Crave: The Fast Life (2015) - full transcript

Set in the Los Angeles nightlife scene; "Crave:The Fast Life" is an intense faith-crossover film that follows the rise, fall, and rebirth of a young club promoter as his crave for success takes him down a dark path of greed, betrayal and self-destruction.

Hand me those tapes over there.


The tapes.

Little pieces of paper have
the same effect on everybody.

How did you get so much money?


I earned it.

Let me tell you something, life is tough,

and it's mean and it doesn't
care about your feelings

and it doesn't worry about being fair.

So if you want something,
you get up, and you take it.

I'm not gonna tell you again, Arlene!

Stop yelling at me.

I told you too many times
to mind your own business.

So what?

So you want me to pretend
like nothing's happening?

You want me to let you
put our kids in danger?

As long as there's food on the table

and the bills are being paid,

you don't need to know
nothing about nothing.

I can't do this.

Then leave.

Don't try me, don't.

If I leave I'm taking Max and Soli

and we're leave...

Don't you threaten me!

Leave her alone!

There was this liquor
store down the street

from where I grew up.

And I went in everyday, and I bought chips

and a soda for me and my friends.

And I had the money

because at 11 I was going door to door

with stencils and a spray
can repainting addresses

on sidewalks for $2 a pop.

It's clever, right?

He can vouch for that.

Now every time I walked out of that store,

there was this man.

This guy was a bum.

He was a worthless excuse for a human,

always sitting outside on a crate,

content with having his
hand out asking me, a kid,

if he could have some money.

Now listen you, you can spend
your life living on a crate,

but this kid he didn't want that.

Do you know why?

Because he had a craving deep
inside him for everything,

and the only way you get everything

is if you go out and you take it.

That's right.



Now I see a room that's
filled with hustlers

and spray cans ready to take
on the world, am I right?

Yeah, oh yeah.

Am I right?


Do you crave the world?


Then go get it.

Jimmy you're not listening.

No you're not just,

look just because you say
something doesn't make it real,

Jimmy, so stop wasting everyone's time

and admit that you're screwing us.

This guy's unbelievable.

Let me talk to him.

Yeah, yeah, yeah I hear you Jimmy,

but that's not my problem, man.

You know, no I'm tired of it, man.

Let me talk to him.

Hey, Max want's to talk to you.

Jimmy what's up, man, it's Max.

Listen I don't wanna
hear any excuses, man.

Do you remember that check
I gave you two weeks ago

with your name on it?


That check was a deposit to
book your bar for our event

tomorrow, Jimmy, so that
means if you cash the check,

you hold the date.

You don't give it to the next guy.

And why are you giving
Jason so much trouble, man,

he just trying to figure out...


I need you to fix the washer, I need to...


Bro, that's my DJ's manager.

I've got a million
people coming in and out

of my office right now.

The last thing I need is this, Jimmy.

Arlene, what's the name of
your small claims attorney?


Did you hear that?

Yeah, perfect.

See, that's what I'm talkin' about, Jimmy.

All right.

Thank you.


Who's Bart?

Fix the washer.

It needs fixing.

I'm not a mechanic.

You know that, right?

I don't fix stuff.


Dear Lord, please have Jason take his

hat off so I can continue my prayer.

And thank you for this food,
for another day of living,

for another opportunity to
serve you through our actions.


I'm not finished.

Please bless Soli.

Guide her on her way to college.

Thanks, Mom.

You're welcome, baby.

Bless Max and Jason on their new business,

and bless Antonio, watch over him.

So how many losers did
you invite to your party?

Enough to fill the place up.

Did you tell your friends about it?


They're not old enough.


Okay, I know you may get mad,

but what about your friend, the pretty one

with the red hair?

She looked 21.

She did.

She really did.

Is she 21?

Oh yeah.

So sexy, right, oh my God.

You know I wish you guys put as much

effort into going to church as you do

into throwing parties.

Church ain't gonna put those crispy

green dollar bills in my pocket.

Life isn't about the material.

You know that.

Give me a break, it's
not like I'm stealing

and worshiping golden cows.

I'm just saying, I don't
see a need to go to church.

All I'm saying is if you're not

close to God, you're vulnerable to sin.

So is Brie going?

No, she's not into that stuff.

I'm gonna take her to dinner though.

It should be cool.

She's not into it then she's got

a good head on her shoulders.

Oh, you're just sayin' that 'cause you

saw her at church.

I'm sayin' that 'cause
I like the person she is.

And if she's like that
'cause she goes to church,

that just goes to prove my point.

All right, if Brie and I stay together,

it's 'cause it's meant to be.

Church or clubs or anything else,

they don't have any
say in any of that, so.

Why didn't you just invite her here?

'Cause you embarrass me, immensely.

You're so stupid.

Give your sister a break.

All right.

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

What about you?

Everything's done?

Almost, just a couple
tweaks here and there.

Are you nervous?

No, no, not really.

Baby, I'm so, so proud of you.

Thanks, babe, that means
a lot coming from you.

To your future.

No, here's to our future.

Hold on just a second, hold on.


Okay, I'm sorry about that.

Hey, listen, I wanted to
ask you about tomorrow.

Are you sure you don't want to come?


I'm sorry, baby, it's not
really my thing, you know.

All right.

I'm just saying if some young thing

tries to seduce this, I'm...

Okay, you know what?

Knock yourself out, go right ahead.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

It'll be your loss.

It would be, I know.

Do you want to have
dinner another night,

'cause, babe, you seem really busy.

And I don't...

No, no, no, no, no.

Babe, it's just things are
really hectic right now.

I'm sorry.

Nothing worthwhile
ever comes easy, right?

Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

I mean, the way I see it, right now

it's a struggle to get into Jimmy's,

but what about tomorrow?

You know, concerts, arenas.

I can see it.


I wanna make another toast.

This is to you...

I'm sorry, I'm terrible.

It's fine, don't be sorry.

No, it's not.

This is what you want.

And it's important, and I don't want

to get in the way of that.

So it's okay.

Are you sure?


Oh, thank you, baby.

Thank you so much.

I'll take care of it, I'll be back.

I'll be right back.

Girls, look.

You gotta believe me when I say I want

to help you out, but, you know what,

we're getting really close to capacity.

There's a guest list I gotta follow.

So, you know, you're gonna
have to wait, all right?


Let 'em in.

Wild world, don't get lost.

Hey, make 'em nice and strong until 11.

After that, I need you
to go lighter and lighter

until last call, okay?

Are you good?



Trace, get me two drafts right away, okay.


What's your problem, man?

Back up.

You got a problem with me?

Back up!

You got a problem with me?

What you gonna do?

Yo, yo, yo, yo, gentlemen,
gentlemen, gentlemen.

Calm down, bro.

Listen, listen, hold on.

I don't know what makes you think getting

into a fistfight in my
place is a good idea,

but I can assure you both, it isn't.

All right, calm down, bro.

Look at those guys.

You see those guys over there?

That's my security team,
and they are itching

to drag you outta here
in the most embarrassing

way possible if you give them a reason to.

You don't want that, right?


Do you want that?

Exactly, just the way I don't wanna have

to call the cops, and you don't want

to spend your Saturday night in jail.

So, for the sake of
everyone else's good time,

let's just quit playing
these foolish games,

shake hands and have a beer.

All right?

Excuse me.

What's up, man?

What's your name?

I'm Max.



Somebody wants to meet you, Max.

Who wants to meet me?

Somebody you're gonna want to know.

This is Max.

Max, Dominic Romero.

How's it goin'?

What is up, Mr. Max?

It's always the same, just workin' hard.

How can I help you?

Please, join us.

So you set all this up.

Yup, yes, I did.


What was your budget like?

It was less than you think, trust me.

It usually is, ain't it?

I saw the way you handled
those troublemakers.

Very well done.

Thank you, man, I appreciate that.

Let's talk soon.

About what?

Your future.

My future.

Honestly, sir, Mr. Romero, I
don't wanna waste your time.

You see, I just went
into business for myself.

Talking never killed anyone.

Focus, Max.

You seem like a pretty
bright light in a dark room.

So think it over.

Call me.

Either way.

All right.

All right, Mr. Max.

All right.

All right.

Man, let's throw it up.

Here's to the first one.

Definitely a success.

Absolutely, 100%.

Can I be honest with you?


I was pretty much positive nobody was

gonna show up tonight.

Honestly, so was I.

I didn't think...

But they came, that's all that matters.


They all came, so.

It was a great night.

Who's that?

This is Dominic Romero.

What did he want?

Said he just wanted to talk.

So you gonna call him?

I don't know.

It doesn't hurt.

It's not like a phone call
ever killed anyone, right?

Hmm, I'm sure it's killed somebody.

All right, Jason, while
you figure that out,

I'm gonna go home and
sleep, for like a week.

Call you Friday, make
sure you're still kickin'.

Dear Lord, protect my son, Max.

Guide him on his way to his journey.

Mom, what are you doing?

Mom, that's not cool.

Praying is cool!

Okay, praying's cool.

And if you're not gonna go to church,

the least you can do is
grab the grocery bags

out of the car.

Can I brush my teeth first?

No one's waiting to smell
your breath outside, Max.

Did you buy food or bricks?

I'm starving.

What's for breakfast?

I need to talk to you.

Mom, I fixed it.

They're releasing your father.

He'll be out next month.

Why didn't you tell me?

You're doing what you need to be doing,

focusing on your future.

I didn't want to trouble
you with any of this.

What happens next?

He'll be
staying with his brother.

Look, I'm telling you right now,

I do not want to see him.

Did you hear me?

Mother, do not put me in that situation.

I don't deserve that.

I won't.

But you need to understand
that he's Soli's

And she also lives here.

Don't forget that.

Well, maybe I should move.

Is that what I should do?

Maybe I should just move.

Stop it.

Nobody's throwing you out.

Focus on your company, Max.

Don't let any of this
get in the way of that.

This is your house for as
long as you need it to be.

I want you to remember that.


Yeah, I have a three o'clock
with Dominic Romero, please.



I'm Rich.

What's up, man?

Pleasure to meet you.

Yeah, likewise.

Come on inside.

All the premier promoters for this club,

these guys put in their work.

Yeah, we always reach
full capacity every night.

It's impressive, man.

It's nice.

You ever been here when we're open?

No, man, not yet.

Oh, man, you're gonna love it.

Good vibes.

You're making this sound like
an orientation or something.

Don't think so much.

Big boss is in the back,
last office on the left.

He's waitin' for you.

Thank you.

Have a good one.

Excuse me, Mr. Romero?

Come in.

Forget that mister stuff, my man.

You can call me Dom.



All right.

Just like that.

Go ahead, sit.

Thank you.

So did you find the place all right?


No, it's pretty easy, actually.


You never know with traffic.


So you like the building?

It's perfect.

That it is.

It earns well.

The take at the door and behind the bar,

keep the foundation without any cracks.

But there's something wrong, Max.

Something in the crowd that is changing.

I can't put my finger on it exactly,

but I can feel it in the air.

I take it it's a bad change?

That's absolutely what it is.

I can put numbers on a spreadsheet,

and it tells me that
it's business as usual.

But if you get people like me in the room,

people like you in the room,

we can see things that other people don't.

We see the cancer in the room.


I like that.

The cancer in the room.

You're a surgeon, Max.

I saw it the other night with my own eyes,

the way you handled those
clowns on the floor.

That was impressive.

Thank you, appreciate it.

See, I was brought up in
the old school way of things.

Someone's causing a ruckus,

nothing straightens out a man quicker

than a pistol to the head.

But you, you are a more refined breed.

The new blood is a lot smoother

than we used to be.

Max, you've got an eye that
can prove invaluable to me.

You want me to run this for you?

How old are you, Max?

I'm 30.


Yes, sir.

I want you to help me grow this place.

I want you to bring the magic in here.

I want you to bring me in new crowds

of pretty faces and deep pockets,

and I want to compensate
you very well for doing so.

Listen, I understand, and I'm flattered.

I really am, but I just went
into business for myself.

And that's, that's very admirable.

But when a very talented pitcher

gets out from college, he doesn't start

his own minor league team.

He signs on with the best ball club.

And wins the World Series.

There's a conflict.

I have a partner who works with me.

I wouldn't want to mess up your flow.

Listen, take the week.

Think about where you are right now,

what you drive, where
you sleep, what you wear.

Think about what you want right now.

Give me an answer after that.

All right?

I'm getting in on this.

How are you?


You taking shots?

Come in, how are you?

Take some shots afterwards.

I own this place, that's why.

You do, wow.

What's your name?



That's a beautiful name, Lauren.

What did you think?

That's good, right?

It's the Max Special, all
day, it works every time.


What's up?

You forgot to contact the vendor,

so I had to send one of our guys

to go pick up a few cases of cognac.

I'm not hearing a problem.

Well, just because the problem's solved

doesn't mean the problem's gone.

I gotta tell you, bro, you
worry too much, all right.

Let me set you up.

I got you.

It's cool, man, I'm workin' tonight.

Yeah you are, trust me.

This is the Max Special.

Max Special?

Yeah, I'm not a very
good bartender, actually.





Hey listen, I talked to Dom.

He said he's gonna take care
of the alcohol personally.

Why would he do that?

I don't know.

Maybe he's bored, has nothing to do.

Who cares, all right?

It's one less thing for us to worry about.

No, it's not, because I still had

to worry about it.

Okay, okay, okay.

I'll talk him.

All right?


- Relax.
- All right.

Hey, stick around
after closing, all right?

We're gonna have a little party.

So what's it like saying hello

to so many people in one night?

You promise not to laugh?

Of course.

I used to try to
remember everyone's names.

You know, I'd write down notes about them

and study them later in my room.



Now I just, I mean, I just
shake hands and smile a lot.

I have to say stuff
like, "What's up, boss.

"There he is.

"There he is."

It's monotonous, but...

I'm impressed.




You should be, 'cause
I'm kind of a big deal.

Oh, really?

Kinda, just, I mean.

They put me on these new pills.

I think it's working, 'cause I've felt

a lot less pain this week.

How's the new doctor treating you?


The other one was just
prescribing me everything.

This one says he has a plan.

He better have a plan.

Top doctors in this state
cost a lot of money.

You really think money
has any say in this?

Yeah, it helps.

If God wants to take me
home, it's a done deal.

No money's gonna change that.

You probably think that bracelet

has a better chance of curing you, huh?

Luke 1:37, for nothing
is impossible with God.

Someone special made it for me.

I was like two when we made that.

10, and it means more
to me than any other

gift you've given me.

Oh really?

Even more than those earrings
I got your for Christmas?

I know you liked 'em, Mama.

You met a girl.


How do you go from earrings
to me meeting a girl?

That makes no sense.

What's her name?

All right, seriously.

Mom, you need to work on
your segue skills, they're...

You always have that look
whenever you meet someone new.

I honestly don't know
what you're talkin' about.

This isn't a look.

This, this is me.

Is she nice?

I don't know.

I guess.

Where did you meet her?

The club.

Put the phone down.

You're not gonna find anything
meaningful in a club, Max.

Whatever happened to Brie?

She was so nice, went to church...

Yeah, she was perfect,
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

It's not blah, blah, blah.

She was.

Okay, she was perfect.

Truth is, she didn't
want me, so she moved on,

just like I did, just like you should.

So quit bringing up old stuff, it's done.

Let's go out for dinner.

You want to come?

You and Soli go.

Mom, there's this new
restaurant just opened up.

Just bring me back something.

I could just make something for you.

Max, just go.

You're doing that thing
where you pretend to read.

Who's adorable?

You're so stupid.

How's school going?

Good, should be out next year.

Hey, have you ever thought about coming

to work for me when you're done?

Is there a sudden need for teachers

at nightclubs now?

You say it joking, but think about it.

I mean, let's say we open
up a club for parents

that want to unwind.

That's a million dollar idea.

We could set up like a daycare
center in the entrance.

I'm gonna be a teacher,
not a babysitter.

How is everything around here?

You doin' all right?

Everything's good.

It gets easier.

Do you need any extra help?


Soli, what is it?

Dad's been coming around
to help once in a while.


He always asks about you.

What do you tell him?

I tell him you're doing good.

He says he misses you and
that he wants to see you.

You know what, I don't care.

In fact, next time he asks you,

you tell him I said to
mind his own business.




Oh, you're mad at me?

Why are you even talking to him?

Because he's my dad!

Because he's our dad!

Some dad, huh?

He's been quite a father figure for you,

hasn't he, Soli?

You ever ask him why he left us all alone,

not sure if we were gonna make
it through the next month?

You guys have those little chit chats?

He changed, Max.

People can change.

Fact is, Soli, he hasn't changed.

Quit foolin' yourself.



I want to talk to you about yesterday.

I better never see you
raise your hand at me again.

I'm your father.

Wipe that look off your face.

Now look at me.

I know what's right for this family.

And sometimes, a man needs to do what

needs to be done, even if it ain't pretty.



Put your hands up.

Step away from the boy.

There's no such thing as right or wrong.

You want it all, you gotta take it.

Remember that.

You look upset.

It's just, it's family
problems, that's it.

I've been there.

Nothing some good
company can't fix, right?

What's the name of that girl
you were with the other night?



I like that name, Lauren.

Listen, Dom, I'm sorry, man.

I'm really tired, and I want to shake

these cobwebs off...

Why don't you cut the crap and get down

to why I called you here?

Yeah, that'd be nice.

I want to open another club.

That's great.

You know, I've actually
been eyein' this spot...

I want it to be your club.

My club, how would it...

I want it to be known around
top as your spot, not mine.

I want your stamp on it.

I want you to bring in crowds that are

even higher in caliber.

I'm talkin' about trust fund babies

with so much scratch
lyin' around they can't

throw it around quick enough.

I want it to be the club.

And in return, all I ask, is that you

make me more money.

I can do that.

Oh, I know you can do that.

Do you trust me?

I do.

Do you believe I can make
all your dreams come true?

Yes, I do.

Will you follow me?

I will.


Let's go get 'em.

So let me give you the broad strokes.

I'm the manager of a
nice-sized investment fund.

You know, nothing too complicated,

but just a pot spread out in real estate

and tech, and as I was
telling Jason, entertainment.

Well, Dave, you just hit the lottery.

That's our specialty.

Well, truth is, we're not
reaching our target audience

as much as I know we could.

No, I get it, trust me.

You want to get their attention, right?

That's the objective?

Let me ask you something, though,

what's your advertising budget like?


Psh, that's half the battle.

And, earlier, I shared with Dave

about all the progress we made this year.

And I also told him how we
started in your mom's garage.

Yeah, you know, we need
guys who got somewhere

due to hard work and talent.

I mean, look, I can make a call,

you know, get some kid
to show me statistics.

Believe me, I've gone down that route.

That's not what we need.

You know, we need guys who
understand our audience

on an organic level.

Well, I'm sold, you got me.

So what are your clubs like?

Where are they located?

What's the vibe like?

Well, Dave, he handles
all the Christian concerts

and other faith-based events.

So this is a great opportunity...

Okay, I'm gonna stop
you right there, Jason.

What are we talkin' about right now?

What is this?

Christian concerts, is that what this is?



That's my understanding.

All right, listen, I really appreciate

you coming out, but the reality of things

is that we are dealing with a completely

different market these days.

Yeah, I don't follow.

That whole church thing.

That was a long time ago.

It's a very viable market, Max.

Jason is the epitome of a hustler.

He's not afraid to go out
there and get his hands dirty,

and I will always admire that about him.

But what he's forgetting is that we

are in a very different world now.

We're out there selling sin,

whatever that may mean to the person we're

selling it to is exactly the thing

we're trying to sell them.

It just so happens, we happen to be doing

very well with the current
business model, Dave,

and I don't intend on
changing course at any point.

So with that said, thank you very much.

This was, this was great,

but I'm gonna have to respectfully decline

and tell you we're just not interested.



You guys have a nice day.


Thank you very much for coming.


You have a good day.

Yeah, you too there, Max.

I'll walk you out, Dave.

Appreciate that.

Hey uh, God bless ya.

God bless ya, Max.

Viable future.

No way.

But it's hysterical.

Thank you so much.


Are you kidding me?

Oh my God.

How are you?

I'm good.

You, you...

Come here.

You look amazing.

Thank you.

How are you?



What are you doin' here?

Do you live...

Yeah, yeah, I do.

This is my friend Melissa.

I'm sorry, this is my friend Melissa.

Sorry, this is Max.


An old friend of mine.

- Hi, Melissa?
- Yes.

Pleasure to meet you.

Nice to meet...

What are you doing here?

Uh, well, our office is pretty nearby,

so we come here for lunch.



Are you back?

Yeah, for like a year.

A year.


I've known you...

It's been a while.

Listen, I gotta get going, but...

Oh, yeah.

It was good to see you.

No, no, no.

Let me take you out to dinner.

Yeah, I would love that.

That would be really nice.

Is that, would that

be nice?

I'd love to catch up.

- Sure.
- Well, gimme your...

Absolutely, I have a card somewhere.

I've known her all my life.


We go way back.

So yeah, just give me a call.

We can, you know, figure it out.

What are you doing tonight?

Uh, just working
on, we had a project

that we're working on...

You know what, let me
take you out to dinner.

Sure, okay, sure.

Does that sound good?



Melissa, it was a pleasure
meeting you, okay.

Yes, you too.

Would you excuse me?

And I'll see you tonight.

I'll see you tonight.



Okay, bye.

Excuse me.


You look upset.

That's because I am upset.

Look, man, I'm sorry
if you were expecting me

to react differently in there,

but we're in a really good spot right now.

Why do you want to mess it up?

Okay, I know that.

But you didn't even think about it.

Think about what?

Jason, there's nothing to think about.

We have it made in the shade,

and, instead of enjoying it,

what, you just want to start
all over somewhere else?

Yo, since when do you
start goin' to church?

Now you're knocking me and church.

Oh, okay, Mom.

Look, man, I was gonna
tell you this over dinner,

but Dom's giving us our own club.

I don't know.

Wait a minute, don't know what?

I don't know about Dom.

What don't you know,
that he's the reason

we live so well?

That's the only reason.

Look, Jason...

I don't know what it is, okay, but...

But what?

I feel it.

You feel it?

Yeah, deep inside, something
tells me to keep my distance.

Okay, that right there, all of that,

that's fear talking.



Yeah, yeah.

It's the way he dodges
questions that worries me.

Jason, do you trust me?

You know I do.

Have I ever let you down?


And believe me when I tell you,

there is absolutely nothing
to be worried about.

Bro, we have always had to work twice

as hard to get what we want.

I mean, it scares us when it comes easy,

but not this time.

We worked hard for
this, and we deserve it.

So let's just, let's just stop worrying

about everything, man.

Let's just enjoy it.

All right?


You know how many people
want to be in our spot?

Think about it.

Do you want a hug, 'cause
I kinda want a hug.


Yeah, hug me.

Come on, man.

Yo, you're not gonna
believe who I ran into.





How'd she look?

Stupid hot.

What did you think of the wine?

Oh, I loved it.

It was good, no?

It's the most expensive bottle.

Was it?

It was.

Happy to know that.

I heard you dropped your company.

I did.

I'm actually running
things for a club owner.

It was the right move.

I'm glad it worked out.

It did.

What about you though?

I swear I thought I'd never see you again.

You almost didn't.

I loved Boston.

I was happy there, but
the company I work for,

I interned with them during grad school,

and a position opened up back here.

I felt like I could do a lotta good,

so it just felt like the right move.

And now you're here.

Now I'm here.

You know, I think about us sometimes.

Like why we couldn't work it out.

I don't know.

I think sometimes.

Hold on, just give me a second.

This is gonna be real quick like.



Nothing has changed, has it?


What are you talking about?

The booths are new.

How's your mom?

Not good, she uh,

she developed lymphoma a
couple years ago, so...

I'm so sorry.

You know what?

She's seeing the best doctors,

so we're all pretty optimistic.

That's good to hear.

She asked about you the other day.

Oh yeah?


What did she say?

She said that I was a fool for letting

you out of my life.

Smart lady.

I think you just won her over

'cause you go to church so much.


Did you tell her we were
having dinner tonight?

Oh, no, no, no.

No, no, no.

Are you kidding me?

Go ahead.

Are you sure?


I'll be quick.

I'm so fast at this, Brie.

Thank you so much for
taking the time to see me.

I appreciate it.

I mean, I know it was short notice.

My pleasure.

It was nice.

It was nice.

Did you like the food?

I did, it was delicious.

It was good, right?




I don't think that this is the best idea.

Are you serious?

When I said earlier, at dinner,

that nothing has changed, I meant that.

Nothing has changed, and that means that

if we start something now,

it's just gonna have
the exact same outcome.

Things changed or things turned out

the way they did because
you wanted to leave.

I did everything but
practically beg you to try

and make me stay.

But you didn't do any of that

because you didn't want any of that.

You didn't want a future with me.

You wanted a future with money

and your parties...

- You don't know what I want.
- And your clubs.

You don't know what I want.

And you know what?

You need to calm down.

You know that that's not me.

It's not me, never was, never will be.

Don't even assume to know
what I want, all right?

You don't know anything.

Okay, it's not you.


That's a nice touch, real classy.

I'm a classy guy.

I can tell.

I can tell.

Okay, I'm gonna go in now.


We've got a problem.

I'm kinda busy, bro.

Look man, it can't wait.

Will you give me a second?

I'll catch up with you in a minute.

I promise.

Don't be mad.

Seriously, you're killin' me.

What do you need?

Is Dom around?

No, he'll be here later.

Why, what's up?

There's something you need to see.

Things haven't been adding up.

There's been a bunch of purchases in here

that aren't accounted
for and goods that seem

to have just disappeared.

I signed for these.


But what about these?

We never carried that label.

All right, so what does this mean?

I showed it to an accountant.

He backed away from the book saying

he couldn't even touch it.

What do you mean he wouldn't touch it?

That's ridiculous.

He said he couldn't get involved

because it looked like money laundering.

There's got to be a
mistake in all of this.

No, there's no mistake.

Look, man, these are strong allegations.

All right, so don't be going
around saying anything.

I'm not gonna say anything.

Look, I'm serious, Jason.

Just let me deal with this, all right?

All right.


I want you to meet somebody.

This is Jack Truby.

He's the owner of everything in Vegas.

Mr. Truby, pleasure.

Jack, this is Max.

He's the magic man I've
been telling you about.

Dominic tells me you're a special kind

of prodigy around here, like
a better-lookin' rain man?

I wouldn't go that far,

but, you know what, that's
really nice of him to say.

I'll take it.

He's being modest.

This time next month, he'll have his name

on the door on the hottest club in LA.

Yes, sir.

We're having a little
after hours at my place.

I want you there so the
three of us can talk.

Absolutely, I'll be there.

All right.

All right.

I gotta get on something in back.

If you need to find me,
I'll be there, okay.

You got it.

Excuse me.

Always workin'.

I'm interested in seeing
how your club does, Max.

I trust Dominic, always have,

but I'm a businessman through and through.

I'd like to see your
process from the start.

Listen, I don't have
a problem with that.

You know, I'm just not sure I understand

what it is you're considering me for.

Las Vegas.

People come from all over the world

with a deep-rooted craving for sin,

and that's all great.

But, you see, we can raise the prices

up, up, up, but we're still
gonna get a mixed crowd.

That's the way tourists are.

What I want, and what The Strip needs,

is a place that attracts
the top of the heap

and only the top of the heap.

Max, I imagine it to
be the kind of place

where the average tourist
dreams about going to

the day they win the lottery.

Exactly, Dominic, you
brilliant son of a gun.

That's exactly what I want people to say.

I want men to grab their wives and say,

Martha, the day I hit all the numbers

is the day I take you to Jack
Truby's place on The Strip.

What are you thinking?

I think I'm really looking forward

to impressing Mr. Truby here.

We'll set something up so
you can come check it out.

All right, that sounds good.

By the way, what do you party with, Max?

You're lookin' at it.

Well, I guess you don't know the feeling

of what it's like to be on
top of the world, do ya?

Well, church, I had another sermon

planned for this morning,

but, at the last minute, I changed it.

And the reason why is I was
watching a television show,

and it was one of those stories

that talked about a man, a
man just like you and me.

He started an organization for the needy.

And what got my attention was when

he started talkin' about his past.

In his past, he said, he
had a desire for more,

and the desire for more led him

down a dark, dark path.

And in the end, he lost everything.

You see, he was a man that was greedy

for wealth and success.

You okay?

I'm just nauseous.

Did you eat something bad?

It's fine, Mother.

It'll pass, just relax.

See there's cravings for wealth,

cravings for success,

but the Bible says, what does it profit

a man to gain the whole
world yet lose his own

soul in the process?

The Bible also says that's
in is fun for a season,

but the pleasures of
this world will not last.

Neither will the wealth or
the success seem success

will not mean anything unless
it's God's will and God' plan.

The Bible says that God has plans for us,

to prosper us and give
us a future and a hope.

God's way is the best way.

The world's way isn't.

I'll tell you this,
those who have cravings

for success, cravings for wealth,

cravings for the pleasures of this world,

they are looking for these things.

Searching, and if they gain them,

they still have that lost-ness inside.

They still have the
void inside their heart.

It doesn't satisfy the need of the soul.

The only one that can satisfy the need

of our soul is Jesus Christ.


How are you, man?

I haven't seen you in a long time.

Pastor Cruz, how are you?

No, I'm good.

I'm surprised you remembered my name.

How could I forget you?

This is your church.

Hey, by the way, it's good
to see your mom here today.

You know what, we were just really

surprised she wanted to come.

So we just jumped at the
opportunity, you know.

That's what we did.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm good.

Psh, I feel like $100.


Well, you look tired.

No, no, it's just work.

That's all I do, just
work, work, work, work.

You know?

But I'm doing good.

I'm doing really good though.

I just want you to know something,

me and the church, we're here for you.

Come back anytime.

All right, yes, sir, yes, sir.

Thank you.

Good message by the way.

That was a really, really good message.

Appreciate it.

I think a lotta people

can relate to that, so.

Thank you, okay.


God Bless.

See you soon, okay?

Yes, sir.

So you gotta figure that
the rooms back upstairs

are gonna be good for business.

But in this room, in here, this is where

the real money's spent.

Look at you.

I can already hear the
gears churning in your head.

Can you hear them churning, Jason?

Tell me something.

Dom, it's perfect, man.


This is perfect.

I mean, the exterior's a little rugged.

You know, like it hasn't
quite been tamed yet.

Ooh, I like that.

No, no, no, no, no.

But we can use that aesthetic.

See, the more secure a person feels,

the more outta control they want to be.

Ooh, I like that.

You see that?

I like that.

See now, that's definitely the angle

to take with this one.

See, we'll pique their interest

just by having them ask like, whoa,

is it even safe to go there?

Oh, I like that, yes.

And this room?

This is VIP heaven.

Ultra VIP heaven.

People are gonna
talk about this room

like it's a myth.

Someone's gonna know
someone who's been there.

Hey, listen, Jason,

are you getting this
'cause this is good stuff.

Yeah, yeah, hold on.


We put dancers right here.

Bars, two separate ends.


Think about it, yeah,


It has to be on the ends though.


What, man?

We gotta go.

I just talked to the doctor.

It isn't good.

He says the cancer's spreading.

That it can cause
complications to vital organs.

He's predicting a very long stay.

Are you okay?

I'm going down to the cafeteria.

I'll come.


I need to get some air.


Soli told me you were coming.

I didn't want to upset you.

I never apologized to you.

If you'll give me a chance,
I'd really like to do that.

You think you deserve another chance?

No, I don't.

Good, you're not as dumb as I thought.

I deserved that.


I'm here.

Go ahead.

I let you down.

I was a very foolish person.

And I let you down when you needed me.

There's nothing that I
can do to make it go away,

but I want you to know that,

that it eats at me every single day.

And I'm sorry.

I heard you found God
while you were inside,

that you're a different person now.

I want you to know that I
don't accept your apology.

And I hope that eats
away at you every day.

I hope you die just the
way you left us, alone.

I became a smashing success,

and I did it without your help.

And even though you pray to God,

it doesn't matter,
Tony, because he doesn't

care about people like you.

That's why I have everything,
and you have nothing.

Wait a minute!

Real different.

Now, you're angry.

I can understand that.

But you ease it up a bit, okay,

'cause I'm trying here.

Try all you want, old man.

Just don't waste my time.

What's up, man?

What's up, boss?

How you doing?

Everything good?

This your girl?

How are you?

I'm Max.

Watch him, he's dangerous.

There he is right there, there he is.

Mr. Truby.

Always good to see you.

So what do you think?

Consider me impressed, Max.


I'm happy to hear it.

I want you to come down to Vegas,

get a feel for it.

I think I have a pretty
good idea what it's like.

That city never sleeps, ever,

whether it's Wednesday or Saturday,

we'll get a crowd in there
like you've never dreamed.

Just gotta make sure you
get their attention is all.

Sounds like a dream
come true, Mr. Truby.

That's because it is, Max.

That's because it is.

Look, I already
know the answer to this.

Then don't ask.

But I'm gonna ask.

Have you talked to him?


I sure haven't.


Because I've been busy, remember,

doin' all of this?

This doesn't happen magically.

It just doesn't appear.

Look, Max, I get it.

But it's not my place to confront him.

That's something you need to do,

and it needs to be done.

Talked to Jack Truby tonight.

Said he wants us to go to Vegas,

get a feel for things.

Now, Jason, do you hear me?

Vegas, bro.

That's the promised land, man.

Now, we go there, all
our dreams come true,

and you want to mess it up by pissing Dom

off with some allegations?

Come on.

If it's illegal, then yeah.

I don't want a part in it.

Listen, man, I gotta go.

You leave this alone, you hear me?

Listen, Jason, there
is a lot at stake here.

Trust me.

I'll call you tomorrow about Vegas.


You look tired.

It was a big night.

That's right, your grand opening.

You look different, Max.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.


I don't know.

You're just probably working too hard.

I want to give you something.

Mom, you don't have to do that.

You don't have to carry it or anything.

It's just something to
look at when you're scared.

It'll remind you you're in God's hands.

I made it for you.

Besides, I think you need it a little more

than I do right now.


I think you do.

Put your phone away, please.

I want to talk to you.


What's goin' on?

I'm dying.

Mom, I've made sure you're getting

the best treatment.

It's God's will.

No, it's science.

That's why you're gonna be all right.

There's doctors here that
are going to cure you.

That's not what I
wanna talk to you about.

I don't, what do you
want to talk about then?

Even though you might
be scared of the truth,

I want you to understand it.

I'm not afraid of dying, Max.

It's because of my faith.

Okay, Mom, you're not
afraid of dying, okay.

Listen to me.

I've made peace with everything in my life

except for you, and I'm gonna be honest.

I'm really worried about
the life you're living.

There is nothing wrong with
the way I'm living my life.

Let her finish.

There is, Max.

I'm worried about your distance from God.

I'm worried that you have
too much anger in your heart.

That's just as bad as
the cancer inside me.

I want to tell you that the only way

to make it in this life is by loving

and being loved, by
forgiving and being forgiven.

All that matters is love, family.

All right.

So this, this, this is
all about Tony, right?

That's what this is about?

It's about everything.

No, it isn't.

This is about you turning on me,

me, the one who works and works

to make sure you're doing okay,

to make sure Soli goes to school

and has a future.

Lower your voice, Max.

You sit here in a bed, reading a Bible,

judging me for doing what
I have to do for my family?

Your father said the same thing.

Don't you ever compare me to him.

No, Max!

Don't yell at her.

Shut up, you sit down right now.

Shut up, Soli!

How could you tell me that?

You want me to forgive
the man who abandoned us,

who just left us?

He used to beat you and
leave you on the floor.

Get out, Max.

And I'm the one that picked you up.

Get out, get out!

That's who you want?

You want me to be
closer to God for what?

So I could be on the bed dying like you?

Get out.

Is that what you want?

Get out.

'Cause praying didn't get
you anything, Mom, look.

I'm leaving, I'm leaving, I'm leaving!

Get, get away.

Get away, don't you touch me.

Get away from me right now.


Oh, there she is!

It's Max.

Can I come in?

Can I come in?

This is really nice.

It's uh, it's cozy.

It's cute.


You want something to drink?

No, no, no, no, I'm good, thank you.

So what's up?

I've been thinking, how would you

like to accompany me to Vegas tonight?


Las Vegas.

I have to work tomorrow.

Babe, babe, forget about work.

All right, you don't have to work if you

have me in your life.

What is it with you, man?


Listen, this is not
gonna happen, all right?

You need to understand that.

No, I understand.

All right, I understand that you think

you're better than me.

That's what I'm getting.

That's not at all what I'm saying.

Look at where you
live, Brie, look around.

Do you know, I can buy this building.

And I could kick you out on the street

if I wanted to.

Okay, you know what?

I have that kind of money.


You need to leave.

You need to wake up!

And you need to see a good thing when it's

standing right in front of you.

I am almost positive
that you are on drugs, Max.

So what, what if I am?

So get out.

So what?

What, it doesn't reach
your high standards?

Is that what it is?

Get out!


The biggest mistake you
ever made was leaving me.

And now you're doing it again.

The biggest mistake I ever made

was thinking that you wouldn't get lost

in your lifestyle, Max.

You are not the man that
I fell in love with.

He's gone.

But I'm praying for you, Max.

You're crazy.

Don't pray for me.

Pray for yourself.

Call Lauren.


What are you doing?

Thinking of you.

All right, get dressed.


Yeah, we're goin' to Vegas.

Fantastic, Jack, absolutely fantastic.

It's your idea.

I like your ideas.

I like this idea.

So you feelin' it yet?

That buzz in the air,
that smell that tells you

anything is possible around here?

Yeah, absolutely, I feel it.

I hope so.

There's opportunity to be had here.

I need to attend to something here.

Whatever their hearts desire.

Do you really feel it?


Yeah, I really do.


You seem a little off tonight.

It's a big move, Dom.

Oh, it is.

Look at this.

It is a big move.

That's why you need to be sure that you

can deliver out here.

Are you laundering money?

That's a hell of a question.

Listen, I wouldn't ask you
unless I was really concerned.

Are you?

Unbutton your shirt.

Excuse me?

What, you have something to hide?


Then do it.

Okay, Dom.

You happy?

I apologize for that.

I'm still not hearing an answer.

Yes, we are.

We are not, because
I, as in me, I promote.

That's what I do here, nothing more.

That was the agreement.

You're absolutely right, Max.

You are the promoter, and nothing more.

So don't stress yourself over things

that aren't even on your radar.

What if things go wrong for you?

Look, I'm just gonna tell
you this to ease your concerns.

I got CPAs checking the books

constantly for discrepancies.

If there was anything
that looked remotely bad,

I would know about it.

If you think this is immoral or unethical

or some other pious reason to be offended,

then you're in the wrong business, Max.

What you need to understand is that this

does not involve you directly,

but this is happening.

And it's real.

Is it happening out here?


No, Dom, I don't...

Oh, Max.

Listen to me.

Don't freak yourself out.

In life, sometimes you gotta move

around the rules to get ahead.

All you have to remember is that this

is all just the beginning.

The sky is the limit.

So what are you thinking?

What's the story on those drinks?

There's my boy.

Let's get it.

Ah, you were right, they
are laundering money.

I told you.

All right, take it easy.

I already made it perfectly clear

that neither one of us has
any involvement with this so...

You're okay with it?

I'm not doin' it, neither are you,

so, yeah, I'm perfectly fine with it.

You're involved.

So that means I'm involved.

Quit being ridiculous, all right?

We're not involved.

We have nothing to do with it.

Why are you playing dumb, Max?

My job, Jason, is to get
people through the door,

to turn a ridiculous profit for the people

bankrolling the operation and to keep

the establishment running.

That's it.

That's what I do.

That is what I excel at.

I keep it performing and looking the best

it can possibly look to anyone who cares

to know the difference, bro.

Do you know what your job is?

Hey, look at me, focus.

Right here, bro, right here.

Do you know what your job is?

Your job is to back me up
while I'm doing all that stuff.

That's it, bro.

It's not rocket science.

So if you feel like you've got a guilty

conscience all of a sudden,
then maybe what you need...

Then maybe what, huh?

Then maybe what?

Maybe you ought to think
about another career.

You need to take a moment, Max.

Just step back and take a look at things.

See if you even like where you are.

Look at where we are, bro.

How could I not like where we are?

You crazy?

Where are we?

Some strange rich guy's house,

with a bunch of cheap women
walkin' around all drunk?

That's where you're wrong,

and that's where you and I
are different, all right,

'cause in this life, in this hard life,

you need to have the guts to go

out there and just take what you want.

You need to be willing to do things

that other people are
gonna consider wrong.

Listen to yourself!

Regardless of the outcome.

Listen to yourself, man!

You sound like your father.


I tell you this because I
care about what happens to you.

I can't be a part of this anymore.

You're right.

You're not cut out for this.


I'll find my way home.

Hey, stranger.

Why so alone?

Come here.

Where's Jason?

It doesn't matter.

What's going on inside?


Things are about to get
pretty interesting in there.

Oh yeah?

How interesting?

I don't know.

He just said to be ready.

Let's go inside then.


What the hell's going on?

I'm sorry, but there's
no water in the pond.

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Please, Mom, no.

Please, please, please.

Mom, please, no.

Soli, Soli, it's me, listen.

Listen, I didn't have my phone on me.

All right, I've been
trying to call you guys,

but nobody's answering their phones.

I'm coming to you, so I don't know...

Soli, what's wrong?

She died, Max, last night.

We tried calling you.

I didn't have my phone on me, Soli.

I'm sorry, I didn't have my phone.

I gotta go.

Let me know when you get back to LA.

I found this on the dresser.

Did you make it for me?

Max, you can talk to me.

I'm sorry about everything.


You're not the one in jail.

I hope he never gets out.

I think we all feel that way right now,

but I need to make sure that you know

it's not your fault.

Don't spend another second being angry,

not at him, not at anyone.

I have faith that everything
is gonna be all right.


Max, I just...

I'm sorry about all this.

She wanted me to forgive you.

She was a good person.

You didn't deserve her forgiveness.

You sure as hell don't deserve mine.

Last time I saw you sitting there,

I don't think you hated
me as much as you do now.

Because I didn't know any better.

You know, about your
mom, I don't think you

understood what she
was trying to tell you.

See, I know that I've
done a lot of bad things.

I know, I know that I hurt
you all when I went away,

but when I got out, I wasn't expecting

on moving back in any more than your mom

was planning on getting back together.

She didn't want you to live
with anger in your heart.

That's not what life's about.

So what's it about?

What makes you the person to tell me

what life's all about, Tony?

Is it 'cause you found God?

Does that make it better?

Finding God did make it better.

Okay, well, I know someone who prayed

her whole life, and she
got a bum for a husband.

She prayed some more,
and she got a cancer.

Where was that God during all of that,

'cause I didn't see him.

You're focusing on all the wrong things.


Your mom led a tough life.

She never complained.

She never stopped being a woman of God,

always loving and forgiving,

and that's because of her
relationship with God.

Listen, man, I know I've
done a lot of bad things.

I know I hurt you all when I went away,

but I did find God.

He can't change my past,
but he gave me a new start,

a chance to become a better
man, a better father.

A better father?

Is that what you just said to me?

A better father?

I didn't need your help then,

and I don't need it now.

I'm sure you don't.

But is all this really
the path you wanna take?

My life is great, old man.

You don't know anything.

Are you sure?

Get your hands off of me, man.

What about all this anger?

All of this hunger for the nice things?

Can you really look at yourself right now

and say this is the man that I wanna be?

You told me, you told me if I want it,

then I need to go out and
take it, no matter what.

You said that.

And I want it all!

I wanted it all too,
Max, but at what cost?

It cost me everything!

It cost me my freedom, my family.

It cost me you, Max.

Stop it!


This is your fault!

I love you!

I had to take care of everyone!

Not in front of Soli!

I watched as she almost died.

I won't do that again!

She almost died!

She was dying.

I am so lost.

I don't know what to do.

Not with God you're not.

Nothing is impossible with God.

I'm here right now, and that's proof.

Will you pray with me?

Pray with me, son.

Just repeat after me.

My God in heaven, I come to you now

in the name of Jesus.

My God in heaven, I come to you now

in the name of Jesus.

I acknowledge to you that I'm a sinner.

I acknowledge to you that I'm a sinner.

I apologize for my sins
and the life I've lived.

And I apologize to you

for my life and the sins that I've lived.

I need your forgiveness.

I need your forgiveness.

There's something about tonight

that I think it's gonna be big.

I can feel it.

You okay?

Never better.


There's a difference
between what your conscience

tells you and what fear tells you.

I hope you know the difference.

The worst thing you can
ever do is get 'em twisted.

That's how you miss the chance of having

everything you ever wanted.

I'll be in my office.

I'm out.

I've given this a lot of thought,

and I can't do this anymore.

You need a drink.

Help yourself out and think about this.

I am out.

No, you're not.

You're just scared, and I ain't gonna let

you mess up all the
great things we've done

just 'cause you're scared.

I woke up the other day,

and I realized I didn't have anything.

No family, no soul, I
didn't have anything.

What are you talking about, Max?

You have everything
anyone could ever ask for,

and you can have more.

See, that's where you're wrong.

That's why you don't understand, Dom.

So what, you, you think you're just

gonna quit and walk out that door?

I don't have a contract or anything.

I can walk.

That's where you're wrong, Max.

That's the contract.

This isn't up for discussion.

You know too much to
think you can just walk out.

What you do for a living is none

of my business, Dominic.

I don't know anything about it.

That's your side of the story.

This is mine.

There's worse things
than killing me, Dom.


Like what?

Losing myself.

I almost did.

You do what you gotta do with your life.

I gotta go.

I'm done.

Wait, Max.


Hold on.

If you leave,

I'm in trouble, man.

These people, they don't mess around.

We need to stay profitable in the books.

If there's a change.

Look, if you stay,

I'll pay you more money, hmm?

I'll, uh, I'll get you
a condo in the city.

I'll get you another club.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Thank you.

Max, don't make me do this!

Go, Max.

Just go.

We are gathered here today not to grieve

the passing of a beloved friend,

but to celebrate her life.

You see, Arlene was a good woman.

In fact, she was a Godly woman.

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth

"and the life, and no man could come

"to the father but by me."

She's with the Father today.

And the Bible also says to be absent

from the body is to be
present with the Lord.

No more pain, no more
sorrow, no more tears.

She's rejoicing in heaven.

Arlene was a good woman.

She was a woman of
faith, a woman that loved

her family, loved her friends
and really loved her church.

We're gonna miss her.

Today, I wanna open up this opportunity

for anyone that would like to come

and share a few words.

First and foremost,
thank you all for coming.

My name's Max, and I'm Arlene's son.

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it.

I'm not a good person.

The last time I spoke to my mother,

it ended in a conversation where

we had an argument, and
I never got a chance

to tell her how I really felt.

How grateful and how much I appreciated

the many sacrifices she
made for me and my sister.

Pastor Cruz is right.

My mom was a woman of faith.

She was always quick to remind me

that I was growing distant from God.

I wouldn't listen.

See, the way I saw it is if I was growing

so distant from God, then why were

so many good things happening for me?

Why did I have so much
to show for my work?

It wasn't until recently,

the day after she died,

that I was finally able to see things

for what they really were.

I had hurt so many of
the people that I love.

The only ones who'd love me back.

Without them, without God,
I didn't have anything.

I hadn't prayed in so long,

and when I prayed with my father,

I felt something.

It was like relief, like peace.

I never knew how tired
I was until that moment,

and that's when I realized
that if I were to die today,

I would die alone, despite all of these

possessions and this need for excess.

At the end of the day,
none of it would matter,

'cause none of it was real.

My mother struggled all of her life,

and never once did she complain.

All she did was give thanks for the good

things in her life and the
things that really mattered.

I think that's what she was trying

to teach me all along.

I understand, Mom.

I get it, I do.

And I'm so sorry.

I'll miss you so much.

I'm sorry.

I am so sorry.

It's okay.

Brie, hey.



Listen, I can't even express to you

how sorry I am.

No, it's fine.


It's not.

Max, I am so sorry about your mom.

Thank you.

I know she was really proud
of what you said in there.

I quit my job.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

No, it's good, it's uh,

Brie, I never stopped loving you.

I never will.

I spent so much time thinking that you

made a mistake leaving,
but it was my mistake.

I see that now.

And I want to show you that I can change.

I don't know, Max.

It's fine.

I completely understand, and we can take

this as slow as you want
'cause I'm not going anywhere.

Look, let me take you out for coffee.

Let me show you that I'm the
man you fell in love with.

Are you?


Oh, you know what, just one second.

Yeah, I probably deserved that.

I do.

A bit.



I had to make the point.

I deserve it.

I deserve it.


Okay, yeah.

Next week, give me a call,

and we can meet for a coffee.

We can just talk, okay?


I got it, I got it.

Thank you for coming.

Of course.

You think you'll miss it?

Miss what?

That life.

You think you'll miss it?

Do you crave the fast life?

It's a simple enough question, right?

For some reason, I find that I ask myself

that a lot lately.

What we've done here,
all of us in this room,

is created something worthwhile.

We've been able to go out and gather

a group of people to celebrate something

meaningful, something special.

And, of course, this
attracts outside influence.

Successes of any kind always do.

And, yes, I've had my
share of offers recently,

but I've been down that road before.

My God, I met some of you on it, right?

But it led me here.

It led all of us right here.

So I need you to ask yourself today,

tomorrow and every day after,

am I the person that I want to be?

Am I living a life worth living?

Am I close enough to my God?

Do I let him help me be
the best person I can be?

Think about that, really think about that.

Jason, if you can lead
us in prayer, please.


Lord, we thank you for
your daily blessings,

for another day of life,
another opportunity

to work hard and serve you.

To show forth your love

and be loved by you, unconditionally.

Thank you for opening doors that lead us

into new beginnings,

and for helping us to become better men

and women that are able
to glorify your name.

Thank you.



You guys ready to go in there?


Do you crave a better life?


Then go get it.