Crayon Shin-chan: Burst Serving! Kung Fu Boys - Ramen Rebellion (2018) - full transcript

Shin-chan and the Kasukabe Defense Group are planning to perform an absolutely no-stunt Kung Fu challenge on the stage in Aiya Town, also known as the Chinatown of Kasukabe city.

Indonesian Subtitle by eoeoabcnmk
Synced and Ripped by @BULLSHITT_17









A long time ago

Mastering mysterious martial arts,

A man uses his secret moves

To stop the big fight

To achieve peace again

The martial name,

Puni-Puni Flow (Weak-Soft)

Crayon Shin-Chan: Burst Serving! Kung Fu Boys - Ramen Rebellion

Your strength is real

But how serious are you

One day can reach 100%

But it can be tiring

When feeling grateful

Or feel guilty

Make sure the people around you know

Can you frankly?

Tomorrow... just like that, I'm getting serious

I can be fresh

After a good night's sleep

I will devote it fully

All my feelings for you

But I haven't had enough practice

With my feelings

I will devote it fully

All my feelings for you

Everything let's get excited

and show your smile

You watching?

Yeah, cool

Yesterday morning,

In the Kasukabe settlement

Violence reported

Do you record!

Based on inspection

After that night eating Ramen,

suddenly become emotional

As soon as the testimony of the perpetrator...

What's that...

Emosian after eating Ramen...

The community is so weird...

See your behavior

So it's dangerous,

The more strange behavior is


Shinosuke !? what appearance is that!

Mama pay attention...

The new masked hero pants...

That's not what it means...

Hima, what is that meal?

My masked hero!

All eaters, Monster Hima!

Laser beam!...

Justice wins! Wahaha...

Don't cheat on your own sister!

Himawari is still a baby,
whatever is put into his mouth

Your toys please tidy up!

The ignorant is mama


Get away with you constipation monster!

Take this! Kick...

Stop it...

Change the clothes immediately

In this house too, every day is dangerous


"TK Futaba"

"Hop Step, when you're happy"

"Hop Step, when sad"

Bo, your movements are late


Duh... this Shin !, can you unite the rhythm?


Why is that!

Kazama's ears, distracted anyway

You here!

We're training for sports, please be serious!

In the Jenkka dance, mix feelings and rhythms

Yes, make sure to follow the Nene rhythm

Let's start again

Set the music!

Play back the tape

This time, still use tape tapes...

It's owned by the headmaster

Masao, please borrow a Tablet PC from Mrs. Yoshinaga

Ha? How come?

Oh yeah, where is Masao?

Hey, you kid's sunflower class huh!

This tap, in the rose class area

How dare you!

Masao, got into trouble again

Need "baked potatoes"

You need help

Listen no!

Masao will cry

This tap, does not belong to a particular group


Say what?

Do something...

What is this

You weird kid

What do you do? Masao?

Not the usual Masao

(Masao starts singing)

What happened

Looks like I'm going to get involved in a crime


Definitely after getting to know the other side of the world,

he was mired in the path of evil

Masao like that?

Most watch dramas on TV

But, there must be something

This place is right...


Like in China

The problem is Chinatown

Formerly a Chinese, who migrated

Open a restaurant, tea and snack shop

Then gather and live
in a Chinese village

Now it is quite well known as
a place of pleasure in Kasukabe


But this, the first time I visited

Hi brother, looking for good ramen?

BlackPanda Restaurant ?, Don't thanks

Okay, one new customer!



Where to go next?

Loh? it seems like there's forgetfulness...

Oh yeah, I'm hungry

Ah, Nene too

Masao goes there

The area is remote

Masao is almost "overweight"

"Forgotten", right

Do we miss...

Without sunlight, it must be hard to catch

Not looking for crayfish

Ah! Nene wants to go home!

Don't worry about Masao?


I am hungry...

Tired, snacks

Please calm

Sound: Resembling a frog...

Come here

like a frog... duh...

Whose voice?

Shinosuke! Watch Out


Ah... stable like a frog...

Frog trembles...

Ah wrong...

What is that


Ha? ah aa!

Wow, Masao as usual

You guys, why here?

Masao behaves strangely

So we follow it quietly

What are you doing here?

Ha? looks clear right?


Kung Fu!

Kung Fu?

Kung Fu, art that was inherited from a long time ago

Is a martial arts from China

Can for health and posture too

The most important thing is getting stronger and increasing self-confidence

No fear of being bullied again!

I've conquered my fear!

Right looks strong!

Like rice, rice filled with meat

What is his martial name?

Puni-Puni flow!

Puni-Puni = Weak-Soft...

Sounds weak

Looks like soft...


A gentle heart can bring peace

With soul, body, and
skill make everything soft

That is the Flow of Puni-Puni


How is Masao?

Looks like a Kung Funya teacher?

Look old old...

Master, they are my best friends

Welcome, are you hungry?

Master, let me take it



Can fit all

I... this!

What the heck! I'm the one who collects!

Son, want it or not, learn Puni-Puni?



I am home

Hey! wait a minute!

Master, I'm back

Loh? is your friend Masao? greetings

Lan! try to hold on, once a thousand years tenderness

This is again?

Little children really...


Really! round and filled

Full of tenderness!

I'm Nohara Shinosuke, 5 years old

I'm the type that licks the candy until it's finished

My name is Lan

The usual solid candy I bite

If the soft one can sticky,

so I lick

Who is that?

That's Sis Lan, Master's first student

Besides working here, he also practices

I'm the second student

Hey hey hey!

Your bread is selling, until it's open TK too !?

You again?

As long as you know, our shop

Selling buns, not ordinary bread

Want to be offered anything, this place is not for sale

What is this person?

I'm a land thug!

Selling piles of hemorrhoid sufferers


Who is selling like that!

My old building was removed

A new building is built, it can be profitable

Land thugs!

Today! sign this contract,

Because you will be expelled!

Colorful people arrive

More popping up

Kung Fu, Sausage Flow

We are Nan and Chang!

Sausage Flow?

Here will be built the BlackPanda ramen factory

You always refuse to leave,

We are here to drive you away

Stop selling old steamed buns

What do you want!


Don't forget the soft heart


Hey! I won't just leave it


I'm not just Masao,

Ha...! The Puni-Puni Masao!


Can you Kung Fu?

Never heard, Puni-Puni

Fake Kung Fu, must be removed!

There are two important principles of Kung Fu,

Appreciate your opponent and not use food as a weapon

And not make a child cry!

Loh? there are three

Basic senility

We won't budge, just because you're old!

Pay attention

What is that?

Dissolving Cats!

Ward off and restore opponent's attacks

What is this movement!

Beetle Kick!

It's not enough Puni

Massage unity...


Loosen tight muscles

Kick for softening energy

Don't you think BlackPanda will give up!

We will definitely drive you away!

Ha... that's Aliran Puni-Puni



I am embarrassed...

You also learn


With Aliran Puni-Puni, Kasukabe's forces will be strong

Able to protect Kasukabe!

Besides being strong,

Can add opportunities to be an action actor

Actor!? may be

Add fit too

I did not participate, it was not right with violence

Not violence

Kung Fu, forge soul and body

Enter the martial arts category

Sorry, I didn't mean to show off...

The purpose of the Puni-Puni Stream was formed

According to legend, to bring peace

If all children learn,

The whole world and the future will be bright!

Yes, right! Master

Do you not hear !?

How soft...

Anu... I'm busy, Shin let's go home

I want to learn


I want Lan softness

Come on everyone goes to study


Come on!

What is Kazama?

We study Puni-Puni,

not just to be strong


I can't wait anymore

No kidding!

Today is sold out

To the central restaurant only

Here is also a BlackPanda Ramen

It could be that a branch has been opened at the station

Loh Shinchan where?

Hm... it smells good

Just block it! go home to eat at home there!

Who hit you! apologize quickly

Shut up! so emotion...

Need to eat BlackPanda ramen!

Come on...! to the central restaurant!

Don't get dirty!

Isn't it a shame, throw garbage in a public place !?


BlackPanda, the customer behaves badly too

It's best to avoid them


Hi-Town, it wasn't like this before

Be careful, ok

Don't forget to
practice Kung Fu at home





In Chinese, that means see you again


Masao is great

That's how it is

I often greet Kak Lan

I was an expert first, in greeting

It feels like we are being humbled

Want to be more intimate with Sis Lan!

Your behavior is always...


"BlackPanda ramen center restaurant"

We stop by again, Yoshirin

5 consecutive days huh Michi

Between me and BlackPanda ramen,

Which one do you love more?

Ha!? it's clear both of them

Me too, Yoshirin

Sorry to wait

Tasty...! rich in flavor and easy to swallow!

Elastic and springy when sipped!

Ah... delicious!

One meal makes you addicted! Ha ha ha!

"Dark Flow Inves"

Kasukabe station branch
restaurant, sales rose 168%

Opened three new branches in Haiya-Town

The lack of Mi caused the
branches to close earlier

Even so,

Looks keep increasing

Mr. Don Panpan

But, this new menu

"The Eggplant Noodles Are Tense"

Customer complains

It's good to change the name

If changed, what will increase sales?

Ah? is it increasing?

No... but, opening a branch is difficult because,

Reviews in the media, many negative comments

Like, "What's the name?"

"Disgusting", and similar complaints that are unstoppable

Affects the level of trust

We'd better compromise...


Nerve point! "Arm up and down"

Your right arm will continue to move up

My shoulder... my right arm, moves up...!

What is trust! what's the compromise!

It's all not important!

Our BlackPanda Ramen,

Don't submit to anything!


If someone comes complaining,

I make sure he can't move anymore

You just think about sales

Even if you drop one cent...

Our BlackPanda Ramen

To develop rapidly,

Remote land must be controlled

And soon this BlackPanda "Hill" was built

For 24 hours and throughout the year in full,

Become a ramen production factory

This BlackPanda Hill will rise from the 1st floor to the 60th floor

For the sake of Ramen BlackPanda and its future

Stand the Bukit Ramen BlackPanda

Wallowing in profits!

Ha ha ha!

Mr. Don Panpan...

Why? your face is messed up,
like the rest of a bowl of ramen

Is the construction preparation smooth?

About that, there is still one shop that hasn't been eliminated

Listen first, with Aliran Puni-Puni

They use Kung Fu

Puni-Puni Stream?

Although his name is ridiculous,

Both of us were unable to match

His skill is very skilled


I like to destroy inferior martial arts

Kung Fu should not be
used for personal gain

Soul, body, and gentle movements

Used in the Puni-Puni Stream, to achieve peace

What do you mean by achieving peace?

That's the legend of the Puni-Puni Stream

Once upon a time, a man hoped for peace

He practiced hard

On the mainland Puni Puni was found a secret move

acquired "Telapak-Enlightenment" Moves

With that power he conquered war and created peace

Legend in the past

Master! is it like a laser attack?

This is not a laser, but "Ki"

"Ki" is...

Dor, bro! Cool laser

Laser beam

Stop it

Yes... the laser is fine too

Shinosuke likes masked heroes


I like it too



I was amazed at his struggle to defend justice

Me too!

Wow! new model!


Sis Lan, will it be alright...

Adults who like heroes, can be trusted

"The way to get the secret of Puni-Puni"

To get a secret move, it's pretty tough

Watch the video I made

"The flow of Puni-Puni, has 9 foundation steps"

"(1) Shaking Seaweed"

"(2) Art Drops"

"(3) Cleansing Cats"

"(4) Beetle Kick"

"(5) Skating Caterpillar"


Don't be careless

"(6) Unity Massage"

"(7) Sucking Smell"

What is it, acting pretentious

"(8) Elastic Bullets"

"(9) Death Bits"

"If the Ninth stage has been mastered,"

"The land of Puni-Puni can be visited"

"Telapak-Enlightenment's secret
moves can be obtained there"


It seems quite difficult

Sis, where did you get Lan?

Currently level 7

Lan shows them


Level Seven, Sucking Smokers

Try pulling Lan out of the wall



The lips are made to be flexible,

Plus complicated breathing controls, to achieve


The move,

Even masked heroes, unable

Anyone if practicing, will be able to do it

How far has Masao been?

Level One, Shake Seaweed

and still being studied...

What kind of style?

You also study

Level One, Shake Seaweed

Hands, feet and mouth

Do rocking like seaweed

An enemy attack can be avoided


Whole body, Shake Seaweed

Shake Seaweed

Shake Seaweed

Shake Seaweed

Word game!

Aomakigami! Akamakigami! Kimmy!

It works!

Tokyo Tokkyo Kyoka Kyoku Kyoka Kyou

Kyari Pamyu Pamyu


Shanson kashu soushutshuen shinshun Shanson sho-


Bo also succeeded

Basugasu isn't... ba... basu...

Even though it's not yet flexible, for beginners it's good


Masao is pretty stiff


Master! soon the next move!

Level Two, Art Falling


Found a line of ants, how neat...!


Instantly when you receive an
attack, we don't think it's dropped

"Just want to see the ranks of ants," so the soul still isn't shaken


I want to drink

Oh yeah, there's something I want to watch


When I fall down thinking, "just want to watch TV"

How to practice it looks natural!

Perfect Falling Art!

Great, Shinosuke

The promising ability of Puni-Puni

Has passed level 2?

Apparently it's easy too


Lan: 7 Masao: 0 Shin: 2 Nene: 1 Bo: 1 Kazama: 1

Even though I used to study...

I knew it

Everyone kept this a secret from parents

Just a laser attack, my mom doesn't like it

Moreover, Kung Fu, must be banned


Until when do you want to chat?

Please clean the room

What are your rights, so you can arbitrarily tell!

I'm a college brother

College brother?

In the world of Kung Fu, there
are strata that must be obeyed

I studied first before you guys

Eat college brother

At first I also cleaned up

You also have to do it, soon...

Uh... the base of the head of rice balls!

Patience... in fact he was first


Kak Lan room, haha ​​...


Shinosuke! may not enter without permission!

Just cleaning...

Many reasons!

Hey! what are you doing here!

Sorry, Shinosuke arbitrarily...

Sis Lan's kiss I won,

Looting continues!

This is Master's room

Wa! oh...

You always do silliness

Hey-hey, in this photo, Sis Lan?

Yes, true

Photo with Haiya-Town residents


There is no


I was brought and raised here

Owek... owek...

I am the child who was banished, and picked up by the Master

Other residents also helped raise

It is appropriate to have a family, like disputing


Lan, is it the Puni-Puni Stream right?

Yes! Puni-Puni flow can bring peace

Students who are reliable, Master

In this way the Puni-Puni Stream can be continued!

ok huh? his back hurt again?

Take care of health!

Sorry for worrying

Do not push yourself!

Instead, let me just,

I'll get the secret move

Hahaha, Master entrusts you Lan

Haiya-Town for me is family

I will not let BlackPanda take it


Around here there are lots of empty houses

Hm? read what is that?

Nemu under the bed

The old edition is still bright


This hidden part, makes me curious

Here! Ah!

Duh... Master, you need to be reprimanded!




It's like this scary BlackPanda ramen


What place is this?

My room

Here I research BlackPanda ramen

Look at the changes in crows that
continue to eat BlackPanda ramen

The area around the eyes becomes black

It's true!

It's not like that

I pour the broth into the
dandelion flower every day

Ah! so withered

What are you giving me gravy

Pay attention

Ah!? Grow thorns!


Somehow making animals and plants rough


I have to uncover the secret of this ramen

I want to try

Ah no!

This can't be eaten!

I'm hungry...

Eating good food is part of the exercise too

Enjoy your meal!

Me too!

You take too much

Master-made Bakpao, the best in the world

Oh, I see...


Ha? Secret moves to achieve peace...

Master, where is "Mainland Puni-Puni"?

Wow, where's it going?

Loh !? do not know?

According to the rules

Only those who master nine moves, may know the location

I myself just mastered 8 levels

Even though it's a teacher?

"Puni-Puni Telapak-Enlightenment", a legend

Proving the truth

It's hard with this old body

So the location of the secret
moves is, does anyone know?

Take it easy

I have inheritance in the form of
a map, which shows its location

Even though it's opened...

Not allowed, only if you pass 9 moves

If Lan is able to surpass me,

secrets can be obtained

Want to see, "Telapak-Enlightenment of Puni-Puni"

Ah! can too!

Martial jokes, accompanied by stupid legends


Uwa! is it a bear or a panda?

I am the owner of Ramen BlackPanda, Don Panpan

With this shop as a bet, I challenged Puni Puni to a duel

I accept your challenge!

Lan, wait!

What is this!

Pepper powder !?

Through this way

Why is the master?

Retreat to win

Can be seen clearly, you are no match for that person

Ah, this means...

Anu, can you wait a moment?


Strange people again

I'm here, Kung Fu expert from BlackPanda

My name is Miya Zon

BlackPanda !?

Wait a moment!

Self-defense, do you want
to hear one song or not?

Seriously just a minute! even a moment!

So what...

Don't beat around the bush

Listen to it, titled - They're Stuck

"Hey Hey Hey enemy"

"Hey dangerous"

"Locked up"

"In a trap"

"Ah ah, I'm stuck..."



The right Bravo

Thank you!

Wow! we are complacent!

You can, guitar martial arts

How to fight by running away

How cowardly the Flow of Puni-Puni is

Who also wants to run!


I master the Dark Flow, enter, prepare your horses!

If you win, we won't disturb you anymore

So what


Back off


Can't be pushed away !?

Great power!

Master, fight!

Nerve point! "Invisible panties"!








Panties visible

Ha ha ha!

His nerves locked to say that

Forever you will say
"Invisible panties"


Good master !?

Panties look!

What breakfast is this morning?

Panties look!

How does the Master feel

Panties look!


Stop playing

Panties look!

Can't get Kung Fu anymore, Puni-Puni ends

Ha ha ha!

Hey, sir panda


What is wrong?

Improve the Master's condition, I'll give this later

Hmm... just this one

Hm... I have to, just one bite

Open his mouth...

Nerve point! "Shattered in pieces"

Wa! bakpaoku

You guys, this uncle is a bad person

Already know!


Beautiful woman and good food,

Papa said, I should be grateful!

Mature adults don't know?

Only money is grateful for

The contract is signed!


Get out of here, hahaha...


Anyone who is interested in martial arts,

He must be disappointed with the Flow of Puni-Puni

Sis Lan!

Ha ha ha! loser

You should go home


Don't come here again


After eating BlackPanda ramen, be excited!

Even though you have eaten various ramen,

This is the new one that has touched me

The best ramen in history, which is turning the world away


BlackPanda Ramen, the best!

Stop by...!

Lately, many BlackPanda ramen advertisements

So curious

Ra... men




Will Sis Lan be alright...

The state of the Master is also concerned...


Duh... how come you have a "bowl" face

The truth is "moody"

If so, we visit Hiya Town

I miss Sis Lan

You have been warned, don't
go there because of danger

I have a good idea!

Our bodyguard, white tiger

That's Shiro

I'm careless, just believe in Shinosuke's plan

It's useless if you have to go back

Right, it's been here too...

You're the cause

What are you doing?

Today I skip lessons, want to tell you mama

Dangerous while walking

Watch the way!


How come it looks like...


Everywhere BlackPanda ramen

Uwa... Oi!

Uncle Yonro!

If the way, the eyes are used!

Construction has begun

Look, the secret door...


What do you want!

Loh? do not participate?

Not that,

For security, we need a helmet

After entering without permission,

later diomelin with adults

Need to be considered...


Do not leave me!


Sis Lan

How come you guys !? It's not said, don't come here

Master's condition?

Taking a break

Don't just flee?

This area will be destroyed

I will not let it


I'll stop it


I will get the move "Telapak-enlightenment of Puni-Puni"

I got rid of them

But the fence has stood

There won't be enough time...

I still do it!

Not willing to leave, without doing anything!

It seems impossible, but I do it

I'll return to peace Haiya-Town!

I help!


I'll get a laser beam style!

Masked heroes always side with the right!



Please be fascinated by me

How come...

I also help

Bo !?

Haiya-Town is part of Kasukabe

This force is there, to protect Kasukabe

Wow... Bo too...


Nene is coming too!

Come on, we all fight!

Follow the steps of your college brother!








Yes, yes!

Kasukabe Protector Forces




"Puni punishes it"

"Puni punishes it"


"Arriving from Haiya-Town"

"Everything is starving for,"

"To defend the truth"

"For peace"

"Wo ai ni I love you"

"BlackPanda, no thank you"

"Grow! Bloom! Like white flowers"


"Softness of Puni-Puni"

"Kasukabe Protector Forces"

"Like boiling a bowl of soup"

"Remove evil in the heart"

"For a better environment"

"For a better world"

"Love and Peace"

"Heavy practice, Wu Wenti - no problem"

"Attack them with the Enlightenment-Palm"

"Xiexie! - Thanks"

"Studying Puni-Puni"

"Kasukabe Protector Forces"

Kung Fu, live in anyone's heart

Is it used for crime or truth

Depends on his personality

BlackPanda uses it for crime

Scrape rough and stiff

Will leave softness

A gentle heart can be achieved

Not selfish and live connected with others

Sis Lan and I are always connected

Come down!

Always, this Shinchan...


I am also connected to you...

Stop it


Level five stance, Caterpillar Skate!




Look around, then move quickly like an insect

If not careful,

Loose pants can come loose

Make sure to use a belt or belt


Wear the pants immediately!

It doesn't feel it's level 5

Want to be able...



Nene: 3 Bo: 4 Kazama: 2


Wow, BlackPanda ramen is open here too

Welcome, we are promoting a free meal

Interested in trying?


This is the new menu of Ramen Tsukemen from BlackPanda


Very popular...

It's delicious, right

Luckily I haven't had lunch yet

Ouch Hima

Hima let's spit it out

Ouch, have you swallowed it?




Puni-puni extends...

Puni-puni extends...



Ha! Lan!

Chou and Wan


Agnes, owner of dim sum restaurant

Chou, an ice cube shop

Wan, a senior in school

Agnes, why is your hand !?

The job is BlackPanda

My hand has become a fox shape

I walk like a crab

I am always talking about comedians

- Wild right -

The effect of the attack, is really diverse

It's not the time to think about it!

Leave it to me!

Hiya-Town, I'll protect it!

Lan is still like before

But what's the connection!

- Oppappi (Ocean Pacific Peace) -

With Puni-Puni's secret moves

World peace can be achieved

Lan always said that since childhood

But it's too late


We just took things back

Must leave this place

Do not give up!

They took our shop

That's why I am!

What can Puni-Puni do?

I was the first to stand in line, don't be so crazy!

What!? we were the first to queue up!

If the BlackPanda Hill was built, they would be happy

If only they were aware of the influence of the ramen...

Lan! Face the reality!

It's too late and we lose

Haiya-Town's fate is over

Lan better go too...

Greetings, Master


Wan: Comedian jokes!


Come on, carry it

Good boy...


This is mama

Hima continued to anger

Since midnight, what's the diaper?

just replaced

Drink milk too

Wrinkled grandmother's mana,

Grandpa is attached...

Accusation... ah...

Victims of domestic violence...

"Since eating BlackPanda ramen,"

"Want to keep coming back to the end"

"The best BlackPanda ramen!"

Oh yeah, Hima

Since eating BlackPanda ramen, so it's being weird

What? Hima ate the ramen?

Hey, that baby

Don't give ramen

He inputed his boss himself

Emergency! You have to check it, Sis Lan!

Sis Lan?

No doubt

Symptoms of eating BlackPanda ramen

I knew it!

The part around the eyes is blackened

Emotional food

Such ramen is sold freely

If only there is clear evidence...

Everyone who tries to find out

Ended no survivors

Basic BlackPanda!

Can it be cured?

Do not know


My knowledge is not enough

Aren't you a specialist?

I don't understand, are you not a ramen doctor?

Ha? Not tuh



Loh? Ah!

Ah... panties

Wa! What?


Ter pants... Panties visible

Ah! forget to close the zipper

Ah them!

After we know the secret of the ramen

Surely Himawari can be cured

What do you keep asking?

Eating ramen is strange, what's the secret?

It will not be told

If so

We check the factory

Tight security

You can't enter it

Look for another door

ha... wait!


Bad odor

Hot, humid

shut up later slip!


Kazama, borrow your cellphone!

Ha? ok

Must record evidence

Save something bad?


Ah! see tuh

Nerve point! "Once a meal is possessed by darkness!"

The noodles are ready


Mr. Don Panpan, follows the needs of 5 restaurants

Today it takes five more times like this

The nerve point moves, not as easy as that is done

Is that ready?

The prototype is ready

Show me

Ramen is also taken care of

It's suspicious

It's ready to be tested


Robot panda ramen maker

Analyzing Mr. Don Panpan's abilities,

and able to replicate with 99% success



Give me savage ramen!

Ah! it turns out there, you fool!

Want to eat here! ***!


Hmm... ruthless! wawawa!

Emotional side effects,

So it exploded in a mess

People who eat, lose their minds

Side effects!?


Can you bring profit?

Will increase

If that doesn't matter

Yes! other than that,

A system has been installed to resolve complaints

If someone complains

Will be removed soon



How is it!

Always on target

He complained?

Complaining through social media

It's amazing!


Panda weapon !?

It's not just a ramen restaurant

Perfectly recorded, so it's clear evidence


Find another way out


Level five stance, Caterpillar Skate!

Get out through there

Like caterpillar...

Duh... being a caterpillar...

Resembling a caterpillar

I'm a caterpillar

A caterpillar passing through a meadow

It's delicious

Even though it's strange, but this heart feels comfortable

Fun caterpillar life, not thinking
about tutoring or achievement


Shut up, later obey

Your butt looks

Uwa! Aaa!


Damn it!

aa, hah!


Catch it!

Level one

Shake seaweed

Grass... ah...


Wow, the Puni-Puni boys

Too bad, you know the secret of the ramen

We will not let go

Secret? what about?

We just want to eat ramen, but instead get lost


What do you know?

Do not know, did not see anything

Nene recorded with Kazama's cellphone, you use moves

Mi makes people violent

Complaining attack robot

All of that was recorded in the video

I don't know anything!

Head of rice balls!

Talk as fast as lightning

Hand over the cellphone

All my life, I made this boy rice balls

Not! do not make rice head

Masao! become objects, won't worry!

Do not want!

Exchange with Masao

In the third count, we throw together


I will also be thrown?

Three! Don't joke around

Two! just rolled

One! Rice ball

Zero! rolled up


Sis Lan!

You handle! Elastic bullets!

Stop them!

You guys are reckless!

But, I myself am

Fast! while I'm holding on!

Uh... wa...!

Level Seven Sucking Smelly !?

His style was successful...

Since when can...

Chase them outside!

Well recorded right?

Great! with this they end

Everyone listen!

BlackPanda Ramen is dangerous

Stop eating!

The side effects make it emotional and violent

See! this is the proof

See! anyone complains!

Get away with you!

Just an empty charge !?

Not really! see!

Then what is it like !?

Just bother

Go away!

Troops, leave!

You don't get involved!

We also!

Part of Puni Puni!


Form a siege formation!

Dissolving Cats!

Beetle Kick!

Unity Massage

Ah massage there...

Shin: Shake Seaweed

Level Eight, Elastic Bullet!

Wow! I also imitate Sis Lan!

Wow! succeed!

Genius in Puni-Puni...

Time to go!

Accuse... Shinchan!

Mother father

What did you do !? What happened!?

Panties look!

Pants, ter...


Run! Later explained!

Again... you old grandfather!

Order! for all BlackPanda branches

Hurry up soon! hordes of vandals

If you meet, destroy them!


How did it happen...

The flow of Puni Puni too...

Fun! Daddy, try it too

Don't get involved in anything dangerous!

I am sorry

Even if they are not taught by the Puni-Puni School,

Kasukabe will remain involved in trouble!




Teach Level Nine, Butt of Death

Panties visible

Hey, don't go around here

Installments are still 32 years away...

Massage unity...

Ah, delicious...

Kick pulls out the opponent's energy!

Level Nine, Bokong Maut

Puni punished

Puni punished


Hurray! if observed it looks weak

But this passionate butt movement

Able to pull out your opponent's energy, this is Level 9


As Shinchan used to do...

Buri-buri buri-buri


Buri-buri buri-buri


But it's faster than usual

Because of practicing, the quality has increased

Buri-buri buri-buri


Level Seven, Sucking Smokers

Level Eight, Elastic Bullets are also mastered

Even the secret of the Telapak-Enlightenment,

Shin might be able to get it too!

Serious!? can I remove the laser beam !?



But where is Puni-Puni Mainland located?



Magazines that are hidden under the mattress


Hide this under the mattress,

Like school children

Wow... this was once a famous model



Map of the location of Mainland Puni Puni, is it here !?


Ah! This is it!

Storing assets in property

Wow! brave kak Lan!

Location of Mainland Puni...

Location of Mainland Puni...


In China !?


Panties look!

Come on, all of us to China!

I did not participate


I will not be able to help

Although training hard, not the hero!

Unlike Shinchan who is
the chosen human being!

I'm just...

Only a coward, useless

It doesn't even deserve to practice Kung Fu!

The role of our troops to protect Kasukabe

Protect!? what are you kidding? We're just kids!

Obviously it's impossible!

Kasukabe's protective forces!

I stopped!

Going to China is also no easy matter...

That is true

Right now, it's safer to take refuge in our homes


Oops, why?

Nohara's family, you realize right

About what?

Do not pretend

You wanted fugitives

Ha? Wa...??

I am,

BlackPanda No. branch member and head 66

Feel it!

Ah... hot!

Papa is cool!


Run away!

I will not let it!






Michi and Yoshirin

We are member no. 91

BlackPanda ninety one!

Feel it!

Uwa! accuse...

Don't waste food!

Wait for the fugitive!

Shinchan! run!

Too crowded...

Wow! full of fish meatballs!

Feel it!

Shake the seaweed!

continue... Caterpillar Skating



Get out quickly!

What are you waiting for, Shinosuke!



Sis Lan


Duh, look...


What the heck is this!

Feel it!

Feel it!

Feel it!


Our area is surrounded by BlackPanda!


Ah! dead end!

There are more enemies!

Hey, feel it

Puri-buri Buri-buri



Really effective! Bind Death

Let's go


Master !?

Panties visible

What!? Master!


One customer arrived!

He sacrificed himself...

Master, I'll get his secret
moves and come back here

There is no choice but to go to China


Our passport!

Oh, what can I do?

Depart for China!

Ah... too

Here, too, apparently


This is not Haiya-Town

But China

Aiya... yes...

Pain, stop it!

There is no time!

Let's leave soon!

Let's Go!



Wow! panda sensation!

Happy can see immediately



It's not time for sightseeing!


We show this recording to the police officer

Excuse me


Feel it!



BlackPanda !?

Police station is a ramen restaurant !?

Men ra ra...


This area too!

Ah! Master !?

Panties visible


Let's go Shinosuke!






Sis Lan, the location of the moves is still far away?

It should be around here


Where's Shiro?

Where do you go?



Oh, pooping

Ah, meet you!


Ah, wait!

It's a little cool

It's pretty cold

Oi... aa...

This place, Mainland Puni-Puni?


Not open!

Loh !?


Who is there?

Ha! answered!

We came asking for Puni-Puni's secret moves

Have you passed 9 stages?

Yes! already reached!

Try practicing


Take it easy, we pay attention through the camera

Unexpectedly... quite sophisticated huh

Puri-buri Buri-buri

Okay, you can


Soft... massage

I am this, fairy Puni-Puni

Arrive to get the Enlightenment?



Want to move the secret...!?



Please reply

There are panties falling, do what?

First find out the name of the owner...

Used first


(If doing something)

Dog walking?

(Will meet fate, whether bad or good)

Stop the wood too

(Chasing two wishes)

Chase two rabbits?

Run it fast!

(Chasing two things at once will fail)

Get one enough!

In bamboo forests, find one billion

Leave it to the police!

Troublesome, pretending not to see it

If that happens, please tell daddy

Ha ha ha...

Monsters from outer space
come to attack, do what?

La... opponent with the Puni-Puni Stream!

Ask to be introduced to the prettiest woman from the planet

Finally here

If you get Telapak-Enlightenment, what do you want to make?

Get rid of BlackPanda

And create a peaceful world for all

Hmm... how about...

First go to sleep first and if you
don't forget, think again tomorrow


Duh this child...

Oh, there's no time for this silly game

You must get the move immediately
and return to Kasukabe!


Those who are entitled to secrecy are...

How come!


Yes! you elected!


Can not be trusted!

What is your motivation for getting a secret move?

That, my friend who registered the audition

What is an Idol contest...

Why... I failed?

To use his secret moves,

Must have a gentle soul

Your soul is not gentle!

Will not be able to bear its strength!


I got laser light!

Take this

Let's gulp everything!

Wait! What is that!?

Suspicious, don't drink it!

Made from 100% healthy and natural ingredients

His style is able to change the brain of a bad person, to be soft

Is the brain soft?

Make them stop fighting

The desire to hurt other people disappeared

Cannot control himself

His mind is always flowery and peaceful

Amazing, right, Telapak-Enlightenment style!

How amazing?

World peace can be achieved

Come on, drink it

I don't want to


Like the smell of paprika, which I don't like

Do not want

For the first time in 3000 years, you don't want to?

Please drink!

Duh! already said no want

I was able to sort food, how come it's been 5 years!

And it seems suspicious

Hm! yes, if so

What do you want?

Just for me if you don't want to!

Ah... yes...

My style...!

Even though your soul is not gentle

Even taken


Wih !?

The statue moves!

You idiot...

I will not let anyone stop me!



This... Kick of the secret...


The statue softened !?



With this power, BlackPanda can be defeated

Just look, I'll make peace in Haiya-Town

Ah... yes

It's time to return to Kasukabe

Sis Lan!

Ah... wait

Se... just a moment!

Sis Lan!

Oi! Shinchan!


I did not interfere

Finally back too...

The atmosphere is thick like this


Ha? kak Lan!

Give BlackPanda Ramen!


The bleak...

Everything is deceived...


This is Sis Lan's ex-house?



Sis Lan !?

Shinosuke! Wait!


The side effects make it chaotic

Patience until the BlackPanda hill is built

Not yet open!

Don't hear what!


Wow, the Puni-Puni girl arrived

Do you want to surrender here?

Open the gate



Open the gate


Please come in!

Still preparation!



Step aside!


Shake seaweed

kak Lan!

Can't do rude

Everything softens...

Disappointing cat!






Wa !?




It works!


Eat the food!

Wow !? kak Lan!

Don Panpan

BlackPanda Ramen ends here!

Your Kung Fu, looks stronger

That stupid legend seems real

Your crime is unforgivable

Stand up!

Good and bad, justice-evil

This world is even simpler,

Are you eating or being eaten, which one are you?

I will eat everything!

Wa! aa... uh...

Ha ha ha!

Nerve point! "The most powerful condition!"


Ha! Haa!

Aaa! kh!



It's time for you to sleep


Already full of sleep





Uwa! what is this !?

Kyu! hm! Iyes!

Take this!

Hm? Ha ha ha

Good work Heihei! break his arms!

It's time for you to feel the nerve point moves

I made dancing so that your fate ended

Nerve point! "Dancing drum"

Heihei, why are you !?

Oh...! panda sensation!

Finally it can touch directly

Unexpectedly, sturdy too...

This kid!

Get away from Heihei!

I will destroy your evil nature!


Sunny weather

Oh yes! let's go on a picnic

Sing with the birds

Mr. Panda is disgusting

He can't do evil anymore

Serious!? it's done!

This is just the beginning!

Where is the Ram!

Ah... emotional!

Mrs. Yoshinaga!

Hah!? Ha!

Papa! Mama!

Shinosuke! fine!?

Mrs. Yoshinaga!

Mrs. Matsuzaka!

What have you done!

What's wrong is ram... no,

But the riots were evil

And all evil must be destroyed!

If used by people who are not gentle,

will bring disaster...

So behaving so weird !?

This is the power of justice

Do not talk nonsense! what is justice !?

It's too far off!

All smile and happy

Forced to smile!

Everything will be clean

Purify the world from evil!

Lan, indeed our world is

dirty, full of savagery and rotten

But because that's how humans are

Get ready to face!


Take this! foot smells a father!


Take this! housewife's ass!

Papa! Mama!

This is peaceful

Full of tenderness

The smelly feet are evil

Saggy butt is also a crime

Then, the baby who is deceived by ramen and becomes violent

Sis, Lan, stop it!


Together with me and the strength of Puni-Puni,

We purify the world

Kh... hm!

Masked heroes won't allow this!

Buri-buri buri-buri!

Ah... Butt death...

Buri-buri! Shiro!


Naked ass is evil!

Punny is gone!


Buri-buri buri-buri!

Buri-buri! Punishment!

Buri-buri! Punishment!




Ha! Ah..!

Sis Lan... regained consciousness...


A A...


Hey! is that umbrella yours?

Stealing an umbrella is a crime

Can not be forgiven!

Secret fart, evil!

His last scene, the ballerina...

Actually aliens

Leaking the contents of the film in that public place, evil!

Men... ra...

Like boiling soup

Crime must be eliminated

For the good of the environment

For the good of the world

Love and Peace

Heavy training, no problem

Destroy them with Enlightenment

Studying Puni-Puni

Kasukabe Protector Forces





Master too, you are fine

Hide in this place

The shop is with BlackPanda,


Why don't you tell us!

The problem is

I'm not an army...

Not related to!


We value your decision if you resign properly

Even so, our friendship will not end


So, resign or not?

Not! I do not want!

I'm relieved

Less exciting, if there is no Masao

Shinchan, sorry, my words before

About what?

Do not remember?

I'm here...

If it's not about beautiful women, you won't remember

Even though it keeps thinking...

Ha ha ha


Panties visible

I do not know the style of the Palm-Enlightenment, so dangerous

Panties visible

I'm sorry, about Lan doing bad things

Masao is able to understand Master's words?

That's how it is

Just understand, after staying together




Himawari will be fine


This is a dandelion flower from Sis Lan's room

Is this right?

Does not wither

Not spiny too...

Every day water is drenched

Back fresh again

Because these dandelions should not be spiny,

he returned to his original state

Periodically if you are given good food,

Himawari will get better again

Therefore Shinchan, no need to worry

Go through everything with kindness

For some reason, Masao was like a college brother


Looks cool

I'm so sad...

Why are you waiting?

Shame, you don't behave normally



How do you restore kak Lan's condition?


Don't know he said





May be


If Sis Lan is free from his soul, from thorns and hard hearted

Leaving tenderness in the heart, maybe it can heal!


Panties visible

Will we be able...


Scrape rough and stiff

Will leave softness

A gentle heart can be achieved, not selfish

and live connected with others

You! forget the soul teachings of Puni-Puni !?

We already practiced forging souls

Keep in mind!

A gentle soul, resides in our hearts


Masao said right!

The training that we went through, fun!

That's right! Sis Lan doesn't need to use that technique anymore

Let's help, create world peace!

Bo! that is true!

Just like that!


We make the world fun with?

Use the dance!


We came, to stop Sis Lan!


Kasukabe forces




"Hop Step, kick your legs"

"Hop Step, Jump"

"Hop Step, in the blue sky"

What movement is that...

"Together step foot jump"

Our Kung Fu, Jenkka Flow!

"Hop Step, anytime"

Don't underestimate!

"Hop Step anywhere"

"Hop Step, with a smile"


"Follow the rhythm of excitement"

"La... lala lalala..."


"Life is fun"

"La... lala lalala..."

"Let's do the Jenkka dance"

"Hop Step, interconnected"

This ridiculous movement, will not bring peace!

"Hop Step, Jump"


"Hop Step, all over the world"

"happiness that continues to spread"



"Hop Step, don't be sad"

"Hop Step, don't be discouraged"

"Hop Step, we pass the storm"



"Cross the rainbow bridge"

This world is peaceful


"Hop Step, when you're happy"

"Hop Step, when sad"


"Hop Step, let's join"

"Together in happiness"

"La... lala lalala..."

"Tomorrow and so on"

"La... lala lalala..."

"Let's do the Jenkka dance"


"Hop Step, interconnected"

Follow the beat!


"Hop Step, Jump"

"Hop Step, in the blue sky"

"Together step foot jump"


It's fun, Michi

It's fun, Yoshirin

Teacher, do it again

Himawari is back to normal!

Hima! soft...!


Sis Lan

What, our Jenkka flow?

This is our idea!

Great right!


This is our justice!

Ha... it's just a Jenkka dance

Kh! Ha ha ha...!

Wa...! Sis Lan is the usual one!

At one time, with the Flow of Jenkka

A group of small children

Ending conflict and creating peace

Did they succeed in becoming a hero or not

One day, maybe it will become a legend...


Sis Lan

Will you go right?


Though Haiya-Town finally returned to peace

Yup, that is it...


The master advised me to go see the world

This will be my new practice

Ran come back,

with a softer heart

Well! Master!

This place is your house



Yes! I leave!

You take care of your health!

Shinosuke, thank you!


Sis Lan!

See you again! Watch Out!

Zaijian - see you!



Keep that smile in your heart

Give way to light

From seeing yourself I obtain,

This courage

Always Xiao Yi Xiao - Smile

Subtitles by eoeoabcnmk

It's hard to always be strong

If always hurt and lost

It's hard to express those feelings

Go beyond doubts and just say so

Be honest with your feelings

There are times when all that must be faced

There is nothing to be afraid of

Convince yourself with those words

This grip will provide peace

If everything is not what you expect

I'm sorry

But be thankful

Everything will change little by little

Keep that smile in your heart

Give way to light

From seeing yourself I obtain,

This courage

All these feelings meet each other

Spread your lips and laugh

Start now, decorate yourself with happiness

So you can,

Always Xiao Yi Xiao - Smile

You will definitely get it

Overflowing happiness

This feeling is what keeps rolling

Of all that...

Definitely found peace

The red apple rolled

Chase it in circles

Catch and stack on your finger

rolling again and laughing

I learn from you

You learn from me

Circling connected

We are becoming more mature!

Keep that smile in your heart

Give way to light

From seeing yourself I obtain,

This courage

Will it reach you

Can you hear it?

From me you can get to know,

This feeling

All these feelings meet each other

Spread your lips and laugh

Start now, decorate yourself with happiness

So you can,

Always Xiao Yi Xiao - Smile

Subtitles by eoeoabcnmk