Crayon Shin-chan: Honeymoon Hurricane - The Lost Hiroshi (2019) - full transcript


I accidentally pick Papa ya.

Jagain let ga fell.

You almost do Papa fell.

Sorry to interrupt.

Should "I'm home."


No need to be surprised so.

Just tried the old bathing suit,
is still not enough.

Ah ... I think in another world.

Tease ya?

But, why you swimsuit?

Hm ... Look!

Vacationing here shall we?

Honeymoon trip in Australia!

Journey eat pickles?

Yes, we both ate it together.

Nyam Nyam Nyam K

Vacationing with his mouth full.

It is not that!

Honeymoon tuh,

journey full of love
for the couple who got married.

Full of love?

Lovingly, hehe.


But the honeymoon trip right ...

How cheap!

Cooperation with the magazine,

our activities perpetuated.

It costs so much cheaper.

When there is a solar eclipse ring ya!

Against the backdrop of the eclipse,

marriage gown and tuxedo.

So unforgettable memories picture ?!

Already then, the
image is chosen to be the best partner,

10m could prize money!

Moreover, the ring eclipse, rare.

Orange eclipse?

Solar eclipse ring.

When the earth, moon and sun
in a parallel state.

causes the position of the sun
was behind the moon.

And when the moon covered the sun precisely,

The exterior of the moon
will form a circular light.

That phenomenon ring solar eclipse.

Under the ring solar eclipse.

we capture image is romantic!

Can also horrible.

Ya kan ...

Look deh!
Eclipse made wedding ring.

Could pose pairs of rings.

Well, we did this pose?

Make dong.

Kalo see bikini-clad sisters.

Want me to do well ...

But what can she carry a child?

When I ask via telephone.

Now a lot of really
who brings his honeymoon.

It is very welcome!


we had never gone honeymoon yes.

There is a desire right, but our circumstances.

Do not have a lot of money.

But now is the same.

Therefore, this time we went with yuk!

Hima bring that cute swimsuit yes!

So ya, register journey.

So dong honeymoon.

I wear this!

Do not be ridiculous!


Koalas, wallabies, kangaroos ...

Love ya comes true.

Until my wife also.


My wife.

My love.


What is it!

Honeymoon "cheap"
Papa and Mama ya!


Cheapness does not need to be included.

We enjoy the family.


Honeymoon Nohara family,
loving ...



Crayon Shin-Chan movie:
Honey Moon Full Storm - Lost Hiroshi.

Yoridori kimidori.

Suki kirai wa dame yo.

Konnani tawawani minorimashita.

Yokattara omeshiagare.


Stress MAX SOS.

Asa kara ban made iraira.

Sore nara.

Ma sukatto odorimasho.

Tobidase smile.

Atsumare mi amor.

Kinomi kino mama.

Majide sukatte? Karaburi demo.

Naitecha damedame yo.

Mou mantai one more time.

Kimirashiku are.

Hitokawa mukeba minna ...


Supposedly Shin today,
has arrived in Australia.

Can join a honeymoon trip parents,
fun deh.

Seems fun.

Ridiculous deh.

Just a fun moment really.

Maybe back in the state intact.


More details already Nene wrote,

The scenario playing household,
if interested in reading.

Thick ...

"Terror !! a honeymoon trip."

"At the beginning of the destruction of marriage."

The trip to the south of the island
in order to achieve the romance of the wedding.

But those who wait
is a harsh reality.

A husband who is not capable
beyond expectations wife.

Infidelity struck.

Step by step
closer to destruction.

Nene want to play like this?

Ih, ga want to follow!

Starring written her husband Masao name.

Do not want! Do not want!

So the point.

The honeymoon trip ...

Look at that!

... is a test of love.

Great Island Babar's Briefs,

The last place in Australia
that has not been touched.

To this day,
one at a newly discovered species.

Good smile.

Spread a smile,
come closer together.

Say happy ...

Happy in ma ...

Sorry about hima,
face Papa sinister yes.

CERAM ass anyway ...

The next pair.

We capture moments of your love.

Who are you?

Guide tours As Koktebal.

So, your face is indeed thick.

Hey! Sorry excuse me.

"Hidden bride exchanged with the man."

"At the time the sky shining ring."

Legend of gems,
which conveyed hereditary.

But it is not clear what it means.

Beautiful pearl.

Teaser emerald jewel.

Emerald Teaser?

Rare gems
that only exist on this island.

Where the original location on the island.

Many mysteries yet to unfold
from this gem.


So coveted treasure hunters
from around the world.

Rumors hell like that.

Treasure hunters ?!

What is it? Want to eat me!

Not the food.

They travel around the world,
looking for treasures.

Treasure ?!


Papa admired them since childhood.

What is there ya ...

About how expensive is that?

Judging from its size anyway ...

100 billion?


I also find a treasure!

Treasure found!

It was just a mock objects only,
not the original.

Say so.

Almost a heart attack.

Now we will go to market, come on.

To pee.

Gee, was not it already alerted to the toilet first.

Leaked! Leaking ya!

Yes Papa aids.

Where are ya?

Sorry, we soon!

Young children love to pee suddenly.

We became separated from the group.

Everywhere many foreigners.

Here, we distinguished strangers.

Wah beauty.

Hima want to see?

Hei! Shinosuke!

That way yes.

Yes ready.

Clothing treasure hunters!

Hei, Shinosuke ...

Pa, I want to play this.

Want to play!

Oh, target shooting game.

The main prize EMU.

What? Emu?

-No, that EMU.

Want this!

The second prize, treasure hunter clothes!


Main round, yes.


Shutter distinguished.

The bullet cuman 5 seeds tablets.

Ready to explore the world,
the treasure hunter.

Nohara Shinosuke tiba!

It was like finding a treasure.

Lucky boy.

Ah, do not need.

No emu! No emu!

4 others stray bullet grand prize.

Oh yes, should I namain.

Yaitu Kazama, Nene,

Bo dan Masao.

Do not be named,
later weight to give that up.

Oh, her hair loose.

Kazama comfortable ride.

More than shiro, mending emu.

Find the treasure, go!


Ah ... And treasure waiting for me?

Papa understood.

The next time we adventure together yes.


Yes, so emunya we return.

Promise me! Searching for treasure together.


Promises between men!

Yes, up!


Beautiful sister, appeared!



Ah ... bee ?!


Ah, ouch hot!

Something bad.

Greyhound! to!

Uncles mysterious masked, I am against you!

No silver bullet, hunter ...

Whip! wah!


Pmbru greyhound ka!

Containing what?

Well, 10 billion.

-Lucky boy.

Duh Shinosuke!

Wow! Lari Bo.

Emerald Teaser!

Shin, Papa saved!

Wow, Cool Papa deh!

Make way!

Stop! The emu!



Ouch ...

There mencri! Air scatter nyri!

I thought it would end.

What the heck happened?

Aku Nohara Shinosuke.

Children 5 years and full of charm.

Brother, your name?


Ah ... brother proactive deh.

Emerald Pemikatnya where?

Weight anyway,
so I left on the back of Bo.


Name one emu.

No kidding?!

Since so hunters treasure,
finding that the toughest These Emerald.

Hah, you treasure hunters?

Hard work down the drain!

During the year the expense of
time playing games, just 30 minutes a day.

Seriously annoying, annoyed ya.

This distinguished Papa admired.

Treasure hunters ...

Looks like.

Different from that envisaged.

Duh, where the hell they are.

Though told you around here.

According to legend, there is still time.

Forgive us yes.

Shin come on, Mama definitely wait.


Already yes, sister fared poorly.

No shit!

Ah bird droppings!

Ouch, my eyes hit!

Wow! Papa cheat ya!

Loving action.

Fine kah? Miss.

Remove the fool!

Rescued even so.

But, treasure hunter tuh ...

Wa! Misae!

Ja-Do not get me wrong, that was.

Forbidden to enter the area behind the gate.

Until now, 70% of the island is still occupied
by the original population is tribal mask.

They are free to come and go.

After Papa explained, so understand.

Good for you, do not get me wrong again.

"Koala Island," another name for the island.

Here, they are more than human.

Koala spend
almost all his time to sleep.

Similar behavior Mama.


There yg tau, why koalas big nose?

To throw peanuts on the nose.

Mistakenly, the nose has a sharp reply pemciuman.

They choose the food you like,
Based on the smell.

Funny behavior.

Koala manis, manis hei koala.

So wad of cotton candy.

Wild animals are not in poor skill.

Ok smile!

Say cheese!


Hey Papa.

Want a picture together?

Can be horrible!

Here it is ...


Ah cute koala! Softly-softly.

Not with a koala!

Are you ready?

Say cheese!


Duh ... Should be washed.

All this change alone.

Moreover, the opportunity honeymoon ya.

Pa, the island which was nice yes.

Yes extraordinary.

Sorry wait!


Kick a wave of fat!


Enak ya.

I'm going to try?

Not! Mama kan fat, should diet.

The couple who lovingly.

Time for the game of love.

Express your love
and to be the center of attention.



-Love you!
-Love you!

Want to try to do it as well?

can drink for free!

Free?! Come along!

My wife.

Love it! Love!

Cup cup!

Do not know tuh.

Not the time to be shy.

Expresikan love!

Free can drink the problem.

Because it is free ...

Play time is over!

Well drinking ...

So what say "love".


More stingy whom.

The puppets, making just shocked.

"Hidden bride exchanged with the man."

"At the time the sky shining ring."

If bringing the groom
to the princess.

Teaser emerald,
given as a gift.

Obviously, the groom key.

That is, a diagram of residence daughter
and trap.

Wih sadistic.

Danger if hit.

Ick ... Disgusted, could die tuh.

Fortunately find any of this diagram.

What is this!

Meow Meoong.

In fact Hunyahewa.

Sorry, can remove the rope?


Hey wait, stop.

What is this? Joke huh?

Ouch ... amused.

No ngantinpri ga!

then pegi

Not selected yes.

I have cuman comedian who vacation.

More relaxed suddenly arrested ... But tablets,

Yes overboard wrote ...

Stop! What are you doing this anyway!

Let go!

Yet eclipse tomorrow.

But the groom
has not been found.

Enjoy your meal!


Australia beef quality.

I suapin.

Atmosphere honeymoon anyway.

My wife.

Shin, do not just eat meat only.

Add the vegetables well.

I'm, carnivore.

Hima diaper change?

I help you?

No, Papa jagain Shin.

Calls "Papa" less friendly.

Ladies and gentlemen, at this restaurant.

Will start dancing competition.


Free tickets for the dinner,
while sailing.

Free? Mama's favorite words tuh.

The most distinguished dancers enliven the atmosphere,
is the winner.

Well, the dancing begin!

Duh Shiro, nari dong.



Tickets for the dinner cruise.

I won and Live the Misae.

Papa passionate smokers.

Like sexy body pretty sister?

Very like.

Misae Ah!

Enjoy narinya yes.

Ha? Last night for dinner sail ...

Stop wearing cheap excuse!

Like so, the body of a young woman.

Said he likes to mama can not.

Mama even obsessed free.

Stingy anyway.

Who also likes to be stingy!

Not easily,
manage finances that bit!

Yes! my salary slightly.

No condemnatory salary anyway.

Basic breast enthusiast!

What? I'm not fond of breast ...

Wah! Breast walk!

See! Breast crazy.

Looked as strange!

Do a little angry!

If I'm fond of
macho, muscular, handsome?

and danced with him how ?!

Do what you want.

Anyway I'm still passionate.

Loved by the ladies berbodi sexy ...

Yet this is honeymoon!


Why is it.

Ah, what the heck he wants!



Instead, lovingly honeymoon?


Struggling hard
to please Mom.



Sorry disturb your rest.

These marriage dresses for a photo shoot tomorrow.

and tuxedo.

We tried before anything appropriate.

Solar eclipse ring
starting at 12.

Please gather at 7 am,
in the lobby of the hotel.

Ah well.

Also, this activity in the restaurant last


What is this?

Tickets free dinner
while sailing.

Your husband,
showed exceptional performance.

Love, love.

Tomorrow awaited.

View Hima.

It is true.

Transparent CD boomerang attack!

Duh, arguably do not mess.

This moment of honeymoon.

Fitting back, should apologize.

Not my fault really.

Ah ... slop.


What is strong?

Of course!

Ah ninth Misae!

Brother Hiroshi!



My wife.

Time to go back.

Not little expected.

Until I realized.

Calls rang invited.

Busy on Saturday.


I realized as well.

Sigh of relief provide certainty.

Appointments at the weekend.

The surface of the night sky
reflecting yourself.

his future plans.

It's hard to fall asleep.

Love toward me.

Charm that unstoppable.

These experiences seem familiar.

The arms can be thrilling.

Ninth Misae!

Yourself and your smile
bind my heart.

No doubt.

19:01 [Ready] 19:02 [I waited] 20:10 [Ticket acceptable, excuse me] 22:12 [Now where?]
23:02 [Tell dong]

18:59 [Shin found !!]
19:00 [In the restaurant together again yes]


Papa go?

It seems lost.

For participants photo session,

The partner.

Please wait in the lobby,
is about to begin.


We find yuk.


Papa the prodigal son!

So around deh.



Alas, disappear to anyway.

What is wrong? Bloodhounds.

Tas Mama.

It's forbidden to enter the area.

Oh wait! Stop!


What sound?

Climbing up the stairs.

Ah this is our ...

Find the child's father is missing.

Aside! ritwal.


'S wedding.



Do you have a wedding ceremony yes.


I am looking for.

My husband Pliss.

Just for a second look.

Immediately go after.

We are not suspicious.

Come laugh.

Hehe, we Shinchan behind.

Papa how?

Just follow.

Her bag falls close to this area.

Papa missing around here.

Hrta pngen pngen.

Ngantinp found.

Tak lma lage nyinar!

Waktna mulha!




This wedding ?!
Really tacky.

Ah Papa found!

Eh? where eh.


Deh tasty.

So! Do not know what people worry!

The man was the groom ?!

Ill-fated sister!

I took the winter!

Napa negh ?!

Eh what ya ?!

In the future,
the treasure hunters!

Junko and bad luck.

You bring unlucky,
go there.

Misfortune has wrecked.

After my possessions were looted,
go home empty-handed there.

Mah hurry!

Papa went Slate.

I borrowed briefly.

Shin, we brought home Papa!



Wow Papa popular.



I took my bride!

Move! Move!

The bride was my share!

Buldozer Jhonny?!

Like reckless action.

Jage to pertahnkn!

Authorities rashkane!

Huh, ya!

Ha, iron?

What is this?!

The hell ?!

What is this mess!

The groom kujarah!

Hi Pope.

Sit tight!


How come.


Hey Papa!

K-heck are you doing!

Shin down from there!

I caught this use!

Tasty too ya.

Not the time for joking!
hurry back.

The bride was my share!

The names of meat from around the world!

Aussie beef.

Daging Kobe!

Kobe meat had already ...

Aussie Meat !, already too.

Ah! The tsusaka ...

Secure! Lucky!


Feel! Not lucky ...

Ouch! Why.

Bride I take it!

Hot! Hot!



Ah! it right!


Ah? Shinosuke!

Papa doing?

That question Papa!







"I'm back" distinguished.

My bride!

Cepakya! The cepakya!

My wife!

How ya.

Men's style.

Hey ladies, no matter what ...


Please help us.

Papa taken away the car.

Mama experiencing constipation.

Already nahan 3 days.

Hey, what do!

Sorry, let us go up.




We will pass the forest.

I wish to bring food and drink ...

Milk and mineral water anyway ...

There is!

Take it anyway.

I receive!


Call it the "hunter."



Brother of bad luck!

Fortunately already dimodif so amphibians.

Hehe, my decision was right.

Wow! Cool!

Numpang yes.

What? Joking deh.

There is no time for amateurs.

Impossible! Why ya ?!

Bad luck.

Modifnya ya hit 5-year installments.

Why at a crucial time like this!

Wa! No time!

Come up.

Wakti mendshak perchepat!

Shang phutri mnenndha thaekan.

Let go!

What is this! you'll do anything!

Kakhi smell.

Shangat bau.

Hey, sister fared poorly.

Stop call it.

I'm very dedicated
to get the treasure.

Treasure hunter, Indi Junko.

Wow long.

"A Treasure" including the family name?

Surnames: Indi,
name: Junko.

Why is my husband so the target?

Masa does not know the legend?


Property exchanged with dirt nose.

When the cow nose rings shine.

"Hidden bride exchanged with the man."

"At the time the sky shining ring."

Ceiling ring,
means a ring eclipse.

That brings the groom before the daughter,
will have riches, according to legend.

The groom's what they mean ...



Men with foot odor that was selected.

You will be
the groom princess.

Married with the princess.

Do not talk nonsense! I have.

Already married to me!

Tribal mask of do not care.

Hunters from around the world,
targeting the groom.

I also included.

Ring eclipse, 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Mamaku hunter also,
the reward money.

Prize money?

Dressed in orange, the taste of a wrestler.

Swaying to the photo session.


Shake shake.

Wearing dress of marriage,
when the eclipse cinin.

Family, took a romantic photo session!

It's up to me,
quickly lanjutin kayuhnya.


Quick before the eclipse ring!

We came Papa!

Daughter fuck! Offhand!

It is unclear ya, miss!

Ouch ...

I am the ruler,
the world hunting.

Great Pickle.

Submit good bride.

Or should take force.

Choose who you like ...

Chepa Chepa!

Upset! Just started!


Phembru ganggee Ganges.

Mishi nikahn rhanjut,

Pbhuru trsingkr Chepa Chepa!

Chepa! Chepa!

Hey you guys, please calm.

Quiet! Quiet!


Do not play it, come on.

There are fish tablets.

The princess tuh,
like what is it?

Reportedly the hell he cute
and once saw immediately infatuated.

After Papa so the bride,
what happened?

I have no idea.

Maybe they both live happily?

Shinchan, just calm down.

Do not make a small child restless!

Enak deh Papa.

I also want tegila-crazy
with her daughter!


What is it.

Still warm.


Cup-cup Hima.


They had not gone far.

Tu-wait a minute.

What's in it.

Mama come soon.


You know a lot of things, help us ...

No, you just slow down.

Ha? Papa tuh!


I taught one thing.

This trap is installed foot mask.

If pressed, do not know what happened.

Tried it?


Duh duh, oh ...



Fault, apologize dong.

You who begin!

Why traps ...

Tribal mask from the first,

Their livelihood,
from a gift given princess.

To monopolize the prize.

They pairs of traps
in various places.

Well, I find any lot of ya!

Do not be pressured!

In a way, I have a wife,

Children who are still small and one dog.

They are waiting for my return.

Hey hear me!

What is wrong?

Cepak! Puthi meu bhangun.

Hey! what's wrong.

The princess will be awakened.


Chang kissed.


It feels, just like diet deh ...

Toughness exciting!

Amateurs do not think much.

What is that?

Applications for these scans.

Processed using this HP.

By translating their writing.

Wih! Ya genuine treasure hunter.

That's it.

Treasure hunt,
must have expertise dong.

And what ?!

Skip rod which fish symbol.


Oh wait!

Shin tungguin Mama!

It is impossible for the mother to take the child.

Alas, I'm afraid.

Do not arbitrarily stuck!

Hima, watch mama.

Although carrying a child.

Nothing is impossible.

Do it!

Hop! Step!

No load!

Ah! shy...

Panties visible.

Oh yes! Cover with bags.

How? Mama smart right.

Your mother was always like that?


Can not praise.


Passing through the mouth instead of fish.

What will happen?

I have no idea.

-Tenggelam ya

No load!

For treasure hunters.

It does lightly.


Something bad.

The non here!

Hold this!

Megascolides worms!

Use the whip.

Oh yes.

So ya tense muscles.

Why save me?

Anyone will help those
who killed the crocodile.

And I want to catch
your ex-husband.

Still husband!

At least say "thank you"
have been helped.

Makacih much.

His way of speaking, not cute!

No need to scour
for survival.

Mama and kak Junko, Look!

Ah! Meet!



What place?

Place the princess?

Too narrow.

It looks like a bride waiting room.

Daughter residence
should further.

Prior to the daughter,
I caught first the bride!

Ah there!


Hermetically sealed,
can be crushed us.

Skip gap.

Hit by!

Exceed right!

Buriburi! Buriburi!





Pake mask ?!

Hell is this ?!

Remove the mask cheap it! Come on!

More like "Pa-flagging"
of the "Papa."

Hey Pa-flagging, where my husband!

Åke Khlean snih brrakhi.

Perspicuity speak!

Wait, he wore a translator app.

Åke Khlean snih brrakhi.

You're all going to end up here.

Ah! Mask beetle horns.

HP ku!


I am against you!

No silver bullet! Hunter...


Gymnastics flexibility!


Restore my HP!

Shiro attack!

Where is my husband! Pa-flagging! Thread!

Basic Pal Pa-wan!

Ah ... Sumaho (HP) by.

Sumaho opposite?


Suitable Vinegar?

Namasu dish.

Indians say hello?



Ouch ...

Precious treasure!


As much as anything to eat,
do not get fat!

Two egg yolks, lucky!

Stalks upright,
a sign of good luck!

The ice cream is one more prize,

Crab filled with eggs,

The grilled meat is delicious!


Sister mermaid.

Sister love to eat ...

What happened?!

Ah Shiro.

Hermetically sealed.

Right here as well.


There is no other way out?

Do not know.

Rather than have you investigated before ?!

Fault also,
easily fooled by fake husband.

Through a gap that seemed to come out ?!

Cool deh! Throw again.

One more time!

Throw it!

Not the time to play!

Sorry Hima,
we leave.

Too narrow...

Shinchan you out
and open the door.

Duh ya utilize a small child.


Shinchan, there is the door?

There is.

Like what?

Hm ... good really.

What no keyhole
or handle?

There is a round-shaped handlebar.

Stangnya Rotate to the right.

Which side will you?

Hands that hold the chopsticks!

Shin, okay?


Nemu large wood ticks.

Bukain fast!


Good boy,
still on the first yes.

Velvet tongue.

Velvet tongue.

Breastfeeding ?! Now?!

Nih precarious situation ...

Shinchan quickly go!

Wow! A new way of breastfeeding.

Style waterslide.

Hey, listen.

Help! Let me pee!

Hold! Want to.

It is impossible nahan,
was not strong.

Not strong...

Smhua berhechi!

Discard here

No. No, there alone.


From out a big ass.

Pegi shana.

To mow over with!

Oh... trims ya.

Do not peek.

Well we're out!

[At 10:42]

Need to hurry.

Do what?

The search ends.

Stuck in the middle of the woods like this,
it will be difficult to determine the direction.

There is no hope.

Do not be like that!
We're counting on you.

There's still an hour,
we were together!

On the extent of the forest? no know where.

Joking, of pursuing a false course, we played to lose direction.

Think of it,
we know the exact location of his bride.

Following just by walking,
not enough time.

Moreover, you take the child,
increased impossible.

Kak Junko.

Want to property, right?

Of course.

For a year,
prepare everything for this property.

But success is nil.

We recommend that you give up as well.

Doang year ...

Family time that we've been through,
is more valuable than what you are feeling.

It is impossible
direlakan granted.

Impossible was still chased.

Cup-cup, sorry yes Hima.


Please, can inter Shin and Hima
back out?

From here I chased alone.

If only knows the danger,
will not take them.


I also go!

I want to save Papa!

Do not!

Want to go!

Mama would bring Papa home.

Everything will be alright.

Therefore Shinchan,
jagain Hima yes.

Perpetual, jagain Mama who?

I'm going too!

Shinchan wait!

Shin Stop!


Like doing them.

They must,
want to catch up with it.

If riding it,
will be overtaken bride.

He said it is impossible?


Brkhat nhek.


Ugh ...!



Hwan ha.

Like a cat! Great.

That's it.

I'm good at imitating animal sounds.

"Actor voice impersonator"
is the name aliasku.

One more time.






Huh? Who does speak?

Kak Junko!

Do not come close!

See there, hey!

R ... Remnya?

There is no!

Like riding a roller coaster.


Landed safely.

Kazama unreliable.

Sister is a bad day.

That right?

Apparently we are passing a shortcut,



JYE to fly!

Brae creh.

Alas, they are conscious.

Misae, Shin dan Hima!

Wait yes,
Papa definitely return!


Bring spirit ...

Come on!

Berusaha Nohara Hiroshi.

You can do it.

Strict custody.

No more mistake.

After this,
there are residential daughter.

That is my husband ...

Hey sister pretty,
know where my Papa?

Shin, you're doing anyway!

Time lost,
you should ask the pretty sister.

Papa said so.

Through hard there.

Too many guards.

I chose this road.

More like the banks
of the road.

Mama did not participate?

It must follow it.


Ah ... Tight.

-Not impossible!

Definitely possible.

I'm told,
is not possible direlakan.

Stop as Mustahil.

Infants and backpacks,
carrying both impossible.

Weight! Contents What is this?

That is, diaper replacement.

Drinks, snacks
and toys if fussy.

Ah, also a power bank for HP
in an emergency.

Can reach this place
with severe congenital.


Mama train your arms,
so strong!

Silent deh!

Let's go.

Oh yes.

Aids already carry.

Makacih much.

Not cute.

Ouch ...

A bird's nest yes,



I just want to take.

I can make a roast.

Appetite office workers,
great loh!

Lying just now,
I do not like pot roast!

Stop pecking head
and hands!

What is wrong?

Shiap, pegi!


Ends if dropped.

Shinchan carefully.



Do not make the game,
let's back up.

Papa is waiting for us.

If you do not look forward to you guys?

You see,
the daughter of the rich and very cute.

he can have fun

Quite possibly the tablets,
she chose a princess.

There is ..

Unbalanced deh.

Bothered to pick up the bride,
what are the results to try?

Just to get back together?

Why not just take his money
and achieve a life that is more valuable.



Can be continued another time?

Shemu up!


I'm not a hawker satay!

If you become a bride.

To be happy,
why flee?

Was told,
I've got a wife and kids!

Married to my beautiful daughter.

Be happy,
abundant money.

To be happy,
do not need to work.

Be happy.

Be happy.

It residence of the princess.

That is the groom,
is being prepared somewhere.

Perhaps there.


Danger! They are too many.

How to avoid getting caught,
while looking for ...

I have a great idea!

Disguised as a tribal mask
with diapers!

Kunamakan drawstring operation!





Kmuh Kja ye bner.

It can be done.

The strategy here.

Towards the huge building that striking it.

After signing in and find a bride.

I distract tribal mask.

You immediately save his bride.


Then I,

Stop by the bride to the princess.

Can not be so,
should all go back to Kasukabe!

I want infatuated with the daughter.

Talk what the hell, to Kasukabe.

-Kediaman daughter!

Anyway back to the house!


A long snake.

Ring eclipse,
stay 48 minutes longer.

Chance only once.








Ah? The mask beetle!

If caught him, can be a hazard.

It certainly ...

Mother Mother.

Shh! Silence.

They're here.

ःM? Kshp!



It's done.

Attacks fresh manure baby!

See! See!

Wait Shinchan.


Pa! Let's get out of here!

I did not go back to Kasukabe.

Papa already decided,
will marry the daughter.

Moreover, he said,
the princess is so cute.

the mortgage is still 32 years away.

Weight to go back to Kasukabe.

Daughter together, can live to have fun
without having to work.

Papa promises,
will find a treasure with me.

Promises between men!

Forgive me.

Instead, honeymoon this family,
full of passionate love ?!

Return there!

This is.

Love membaraku.

Sorry, could escort them out
to the village?


On-Pope !.

The Pope ...!




Mama heard?


Mother Mother!


helped us to land properly.

But it is impossible to climb.



Help cover the ears Hima.

Sing the songs that you like.

You are also disclosed.

The masked hero, justice ...


Honeymoon trip ass!

Full of crap!

Tribal mask? Treasure?
Married with a daughter?

What? Who cares!

All nuisance! Lost keys!

Wallet fell! scattered clothes!
Damaged wall!

For the sake of this trip to dizziness,
frugality during the week!

For the sake of your family romantic photo.

Until have to diet!

Casually said
"this love membaraku."

You idiot!
No need to show off so.

Jump over obstacles,
to climb.

My body is not as strong as it was!

Own wishes!

I just want to wear a dress.

And perpetuate the family romantic photo.


Friends of justice ...

Sorry wait!

Shin, Hima.

Papa you're not a bad person.

Sure to sacrifice himself.

Papa is not possible,
say anything bad against Shin.



Our time is limited,
first find a way out.

Can not get out.

Ah! Thief!

We all will,

End here.

Why your tuxedo.


Very narcissistic.

Our camera tuh.

Hey, it could fly?

Power runs out.

All over.

No power bank in HP's backpack anyway.

Hurray! Be able to fly for a while.

You will,

By inter.

I actually ended up here.

Can fly.


But, what's the plan after the exit.

Faced with the daughter
and dialogue.

With daughter ?!

Will immediately tell you.

This man is my husband's precious.

If the daughter cancel the wedding.

Tribal mask will not mind.

Interrupting her wedding ceremony ?!


Not impossible,
For there I am!

Shin's ...
But do not do that dangerous.


If dressing like this,
will be lost daughter.

Misae, Shin, Hima.

Married with a daughter,
be happy.

Of course not!

The honeymoon is
not full of passionate love ?!


You live happily in Kasukabe yes.

Passionate love ...

Wedding rituals will begin,
this should not be.

Chang puthi tebhagun!


Do not forget me here.

Off to the wedding.

Bring back Papa!


It must change clothes anyway,
need tiara too?

Hehe, all alone.

Hold mouth tightly.

Awaited return!

Eclipse appears.

Daughter out.


Huh! Who also yg mau.

Mama see it!

Tuh sea.

Kok sea !?

Battery is dead

The battery runs out, we landed.

Princess! Exit!

There was a need to be clarified!

Ah ... And
already I tell you to go home.


Lower! Hey stop!

Smhua hlngi mrkha!

Marriage rituals will begin.

Bullies go!


It will not do.

I have to tell apology.

I want to tell also
obstacles to here.

Then come back together
to Kasukabe.

Together we laugh,

even the odds again ....

home leave would not do!

Ah ... I have
indeed unlucky.

Must meet family like you.

I get ready!

Nohara family.

Passionate love!

When I miss you.

Unexpectedly we met.

It's mysterious.

Hope that bring the magic.

I'm your opponent! Kick!

Hunters! Snake.

Led me
to be beside you.

Lajut to gymnastics.

Hurricane hunter ....!

If could be eternal with you.

The narrowness of time separating us.


Want kulampaui.

and lunge obstacle.


Hold on.



When laughing with


You are ...

My beloved cookie.


Please do not be sad.

Women are prohibited from entering,


The cries that tire you out.

Rest in a blanket at night.

I am against you!

I was revenge,
about the destruction of the HP!

Forget about looking into the past.

Fast, Now saaatnya.

Just look,

This me ...


... Be Serious.

Hold him,
Mama Papa saved.

You're my everything.

You're my everything.

You are stronger than that you realize.

No need to pretend in front of me.

My wife.

What I want
only you who is real.

The princess, on time!

Ha, daughter ...


King Koala!

She's a woman, Queen koala!

Precisely Princess Koala.

Not important showplace.

How can dialogue ?!

Koalanya aroused
because of foot odor Papa!

What is that...


Property earn!

Men's treasure bride exchanged.

By the time the sky shining ring.

Emerald Teaser apparently,
dirt koala ?!

Real! Collect!


I had arrived.

Treasure is mine!

I saw many treasures ...

I saw a treasure ...


Ha ha! Booty a lot!

What is this creature!


Shang purtri, remove it again!

Must how ya?

My, how Papa!

Most importantly,
saved Papa and go home.

Do Lari!

I'm going to save Papa!

Look here! Princess!

Hey come here.

Want to talk, come here!

That man,

Ah, he was my husband.

Please choose the la ... Koala another.

You are looking for and ...

Not finished!


Take this!

Misae! It is enough!

I will not merelakanmu.

A family home with
all Kasukabe!

Misae ...


Is Banta Papa.

It should not need to lie.

Forgive me.

Honestly want to go home, right?

Of course.

Do not forget the promise,
to find the treasure, right?

Of course, the promise between a man!

Trims Shiro.

I want to treasure other than dirt koala.


Precious treasure that it is,

Found when you realize
latent desire mu.


Something you prefer.

I like it,
as the masked hero,

Nanako Kak, Coklat Chocobi,
Kazama ...

When I became an adult.

Contemplate and find
what is dear to you.

Papa find?

It has long, Papa found.

Will not be willing ...

Ninth Misae!

Bang Hiroshi.

Brother Hiroshi!

My wife, okay?

Yes, dear too.

Excuse me, cast out and say bad.

Karena bahaya,
aku bermaksud melindungi kalian.

Yang sebenarnya ingin ku katakan...

Aku mengerti.

Aku juga harus minta maaf.

Tiket makan malam itu,
ternyata benar.

Hebat! tanpa disadari,
mereka masuk ke dalam dunianya sendiri.

Koala raksasa di hadapan mereka, diabaikan!


Aku pengantinnya Misae,

dan orang tua dari kedua anak itu.

Karena itu.

Terima ini sebagai gantinya!

Sang putri! Lagi hartannya!

Jangan rewel!

Koala manis, koala manis.

Koala manis.

Jadi gumpalan gulali!


Ngapain dia.

Dengar ya, harta yg berharga itu,

Ditemukan saat kamu
mencium dengan hasrat.

Saat menjadi dewasa.

Renungi dan temukan
apa yg berharga bagimu.


Sampai jumpa!

Akhirnya, keluarga kita berkumpul lagi.

Ya, Misae gaun mu...

Jadi berantakan begini.

Walaupun begitu.

Tetap cantik.


Stay tuned, so a couple of my life.



In the end,
not be able to treasure it.

Brother fared poorly.

I told him right.

Very dedicated
to getting the property.

Treasure hunter, Indi Junko.

Backpack containing koala droppings ...

Be said to be lucky.

Oh yes!
Although the eclipse is over.

Yuk family photos.

Come on!

Well, I fotoin.

It is okay?

Come on, soon gathered.

Makacih much.

Bed bed.

Good, I took ya ...

Lovingly ...


Photo memories -
Honeymoon in Australia.

Waiting at the train station.

I noticed the rail line.

and gate ticket inspection.

Talk about memories.

Memories that bypassed.

Ku sat staring at my future.

We just know each other.

Pledge in the future
that has not been seen.

Withstand the cold of the season.

Trees shade the cat's mouth.

Seperti kau dan aku.

Tunas bunga yg bermekaran.

Buah-buahan yg bergelantung.

Tersenyum melihat keindahannya.

Saat ini tidak perlu terburu-buru.

Akan tiba hari lempar karangan bunga.

Nantikan tibanya masa depan itu.

Kita mulai berangkat bersama-sama.

Lewati perjalanan,
sampai tiba waktunya.

Hingga asmara
tersampaikan dengan penuh.

Masa depan seperti apa yg menanti.

Bolehkah aku menengok.

Kelebihanmu dan kekuranganku
saling menyatu.

Kegembiraan apa yang akan dihasilkan?


Betapa bahagianya kita saat ini.

Suatu hari sendirian.

Hingga menjadi berdua.

Tambah lagi yg berharga
di kehidupan kita.

Masa depan seperti apa yg menanti.

Ayunkan tangan kita bersama.

Menghadapi Hari-hari berat.

Diriku yg lemah ini.

Menjadi goyah dan mencari
tempat untuk bersandar.


Betapa bahagianya kita saat ini.

Suatu hari sendirian.

Hingga menjadi berdua.

Ayo tambah dan tambah.

Tambah lagi yg berharga
di kehidupan kita.

Life as
we have been through.

When he arrived home.

Call sounded

Like "welcome".

Understated yet touched.

Marking the happiness
that has been achieved.

Subtitle by eoeoabcnmk.