Craze (1974) - full transcript

Jack Palance plays as a demented art dealer & antique-shop owner who performs nightly rituals in honor of the African god Chuku, whom he believes will reward him with unimaginable wealth and power if he merely offers up human sacrifice. His methods are fairly creative, ranging from impalement, slashing and burning, to scaring people to death with an ooga-booga fright mask.

Oh sacred Chuku, look with favour
upon your abject supplicants,

and cast the mantle of your protection

around our shoulders.

In the name of the power...
give of your generous bounty,

so that we may serve your needs.


Our flesh and our blood are yours.

Behold your bride.

- Valadino osofano sacremonto.

Oh great Chuku, I pray
the blood-letting pleased you.

For your humble subject
lives in your shadow.

What are you doing here?

You know very well.

I've every right to be here.
I'm witch of the coven.

- You were expelled.
- Because of jealousy.

I should have led the worship.

- Get out.
- Not until I take Chuku.

He's mine.

Before Alister died you
promised him to me.

He belongs to me.
You stole Chuku!

He belongs to me and I'm taking him.

You're crazy. This god,
it belongs to me and me alone.

This altar is his home
and here he will stay.

- You're not a believer.
You're in it for what you can get.

- To you he's no god.
- Get out.

And the kicks you get from
these sacrifices!

Get out!

You're no longer a member of
this coven, now get out!

Get out of here. Get out.
get out!

Get out!

There is your sacrifice.

Good morning Neal.

Ronnie, your room is a mess.
Why in the hell don't you clean it up?

- I'll do it later.
- Get me some coffee.

You'll need three cups at least
to face that bundle of bills.

Why? What's so special about them?

Well, they have to be paid.

I sorted out the overdue
from this morning's mail,

and especially that one on top.

The second notice from
the Inland Revenue,

and that Amsterdam export house
screaming for their money.

Yes I know, I know, but with a bank
balance that won't buy a decent lunch

they'll just have to wait.

They won't.
Getting nastier every day.

- It's so depressing, Ronnie, but
while we're praying for a miracle

get your ass over to the store
on Portabello Road

and try to stir up some business.

The Capaloza, ivory chess sets,
the...African love rings...

Safer than the pill.

Oh, and there's psychedelic heads
and Indian head bands.

- I'll do my best .
- Just don't turn down any sale.

I won't. I promise.

- Good morning.
- May I help you?

I'm Detective Sergeant Wall
and this is Detective Constable Russett.

- Are you Mr. Neal Mottram
- Yes.

Do you know this woman?

She seems vaguely familiar.

Her name is Muriel Sharp.

Was she a customer of yours?

No. No, unfortunately no.

She came in a few times but just to browse.
Never bought a thing.

- The last time was five or six weeks ago.
- Sure?

Yes, of course I'm sure.

- why are you questioning me?

Her body was fished out of the river
by some bargemen near the isle of Grain.

- That must have been a grisly sight.
- It wasn't pretty.

I'm really sorry to hear about that.

What has it got to do with me?
I mean... You're not implying that..?

Oh no, Mr. Mottram, we're calling on
you only because your name was

in an address book we found in her flat.

- One of fifteen manes.
- Just a routine check.

Well, perhaps you'd better talk
to the other fourteen.

We will.

Oh, thank you.
Sorry to have troubled you.

I don't like that bugger.

Now cool it lad and don't
jump to conclusions.

The woman wasn't robbed
and according to the coroner's report.

was not sexually molested.

But before anything else
we have to find a motive.

Motive or not I still don't
like that arrogant bastard.

- Great Chuku, father of us all,

- listen to me as I pay tribute
to you, master of my fate.

Bear me no evil if I remind you,
all powerful, all generous Chuku.

I gave you that depraved witch
Muriel Sharp as your sacrifice in blood.

Days and nights have passed.

If I am to serve you again
I beseech your help.

How long have you been back?

Long enough to have seen
and heard you.


Neal, you killed Muriel!


It was an accident.

Don't stand there like a blithering idiot
and don't give me that shocked routine.

Chuku demanded a sacrifice in blood
and he got it.

You and those crazy witches may call it
sacrifice, the police will call it murder!

I'm signing you on you miserable ingrate!

You were starving, a filthy rag,
a beggar when I picked you up.

Sleeping in Hyde Park, hustling old queens
when you could turn a trick!

I took you in, cleaned you up, clothed,
housed and fed you,

taught you a profession!
Some day Ronnie...

- all this will be yours.
- Please, Neal, I'm...

I'm not ungrateful!

I even tried to bring you under
Chuku's protection.

I know...but I'm not convinced.

I don't believe.

I don't feel as you do
about this bloody, silly idol.

Dare utter one word against Chuku!

It's only for your good, your safety.

You risk everything for this...this idol,
and what has it brought us?

Look at the fix we're in.

No luck at the store and nothing here.

If we can't pay the rent
we're going to have to pack up.

Chuku will help us.

But in the meantime you're right.

It must be for something.

Not the Ming vases?

Those white elephants!

- You might as well junk them.
- You negative bastard.

- It's my experience that no matter how odd
the object, somewhere there's a buyer for it.

But with these we could have a long wait.

Look, I know you're attached to
this antique desk but

I know an old solicitor who fancies it.

I could squeeze a hundred quid
out of him. I know I can.

Well, that would help.

I'll ring him.

I'll clean out the desk.

Hello, Mr. Castle?

This is Ronnie of Neal Mottram's
antique shop.

- Remember that desk you were interested in?
- Damn it!

- Hello, Mr. Caste...
That desk you were interested in

- well it just so happens...

Jesus Christ Almighty!

There must be more than thousand
pounds in gold coins here.

I can't believe it!

We can pay off everyone!

I told you Ronnie,
Chuku is a generous god.

Just like in Africa, under his
protection we will grow rich.

Give him a sacrifice,

and you get the reward.

Truly now you believe?

You must never, never doubt...


Oh sacred Chuku,

your grateful believer thanks you
for your generous protection.

- Once again I pledge eternal service.

We shall never forget.

We shall always serve you.

Thanks. Are you trying to pick me up?

let's not say 'pick up',
let's just call it British hospitality.

I'll drink to that.

Well, I though London
might be a drag.

Not the London I'm
going to show you.

I bet you could improve in Rome.

Then you didn't like Rome?

- No. left a bad taste in my mouth.
- Why?

What kind of men did you meet there?

Mostly kooks. All hands.

On a one block walk I had
my ass pinched eleven times!

There are an awful lot
of weirdos around,

and who can tell what
it takes to please them?

My last Italian Romeo
really sold me a bill of goods.

He used to call me his Madonna.

Said he was madly in love with me
and even proposed marriage.

Then he took off with
all my cheques, money, jewels...

Except my ring.

At least you saved something
out of the wreckage.

This ring, and you might say my skin.

Yes that's...that's lovely skin.

Tell me...after you lost everything,
how did you manage to get to London?

I cabled my dad.
He has a very good business in Stockholm.

He's used to me needing money.
I've been travelling a lot.

Doing my own thing since I was twenty.

Every now and then I get jammed up.

Papa bails me out.

Your old papa...and then there was
nobody that you could count on over here.

No. I'm on my own.

No strings attached.
I like it that way.

- so do I.
- Just me and you.

Should we carry this
one step further?

- Haven't you had enough?
- Just one more.

Every bone in my body is relaxed.

I had a hunch you'd be
great for me.

- The right chemistry.
- The best.

I like everything around here,

including all that, I'm cheap, yes.
I'd love to stay.

- You could get bored.
- Not with you.

You're very different.

thanks to Chuku.

Even if he is invisible
he's present here.

- What are you talking about?
- Our love god.

It may sound strange to you, my dear.

What's all this love god bit?

Sounds kinky to me.

it won't after you've met him.

You mean you're not
making all this up?

Come with me, Helena.

Come, I want to present you.

What is all this?
Where are you taking me?

Now don't be frightened.

We are in the presence of the
great all-powerful Chuku.

Our love god.

Show him that you are not frightened.

- Come on, let's go back.
- No, no, no.

Not till you've revealed
yourself to him.

Show him how beautiful
you are, Helena.

Come on now, darling.

- Dance for him.
- You're crazy.

- Come on.

- Dance for him.
- You're crazy.

- Come on, dance.
- No, I don't want to dance.

I don't want to dance for you, him.
This is crazy!

Dance, dance!

- Dance!
- let me out!

Oh sacred your feet
I humbly place this...sacrifice.

And once again I pledge...eternal service.

Ronnie, don't go yet!

- (incomprehensible)
- I'm working, remember?

Oh, come on, Ronnie.

Well, if you change your mind
the action's at my place. Okay?

- Ciao.
- Bye.

Where have you been? You're
never around when I really need you.

You told me to get lost tonight.

Oh shut up! I've been
sitting here waiting for you.

- Come and help me.
- Neal, what happened?

My god! What have you done?

- Who is she?
- Stop asking stupid questions.

Help me to roll her onto this.

But I... I can't!

Now don't get squeamish on me.

Do as I tell you.

- What about the rest of her clothes?
- I've already burned them.

Now we've got to get rid of her.

Take the robe off
and burn that too.

How about this ring?

No. leave it where it is.
Come on.

We're being followed.

No, it's a Lorrie.

He wants to pass.

Light me a cigarette
and stop worrying.

No doubt about it.

These are genuine Ming vase
from the Fourth Dynasty.

I'm inclined to agree.

If I may intrude gentlemen, please.

Note the excellent state
of their preservation,

especially when you consider they
date back to the Fifteenth Century.


Except for natural aging process,
not a crack.

- Not even a bruise.
- Yes, indeed.

- Their condition is quite remarkable.
- Yes.

If I may ask,
how did you come by them?

Gentlemen, I am not at liberty
to disclose all the details except

to assure you that it was a fortuitous
purchase estate purchase under

a court order.

After all, who can fathom the secret
journeys of priceless art objects?

Quite true. Quite true.

Speaking of rare art objects,
what are you asking for them?

Actually, as museum pieces
they are priceless....but I could

let you have them for five thousand pounds.

Five is rather high.

There are no others on the market.

Mr. Mottram, we will take
them off your hands,

for four thousand pounds.

I must say you drive a hard bargain.

Four thousand is our limit.

Gentlemen...they are yours.

Four thousand pounds!

That's absolutely incredible!

You saw it happen.

You saw it happen with
your own eyes!

- Here is the proof.
- We can do anything we want.

I know what would be perfect,
let's close the shop and go to Majorca.

Having dreamed of the beach,
and you could do with a holiday.

let's live it up!
You've got it in your hands.

Ronnie...let me bring you
back to earth.

A lot of work has to be done.

Some of this money goes right
back into improving the shop more,

better merchandise, and you're
forgetting the most important thing.

our first move is not pleasure,

but to remember who made
this windfall possible.

We must thank Chuku.

Come along.

Identification will be very difficult.

We'll have the newspapers
publish identikit pictures.

Artists sketches.
What good will that do?

With most of her face burned away
who can recognise her?

Perhaps someone will report her missing.

Don't count on that.

You know how many people
disappear in London.

One thing's for certain, the
motive wasn't robbery.

Just look at this ring.
It must be worth a thousand pounds.

Whoever killed her wasn't
interested in loot.

But what we do have is a pattern.

Two mutilated bodies
fished out of the river.

Neither one robbed
and both very dead.

That still leaves us without
any answer who did it.

That's exactly what the papers
will be asking, who?

- About five feet, four inches tall,
weighing about nine stone.

- Caucasian female.
Anyone with information please contact...

They'll never find out who did it.

- People will phone in.
- Oh sure.

Cranks, lunatics, weirdos, but
no-one with any reliable information.

I was very careful about that
after I picked her up.

The girl was a drifter, a loner.

Her only living relative, papa,
thousands of miles away.

And from what she told me about him,
not very concerned.

I wager it'll be months before
he even reports her missing.

- But the police are sure to find out.
- Ronnie!

They've got absolutely
nothing to go on.


Chuku will protect us.

For how long?

Forever. If we serve him.

And serve him we must.

Hello? Hello, Louise, this is Neal.

Terribly sorry but I shall
have to postpone my visit.

I've been improving my shop
and have to take care of

some new merchandise.

- You will forgive me, won't you.
- What a pity.

- I know it's a nuisance.
I was so looking forward to seeing you.

So was I. You know, Neal, I don't
get many visitors now at my age.

- Now, now, you'll certainly outlast me.

Well, if you change your plans
and you find you can come,

I'll be home.

fine, let's leave it at that then,
shall we? And do keep well, love.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Stupid will.

Hello, Mr. Penwhale, this is Neal Mottram.
I wrote you last week.

- Yes of course, I've been expecting you.

Yes, that's why I'm phoning.

I shall make the trip this Saturday
and bring the India brass work.

I think you'll be quite delighted
because I was able to acquire

some very interesting objects.

Quite unique.

- I'm very eager to see them.
Saturday's fine.

About what time will you be here?

Oh, in the late afternoon, about five.

- I'll be here waiting.

Yes, thank you very much.

Tell me, Mr. Kingsley-Dawson,
are you paying cash?

Yes. It's the only way I do business.

- Yes?
- London, please. Return.

There you are.

Heavy isn't it?
What's in here?

It's loaded with Indian brass work
for Mr. Penwhale.

- I'll put them in the van for you.
- No, no. I can manage. thank you.

How long will you be gone?

Just overnight, unless I'm delayed
by an estate sale.

I'll take a look at the local papers
and see if there are any auctions,

otherwise I'll just deliver the
brass work to Mr. Penwhale.

Don't hurry back.
It'll do you good to get away.

While I'm gone Ronnie, you
stay here and don't leave the store.

Of course I won't.
have a successful trip.

Hello? Rexford garage?

Look, I just can't get my van to start.

It's in the car park of the pub in the village.

I'll leave the keys under
the floor mat.

would you be good enough to
tow it into your garage and I'll

call you later.

Good evening. I was wondering if you
might have a room for a stranded traveller?

Neal! What on earth are you
doing here? Come on in.

- Hello Dolly. Surprised?
- Well yes, but pleasantly.

I mean, are you serious about a room?

Yes. I've got some business near here.

My van broke down just
outside of town.

I had to tramp around for hours
to find a garage for repairs.

- Oh, too bad.
- So, if you could put me up for the night,

but no favours, please.

I intend to pay the same rates
as any of your other guests.

Well, we'll worry about that later.

Come on.

- You've still got it, Dolly.
- You don't change, do you?

You're not married, are you?

Oh, hello love.
Have a good time at bingo.

No, I'm not married actually,
but I do have a boyfriend.

A jealous one. He works as a
steward on a cross-channel ferry.

Tonight he's in Ostend.

That means that we could...go out to dinner?

I'll buy you the best meal
around here.

You know, that was the best meal
I've had in weeks.

Yes. Oh, I almost forgot, I brought
you something for dessert.

I'll bring it right down for you.

- Cherry brandy. You remembered.
- Yes.

It's your favourite. Here.

have some.

- Nice.
- Yes.

- Bit strong, isn't it?
- Oh, I don't think so.

It's just that you haven't
had any...lately...

Aren't you going to have one?

Oh Dolly, I wouldn't dream of
cutting in on your cherry brandy.

Besides, I had too much wine for dinner.

I'm making a pig of myself.

Now, let me be the judge of that.

Actually, you look irresistible.

hey, I can't finish the bottle.

I know. You've always had
a good head for brandy.

- So, are you trying to get me sloshed?
- No.

No. I'm just trying to lower
your resistance.

You really don't have to.

I wouldn't want to get too drunk
to enjoy our lovely reunion.

Let's go upstairs.

Just one little one for a bonus.

You know I can never refuse
you anything.

- I must look a mess.
- You're lovely, Dolly.


Dolly? Dolly?

- Hello?
- Could I speak with Mr. Penwhale, please?

- I'm sorry sir, Penwhale is out.

This is Mr. Neal Mottram calling.
May I leave a message?

- Of course sir, go ahead.

Tell him I was delayed because my
van broke down, however,

I can arrange to bring the
brass work tomorrow afternoon.

- I shall call first.
- I'll give him the message when he returns.

- thank you very much.
- Bye.

- Bad Bruno!

Come on children, up to bed.

Come along, come on...

Ah, be quiet.

All right. Nobody there.


Oh sacred Chuku, here is the
sacrifice I promised you.

This body and this soul
now belongs to you.

- The nine-four train about to leave
platform fourteen...



Morning, beautiful.

Must be close to noon.

You deserved a rest.

I had the strangest dream
that you'd gone.

I'd be a fool to get out of a
warm bed with you any night.

Neal, did we?

Did we ever!

In a way that I shall
never forget.

- But I didn't disappoint you?
- No,you were absolutely marvellous.

You're everything I ever
wanted in a woman.

then why are you rushing off?

I've got these brass works to
deliver and I'm late already.

- why don't you go back to sleep.
- I can't sleep. I'm awake now and I want you.

I want you too, Dolly, I really do,
but I...

I've got to go.
Maybe next weekend.

Is Mr. Mottram around?

No. he's away delivering an order
to a client in the country.

- Do you expect him back today?
- I really couldn't say.

- Are you his assistant?
- No, I'm his associate, actually.

- Is that why you work on Sunday?
- Just a few odds and ends.

- Besides, I live here.
- Mind if I have a look around?

I couldn't really say no, could I?

- What's upstairs?
- Mr. Mottram's flat.

- And a room for me.
- What's downstairs?


As you see, we keep
lots of things down here.

A work bench, a few tools.

When we can we patch up
and repair antiques.

Mr. Mottram, I was hoping
you'd get back.

What can we do for you?

I wonder if you'd be good enough
to come along with me?

Superintendent Bellamy
would like to speak to you.

Oh, what about?

Something urgent has cropped up.
can you come now?

Can't it wait until tomorrow?
I've only just returned...

The Superintendent
would like to see you now.

Unless you have any objection?

Ronnie, take my suitcase upstairs
and then park the van.

Now, Superintendent, if you can please tell
me why I was dragged away from my shop,

- just as I arrived after an exhausting
weekend business trip?

I'm sorry, but, it was
of the utmost importance.

I sent for you because of a
Mrs. Louise Nash.

My dear old Aunt Louise.

Now you're not going to tell me
that she's committed a crime?

Hardly. Mrs. Nash is dead.

How? Some kind of accident?

Why do you say that?

Well, if Louise had died a natural death,
you certainly wouldn't have summoned me here.

Your aunt was murdered.

Her body was discovered early
this morning by a milkman.

Aunt Louise, murdered!

Stabbed in the throat.

Must have happened between
midnight and 5 AM.

- Have you found the killer?
- Not yet, but we will.

Mr. Mottram, you don't appear to be
too shocked by what I've told you.

I'm a realist.

Sure, it's a horrible way for
Aunt Louise to die, but

- all things considered she had
a good life and a long one.

Her husband made that provision for her.

- She had a lot of money?
- As I said, she was very well off.

Any idea who was going to
inherit her money?

Once, when she was in a very good mood,
she told me that

- she would remember me
in her will.

Superintendent, you don't think
I killed my aunt for the money?

I didn't say you had murdered he,
Mr. Mottram, for her money

or for any other reason.

Yet you haven't ruled me out as a
suspect otherwise why bring me here?

All I would like you to do is help.


your aunt has not officially
been identified.

- As her nephew,
you could do that.

Unless of course the sight of
her dead body would shock you?

I've never seen a corpse, but if it is
necessary I could try and bear up to it.

Mr. Mottram, is this your aunt,
Mrs. Louise Nash.


The man must be mad...

to do this and think
he can get away with it.

Will it be all?

Just a formality to sign
the identification papers.


One more thing, Mr. Mottram,
as you informed us,

- you were away over the weekend.

- That's right.
- Any special reason?

Partly business, partly
to renew an old friendship.

perhaps, if instead I had gone
to visit Aunt Louise

- she might still be with us.

We know you're tired.
Just a few details about

- where you stayed and who with.

where did you spend Saturday night?

The Kings Wood Lodging House, with
an old friend of mine, Dolly Newman.

Will Miss Newman be willing
to testify to that?

It's rather a delicate situation.
It could put her in a difficult spot, you see...

She happens to be engaged to another
man and I spent the night with her.

You're quite a lady killer, aren't you?

I do my share.

I promise you, Mr. Mottram,
I'll be very discreet.

I rather though, Miss Newman,
you'd prefer to talk here.

Oh, yes, I do appreciate it.

Luigi would be furious
if he found out.

Italian blood you see,
and he's crazy jealous

- I mean if some man so much
as looks in my direction.

But this little episode went
further than just looking.

Well, yes, we did get carried away.
I won't lie about that.

And Mr. Mottram spent the night with you?

Well I went to bed with him,
if that's what you mean.

What time?

Really Sergeant, I wasn't clock watching.

I was full of food and wine and
feeling no pain.

And then?

Well then I woke up.
and I was with Neal.

As I said, I don't really
remember too much about it.

I had such a lot of cherry brandy,
you see.

It's my weakness.

Anyway, I did spend the night
with him, yes.

Does he call on you often?

Oh, this was his first visit in three years.

Three years...and no
communication in all that time?

You could have knocked me over
when he turned up.

Apparently he did.

Neal's the sort of person
who's very hard to forget.

Hey, I don't want you to
think I'm the sort who

flops into bed with any
Tom, Dick or Harry.

Of course not.

And really, what you do in your own
bedroom is really none of my business.

Have all angles of his
story checked out?

The van was picked up by
the Rexford Garage and fixed.

He did call on Mr. Penwhale
and transact some business,

- in brass antiques.

I don't think he's our man.

Ans I'm certain he is.

Well, if you question him,
he won't crack.

Oh, I'll give you that.
He's got nerves of steel.

I watched him when he was
staring at the corpse of his aunt.

- He seemed in a state of shock.

A put on!

I know he turned away as delicately
as a ballet dancer

- but he didn't fool me.

He'd have high tea on a slab in
the morgue and enjoy it.

Don't forget, you checked out his story.

He spent the whole night with Dolly Newman.

That's his alibi.

Look, I saw Dolly, you didn't.

What ever else Mottram may be,
he certainly looks fastidious.

That Dolly woman is not the
kind of bird he'd go for.

In fact, one would have to be pretty
desperate to sail into that port.

Oh lord, we beseech thee
to bless this grave

- to be the peaceful resting place

- of the body of Louise Nash.

- We restore to thy divine keeping
her soul, and to the earth her remains.

May she find everlasting peace
in thy care.

We are gathered here for the reading
of the will of the late Louise Nash,

- which I drew up myself
a year ago.

it is a simple document,
brief and to the point.

I, Louise Nash, being of sound
mind and memory,

- do declare this to be my
last will and testament.

To my dear best friend, Mary Lamsil,
I bequeath one thousand pounds,

and for the Avery Home for the aged,
five hundred pounds.

To Frank Trainer, my faithful gardener,
all the tools in the potting shed.


All the balance of my estate, stocks,
bonds, bank deposits and other effects

- together with the freehold of the property
known as 'The Laurels',

- I bequeath to my nephew,
Neal Mottram, my only living relative.

- Mr. Mottram...

- Mr. Mottram?

- Mr. Mottram!

I hate to startle you, Mr. Mottram,
but you seem to be lost in your grief.

Sorry. Sorry.

Mrs. Lamsil, Mr. Trainer, would you
be so kind as to step into my outer office.

My client has some papers here
for you to sign.

Of course.

This is a private discussion, Mr. Mottram,
concerning your interest only.

You already know that you are the
major beneficiary of your aunt's estate.

- (incomprehensible)
- Yes. Indeed.

I hope you don't mind,
but I have taken the liberty of

- finding out a few facts.

- I had of course the full co-operation
of the, pardon me, bank manager.

I thought you might like to know
the amount you inherit.

I suppose sooner or later one
must face up to these matters.

Yes, indeed.

You must understand that these
figures are only estimates.

I would say, excluding your
aunt's house,

- and after deducting death duties,
and all the etceteras,

- your total will come to about
twenty-five thousand pounds.

I had no idea Louise had that much.

Oh yes, yes.

her investments were very sound.

I say to myself she was very well
advised in business matters.

Also, available at the bank in cash,
on her account, is a matter of

- fifteen hundred pounds which you
can pick up immediately.

about the house, well, it's open
for you to occupy whenever you like.

I have no intention of
moving into that house.

Well, I would feel a bit queasy about living in
a house where Aunt Louise was murdered.

I understand.

In fact I would like to
dispose of the property.

Oh, as you wish.

I could easily put
it on the market.

Yes, please do, including the furniture.

As soon as possible I would like to erase
that awful memory from my mind.

Yes, I don't blame you.

It so happens I do know of a
very good family estate agent

- who could take care of the whole matter.


Yes, cheers.

This much we have established:

Mottram left his shop in Spalding Street
around twelve on Saturday.

En route he had lunch in a pub
in Fairford,

- after which he drove to the outskirts
of King's Wood where his van broke down.

He phoned Rexford garage while there
and about five o'clock

- they came round and picked up the van
and towed it back to the garage.

Mottram then walked to 14 Merson Road
where he met Dolly Newman

- and engaged a room.

They had dinner around the corner
at a restaurant called 'La Strada',

- at eight o'clock, and walked
back to the boarding house.

Then supposedly he spent
the night with her.

After leaving Dolly Newman's,

- the following morning he picked up
his van which had been repaired

- and drove to Sinford, here,
where he called on a Mr. Penwhale

- with some brass antiques.

That transaction lasted about two hours,
after which he drove back to his shop in London.

So you see, gentlemen, our investigation
of Mr. Mottram as a prime suspect

- leads to a dead end.

Unless he had an accomplice.

I can't buy that, sir.
I've studied the man.

He has the smell of a lone wolf.

Still, we have to face the possibility
of barking up the wrong tree.

- He spent the night in Kings Wood.

Seventy-one miles away, in Redcliffe,
his aunt Louise was murdered.

His alibi's airtight.

That's what makes me suspicious.
His alibi's too good.

- All openings are covered.

He's never said one wrong word.

Never made a wrong move,
but he will.

How can you be so sure?

Well sir, his name has cropped up twice
in three murders.

There are sixty million people
living in the British Isles.

Almost nine million live of them
in metropolitan London.

I'm no mathematician, but the odds against the
same name coming up twice are astronomical.

I tell you, he's our man.

But proving it is another matter.

We need strong evidence
to stand up in court.

If we could only crack his alibi.

Dolly Newman. She's the only
weak spot in our story.

Oh Great Chuku, father of us all,
listen to me as I pay tribute to you,

master of my fate.

I thank you for the generous gifts
you have heaped upon me.

I swear renewed allegiance to you,
my sovereign.

Save and protect me in all I do.

Our bond is sealed in blood.

Lord of the night,

- we make this compact with you
whose power rises from below,

- and extends over the vast reaches
of the earth and the seven seas.

We beseech you to grant our wish.

So that we may serve you.

Sergeant, this is a surprise.

Miss Newman, there are some more questions.

You know more about Neal Mottram,
much more than you've told me.

I'm going to get the whole story.

Now just clear your head
and think back.

You told me you hadn't
seen him in three years.

- That's right.
- When did you first meet him?

Actually, it was a pickup in a pub,
in Piccadilly.

Oh, nothing vulgar.

I don't go for rough trade.

And after we'd had a few drinks
I asked him to give me a lift home.

- And at the door, he asked me for a date
and I said yes.

- Where did he take you?

That's all?

The first time, yes.
Oh, he wasn't the pushy sort.

After a while we did get quite...chummy.

- How long did that go on?
- About six months.

- Why did you stop seeing him?

He had weird ideas of entertaining.

His idea of a good night out
was to take me to a coven.

You know, all those crazy
witches and things.

- Frightened me out of my wits.

And I suddenly realised that
he was all involved with this

- Black Magic.

- He tried to get me involved as well
but I just thought it was ridiculous

- and I told him so.

- Witchcraft isn't my cup of tea.

I didn't want any part
of those kooks!

- What went on at those sessions?
- Oh, they were wild!

In the woods, flaming torches...

And a fellow all dressed up as a
High Priest

- with big devil horns.

- well, then they suddenly brought
in a young girl

- and started talking a lot
of mumbo-jumbo about

- being offered as a human sacrifice.

- Now repeat after me...

Alladino, osofano, sacramonto.

Witches of the night...

The fact that Mottram is tied in
with Black Magic is very significant.

There's no law against witchcraft.

If people think they can fly on
broomsticks, nobody can stop them.

I know that, but
when there are ritualistic killings,

- when there are human sacrifices,

- it certainly adds up to murder.

I admit we haven't proved it yet, but now
there's something concrete to go on.

We've connected Mottram with Black Magic.

Three women have been murdered
in the last eight weeks.

We've ruled out rape and robbery.

Two have been fished out of the water
and one was found on the lawn of her home.

Each a victim of strange mutilation.

They look like ritualistic murders,
and in two of them, as we know,

- Mottram's name has come up.

Hey, Ronnie, look, I think
you've got a new admirer.

He's been staring at you
ever since he came in.

- He looks absolutely bewitched!
- I wish he'd go to hell!

- I think he's trying to pick you up.
- I bet.

You can never tell about
these businessmen.

By day the executives rattle
around their plush offices

- shouting orders, frightening
the poor secretaries,

- and by night they let their hair
down and become screaming queens!

- Not this one.
- Not this one?

He's coming over!

Finish your drink.
I want to talk to you.

What do you want from me?

First I'll tell you what I don't want,
and that's a lot of palaver and lies

- about your boss.

- I've already told you what I know.
- Not all of it, Ronnie.

- Yes I have.
- Don't play games with me!

You tell me the truth
or I'll knock it out of you.

- You've no right to push me around like that.
- Don't tell me what to do.

I want to know about Neal Mottram
and his Black Magic.

- How deep is he in witchcraft?
- I don't know what you're talking about,

You're a stinking liar!

You call yourself his associate,
you live in his flat.

You must share his secrets.

Has he ever taken you on
one of those visits to the

- Prince of Darkness?
- Never!

All I know about is my work
at the shop.

- Buying and selling.
- Don't give me that.

- You tell me the truth about Mottram.
- I've given it to you!

Ronnie, it seems I'm not
getting through to you.

Well, we'll just have to start
all over again.

I can't stand it, Neal.

The way they questioned and slapped me.

He nearly choked me to death.

I tell you, this Sergeant Wall
is on to you!

He knows you're into Black Magic.

One more day and I'll make
a run for it!


Run away into the arms of the police!

don't you understand, Ronnie,
that's what they are hoping you'll do?

Run, and you play their game, now!

How can I awake your senses?

Ronnie, Black Magic is no crime.

Thousands and thousands of people
practice witchcraft.


Even if they can't prove anything
I'm still scared.

It just doesn't make sense.

What doesn't make sense?

The fix we're in.

You've just come into a
bloody fortune in cash.

More money than we've ever dreamed of.

With the sale of the house
nearly sixty thousand pounds!

We could close the shop.

Get those damned buzzards
off our backs.

Enjoy life. Feel safe.

You forget one thing, Ronnie.

Who made that fortune possible?

Oh yes, we can run away from the
police but never from Chuku.

As long as we serve him we are safe.

- He will always protect us.
- How?

- On whose terms?
- You know the answer to that.

That means what it's always meant.

Sacrifice. Reward.

Then another bloody sacrifice!

- When does it all end?
- Never.

- Is this Sally?
- Yes.

I've seen your advert and I
would like to come in for a treatment.

Could I have you address please.

- Can I know to whom I'm speaking?
- This is Mr. Lombardi.

Peter Lombardi.

Mr. Lombardi, were you referred
or did you read my notice?

Yes, on the board in Soho.

- I would like to call on you.
- Oh, very well.

The address is 214214 Aislinn Place.

It's Flat 5, on the second floor.

- ...14...

Aislinn Place.

- When are you thinking of coming?
- This afternoon.

In a hurry, are we?

Oh well, I can understand that,
but we better make an exact time,

- because you see, the kind of massage
that I give is rather popular.

- It's quite electrifying, in fact.
- Yes, I'm sure.

- Two o'clock all right?
- Yes, two o'clock will be fine.

Oh, but you better be prompt, because
no matter how much time you use up

- I always charge the full hour.

Of course, some gentlemen
are faster than others,

- but you can have from two till three.

Thank you very much.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Two till three.

Neal, are we having lunch together?

No, I've something more important
than food on my mind.

Go anywhere you wish.
It's Sunday, you're on your own.

I'm busy.

What are you up to?

Another sacrifice for the hungry Chuku?

Follow him.
I'll keep an eye on the shop.

- Hello Ronnie.
- Hi Jane.

- What shall you have?
- I'll have a scotch. A large one.

- Anything happen?
- No. Nobody came out here.

Right. I'll report to Sergeant Wall.

Jane, I'll have one more. Double.

What's it your birthday?

- Who is it?
- Mr. Lombardi.

Oh, I'm Sally.
Do come in.

I do hope you don't mind
me asking, but

- I always wait for the party to
identify themselves.

That way I can be sure.

Oh, we are prompt, aren't we?

Right on the dot.

You did warn me to take
advantage of the full hour.

Yes. good shopper, are we?

I like to get my money's worth.

You will. You will.

Come on sit down,
and talking of money...

As you were. You know I never
speak about it on the phone.

It's not elegant.

- Not very discreet.
- It's not discreet either.

But of course
we can talk about it now.

Mind you it does depend
what you want.

Some of my clients require more

- special treatment.

A few of them takes both of us.

- Oh?
- I'm referring to my flat mate, Myrtle.

Of course, if you're one of those
foreign kind, you'll have to wait.

'Cause she's out at the moment
visiting a sick friend.

- She'll be back at three.
- Oh I don't think we'll require

- any help from Myrtle. I'm sure
you can handle things by yourself.

Of course I can.
I've never had any complaints.

Come on. This way.

Look what we have here.

Ultra red lamp, double voltage vibrator,
nerve point penetrator.

Muscle soother.

You name it, we have it.
You need it, we use it.

Well, hmm?

Well, now that you've shown me what
you can do, how much do you charge?

Looking at you I'd say, Swedish
massage just for a general tone up.

Followed by double voltage vibrator,
guaranteed to make a new man of you.

Comes to twenty pounds.

It isn't very much, considering.

I like to get paid in advance.


That's it. Now, take your clothes off,
lie on the couch and let's pretend

- you're at the doctor's, hey?

- You going to have another one, Ronnie?
- No, I've had enough.

I've really had enough!

Mr. Lombardi, look at you.

Still dressed?

I didn't think you were
the bashful kind.

Perhaps it wasn't a massage
you came for, eh?

Look what we have here!

I mean, if you're on the kinky side.

Oh, we have everything
for your pleasure.

You're right, Sally.

I didn't come for a massage.

Oh, you are a soft one, aren't you?

Here's your you required.

I'm so sorry I pushed you.
Rude sod!

Rude bastard!

- How far did he go?
- Down to the corner pub.

Knocked back quite a load.

He had three doubles while
I sipped half a pint.

- Calling car K3. Calling car K3.
- Car K3, Wilson speaking.

- This is Sergeant Wall.
Another girl has been murdered.

- We're on our way to Mottram's shop
and we're bringing armed men.

- Do not attempt to enter.

- Wait for our arrival. Over.
- Message understood. Over and out.


- Bastard!
- And you're stark, raving mad!

Bloody bastard!

Anyway, your bloody Chuku
won't protect you any longer.

The police are onto every move you make!

Give me that!
Give me that!

You’re insane to think that you
can keep getting away with murder!

I'm putting an end to this devil!

- Bastard!
- No!

Sacred Chuku, I humbly beseech
your protection.

- Where's Mottram?
- He's inside.

Get in the back door.

Get this door open, Constable.

Come on!

Mottram, open up.
Open this door.

Open this door or we'll break it down.

- Stand back all!

Stay back, you!

You son-of-a-bitch!
Stay back or...

- I'll chop you in half.

Stay back.
Stay back!

Stand back. Back!

Back, or I'll let it fly!

Stand back! You can't hurt me.
Stand back!

Come on Mottram, you bloody lunatic.
Drop that axe!

Don't come near me. I'll let it fly.
You can't hurt me!

It's you last sacrifice.