so agitated...

...over such an insignificant punk.

Stand up and fight!

Take the wheel and step on it!

- Eiji, you're hurt bad.
- I'm okay.

You guys look terrible.

God, that was fun.

- That hurts, Jin.
- Stop acting like jerks, okay?

Once you start a fight, you gotta win.

You got yourself punched, idiot.
Give me a break!

Open it, Chu.
Let's get high.

Jin. Wake up.

This is what you wanted...

What do you want?

I wanted to come sooner.

But I didn't have time.

I heard you got promoted.

The general didn't want all this.

Don't you see how I look?

Confused now?

Get out!


Please leave town until you get better.

It's too dangerous...

...if you stay here.

What can I do now I'm crippled?

It's my turn.

This one?


That's not fair.
I turn this thing, right?

Two, unfortunately not one.

Three, then four.

Look at him.
They nearly took his life.

Eiji... get well soon.

Chu! Chu!

You like looking at me this way?
You think that's funny?

Go ahead and laugh,
I don't care!

Get your kicks!

If you won't laugh, I will.

Out of my fucking way!

What is it? Coke?

No, it's a new one.

No drugs.

Then what do you need from me?

Tell me, I can get you everything.

I want to kill some guys.

Over here.

A client for you.

Hey, Kotaro!

He needs the most powerful hardware going.

I'll blow away...

...every man in this town.

Sounds fun.

Got money?

Follow me.

Done yet?

What hardware do you need?

Hardware to kill.

Considering the plight we find
ourselves in, here is my proposal...


Let's put your youthful
energy to better use!

These are not the times
to ride bikes and act wild.

So quiet, man.

Let's pick up some girls.

What do we do?

What do we do?

He's fuckin' serious, man!

You did wrong by him.

All right...

- What's all right?
- Let's do it.

It will be all-out war.

What other choice has he left us?

Why so scared of such
an insignificant cripple?

You're crazy.

I do my utmost to
defend the city. And...

They're here.

You have to do this, huh?

Okay, then.

Let's blow them away.


I'm striking out, boy.

Get em!

Take this machine gun.

Eat shit off this!

Jin, I'll tear your face off!
I'll kill you!

Where the hell are you?

Show your face!
I'll kill you!


You've changed.
You look damn good now.

Drop dead.


The bike...

Bring me the bike.

You can't ride it.

The brake's fucked up.

- Been waiting long?
- No.

Let's go.

What's he like, your ex-boyfriend?

Used to lead some crazy bikers.

But he went square after we met.

So you walked out on him?
How cruel.

No, I would've made him go soft.

It was for the best.

Tatsuo YAMADA as Jin

Koji NANJO as Ken

Nenji KOBAYASHI as Takeshi

Producers: Mitsuhito AKITA

Written by Sogo ISHII
Masumi HIRAYANAGI & Mitsuhiko AKITA

Director of Photography

Yoshiharu TEZUKA

Sound Recording

Music: PANIA & HAL

Production Design & Music

Directed by

Dedicated to all crazy bikers

Copyright 1980, Dynamite Production


Subtitles by
Kiyo JOO, Tony RAYNS and ORMIC