Crazy/Beautiful (2001) - full transcript

When fate brings together two high school seniors from opposite sides of the tracks, it's something crazy/beautiful. Nicole (Kirsten Dunst) is the 17-year-old troubled daughter of a wealthy congressman who never met a rule she didn't break. Carlos (Jay Hernandez) is a grade A student with big dreams who endures a two-hour bus ride every morning to attend high school in an upscale L.A. neighborhood. Their innocent flirtations quickly develop into passionate love, but Nicole's self-destructive behavior threatens their relationship and puts Carlos' promising future in jeopardy. Will their intense passion keep them together despite the objections of their families or will Carlos be forced to plan his future without Nicole? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I remember most of 17.

I remember the day we met.

His smile, his touch.

You could be anywhere
when your life begins...

When the future
opens up in front of you,

and you may not even
realize it at first,

but it's already happening.

All right, guys,
let's roll, man.

What, fool?


I got some shit
to do, man.

Fool, you always got
shit to do.

Man, you got to
learn how to kick it.

It's a beautiful day
on the beach, man.

Yeah. Why, you afraid
of getting too brown?

Yeah. Some fool might
think he's Mexican.

Shut up.

Hey, guys,
check it out, man.

Hey, hey, hey.

Look at the juanita.



Come on, baby.

Hey, we got some trash
over here.

It's starting to stink.

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, don't let me go.

Should I drop him?
Yeah, yeah?

Let me go, please.

Aah! Unh!

Yo! Hey, you all right?

Yeah, I'm all right.
Don't worry about me.


Yo, baby!

Hey, where you going?

Hey, hey, hey.

Let's go.

Hey, hey, hey.

You missed one.

That's really helpful.

So, are you a bad-ass
gangster or what?

Something like that.

What'd you do, stay up
past your bedtime?

Nah, I'm just playing.

Hey, for real,
what you doing?

I robbed a 7-Eleven.


Yeah. Stay away.
I'm dangerous.

I'll mess you up.

Damn. My bad.


Y'all always got
to follow me, man.

My name's Victor.
What's your name?

She don't care
what's your name.


Nice to meet you,


Hi, Carlos.

What's up?

Man, I was
talking to her.

What you doing?

You know what?
I've seen you around.

Doubt it.

You go
to pacific, right?


Yo, rich girl.

Rich girl.


Hey, let's go.
Come on.

Push on.
You know, vamonos.


We only talking
to the girl, man.

Now. Let's go.

What's vamonos, man?

You know what it means.
Now let's go.

Just keep moving.

Well, I'll see you

Ok, bye.

I just want you
to leave, all right?


Come on,
keep moving.

get out of here!

I want this all
picked up...

all of it.




Good morning, mom.


Thanks, mom.

I don't want any more.

Oh, yeah?

Miss Nicole,
it's time to get up.

I'm awake.


Good morning.

Are you taking
lunch today?

No, I'm going to buy.




Did Morgan have
any dairy yesterday?


Because she has
a little rash

right here, you see?

No dairy.

I'm not accusing you.

I'm just asking.

No dairy.
Only soy.

No dairy.



No dairy.


You whale. Like, you have
a spout. Ha ha ha!


Nicole, you know, you're
not supposed to watch TV

in the morning.

Are you going to change
for school?


Mr. oakley.
Oh, ok.

Hi, sweetie. Yeah.

Oh, no, she's got
a little rash on her back,

so it's
a little crazy.

Yeah. We're going to go
to Dr. benniman's office.

Ok, I'll call you
from there, then.

Yes, I love you, too.
I love you.

Oh, oh, Nicole is here.

Do you want to say
something to her?


He's late for a meeting.

Come on, sweetie.

We'll go to the doctor
and get your rash all better.

What's the evil
stepmom's problem?

Oh, major crisis.
Morgan has a rash.

Oh, my God.
Where's the ambulance?

# Today

# like any day

# rolled out of bed

# talked
on the telephone #

# went to the doctor

# she said, you're ok

# still, I wonder

# who am I?

Oh. Oh,
that's just great.

# Who am I?


# Who am I?

# Today

# in the air

# on the water

# ships pass you by

# clouds fantasize

# driving shapes
across the sky #

# wondering why

oh, my God.

# Who am I?



Oh, God.

I hate this place.

Yeah. I'm already
up for ditching.

For sure.

Shit sucks.

was, in many ways,

ahead of his time.

He had
psychological depth

that is only
in this century

beginning to be
fully understood.


Me, too.

Take a pass.

Oh, thank you.

Both at a time
when only a queen...

All right,
so the British are trying

to reestablish
their authority

over their
precious colonies.

It's as if they're
trying to assert

a right that
they couldn't quite exert.

Assert and exert.

Anybody know
the difference

between "assert"
and "exert"?

What does it mean
in this case?


Well, it means
they could write the laws,

but they couldn't
enforce them

from 3,000 Miles away.

Bingo, Carlos.

3,000 Miles away,

and they're trying
to establish their authority

over their colonies.

They are trying
to reestablish

their mercantilist

which was,
"we got colonies,

and we're here
to milk them."

How were they doing this?

Well, grenville,
the man in charge

under George the third...

# Once in a house
on a hill #

# a boy got angry

# he broke
into my heart #

# so I came
down the hill #

# of course I was hurt

# but then
I started to think #

# it shouldn't hurt me
to be free #

# it's what I really need

# to pull myself
together #

# but if it's so good
being free #

# what you are
telling me #

# why I don't know
what to do with myself #


Hey, come here.

I got to get back
to class.

No. Come meet
my friends.


Come on. What,
are you scared?

It's Carlos, right?


Break me off
some of that shit.

This is maddy.

That's lainie.


is in the tree.

What's up, man?

Carlos and I met
when I was

giving back
to the community.

Oh, he was
on the chain gang with you?

Ha ha ha.

Just an innocent

You want some?

Nah, that's ok.

Come on,
it's good for you.

Trust me.

# So I loved the boy

# no cholesterol


With a kick.
What's in this?

Oh, shit.
Give me this.

What's going on?


Well, what do you know?

My all-time favorite people
in the world to bust.

Hello, Mr. Kane.

How's it going?

Hey, this is
a student council meeting.

I got too much
stress in my life.

Ask the mental
health center people.

They told us
to take breaks.

What is this?
Who's this belong to?

Not us.

You don't know anything
about this, right?

I got a pass.

What, a drinking pass?

You guys,
let's go. Clear out.

Hey! Aah!

Hey! Hey! Guys!

Cut it out. Come on,
this is detention.


This is
how we first met.


Picking up trash.

Just let me
do the work, ok?


3, 2, hut!

You got it!

Good job.


I'm sorry.

Yeah, well, so am I.

No, I really am.

Come on,
it's just detention.

You're not going
to be scarred for life.

You may even still
get into college.

Look, you guys play
around at being bad-ass,

which is cool.
All right, whatever.

But it's not like that
for me, ok?

I get on this bus,
all right?

This piece of shit,
stinking bus,

2 hours each way,
just to be here.

At 5:43 in the morning...

that's what time
my bus leaves.

So if I wanted
to screw up,

I'd do it
at my home school,

because I'd get a hell
of a lot more sleep.

But I'm here, ok?

I'm here because
I really want to be here.

And you,
you're here because...

Why are you here, if it's
such a big joke to you?

I don't know.
Ask my father.



Why were you
on the beach?


Yeah. You didn't rob
any 7-Eleven.


D.U.I. I got stopped
coming home from a club.

Damn, that's
pretty stupid.

Yeah. Didn't seem
stupid at the time.

Then again, I was wasted.

I don't know, man.

Just don't
play me, ok?

I won't play you.

I don't want
to be played.

Ok. I won't.
I'm not going to play you.


I promise.

Luis, on the inside.

Luis, on the inside.

Nunez, where the hell
you been?

Detention, sir.


You pay me back
after practice.

You give me an hour
in that weight room.

Let's go!
On the ball!

All right, man,
I'm outta here, bro.

We're not supposed
to leave until 6:30.

Dude, there's
no one here, man.

We can leave whenever.


Aw, you're a trip,

I'll see you later,


Missed the bus.


It's no big deal, mom.

All right. I got it.

No. I got it.

Ok. Let me just
talk to my girl,

and I'll call you
right back.

Ok. Bye.

Uhh! Ok,
here's the plan.

Derek knows this party
in the colony,

but he's not
exactly invited.

But he thinks that if
he hooks up with us...


That way,
he can for sure get in,

because we're just
so irresistible.

You know, there's
a football game.

A what?

A football game.

I heard you.
The pacific game?



What? It'll be fun
for a goof. Come on.

Oh, my God.
You're so obvious.




What am I
obvious about?


Shut up.

# Kick

can I have 2,


2, 2, 2.

We did not wear
our blue.

Oh, shit. I forgot
to wear anything.

Offense, offense!
Here we go!


My bad.

Boom, boom!

# Boom, boom, what up?

# Boom, boom, what up?

Let's go. Let's go.

1, 2, 3, go!

number 32, on the field.

Nunez with the ball.




# God knows I try

number 32, Carlos Nunez,

with the reception.

Come on!

Hell, yeah!

Whoo! Yes!

If you tell anybody
I just did that,

I'm going to kill you.

I will.


Oh, yes!
We did it, baby!

Nice seein' you, now.

Way to go, Nunez.
Way to go.

You got
a lot of heart, baby.

That's meat.
That's meat, baby.

You know it.

And you know it.


You need a ride
to Carmen's, bro?

What's happening
at Carmen's?

Hey, free cerveza,
free food.

Maybe some other free stuff,
you know what I'm saying?


You faked
that guy out so bad,

when he hit the ground,
I could've swore

he sittin' on himself.

Hey, he didn't see nothing
but your ass cheeks, man.

Good game, you guys,
all right?

Hey, all right, coach.

Hey, stay out
of the strip club, man.

Man, you like that,
don't you?

Come here,
hot stuff!

Hey, say hello
to your wife, coach.

I'll see you guys

Hey, where are you
going, man?


I'll see you guys later.

You ain't hanging out
with us? What's up?

Hell, man,
we just won the game.

We just won...
see you later.

Oh, you got to be
kidding me.


You guys come to get me
in trouble again?

Uh, no.

We're off-duty.

We're not troublemakers.
We're innocent.

Look at our faces.

Don't we look
innocent together?

So, What'd you think
of the game?

What game?

It's going to be
like that, huh?

So, what are you
doing tonight?

I got to catch the bus.
I got work tomorrow.


That sucks.

Hey, we can
take you home.

It's far.

Come on.

We'll take you
wherever you want to go.

Carlos, which way
am I going?

Just grab the 10.

The 10.

10 what?

10 freeway!

# Know when I'm rollin', the
trick is to keep it goin' #

# flowin' over nobody,
not knowin' my head swollen #

# who can control it, if you
try to say it's heartbroken #

# lookin' for me, and I swear
it's in a careless motion #

# all the way down
by the pound #

# the shit you read about,
a nice, round figure #

# anyone can figure out

# and everything's for nothing
if you're willing to try #

# you got to make it,
you got to try to stay high #

# 'cause everybody
is in on something else #

# you gotta, you gotta find
out who and what it is #

God, dude, could
you live any further?

I told you it was far.

You wanted to take me.

Maddy's never been
east of LA brea.

Shut up, dude.
You think you're down

because you scored weed
in pico union one time?

I'm telling you,
it was twice.

One time.

2 times, bitch.

2 times.

Are you ok?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I didn't say
you could touch that.

Oh, yeah?

Well, what can I touch?

What can you touch?

Oh, come on, Carlos.

Whoa, whoa, slow down.

Chill, girl.

Hey, you guys.

Damn, that feels
good, but...

"Damn, that feels good,
but," what?

You guys.

I like you.

I like you, too.

You guys.
Are you guys hungry?

Because I'm starving.

There's a place
right up the street.

Oh, yeah?

There's a place
right up the street.

Keep going.
It's to the right.

Don't crash.

Watch it, watch it.



You guys all right?

I don't know, man.
She's on drugs.


Ow, I hurt.
You ok?

Love me, I hurt.


Will you pick me up?
Pick me up.

I want to be

I'm going to carry her
to the taco shack.

Don't mind her.

Oh, this is
so cool.

Oh, my God,
I love this place.

Put me down,
put me down.

All right.


Whoo! Whoo!

Aw! Ow!


Whenever you're
ready, guys.

Come on,
Carlos. Come on.

Whenever you're ready.

You want to dance
with me?

I'm not much
of a dancer.

Yeah, daddy.

Damn, girl.

You guys are crazy.

Oh, man.


How did I
get involved in this?

Oh, yeah!


All right.
Excuse me.

May I help you?


You want a taco?

Tacos. Tacos.

All right,
we'll take 6 tacos.

Spanish. Spanish.

She speaks English.

Espanol, Por favor.

Spanish is hot.


And to drink?


This is, like, the best
food I've ever had.

I know.

Yeah? Oh.

Ok, where do I go
pee at?


Hey, you know what?

You're shit out of luck.

Shut up.

Fine. I'm just going
to pop a squat somewhere.

There's no bathrooms
around here.

Please come with me.

Come with me.

Are you serious?

Yes. I have to go
so bad.

You're going
to pop a squat?

- Where?
- Anywhere.

All right,
just go down there.

No way.

This is, like,
rapes are us.

No, it's not.
Just go down there.

You're coming
with me.

Look, it's dark.

All right, all right.
We're going, we're going.

This sucks.

Don't look.

You know, I really want
to kiss you right now.

I really want
to kiss you, too.

When the time
is right.

So you just let me know

when the time
is right, then, ok?



You guys,
I'm all done.



Unh. Unh.

Oh, get a hotel room.



Is that 'Los?

Yeah, that's
your brother, man.

Hey, guys.

Hey, that's
the trash girl.

That's right, baby.

Ah ha.
Trash girl.

What's up?

What's up, man?

What's going on?

I'm just getting
a ride home.

So who's this, homes?

I'm Nicole.

How you doing,


Hi, I'm maddy.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you,

So, where'd he find
you guys?

Oh, you get assigned
a white girl

when you go to pacific.

How generous.

And Carlos is so cute
he got 2.

How generous.

Double trouble.

How can
a brother be down?

Looks run
in the family, mija.

What's up
with my brother?

You got to go
to pacific.

Good luck, homes.

Hi, mom.

Uh, this is
Nicole and maddy.



Sorry about that.
She's kind of pissed.

It's ok.

I'll see you
at school, ok?

Let's get out of here.

Thanks for the ride.



Get your ass inside,
homes. Hurry up.

Your mom's calling you.

Ok, now where
the hell's the freeway?


Just friends.

I mean, everybody
drinks but me, mom.

Come on, mom.
That's not going to happen.

I'm not going to die.
I'm not going to jail.

I am so not like that.

There's some very interesting
rumors going around

about Friday night.

Oh, really?

Uh-huh. I heard
the word "furpile"

more than once.

I did nothing to discourage
these rumors.

Ow! Watch where you're
going, you stupid bitch.

What's your problem?

my problem.

Hey, it's all good.
She didn't mean to...

stay out of it.

What are you
looking at, huh?

You better not.


you better be sorry.

Looks like the home girls
aren't down with you.


What are you
doing here?

Looking for you.

Oh, yeah?

Maddy told me
you were in here.

Oh, she did, did she?

Am I not allowed?

Sorry about
the other night.

I was a little wasted.

Yes, you were.

Ho ho ho.

So, what happened?

You don't remember?

Kind of.

It's not done yet.

You cut his head off.

Hey, in here,
I'm in charge.

Your world?


You take it to a lab,
they just do the obvious.

I like to play with it...

cut out
what I don't like,



Playing God, huh?

Just playing.

So, can I see
some more?

If you want.

Hey, kids,
what's going on in here?

This is not
a make-out room. Come on.

I'll see you


# A sunrise over
a dusty hill full of #

# full of wallflowers

# and I think to myself

# I am the same

# I met my baby
by the station #

# and she said

# can I help you
with some information? #

# 'Cause your train gets out
at a quarter to 5:00 #

# but you hang a while

# and you and I
can get funky #

# to the rhythm
of the choo-choo train #

# dancin'
in the pourin' rain #

# I found myself

# in the most beautiful
situation #

# a feeling
I can't describe #

# ooh,
how she gave me love #

# oh,
how she gave me love #

# oh,
how she gave me love #

this is Carlos.


# I said, oh,
how she gave me love #

# oh,
how she gave me love #

# oh,
how she gave me love #


Aren't you going
to lock the door?


I don't have any...

It's ok.

It's... it's not ok.

Don't move.

Hey, rosa.


Bye, rosa.


Oh, shit.

What? What's wrong?

Who's that?

Who's what?

That guy right there.

Oh, that?
That's my dad.

It's ok.

He's, like,
right there.

He doesn't care.
I can do anything.

I've got a condom.
He'd be so proud.

I'm serious.

He'd be thrilled
I'm sleeping with you.

A person of color
in his daughter's bed.

Man, you're crazy.

You're beautiful.


But can I do
one more thing?


I want to kiss you

one more time.

Where are you?
Where are you?

Hi, there.

Who's the princess
on the floor, huh?

Nicole, please
do not park your car

in the motor court

because it drips oil

We just came
from a dance show...

dance recital.

You look


Ow, ow, ow, ow.

Oh, be careful.

You're... you're going
to mess up the costume.

I really want to keep
this neat...

dress neat.


Thank you.

Hi, there.
Tom oakley.

Oh. Carlos Nunez.

How are you? You're
rosa's nephew?

No, dad. Carlos and I
go to school together.

Oh. Oh, you're
a senior, too.

Yes, sir.
Just finishing up.

Oh, that's wonderful.

Do you have any plans
for next year?

Dad, don't
interrogate him.

I'm not
interrogating him.

That's ok.

Um, I'm applying
to the naval academy.


Ooh, that's impressive.
That's a tough school.

Yes, sir.

I want to be a pilot.

A pilot?

The naval fliers

are supposed to be
the best in the world.

Yeah, well, you'll get
a great education there

no matter what
you decide to do.

Good to see someone
with a plan.

So, who's
sponsoring you?

Um, well, I've written
to Roy ball...

oh, yeah? Lucy?

Yeah, but
she hasn't responded yet.

Yeah, well,
she's still tied up

with that ins fiasco,

and she probably
won't get to it

before Thanksgiving.

Right. Yeah.

So, why didn't you
write to me?

Tom oakley.



I mean, she didn't
even tell me.

Nicole didn't tell you
I was a congressman?


Nicole didn't think
it was relevant.

Actually, I think I did
write to you.

What'd I say?

No word yet, sir.
Ha ha.

Well, I'm sorry
about that.

Maria probably hasn't gotten
to my stack yet, either.


Morgan wants to eat
with her daddy.

Can you hurry?


Here. Why don't you
call the office,

and we'll set up
a meeting?

You can come in, tell me
all about yourself,

and I'll see what I do.

Thank you, sir.
Thank you.

Say, why don't you two
stay for dinner?

I mean, rosa's
cooking up

some of her famous
stuffed Chile rellenos.

"Rellenos" means

Thank you, Nicole.

And we can't stay.

Well, perhaps
another time, then.

Glad to meet you,

Nice to meet you,
too, sir.

Take care.

God, I hate
when he pulls that.

Pulls what?

That act. That "oh, I used
to march with Cesar Chavez."

"Oh, I'm every poor man's
best friend."

It's so fake.

Well, he seemed cool.

"Oh, why don't you stay
for dinner?

We're having
Chile rellenos."

"Oh, did I show you
my electric car?"

Come on. And what about you?
"Yes, sir." "No, sir."

I mean, what is that?

You don't have to do that
around him.

I was raised
to do that, ok?

It's not some act.


Why didn't you tell me
who your father was?

I don't go around advertising
my father's profession.

I didn't think
it mattered.

Well, it does matter.


Do you know
how hard it is

to get these guys
to sit down

and read your letter?

Or pick you
out of a hundred guys

exactly like you?

mission accomplished.

You got your meeting,

and you didn't even
have to sleep with me.

Lucky you.

I'm sorry.

I just...

I mean,
that was just weird.

I'm sorry
we were interrupted.

Another time?

If you're lucky.

So, pilot Nunez, huh?

Yeah, well, we'll see.

What do you mean?

I mean, I've never
even been in one.

In what?

A plane.

You're joking.

You've never been
in a plane before?


Oh, my God.

What's so funny?

That's cute.


It is.

I had a good time

Me, too.

So, anyways,
Brian's been awol

for, like, 4 days.

He hasn't called. He totally
changed his cell phone.

What are you going
to do if he calls?

I don't know.

What would Jesus do?

No, seriously. Remember
when I went code blue

on that ept,
and he freaked out

because he thought I would,
like, tell his wife?

Like, that guy
so can't handle pressure.

So I'm sure
he's just, like...


Oh, ok. Leave
your best friend

right when
she's baring her soul.



How's it going?


You busy Saturday?


Yeah, I've got to work
in my Uncle's shop.

Too bad.


I just thought we could
have some fun together.

Oh, man, I don't know.

Come on.

My dad's
not invited, Carlos.

Just you and me.

I don't know. It's just
my Uncle kind of needed me,

you know what I mean?

Yeah. I promise, promise,
promise you, though,

a very satisfying

You won't be

Mmm, ok.

I got you.

No peeking.

I'm not.

Hold on.

Ok, now
you can look.


Want to join
the mile-high club?


I'm kidding.


Here we go.



# We stand

# to lose

# every color
from the sky #

# then crawl

# as a child

so, can I take over?

Sure. Go ahead.
It's yours.

Oh, God, you're
letting him take over?


# There's
no longer shine #

# on this bird of prey

you're doing great.

He's going
in the naval academy.

All right.

I haven't been
accepted yet.

How many hours
have you logged?


He's a natural.

You mean
in an actual plane?

In a real plane.
How many hours you got?


I have a flight
simulator at school.

Oh, a flight simulator.
Like a chair pilot.

Pretty much.

Yeah, all right.

Can I do a lazy 8?

It's your airplane.
Go ahead.

What's a lazy 8?

Start it
to the right.

Oh, my God!


Ha ha ha!

Go ahead. Turn it
back to the left a little.

I'm loving it.

Look at me.

I'm busy. Wait.


Oh, my God.
I can see my house.

Do you see it?

Right there.

Want me
to go drop you off?

# We know

thank you.

# We're running head-on

# into our bent

and back around
to the left.

# Future

it's a disease
of the week benefit.

They have to stay
until he's shaken the hand

of every person
in the room.

We got until
at least midnight.

We is all alone.

What'd you do?

Made it Carlos friendly.

# I want to believe in

# I want to believe in us

# when everything
is wrong #

# will you come through?

# Come through

not what I thought
it'd be like.



But you thought
about it?


Look how good our skin looks
next to each other.

It's beautiful.


Who's that?


My mom.

She lives in Virginia.

She's married
to some dermatologist,

and the guy's home
at 6:00 every night.

It's a big plus
for my mom.

When she was married
to my dad,

he was always
running around

trying to save
the world.

No time for his family.

She left
when I was 12.

But it's good
for my dad,

because he got
to marry Courtney,

and she's flush with cash
from her first marriage.

My dad left
when I was 5.

He couldn't hack it here,

so he just went back
to Mexico.

I don't even have
pictures of him.

You mad at him?

I hardly even
think about him.

I got plenty of parent
in my mom.

I got to go.

No, you don't.
You got to stay.

No. My mother's going
to kill me if I'm late.

Well, just
tell her you're staying

at a friend's house.

Ha ha.
What friend?

I don't know.
I don't care.

Make one up.

I'm not letting you

# When you hold me

# like you do

# it feels so right

# drawn out

# I start to forget

# how my heart gets torn

# when that hurt
gets flowin' #

# feelin' like
I can't go on #

# turnin' in circles

# time and again

where are you going?

I got to go.

No. Stay.
I'll drive you.


# Got to know

# for sure

# 'cause
it takes something #

# more this time

# than sweet, sweet lies

# drawn out

# before I
open up my arms #

# and fall

# losin' all control

# every dream
inside my soul #

# this year's lovin'

# it'll last

# 'cause who's to worry

# if our hearts get torn

# when that hurt
gets thrown #

# don't you know
this life goes on? #

# Won't you kiss me

# on that midnight sleep?

# Sweep me off my feet

# singin' ain't this life
so sweet #

# this year's lovin'

# it'll last

# this year's lovin'

# it'll last

# this year's lovin'

# it'll last

# this year's lovin'

# it'll last

# this year's lovin'

# it'll last

# whoa, ah, yeah

# this year's lovin'

# it'll last

I can't believe
I just did that.


What am I doing
with you?

I don't know.

What are you doing
with me?

It's just a question.

Look what you just
got me to do.

Ha ha.
I don't know, man.

When I'm with you, I never know
what's going to happen.

It's weird because my life
is so planned out, you know?

I don't know.

It's like you don't care
what people think,

and when I'm with you,

you kind of make me
not care what people think.

You know
what I'm saying?

I know what
you're saying.

I don't know.

And that dimple...

I love that dimple.

I grew it myself.
You did?

I grew it myself.

# What does he need?

# What does he need?

# What does he need?

Remember us?

What's up, fool?

What's up?

# What does he need?

Mmm. Damn.

That's the shape.


That's my wife.

She could be my mommy

She could spank me...


That's what
I'm talking about.

Hey, what's up?

She got more bounce
to the ounce.

Hey, guys, just chill,
ok. All right?

Chill, dawg.
Chill, chill.

Chill, dawg. Man,
there's people around.

I'm just saying...

what, you want us
to whiten up?

Kick back.

Look at this fool.

He's all about
the white girl now.

I worry about this fella.
I put this fella on his ass

on Friday,
you know what I'm saying?

You playing defense
now or what?

I'm going both ways.
I'll make you eat dirt.

That's what
I'm going to do.

Hey, Carlos, man,
what's up, bro?

What's up, guys?

These your homeys?


Yo, what's so funny, g?

I ain't
your g, man.

Yo, what's up
with the attitude, bro?

What's with what?

you need to chill, bro.

Look, I'm not some banger.

I'm not looking
to throw down.

Then sit the fuck
down, bitch.

Hey, guys, chill.

Whoa. This isn't
brown town, bro.

Hey, guys,
just chill, man.

I'll call ins on your ass.

Hey, guys, kick back.

Oh, man.

Get off.

Hey, get off me, man.
I want to kick this guy's ass.

I'm going to kill you!

Are you going
to clean this mess up,

or is your dad
going to come do it?

Hey, go home!

Leave, buddy! Go back
to burritoville!

Not right now, mom.

Just leave me alone,
all right?

I'm sick of you
always on my ass!

I don't need any more
sacrifices from you, ok?

Just worry about
your own goddamn life.


Don't disrespect moms
like that, fool.

Are you going to tell me
how to talk?


You know what? Let me...
mom. Por favor.

Ma, Por favor.

She busts her ass
every day at a shit job

for you, ese,
not for me.

Every day, ese.

You owe it to her to make
something of yourself.

What, because you didn't?




You're right.
You got it.

Let me tell you
something, 'Los.

I'm not like you, fool.

I'm not as smart as you.
I'm not as fast as you.

You got something
that I never had, ese.

You got the opportunity

to become whatever the hell
you want to become, fool.

You can be a pilot.

You can be a congressman
if you want, ese.

Whatever you want.

And for you to just
throw that away

for that white girl,

that's nothing but...

And I'm not going
to sit around

or to moms anymore,
you understand?

Look at me, ese.



Look up.


We got to go.



What's the date today?


Is today the 17th?

I don't know.


The meeting
with your father...

I completely
forgot about it.

Don't worry.
You can reschedule it.

I knew I shouldn't have
gone to the beach.

Don't worry.
It's ok.

No, it's not ok.


I can't believe
I missed it.

I'll see you later.

You don't want me
to come in?

It's going to be
kind of boring.

It's just, like,
family and cake

and stuff like that.


All right.

No, that's ok.
You don't want me to.

Just hurry up.

We're late.

I wish I would've known...

come on.

Hey, that's ok.

And a "cheese."

Come here, fool.

Where you been, man? It's
my sister's birthday party.

Lost track of time,


I lost track
of time, mom.

You remember Nicole,



Shut up.

I'll be back
in a minute.

God damn.

You're a fool,
you know?

- Hi.
- Hi.

Happy Birthday.

Thank you.


Can I help with anything?

No, it's ok.


One second.

Ahh. You know
I like it buff.

You know you miss me.



Oh. Hey.

Where'd you go?

I went to change.

Thanks for telling me.

Sorry. Luz,
this is Nicole.

Nicole, luz.


I like your dress.

Thanks. So, you guys
go to school together?

We go to p.H. Together.

Oh. That's nice.

And you share
the same class or what?


We're not...

yeah. Well, let's go
say hi to my mom.

All right.
Come on.

I'm hot. I'm gonna go
outside for a second.

Come on.
It's ok.


Ok. Hold on.

Yo, 'Los,
it's for you, man.


Where'd you go?

What happened?
Why'd you leave?

I'm so stupid.

I don't know what I was
thinking coming there.

I'm sorry.

I should have told you
it was gonna be like that.

That it was so formal.

No. It wasn't that.

Just seeing you with your
family and your friends

and with that girl.

She's just a friend.

I don't care.

You should be able to do
whatever you want.

I do what I want to do.

Oh, God.

Look at me,
I'm pathetic!

I hate myself.

What are you
talking about?


It's just...



I just...

I think I'm in love
with you.

I'm sorry.

Now I've weirded
you out. I'm sorry.

No. I...

don't say anything.
It's ok.

It's ok.

That's correct, sir.

He's leaving for
Washington, D.C. in 5 days.


Uh, well...

No, he really doesn't have
any other appointments.

I would stick with
that one. Mm-hmm.

Certainly, sir. Take care.


Yes, he is.

Mr. Nunez?
He's ready for you.

I have it right here.

I think. What is it?
A kid...

For Gloria, right?

Well, we start
with the bienvenidos

and then
the red cross thing.


And then...
you know, hon?

I have a meeting I need
to start right now.

Why don't we meet
at king at 2:30?


Well, you tell me then.
All right. Bye-bye.

Hey, Carlos.
Glad you could make it.

How are you?

Ok. How are you?

You know Carter?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

You ever work for
habitat for humanity?


It's a good project.

We got 25 houses
up in a weekend.

One easter weekend.

And you know
father boyle?

I've heard of him.

He's an amazing man.
Sit down.

We spent some time
in boyle heights.

It's a tough
neighborhood, huh?

Yes, sir.

I imagine you've seen
your share of friends

sucked into
LA vida loca.


Not just a Ricky Martin
song, is it?

No, sir.

So, what happened?

Uh, what happened?

We were supposed to have
a meeting last week.

I don't know.

I got the bus schedule
all screwed up,

and I was...
it was, like, too late.

You could have called
to say you weren't coming.

I... i did call.

Maybe she just didn't get you
the message. The lady.




Did Mr. Nunez call last week
to say he wasn't coming in?

Not to me.
Should I ask Sandy?

No, that's ok.

I'm more than happy
to use my connections

to help someone get
a foot in the door,

but I have absolutely
no patience

with individuals
who will not participate

in the process, see?

I can't do this alone.

Mr. oakley, um...

I really appreciate
you seeing me today.

Ok. I think I know
what's going on here.

I know the powerful effect
Nicole can have on people.

She's absolutely fabulous

at taking
a perfectly-oiled train

and running it
right off the tracks.

Now, I do love her.

That goes without saying.

But she can be
so destructive.

And volatile.

And, um, the anger...

Ever since...

Well, to be 12 years old

and to find your mother
like that...

I think when Nicole's
mother took her own life,

Nicole decided
then and there

that she would never,
ever trust anyone again.

And it was her
against the world,

and God forbid anybody
should try and help her.

She's persona non grata

with half the psychiatrists
on the westside.

I mean, a lot of them
have recommended

that I send her to...

One of those behavior
modification schools,

but I...

She's tried to kill herself
a number of times,

but what can I do?

She lies and she drinks.

She does drugs.

She hates me.
Hates her step-mother.

Mr. oakley...

ahh, Nothin'.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't be
telling you about this,

but you seem like
such a good person.

Such a decent person.

Now, you want me to write
this recommendation?

You want me to put
myself on the line?

Well, I want you to
listen to my advice.

Now, stay away
from my daughter.

You hear me?

For your own good,
for my peace of mind,

stay away from Nicole.

You know, it's a painful
thing for a father to...

Have to acknowledge a truth
about their own child.

It's taken me a long time
to accept who she is.

And who
she's never gonna be.

# Well, I could
sleep forever #

# but it's of her I dream

# if I could
sleep forever #

# I could forget
about everything #

We got a party, man.

All them honeys...
hey, Carlos,

all them honeys
gonna be there, man.

They gonna be
checkin' us out!


Ha ha. Hey.

So, what happened?

Uh, when?

You didn't call me.

I got home late.

I just had...
Stuff to do.

Well, What'd he say?

I'll see you guys

All right.

What happened?

No, nothing.

He just said he was gonna
write me a recommendation.

But what did he say?

About what?

About me.

Nothing, I mean...

come on, just tell me
what he said.

I... i really don't want
to get in the middle

of whatever's going on...

in the middle of what?

Look, I just need
to focus right now.

You need to focus?

Yeah. I can't afford
to mess up, man.

I told you that.

My mom's all over me
'cause I'm never around,

and my grades
are for shit.

I could hardly keep
my eyes open at practice.

All I want to do is sleep
for more than 4 hours straight.

I'm sorry for
messing up your life.

What I'm saying is,

I just need to remember
what's important.

What's important to you?

My priorities.

What did he tell you?

He told me
to stay away from you.

That you were trouble

and that you'd
just mess me up.

And what did you say?

I just...

I see.

# Every time

# it's time to call

# in many ways

# every dream

# gets broken over

# with little time

# I will fly
within your sky #

# every time

# you start to call

# and on the way

# all destruction
is my wine #

# though it's sad
and lonely #

# there's a whole life
waiting after dawn #

# gonna slide

you can be anywhere
when your life begins.

You find the right person,

All of a sudden,
anything's possible.

I'm eating, mom.

I'm just trying
to figure this out.

Chemistry homework.


Hola, Mrs. Nunez.
Soy luz.

No estoy aqui.

No, no, don't
tell her I'm here.

I told you, mom,
I don't want to talk to her.

Because I don't want to.

Mira. Tu comida.

I'll eat it later.

Ay, muchacho.





I need to talk to you.

Who is this?

You know who this is.

I... i can't hear you.

Where are you?


Where are you?

I... i can't hear you.

Are you at seller's house?

I'm just having
a good time, ok?

And you need to focus.

I... i really have to...

get off the phone

and get in the hot tub,
girl. Damn!


I'm gonna go.

Nicole, I just want to...

take your time.

Yeah, hold on.

I'll take anyone...


What's up, Carlos?

What's up, baby?

Hey, yo,
get him a Tequila.

Hey, girl,
put a titty in his mouth.

# None of this
makes sense #

# they don't
support me... #

Come on, Nicole,
let's go.

Whoa, stud.

I was just trying
to get a taste, man.

Shut up, Davis,
before I kick your ass!

Hey, man,
what's your problem?

You're my problem!
Get down!


your problem, bro?

Dude, she was
having a good time.

What's goin' on?

What's wrong
with you?

I thought
I was your friend.

Hey, man...

Just leave,
you know that?

Get off me, bitch!


Stopping a vehicle
with expired tags.

2 occupants.

Expired on 6-7-00.

Registered to representative
Thomas oakley.

Good evening, sir.

License and
registration, please.

I don't know where
the registration's at.

Who does
this car belong to?

It belongs to her.

Where you comin' from

From a party.

You been drinkin'

No, sir.

Why don't you step out
of the car for me

for a minute?

I just live right off...

sir, please, step out
of the car for me.

John, you check on
the young lady.

Sir, please step out
of the car.

Keep your hands up
where I can see 'em.

Miss, let's go.
Let's go.

Time to wake up.
Let's go.

Put your hands up.

Time to get up.
Wake up.

Walk over to the curb,
have a seat.

Here you go. Step out
of the car, please.

There you go.
Wake up.

Sir, the tags
are expired on this car.

What's your name?

Do you know
this guy right here?


Has he tried to hurt you?

he hasn't hurt me.

What are you doing?

Why are you touching me?

Get the hell off of me!

Just calm down.

Nicole, stop.

No, get the hell
off of me!

Nicole, stop it!

Where are you going?

He didn't do anything!

Makin' it worse
for yourself.

What the hell is going on?!
Get off of me!

Stay here.
Don't move.

Stop! We didn't
do anything!

just calm down!

Get off of me!

Take her to the car.
Put her in the car.

What's going on?


Come on in.

Good evening, sir.

Good evening.

We stopped this young man
driving your daughter's car.

She was intoxicated
and combative.

We found drug paraphernalia

and alcoholic beverage
containers in the vehicle.


We thought we'd give you
the courtesy

of dealing with her

Now, we could put
a scare into her

and let her spend
the night in jail.

No. Thank you, officer.
I can handle this.

No, you can't handle it!

Nicole, just calm down.

Calm down?

Everything is gonna
be all right.

No, it's not
gonna be all right!

Look at you.
What are you doing...

what is
the matter out here?

Just go back into
the house, Courtney.

Is she drunk again?

Courtney, look, I am
taking care of this.

How many times do we have
to put up with her behavior?


When is it
gonna be enough,

for God's sake?! When?

Look at you, Nicole.

Just look at you.

What kind of
a daughter are you?

Not yours.

Thank God for that.

This is...

Carlos, please,
what did I tell you?

Just... just go away.
Please. Just leave.


You hear me?

Why do you hate me
so much?

How could you tell
the one person in the world...

That I love...

That I care about so much,

how could you tell him
to stay away from me?

Do you think the only thing
I'll do to anyone

is screw them up?

Do you think that...

That I'm not worth loving?


this is our problem.

It's our problem,
not yours.

Just leave.


Come on, son, let's go.

Honey, listen,
come on to the house...

leave me alone!
Just leave me alone.

Just come in
the house, Nicole.


Just get in
the house.

Jesus Christ.

# Christened life

# somehow I found you
here #

# torn from the hope
and fear #

# hold us inside

# you pulled me out

# up from the world
I've known #

# and all that was
broken and cold #

# you brought me here

the mid-term counts
for 25% of your grade,

so I want you to pull
your thoughts together...

Can I help you?

# Faith in the life
we've done #

Ok, where was I?

# It holds us inside

# Ohh

# from you,
one look #

# just one look

# and everything
is shattered #

# from you,
one word #

# stars burn and fall

# oh

# oh


You need something?

# From you,
one look #

# just one look

where you going?

# And everything
is shattered #

Yo, you got a pass.

Y... hello?

# Towers burn and fall

# fall, fall

# from you,
one look... #

What's going on?


Where are you going?


I'm going
to the turnabout ranch

in lovely
escalante, Utah,

and I get to be escorted
by a lovely gentleman

who's waiting for me
in the principal's office.

So it looks like I get to go
to boot camp before you do.

Sorry for being so dramatic
the other night.

It was stupid.

I'm sorry for not...

oh, don't say anything.

You couldn't do anything.

You were smart
not to say anything.

So, Mr. Nunez...

It was great knowing you.

I hope you have
a wonderful life.

Let's leave.


Let's get out of here
right now.

Aren't you in the middle
of an exam?

Like right now?


I'm not gonna let you
walk out of your mid-term.

I already did.

Annapolis is gonna
look at these grades.

You're not
listening to me.

I wanna be with you.

I don't give a shit about
anything else right now.

Mid-terms, grades,

your father.

I wanna be with you.

Do you want to be
with me?

I love you.

Don't just say that

shut up.

I love you, ok?

You know, this guy
in the office...

He's pretty damn big.

Ha ha.

Then... Let's go out
on sunset.

Oh. Ha ha ha.

Come on!
I'm coming!

# Imagine all walks
down the road #

# things began to blow,
the sky explodes #

# the damage is undone

# then I know

# this has got to be
a dream #

# strains and luxuries
don't lie #

You can wear this.

# And I will go about that
hourglass #

# and it's not so funny

# wait,
you're almost there #

# it's gone

# you're almost there,
it's gone #

# you're almost where
what follows you #

# does not bother you

# I have walked the tightrope
parts of me #

# toed the line
just far enough to see #

# never found the gift
I got for free #

# you pay for them daily

# I see my forever
is mine all night #

# and if I could
make it dark #

# I could make it light

# I know the cost
of living... #

Don't be writing
on my back.

# Oh, it's all surmised

# wait,
you're almost there #

# it's gone


# Almost where
what follows you #

# does not #

What are you doing?

You'll see.

That's pretty cool.

My shrine
to Carlos.

Ha ha.
Ha ha.

Can I see more of it?

Yeah, sure.

My suicide notes.

Creative, huh? Ha.

your mother, isn't it?



She was in bed asleep,
I thought,

so I went downstairs,

and I stayed real quiet
all afternoon

so I wouldn't
disturb her.

And then...

I went back up...

And she was still
lying there.

My dad thinks we're
the same person.

Did he say that?

He doesn't need to.

What else am I
supposed to think,

except I'm gonna
end up like her?

It's genetics, right?

Your father, though...

He really loves you.

He does.

No, he doesn't.

Nicole, listen to me.

He really loves you.

He just...

He doesn't know
how to handle you.

I think you scare him.

I scare him?

You do. I mean,
you scare me sometimes.

I scare you? I...


I mean, you...

How do I scare you?

You just...
Get out of control.

I do not.

Yes, you do.

What are you
talking about?

You know what
I'm talking about.

I'm 17.

I'm supposed
to get out of control.

I guess.

My dad...

He doesn't
understand me or...

Anything about me.

Have you tried
talking to him?



Shut up.

Doesn't happen, does it?

I'm not always drunk.


What are you
doing out here?

I want to be good for you.

You a good for me.

Not if I keep
taking you away

from everything
you've worked so hard for.

I want to make things
better for once,

not worse.

'Cause I really
want to be with you.

I can't keep running
away from things.

I'm here for you.

I know you are.

Well, do you have a 310
listing for j. Foster?

No listing, sir.

Well, try b. Foster
at 818.

That's f-o...


No, sir. There's
no foster in 818.

Should I try
the 310 again?

Sir? I'm trying
to help you, sir.


Well, I've been up
all night.

Trying to call everybody.

I called maddy and lainie
and your friend foster,

who apparently doesn't
believe in telephones.

Look, honey, I know you don't
want to go to this school,

but it's supposed
to be extraordinary.

Marty sheen says
it's top-notch.

Dad, I'll...

you'll have your own horse.

My own horse?

Well, you like horses,
don't you?

When I was 8.

Well, the counselor
said that...

he warned me that you would try
to talk your way out of it.

He said there's a danger
of us getting drawn back

into old patterns and
destructive behavior,

and that we should spend
our time focusing on

conversations that focus on
"we" versus "me."

This is "we."

Oh. Well, good.


I'll go wherever
you want me to go.

I mean,
I know I'm a mess.

No, you're not a mess.

No, I am.
I am a mess.

And I'd probably
send me away, too.

You've got Morgan now

and you're gonna do it
right this time.

I just wish
I wasn't the child

that everybody learned
what not to do from.

That's not who you are.

I know
I remind you of mom.

that went wrong,

but sometimes
you look at me

like you wish
I wasn't there.

Like you wish
I'd just disappear.

And it just
hurts so bad.

I know I'm not
easy to love,

but could you
try anyway?

I do love you.

I love you so much.

I'm frightened for you
every minute.

Every minute.

And I need help.

I can't do it alone.

Tom, honey?

Morgan's got her swim class.
It starts in 10 minutes.

What's going on?

That's what we're trying
to figure out here.

What do you mean
figure out?

Didn't we agree on
a plan of action?

Ok, rosa? Would you
please take Morgan

and put her in
the car, please?

Thank you.
Yes, right now.

Oh, my God.

This is not gonna
start up all over again.

She needs discipline.
Children need limits.

They want limits!

So we'll set them.

We already have!

She's going to
that school in Utah.

No. I am not the bad guy.
This is not about me.

I have a child
that I'm thinking of.

So do I.
Two children.

Oh, nic...

Nicole, I just don't think
I can live with you.

I know I can't live
without her.

We have to be at pepperdine
in 10 minutes, tom.

I'm talking to my daughter.

It's Morgan's
very first swim class.

I'm talking to my daughter.

Nicole, I...

I just want Morgan
to have an older sister

that she can look up to.

Me, too.

That's all right.
I've got her now.

She's not like mom.


God, your mom was
an amazing woman.

She loved you very much.

I wish I remembered
her better.


We should talk
about her more.

We will, honey. We will.

Before you say
anything, sir,

I just want you to know that
I love your daughter, sir.

you don't have to...

she has so much beauty,
so much honesty,

and I love her so much.

Carlos, stop. Now,
I have something to say.

Thank you.

For what?

For not listening
to me.

For sticking around.

Annapolis is gonna be
lucky to get you.

But I had a speech.

I had a pretty good speech.

I bet you did.

You want to hear it

Well, why don't you
tell it to her?

Seems to be doing
pretty good.

How did that happen?

How did you do that?

Do what?

I wasn't even there.

Yes, you were.

You were so there.

# I want to believe in

# I want to believe in us

there are millions
of people out there

but, in the end,
it all comes down to one.

I still panic sometimes,
forget to breathe,

but I know...

I know there's
something beautiful

in all my imperfections.

A beauty which he held up
for me to see.

A strength that can
never be taken away.

I'm going out to see him
next week...

But until then...

There's one photo
I keep with me all the time.

# I believe in us

# everyone falls

# but not everyone rises

# why don't you get up

# and rise again for me

# what if the world
were a little more perfect #

# would you stop crying

# would you take the leap

# now, what if the world
were a little more perfect #

# would you open your eyes

# and blink again for me

# for me

# yeah, for me

# what about friendship

# what about friends

# you said the whole world
was against you #

# it all had to end

# what about love

# what about family

# what about all that
you have to live for #

# what if the world were
a little more perfect #

# would you stop crying

# would you take the leap

# what if the world were
a little more perfect #

# would you open your eyes

# and blink again for me

# for me

# and blink again for me

# for me

# it isn't easy
here without you #

# why did you leave me

# what am I supposed to do

# without you

# without you

# and what if the world
were a little more perfect #

# would you stop crying

# would you take the leap

# what if the world were
a little more perfect #

# would you open your eyes

# and what if the world
were a little more perfect #

# would you stop crying

# would you take the leap

# what if the world were
a little more perfect #

# could you open your eyes

# and blink again for me

# for me

# ooh

# for me

# for me, for me