Crayon Shin-chan: Shrouded in Mystery! The Flowers of Tenkasu Academy (2021) - full transcript

When the five visit a private academy Kazama is attacked. He is left with reduced intelligence and strange bite marks. Now available on DVD and BluRay in Japan in the original Japanese audio.

Why is this happening?

Kazama Toru.

I'll grant...

...your wish.


Crayon Shin-chan the Movie!

School Mystery!
The Splendid Tenkasu Academy

The Super Star you have

Is also Super Star to me

Everyone is Super Star

So everyone is
Super Star to everyone

Realize it already,
Super Star

Tomorrow will shine,
Super Star

Everyone is
everyone's Super Star

You're powerful

You're smart

You're good-looking

You're kind to everyone

Good at singing,
good at drawing

Never give up
until the very end

The world is definitely running
thanks to all these guys

Don't focus on things
you can't do

There're things only you can do

So think highly of yourself

Have unwavering confidence

You're like a diamond,
shines when polished

It can't start without you

In this space called Earth

Everyone is a hero,
Super Star

We are Super Star

Everyone, Super Star

Leader, Hero

We go, Super Star

Are you Super Star?

Where did it go?

My new Action Kamen underwear!

You're still not changed yet?!

The bus is coming.

I know!
The criminal is...


My underwear is so cool
that Mum couldn't help it.

Let me try it on.

I've seen through you entirely!

Come clean!
Big Butt Misae!

You decorated it
yourself last night!

That's right.

You get influenced too easily.

Alright. I've finished
checking the luggage.

Thank you.

Kasukabe Private Academy
of World Unification.

Known as Tenkasu Academy.

The super elite elementary-middle
boarding school.

Himawari! Your big brother
might become an elite, you know?

I'm becoming Deniro?
-It's elite.

Elites are people
who are specially chosen.

Earning tons of money,
being super popular,...

...and laughing in their dreams!
-Laughing in dreams.

Tons of money.
Super popular.

Laughing in dreams.

There's no way he'd become an elite
in just one week of shadow visit.

Children grow up fast, you know?

That's right.
I'll grow big before you know it.

Just like Mum's butt.

Would you get
prepared already?!

how do you feel now?

Really, really heavy.

Wet wipes are needed too.

Also, bug spray!

Canned emergency food
and water, just in case.

It's just a week, you know?

Here it comes.
Bus from Tenkasu Academy.

Where's the driver?

What's this?

Nice to meet you.

I'm the central AI of
Tenkasu Academy, "Otsumun".

I'm here to pick up
Shinnosuke Nohara.

Is the car self-driving too?

Is that safe?
-Please rest assured.

I never make wrong
decisions on anything.


Hey, Kazama-kun.

Wait a sec!

Jeez, what else?

Mum, I can't breathe.

Because you'll be gone
for a week.

Go have a good time!

Call us
when you feel lonely.

Good grief, you're all making
a big deal out of this.

Take care of Shinnosuke.

Oh, okay!

Okay, don't forget
to take baths,...

...brush your teeth,
and wipe your butt!

See you next week.

There he goes.


Tenkasu Academy is
a super elite school...

...where cutting edge
technology is adopted.

You should thank me for
applying for you guys.

A group of 5 people is
required to participate,... we're here
to do you a favour!

Well, that's not important.
Right, Shinnosuke?

I want this teacher to
teach me all sorts of things.

What do you think?

She looks a bit gloomy,
but kind as all.

Hey! What are you making me say!
-They're getting all excited.

Masao-kun, are you okay?

Homesick already?
Pull yourself together.


Our youth is starting
from now on!


Bittersweet love!
Enthusiastic friendship!

Endless dreams!
The shiniest time of our lives!

That's youth!

Sounds kinda nice.

Right? We have to enjoy
every moment of it!

Nice! Really nice!
Let's celebrate youth together!

Kasukabe Defence Force!
Youth, fire!

Do it with me!

Please wait here.

This is impressive.

Good morning!

Good morning!

From Tenkasu Academy Middle
School Department, 2nd year!

I'm the Student Council
President Chishio Azuki,...

...and I'll be
taking care of you!

Student Council President?

But my Dad has been
the section head for years!

That's nothing to be proud of,
and stop that!

I'm sorry about this idiot.
-I'm Shinnosuke Nohara.

Nipple to meet you.

I'm glad you're all cheerful.
Now, let's go!

-I'm the first.

I'll be the first!


Welcome to Tenkasu Academy!


Change into uniforms before
meeting the headmaster, okay?


So this is Tenkasu Academy.

Am I cute?

The uniforms suit you
really well, everyone.

Hi, hi!
Sorry for keeping you wait!

I'm the headmaster of...

...Kasukabe Academy
of World Unification,...

...Mukumi Fukurahagi!

We're from Futaba Kindergar.....
-That's not necessary!

In any case!
Put on these!

What's this?
-These are elite point badges.

You've studied a lot!


Granting elite points.

You get 1,000 points
when you enrol.

That's the first step to an elite!

We use point system
at Tenkasu Academy,...

...which is developed by Otsumun,
an educational AI that I produced.


Public entertainment!


Elite conducts and grades
of every student... instantly
quantified by Otsumun,...

...and their points
are increased.

Our school has
top-tier facilities!

A broad court that's
fully air-conditioned!

A freely accessible
supercomputer room!


And also! Library!

Well, now that
everything is digitized,...'s extremely
inefficient, though.

Do you like Tenkasu Academy?

It's too huge and
it makes me tired.

Hey, where's my beauty teacher,
Mr. Cute Butt?

Cute Butt?

-You should watch your mouth.

Your eyebrows are impressive.

That's not elite.

Good morning.
-Good morning.

Everyone is
an excellent student, but...

...if anyone breaks
the school rules...

...or has corrupt behaviours.....

Hey! Say you're sorry!

It was your fault
to not pay attention!

What did you say?!
-Let go!

Not elite.

Fighting is
the most useless and...

...inefficient way
of solving problems.

Their points are reduced.

And then, students stop fighting,
and the academy is so peaceful.

I see.

Just like this,
students are guided by Otsumun.

They can feel relaxed
and become elites.

Now, let me show you
the elite among elites,...

...who has the most points.

This is the super elite class that
Tenkasu Academy takes pride in!

Class Sky!

This is the classroom?

This is the class of students...

...who have more
than 20 million points.

20 million?

Everyone keeps getting
excellent grades in their fields.

This class specializes
in offering education...

that develops their talents,...

...regardless of
what grade they're in.

Good morning!
You look elite like always.


Babysitting again?

It's so busy as
the Student Council President.

-This person is in Class Sky too?

They can understand each other.

What's with this little kid!
He's so hilarious!

Student Council President!

I believe this is
not your classroom.

Oh. I'm guiding the children
who're here for shadow visit now.

Sasuga-kun has
the most elite points!

He has 100 million points!

100 million?
-How much is it?

One, zero, zero,
two, eight.....

100 million is
just 100 million.

How did you get so many points?
-I'm just living like normal.

Like normal?
-Study like normal.

Get full scores in
every subject like normal.

Always act 10 minutes
in advance like normal.

Keep things clean like normal.
-That's normally impressive.

Sasuga-kun is
the pride of Tenkasu Academy.

Please keep up the good work.

Please stop this, like normal.
-Sorry about that.

What's with that eye?

Oh crap!
My eyelash came off!

Jeez, such a buzzkill.

Wearing makeup is
against the rules!

Not elite!
-Otsumun, you're so annoying.

But you lost points.....
-Ageha-san has 90 million points.

2nd place in the academy.

I easily won
the championship of...

...maths academia contest
and eating contest,...

...and also won the
World Jr. Fencing Championship...

...twice in a row.

Even if I lose some points
due to wearing makeup,...

...I'm still elite
if I earn a ton, right?

Well, you're right.

My nail!

It comes off so easily!
Such a buzzkill!

So there're all kinds
of people.....

That's Chishio-chan.

Champion of
World Marathon Race.


So you're a track
and field athlete.

I already quit.

I injured my foot.
I can't run anymore.

That was so unfortunate.
She was in Class Sky before.

What about now?

This class!

So lively.

This is the class of students
with minus points.

Known as "Class Scum".

Wow, seriously! The headmaster!

So rare.

Yes, down.

Little children!

Wait a sec,
what's up with your height?

So hilarious!

This photo is super!

I stepped on
the grass this morning!

I didn't flush the toilet
after using just now.

You're amazing!

They're proud of
doing bad things?

They're living
their lives negatively.

You're the Student
Council President, right?!

Yes. But I'm poor at
everything besides running.


In fact,
the Student Council President... just a choreman.
They made me do this.


But everyone in Class Scum
is rather kind.

Hey, what does this say?

Nice to meet ya!
-The same to you.

Well, you get scums in any world.

Oh, sorry about that.

-What is it?

Is it true that if we earn
lots of elite points...

...during this shadow visit,...

...we can enter Tenkasu Academy?

Yes, that's true.
And as special students.


Well, do your best.

I'll leave the rest to you,
Student Council President.

-Goodbye, deer poop.


Not the right ones this time.

Hey, what are special students?

Oh, special students
will be given priority... enrol in Tenkasu Academy!

So everyone,
let's gain elite points.....

Wait, Bo-chan?

3 o'clock.
-But it's still morning.

That clock tower is broken.
You mustn't get close to it.

It's haunted by a vampire!


What's more,
the vampire doesn't suck blood.

It sucks butt!


You don't suck a butt,
you show it!

Don't show it!
You'll lose points!

The class is starting!


Good morning, everyone.

Good morning!

I'm the homeroom teacher,
Sumiko Wakino.

If you have any questions,
ask Otsu.....


Please tell me how to stop
this pounding heart of mine!

If possible,
let's do it after school...

...with just the two of us.

Hitting on the teacher,
not elite.

What are you doing, Shinnosuke!

Get back to your seat, okay?

Now, let's start the lesson.

What about Sumiko-sensei?

Otsumun is in charge
of all the lessons.

I want to learn
from Sumiko-seni!

Stay quiet, okay?

The first lesson is English.

Here's a question.
How do you say this in English?

Mr. Masao.


Mr. Kazama?

That is an apple!
That looks so delicious.

What an elite answer.

-Kazama-kun is good at English.

I can do it too!

That's a giant old woman,
isn't it?

How dumb.

Walking around during class
is not elite!


And you're not elite
for watching and laughing.

I'm sorry.

But I tried so hard to
increase it just now.

Next question.
What is he doing?

He is eating breakfast!

-He's working so hard, huh.

Next question.

This is an orange!

I'm so hungry!
-I'm digging in!

Somehow Kazama-kun's
looks more luxury than ours?

Because I earned quite
a lot of elite points.

So our lunch changes
according to our points.

Look at Class Sky's lunch.

It's French cuisine!

That's almost like
eating in a restaurant.

-Hot pot?

They say it's the special lunch
for the student in 1st place.

It's nice being elite after all.

Speaking of which,
where are our lunches?

So weird.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you!

Those with low points
come this way!

When you have low points,
you have to get your lunch here!

The most popular one
is the symbol of youth!

Fried noodles bread!

I love fried noodles bread.

I can't do this.

Masao-kun, Shin-chan!
Are you okay?!

I got it!

Action Rolling Thunder!

Fried noodles!

Got it!

We did it.

I'm happy we got
fried noodles bread,...

...but also, I haven't had fun
like this for a long time!

Hey, hey!

You've got
some good stuff there.

Hand over the bread.

You two!

This is a lesson for you!
The lesson of the harsh reality!

Hey, let go!

-Darn you!

You told me to let go.


Forget about me, just run!

Chishio-chan has injured her foot,
so she can't run!

I see.

Hand over the bread!

Thank you!

The fried noodles are gone?!

So tasty.

Fried noodles bread
without fried noodles... nothing but bread!

Because you told me
to hand over the bread.

How dare you mess with me!
-Stop it!


Who are you?

The 33rd ringleader
of Tenkas Academy,...

...Taro Hankokikire.

Threatening and
robbing the weak... against
the rules of Class Scum!

We're terribly sorry!

Why do you wear this thing?

What the heck are you
doing to our leader?

Blackmail and fighting!

Not elite.

This little fly is so annoying.

The 33rd, you say.

It is said that the iron mask
has been passed down... every ringleader
of Tenkasu Academy.

That's so cliche.

Goodbye, sensei.

Okay, goodbye.

I want to stay
for more lessons!

With only the two of us.

Go to the dormitory already.

So hasty.


See you, see see you.

It finally started!

-Our youth!

Are you okay?
-It startled me.

You startled us!

This is art.

Because art is
a hobby of elites too.

Oh, so cool!
-This is amazing!

So realistic.
-Looks as if it'll move.....

Like I said, it's just art.
There's no way it'd move.....


This is not food.

Here you are, everyone!

Jeez, I had a hard time
looking for you!

That person is.....

Oh, she's Roro,
president of Biology Club.

She loves living
creatures and nature,...

...and lives in this forest.

They say that
she doesn't like human.

So she's a wild shut-in.
-That's not quite right.

how many croquettes do you.....

I see.
Your big brother is not here.

-Oh, Kazama-kun's mum.

So Kazama-kun is taking
elementary school exams.

Seems so.

And Tenkasu Academy
is one of his choices.

Elementary school.
They won't be together, huh.

Perhaps only now.

They can still get along
and be together.

Speaking of which,
it's quiet here.

I wonder if Shin-chan
feels lonely now.

Stop acting like kids
and go to sleep already!

You'll lose elite points!

They say that in
private places like...

...dormitory rooms and toilets,
Otsumun is not watching!

Even so,
we have to get up early.....

Well, my butt slipped.

Now you've done it!

With a noble ambition

Blink our dignified eyes

Let's build
governance of the world


Stepping on
the numerous cornerstones

Kasukabe Academy
of World Unification!

Have you finished it, everyone?


Action Kamen, complete!

We worked really hard.

Looks like we'll get lots
of elite points from this.

You said it was childish, though.

Look carefully.

I wrote the kanji of "Kamen".
How amazing is that?

Not elite.

You wrote "Itamen".

You got the wrong kanji?
-Kazama-kun, what a mistake.

Action Itamen!

Oh, Itamen, Itamen.

I heard that Masuo-kun
turned into a urchin last week.

The vampire again.

I'm so tired.

What shall we do
before dinner?

Let's preview!

What's that?
-Studying for tomorrow's lessons!

We're just here for
a shadow visit, you know?

All the more reason to do so!
The headmaster said so too!

Even if it's just a shadow visit,
we can enter Tenkasu Academy...

...if we earn lots
of elite points!

And then.....
-Look at that!

-That looks so fun!

Let's go!

Kazama-kun, what were you
trying to say just now?

Nothing really.....

Something troubling you?

Judging from your expression,...

...I believe something
is troubling you.

You want to become an elite?

So you want to become
an elite, right?

I do.

There's no shortcut to elite.

But there's a secret path to it.

Secret path?

I know a secret trick
to easily earn points.


I'll tell everyone else too!

You can't do that.

I can only tell
an excellent student like you,...

...who's worrying.

Only me?

Go, go, let's go!

Toru Kazama-kun.

Worrying is a waste of time.

If you decide to take
the secret path towards elite,...

...feel free to ask me anytime.

Don't raise your chin.

Wave your arms with
the correct posture.


I hate running.

Hey, Kazama-kun.

This'll make it easy.

Dangerous behaviour.

What are you doing?
Come down already!

You'll lose elite points again!

Out of control!


Discharge means to
release electricity...

...that has built up.

What are you.....

Don't come this way!

Oh, Sumiko-sensei.

Let go of your hands!

No way!


Are you okay?


-Don't call me "Nohara-kun".

Call me "Shin-chan" instead.

Property damage,
going berserk in school,...

...and disturbing lessons.

Not elite!

Let's work hard again tomorrow!

If you look at crabs
while eating the crust,...'ll taste like crab!

You're right!

Perhaps I'm a genius.

-Jeez! Everyone!

Let's study hard!

This is a place for
becoming elites, you know?

But we're just here
for shadow visit.....

Like I said!
If we get good grades,...

...we can actually
enter this academy!

Let's work hard together!

I'm tired of
this place already.

I want to go home
and watch Action Kamen.

Stop speaking
like a spoiled kid!

Isn't Toru-chan
a spoiled kid too?

Give it back!

Kazama-kun wants
to go home too, right?

Chocolate biscuits?
You can't bring sweets here!

Mum put it in secretly.

As expected of my mum.
Do you want some too?

That's enough!

Don't bring such a thing!

That's rude, Kazama-kun!

Who's the rude one?
-Both of you, stop!

My mum doesn't break rules!

Your mum is
just good for nothing!

It's true that
my mum has a fat belly,...

...has constipation,... a disorganized and
lazy big-butt old woman,...

...but she's not good
for nothing at all!

It's your fault.
It's all your fault.

You're bothering me!

You're the one
who took me to such a place,...

...and you're bothering me too!

Don't get in the way
of my elite life!

Elite and
all that is so boring!

You boring phantom Kazama!
Action Beam!

Just keep fooling around
like this all your life!

I'm done being your friend!

No problem!
We're parting ways today!

I feel refreshed now.

I hate you!
Get away from me!

You're out so late at night.
What's wrong?

I want to become an elite.

Please tell me
the secret path to elite.

Please come this way.


Kazama-kun is gone!


Let go!

-Perhaps he's in the toilet?

He's not in there!
-We have to tell the teacher.



Let's tell the teacher!

Wait, everyone!


His butt.
There're holes on his butt!

He's dead?


I'm still alive!

-Thank goodness!

Hi, everyone on Earth!
Good morning!



He's not his usual self.
-Kazama-kun became an idiot?

Do you remember us?




-Bingo! Bingo!

Kazama-kun would
call me "Shinnosuke"!

So, you're a fake, huh!
-I'm Toru Kazama, 5-year-old!

I like adding a whole
spring onion into my Natto.

Just as I thought.


Vampire, you say.

That's just a common
ghost story in the school!

Otsumun concluded so!

Did you just say "Ketsu"?
Butt? Ketsu?

I saw the vampire!

It was night, so I couldn't
see it clearly, but.....

On the next day,
Suzuki-kun of Class Scum...

...was found turned
into a urchin.


Welcome ho-melon.
I'm ho-mango.

Elite! Elite!
Butt dumpling!

We should call the police.
-No, no, no!

If people outside the academy
know such a stupid story,...'ll hurt the reputation
of Tenkasu Academy!

Just because of that.....
-That's enough!

Gold bollocks.
-Jeez. This happens a lot.

Losing to the pressure of
having to become an elite,...

...and also losing
one's mental balance.

He was weak.

That's all.

That's not true!
-Right! Right!

Kazama-kun is a spoiled,
short-tempered show-off...

...who always tries
to make him look good!

You're not helping!
-Nah, I'm not that good.

We're not praising you.

-Who?! Who did a silent fart?

So it's you?

His butt.

I know!

The criminal of
the silent fart is...


What did you say?

How did you know that?

This silent fart
smells a bit like flower.

It's the same smell as the tea.

That's just a coincidence!

Also, you moved your butt a bit
just now, didn't you?

Mum always does this trick.
But it was so obvious.

So you did
the silent fart, right?

It just came up suddenly.

I'm so sorry!

Hey, what are you making me do?
-Impressive reasoning skill.


I would like to establish
Kasukabe Detective Club...

...with these children!

Detective Club?

With these
open-minded children,...

...perhaps we can solve
the vampire incident!

What can kids do?

We did find out
the cunning adult...

...who tried to hide
his silent fart, though?

If that's the case,...

...I permit the establishment
of Kasukabe Detective Club!

Starting today,
this is the clubroom of...

...Kasukabe Detective Club!

Looks authentic.

The atmosphere is perfect too!


Jeez, it's a lot of trouble
to have an idiot here.

Yeah, you're right.


My reasoning skill
that's trained by 2-hour dramas.

Finally, it's time for me
to demonstrate it!

Let's avenge Kazama-kun!


Let's sol-butt
the vampire incident!


The word is "solve" though.

They say that criminals will
return to crime scenes, so...

...let's examine the scene first!

All victims were afflicted
at the top of this clock tower.

Perhaps the vampire
took them here.

Let's ask the victim himself.



That's probably a shoebill.

They seldom move.

I don't even know
how to react to him.

You're right.

Kazama-kun collapsed here.

Kazama-kun was all wet.

Did it rain yesterday?

No, it was sunny.

Maybe he wet himself?

No, his whole body was soaked.

The clock rang too, right?

But it should be broken, right?

Yes. They've decided
to demolish the building,... usually nobody can enter.

Kazama-kun collapsed
in this posture!

Shin-chan, you don't have
to show your butt.

What's this?

Two butts?

Perhaps we should
read it this way.


It was written with a pencil.

It's a dying message!

Dining massage?
-Dying message!

Kazama-kun used this last power
to leave this clue!

He's still alive, though.

Did you write this, Kazama-kun?

-Just as I thought!

What does it mean?


He ran away.
-He must've had it rough.

But looks like it was
definitely written by him.

It definitely means something.


And the tooth mark on his butt.

I know who the criminal is!

Look, that person.
That iron mask!

He's the 33rd ringleader!
He's got jagged teeth,... he must've bitten
Kazama-kun's butt with those.

The ringleader is the vampire!

If I infiltrate and find evidence
that he's the criminal.

I see.

How is it?
-No way, no way, no way, no way!

We're leaving this to you,

This is for Kazama-kun, right?

You scums!

I'm Masa, the Onigiri!

Come at me!

The heck is your problem?

You sure got some guts.

Will he be fine?
-Don't worry.

He might not look like it,
but he's quite playful.

I'm curious about
one more thing.

Roro-san lives here.

I see!

If you write "Roro" in Hiragana,
it'll look like "33".


What, what, what?
Don't come!

There you are.
I need to check your tooth mark.

Would you bite here?

Don't feed him weird things!

There's something
we'd like to ask.

Where were you
last night, Roro-san?

-Were you with someone else?

With him.

We're looking into
the vampire incident.

I'm not interested.

She's a wild elite.

Roro-san is famous
for being a weirdo.

It seems that
the headmaster wants to...

...shut down
Biology Club, though.


This is the class for
those who became urchins.

This many?

Suzuki-kun was in Class Scum.

Masuo-kun was
an excellent student,...

...but he had a hard time
gaining elite points.

So all victims had been
troubled by their points.

And also.....

Everyone was bitten
on their butts.


We found a mistake
in the test questions you've made.

I'm sorry.

Leave everything regarding
education to Otsumun!

That's the policy of
Tenkasu Academy, isn't it?

I'm sorry.

Wakino-sensei was a teacher
of Middle School Department.

Since Otsumun was adopted,
she hasn't been able to teach.


For now,
the suspects include...


The "33" Kazama-kun wrote
might be Roro-san's name,...

...and we saw lots of animal
tooth models in the clubroom.

Perhaps she made the weird lizard
bite Kazama-kun!

That's not a weird lizard!

That's Komodo Dragon,
or Komodo Large Lizard!

Even if she's got tooth models,
it's not evidence.

What's more, Roro-san is
enjoying school life,... she has no motive
for committing crime either!

What's wrong, Bo-chan?
-You're speaking unusually fast.


If Kazama-kun's message
is "thirty-three",...

...that'll make
the 33rd ringleader suspicious.

There're teeth on
his iron mask too.

Speaking of suspicious,
there's one more person!


The most ordinary person
can be the criminal!

This happens a lot in dramas.

What we know is that,
Kazama-kun was attacked... someone last night
and turned all wet.

Using his last power,
he left a dying message.

He's still alive.

If only we can figure out
the mystery of his message.....

Shin-chan, you got any idea?

I got it!

Let's ask the person in 1st place
about difficult problems!

So you're leaving it to others!

Kasukabe Detective Club?

Yes. We're looking into
the vampire incident,...

...and we're thinking perhaps
you'll figure something out.

Former popular athlete
of track and field... now playing detective game
with kindergarten kids, huh?

I wonder if your parents,
who sent you into this academy,...

...will be disappeared
to see you like this.

You just need to run again.

So, you were asking me?
-Now, here's a question for you!

What's this?
-A message left by Kazama-kun.

Do you know what it means?


Jeez, despite being in
1st place, you don't know?

Then, I'll ask the person
in 2nd place.


As if there's any question
that I can't solve!

This is?

What, what?
-You figured out the criminal?

Not yet.
I'll look into it.

Come again tomorrow.

Looks like he'll figure out
some clue tomorrow!

-Alright, see you, see see you.

See you, see see you.


Sasuga-kun? Are you okay?
-It's the vampire!

pull yourself together!

-Sasuga-kun! Come down!

To read it backwards,...


You're in 1st place!

Pull yourself together!

I can't believe this.

We made this together.

So cool!
-I'll make it too!

Me too!

I wonder if Sasuga-kun
figured out the secret of 33.

That's why he was
attacked by the vampire.

Just what does 33 mean?

Sasuga-kun is still
in 1st place, but.....


It's only a matter of time.

The one who'll become
the 1st place next.....

You get the special lunch
if you become the 1st place.


Fried noodles bread will be
sold out if we don't hurry.

You mustn't run.

I'm not running.
I'm walking with my butt!

Fried noodles!


Dangerous driving!
Reckless driving!

Not elite!

I wouldn't become delinquent
if I'm afraid of losing points!


Fried noodles!

-The ringleader.....

That's cunning, ringleader!

Fried noodles bread.

By the way.

Masao-kun's atmosphere
changed a lot.

Oh, young lady.

Would you stop
calling me "Masao-kun"?

I am Masa, the Onigiri!

Nice to meet you!

Did you find any evidence?

Of the ringleader who keeps...

...all the fried noodles breads
to himself!

You people know nothing
about Big Bro.

Big Bro?



For those with low points in
Elementary School Department,...

...sometimes Big Bro share
the bread with them like that.

Big Bro said it.....

This academy was
once calm and peaceful.

Since the headmaster created
that elite point thing,... all became weird.

Only elites are well treated,
and the weak are treated as worms.

It's so stifling.
Everything is being broken.

But I have my will too.
I'll do everything I can.

Big Bro.

"Everything he can", you say.

So he means to
suck everyone's butt?

Of course not!
Big Bro is the man among men!

Don't you fall in love with him!


Do you need something?

Yesterday, I saw you
at the clock tower.....

What did you see?

You left the clock tower.

Were you the only one
who saw me?

Did you tell anyone?

Don't tell everyone.

Let's go to the canteen.

Could it be that
you think I'm the criminal?

What are you talking about?

You're looking into the vampire
incident, right, Kasu-lub-san?

-Kasukabe Detective Club,...

...Kasu-lub in short.
But I'm not the criminal.

You're not?
-Oh, so you are suspecting me.

Speaking of which,
Chishio is having a hard time too.

To think that she fell
from Class Sky to Class Scum.

I'd quit school if I were her.

But Chishio-chan
is injured, you know?

She says so, but it seems that
she runs secretly at night.

Please don't spread weird rumours.


That startled me.

Don't tell me.

I fell from my elite course.

Why only me?

I hate this!
I hate this disparity!

I might as well
turn everyone into urchins!

My plan to turn
all students into urchins!

Like that.

There's no way
she'd be the criminal.

You don't know that, do you?

Shin-chan, you're in charge
of investigating Chishio-chan!

Are you listening, Shin-chan?


Bo-chan, you're in charge
of Roro-san!

It's Saturday tomorrow.
Investigate carefully, everyone!

They're more capable
than I thought.

Kasukabe Detective Club.

The next prey is.....

There you are.
Chishio-chan, bite on my butt.

I'm in charge of you, so.....


Oh, Shin-chan.
-What's that?

School Withdrawal Letter.

I'm thinking about
quitting school.

Both Mum and Dad are
doing their best... pay for my tuition,
but I fell behind.

I can't run anymore,... I'm thinking
about giving up.

Oh no,
I whined to Shin-chan.

Whine all you want.

Spit your whining,
spit after a hangover,...

...and you'll feel better.
Dad said it.

Shinnosuke Nohara-kun.
Sumiko-sensei wants to see you.

Oh, Action Kamen.

The one we made.

Please hurry up.

I heard that she has
a secret private lesson for you.

Private lesson.

I wonder if they're
investigating carefully.

What's the vampire's goal?

Why the clock tower?

So you learnt my secret.


Now that you know,
I can't just let you go.

Why would you do that?

To survive.


I'm raising them here.

The headmaster would complain
if he finds out.


Now we're in this together.



I... you.

I don't like human.

Please read this
while you're waiting.

All of this?

If you don't finish this,
Sumiko-sensei won't come.





Why does the vampire
turn them into urchins?

Why did kazama-kun write 33?

I have no idea!

After all, why did Kazama-kun
use this pencil.....


Clock tower?

What's this?


This is my first time seeing
such a stupid brain.

Where's Sumiko-sensei?
My private lesson!

I want the lesson!


Lend it to me!

I know this!

Use it like this!

Switch on!



Are you crying?


Nasal mucus is
coming out of my eyes.

What's wrong?

We've been focusing on
the clock tower, but that's wrong!

The clock tower is
not the crime scene!


This is.....

I see!
That's how it is!

It was an unexpected
accident, but.....


It's finally complete!

Wait, wait!


You distracted everyone's attention
to the clock tower,...

...but the library where nobody
comes is the real crime scene!

How about that?

My reasoning skill
trained by dramas!

This is not time for boasting!







Feels good.



The clock tower.

So this is how he transfer
the victims...

...from the library to here.

To hide the real crime scene!

And this is
why the victims were all wet!




Do not approach me with that
dirty butt of yours, will you?

"Will you"?

He's not that stupid
Kazama-kun before.

He is super elite Kazama-san!

What a surprise you get when
you add stupidity to stupidity!

You won't believe that such
a stupid act that's almost silly...

...would absurdly
create a super elite!

Finally, I completed
the device that...

...can turn everyone
into super elites!

-According to my calculation,...

...this clock tower will collapse
in just a few minutes.

The babies!

You're all becoming
super elites!


You'll become our comrade.

Shinnosuke, it's good to be
a super elite, you know?

Say goodbye to your idiot self!

We're friends, right?

Stop joking,
will you, Shinnosuke?

Didn't we just
part ways a while ago?

Elementary school,
middle school, high school.

I'll walk my elite path!

I'm saying...

...goodbye to you!

A friend on a much lower level
than me is extremely useless!

I finally realized it!

You're becoming
a super elite too!

You can walk
the same path as mine.

Kazama-kun! I have no idea
what you're talking about!

After all!

An idiot won't understand
what a super elite is saying.

I'll suck your butt too!

You idiot. Stop!

Show me your face!



Shin-chan, hurry!


So dangerous.



Let's retreat for now.



The babies are safe.

Thank goodness!
Thank goodness!


The clock tower just.....

Kazama-kun and
the vampire.....

They ran that way.

Just what is that?
-Give me a break.

-What's wrong?

I'm sorry.
I can't run after all.

-I can't run.

Because I.....

I make funny faces
when I run!

Funny faces?
-What's going on?

I've always loved running
ever since I was little,...

...and I set new records
when I run in marathons.

Mum and Dad were
happy for me too.

But the faster I run,...

...people laugh at me
for making funny faces.

And they said I'm a coward
who rely on that to win.

I'm too scared to run
in front of people.

But I love running.

You run secretly by
yourself at night, right?

That's not right!

To think that you have to
give up something you love!

I'll never
give up Kazama-kun!

What's wrong?

What's that?

Hey, Shin-chan?

Shin-chan is thinking!

Shin-chan doesn't think
with his head!

But with his butt!


I know who the criminal is.

Shinnosuke isn't
calling us at all.

Is he not lonely?

But I'm so lonely, Shin-chan.

Hey, hey.

You just have to
endure one more night.

Shall we make
grilled meat tomorrow?

Sounds nice!


Your big brother is
coming home tomorrow.

About the collapse of
the clock tower yesterday,...

...we're looking
into it right now!

I'm sure you,
who are eggs of elites,...

...understand this very well!

Do not spread any weird rumours... those outside the academy!
That's the shortcut to elite!

Wait a minute!

-Kasukabe Detective Club!

-Sol-butted the vampire incident.

It should be "solve"!

What's wrong with you!
What do you want to do?

Get down!

Please listen to us!

The vampire.....
-Is among us.


The criminal is.....

It's not me.


Boob, boob.

Hey! That's.....
-Sasuga is the vampire?!

What, what?
Action Kamen!

Sasuga-kun made this.

This Action Kamen
is made by us!

Exactly the same.

If you don't know Action Kamen,
you would've imitated ours.

I imitated.

What about that?
-Please take a close look!

Ours is Action Itamen!

says Action Kamen.

He intended to
imitate exactly ours,...

...but because he's too smart,... he wrote
the correct kanji normally.

So he's just pretending
to be an urchin?

What is this?

This stuck on
the vampire's body.

Crab shell?

Only Sasuga-kun get to
eat crabs in this academy!

Crab, crab!

Even if you pretend
to be stupid,...'s all useless,
like your unwanted hairs.

The message left by Kazama-kun!


It's not thirty-three!

They're Sasuga-kun's eyes!

Kazama-kun saw!

He saw your eyes!

My butt has seen
through everything!

This is the real idiot!

The real deal is
different after all.

And one extra thing.

My kiss mark on
your butt yesterday.

Let go!


Why would you do that?


...because I... you!

What's going on?!

Others won't understand.

Being in 1st place
is all alone.

Everyone just sees me
as the person in 1st place.

And I got used to
that kind of environment too.

That's when.....

what are you reading?

Regardless of my ranking,...

...only you treated me
like normal.

Can you do this?

That was a lot of fun.

Until you couldn't run anymore
and left Class Sky,...

...I couldn't give up
no matter what.

Something troubling you?

I asked Otsumun how to help
bring you back to Class Sky.

I built a secret program that
can turn people into super elites.

Super elites?

If it goes well, you can
bring her back to Class Sky.

You'll help me, right?

Then, I started
building the device... the library
where nobody comes,...

...and spread
the rumour of the vampire... that everyone would
focus on the clock tower.

You used everyone
as guinea pigs just for that?!

Kazama-kun too!

I couldn't help it.


...I love you!

You big idiot!

Get out of my way!
This is.....

The device that
produces elites...

...quickly and efficiently,
which you requested.

I never told you to make this.

But you did.

It's still so inefficient!

I'm so sorry.

Improve the students'
academic ability more quickly!


It's your duty
to think about that!

I understand.

Quickly, okay?

You did say that.

Can you really become
an elite with this?

Of course!


Well done!

Pick up, sort, throw,
all in an instant?!

Because I'm a super elite.

Please take a look at his brain.

Oh! He's elite!
-He's super!


He wrote it without
any hesitation!

Because I'm a super elite.

Kazama-kun belongs to
Kasukabe Defence Force, right?!

Good grief.

I don't have time
for children's play.

You guys will understand too
when you become super elites.


Fighting with friends,...

...feeling inferior
to someone else,...

...worrying, suffering,
feeling frustrated.

You won't waste any time
on those useless things anymore!

You'll instantly become elites.

If everyone uses
this device too,...'ll become
the best elites just like him.


Kazama-kun is
not the best yet!

The best is the one
who gets fried noodles bread.

Fried noodles bread?

You can get those
at the store, though.

You don't know anything.

Getting fried
noodles bread is...

...far more difficult
than becoming an elite.

Don't you know, Omutsun?
-I'm Otsumun.

I'll get the fried noodles bread.

I'll be the one to get it!

I'm the super elite, remember?

And I'm Shinnosuke Nohara!

Then, if I win,...

...I'll turn all students in
the school into super elites.

Including you,
of course, Shinnosuke.

But if I win,...'re coming back
to Kasukabe Defence Force!

I shall promise you.

Okay then,
starting today at 12pm,...

...we'll be holding the...

..."Marathon of Buying
Fried Noodles Bread".

By the way,
the store has moved here.

There's no way
we'd win a marathon!

Don't worry.
Kazama-kun is also 5 years old,...

...the same as us!

He's not the same.
He is...

...Super elite Kazama-san!


That's cunning!
Only you have the robot!

It's not cunning.
This is the reality.

Those who has it
can become stronger.

We live in a dog-eat-dog world!

There's no way we'd win.

To think that
we're competing in a marathon...

...against that
robot-like thing.

Don't worry.
We'll win if we don't lose.

You're right, but.....

Are we gonna become
super elites if we lose?

I don't want that!

We have to
bring back Kazama-kun!

Maybe we don't have
to bring him back?

He wanted to become
an elite, you know?

I think he might be happier
to remain a super elite.


I have a private lesson
for you now.

I'm not mentally prepared yet.

There's something
I have to tell you.

wrote us a letter...

...when he applied
for this shadow visit.

I'm actually not allowed
to tell you this, but...

...teachers are human too.
So sometimes we make mistakes.

I would be so glad
if I could enrol at...

...your academy with everyone.

Allow me to
introduce my friends.

Bo-chan is a kind elite
who is friendly to everyone.

Masao-kun is an elite
who becomes invincible...

...when he tries hard.

Nene-chan is an elite
with rich imagination...

...who is considerate
of her friends.

Shinnosuke is an idiot who
fools around all the time, but... his heart,
he's an elite.

I am very happy
when I'm with everyone.

I want to be friends
with them forever and ever.

You have your chance now
if you want to surrender.

As if we'd do that.

They should just lose.

I want to become
an super elite too.

There's no way you'd win!
-Stop your useless struggles!

Oh, my.

We're totally left out.

These guys have no guts.

Hi, hi.


On your marks!



Go get
the fried noodles bread!


Let's win this, everyone.

Warm-up time has ended!

I thought one week
would end in no time,...

...but it actually felt longer.

I'm sure the children have
grown up more than we'd imagine.

-There he comes!

This is way
beyond imagination!

-Are you okay?

Mum! Dad!

-Hey! Wait!

What are you doing?

What on earth is going on?

I have to defeat Kazama-kun!

You understand?
-Not at all.

But you want to run, right?

You want to win, right?

For Kazama-kun?

Go for it! Shinnosuke!

Don't fall!

Let's go, pickle!

Let's do this, ferment!

Hey, pay attention
to what's ahead of you!

I don't know
what to do about him.

They're not gonna make it.

So lame!

Are you okay with it?
Your child is so still little.

Looks like he won't listen to us
even if we tried to stop him.

Everyone is laughing
at him, you know?

It happens a lot.

He's doing his best
for his friend.

I'm so proud of him.

Or rather,
I hope those who...

...laugh at others
for doing their best...

...have their heads
plucked by a vulture, right?

Well, as his parents,... matter he loses
or is laughed at,...'s fine as long as
he lives with confidence!

You're running
out of breath already?

So fast!
And so annoying!

We can't do this after all!

Don't change
your mind so quickly!

Mind-changing Onigiri huh.

Be more confident!


Jeez, you're so late.

Sorry, sorry.
-You can run now?

Yes! If I don't run
together right now,...

...I won't be able to smile
and live with confidence!

Now! We still have
a long way till the goal!

Hold onto me
if you're tired!

Are you okay?

you're the best!

Your face isn't funny at all!

Or rather.
-So cool!


What's with that face?


Behind you!

-This is unexpected, but...

...we can handle this.



That's cunning!

He's right.
Isn't that cunning?

No. Use every method
to gain success.

That's what super elites do.

That makes no sense.

What idiot created that thing?

Big Bro?

Even if others
make fun of you,... keep running
for your friend!

I really love your spirit!

We'll support you guys!
-Yes, sir!

Hey, hey!
Don't underestimate me!

Give it your all!

Big Bro!
I'll fight too!

Masao! You'll be changing
this stifling world!

You're the 34th!

The 34th ringleader
of Tenkasu Academy!

-Yes, sir!

Keep rolling, Onigiri!

I can't see!

-I don't like human.

But I like you!


Just what have I done?

It's true that
you made a huge mistake.

But you can correct it someday.

While you make more mistakes
again and again,...

...but that's what youth is.


Go for it.

Go for it.

Go for it!

Go for it!

Go, go!

Detective Club!

Let's kill it!

Why? Why would
they do useless things... cheering for them?

If we win,
everyone can become super elites!

Why would they abandon
what benefits them...

...and cheer for others?


Kasukabe Detective Club!




-34th ringleader!

Masa, the Onigiri,
will be your opponent!

Get out of our way!

You go first!


Chishio Azuki-san.

I've learnt that
you have a complex...

...about your funny face.

Chishio-chan is
not making funny faces!

She's making
her hard-working faces!

Yeah! This is me!

Me who's running with them!

I love who I am right now!

I'm so lovely!
I'm the best! I love myself!

Thank you.


Recover what's
important to you.



What the heck!

Don't you want to
become super elites?


Youth is crazy!
-Kill it!

What is youth?

Youth is.....
-Iron mask!

Youth is.....

Youth is.....

Youth is.....

Youth is.....

Youth is.....
-Honour and humanity!

Youth is.....

Youth is.....

Youth is.....
-I remember it.

Youth is.....
-Right now!

Youth is.....

Youth is.....

Youth is.....

Youth is.....

Youth is.....


Youth is.....



Don't blow on my ear!

You're the usual Kazama-kun.

Don't come!
It's all your fault!

He's back to normal.

Because of the shock just now?

I thought we could enter
the same school together!

You didn't understand at all!

We're Kasukabe
Defence Force, right?

That's just for now!

Someday, everyone will part ways!

We'll make more
and more new friends!

Do you understand?

I don't understand at all!

I only understand
what's happening now!

I guess so!

I have no idea what's going on,
but do your best!



You! Just keep fooling around
like this all your life!

You too! You should just
live arrogantly forever!

I'm fine with
staying arrogant!

I'll walk down
my elite life path!

But you can't do that
by cheating!

You cheated too, didn't you?
You idiot!

The one who says idiot
to others is the real idiot!

Yeah, and you just
said "idiot" twice!

You're the idiot!

Shut up!

I'm the first!
-I am!

Fried noodles bread!

Give it to me!

Passion as heck!


I think nothing is useless
for the children at all.

I was wrong.

Useless things are
exactly what's needed!

Whatever youth they have...

...I hope someday
they'll recall it with a smile.

Today, I'll call it a tie.

Someday, when I become
a true elite,...

...when that happens,
we'll compete again.

Kazama-kun, I'm sorry.



The fried noodles in
my fried noodles bread!

That sounds like
a huge incident!

Nah, you're the criminal!

What are you thinking?
-About the future of Japan.

As if I'd believe you!
-Well, well, calm down.

Give me a break!

Imagination can't be surpassed

That's why you should run,
without looking back

No matter
how many times you stumble

You're still yourself

Rather than putting on a mask,
take actions!


Although no dreams
won't come true

Oh, but I can't outgrow Dad

Both the friends I talk with

And the adults
who became mature

All call what

They don't know "youth"

I just love what's in vain!

I laugh so hard
that I could die

I'm sorry I wasn't
more straightforward

I just still want you

To love yourself

The promise we've made

I know we can't
keep it anymore

Even so,
I embrace my ongoing youth

And run forward!

Oh, fall in love
with what's in vain!

Laugh so hard
that you could die

I realized that
I can be honest

All I want is for you

To love yourself

Yes, in those
irreplaceable days

Are full of misunderstandings

Is that okay?

I'm old enough
to want things

That can't be
bought with money

The more I learn,
all the more I don't understand

They dance around
noisily in my head

Sadness alone
is not goodbye