Crazed Fruit (1956) - full transcript

Bored rich kids. Natsuhisa, 20, constantly teases his brother Haruji, 16, about girls. They arrive by train for a summer at the beach; at the station, Haruji spots a young woman and can think of nothing else for the next few days. When they cross paths again - she's Eri - Haru invites her to a party at the house of a friend whose parents are divorced. They start a slow courtship. Then, Natsuhisa discovers Eri's secret; instead of it ending everything, Natsuhisa initiates a triangle by seeking the favors of his younger brother's girl. Haru is unaware of this betrayal. What will happen when he finds out?



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Haruji, forget the tickets.


Excuse me.

We made it.

Man, it's hot!

The wind's picking up.

Whaddaya expect?
The train's moving.

No, look at the flag
over that lumber yard.

Blowing hard from the south.
Not great for boating.

We'll borrow Frank's sailboat.
It'll be fine.

Sailing with you's a drag
unless it's a race or a long trip.

Why's that?

You always get stupid ideas,
even just sailing around Hayama.

It's the same
with all your friends.

What are you talking about?

Always trying to get girls on board.
It's a total bore.

Don't be such a prude.

I've seen you dance
with girls at parties.

That's different.

No, it's not.
Some girls want a chance to dance.

Others want to sail.
They're the ones I invite on board.

Loosen up.
Show some appreciation for girls.

Listen to you.

What're you grinning about?
- Your hair looks good short.

Sure took you long enough.

Long hair doesn't go
with Hawaiian shirts.

But Mom was against it.

I didn't say to go bald.

I like it.
Makes me look tougher.

Tougher? You?

A little rebellious, you know.

Give me a break.
Not with that scrawny body.

Who you calling scrawny?

Here you go.

Thank you.

What's the matter, Haruji?

You see that girl?
She's so cute.

Says cutie boy himself.
Let me get a look.

He has my ticket.

- Well?
- Damn. She put on sunglasses.

Too bad. Plain as fish bait.

There's no room anyway.
Give it a rest, will you?

All right already.

You idiot!

Shall we head home?
Today was a bust.

That's what I get
for coming with you.

Except that girl at the station.
You got a glimpse, right?

Still going on about her?
She's just a kid. Perfect for you.

- She had a nice body.
- Did you really say that?

Wipe that silly grin off your face.

- Think she's a dancing girl?
- She's a girl.

You're a real help.

The curtains are open at Frank's villa.
Mind if we stop by?

Okay. Of all your friends,
I kind of like him, with his gloomy air.

- And the others?
- Can't stand 'em.

- What about me?
- You least of all.

So the lowlifes
are all here already.

Was that you two in the motorboat?

- Catch any mermaids?
- Not with baby brother in tow.

You took him along for bait.

So you're here, too.


We saw your curtains were open.
Where've you been?

In the mountains.
Wasn't too crowded this early.

- Did you take all your exams?
- Yeah, for a change.

I didn't have many,
so I finished early.

Something cool to drink, dear?

Who's she?

There was a to-do over her.
I stole her from someone else.

That's why I had to split town.

Frank's amorous intrigues
are world-class.

No kidding.

I thought you went
to see your mommy.

Frank's no momma's boy,
unlike little Haru there.

He's still such an innocent.
I envy you.

- Why?
- A misfit like you doesn't deserve him.

He's too straightlaced.
We're from different planets.


- He told me he likes you.
- That's nice.

You like tropical fish?
Would you like one?

What's that blue one called?
I've seen some like it.

A neon tetra.
I'll get you one for next time.

Forget it, Haru. They're too much work –
though not as much as girls.

Are you in or out?

Just a second.
I think I know what you have, but...

I call.

All right.
I'll get you next time.

Don't they have anything
better to do?

- What's that?
- He called you useless bums.

Yankee, go home!
Come on, deal.

We're just bored.

Then find something to do.

Like what?

"Something" isn't so easy to find.

Intellectual high-minded talk
isn't worth a damn.

The words may be pretty,

but the ideas are
as flimsy as those fish.

Look at 'em.
They're fine now,

but let the water get dirty or cold
and they go belly-up.

Fancy words and old ways
don't cut it now.

We need something
with a fresh nip to it.

Listen to our professors,
always spouting the same drivel.

It was okay before,
but it's outdated nonsense now.

You know Tachikawa in economics?

He said we were
future captains of industry.

You'd think he was narrating
a silent movie.

Chasing rainbows, with the Soviets
and Red China next door.

And he's considered
a leading thinker.

Look what the older generation
tries to sell us.

You find anything exciting in that?

I've given up trying.
We'll find our own way to live.

And this is it?
Aimlessly killing time?

We do the best we can.

It's all just a bunch of bullshit.

You guys have no idea
what you want to do.

That's why you're always so bored.

They call people like you the Sun Tribe.
I'm not gonna live like that.

- What do you say we should do?
- Well...

There's nothing to throw ourselves into
even if we wanted.

We live in boring times.

So we make boredom our credo.

Eventually something
will come of it.


Anybody hungry? Let's eat.

- You really pack it away!
- Jealous?

It's a drag not having a girl.

They're all around.
Just take your pick.

They're all fish bait.
Where are the big catches?

Like that gorgeous sea robin I saw
with spikes in its fin.

I don't know if she has spikes...

but we saw
a real doll at the station.

Little Haru's talking
about a real doll?

- Don't call me that.
- Heading back to Tokyo, no doubt.

No, she told the cab driver Hayama.

If little Haru says she's a doll,
she must be something.

Tezuka's girlfriend said he ignored her
when she put the make on him.

- Is that true, Haru?
- No, she's not my type.

- Watch who you call a liar.
- I told you.

We'll have to find this girl,
for Haru's sake.

Call it.

We should play poker with girls
instead of cards sometime.

You sit there, and you come here.
Hey, I got a flush of jaded floozies.

Great. No discards
in a hand like that.

Let's do it!

- Do what?
- Play cards with girls.


We give a party, and everybody
brings girls they didn't know before.

Then we vote
on who brought the best hand.

Do we go for quantity or quality?

Can 1,000 fish bait take the pot?

Listen to the fish bait specialist
talking big.

- We'll say three girls each.
- Where do we do it?

Here. One week from today.
All right?

Sure, be my guest.

Hey, I was eating that.

- What's the matter, little brother?
- Got that sea robin on your mind?

He's got it bad, big brother.

That's a good sign.

Okay, we zigzag around those two buoys
and do a round robin.

- I can't see them.
- You will when you get there.

Let's ski together.

Be careful!

Watch this!

Hey, where are you going?

The buoy isn't that way!

Don't stop!

Watch where you're going!

There's a woman's body in the water.
I thought it was a buoy.

- Where?
- Over there.

- Isn't it a swimmer?
- This far out?

- Let's go look.
- It's too creepy.

- We'll be the rescue squad.
- She's gotta be dead. She hasn't moved.

So what?

You idiot! She's alive.

You're right.

It's a woman, all right.

What the hell
is she doing this far out?

Maybe the current swept her out.

It's that girl from the train station.

Are you all right?

How far are you going?

Sure you can go all the way?

Yeah, I'm fine.
You startled me, though.

That's our line.
We thought you had drowned.


Would you like a ride?

Well, well!

If you don't mind.
I am getting a little tired.

Give me your other hand.

Up you come.

Oh, sorry.

Where'd you swim from?

The clubhouse at Shibazaki.

The current's with me,
so it's not hard.

But I got carried out a little far.

You should be more careful.

- I swim out here a lot.
- Whatever for?

Swimming alone out here is scary,
but it feels great.

You live around here?

You realize we've met before?

Really? Where?

He saw you at the station.

I think he was smitten.

Mind your own business!

Thanks so much.


Aren't we going?

Watch where she goes.
I'm doing you a favor.

- I should have asked her name.
- Relax. You'll get another chance.

It was too soon anyway.

She left her bathing cap.

See? Luck's smiling on you.

She's a cute kid.

- Kid?
- Perfect for you.

Master Haruji.


Will your brother be home tonight?

No, he's staying at Frank's.

My goodness, Master Haruji!

Hey, wait for me!

Hurry up.

Get a load of her!

What happened to Frank?

We lost Michiko, too.

Is that right? My apologies.
You can have her back.

Where are you going?

Forget the girl.
You need to come with us.


Don't play dumb.


What's going on?
- I don't know. Ask them.

Is there a problem?
Excuse me, but who are you?

We're from the U of T wrestling team.
My name's Ishihara.

And I'm Nagato.

They claim they're on
the U of T wrestling team.

Do you believe it,
with those scrawny carcasses?

- Could be fun.
- Opportunity knocking?

- I'd say so.
- Come on, girls.

Hello again.
Sorry to keep you waiting.


Take that, moron!
You make me laugh.

You're sorry excuses for wrestlers.
I think this is yours.

Man, that felt good.
Better than getting plastered.

Too much pent-up energy
from not going to practice.

Why are we always
cleaning up Frank's messes?

Beats sitting around being bored.

My first time here in ages
and Natsuhisa isn't here?

How long has he been gone?

Two days.
He usually hangs out at Frank's.

You mean the Sawa boy?

Mr. Sawa, from Takanawa.

I feel sorry for Sawa,
but even sorrier for his boy.

He should have gone to America
with his mother after the divorce.

I've heard they always leave him
to fend for himself.

With a former barmaid for a stepmother,
no wonder they don't get along.

He was a cute boy.
Took after his mother.

Haru, phone your brother.
Tell him your father's here.

I'll go tell him in person.

Wait till it cools down.
And don't you disappear on us, too.

Don't worry.

You mustn't hang out
with Natsuhisa's friends.

Why not?

They're so rude and raucous.

I don't want you turning out like him.

Isn't your mother funny?

I'm serious.
He's a bad influence at your age.

You raised him, didn't you?

Anyway, I'm off.


The 13:49 bound for Tokyo

will arrive shortly on track two.

For your safety,
please stand behind the white line.

You weren't taking
the train into Tokyo?

No, I'm going back to Hayama.

That was my friend's husband
and some of his friends.

They just returned
from America yesterday.

I see.

Thanks for the ride the other day.

Did you know you left
something behind?

Your bathing cap.

I thought I'd dropped it

I'll give it to you next time I see you.
When might that be?

My family lives here,
though we keep our boat in Hayama.

If we could decide on a time –
- Let me think.

How about day after tomorrow?
Where you let me out last time.

Could you teach me to ski sometime?
It looks so thrilling.


What time day after tomorrow?

About 3:00.
I promise I'll be there.

I have to call
to find out where to go,

so I'll say good-bye.

Day after tomorrow, then.

I may come back and I may not.
Sure you want me to go?

If fortune smiles,
perhaps we'll meet again.

You're a real jerk!

Hi, Haru. You mean just now?
That was Michiko.

No, nothing happened.
She's leaving, that's all.

Your brother?
He went to Aida's place in Kamakura,

on the grounds of Komyoji Temple.

They never get up before noon.

Who knows what they're doing?

It's my property,
but I don't dare go in.

- Do those girls have no shame?
- I ask you.

It's scandalous.

There's another one.


Anybody home?
- Just a minute.

Who is it?

Is my brother here?

This is where Mr. Aida lives, right?

Whose brother would you be?

- My name is Takijima.
- Then you mean Natsuhisa.

You're his little brother?
He went swimming.

He'll be back soon.
You can wait here.

Why don't you sit down?

- Can I get you a soda?
- No, thanks.

It's really true
what they say about you.

You know...

- We're back.
- Your brother's been waiting.

- Whaddaya want?
- Mom and Dad came.

Dad sent me for you
so we can all eat together.

What a drag.
Wait here. I'll get changed.

- You know that girl you met?
- The tramp!

Don't be so hard on her.

She slept in 'cause we all took turns
wearing her out last night.

But she said you made her heart
go pitter-pat.

- She's an idiot.
- That's why I told her,

"Leave my brother alone.
He's off-limits."

- Here goes.
- I'm ready.


- Is there any hope for me?
- Not much.

Is it like this?

The boat's drifting away.

I'm home.

You said you'd be boating with friends,
but I didn't see you in Zushi.

Where the hell did you go?
- Izu Oshima.

Yeah, right.
You going out again tomorrow?

What the hell
are you grinning about?

Hi, Frank.

The party's day after tomorrow, right?
- Yep. Are you coming?

Of course.

Picked your three cards yet?

You can get by with one,
if it's an ace or a king.

Sorry. Mine's a queen.

Very clever.

I've got a three-of-a-kind
worth about four points.

You have to come, okay?
Nobody thinks I can find anyone.

But if you come,
I'll really show them.

I bet you'd like to take
three girls instead of just me.

Don't say that.

So come, okay?
And get as dressed up as you can.

Let me think.

I can hardly wear
my fur this time of year.

So you'll come? Great!

I'll pick you up.
Tell me where you live.

That's okay.

Wait for me at the bus stop.

- Let me come get you.
- You can't.

My mother's too nosy.

It wasn't easy
getting away today either.

Did you wait long?

Forgive me.

Let's go in.


Is the whole gang here?

Your little brother's here.

Beaten by a complete innocent.

Do my eyes fail me?
Who the hell is that girl?

The babe he told us about.

Your kid brother's
quite an operator.

Innocence can be hard to beat.

As the ocean breeze caresses

The beach where I stand

A happy song from bygone days
comes mournfully to my lips

Your brother's really good.
Such a rich voice!

And so sweet, too.

I can't sing at all.

The gentle breeze brings back to me

Such wistful memories

Give me those days
of happiness without end

Girls swoon over that voice every time.
How can we compete?

It's not fair, is it?

Did you get a look at that body?
Those ain't no falsies.

She's out of my brother's league.

Making designs on your brother's girl?

- I don't know if I can restrain myself.
- Try.

Go dance with her. She didn't resist
when I pulled her close.

- Who the hell is she anyway?
- The girl we met the other day.

You didn't waste any time.
What kind of girl is she?

- A nice girl.
- Right.

She's just an ordinary girl.

- I wonder.
- What's that mean?

- Maybe you're right.
- You're jealous.

Getting a little cocky, are we?

Is something wrong?

I worked up a sweat.

Have a seat.

My hair's all wet.

Let's go for a walk.
I'm sick of this party.

Can't we stay a little longer?

That could be dangerous.
- Let's go.

- We'll borrow the car.
- Can you do that?

- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.

Hey, my car!

This is pretty.

I've never been here before,
though I don't live far.

Want to drive on,
or shall we get out?

Let's take a walk.

Wait a second.
I want to go barefoot.



You have any idea
what time it is?

Looked like you were having
sweet dreams, you car thief.

Thanks to you,
we couldn't get to Yokohama.

- Sorry about that.
- Forget it.

Where in Yokohama?

A new club called Blue Sky.
Wanna go tonight?

- Nah.
- That's what I figured. I'm off.


- Stuff it.
- What does he want?

What the hell?
It's like the Adolf in Tokyo,

down to the velvet on the walls.

- Japan's the same all over.
- Two-bit country.

A wasteland for the young.

What's with this band?

Evening, ladies.


What can I get you?

- Gin and Coke.
- Whiskey sour.

- Highball.
- Black & White, straight.

And you, sir?

Might you have shochu?

Isn't that the chick
Haru brought to the party?

Is that girl a hostess here?

Her? No.

I think she's the man's wife.

I've seen them together
other places, too.

I thought you'd be out
with my brother tonight.

Would you do me a favor?

Meet me at the Seaside Club
in Hayama tomorrow at 7:00.

Well? Was there something
you wanted to tell me?

Didn't you have something
to ask me?

Why not just ask it?

Why did you say that last night?

- No particular reason.
- That's a lie.

You recognized me
on the dance floor.

I see. So you knew.

All right, then.

Stop playing games with my brother.
He doesn't know what he's doing.

He's just a kid without a clue.

It kills me knowing
he thinks you're a nice girl.

What's that supposed to mean?

You figure it out.

The man I was with last night
is my husband.

I don't appreciate
your insinuations.

We're legally married.

He's busy with work.
He only sees me when he's free.

But I want to make one thing clear.

It's not just a fling with Haruji.

What the hell is it?

I'm only doing what I should have done
before I got married.

I just got the order backwards.

Otherwise, I wouldn't
have been drawn to Haruji.

I can believe that.

I'm dead serious
about this relationship.

I've had flings before,
but this is different.

I don't really expect you
to understand,

but when we drove off the other night,

all we did was kiss,
because he never tried anything more.

Afterwards I could hardly believe
I hadn't tried more myself.

Are you jealous of your brother?

I suppose maybe I am.

What do you want me to do?

Tell my brother who you really are,
what you just told me.

If he says nothing, fine.
But I bet he either explodes or cries.

Why should I have to tell him?

I'm not just playing games with him.

It wasn't serious with others,
but it's different with him.

With him, I can be
who I was long ago.

How old are you, anyway?

Twenty. Why?

I guess this childish nonsense
works out well for you.

From one who's known
her share of men, it sounds petty.

That's why I suggest you lay it out
for Haruji, just like you did for me.

At the very least,
he'll stop coming to Hayama.

That much, even I can tell you.

In fact, isn't that
why you're attracted to him?

You said you've had other flings.

How'd you like
to have one with me?

Go out with me,
and I won't say a word to my brother.

If what you said about being
with him is true, you can still have that.

Whaddaya say?

You know how to fool around.

I could tell when I danced with you.

We've missed you lately.
Got something good going?

Chikako's been wondering about you.

- Who cares about her?
- Are you blowing her off?

That's not nice.
- Shut up.

So is Haru scoring with that babe
under your expert guidance?

You can shut up, too.

I keep my nose
out of other people's business.

These brothers do like
to smash glasses, don't they?

How many lovers
have you had before me?

You're my first.

Could you pass me those?

Get 'em yourself.

Here you go.

What's the matter?

Let's go home.

How did you find us?
Is something up?

I saw the boat as I drove by.
I figured you'd be coming in soon.

Thank you so much.
Let's do it again sometime.

I'm getting better on the skis, aren't I?
- You have a ways to go.

See you, then.

Damn it.

They're all gone.

Here today, gone tomorrow.
That's the way with women and fish.

It's 'cause Natsu dumped ink
in there the other day.

If they're gonna die,
they're gonna die.

What's the matter, Haru?
You seem down.

Troubles of the heart?

He's in the clutches of a strange woman,
and it's turning him to jelly.

Don't make fun of me.

You said she was perfect for me.

You just don't have a clue.

About what?

You're not making sense.
- That's for sure.

Not making sense, huh?

Could you get us some dinner?
The heat's giving me a headache.

- What should I get?
- You decide.

Here. The car keys.

What's going on?

I'm getting it on
with that girl Eri.

I figured that much.

Did you?

She's not who
Haruji thinks she is.

Like that hostess said,
she's a foreigner's whore.


I promised I wouldn't tell Haruji
if she'd sleep with me.

She says Haru's the first man
she thought she could love.

But then she turns around
and comes on to me.

So what the hell's going on?

I want that girl
more than I can stand!

But even when she gives me her body,
her heart never forgets Haruji.

- So you give Haru a hard time?
- That's right.

I like him as my brother,

but when I think of Eri,
I want to beat him to a pulp.

But he's still
completely in the dark.

If you think I'll change that,
you're wrong.

Don't expect me
to pass this on to Haru.

I don't like to be judgmental,

but you're meddling
in the worst, self-serving way.

You're pathetic.

The mummy hunter
who turned into a mummy.

Thank you. Come again.

Grocery shopping?

We're eating at Frank's tonight,
so I'm helping out.

My goodness!
Did you buy out the store?

Did something happen
between you and my brother?

Why do you ask?

We fought this morning.
He was bad-mouthing you.

What did he say?

Besides that,
he's been acting strange lately.

Always giving me a hard time.

That's strange, all right.

I've got my dad's car day after tomorrow.
How about a drive?

We can go to the clubhouse
in Katase.

Tell me where you live.
I'll pick you up.

I haven't told my mother yet.
She's such a busybody.

Wait for me at our usual spot.

I promise I'll come. Okay?


What's wrong?
You seem strange today.

Let's leave.

The Katase clubhouse is really nice.
They redecorated.

Oh, yeah?

What kept you out
so late last night?

The old man was worried
about his car.

Stop that.

Last night, Eri and I finally...

Went all the way?
How low you've sunk.

Low? Look who's talking.

Give that here.

You get the strings out of tune.

Out of tune? They're fine.

- What's wrong?
- I'm just frustrated.

Don't take it personally.

Day after tomorrow, I'm going camping
with Eri for three days.


Sajima and Aburatsubo.
I'm gonna borrow Frank's sailboat.

She said she'd go?

She'll say she's
mountain climbing with school friends.

School friends.

Cut it out, will you?

I should call Frank.

Day after tomorrow?
Sure, that's fine.

I think Mitsuda has a tent.
Right, the one who plays tennis.

Who are you going with?

No, nothing's wrong.
Sounds like fun.

Come along?
Wouldn't I be in the way?


You can't come in.
He'll be home soon.

I don't care.

No. I said no.

- Why not?
- No.

So what was it like
with my brother?

That's what I figured.
I'm the one for you, babe.

Brothers, huh?

I want you to leave
and never come back.

You want me to leave?
Are you sure?

So if Haruji's doing it with Eri now,
then we're even.

I'm not holding back.

Haru still doesn't know about you two.
Seems unfair.

Not at all.

I can tell him everything now.
It's up to her to choose.

No matter what,
you'll never have what Haru has.

For Eri, you're just the same
kind of guy she's had before.

Just watch. I'll do something dramatic.
That's what women –

Who's more important to you anyway?
Haru or Eri?

I wish I knew.

Haru's my rival now,
not just my little brother.

That looks heavy. What is it?

A tent for my camping trip.
I borrowed it from Mr. Mitsuda.

Want a ride home?

I'm going to a class reunion
in Yokohama.

I can check this at the station.
See ya.


That girl's name was Eri, right?

Yeah. Why?

Never mind.
I don't know what I was thinking.

Special delivery letter
for Master Haruji.

Could we make
our camping trip a day earlier?

Also, I can only go for two days.
Really looking forward to it. Eri.

Her husband must be coming home.

Granny, Haruji won't be
home tonight, right?

He said he'd be back
tomorrow afternoon.

Hey, where do you think
you're going?

I'm borrowing your sailboat
for an overnighter.

I promised it to Haru.
He's taking Eri camping tomorrow.

I'm taking her now.

She sent a message that it had to be today.
Due to her husband, no doubt.

- Does Haru know?
- He stayed in Yokohama last night.

He doesn't know?

Gonna try to stop me?
Stay out of my way.

I'm just doing what I gotta do.

You're really going to betray
your brother?

Nothing else matters now.
It's a roll of the dice.

I'm gonna get the girl
before he does.

- I'm home.
- Welcome back.

A special delivery letter
came for you yesterday.

- From whom?
- A girl, I believe.

- Must be Eri. Where is it?
- On your desk.

To the marina, and hurry!

- Let's go.
- Where?

Haruji's not coming.
I got your letter, not him.

How come?

He stayed in Yokohama last night.
Should be getting home about now.

You're not gonna ditch
because it's me, are you?

Come on. Take a chance.
It can be a test.

A test of what?

Of me and you, and Haruji, too.

I'm pretty sure your brother
went off in Frank's sailboat.

He was headed for Morito.

That's odd.

He was in a big hurry.

Frank's over there.
You can ask him.

Do you know what happened
to your sailboat?

They said my brother took it out.

Did you see him?

Haru, it's not my place,
but you should forget about Eri.

Let's just say it's better this way.

Why do you say that?

Your brother said he was taking Eri,
and I assume she went along.

That's the kind of girl she is.
- What do you mean?

She was getting it on with him
before she was with you.


Lies. It's all lies.

Sorry, but it's true.

Maybe he went after her

to protect you from her.

It's all lies.
Why doesn't he mind his own business?

Damn it!

Launch my motorboat, will you?

No, I've been here all day.
No sailboats have come by.

A sailboat with two people?
No, haven't seen one.

He couldn't have gotten
to Aburatsubo in this wind.

Damn it! I knew it!
He went the other way.

Watch where you're going, idiot!

I'm taking some gas.

How far did you go?

Aburatsubo, but he wasn't there.

Hey, you guys are back
from Ito, right?

Did you see a cream-colored
sailboat called Lucia?

We saw one pretty far out
headed toward Ito.

I doubt they'll reach
Manazuru tonight.

That's gotta be it.

What's your hurry?
You won't get far before dark.

You might as well wait
until tomorrow morning.

It's a sailboat,
and there's no wind.

Doesn't matter.

It's getting dark.

How far did you intend to go?

Ito or Atami.

That's an awfully long way.
I don't think...

I'm never letting you go back.

Not to Haruji
and not to your husband, either.

Throw it all away.

But –

No buts. Just trust me.

This has never happened
to me before either, damn it.

I've fallen in love with you.

I can't help myself.

A boat's coming.

It's Haruji!
- What?

He came looking for me.

He came looking for me,
all through the night.

All right, damn it!
You win! I lose!

Eri's yours! You win!