Crawford the Cat's Christmas (2018) - full transcript

Crawford the Cat has big plans when he wakes up on Christmas Eve morning. He and his friends are going ice skating, sleigh riding, Christmas Tree shopping and present buying all before noon...

[music playing]

NARRATOR: On the outside of
Crawford the Cat's house,

Christmas Eve awoke
bright and shiny

with a fresh, clean blanket
of snow covering the ground.

While on the inside of
Crawford the Cat's house,

Crawford the Cat himself
awoke, bright and shiny

with a fresh, clean blanket
of flannel covering him.

Did you say it
snowed last night?

NARRATOR: I did, indeed.


It's Christmas Eve!

And it snowed!


Oh, oh, that's better!

My slippers have little
Christmas cat heads on them.

NARRATOR: I noticed.

I like cats.

NARRATOR: That's probably a
good thing, since you are one.

And I love Christmas!

Especially when it snows!

It makes everything
look so, so, Christmasy.

[gasp] Hooper's Hill!

NARRATOR: Pardon me?


Over there!

It's Hooper's Hill,
all snowy and sparkly!

It's just sitting there waiting
for me to ride my sled down it!

NARRATOR: That sounds like fun!

It will be!

Oh, oops.

My stomach's grumbling.

I think I better have
my breakfast first.

NARRATOR: Good idea.

I have a very busy
day planned today.

I'm going to need
lots of energy.

NARRATOR: Oh, what
do you have planned?

I'm meeting my very good
friends Harriet and Milow.

And we're going to spend
the whole day getting

ready for Christmas.

Christmas tree shopping,
Christmas present buying,

Christmas cookie baking,
Christmas tree decorating,

and Christmas carol singing!

Oh, oh, and the best
of all, at noon,

I'm picking up Aunt Kittypat
from the train station.

NARRATOR: Aunt Kittypat?

Aunt Kittypat is my most
favorite in the world.

She comes every Christmas and
spends the holidays with me.

We have so much fun.

NARRATOR: That's wonderful!

I guess I can see why you might
need a lot of energy today.


That's why I'm having Crunchy
Christmas cereal, Christmas

milk, and a Christmas egg.

NARRATOR: OK, I can imagine
where you get Christmas cereal.

But where do you get Christmas
milk and Christmas eggs?

From Christmas cows and
Christmas chickens, of course.

NARRATOR: Hahaha, of course.

So after breakfast,
Crawford the Cat

pulled his sled up to
the top of Hooper's Hill.

He knew that sledding down
it would be the fastest

way to get to Rudolf's
Rink, the place he was going

to meet Harriet and Milow.

And then Crawford the Cat went
whooshing down Hooper's Hill!

At 50 miles an hour!

And 100 miles an hour!

really go that fast?

Even down Hooper's Hill?

No, probably not.

But it's fun to pretend!

NARRATOR: Hahaha, yes.

So, down Hooper's Hill
slid Crawford the Cat.

And when he got to the
bottom, he slid right up

to the top of Parker's Peak.

And then, slid over
Manny's Mountain,

which wasn't really much
of a mountain at all.

More like a little speed bump.

NARRATOR: Now, at the
bottom of Manny's Mountain,

Crawford slid directly to
the edge of Rudolf's Rink.

Hi, Crawford,
Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve
to you, too, Harriet!

Is Milow here, yet?


He said he had a
surprise for us.

While we're waiting,
would you help

me practice my ice skating?

I'd be happy to.

I'll put my skates on and
meet you over at our spot.


I'm teaching
Harriet how to skate.

She's getting better
and better every day.

NARRATOR: I can tell.

So, Crawford the cat and
his good friend Harriet

had a grand time
practicing and skating

all around Rudolf's Rink.

Hey, Harriet, watch this!

I've got something new that I
want to teach you next time.



That was just wonderful!

I think I'll pass on
the ending, though!

I think I would, too!


This was fun.

Thank you, Crawford.

It's been so nice of you
to teach me how to skate.

You're welcome, Harriet.

Gosh, that's what
friends are for.

That's true.

Well, as soon as
Milow gets here,

we can go Christmas
tree shopping.


I can't wait!

This year, I want to get
an extra special one.

Aunt Kittypat love
to decorate the tree.

[sleigh bells]

Do you hear that?

It sounds like sleigh bells!

It is.

Look who's coming.

It's Milow!

He said he had a
surprise for us!

We're going to
get to go riding

in a one horse open sleigh!

Merry Christmas, Milow!

Merry Christmas to you
too, Harriet, and you, too,


Merry Christmas, Milow!

What a wonderful surprise.

Thank you.

I rented from Grandma
Guernsey's store.

We can use it to go pick out
Crawford the Cat's Christmas


That'll be fun!

What a great idea!

Oh, I almost forgot.

I've got all of our
names ready to go.

Oh, goody!

See, each year,
we put our names

on little pieces of paper,
and then put them in a hat.

Then we each draw a name.

Whoever's name is on
our piece of paper

is the one we buy a
Christmas present for.


Here we go!

Uh-oh, I got my own name.

I got my own name.

I got my own name, too!

We better do this again.

I got somebody else's
name, this time.

So did I.

I got me again.


One more time!

Did you get yourself?

Nope, I got somebody else.

I got somebody else, too.

So did I. Whose
name did you get?

Oh, I can't tell.

It's a surprise!

Speaking of
surprises, Aunt Kittypat

is going to be really
surprised if she gets here

and there's no Christmas
tree to decorate.

Well, we can't
let that happen.

Let's go!

Off to the Christmas tree
forest to pick out a tree!


Giddy up, horsey!

(SINGING) We're off to
find a Christmas tree, riding

in a very special sleigh.

Not just any Christmas
tree, but one that's

right in each and every way!

ALL: Not to short
and not too tall.

And we'll decorate
it, one and all!

We are the best of
friends, you see.

So we need the perfect
Christmas tree!

CRAWFORD: We're off to find a
Christmas tree to brighten up

the house today.

A tree that we can all agree
is perfect for this Christmas


Looking high and
low, and far and near,

for a tree that's filled
with Christmas cheer,

we are searching carefully, for
a very special Christmas tree.

Sharing Christmastime
with friends,

makes holidays so bright!

ALL: Friends so near
and friends so dear,

we'll trim our
special tree tonight!

We're off to find a Christmas
tree, a tree like no one else

has ever had.

HARRIET: A red, yellow,
orange, or a purple tree.

CRAWFORD: Or maybe, if we're
lucky, one that's plaid!


Side by side we sing along
this very merry Christmas song!

Happy as best friends can be!

We hope that we don't miss it!

Wait I think I see it!

ALL: Our very special
Christmas tree.

NARRATOR: So, Crawford
and his friends

did find the perfect tree,
and delivered it to his house.

Then, it was off to Grandma
Guernsey's general store

to return the sleigh and
do some more shopping.

Boy, this is turning out to
be the perfect Christmas Eve.

Grandma Guernsey said it's
OK to leave the sleigh right


Thanks for renting
the sleigh, Milow.

It was a great idea!

Yes, thank you!

You're welcome.

Maybe we can do
it again sometime.

I'd like to.

Well, I'd better get going.

I have a few things to
do before we come over

to your house to
decorate cookies

this afternoon, Crawford.

Me too!

Could those things
to do include buying

someone a Christmas present!

Haha, could be!

See you later.

See you later, alligator!

After a while, crocodile!

Well, I guess I'd
better get moving along.

Aunt Kittypat's train
should be here any minute.

And I've got to buy a
Christmas present for Harriet.

I got her name in the drawing.

NARRATOR: So, Crawford
the cat headed

inside Grandma
Guernsey's general store

in search of just the right gift
for his good friend, Harriet.


HARRIET: Merry Christmas,
Grandma Guernsey.

Hi, Crawford.

Just the person I
was hoping to see.

How come?

Just wanted to tell
you how many folks

have said something about
that pretty Christmas Garland

up there.

It does make the place
look Christmasy, doesn't it?

Oh, it sure does!

Just wanted to say thanks
again for hanging it for me.

I'm a little wobbly
on ladders these days.

And besides, what
I would have done

wouldn't have been half
as pretty as what you did.

Well, you're welcome,
Grandma Guernsey.

It was fun to do.

I'm glad.

Now then, what can I do for you?

I'll take one
of these, please.

Oh, these are nice.

I'll be right back with it.

NARRATOR: Well, that
didn't take long.

Oh, no.

I already knew what I
wanted to give Harriet.

Do you want to see what it is?

NARRATOR: Of course.

I got her one of these.

It's a Christmas tree ornament.

that's very pretty.

were words on it.

It says, "a friend is the
best thing you can have,

and the best thing you can be."

I like that.

It's perfect.

If I give that to
Harriet, she'll

know just how much I
like being her friend

and how much I like
her being mine.

I think she's going to love it!

think you're right.

Here you go, Deary.

I wrapped it in tissue paper
and put it in a little box.

Thank you, Grandma Guernsey.

very welcome, Crawford.

I'm so excited.

We got a tree.

I got Harriet and a present.

Aunt Kittypat will be here any--

come to think of it,
shouldn't she be here by now?

It looks like the 12:05
train from Catnip Creek

is running late.

Oh, Honey, it isn't
running today at all.


But my Aunt Kittypat was
supposed to be on it.

She's coming to spend Christmas
with me, just like she always


We were going to decorate
the tree and everything.

Oh, I'm sorry, Sweetie.

The snow we had here
was nothing compared

to what they had over there.

The train's snowed in, can't get
out of the station for, maybe,

a couple of days!

Oh, no!

Now, don't you worry.

The snow can't last forever.

You can just postpone your
Christmas for a couple of days.

But today is Christmas Eve!

I know it is, honey.

It just won't be the same.

You going to be
all right, Crawford.

Sure, I'll be fine.

I just got to make
the best of it.

Thanks, again.

You're welcome, Honey.

Oh, don't seem quite
fair, him missing Christmas

with his aunt, and all.

Hm, I wonder.

though Aunt Kittypat

wasn't going to be there
this Christmas Eve,

Crawford decided carry on all of
their traditions just the same.

Yes, Aunt Kittypat
would want me to.



I'm baking cookies,
decorating the tree,

and wrapping presents
all at the same time.

that's a lot to do!

Yes, it is.

I sure miss Aunt
Kittypat's help.

But mostly, though,
I just miss her.

NARRATOR: I understand.

Is that box Harriet's present?


And this is the paper
I've chosen to wrap it in.

Do you like it?

NARRATOR: Oh, yes, very much.

Thank you.

It'll be so pretty, Harriet
won't want to open it.

Oh, she'll open it, all right.

She'll be real careful, though.

Harriet saves wrapping
paper and uses it again.

wonderful, a recycler!


It is wonderful.

But it's also a
hard thing to do.

NARRATOR: Saving the paper?

No, unwrapping
presents carefully.

I get so excited,
that I'm not too neat.

NARRATOR: I know what you mean!



More cookies are done!

Every year, Aunt Kittypat
and I bake Christmas cookies.

And then, Harriet and Milow
come over to help decorate them.

Then we take them to
all of our friends.

It's a Christmas tradition.

very nice tradition.

This cookie dough recipe is
super, super, super secret.

NARRATOR: Three supers?

That is secret!

Well, it's not
really that secret.

I'll give it to
you, if you want to.



NARRATOR: May I have one?

Not yet, they
aren't quite done.

I'll have to reset the timer.


NARRATOR: What's that?

Well, I'm using
timers to remind me

of when I need to do something.

That one was the
tell me to start

decorating the Christmas tree.

I'm on a schedule.


Oh, forgot to
take my mitts off.



NARRATOR: Another timer?

Yes, that's the
timer to remind

me to wrap Harriet's present.

But I've already
got that started.

Oh, it's nice to be
ahead of schedule.

NARRATOR: It sure is!

I'll just reset this
to remind me to finish up

the wrapping later.


Oh, the cookies must be done!


I'll reset the timer to remind
me to put these on a cooling

rack in a few minutes.

[cuckoo clock]

NARRATOR: That timer
sounds like a cuckoo clock!

It is a cuckoo clock!

It cuckoos every hour!

And now, it's 3:00 o'clock.

3:00 o'clock!

Oh, my!

It's later than I thought!

I'd better get back to
decorating the tree!

Now, I'm behind schedule!


Wow, already?

NARRATOR: That's not the
oven timer, Crawford.

That was your gift
wrapping timer.

Oh, yes, thank you.

I can't lose track
of this, either.

I'll be back for you
in just a few minutes.

The gift's got to be finished
first, before she gets here.


That's the oven timer.

Don't go anywhere!

Cookies on the cooling rack!

Cookies on the cooling rack!


Oh, the tree!


The gift!

Oh, the tree!


What's that timer for?

NARRATOR: That's the doorbell!

Oh, right!

I'm getting busy!

HARRIET: Crawford,
it's me, Harriet.

It's Harriet!

She's early!

Uh, just a minute!

I got to hide the gift!

Hi, Harriet, come on in.

Merry Christmas, Crawford.

Merry Christmas.

You're out of breath.

What were all those
buzzer and beeper sounds?

Those are my timers,
to keep me on schedule.

Only, it's not working so well.

[warning siren]

What's that?

That's the timer for
my Gilroy Gofer game.

It's to remind you to mix up
some frosting for the cookies.

I've been trying to get
everything done, just like when

Aunt Kittypat is here.

It's been a challenge.

I heard that the train
wasn't coming today,

and neither was
your Aunt Kittypat.

I'm sorry.

I know you look
forward to her visits.

I sure do.

That's why I
came early, to see

if I could help with anything.

Thanks, Harriet!

That's very nice of you.

Well, as you
said this morning,

that's what friends are for!

Now, then, what can I do?

Well, the last batch of the
cookies are out of the oven.

But we need icing
to decorate them.

Could you mix up some
while I finished the tree?

I'd be happy to!

I'll make red, and green,
and every color in between!


That'd be perfect!

What's in the bag?

My gift for our exchange.

No peeking!

Don't worry, I
don't have the energy!


Oh, I'll bet that's Milow!


Hi, Milow!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas, Crawford!

They told me at the store
that your Aunt Kittypat

wasn't coming.

So I hurried over
to see if there

was anything I could help with.

Why, thank you, Milow.

You're a good friend.

Would you like to help
decorate the tree while I

finish wrapping a present?



All the ornaments
are in these boxes.

MILOW: Perfect.

CRAWFORD: Hey, Harriet,
there's more food coloring

in the pantry if you need it.


NARRATOR: So, with the help
of his friends, Crawford

the Cat got his presents
wrapped, the Christmas

tree decorated, and
the frosting mixed.

And soon, they started
decorating Christmas cookies!

And we finished
decorating them, too!


NARRATOR: Beautiful!

Mine, too?

Yours, too!

How about mine?

NARRATOR: Superior!

So, how many cookies did
each of you decorate?

A lot!

More than a lot!

Lots and lots!

NARRATOR: Oh, my goodness!

That is a lot of
Christmas cookies!

We have a lot of friends!

I see!

Hey, it's dark outside.

Let's turn on the
Christmas tree lights.

I want to see how I did!


And since you did most
of the decorations,

you can be the one
who turns it on!


Ready, set, go!


It's beautiful!

I like those twinkle lights.

CRAWFORD: Those are Aunt
Kittypat's favorites, too.

HARRIET: I like the candy canes!

the cat ornaments!


I could just
sit here all night

and look at that beautiful tree!

If we didn't have other
things to do, like--

Open our gift
exchange presents!



This one is for you, Milow!

I drew your name!

And this one is
for you, Harriet!

I'm so excited!

I just can't wait for you
to see what I got you!

This one's for you, Crawford!

Who goes first?

Let's all open them
at the same time!


And tonight, I'm not
even going to be neat!


HARRIET: Oh, my,
they're all the same!

You got him what I got you!

And she got me
what you got her!

And I got you what he got me!

Let's all read them
at the same time!

"A friend is the
best thing you can have

and the best thing you can be."

When I saw that
declaration, I thought,

I just must get this
for Harriet so she'll

know how lucky I
feel to have her

as my very, very good friend.

That's why I
bought one for Milow.

And that's why I
got one for Crawford.

I guess we're all really lucky
to have such good friends, huh?

We sure are!

I only wish your Aunt
Kittypat could have been here

to share the fun.

Ah, me too.


Who's there?


Santa Claus?

Uh, come in?

Hohoho again!

Grandma Guernsey!


CRAWFORD: What are
you doing here?

Is everything all right?

Hunky dory, and then some.

I just stopped by with
a little Christmas

present for Crawford the Cat.



Will the mystery Christmas
gift step in, please?

Hello there, Sweetie.

[gasp] Aunt Kittypat!

It's Aunt Kittypat!

Oh, I'm so glad to see you.

And I'm glad to see you, too.

Where did she come from?

How did she get here?

How did you find her?

Did the train come?

No, no train, still snowed
in over in Catnip Creek.

But I got to thinking that train
might make it through the snow,

but my good old one
horse open sleigh

might just make it to
Catnip Creek and back.

So I decided to give it a try.

After all, Crawford's
always doing nice things

for people all year long.

Just wanted to do
something nice for him.

So, here I am!

Thank you, Grandma Guernsey!

Oh, 'tain't such
a much, really!

It is to me!

Oh, my you got here just in
the nick of time to go with us!

We have Christmas
carols to sing!

And Cookies to deliver!

If y'all want, I can
haul them in my sleigh!


ALL: (SINGING) Oh, jingle
bells, jingle bells,

jingle all the way!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Thanks for these great cookies!

You're welcome!

Merry Christmas!

Well, the cookies
are all delivered.

And the songs are also sung!

Who's ready for hot chocolate!

We are!

Giddy up, horsey!

Let's go!

this Christmas Eve,

Crawford the Cat was reminded
of something he already knew!

The words written
on the ornaments

they bought for each other
weren't just a nice saying,

but a wonderful way
to live each day.

I think this is the
best Christmas ever.

Me too!

Christmas, Crawford!

Merry Christmas!

ALL: (SINGING) Oh, jingle
bells, jingle bells,

jingle all the way!

Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh!