Crawl (2019) - full transcript

A young woman, while attempting to save her father during a category 5 hurricane, finds herself trapped in a flooding house and must fight for her life against alligators.

Oh, God.

Do not Cry.

Don't let them see you crying here.

You will beat them next time.

Okay, who are you?

Huh. Who are you?

Peak predator

Predator tops forever.

Hey, how are you?

Is everything ok
I called you all morning

Sorry, I stayed up late, I practiced.

Do you practice? During a storm?

More than one million people ... required to be evacuated.

No, he said we will pass that

Don't you get it
notification on your phone.

It will hit hard

What a shame
- Hey honey, it looks new.

Haley, listen, have you called father?

No problem?
- He didn't answer my call.

He might watch late at night.

Yes, I just want to know
is he alright

They have evacuated
the whole south coast.

Maybe he's gone.

Maybe he did something stupid.

Like trying to survive past it,
You know what he looks like, right?

What do you say mom?

Mother in Paris.

Oh, prince is handsome?

Love him a chance.

Are you crazy?
- 75 South will be empty.

I can get there in 2 hours.

I don't want you two
there during a storm in category 5.

Then why did you call me.

Because I thought you heard from him.

I have no news, it's been a while.

Are you fighting again? - He quarreled with me.
- Because you are similar.

Yes. You look more like mom.

Sad from a safe distance.

Okay, forget it.

Beth, I have to go.

If you hear him, text me.

I'll text, I love you.
- I love you too.

- Hello, beautiful.

I had expected it couldn't be true.

Damn, you think it's funny.
- Yes.

Sheriff's office, people don't shoot guns into storms.
- What!

Can't shoot into a storm.
- That's dangerous.

What's the danger?
- You should avoid it.

It would be nice here.

You contact Dave Kaller
from the construction of Dave Kaller.

Maybe I'm on the stairs somewhere,
so please leave a message.

Daddy, this is Haley, call me back.

Beth is worried about you.


Yes, it's very chaotic.

I swear to God, if not ... I've left.

Wow, wow, wow, slow down.

Sorry miss, we can't let ...

Haley, what's wrong?
- Hi Wayne.

How are you.

There are better days,
this evacuation makes people crazy.

This is getting worse.

There is no storm party this year.
- I do not think so.

How is your sister? Your father said he lived in Boston.
- Yes, he is indeed there.

He actually asked me
to examine him.

I can't let you do that.

The storm headed south, and headed straight
to us, we don't let anyone pass.

Come on Wayne, he doesn't answer the phone.

I know the route, I'll be out in an hour, promise.

I'm really sorry Haley, but I ...

I can't, I don't want you to get hurt.

Okay, I understand, maybe ...

...can you check him later, if there is a chance?

Of course, I'll try.
- Thank you. - Drive carefully.

Say hi to your sister for me.

- OK

Hell of it.

Hey ... hey, stop!

You have to go back.

Uh, come in.

Wait, stay at your place.

It looks like a storm is heading
directly to our state.

Recommended for local residents
listen to all the warnings.

Evacuation is one
only way to get out.

You can't wait.

We will not be able to come for you.

I don't think anyone will stay.

There is no other way to be safe.





Oh sweet, where is daddy?

You miss me?
Where is dad?

Where is she?

There is no sign from father,
but Sugar is here, he won't leave without him.

Strange, like a ghost town,
everyone left.

Please ... You go to a safe place,
even though it must go to a shelter.

Do you think he went home long?

I think that includes
in the divorce agreement.

There is a picture of you, a picture of me
and mother lying everywhere.

I know, it's horrible, and depressed.

Haley ... you have to stop blaming them.

That was their joint decision.

Whatever, I'll check the house.

No, don't you dare ...
- I met your ex Wayne when he was here.

He is not my girlfriend.
- Whatever you say.

I still remember when I caught you guys.
- Stop.

Oh God, how do you remember that, you're around ...
- I am 8 years old at that time.

Oh, God. - I'll remember it for life.
- Can't you forget that?

No, never will.

Don't give me that look,
I will visit, only ...

You will be busy.

I will have my own life, you know.

I like to visit swamps.

Bookworm, quiet, lots of mosquitoes.

Nothing like here.
- Oh, yes.

Except for him, my dear sister.

Thank God.

Come on ... Sugar.



Your dad here?


Marco! Polo! Anyone.


Where is she.

Youre here. Father? Father!


I should go down there right.

It is okay.

It's cold.

Men always do it.


Wait here okay?

Hang on daddy!




God damn it.

I know you will come down here during a storm.



Father! Not. Shit!

Shit. Father.

Okay, you're still breathing.

What happened, dad?

Oh, God.

Okay, we have to take you
to the hospital, okay?

We will get you out of here.


Window to resist the storm.

We almost got there ... father.

Oh, God.

Not! Not!



Haley ...

Come on

Wake me up.


Do you know?
- Yes I know.

We have met.

How can you go down here.

Come to me...

To the old place across the lake.

Oh, why are you here.

Thank you again.

Listen to me, listen to me.

You have to go now.

Not without you.
- I don't need your help.

I clearly see it.

This, he helped me find you.

You again.

You look bad.
- Huh.

Is it because of a bear?

Oh, this is from my internet date.

Suddenly there was this storm.

He will come back, everyone is gone.

What are you doing here.

I want to make a fence.
I mean at home, I think you sell this place.

The agreement failed.

What happened?

I tripped over the pipe when
he tried to drag me.

So I ran away.

I'm okay on this side.

Too big to come here.

I have to go get my call.

No one will come in this storm.
- I have to try.

We will leave here.

Promise me, save him.

You watch him, he can't hear you in the water.

He saw you in the dark.

But not fast on land.
- I know it.

Stay here.

I think I'll run.

Daddy, keep talking to me.

I just broke 003.

- You want me to keep talking.

I talked.

I lost mine.

Explain it.
- This morning, during practice.

200 is nothing, you have a father.

You just need to do it dear.

I lost my place on the team, I lost my scholarship.

Maybe I have reached my limit.
- Not.

I keep saying no
your body is blocking you.

But who are you?

You're not my coach anymore, dad.

Crap the top predator doesn't help.

I just said, you can trust yourself more.
- Oh, yes?

See who is talking.

Every athlete reaches ...
- Daddy, stop!

I want you to focus, okay?

Haley, forget the team.
- Yes.


Who made you swim first?
- You are.

Will you blame me because you have talent?

It's not easy for that.

I know you are Haley.

You will not give up now.

You don't know anything about me.




They have two.

Are you hurt?

I am fine.

You don't sound fine.

I'm safe.

National weather service has
issue a warning ...

...for all residents
south and west Florida.

All residents ...

...must avoid all those areas.
- Seriously.

- Yes.

Can you see them.

Hold on.

Where are they?

I will go into the house.

See if I can get help.

I heard something
move past this ladder.

I think they are still there.

Father, there is someone there!

Please! Please!

Well, we continue.

Do you want to hold this?

Okay, we will get all the money.

If you say that ...

This is full.

Come on, time to go!

You text your sister, she must go.

Come on Sam!

What are you doing?

Come on
- I think someone is home there.



- Come on!

Come on, there's nothing there,
Come on, we will get stuck.

Hey, this way!

Come on!


I told you



Maybe he is out.

Go to another room.

On the way home.

Do you hear me?
- Yes.

Crawling under the foundation
until you reach it.

We all wet daddy.
- Did not hear...

Follow the pipe into the house.

Be careful, it's a bit dangerous there.



Good boy.

You found it.

Stuck ...

There is something above it.

Is there a plan B?

That's our plan B.

In less than an hour, this place will be under water.

How about another pipe?
- Not.

They entered from there.

Back to the end of this pipe,
we think of something else

Maybe out there.

That's the police!


- Hey!



Stay on board, I'll be back soon.



Down here!

Mr. Kellar!

Mr. Kellar!
- Wayne! Wayne!



- He headed there.



No, Wayne, stop!

Stop! Don't go down!

- There are two crocodiles down there.

Okay, hold on, don't move, hold on!

Enter Pete.

Do you hear Pete?

Pete, damn where are you.
I need you here now.

Pete, you hear that.

What happened down there.


Hold my hand!

I got you!

I can save him.

It is okay.

It is okay. They can't enter here.

You're safe.

It is okay.

Shh, it's okay.

I never thought I'd do this.

Obviously I'm not going back here.

You are still strong.

We will get them later.

Do you remember when you were little?

The best can hold their breath in the pool,
and you can't ...


I remember daddy.
- Yes, you got very angry.

And you go berserk.
- Yes.

Yes, Haley that night.

I wake up at 2 in the morning.

Because I heard something outside,
I thought there was a thief.

When I see you in the pool draw your strongest breath.

Again and again.

And you succeed, Haley.

You know in your own way.

Lt's ... it's time I know.

This kid is a fighter.

So we might be stubborn,
but we don't give up.

You give up with mom.

I'm not happy and I'm selfish.

And I don't pay too much attention to him.
- That's because of me.

- Yes. Because you are always with me.

Every weekend, only with me.

Outside ... away from home.

It has nothing to do with you,
what is that what you think.

That's you and Beth
unite us together.

When you leave, it's just ...

Two lonely people in a big house.

Nobody even pretends to be.

Your mother has a chance.

Haley, he deserves to be happy.

You too.

I don't think I deserve it.

I miss you.

I miss your face when I win.

Why aren't you coming again?

I thought you were mad at me.
- Indeed.

I know..

We'll beat this damn lizard.

You and me.

They don't like it when I hit the pipe.

I think I can divert them
and you can dive down.

Until you arrive at the stairs.
- Yes, I can do it.


I'll be back for you, okay?

You'd better be.



I can't get to the stairs.

I'm going to the drain ... okay?

Come back.


Reply me!

I killed one.





Daddy, I'm coming!

One two three four.

Come on! Get up!

Come on!

Don't give up on me father! Come on!
One two...

Three, four.

Not! Not! Not!

Come on daddy, wake up!

Come on!


Yes, yes!

Oh God, you're fine.

Thank you, it's okay.

It is okay.

Come on to the car.

Oh shit.


Daddy, what are you doing?

You are there.

No, too many of them,
we have to stay here.

This will be destroyed, at that time we can't be here.

The boat, I think we can get there.


They gather because of the flood,
they are here to hunt.

So do it.


I think rain will cover us.

Above us.

We should be fast.

You can do this.


Where are you!


The top predator huh?

Come on!

Father! Not!

You must be kidding.

Father! Where are you?

Hold on! I am here!

Meet me on the stairs.

Come on


Hello, hello, does anyone hear me?

This is the center, what's your condition?
- Yes.

Yes, hello.

I'm stuck in a house near the lake.


There are crocodiles everywhere.

Please send help.

Please, you hear me

No, come on!

Come on

Where are you?






Come on, you fucker!

Come on, we have to go to the roof, come on!

Keep pressing.

Stay with me.

Is it safe?
- Yes.

Come on, here.

I lied to you, about the agreement.

I can't sign the letter, I don't want to sell.

It's not a matter of father, it's just home.

It's not just a house, it's our home.

The last place we become a family.

The place is not home, the house is between you and me.

That's just home, come on.

You ok
- yes.

You see that.

That's the helicopter.
- Hurry up.

Please! We're here!


Do you see it?

Come on!


You are okay?
- Yes.

Go upstairs.

It is okay.
- I feel it.


Come on!


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