Crave (2012) - full transcript

A downtrodden photographer, haunted by the urban violence and decay around him, retreats into an inner world of dark fantasies. Those dangerous visions explode in reality with deadly consequences when his intoxicating new relationship with a beautiful young woman goes sour.

You look into the mirror.

You realize
you're going to hell...

for the things you've done,
for the things you didn't do.

For the people you could have
saved, but didn't.

You just do your job, Aiden.

Composing, exposing,

hiding behind your lens,
not taking action,

letting the innocent die.

Like her.

I mean, look at her.

She's so beautiful.

What did she do, God?

What did she do to deserve this?

Next time...

Next time I take action.

I'll protect the innocent.

Like Pete over there.

That's all he does.

And I'll make it my job too.

And then maybe...

Maybe you'll forgive me, God.

Forgive me for
the things I've done,

and for the things
I've yet to do.

This is the
financial district station.

The next station is...
Joe Louis Arena.



What if she's red down there
too, you know what I mean?

Yo, you got
a fire bush on?

Aw, come on, Red.

What you trippin' for?

Come on, you know
what I wanna do.

Let me get a little taste
of that Big Red, babe.

You know how
I'm tryin' to do.

Would it look just as soft
and pretty as it would be?

Come on, don't be that guy.



Please what, bitch?

Please nut in yo' eye?

That kind of please?

Come on, baby.

'Sup, yo?

Come on, guys.

Ain't no need for this,
am I right?

What the fuck
is this shit?

Go sit your
faggot ass back!

Shit, hey, man!
What the--

Ah, ah, ah!
Oh, shit!

Am I right?

I'll waste you,


Okay, please.

Please, please, please.


What kind of please?

What, this kind of please?


Help me, God!

He said all that stupid shit!
Not me, man.



Any time now.
You go.

Help me!

Hey, get up, Chuchi.

Come on, man.

Let's get the fuck outta here!
Come on!

It ain't over,



Are you okay?

Oh, this?

You know,
uh, actually I'm--

I'm a freelance
photographer, so...

Holy shit.

Come on,
don't be that guy.



Please what, bitch?

Please nut in yo' eye?

That kind of please?

This is the
Joe Louis Arena station.

Security to
platform, security to platform.

What the fuck you
lookin' at, bitch?

Fellas, fellas.

Come on, let's go,
let's go.

Hey, come on, bro!

You're a coward.

You keep thinking that one day
you'll get your shit together.

You'll be the man you wanna be.

But instead, what do you do?

You roll up
into a tiny little ball

at the first sign
of anything.

A tiny little ball
of total nothing.

Is that really
how you want to end up?

Afraid to live life?

If only you did have a gun.

A real gun.

They'd finally take you

Like at your big press
conference tomorrow

where you announce to the world
that device you invented.

What device?

Oh, you know, Aiden,
your device that isolates

the moral signature
of every human being on Earth

and tracks them from space,

allowing you to instantly

all the bad people once and
for all. You'll be able to--

Hello, Aiden.
This is Bill Gates.

Aiden, listen,
about this press conference.

I've been following your work

and I have to say
I'm very impressed.

I'd like to buy your device
for a billion dollars.

One billion dollars.

Wow, thank you, Mr. Gates.


So now you'll be able to pay
all your overdue bills,

get out of debt,
get your car fixed,

and maybe even get out
of this city for good.

Or maybe, just maybe...

You can finally
meet that special someone,

that amazing woman
who completes you.

Who really...


Oh, my God, you're like!

Do something
with your life!

a fucking broken rec--
I mean, look!

My fucking God.

It's so fuckin'
easy for you to say!

I'm gonna go home
and slit my wrists.

Fuck you.

It's always
the same shit with you, Ravi!

Um, what floor?

It's gonna be okay,
you know?

Hey, Jimmy, it's Aiden.

Look, uh, I'm about to send you
through some shots

of that homicide
down by Greektown.

Yeah, well, just take what you
want at the usual rate.

Hey, listen,
while I got you,

um, if you've got any other side
projects or any other kind--

Okay, right.

It's fine.

That's-that's fine.

Okay, I appreciate it.

All right.
Bye, man.

All right, we got Gallagher!

We're gonna start
with the watermelon!


Then we're gonna go to the
pineapple, which isn't as good!

Too hard!

We need an evidence bag.

You got it.

There he is.

Well, well, well.

Beat the heat.

What's new, kid?

You tell me, man.

Yeah, I don't think you want
any part of this one, Aiden.

It's what we in the profession
call a bad one.

A bad one?

What, you got
any good ones?

Oh, yeah.

Public service homicides?


Gang-bangers getting caught
in their own cross-fire,

sitting on chainsaws.

We got a million of 'em.

You're not gonna be able
to sell these.

Make it quick.


People are shit.

You are shit.

Why are you
shooting this, Aiden?

Pete was right.

You can't do anything
with these.

Why aren't you stopping?

You should drop your gear
and run away.


far away.

Told ya.


No, you're not going anywhere.

You're staying
and taking a stand.

You're gonna break through,
cross over...

be the one...

the one you really are.

you stupid, old bitch.

You touch me one more time

and I'm gonna punch you
in the fuckin' face!


It's Bill Gates again.

Listen, that billion dollars?

Look, that's gonna be in your
account some time next year.

What, next year?

I know, I know, I get it.

Look, it's something about
fiscal quarters and tax periods.

I-I don't know.

I'm not really a money guy.

Hold on,
Mr. Gates, I'm almost broke.

C-can't you give me an advance,
o-or-- Jesus, Aiden, stop this!

Come on, you're wasting time!
Get to work!

I had to take stock of my life

and realize that God

was doing for me
what I cannot do for myself.

As it says in
Proverbs 3, 5, and 6,

"Trust in the Lord with all
your heart and soul

and lean not unto
your own understanding.

Acknowledge him at all times,

and he will direct your path."

The point is that we all grow
along spiritual lines.

And for me, I've been sober
for nearly 11 months now.


And it's all thanks to my
personal relationship,

yes, with my lord and saviour,
Jesus Christ!

Oh, yeah.
I've heard this guy before.

He's good.
He's great.

He's wonderful.

He's wonderfully wonderful,
like you.

You're glowing.

I know.
What am I gonna say?

One day at a time.

One step at a time.

Say "amen," somebody!


You know, he says-- he says
everything that I'm thinking,

which, you know,
means he's pretty smart.

- You said that.
- Yeah.

This guy knows
what he's talkin' about.

The lord is here.

Oh, that is so true.

You know, I was blogging
something about that very topic

just a little bit ago.

Have I given you
the link to my blog?

I love it.

I will give it to you.
It's like--

You say that.

And I'm workin' on my
own program in 37 steps.

I'm on step 29.

He's so right.

They're-- they're--
they're hearing.

They're not listening.

And they really need to listen,
because-- oh, here it comes.

Oh, okay, this is the best part.
Listen to this.

Here's-- he's givin' his goal
right here, right here.


Oh my God!
Oh my God!

Oh my God!

That was profound.

Did you feel it?
Did you feel that?

I felt a chill!

He's so good.

God is here.

He's here.

I love our sobriety.

God is doing for me
what I cannot do for myself.

I miss anything?

You see, God
is all things to me.

How come you never tried out
for the force?

You seem like
a real crime buff.


I'd never pass
the psych test.

Plus, me with a badge
and a gun, forget it.

I'd be waving those things
around every five minutes.


I'm well-trained.

Hey, Pete...

Uh, I-I'm gettin' weird.

I mean, just lately...

I've been feeling a little,
uh, divergent.


You mean nuts?

Yeah, squirrelly.

It's just I spend a lot of time
living in my head, you know?

And-and it's
like an ordeal just...

keepin' it
together lately.

Uh, it doesn't
seem normal.

Well, don't ask me about normal,

'cause I sure as shit
couldn't tell ya.

It's like, say some loud dipshit
on his cell phone at the bank,

I want to blow
his fuckin' head off!

Right off a trunk!

I feel like the world would be
a better place if I did.

Take it easy,
I could be wired here.

Oh, shit.

Can I get a little ice water
too, sweetie?

Thank you.

You must get

I mean, lockin' up
these guys all the time

who'll eventually
get out.

You mean guys who could never,
ever be rehabilitated?


let me ask you this:

would the world be
a better place if,

let's say, five out of
ten of these guys

that you lock up just had
a bullet in their heads.

Try nine out of ten.

No shit, for real?

Okay, okay.

Right, so how do you
deal with that?

How do you justify it?

Don't you ever just want to
simplify the process?

Thank you, babe.

You know, this, um, whole
angry white man routine,

it's very cute.

It's very 1992.
I like it.

Fuck you very much.


Are you fuckin' kidding me?

Everybody feels like this.

I don't know anybody
who doesn't.

But what are you gonna do?

I don't know, Pete.

I don't know.
I just want--

So this young Indian brave
goes to this old Indian chief

and he says, "I got all these
feelings inside of me,

and a part of me wants to be
good and righteous

and the other part of me wants
to be evil and vengeful."

And the old guy
looks at him and he says,

"Every one of us has a good wolf

and a bad wolf
living inside of us."

So the young kid says to him,

"Well, which one is

And the old guy says,
"Whichever one you feed more."

Hard to believe
you're not married, Pete.



Sorry about the other day.

What happened the other day?

Uh, me and that guy.


Y-your boyfriend?

Yeah, my boyfriend.
I think.

I don't know,
we're taking a break.

So it was true love, then?

That's funny.

Oh, shit!

I-it's laundry day.




Thanks, I needed that.

I aim to please.

Yeah, hello?

Yeah, I know Jimmy.

Oh, that's very nice of him.

Um, what-what can I
do for you today?

Um, you know what?

I can shuffle a few things
around and I can make that work.

What's the job?

♪ If anyone knew what you do

♪ If anyone knew about you

♪ If anyone knew what you
put me through ♪

♪ If anyone knew what you do


Camera guy?

Want to take a picture
of my daughter?

♪ If anyone knew about you

♪ If anyone knew
the things you do ♪

Sweetie, let's look like
you want to be here.

We spent a lot of money.

Well, uh, say...

Say "cheese," I guess.

Uh, can we hurry this up?

Barry, can you just
let the man do his job?

Hi, Maggie!


Try not to eat
the whole table, dick.

Ladies... ladies,
I have to talk to you.

To me?

Hey, there.


How's it goin'?

Nice suit.

Thank you.

Well, you know,
it's no big deal.

It's certainly
an improvement.

After you.

Um, so what floor?

Oh, right, sorry.


That's my floor too.

Is that right?




What's goin' on?


so it's on me?

Sorry, I don't usually
wear panties.

It's fine, whatever.

Hold on.


Come on!

All right!



Oh, fuck!

Oh, shit.

Oh, fuck!

No, Aiden.

This time it's real.

You should probably go.

No spooning?

Let's not ruin it.

Yeah, right.

Being charming is
not just a matter of dress,

it's also a
matter of attitude.

It's a matter of smiling.

Smiling is kind of an
interesting reaction.

Ever seen a dog smile?

They do, you know?

And people warm up to that.

And that's exactly one step
on the road to--



Um, hi again?

Um, hey, look.

I just wanted to say that
I don't even know your name.

Yeah, uh, maybe we should
keep it that way.


Yeah, okay.
All right.

Look, I don't need
to know your name,

and you don't need
to know mine.

It was just...

It happened,
and it was fun.

So let's not get
carried away prematurely.

Carried away, right.

What I mean is you don't have to
meet my friends or family,

and I'm not gonna bake us
cookies or anything, okay?

Why don't I just call you
Miss Perfect, then, how's that?


All right.
Come in.

Look, um...

let's just pretend
it didn't happen, all right?

Sure, that would work.

I mean, I know
it did happen, but, um,

it's just I-- I'm not
a-- I-- I don't--

Look, I'm not gonna stay
or try to hit on ya,

or anything
like that.

I just-- I just wanted to say
that it was nice meeting you.

And, uh,
I'll see you 'round.

How's that sound?

I'm not even gonna ask
about that.


Okay, that was good.

That was real good.

Play it cool.

Just don't smother her.

Don't scare her off.

Just play it cool,
and she'll come to you.

You desperate fuck.

And besides, now
you've got the stink on ya.

They know.

All those bitches know.

Oh yeah,
you're the fish truck,

and you're drivin'
through kitty town.

How you doin', man?

What else can
I get for ya?

Uh, gimme, um...

Gimme five quick picks.


You owe me 10%,
all right?

What do I owe you?

All right, all right,
all right!

Here we go, here we go!

All your money now!

Come on, man!

What else you got?
All right.

What you got, man?
All your shit!

Take my phone.
Yeah, let's go!

Ah, fuck it.

Let's go!
Let's go!

Okay, man.
Fuck this, let's go!

Come on!
Hey, don't look at me!

Don't look at me
and shut the fuck up!

Come on, let's go!

That's all you got?
Fuck you!

This always has to happen!

You all right, man?

Hi, uh,
we've just been robbed.

We're at the corner
of Griswold and-- Hey!

Hey, where the fuck
are you goin', man?

Stay here and wait
for the cops!

This is nothing.

Remember that time
when you saved the world?

When you stopped that tsunami?

When you stopped 9/11?
When you saved everyone?

This is nothing.

This is nothing.

This is nothing.

9-1-1 dispatch.

Unconfirmed report of armed
robbery in progress.

Suspect male, Hispanic,
grey-hooded sweatshirt,

vicinity of Griswold
and Michigan.



All right, all right!
Let's go, motherfucker!

Please, please, please, please...


What, this kind of please?

He said all
that stupid shit, not me, man.

Do it...

Do it...

Do it...

Unconfirmed armed assailant:

Hispanic, male, grey-hooded

Joe's Party Store, 1145 Griswold
and State Street.

vicinity of Griswold and Michigan.

ETA five minutes.

So, look, I--
I didn't come here to--

I don't want
to fuck you again.


I don't-- I do want--
That's not why I'm here.

The reason that I--
All right, hold it.

I'm not here for that re--
that's not--

That's not the reason I'm--

I didn't come here
so that we--

I like this part.

Which part?

This part.



It's beautiful.

Heh, yeah, I bet you say that
to all the girls.

Could I ask you
a personal question?


How old are you?


Oh, wow.

You don't look it.

Or act it,
that's for sure.

That's funny.

How about you?


Jesus Christ!

Yeah, it's
kind of a gap, huh?

Uh, yeah.

Not that I mind,
you know,

but I'm old enough
to be your dad!

Thanks for
that image.


Oh, come on!
I was kidding.

No, you were not.

And even if you are,
you're right.


Wait, come on!

Hang on a sec.
Hang on!

Look, I-- Sometimes
I say stupid things, okay?

I'm an idiot!

Look, it's fine.

I-I have to be
somewhere anyway.

Hold on a second!

See you 'round.

No, wait!

What are you doing?

"I'm old enough
to be your dad?"

Right, because there are so many
13-year-old dads out there.

What is wrong with you?

Why can't you control yourself
around her?


Because when I'm with her
the world disappears.

When I hold her,
anything is possible.

When I'm inside her,
there is only us.

There is no more pain,
there is no more crime,

there is no more blood.

Well, well, well.

Yeah, what's goin' on

It's like the
Wild West around here!

Oh, yeah.

Crime scene two
is all I got.

What are you
talkin' about?

It starts at
crime scene one.

If you or your mother,
or your sister

or your secret lover,
Bruce, anyone,

ever gets accosted
by a bad guy,

and he tries to make you leave
and go somewhere else, run.


Whatever you got to do
to not go with him,

'cause that's crime
scene one.

What he's trying to do is to get
you to go to crime scene two.

Crime scene two is usually
where it ends, and...

it usually ends badly.

There is rarely, if ever,
a crime scene three.

Feel me?

Oh, hey, Pete.

You didn't hear about
a robbery the other night?

Uh, Thursday, a place
over near Griswold?

There was an armed robbery
at a party store.

And a homicide,
and some blown windows

at a coney
down the street.

I don't know. Why?

It's no big deal.

I was at the party store.

Some kid boosted my wallet
and cell phone.

You report it?

It's okay.

I mean, you guys got
your hands full as it is.

Like I said,
it's no big deal.

All right.

But you still gotta have
a statement, so...

give Jimmy a call,
we'll set it up.

All right, will do.

Thanks, oss-i-fer.

You seem...


Oh, yeah?



or some shit.

Um, you wanna get
separate tables, or...?


I'm sorry.

I've just got some stuff
to figure out.

No, of course.

You know what?

Let's slow things
way, way down.

You know, I thought that
we could start off

by picking baby names,

so how about
Dillon and Paiden?

Yeah, that sarcasm was mildly
cute for a few minutes,

but it doesn't really
tell me anything about you.

Okay, fine.

Anything you want. Go.

I'm just getting
a weird feeling from you.

I like you,

but I don't know
if I trust you.

Okay, and uh, well then,
get to know me.

I've been in
relationships before

where I didn't
trust my feelings,

and I can't
do that anymore.


Like the last winner
you were with.

It's complicated.

Well, um...

I'm interested.

He's going through some
tough times right now.

His mom's really sick.

She's been great to me.

And Ravi hurt his neck
on a rigging job last year.

He's just kind of
wallowing in that.

Is he? So he's--
he's not doin' much?

And then he got
hooked on Vicodin,

I mean, he's always
used drugs.

I used to be really bad
with that stuff too,

but I've slowed
way down.

In your old age?


I just can't live like that
anymore, you know?

Actually, I, uh,

I hate to admit it,
but I can relate.

I kind of went through
a bout myself.

Yeah, I noticed
you don't drink.

It's good.

No, it's really good.

I got my work to focus on,
and now MateBucket.


But what do you do
for fun?

I-- I don't know.

You know what?

Mostly I get dressed up

and ask smart,
beautiful women

out on really
awkward dates.

And how's that
workin' out for you?

It's about 50/50.

Oh, that's a lie.

It's probably 90/10,

But, uh...

You know, you gotta give me
credit for trying.

I do.

I do.

I got dressed up too.




Mmm, that feels nice.

Now I know something else
about you.

Oh, yeah?

And what's that?

You smile in your sleep.

I do not.


I wish I had my camera.

I don't believe you.


But I'm smiling now,
that's for sure.

My God!
Don't you ever stop?

Not really, no.

But you're old!

You need your rest!

What time is it?

Oh shit!

Oh shit, I'm sorry!

Oh, good,
then I can get my sleep.

I'm so sorry!

I gotta
get outta here!

Goodnight, Aiden.

What are you talking about?

It's almost 9?

Oh, shit!

Oh, hey, uh,
can I use your cell?

I lost mine.

Yeah, it's over
on the dresser.

Do you even know
how to use that thing?


Uh-huh, yeah.


Uh, hi!

Uh, what's parking like
over there?

Get the fuck away!

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

Ha, ha!

You've been
a bad, bad boy, huh?

You like fuckin' little girls,
you piece of shit?


What, your daughter not good
enough for ya?

Is she too old-school?

I'm sorry, what?

Say it again.

I'll fuckin' do it.
I'll do it.

Give me a reason, Barry.

Oh, stop fuckin' crying.

Stop fuckin' whimpering,
you fuckin' baby.

You want any wallet-sized?

It's gonna cost you extra.

Heh-heh, that's pretty good!

That's not bad.

"You wanna do wallet-sized?
That'll cost you extra."


I was just wondering
if I could...


Um, shit.
I'm sorry. Come in.

Yeah, I just wanted
to see where you live.

Well, I'm sorry the place
is a bit of a mess.

The maid's off sick.

Can I get you something?

No thanks, I'm fine.

Do you take these
pictures yourself?

Some yes, some no.


I'm almost afraid
to ask which ones.


It's all kinds of, uh...

What's the word?

Fucked up?


You make money
off these?

A little, yeah.

But, uh, I got some side
projects goin' on too.

Are these actually the insides
of people's refrigerators?



Well, they're good

Like, um, this one,
for instance.

It's from a crime scene
in Highland Park.

A guy was found dead
on his couch,

but he didn't know when
he bought that milk

or whatever that it--
it would outlast him.

Kind of makes me wonder

when I'm at the store

like, the mustard
I'm buying is gonna be around

after I'm gone,
you know?

My God.

It must be terrible
actually being there.

How do you not end up
damaged by it all?

Ah, it's not so bad,

You get used to it.


Well, anyway...
What are you doing?

I don't know.

Yeah, you do.

Maybe I do.

You're a little bit weird,
you know that, right?

Just a bit.


I'm a part of
this theatre group,

and we're puttin'
on a play

over at Belle Isle
this weekend.


You wanna go with me?

Are you in it?


Then yes,
I would like to go.

Oh, fuck off!

Hey, you wanna
see where I sleep?

No, no, no, no!

Where you goin'?

Oh... come on!

What am I gonna do with this?

Hey, sexy.

It was a good time.

Your parents home?



Okay, I'll teach you.

It was a lot of fun.


That seat is taken.
I'm waiting for somebody.

Oh no, that's okay.
This won't take long.

Hey baby,
can I call you back?

Listen, pal, I don't know
how much clearer I need--

If you want a wallet--

any that are wallet-sized,
that's gonna--

What the fuck
is this shit?

What is it
that they say?

That a picture's worth
a thousand words, right?

Is that right?
You with me?

Try to keep up.

Just get to it.

Well, I figured
that those pictures

are worth a thousand
dollars, each.

Although I bet your wife can
think of a thousand words too.

Words like,
oh, I don't know...

divorce and custody.

So, uh...

How are we gonna
make this go away?


You're not listening.

I just told you.
A thousand, each.


I mean go away forever.

How do I know you're not gonna
just show up again

in a month or
a year asking for more?

Well, you don't, really.

Just give me fair market value
and I disappear from your life.

I'm gone.
I take those with me.

I'm not greedy.

I'll give you a grand.


All right.

Here's something else:
child molesters

don't last long in prison.

She's 16.

The age of consent
in Canada is 14.

Uh, yeah.

I don't think
it works that way.

That's okay.

Oh, hey, what's the age
of consent

for gettin' corn-holed
in jail the next 20 years?

What is that?




Sit down.

That's nice.

Is that insured?



Well, don't report it

Just tell your wife,
and- and, uh,

the insurance company
that you lost it

at the gym
or somethin', okay?

Everybody wins.

Just do not
report it stolen.

Just take it.


I know you.

Nah, I'm that other guy.

You were the photographer
at my daughter's party.

Remember the first time you
looked in the mirror

and you realized
you were going to hell?

Not bad, Aiden.

Not bad at all.

How much?

You have a
receipt, don't you?

Yeah, it's in my other pants.

My dog ate those.
Come on, how much?

Without a receipt, you'd be
lucky to get 2,000, if that.

Get the fuck out of here.

But I can
offer you $2,500.


That's a $10,000 watch!

Normally for a gentleman
in your situation,

I'd recommend eBay.


Thank you.

You smell good.

Oh, yeah?

But it ain't
comin' from you,

but you definitely
have that

sweet stink.

What's her name?

Does she look as
good as the name sounds?

Oh, yeah!

I don't know
what to tell you, Pete.

This one's special.

I mean, every time I'm with her
it all just goes away.


I'm serious,
all the shit just gone.

Wow, man,
that's beautiful. Really.

She's everything I want.

You know, I think I might
actually be, um...

Nah, nah.



remember the other day
you were asking me about

that 2-11,
Griswold and State?


Yeah, the, uh,
the party store.

And then there was
the other one down Griswold

at the coney
near Michigan?

Uh-huh, yeah.

Same perp,


You see what kind of piece
he was carrying?

Did I...
Uh, no.

I mean,
not really, no.

The, uh--

I mean, I remember
it was small,

and uh, you know,
silver, I think.

Yeah, it was silver.

Maybe a .38 Special

Shit, Pete,
I don't know.


And you know, to be honest,
I was kinda scared shitless

at the time, you know?


Well, that's totally

Uh, why? Did you guys
catch a break, or...?



You didn't happen to see
this guy toss it in the trash

or down the drain
or somethin', did you?


Ah, I didn't think so.

All right!

Movin' on.

Come on, number four!

Come on,
come on, come on!

He's in dead last.

♪ Virginia

♪ I love you, Virginia

♪ Ba-da-ba-da

Hey, hey!

That's enough!

Come on!

What are you gonna do?

Just leave her alone, okay?

Jesus Christ,
look what you've done to her!


Fuckin' this!

Back the fuck off, man!

What, are you a cop?

No cops allowed down here!

No, I'm just a guy with a
fucking gun aimed at your face.

Okay, now, back off!

Don't matter.
You're dead anyway.

You shoot me, you're dead.
You walk away, you're dead.

Back the fuck off, man!

I'm not fuckin' around here!

You're not going to
shoot me.

I've been shot before.

I can tell.
It's not in your eyes.

You're not--

Die, you motherfucker!

Die, you motherfucker!

Come on!

What the fuck
is wrong with you?


Oh, fuck!

You fucking idiot!

You almost got yourself killed!
What were you thinking?

You told me to do it!

No, I didn't.
You told yourself to do it.

Jesus Christ, you'd better get
your shit together, Aiden!

I mean it.


Hey, I'm so sorry
I'm late.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, yeah.

It's just been
a bad, uh...

a really bad day.

But I could use some, uh,
quality entertainment, so...

Oh, what an
unexpected pleasure it is

to welcome you once more
into my home

on this
extraordinary day.

The pleasure, I assure
you, my dear lady, is entirely mine.

But may I also say that the sun
above is burnin' hotter

than the flames of Hades below.

Oh, Master Rupert,
won't you hand me my mint julep?

I'd be ever so delighted.

But of course, Young Emily.

You are a gentleman
of the highest order.

You must remind me
to reward you later

with a thorough tour
of my garden.

Oh, indeed I shall.

For how better
can I serve the South

than to personally tend
to her most precious fields?

She is a fertile
land in desperate need

of plough and seed.

My goodness, Emily.

Master Rupert has left tales
of unspeakable violence

in his crimson wake.

I have heard no such lies.

Only glorious praise of his
spirited defence

of the South
and all she holds dear!

Perhaps the purest
truth is more obtuse

than either one of us could
possibly fathom.

When you realize
that a soul cannot be owned,

when you realize that a man's
spirit cannot be contained,

only then will The South
know true freedom.

Only then will our shackles and
chains be cast away,

and we will be...

one nation...

under God.

So what do
you think so far?

So far, it's like a
nightmare that won't end.

No? Why?

What do you think of it?



I mean, I dunno,
I kinda like it.

Jesus, Virginia,
what do you like about it?

I don't know.
I know these people.

Yeah, I wouldn't
brag about that.

Come on, why don't we just
get out of here?

You can if you want.

Oh, shit.

I cannot
control the lustful demons

that reside in my heart,

and I must make my intentions
known to my dear Emily

before I leave for battle!

For the human heart cannot be
contained by fickle decorum!

Oh, fickle, my dickle!
I mean, really!

Who cares?

Uh, my love...

for my sweet, sweet Emily
is ever-green!

I shall find a new interest
to capture her heart.

It will neither be easily
breached nor...

I fucked up yesterday.

What happened?


I think I blew it.

That was fast.

Yeah, I know.

So, what happened?

God, I'd had
a really, really...

a really bad day.

I can't sleep,
I can't-- I can't...

I can't...

fuckin' talk,
you know?

I-I got fuckin' shot at!

Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait...

Where was this?

Uh, it's nothin'.

You didn't tell me this?

It's not even
the worst part.

She-- she takes me to this play
her friends are putting on,

and it was terrible.

I mean, her friends
are fucking terrible.

And so I say,
"Who cares?"

To her?

To everyone.

- Jesus.
- Yeah.

I don't know
what's going on with me.

Everything seems
to be all great,

and it's like
I can't control

all this internal shit
that's goin' on!

But here's the thing:

I don't know if I want to.

I'm not sure you
want to hear this, but...

you're kind of like
Mr. Magoo.

Just as you're about to walk
blindly into a river,

a log floats by, you step on it,
and it saves you.

No, no, Pete.

I'm not blind,
I know what I am.

I just don't know
how to...

how to make it...

Well, get over it!

It's rainin' $50 bills
and you're mopin' around

'cause it ain't
rainin' hundreds?

You want another one?

Ah, go on.

Two frogs are sittin'
on a log,

one of them decides
to jump off.

How many frogs are left?



Two, dopey.

One of them
just decides to jump.

It's about takin' action.

Don't you listen to
the shit they say in here?


Shit, I don't know.

I don't know.

Lookin' back on my life,

if I was going
to decide

to do anything

I wouldn't have
fuckin' worried so much.


Yeah, you're right.

It'll be okay.

It is okay.

Right now.

Hey, you fucked up.

So what?
Go apologize to her.

Take action.

That one.


That one is $3,000.

It's an antique.

Hold up.

Wait, wait, wait,
Virginia. I--

Don't make
this weird, okay?

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I can't accept that.

The other night...

It just slipped out.

I know.
It's okay.

Hey, do you wanna, uh,
do you wanna go somewhere?

Do you wanna get
a bite to eat, or...?

I can't.

I-- I have to be somewhere.


I don't know what it is.

I don't-- I just do stupid
things around you.

You know, you make me feel like
a kid or somethin', you know?

It's just I-I care
about you so much.

More and more
every time I see you.


I think I'm starting
to go the other way.



Virginia, we're havin'
a great time!

I-I don't know you.

I don't know
what I'm doing,

and, uh, I need some time
to figure things out.

I just know that lately
every time you touch me

it creeps me out.

Like you're objectifying me,

like I'm your sex toy
or something.

Like you're using me.


I'm sorry.

Objectifying you?


I don't understand.

So all this...

All this negative stuff
that you're saying about me,

was this before or--
or after that time that you,

uh, asked me
to cum in your mouth?

I can't talk to you
about this right now.

Hey man, can I bum?

Come on.

Hey, man.

Hey, you got anything?

Come on, I just need
a little bum.


It's cool.

It's cool.

Nice sled.

Nice, really.

I want you to know...


I want you to know,
I want you to know...

I want you to know...

Hey, hey, hey!
Come on!

You think I don't know
about you

and that fuckin' queer
you're seeing?

I'm not fucking seeing--

You fuckin' bitch!

You don't fuckin'
even know!

Oh my God, and she falls!

My God, what a drama queen!

You don't think I know about you
and that fuckin' faggot?


I love you, sweetheart!

Please, please,
please hurry!

I got a surprise.

You need anything?

Just my cock in your mouth.

Bye, sexy!


Hurry home!

Hold on.


Uh, no, it's Ravi.
What's goin' on, man?

Yeah, um,
we need to talk.

I gotta--
Oh, okay.

Look, I just need
to talk to you.


What are doin'?
Put your arms down.

I'm not gonna hurt you, man.

I'm just-- I wanna
say my piece and leave.

I'm not a--
I'm not a bad guy, all right?

I'm just...

Are you baking a cake?



It's the, uh-- it's the
girlfriend's, uh, birthday, man.

She's actually
gonna come back soon.

What, it's her birthday?

She didn't...

Yeah. Look, hey,
what do you want, man?

I mean, you said you want
to talk about somethin'?

Is that a fuckin'
thumb ring?

Are you fuckin'
kidding me?

Yeah, here.
You can have it, man.

Please, just give me
a second to think, here.

Just give me a...
a second.

All right.


You treated her like shit.

You did.

You treated her like shit,
and I saw it.

And I mean, I get it.

She's young, and-- and a girl
like that can drive you crazy.

But she's special,
she's different.

She's not like the rest.

I loved her.

I did.
I loved her.


too much.
Maybe I scared her off.

I don't know.


I just wanted you to know
that from now on...


that whenever
you kiss her...

that's me you're tasting.



That's okay.
I see it.

And that's why I came here

so I could see that look
on your fuckin' face.

What the fuck are you doing?

Fuck you!
Give me the fuckin' gun!

Let go of
the fucking gun!

I said I wasn't
gonna hurt you!

Let go!

All right, listen to me!


Oh, Jesus fuck, man!

What the fuck
did I tell you, dumb shit?

Let go!
I was about to leave!

I was gonna
say my piece and...

Are you okay?


Oh, you fucking idiot.
What did you do?

Oh, my God!

What did you fucking do?

Oh, shit, shit,
shit, shit!

I told you to let go
of the fucking gun,

and you didn't let
go of the fucking gun!

You did this!

Okay, okay, okay!

This wasn't me!
This isn't me!

I'm in fucking
deep shit right now!

Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck!

All right.
Okay, okay.

Just call fucking 9-1-1,

I said we need
a fucking phone!

Fuck you!

You ruined everything!

This wasn't the plan!

This wasn't
the fucking plan!

Please just...
Oh my God...

Where are you going?

A phone, man.
I gotta get a phone.

All right, all right.

Oh my God.

I got it.
I got this. Okay.

Oh, shit.

Hurry up, man!

Oh my God!

What the fuck?

Are you kidding me?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Are you kidding me
with this shit?


You've got to have
a fucking phone, man!

Oh my God!

Shut up!

This is totally
fucked up, man!

It's okay.
Calm down.

All right.

Oh, shit!

All right, okay, okay.


All right, stay here.

Just stay here.
Don't move.

Don't move, don't move.

No, no, no!

Where are you going?
You fucking asshole!

Is anybody there?

Please, if you're there,

Please, just answer me.

Hey, keep it down over there!

Hey, who said that?

Hey, hey!

Hey, sir!

Sir, you gotta help me!

I said shut the
fuck up down there!

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

Hello, is anyone there,


Go away!

Sir, no, no!
Please, please, please!

There's been an accident!
I gotta use your phone!

I gotta get an ambulance
here right away!

Go fuck yourself!

Oh, fuck you!

Fuck you!



Oh, shit!
Okay, okay.

Hey, hey, hey!

Fuck this, let's go!

Where are we going?

To the hospital.
It's faster if I take you.

Come on.

You all right?
Stand up.

Aah, shit!

Okay, stand up.

I don't think
I can walk, man!

That's bullshit!
Come on, let's go!

Stand up.


I got you.

One, two...

My God, I gotta
get down, man!

I gotta get down!



Just stay here
and, uh...

keep pressure
on the wound.

Don't fucking--

You fucking moron!

You are a fucking moron!

You hear me?
You fucking--

You're not gettin' out
of this one, Aiden.

Not gonna happen.

You might as well just put
the gun in your mouth

right fucking now!

Aiden, Bill Gates here.
It's gonna be okay.

Listen to me.

Let me take care of
all this for you.

I'm gonna dispatch a helicopter
for you right now.

She'll be there
in about 15 min--

No! Stop that shit, Aiden!
I mean it.

Stop that shit and get real!

This is real,
you piece of shit!

Come on!

Come on!

There we go.

Oh, shit.

Oh, fuck, oh, fuck.


Jesus, fuck!


Oh my God!

Oh, my fucking God!

Oh my God, oh my God!

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, I'm back.

I'm back, okay?

The car's outside.
Let's go.

Come on, wake up.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

Oh, fuck!


Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!

Come on, come on!

Come on.

Come on. Hey.

Come on, come on.

Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.

Oh, shit. Oh, shit.


Oh, fuck.



Oh God!

Fucking Christ!

Oh, Goddammit!

Oh, God, man!

I thought you were dead!

Oh, fuck!


Am I in the hospital?

No, no, no!
We gotta go there right now!

Come on, come on,
the car's outside!

Up, up, up!

Get up, get up, get up!


Come on, I got ya,
I got ya!

Okay, okay.

Here we go.

Oh, fuck.

No, no, no.

Oh, God.

Come on.

Hey, man.

Hey, man?

Hey, Mister,
what are you doin'?

Hey, man, it's me.

Hey, can I play? Eh?

Get the fuck outta here!

I can play too!

What the fuck are you--
Get the fuck--

Hey, hey.

Hey, yeah, I wanna play.
I wanna fuckin' play!

No, no!
Hey, hey!

Hey man, stop!


Fuckin' asshole!

Okay, okay.

All right.

Okay, please start.

Please start.

Oh shit.




Oh my God.

Oh, fuck.

Hey, hey!


Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.


Remember the first time you
looked in the mirror

and realized
you're goin' to hell?

You know, you
have a choice.

I don't,
but you do.

The next choice you make
will forever define you.

You can do what's right
for this life,

you can do what's right
for the next.

But you can't
have both.


between heaven and hell,
you choose, Aiden.

Is she really worth it?

It's gonna be okay, Aiden.

You know what
you have to do.

Hide behind that lens.

That's where you disappear.

Where no one can see you.

Just do your job.

Well, well, well.

Beat the heat.

How's your magic
pussy doin'?

Uh, yeah.

I'm workin' it out,
I guess.

What you got here?

Crime scene two.

Probably another
drug deal gone bad.

You, uh, mind
if I grab a few?


What's another
expired junkie?

Right, so...


We got the victim taken
around to the gun upstairs.

We got a blood trail suggesting
a struggle with the perp

on the way down.

Victim has enough fight in him
to go for the meth or the .38,

or the meth and the .38.

Perp gets freaked out by an
unexpected witness,

makes a run for it,
losing his shoe.

Kind of feels
a little staged, but...

I don't think
I care right now.

All's I know is there's one less
junkie out on the streets,

and wouldn't it be nice if that
.38 matches the ballistics

from the coney last week?

What do you got there?

Uh, yeah,
look, um...

Here's the thing.

No, no, no.

That old piece
of shit.

Sometimes you use it,
sometimes you don't.


Right, yeah.

It's an antique, so, um...

I save it
for special occasions.

Nothin' special about this one.

Oh, no!

No, no, no!

It's gonna be okay, Virginia.

I'll do better this time,
I promise.

I'll change.

I just wanna be
with you forever.

I just wanna take care of you
and hold you and love you.

Can you hear me,

I'm over here.

I know you can hear me.


I knew you could
hear me, baby.

I knew it.

We're meant to be together.

We are one.

I'm sorry, Aiden.

What was I thinking?

You're the one.

It's okay, baby.

It's okay.

And to answer
your question, yes.

She's worth it.

She's so very,
very worth it.



I'm so sorry.

I really am.

I'll see you around.

if you need anything.

I mean it,
anything at all.


Thank you, Aiden.