Crazy (2000) - full transcript

Benjamin is a 16 year old, paralyzed on one side of his body, with lousy grades in math, who switches to a boarding school to reach grammar school. Acclimatization to the new environment is difficult in the first place and he has to struggle with the various problems of coming of age, when he falls in love with the school's dream girl Malen.

This is the large dining hall.

Not many kids here yet.

Most of the students won't be back from vacation till tonight.
- I see.

What a view! Wow! Isn't this great?

- Hey, Benni. Have a look.
- Oh!

Really nice people
and such clean air.

- Don't you think so?
- Great air!


Don't smoke too much.
- He shouldn't smoke at all. Take care.

Bye. Stop the car.

In a few clays,
you'll really like it here.

If you have any problems, just call.

You know,
I'll always be there for you.

I've been to four schools.

This is supposedly my last one
on the magnificent road to graduation.

I have to get rid of my "F" in math,
or I'll flunk.

I got four months to do it,
until summer vacation.

My father says, "You're nothing
without a high school diploma."

Dropping out after middle school
would be really embarrassing.


What're you staring at?

I just moved in.
- Congratulations.

I'm Benni What about you?


I think we're in the same class.


- Hello.
- Hello.

Quiet, please.

I hope you had a nice vacation

with your families.

Here's the new boy.

May I sit down? I can't do that.

In French lessons, we speak French.

Just say it in a simple way.

That's how we do it at the castle.

My name is Benjamin.

I'm sixteen years old.

And I'm a cripple.

My left arm and my left leg
are paralyzed.

Knowing that might be of benefit
to both, you and me.

That's all I know.

Sit down next to Janosch.

There's an empty seat.

Well now

Tell me about what you did
during your vacation.

Good bye. Don't forget your homework!

Could you show Benjamin
around the castle this afternoon?

This is the main office.

The 9th and 10th grades are there.
The 7th and 8th grades are over here.

I'm ruining your whole afternoon.
- No, you aren't.

I can imagine
you have something better to do.

It's okay. Don't worry about it.

This is my favorite place.

It's quiet here,
and it smells good, too.

The rooms for the upper grades
are upstairs.

They're smaller, because there aren't as many students.
- Wait a sec.

I need a break.
- Sure, I'm sorry.

What're they doing?
- That's the junior fire brigade.

We have after-school activities:

photography, drawing, computers,
pottery. Everybody joins a club.

- What about you?
- Choir.

I've never had a girlfriend
or any real friends.

I'm happy when people leave me alone
and don't make fun of me.

Speed junkie Isabelle loves to take
summer rides in her Cadillac.

But what's that?
The engine stutters, she's out of gas.

With her two big spare cans
she goes off in search of

a gas-station
attendant with a big nozzle.

Hey, kid. D'you like me?

C'mon, let's go home together.
We'll have lots of fun.

1 mark 70.

There's something else, too.

What about your dick?

It isn't paralyzed, is it?


- You oughta be happy.
- I am.


What thou mean'?

Ever fucked anyone before?
- None of your business.

So you haven't.

What if I haven't?
- Nothing. Just asking.

No, I haven't fucked anybody yet.

Haven't even come close to it.

You might as well ask
if I've been to the moon.

Sorry, if I hit a sore spot.

Must be terrible never to have fucked.


How old are you?
- Prettiness doesn't count. It's the tits. - Yours, too?

I don't know what you got against me.
And I really don't care.

All I ask is that you treat me
like you treat everybody else.

I'm talking to you.

I'm listening.

D'you think that's possible?
- Sure, if you want,

we'll treat you like a normal guy.

Thanks. That'd be a really big help.

I'd say, let's start right now.
Okay, guys?

Mom, it's me, Benni.
- Mommy! They sprayed water all over me!

I'll call back.

Don't gimme that look.
It's just water.

Are you pissed off?

Every new guy has to go through it.
It's a ritual.

A fucked-up ritual!

You told us
to treat you like a normal guy.

But not like that.
You guys really hurt me.

Fucking asshole.

Jesus! Then go home. This is no
kindergarten. Call Mommy and go home.

I didn't call.

So I was accepted.

Janosch has a weird sense of humor.

It takes a while to get used to, and
you always have to be ready for it.

Sometimes he's like
a little abandoned dog.

You never know when he'll bite.

Kugli is the best table soccer player
at boarding school.

His father owns an entire soccer team
in Bochum.

It bothers him that his son
didn't become a soccer player.

Florian's nickname is "Girl."
He lost his parents in a car accident.

His grandmother takes care of him.

She cuts his hair
and buys him those wonderful clothes.

The thin guy, Felix, is waiting
for his musical breakthrough.

He and his band haven't had a gig yet,

'cause they can't agree on a name.

Troy's been here longer
than the others. Some days,

he never says a single word.
Nobody knows what's on his mind.

He's the only guy with his own room.

He doesn't even let
the cleaning lady in.

They made an exception for him
because of his family problems.

Put a little bit here.

Hey, Benni. What's wrong?


Everybody feels that way at first.
J ust

drink it away.

We all wanna go home.

But we can't.

I think we're all chunks of meat
in a big, fat can of dog food.

And Kugli is the biggest chunk.

Goddamn it!

Adolescence is fucked up. If I were 18

or 20, I could do what I want.

What's your problem?
We're the big heroes. -What?

Yeah, 'cause the chicks go for us.
- I never noticed.


crippled, silent, dumb.

Chicks go for that.

Fringe groups-

Jesus, Felix!

It stinks!


what book did you work with
at your old school?

It was blue.

And how far did you get?

About to the middle.
But we left stuff out.

I see.
I think you'll need some tutoring.

Probably. I just have to find time
for everything.

I hope you're not avoiding the issue.
- Of course not.

C'mon, Benni.

- Benni! - Don't shoot!



- They're like antelopes.
- Why?

Graceful and unapproachable.

Don't pet.

- How do you like her?
- Who?


- Yeah, she's okay.
- Okay?

I think Malen is incredibly precious.

- Huh?
- Yes.

She's luxurious.
Everything about her. Her body,

her clothes, the way she moves.

Don't you think so?

I haven't really thought about it
until now.

As long as I can remember,
I've always been in love with a girl.

But I don't remember
ever going with one.

They always thought I was weird.

I had about as much luck with girls
as I had at school None.

I was only good at watching other guys
pick up the girls I was in love with.

I was really good at that.

See you then.

- Well?
- It was Dad.

He'll be home later.

Did he say why?
- Something at the office.

Has to be finished by tomorrow.
He said we should start eating.

D'you know where my yoghurt is?
- What yoghurt?

You know what I mean.
The one up on the left.

Maybe I ate it.
- Wonderful! I bought it just for this breakfast!

Excuse me. Are we going to argue
about some yoghurt? I only wanted

to have breakfast with my family.
- You know we aren't arguing

about yoghurt!
- Then why? - Our agreement!

You simply ignore it.
That's why we're arguing.

I can buy a whole crate of yoghurt!
- It isn't just the damn yoghurt!

So what's the problem?
- I have a compartment

in the fridge!

Here's your fucking yoghurt!

I don't feel like eating with you now.

They make me so sick.
I don't believe it.

Be happy you're at boarding school.

I'm not. I'd rather be at home.

All they ever do is argue.

We're still a family.
- A family I could do without.

Maybe, but I can't.
- You can't always tie yourself to Mom's apron strings.

I don't.
- Sure, you do. You always have. - Yeah?

I'm just not normal. I'm a cripple.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Your fucking handicap thing
really gets on my nerves.

Marlen or Malen?

Just Malen, without an "r."

When I'm around her,
I always feel like an idiot.

Then I start to sweat
and talk about ridiculous stuff.

That's what it's like to be in love.
- Yeah.

But it's so complicated.

Could I ask
for your attention, please?


We have a guest in Neuseelen, Ms. Westphalen.
- Hello.

She'll teach sexual education
in the 9th grades.

She'll be available every afternoon
for all students who are interested,

in room 202.
You can go to her with your problems

and questions.
- She's kind of sexy, isn't she?

We have a list with two empty columns.

I'd like you to tell me all the terms
you know for sexual intercourse.

Who knows any?


Okay, I'll put it in the column
for inappropriate terms.

Yes, here.
- "Drill." - "Drill."

"Screw." - "Screw."

I think it fits in here, too.



If you don't mind, I'll put it here.

The left side is still empty.

I know one.
"To have sexual intercourse."

That's very inappropriate!

Okay, what thou say'?

What's your favorite word?
- My favorite?


"Crack the cherry."

Who has another suggestion? You?

I say "sleep with someone."

"Sleep with someone."

What do you notice?

There's quite an imbalance,
and I think

we need 1 or 2 more appropriate terms.

Who wants to try?

I know another one,
but I'm not certain where it belongs.

Go ahead. We can decide together

what column is most suitable.

"G rind."

Now what do we have? One,

two, three

Also "screw"
So four words dealing with work.

That's very conspicuous.

What does it tell us?

Maybe that sex is a craft.
- Sex is a handicraft.

I'd like to talk to you about that.
- Some people say "ball."

I've never before seen a person
who smokes so erotically. Like this.

What're we gonna do this afternoon?

How about consulting that sex chick
in her office.

- And do what?
- Yeah, what?

Is there something special about it?
Some kind of kick?

I think it could be a kick.

Like if somebody went there and said,

"rm gay_"

- You, Benni?
- No.

No? Are you scared?

How about you?
- No. - Then do it. - Okay.

I will. And what do I get?
- A beer.

A beer!

A beer? Okay, if I go there
and act like I'm gay, I want

a liter of tequila.
- A liter of tequila?

A liter of tequila!

It's kind of embarrassing to me.

Ask anything. That's why I'm here.


You see

Troy here

has made me a couple of offers.

What kind of offers?

He asked me
if I wanted to have sex with him.

Yes, well

I don't know
if that would be good for me.

Can I just try it out,
or is there a danger of becoming


- Do you share a room?
- Not yet.

But he's already applied.

Troy, what's wrong?

Shouldn't I have said anything,
or what?

Hey, Troy. Are you okay?

You went too far.

You're always making fun of people.

Stay outta this, okay. It was a joke.
Your problem if you didn't get it.

One of those jokes nobody laughs at.
- You got your own problem.

Me? What kind of problem do I have?

Adolescents usually hate themselves
for two reasons. They're too fat,

or they've never had sex. - Stop it.
- I know why you hate yourself.

So what? I'm fat.
What difference does it make?

Are you such a petty-minded asshole
that you got a problem with it?

Okay, sorry.
I went a bit too far. Sorry.

Whenever you act like that, Janosch,
I wonder if we're still friends.

Why not? We're bosom buddies.

You asshole!

- No! Stop it!
- No, I won't!


How can I describe boarding-school
life? One of many lives.

And I'm getting used to it.

I really miss my mother,
my father and my sister.

But I hardly have time
to think about them.

You're never alone at boarding school.

You depend on others. Sometimes you
feel a double portion of life inside.

And sometimes you want to die.

It's like a beautiful cage
with bars of gold.

You get fed every day and don't have
to worry about the world outside.

- Can I help you?
- No, I'm okay.

It's nice here.

What're you doing today?

Nothing but getting tutored in math.

You've noticed I'm not very good,
haven't you?

Sometimes I think
there are only two types of people.

The type that can do math,
and the type that can't.

And I belong to the second type.

I think I do, too.

I break out in a sweat when there's
an equation with two unknowns.

Why do I need two unknowns.
One is enough.

Yeah, it isn't that easy.

Sometimes an unknown just pops up,
then another and another.

You have to keep a cool head.

What're you talking about?
- Math.

I thought life.
- Watch out. There's a wasp. Don't move.

Anyone wanna take a dip?
- We're having a talk.

I got a feeling
Malen wants to take a dip.

No! No! No!

You're in for it!

I'll race you to the shore.

How do you please a girl? Be forward?
Be a wiseguy? Flaunt a certain talent?

Hey, Benni! Come on in!

Girls like guys who get involved.
Stay-at-homes are out.

God'd probably fly around here.
He doesn't do much. He just floats.

Actually, I think God is crazy.

- Why crazy?
- Well

He made women, crazy old lecher.
He knows exactly what he wants.

What does he want?
- He wants us to live.

When we stand before him, we have to
decide if we've lived right or not.

You really think we'll stand before him?
- Sure.

And I'm gonna get his autograph.
- God's? - Yeah.

It's a unique opportunity.
- Why would he give you his autograph?

He gives one to everybody,
but nobody dares to ask.

Don't you think it's a bit impolite?

Stars feel flattered
by autograph-hunters, too, don't they?

It goes like this:
We jack off and aim at a cookie.

And the first guy
who doesn't hit the cookie loses.

Then what?
- You eat it, coating and all.

What? Yuck!

Disgusting, isn't it?

It wasn't our idea.

You don't have to do it.
- Oh yes! Everybody does. Or I don't, either!

Let him get up a bit closer. It'll be easier to hit.
- No special treatment.

I don't get anything for free either.
We either go by the rules,

or you go.

That's too bad, Benjamin.

If you're going to copy from someone,
don't copy from Janosch.

You know what that means.

One more "F" in your class work,
and you're a goner.

Some of the students
still don't get the picture.

We have one more exam
before the school year is over.

You have no reason to be funny.
Your exam is the second worst.

A "D" minus.

You owe me a one-liter bottle
of tequila.

And then let's get outta here.
I'm going nuts. This is like a prison.

I need a change of pace.

Like what? The town's absolutely dead.
- Then let's liven it up.

How about a striptease joint?
There's one in Rosenheim.

- They'd never let us in.
- Hey!

No problem. I know the manager's son.

I'm with you.

Now put down your book.
- Would you be quiet.

Hey, Janosch!
- Math is torture. It should be forbidden. - Gimme that!

I need it!

What're you doing?
- Making Chinese food in Anna's wok.

- We don't have any time.
- Great.

Where are you going?
- Rosenheim, to the

Museum of Local History.
- Supposed to be nice.

An educational outing.

Hey, why don't you come along.
We got lots.

Yeah, it sounds very inviting, but

- we gotta g0-. Bye.
- Bye.

16-year-old guys are embarrassing.
- Especially in a group.

What? When they're alone, too.

What thou want'?

We ain't no circus.
And we got no kiddy show.

I'm one of 0lli's friends.
- So what?

Is Olli here?

See him anywhere?

I don't.

When does the show start?
- At nine.

A bit late, huh?

C'mon, we're gonna pull this off.

Can't you check if 0lli's there?
- You guys from boarding school?

Okay, but I want you outta here by 11.

Excuse me.

Could we have two gin and tonics?

We're staying here no matter what.

What sweet little boys!

- Having fun?
- Yeah, sure.

You're nice-looking guys.

Especially you. In two years,

you're going to be a handsome man.

Excuse me. May I treat you
to a glass of champagne?

Of course you may.

It's starting!

Hey, Benni.
I'm never gonna forget this evening.

You guys know you're the best, don't you?
- And you're drunk.

Of course I'm drunk, man.
But you guys are the best guys

I've ever had. - You're the best, too.
- The very best.

We're all the best.

And we're gonna go up there.

- Are you nuts?
- No, man!

Don't you have the guts?
- Sure, I do.



Her pubic hair was black
and shaved like an arrow.

I remembered
what a philosopher once said,

"I know that I know nothing."

I wanted to submerge
between that woman's legs.

How could we tell the principal that
Benjamin had finally touched a woman?

Mr. Richter wouldn't have understood.
We had broken several school rules

and were reprimanded.

Having looked at your homework,
we'll now continue calculating

the areas and angles of the pyramid.

Please, open your books at page 155.

Benjamin, where is your book?

I think I forgot it.
- Then go get it, please.

It isn't a problem, is it?

Should someone else get it for you?


- I lost it.
- I see. You lost it.

And I can tell you exactly
where you lost your book.

Can you explain it to me?

Come to the blackboard, please.

Perhaps you've become so good mean-
while that you don't even need a book.

I'll give you two more minutes,
but then I feel forced to

How did it happen?
- He just fell asleep.

That guy's a total disaster.
- They sewed the cut on his head.

Can I go in and see him?
- Yeah, okay.

Falkenstein didn't give me a grade.

You really saved me by falling.

But still Rosenheim was really good.


Troy, what's wrong with you?

Why don't you ever say anything?

I'm not gay-

Explain it to me.

Give me one sensible reason
for that nonsense.

Who paid for the drinks anyway?
They're expensive.

I was invited.

You were invited? By the women?

Were you together with one of them?
- Mom, it isn't a whorehouse.

They danced a bit and got undressed.

You should have seen the principal.
He really felt sorry for me.

You have to behave, so they don't kick you out.
- Ridiculous!

It wasn't that bad.
Boys my age do things like that.

Luckily, the math teacher likes you.

He wants to tutor you every afternoon.
- No!

What d'you mean? He'll look after you.

Mom, he bugs me every morning. If
I gotta go there every afternoon

I'm only telling you once.
You will go there. Do you understand?

Damn it!

I really try.

That's the most I can do.

I'm sorry if it causes you trouble.

I don't know if it's the right thing
for you or not.

Did you tell Dad?


He isn't at home.

Damn it!

I didn't want to tell you, but
Dad's having an affair with a trainee.

A 22-year-old girl.

It's all so humiliating.

It's all right now.

Damn it!

Man, that's unfair.
How can I concentrate

while you're hopping around
in front of me with your stupid shirt.

It's utterly tasteless!

Hey babe, I know this'll never
compete with your clothes.

Anyway, I think my shirt is classy.

And Malen goes for class.
- Malen! You've been after her for months!

It won't work.

A girl like Malen needs time,
and I'm gonna take my time.

Oh God!

I gotta tell you something.

I'm in love with Malen, too.

What're you grinning about?


It was obvious.

So what now?

I can really understand
that a guy'd fall in love with Malen.

It's more important
that we are friends.

Sure, it's how I see it, too.

Anyway, I won't be insulted
if she takes you.

If she takes you,

could you guys
go to her room to make out?

No problem.

Wanna go down to the lake with us?
- Gotta do math.

That's tough on a clay like today.
- Join us later, if you like.

But don't bring Falkenstein with you.
- We're inseparable. See you. - Bye.

Fasten your seat belt, please.

Perhaps you think math was invented
just to torture students

and it has nothing to do with you.
But you're wrong. Without math,

this car couldn't drive.
We wouldn't even have

this street here.
Half the world wouldn't exist.

That isn't right, Benjamin.

Work it out once more,
and concentrate.

It just happens.

Because your mind
isn't working on the problem.

Can't I leave a bit earlier,
'cause it's Friday?

I don't believe you realize yet
what's important for you.

Why are you here?

It's my mother's idea.

But someday you're going to decide
about your own future.

Not your mother.
And notJanosch either.

Can I go now?


C'mon, Benni!

C'mon, Benni! Try it!
- Be careful!

C'mon. I'll help you get down.

Cut it out!

This is our encore song,
a cross between

Marilyn Manson and Rammstein.
- Cool.

We got a band, too.
- Then come to our concert tonight.

Sure thing. By all means.

Can I sit down there?
- Sure. May I? - Yeah.

Cool song structure.

You like it?
- Yeah. The hook line's great.

Where'd you steal it anyway?

Sounds like Wolfgang Petry.
- Are you making fun of me?

No, it's cool. But I've heard it.
- It's his line. We write our songs.

Why "Crazy?"

It's what you always say.
- That's why I asked.

Does it refer to me?

It's so cool.
You gotta keep that amateur sound.

D'you like it, or is it crap?

It's Helge Schneider at 16. You
could perform tonight as a pre-band.

- Really, as a pre-band?
- Yeah.

You gotta get that place rocking.
- How about it? - Sure. - We'll do it.

Life is very demanding.

Sometimes it's outstanding.

You gotta find the way.
It isn't too late yet.

Experience what there is to experience

before the sun goes down.

Crazy, crazy enough to live it up,

crazy's no reason to give it up.

Crazy is everything you do,

if you sing or dream
or cry or laugh.

Crazy enough to live it up,
no reason to give it up.

It's so crazy, so crazy and great

The next song is by me.
It's called "Wild Girls."

And uh
all the wild girls can dance now.

If they want to.

They dance like they're really wild
and look really sexy, too.

They can get in a crazy mood,
but they don't care for you.

You're never gonna find a girlfriend.

They're never gonna fall in love
with you.

No, seriously. There's a girl I really like.
- Who?

I can't tell you.

Yeah, well

I wanted to write her a love letter,

but it isn't so easy.

Why are you asking me?
- Should I ask Kugli?

You're the romantic here.
- Just write that you love her.

No, nothing like that.

That's why it's called a love letter.
- But I'm not Kafka

or Bruce Willis. They can say that.
I need a pseudonym first.

You should say "I love you"
as Janosch. Not as somebody else.

I'll write as Janosch Schwarze:
"I love you." What else?

What do you like best about her?

Try to praise her best qualities.
Make a comparison. Her eyes

They're as deep
and as blue as the sea.

Or her smile. It's like a sunrise.
Her mouth, her lips.

That sounds like cheap lyrics.
- Then write what you feel.

Should I write that I feel terrible?

Not what you feel now.
What you feel in regard to the girl.

What do you feel?

That I want to drill her.
The feeling's really strong.

Then write her that. I'm sure she'll be convinced.
- Are you mocking me?

You're mocking yourself.

Wild girls

only want the best.

And they get them, too.

Guys with leather vests

and a good hard gut.

And if you want to have them,
all you gotta do is lie.

But you're probably gonna be a loser
in the end.

Other guys'll always win!

What's up? Staying here for the weekend?
- My father's picking me up.

Okay. See you on Sunday.
- See you.


It's all wet.

I wet my bed at night like a baby.

There's nothing I can do.

I feel like puking
when I look in the mirror.

Got a cigarette?

Are you afraid sometimes?

I'm afraid most of the time.

It isn't a certain thing
I'm afraid of. It's life.

What am I gonna do when I leave here?
It's all going too fast.

I can't keep up.

I understand what you mean.

But it's so short life is.

Grab it,
no matter how short the thread is.

God created - Forget that ass.
He isn't gonna help me.

He sits up there, far away,
fat and smug.

He's gonna help us some day.
- I've studied the Bible.

It says nothing about me.

I'm sorry, Benni.

If Klaus had told me earlier he could
not come, I'd have been here on time.

That's okay. You're here now.
- You, Paula and I will have a nice day.

Why don't you tell us about it?
- What's there to tell?

It's nice.
- That's very nice of your math teacher.

He isn't doing it for Benni. He wants
to avoid blame when There's Dad.

- Let's go.
- Excuse me

if I start to laugh.
- Mom, let's leave.

We can stand it, can't we, Benni?
- I'd rather go, too.

Your father and his trainee should go.

Are we staying?

Eat your fish. Don't you like it?
- Sure, I do.

My vitello tonnato is wonderful.

I can never make it this good at home.
Want some wine?

Here you are.

You used to be more creative.

Sorry, Juliane, I didn't know.
- Don't worry. Everyone can eat

- wherever they like.
- Juliane.

Leave us alone, please?
Your girlfriend's getting bored.

That isn't fair in front of the kids.
- Don't be so overly sensitive.

How is she in bed?
Do you come more than once?

Don't be so primitive.
- So she thinks you're terrific and worldly wise?

I'd like to introduce myself.
- Please, go back to our table.

I want to say hello. - Hello, and now fuck off!
- You're going too far!

- I realize you're angry, but your style isn't appropriate.

Fuck your style! Let's go!

Take care of the check. We're going!

Hold on a second!

I can't walk so fast.
- Let me at least talk to the kids.

Don't forget your appointment
at the urologist's tomorrow. Get in.

Get lost. I wanna drive away.

Oh fuck!


Not that stuff. It tastes like crap.
- The girls go for it.

I said no.
- Let me take care of the drinks. You're in charge of snacks.

Take this. It tastes better.
- No.

Hey guys!
- Hey, babe. It'll look good on you.

The red one's really wicked.

None of you guys has any idea at all.
So just keep your traps shut.

Sometimes we all seem like heroes
in a crappy photo love story.

"Confused Emotions."

"What's happened so far?
The clever leader"

of a boarding-school gang, Janosch,
and his crippled friend, Benjamin,

are in love with the same girl,
flawless Malen.

Malen has invited the boys to
an illegal party in the girls' room.

Benjamin has decided to go all the way
at the party.

Just like his friend Janosch.
Melancholy Marie is still wondering

"if the cool rock musician Richi is
serious or just wants to play around."

Get me a pack of Camels, baby.
- Sometimes Richi treats me like crap.

At least he could have said please.
- Those two guys are so sweet.

I like Janosch and his crazy ideas.

Benjamin is more quiet and sensitive.

If only there were someone

with the qualities of both.
Without the handicap, of course.

It makes things very difficult.

Richi and I are going to Munich.
- Great. Isn't your bra a bit daring?

Your bra is pretty daring, too.
Want to seduce Janosch or Benjamin?

We'll see who has a better chance
of getting Malen tonight.

She's a really cool girl.
- Yeah, that's right.

And you're a cool friend.
- You are, too.

What will happen next?
Will Richi take Marie to Munich?

Will Janosch conquer Malen?

Or will Benni have the courage
to express his love to Malen?

Looks great the way she dances.

You dance great.
- Thanks, it's fun. Can I have a sip?

- Sure.
- Thanks.

Ever been to Falkenstein's apartment?
It's really weird.

He has an iguana
in the middle of the room and

He lives all alone with that iguana.

So what?

Just lies there
and stares at me the whole time.


Falkenstein bullshit. The iguana. Like I said.
- That's funny.

Wanna dance?

Wait a sec.

- Could we talk alone?
- Now?

It's important.


Do you remember the day when

when ljumped from the platform?


I was really scared when I climbed up.

I actually wanted to climb down again.

There was only one reason why I
jumped down. Do you want to know

Hey, Anna!

- Can I use your phone?
- Yeah.

Are you sure Richi already left?

Yeah, he wanted to pick me up.


Okay, thanks.


- That jack-offs already in Munich.

Marie, you can't go there now.

You've already missed the concert.

Why did he do that?

Now I'm stuck at this fucking party
for little kids.

Watch out, asshole!

Sorry, I didn't see you.

Don't make any trouble, Benni.

You piss me off!
- What's wrong? - You know damn well

- what's wrong!
- No, I don't.

Are you pissed because of Malen?

Hey, Benni, this is a party, okay?
So just relax.

Man, I just don't know.

Is it my fault
that you're too chicken?

I can't carry you there. You gotta
go over and tell her yourself.

Fuck it!

Why do I feel so fucked up?
Just shove your fucking advice

up your ass!
- I thought we were friends, Benni.

Are we friends?
- You don't have any friends, just stupid jerks

who crawl up your ass
and run after you.

Okay, now listen to me.

I may be drunk,
but I'm gonna tell you this.

She isn't the right girl for you.
Why? Because she doesn't love you.

It's a sympathy thing. She's nice,

'cause you're half spastic.

Damn it.

What's wrong?

Don't you feel okay?

What's wrong with you?

Leave me alone.
You don't understand a thing.

Toilet's over there.

Is everything okay?
- I burned my hand.

- Can I have a swig?
- Sure.


That tastes like crap.

There's no beer left, is there?

We're out of beer.
We should've bought more.

How long have you been here?
- Three years.

Do you like it here?

Well, I'm leaving soon anyway.

My mom's going to England,
and I'm going with her.

Don't you have
any feeling in your arm?

You don't feel a thing?


A little bit, but

it's like

when it falls asleep,
like when your leg falls asleep.

I just feel what hurts.

I don't want to hurt you.

I didn't mean what I said last night.

I'm such an idiot.

You hit the jackpot, Benni.
You drilled a terrific girl.

It hurt.
- Is that what she said?

No, it hurt me.

Well, at least you've clone it now.

You've grown up.

Nobody asked me
if I wanted to grow up.

Was it really that bad with Marie?

I mean,
was everything really so terrible?

It was absolutely fucked up.

But it was the best thing
I've ever experienced.

Is everything Okay?


My future

looks pretty rosy. I'll be 17 soon.
And my life will change radically.

I met a girl the last time I went home
for the weekend.

It may be a new start. Who knows?

Can I sit here?

Actually, she thought I was weird, but
when I said other girls think so, too,

she thought that was weird.
I don't know if it'll work out.

I didn't even write the last math
exam. It would have been pointless.

Falkenstein would have created
a new grade for me, a "G" or an "H."

Janosch managed to get a "D"
and passed into 10th grade.

The summer party was the end
of my stay at Neuseelen Castle.

I've found a great school for you.

A special school
not really special education,

but math, physics and chemistry
are only minor subjects there.

I'm not going there. I don't want
to be the new student again.

It isn't the right time to tell her,
but I'm going to tell her. For sure.

Hi, I wanted you to meet Carsten.

This is Benni and Janosch.

He studies architecture in Konstanz
and came all the way for the ball.

Yeah, the castle is worth visiting.
A beautiful place.

You're lucky to go to school here.

And you live here, too.
That's terrific.

I think
it's time to attack the buffet.


- Didn't your parents come?
- No.

Wanna come down?
Everybody's there but you.

It's my last night here. It'd make me happy.
- Okay, I'll see.

How can I describe life at boarding
school? It's very difficult for me.

They do everything for you here. But
you have to find your own happiness.

It's funny.

My last day here and the first day
I've worn this.

It looks good on you.

On you, too.

Babe, it makes you look years older.
- Thanks.

Want something to eat?

Big suckers, aren't they?
- Dig in.

So you get big and strong.
- Okay.

What're you gonna do now?
- No idea.

Get an Inter-Rail Pass and travel.

But don't forget us.


I'll never forget you guys.
- Sure, you will.

We're just a couple of boarding-school students.
- But if you're Lady Di,

nobody will ever forget you.

And when you die, they'll cry
and throw flowers onto your grave.

I promise I'll never forget you guys.

How could lever forget you after
all the stuff we've been through.

Oh, here you are.

What's up?

Who goes first?
- The one who asks. C'mon.

Yeah, do it.
- No, Malen goes first.

Right, Malen goes first.


Benni, we have
a going-away present for you.

And you have to listen to it.

When I was 16, I silently said

I want, I want to be big,

I want to triumph and be happy
and never lie.

When I was 16, I silently said

I want, I want everything

or nothing.

For you,

let it always rain red roses.

You should encounter

every miracle on earth.

Let the world reorganize.

Let it keep

its troubles to itself.

Later on, I still said

I want to

see, understand, experience
and hold on to so much.

And later

I still said I didn't want

to be alone,
and yet I wanted to be free.

For you,

let it always rain red roses.

You should encounter

every miracle on earth.

Fortune should be

very gentle to you.

Let it rule your fate

with love.