Crawl to Me Darling (2020) - full transcript

After a bad first date Millie awakes to find herself tied to a chair and facing the man responsible. He will stop at nothing to make her learn to love him even if it means killing her. Will she learn to crawl to him before her time is up?

fuck, open the door.

Get the fuck away from me
or I'm calling the police.

Which service?

Police please.

Are you able to talk?


your current address?

It's 57 Glenn Close.

your emergency?

Um, I went
on a date with this guy

and he made me eat cake
and now he followed me home

and he just tried to stop me

from getting in my house.

He made you
eat cake on the date?

Where are you now miss?

In my house.

Okay and where is he?

- I think he's going.

you in any danger?

No, I'm
just a bit shaken up.

Would you like
us to send a policeman?

No, not really.

Do you need
emergency services, ma'am?


okay, but this line

is reserved for
emergencies only.

If you don't have-

I know, I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have, sorry.

Your body
is going through a shock.

You need to rest for awhile.

Your body will
get strength back.

- What are you doing?

What's going on?

What's going on?

Let me go!

You need to drink.

It's only water.

You need to calm down.

I'm not going to hurt you.

Your body is going
through shock.

You need to rest for awhile.

You need to listen
to me, Millie.

I had to do this for us.

I had no choice.

This will be the best thing
that has ever happened to you.

You just need to trust me.

- What the fuck?

What are you?


What do you want?


- What?

morning darling.

- What the fuck?

morning darling.

What do you want
me to

Good morning darling.

Good morning, darling.

How are you today?

- Fantastic, darling.

I'm hungry.

What's for breakfast?

- I don't know.

A slice of
brown toast, a boiled egg,

a mug of coffee and a pear.

Good morning darling.

- Good morning darling

Good morning darling.

How are you today?

- Fantastic, darling.

How are you?

I'm hungry.

What's for breakfast?

- A brown slice of
toast, an egg boiled,

a cup of coffee and a pear.


- What's gonna happen to me?

What's gonna happen to me?

Finish your food.

Let it happen.

Don't fight this, Millie.

I don't want this
to keep happening.

I want things to be easy for us.

They can be easy for us.

Do you remember?

Do you remember, Millie?

In the field?

And we never wanted it to end.

Good morning darling.

I don't want to do this.

You need to listen to me.

You need to start doing as I ask

because I don't want
to keep hurting you.

We need to trust one another.

Let's try this again.

Good morning, darling.

- Good morning, darling.

Thank you

for breakfast.

Thank you for cutting me free.

Use your fork.

I don't want you
biting your fingers.

Don't rush.

- I'm sorry.

What do you want?

You don't have to do that.

Good morning, darling.

don't believe you.

- What the fuck do you want?

need you to behave.

- I'm sorry.

You know,

I kind of like being tied up.

Which dress,
black or yellow?

- Black, just leave
it on the bed.

Let's get you dressed.



Millie, you can't run from this.


It's okay, it's okay.

Millie, shhh, I'm
trying to help you.

- What the fuck
have you done to me?

- It's a side effect
of the drugs, Millie,

it's a loss of strength,
a loss of coordination.

I want to stop
giving them to you

but you have to start listening.

- What do you want?

You want to fuck
me, then fuck me.

If you want to kill
me, just end it,

just fucking do it now.

- Millie, Millie, there's
so much more than that.

Millie, I want you,

I want all of you.

But you have to start
listening to what I say.

It will be so much easier.

- You should listen to yourself.

Don't you think it's
a bit late for that?

- Millie, I'm gonna
have to hurt you now.

I am so sorry.

I don't want to hurt
you but I have to.

You're going to
wake up every day

from a nightmare
covered in sweat

but it won't be my
face that you see.

The mask is more
important than you think.

Bite this.

I don't want you chewing
through your tongue again.

This is going to hurt, Millie.

But this is our last chance.

I'm trying to help you.


going to be so happy

but you just have to let me in.

Why are you making
me do this, Millie?

It shouldn't have
to be this way.

It should be easy, Millie.

Stop making me do this.

Stop making me hurt you.

This is your fault, Millie.

You're making this
more difficult

than it ever needed to be.

- You're awake, good.

Millie, can you hear me?


Millie, Millie talk to me.

I managed to break the
lock on the door, okay,

you're out now, you're safe.

- Who are you?

- I'm your friend.

Can you walk?

Millie, can you walk?

Come on up, use me.

Millie look at me,

okay it's just
one straight road.

All right, you need to just
go straight down there.

- What happened?

- We've gone for a while yet.

Now's your chance to leave?

- I can't.

- Yes you can.

- I can't.
- Yes you can.

- I can't run from this.

- You can, yes you can.

Yes, you can.

- I can't leave him.

- What did you say?

- I don't want to go.

- It worked.

- She just left me there.

I had no idea where I was

and I wasn't gonna follow her.

I looked around for
a road or a sign

but I couldn't find any.

And then I followed the
tracks back to the house.

- But you were gone for hours?

- It's okay, I liked the walk.

- And you still came
back all by yourself.

- I was testing her.

You did it, well done.

- You were testing her?

How were you testing her?

- To see if she'd run.

- Do you think she
was testing you?

- No.

- You could've
ruined everything.

- She's already done that.

- But anything could
have happened to her.

- No, there's no way
she would have left.

The grounds are far too big.

It just wouldn't have
worked, you know that.

- Give me the ring.

- What?

You don't mean that.

- Give me the ring.

Give me the ring.

- Please, please
you don't mean this.

No, no you don't mean
it you don't mean it.

Stop please stop.

Please look.

I want you to marry me.

I want to spend the rest
of my life with you.

Millie, you now have
free reign of the house.

I will get you your
list of duties.

Our wedding is set for two days.

Make sure you're ready.

You have two days to alter
your dress to fit Millie

and then I'll decide
what to do with you.

Dear Millie, my
requests are as follows.

At six a.m., I want
you up and out of bed.

At 6:30, you should be dressed
and presentable for the day.

You will serve breakfast
after my shower

consisting of a
slice of brown toast,

a boiled egg,

a cup of black coffee and a
pear by seven o'clock sharp.

Then you are to attend
to the household.

You are to clean the main
bathroom twice a day.

Once after my shower and another
at a time that suits you.

The kitchen will be
spotless at all times,

even whilst cooking.

I do not ask for much,

only to be respected

and for our home to be
regarded in the same manner.

Zoe will be fitting you
for your wedding dress

and she will also
officiate on the day.

She is only here on
a temporary basis.

After the wedding, I will
decide on how to dispose of her.

But for now, pay no
attention to her.

Yours faithfully, your
darling husband to be.

- I came to make some
adjustments to the dress

and I just found it like this.

She doesn't deserve the ring.

- It's okay.

It's okay, okay calm down,

come here, it's okay.

When I first saw you,
I was speechless.

You were the most beautiful
girl I'd ever seen.

So I followed you

to your house,

to your work.

I had to be sure that you
were who you said you were.

I had to do my research.

I spent months planning

and thinking what it
would be like to have you

and when I finally got you

I truly believed that
it would be perfect.

But perhaps I made
some mistakes.

I am so sorry.

Millie, I promise I will
never let this happen to you.

- I tore up the dress.

- You tore up the dress?

- I tore up the dress.

- Why?

- Because it was her dress
and it's my wedding day

and I don't want to wear
her dress on my day.

- That's fair.

- You can't sleep either?

- You should try
turning the lights off.

Millie, I'm sorry.

- It's okay.

- No, no it isn't.

- It's okay.

- Are you okay?

Why did you stop him?

- I didn't think
you deserved it.

I think I do.

- Why?

- For a time he was good to me.

We would walk around for
hours through the grounds

just to find the perfect spot.

Just me and him.

We would have lunch there

and spend the day
just doing nothing,

nothing at all.

We had it all to ourselves

and it was just the
right place to escape.

But I couldn't
see past his face.

I couldn't sleep

without dreaming of him
trying to pin me down

or him chasing me down
through the woods.

I couldn't tell
them apart anymore.

I would wake up covered in sweat

terrified of which one
was sleeping next to me.

His hands that were
stroking my hair

were the same ones
that tied me down,

the same ones that
shocked me half to death.

The same ones that held me

and the same ones that loved me.

And it tore me apart.

I couldn't kill one
without killing the other

so I chose not to lose either,

but it was too late,
I lost him anyway.

And then he found you.

He'll forgive you, you
know, but he won't forget.

People forget, not him.

Millie, can you do me a favor?

- Yeah.

- Look after him.

- Of course, promise.

- Is there anything
I can do for you?

- You can give me some sleep.

- I'll leave something behind
the mirror for you tomorrow.

But take it in small doses.

- Thanks.

- I'm gonna make you
look so pretty tomorrow.

I'll make sure of it.

I'll turn the light off for you.

- Night Zoe.

She's not waking up.

did you give her?

Just a small bottle.

I told her only to
take a small dose.

An entire bottle?

She needed
help sleeping.

did you get it from?

The safe.

This is it.

If she doesn't wake up,
then neither will you.

- She will.

Millie, repeat after me,

I take thee to be
my wedded husband.

- I take thee to be
my wedded husband.

- To have and to hold
from this day forward.

- To have and to hold
from this day forward.

For better, for
worse, for richer, for poorer.

- For better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer.

In sickness
and in health.

- In sickness and in health.

- To love.

- To love.

- To cherish.

- To cherish.

To obey.

- To obey.

- Till death do us part.

- Till death do us part.

- You may now kiss the bride.

- You're not hungry?

Well try it at least.

- I'm fine, really.

- Zoe made you a cake.

The least you can do is try it.

- Okay.

- How much did you use?

How much did you use?

- How much of what?

- How much did you
put in the cake?

- I didn't make the cake.

I did.

- Stop!




Please stop.

It's okay, it's okay.

Talk to me, talk to me.

Talk to me, talk to me.


Talk to me, talk to me.

Talk to me, talk to me.

Talk to me.

It's gonna be okay.

It's a fucking good cake.