Crashing Through the Snow (2021) - full transcript

Maggie and Sam are crashing Christmas. When he proposes that they team up against his sister's perfect Christmas, neither of them are prepared for the blended family challenges that lie ahead.

This program is rated G

and is suitable for
general audiences.

♪ Bah humbug, no
that's too strong ♪

♪ 'Cause it is my
favorite holiday ♪

♪ All this year has
been a busy blur ♪

♪ Don't think I
have the energy ♪

- Shouldn't we head inside?

- Oh, come on babe sing with me.

I need to squeeze in
every ounce of Christmas

with you while I can,
all right, how do I look?

- Can I borrow those
hoops sometime?

- We'll see.

- You know, just because
your mom made you wait,

till you were 13 to
get your ears pierced,

doesn't mean you
have to make me wait.

- Oh, yes, it does it is a
Collin's family tradition.

- Awesome.

- How about a little lip
gloss to tide you over?

♪ Last year ski shop
encounter most interesting ♪

♪ If you sing along with me ♪

♪ I'll let you borrow
these earrings one day ♪

♪ So deck those halls,
trim those trees ♪

♪ Raise up cups of
Christmas cheer ♪

♪ I just need to
catch my breath ♪

♪ It's Christmas by
myself this year. ♪

There's my girl.

- Okay, that was fun.

♪ Christmas Merry Christmas ♪

♪ Merry Christmas
worth this year ♪

♪ Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas ♪

- I don't see dad and Kate.

- Oh, I'm sure
they'll be here soon,

let's grab a seat, these two.

- Maggie, over here.
- Oh, there's Ginny.

Sorry, thank you
for saving us seats.

I've been here since 2:00 PM,

it seems like just yesterday
it was you up on that stage,

rocking out in your Santa hat.

- Oh, those little
antlers she wore,

the year you played Prancer.

- Mom, that was like
a million years ago,

oh, Kate's here,
can I go say hi?

- Sure.

I'm just gonna save you a seat.

- Hi.

- So, this is Jeff's new
girlfriend, do we like her?

- She's like a walking
Instagram post,

it's a little unnerving,

I mean her clothes
never wrinkle.

- I see that.

- How do you think she does
that, portable steamer?

- Does she have
children of her own?

- No.
- Mystery solved.

- Excuse me, are you
saving that seat?

No, it's all you.
- Thank you.

- That was so cute.
- We'll talk.

- Yes, call me later.

- Oh hey, Maggie, over here.

- I'm okay.

- Okay, nothing
to see here folks,

happy holidays,
happens all the time.

Oh, you stepped on
my " wow.

- Oh, my goodness
are you all right?

- Yes, I'm fine.

- Maggie, isn't what
you'd call coordinated.

- Mom falls all the time.

- Remember that time you
tripped on the sidewalk

and the cookie tins went flying?

- To be fair it was icy and
the pavement was very uneven.

- Thank you.
- She spills stuff too.

- Okay, enough about me,

Sophie, honey you were
incredible up there,

I have never seen
an elf so poised.

- Look at the
flowers Kate got me.

- Oh wow, they're gorgeous.

- It is not every
day that I get,

a personal invitation
to a concert

and from one of the
performers herself.

- There's cocoa at the snack
table, can we go get some.

- Hey, don't look at me
your mom's on the clock.

- Yeah, go ahead.

- Do you want me to take this?

- Hey, one cookie each.

Oh, I spoke to the
airline this morning.

- Again?
- Jeff.

The girls have never flown alone

and Maggie's a little nervous.

- Oh, oh, there's
no need to worry,

I flew unaccompanied at
all the time as a kid,

the flight attendants
totally dote on you.

- See, they'll be fine and
this gives me a chance,

to fly up a little early

and spend some quality
time with Kate's dad.

- I booked a his and
his dog sledding lesson.

- How fun is that?

- We are so excited to
have Mia and Sophie,

joining us for Christmas.

- Oh, I'm really
glad it worked out,

even though I'm gonna
miss them like crazy.

- Should we set up a time
for you guys to Zoom?

- How do you guys like to
work things over the holidays?

- I don't know we've
never actually been
apart on Christmas.

- You haven't?

- Well, I usually bring
the girls to my sister's

for Christmas Eve and then we
go to Maggie's in the morning

and we open up
presents together.

- Oh, and then we hit the
blow ups on Christol street.

- There's a radiologist
in Maggie's neighborhood

and he's got like a
hundred different blowups

on his front lawn, it's insane,

we have to drive by
there this weekend.

- Okay, well let's just back
up a sec, I had no idea,

that you've never been apart
from the girls on Christmas,

okay, this is gonna sound crazy

but why don't you
come to Aspen too.

- Oh no, I couldn't possibly.

- You know that way
you won't miss a thing

and it is so magical up
there this time of year,

you're gonna love it.

- That is a very sweet offer
honey but it's peak ski season,

I'm sure all the hotels
are booked up by now.

- Oh, no, now you can stay
with us at my parents' place,

it'll be cozy.

- Wait, mom's coming to Aspen?

- You are?

- We're just discussing it
bug, it's not a done deal.

- Please come mommy, please,

Christmas won't be
Christmas without you.

- Oh, come on, how can
you say no to that?

- If you insist.

Thank you.

Our Uber driver Karli C
is arriving in 15 minutes.

- Miss Collins, Miss
Collins, Miss Collins, wait.

- Sophie and keep your eyes
peeled for carousels too.

- Mom, I think he's
talking about you.

- You three are pretty fast,

you must be Sophie
and Mia, right?

- That's us, who are you?

- I'm Hector Shetty,

I manage the Reynolds
family's Aspen estate.

- Estate?

- Kate, asked me to pick you up.

- Mr Shetty, what's an estate?

- Kind of like a
fancy word for house.

- A huge house, way
bigger than ours?

- Mia.

- What isn't that what it means?

- Well, if you guys
wanna follow me,

we'll collect your
bags and be on our way.

- Come on, let's go.

- Estate.

- It's like we're
inside a snow globe.

- Well, if you think
that's magical,

you should see main street,

when it's all lit up
for Christmas, it's
really something.

Are we
climbing a mountain?

- We sure are.

- Is that the estate?
- It sure is.

Here we are.

- Welcome to Aspen,
how was the trip?

- We got to drink
soda on the plane.

- Whoa, what you lucky ducks,

here let me help you with those.

- It's okay we'll
take care of it.

- Oh, thank you.

- So, girls, there is cocoa
inside if that's okay.

- They're on your clock now,

just don't feed
them after midnight.

- You know what happens
if you break the rule.

haven't seen Gremlins?

- It's the greatest
Christmas movie of all time,

that is going on the list.

We have a Venn diagram going
of all the movies we've seen

and the overlap is
alarmingly small.

- And yet you seem so
happy, look at you, glowing.

- Get outta here, hey,
hey, hey before we go in,

I could really use
one of your pep talks,

turns out Kate's dad
isn't my biggest fan.

- I thought you two
were best buddies,

I mean, you never took
my dog, dog sledding,

I got to say I'm a bit jealous.

- Don't be, it was
a total disaster.

- What'd you do let
go of the reins?

You didn't.

- They were huskies they
took off like a shot.

Do you know how hard
it is trying to find,

a white dog in the snow?

And now you're here
and don't get me wrong,

I'm glad you came but it
is a little awkward right,

you being here?

- It is now.

Thank you.
- You know, what,

I didn't say anything,

let's forget about it, I'm
probably overthinking it.

- Yeah, what else is new?

- Touche.

- Can we please go inside now

because my eyelashes
are freezing together.

Holy guacamole.
- Be cool.

- This place is gigantic,

you didn't mention
anything about an estate.

- Well, I thought it'd
be a fun surprise.

- Maggie, this is my father.

- Ted Reynolds, it's a pleasure.

- Thank you so much for letting
me crash your Christmas,

your home is stunning.

- I'd give you the 50 cent tour

but I'm on my way
to see a patient,

so, Kate will show you around
and get you settled in,

I'll see you later sweetheart.

Hello, Jeff.
- See ya doc.

- Oh wow, these
ornaments are gorgeous,

are they family heirlooms?

- My stepmother's decorator
had them flown in from Venice,

they're hand-blown and
apparently quite fragile,

so, let's all steer clear,

Susan's a little
particular about the trees.

- How many are there?

- Too many to count and
each one has its own theme.

- No wrapping paper
ornaments here.

- Oh, is that like
a TikTok thing?

- It's more like a
family tradition,

on Christmas day we gather up
all the torn wrapping paper

and use it to make an
ornament, decoupage style.

- I make one every year.

- Well, ever since Mia was two,

back then she liked the gift
wrap more than the toys.

- She was so cute running around

with her chubby little hands
grabbing up fistfuls of paper.

- Mom stop.

- Well, I think that is just
about the sweetest thing,

that I've heard.

- Well, I can show
you how to make one.

- Girls, Kate has all sorts
of special things lined up

for Christmas the
whole week in fact.

- We're gonna have
the best time,

how about I show you around?

- Yeah, where's the closet?

- That view is spectacular.

- It is nicer than any
hotel I have ever stayed in.

- And that's a problem because?

- It's not it's just Jeff's
acting kind of weird,

it's like he's worried,

I'm gonna make him
look bad or something.

- Well, it's bound to get
awkward at some point,

I mean, you are
spending Christmas

with your ex-husband's
new girlfriend's parents.

- You should see the
rest of the house,

there is a sauna in my
room an actual sauna,

there's an indoor racquetball
court, a private chef.

- Well, that sounds awful.

- I just wished Jeff
would've given me,

the heads up about
Kate's family,

so, I could have been
mentally prepared.

- Is Mia still getting
her big surprise?

- Yes, I cannot wait to
see the look on Mia's face,

when she opens these earrings.

- Well, how are you
gonna pull that one off?

- I found a tattoo parlor
in Aspen that does piercings

and I booked her an
appointment for the 26th,

who's the cool mom now?

- This isn't about Kate, is it?

- What, no, please,
okay, maybe a little,

you should see this
itinerary she made,

there is a Nutcracker tea
party at the St. Mark's hotel,

caroling by horse-drawn sleigh,
I can't compete with it.

- You don't have to
compete, you're the mom,

you are a Christmas.

Look do yourself a favor
okay, hop in that sauna

and relax a little bit.

♪ Bah-Humbug no
that's too strong ♪

♪ 'Cause it is my
favorite holiday ♪

♪ But all this year
has been a busy blur ♪

♪ Don't think I
have the energy ♪

♪ To add to my
already mad rush ♪

♪ Just 'cause it's
tis the season ♪

♪ The perfect gift
for me would be ♪

♪ Completions and connections
left from last year ♪

♪ Ski shop encounter
most interesting ♪

♪ Had his number
but never the time ♪

♪ Most of 81 passed
along those lines ♪

♪ So deck those halls
trim those trees ♪

♪ Raise a glass of
Christmas cheer ♪

♪ I just need you
to catch my breath ♪

♪ It's Christmas by
myself this year ♪

- Didn't realize my room
came with a floor show,

do you take requests?

- No and this is my room.

- Says who?

- Dr. Ted Reynolds, the
owner of this estate

- Oh, fascinating,
tell me something,

does the sauna still
go tik tik tik?

- I didn't notice.

- I can hop in there test
it out, care to join me?

- Excuse me, no not happening,

obviously there has
been a mix up here.

- Oh, maybe it's fate,
I mean two strangers,

sharing a room at Christmas?

- Who are you?

- I'm Sam Reynolds, Ted's son,

this is my childhood bedroom
and that that's my robe.

- Great.

- Let me be the first to
apologize on Sam's behalf,

just because he's super
charming and handsome

and an amazing chef,

doesn't mean he can do
whatever he pleases,

if I showed up at a
fully booked restaurant,

without a reservation do you
think that they would give me,

the best seat in the house?

- Oh, they would
if I worked there,

anything for you little sis.

- I've readied the downstairs
guest room for Sam.

- I am more than happy to switch
rooms I've barely unpacked.

- Sounds good to me.

- Where's your sense
of hospitality son?

Maggie is a guest.

- I fly in from Tokyo
to surprise you,

I thought that would get me,
I don't know a hug, a steak,

ability to sleep in my own bed.

- Okay, here's a hug, Josie,
can you fix this boy a rib-eye,

you gonna have to settle
for two out of three.

- Hello, everyone,
so sorry I am late,

there was a crazy line at
the bell mountain lift.

- You must be Maggie,
I am Susan, Ted's wife,

it's so, nice to meet you.

- Sam, what are you doing here?

I thought you were staying
in Japan for the holidays.

- We all did.

- Well not everyone plans
as far ahead as you Kit Kat.

- Well, not everyone shows
up at the last minute

and expects the world
to revolve around him.

- So, Maggie, Kate, tells me,

that you run your own graphic
design business in Austin?

- I do it's mostly
branding campaigns,

websites, logos, pitch
decks, that kind of thing.

- Maggie is being modest
she's incredibly talented.

- Yes, you should see
the adorable poster,

she designed for
Sophie's school concert.

- Well that, that was more
of a volunteer project,

I usually work with ad
agencies and corporate clients.

- Well, I'm sure
you're ready for some,

well-deserved downtime.

- Oh, did you know your
room has a sauna in it?

- Oh, she knows.

- View is the same
inside you know

and they have this
thing called heat.

- Yes but out here
I can be alone.

- I have a proposition for you.

- If you think I'm gonna
serenade you again,

you are sorely mistaken.

- No, this is work-related,

I have a meeting in
Aspen on Christmas Eve

and I wanna hire you to
make me a pitch deck.

- So, all that talk back there
about flying in from Japan,

to surprise your family
that was all an act?

- Can't it be both?

Come on, this meeting

is a once in a lifetime
opportunity for me,

I'd be happy to
double your rate.

- You've never
even seen my work.

- Yeah, I googled you just now,

the portfolio was
very impressive.

- I am flattered but
unfortunately the answer is no,

I am here to spend
time with my girls.

- Have you seen my
sister's itinerary?

- Your kid's are gonna be
so knee-deep in Christmas,

they're not even gonna miss you.

Oh, you're worried
they're not gonna miss you

because they'll be having
so much fun with Kate?

- The girls and I have
our own traditions,

I am sure there will be
plenty of time for everything,

now, if you'll excuse me.

- I'll tell you what
you make me a deck

and I'll help you win Christmas,

you know, you scratch my
back, I scratch yours.

- I didn't come all this
way to get my back scratched

and for your information I
don't need to win Christmas,

I'm their mom, I am Christmas.

- I'll be here all week
if you change your mind.

All the big
ones are for me.

- We're decorating
Christmas cookies tonight,

it's on the itinerary.

- Oh, well look at
you Fancy Nancy.

- Maggie, come join us.

- Oh, sure.

- Oh, are those stockings?

- Yes, we always hang ours
the day after Thanksgiving

but I know some
families like to wait,

until everyone's all together.

- Actually Kate had some
stockings made for the girls.

- We didn't realize that
you'd be bringing yours along,

there is this fabulous
artist in Santa Fe,

who makes hand quilted
stockings from vintage fabrics,

I had one made for you
too, it took some doing.

- Normally you have to
order the months in advance,

but Kate turned on the charm

and wouldn't take
no for an answer.

- Wow, that is so thoughtful.

- One way to put it.

- Did you know Sam and
Kate's great-grandfather,

opened one of the
very first ski lodges

in the whole Aspen area?

- The Butterfield Inn,

we used to spend
Christmases there as kids

- Back before Dad
sold the place.

- Who needs a refill?

- Oh, Jeff and I
will take care of it,

you sit down and relax.

- Don't be stingy.

- Hey I haven't
bombed that hard,

since I recited the
Gettysburg address

at my 10th grade talent show.

- What are you talking
about, the stockings?

Don't worry about it,

there's like eight
fireplaces in this place,

we can hang all of them.

- Now, Maggie's offended

and I wanted everything
to be perfect.

- It will be and the fact,

that you're always
thinking of Mia and Sophie,

it's one of my favorite
things about you,

how about later you recite
that Gettysburg address for me,

Madam president?

Yeah, can you do a little Abe
Lincoln impression for me?

- Oh, I think my
dad is watching.

- Yeah, he wants a scotch,
coming right up Ted.

Hey, why don't
you sit next to Ted,

Ted, we're gonna join you.

- Did you bring this wine?

- I did, the Karl franc.

- So Maggie, what's on
tab tomorrow morning,

skiing, snowboarding?

- I'm sorry just the
thought of Maggie on skis.

- I think what Jeff's trying
to say is I'm a bit of a klutz.

- She falls all the time.

- Jeff has always
been the skier,

I'm more of a sit by the
fire and read kind of girl.

- So, where did you
two meet Tinder, Hinge,

wait, let me guess Bumble?

- No, no, no, this was
long before dating apps,

I was a sophomore at Brown

and Maggie was in her
first year at RISD.

- I was with some
friends at Free Play,

this bar in downtown Providence

with all these old arcade games.

- I challenged her to a
round of space invaders.

- And I wiped the
floor with his face.

- Okay and she has been
holding it over me ever since.

- It's a great story, yeah, I
actually meant you and Kate.

- Oh, we met on Bumble.

- S'mores by the fire
holiday movie Bingo,

wow, Kate has really outdone
herself with this lineup.

- She sure has, hey, I wanted
to run something by you.

What do you say we let Mia
get her ears pierced early?

- Before she turns 13?

- I know just she's
such a good kid

and this year hasn't been easy,

starting middle school and
all, I say we go for it.

- I think she'd be thrilled.

- Great, so we're agreed?
- Parents of the year.

Wow, that is an
impressive axe sir,

are you heading out on patrol?

- We're running out of firewood.

- Right, yes, of course,
can I help you with that?

- Sure, you can hold the wood.

- Okay, have fun out
there, watch your fingers.

Hey, that's my cookie.

- You stole my room
now we're even.

- My walk-in closet is
the size of Rhode Island,

so, I think I got the
better end of the deal.

- Sassy, I like it but can
I give you some advice?

- Do I have a choice?

- You should definitely go
skiing with your kids tomorrow.

- I prefer my legs unbroken.

- First rule of
winning Christmas.

- Again with the winning.

- Don't stay home when
everybody's having fun.

- Okay, how many times
do I have to tell you,

this isn't a competition?

- If you say so.
- That looks so good.

- No, no, no it's
gonna be wonderful.

- Okay, Sally squirrel it's
time to work your magic.

Sally squirrel
took a big sniff.

Mama, are those
Christmas cookies?

That's right, said
mama squirrel,

would you like to
decorate them with me?

Sally squirrel jumped up with
joy, I sure would she said

and she put her little
nose to all the sweets.

- Hey, you want
it on this action?

- Oh, that's okay
it's your vacation,

makes sense you'd be the
ones to tuck them in.

- I see you brought
your copy too.

- Yeah, I see you
brought matching pajamas.

- The girls are getting a little
old for scratch and sniff,

but traditions,
tradition, right?

Mama squirrel smiled,

Christmas is almost
here she said.

- She's a natural, right?

- Right in the corner.

- There you are I have been
looking for you everywhere.

- Come to return my robe?

- What, no,

I realized I may have misjudged
the situation slightly.

- Oh, yeah, what
situation is that?

- The Christmas situation.

- Oh, so, you admit
you need my help?

Thought you might
come to your senses.

- Hold your horses pretty boy,
I see how I'm gonna help you.

- How are you gonna help me?

- By keeping you
in the spotlight?

- And how is that exactly?

- Look I spent my entire
life in Kate's shadow,

I know a thing or two
about how this goes.

- All right, I'm in.

- Great, I booked
you a ski lesson.

- What?

- Had a feeling
you'd come around.

- Are you always this confident?

- Pretty much, see you on the
bunny hill, bright and early.


was usually at the
bottom of the mountain.

- You know, you're kind of
cute when you're nervous?

- I'm not nervous, I'm just
not a big fan of heights.

- Really because you
seem pretty nervous.

- No, it's gonna be great.

This is so not great.

- The lesson hasn't
even started yet.


- It'll be fun I promise.

- Fun for you or fun for me?

- Hi, welcome to kids on
skis so, guys just remember,

keep your poles to yourself,
Billy looking at you a lot,

all right, I'm just gonna
need all the adults now,

to head on over to
the viewing area.

- Oh, actually I'm signed up
for this class Maggie Collins.

- Oh, she's a kid at
heart she'll fit right in.

- They all are.

- Okay, listen, girls, I'll
be right over there watching.

- Oh, you really
don't need a watch.

- Oh, I really do.

- Excitement.

- Is it possible
to get a bandage,

that doesn't resemble
a candy cane?

- Sorry.

- Well, I think it's festive.

- Is it broken?

- Oh, it's fine really
it's a strain not a sprain.

- She should stay off the
slopes for the rest of the day.

- Well, we can take
Sophie and Mia with us

and that way you can rest.

- I wanna stay with mom.

- Ah, I don't know kiddo.

- Nope, you can stay with
me, we'll just take it easy.

- Are you sure you don't
wanna come with us?

We can ski, grab a bite
to eat, go shopping.

- I'm sure we can find
something fun to do,

that doesn't
involve skis, right?

- You know, I know a spot
that has the best hot cocoa,

they make their own
marshmallows, do you
like marshmallows?

- I do.
- There you go.

All right, we're
pretty much set,

so yeah, we'll meet
up with you later.

- Just us?

- Don't forget the Nutcracker
tea starts at four.

- Well, I guess
marshmallows for the win,

guess this means I
owe you a pitch deck

and the restaurant you're
pitching is in this hotel?

- Yeah, the original
restaurant was through there.

- So, what are you
thinking for the menu?

Sushi, Yakitori, you
know, bring some of that,

Japanese flare back to Aspen?

- No, nothing like that,

I want the food to speak
to the Inn's history

in a way that's
honest and authentic.

I wanna put my own spin on
some of the classic dishes,

that were here in the
Butterfield's heyday.

- Wait a sec the
Butterfield Inn,

isn't this your family's hotel?

- It was.

- Were you planning
on telling me that?

- I don't know, maybe.

- Maybe?
- Maybe, eventually.

- Sam, you just said your
whole concept for the menu

is about history I mean, it
seems like it might behoove you,

to include your family's
history in the pitch.

- Behoove is that a fancy
word from design school.

- Okay look, you are the one
who wanted me to do this deck,

the only way it's gonna work
is if you've trust me enough,

to start sharing
the whole picture,

okay, who's that guy?

- That, oh, that
is Skip Whitaker.

- Handsome.
- He's my mom's grandfather.

Legend has it that his
father sent him out here,

to mine silver, Skip, took
the money for the mine

and he built himself a hotel.

- A rebel?

Now, I see where you get it.

- That was in 1892,

do you know all of the
woodwork in here is original?

- Wow, really is gorgeous.

Wait, so why did your
dad sell the place?

- My mom was in line
to take over the hotel,

she passed away and
then everything changed.

- I'm sorry.

- I tried to convince my dad
that I could take it over

and it would have worked
if it wasn't for the fact,

that I was all at 14 years old,

so, my dad put the
Butterfield on the market

and the rest as
they say is history.

- Yeah, that must've been
really hard on you and Kate,

losing your mom so young?

- We handled things differently,

you know, Kate, got really
close to my dad and me,

I took out a map of the world
started plotting my escape.

- I've never seen so many
gingerbread houses in one place.

- Right, do you know
that when I was your age,

my grand mom Mary,

taught me how to make
gingerbread from scratch?

This whole display
idea that was all hers.

- Can we make
gingerbread from scratch?

- Oh, bug, you know, I
think we better let Sam,

get back to his day.

- Well I have been meaning
to dig out that recipe,

family secret, now if I
teach you that recipe,

do you promise you won't
put it on the internet?

- I promise, promise.
- Promise.

Okay, let's bake.

You know, we should
probably get the roof on

before your mom eats
all the gum drops.

- She does that at home too.
- I do not, okay, I do.

- The icing's stuck.

- Okay, well try squeezing
it from the back,

like you do with toothpaste.

- I'll show you
Maggie, you got that?

- Okay, how do I?

- Oh, you're hands.

- Hello, the icing.

- I'm gonna let go, all
right, see what we got.

- All right, kitchen
is all yours,

just remember three hours
until the dinner crew rolls in,

cleared a shelf in
the walk-in for you.

- Oh, thanks man,

I'm gonna stick around
and test out some recipes.

- Why don't you cook
at your dad's house?

His kitchen is so nice.

- Well, I haven't
really told my family,

about my meeting
at the Butterfield.

- We'll have to keep it
quiet then won't we Soph?

- That means you too Charlie.

- Oh, I feel like I'm in Eloise.

- That's the Plaza mom,
look, there's dad and Kate.

- Hey, good to see you bug.

- Don't mind if I do.

- Fun day?

- We baked a gingerbread
house from scratch.

- Really?

- Yeah, it was
epic, where's Mia?

- Here she comes now.

- Thank you, thank you.
- For what sweetheart?

- For letting me
get my ears pierced,

Kate, helped me pick them out.

- Aren't they darling?

- You got your
ears pierced today?

- Yeah, dad said
you're okay with it.

- Well, she was so excited,

we figured no time
like the present.

- I was a little scared at first

but then it happened
so fast and it was done

and I have earrings.

- Oh, I'm gonna need
another one of those.

- Okay, the food in
this place is amazing

and I have never seen you,

turn down a tray of catering
brownies so what's up?

- Nothing.
- Nothing.

- It's just I was
planning on taking Mia,

to get her ears pierced myself,

it was gonna be my
big Christmas gift.

- I'm sorry, I had no idea,
why didn't you say so?

- I didn't think I had to
getting your ears pierced

is a mother, daughter
rite of passage,

it's right up there with
shopping for prom dresses

or watching Gilmore
Girls for the first time,

I have dibs on both
of those by the way.

- Yeah, I'm not gonna
watch Gilmore Girls.

- Okay, well maybe you
should tell Kate too,

just so there's no confusion.

- Understood.

- Sorry, I'm late,
what did I miss?

This is quite the production.

- The girls are having
the time of their lives.

- Oh, well, I mean
you think this is fun,

just wait till tomorrow
at the reindeer relay.

- The what now?

- A reindeer relay
it's like a decathlon,

where all the events
are Christmas themed.

- I don't remember seeing
that on the itinerary.

- Ah, Kate won't mind the add,

we used to do it every
year when we were kids,

the girls are gonna love
it, there's team events,

there's, there's trophies,

you are probably gonna
wanna save your energy

for the morning.

- Oh is that a fact?

- You know, Maggie's not
really into team sports,

I don't think anybody will
mind if you sit this one out,

that is if we even end up going.

- Oh yeah, it's happening.


Nothing has
changed since I was a kid.

- So, listen there is
something I need to tell you,

I can't skate.

- Oh, well, that's a rethink.

- Oh, good, we're finally all
here, team Blitzen let's go.

- Good luck out there,
you're gonna need it.

- We don't need
luck we have Susan.

- It's gonna be fine.

- They're going to win for sure.

- Okay, team huddle up,
do you know what I see,

when I look at this team?

- Amateurs.

- No, I see underdogs

and you never wanna
underestimate the underdog,

it's like Rudolph the
red-nosed reindeer,

classic, classic
underdog, no friends,

wasn't allowed to play
in the reindeer games,

nobody ever thought old Rudy
was gonna lead Santa's sleigh

but there he is every Christmas,

leading those
reindeer to victory.

- I think what Sam
is trying to say

is we need to
believe in ourselves.

- Exactly, look no
one expects us to win,

so, no one can see us coming
now are you with me underdogs?

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy.

I'm gonna
help you get started.

- Come on, come on, come on.

- Oh, my god, stop, stop.

- It's all right, I got you,

you got it, you got
it, there you go.

Now, our last
event, slap that Santa.

You got this honey.

Slap it, slap that
Santa come on.

- Hey, hey, hey, it's
all right, it's okay.

- You're gonna do this
mom, you can do this.

guys, wish me luck.

You can do it.

- Maggie, Maggie, Maggie,
Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, Maggie,

Maggie, Maggie,
Maggie, Maggie, Maggie.

Go, underdogs.

- That was incredible,
what a rush,

this is going on my nightstand.

- Is that where you
put all your trophies?

- This is my first one.

- Come on, that can't be true.

- Have you met me?

- Listen, I had an idea
about the pitch deck,

tell me if I'm way off base

but what if we included
small photos of my family,

to Butterfield, too cheesy?

- Not at all it's just
so sentimental of you,

I mean, two days ago you
were hiding the fact,

it was your family's
Inn from me.

- I don't think
hiding is accurate.

- I am just saying it's a shift.

- Well, I did practically
grow up there.

- I know and that's what makes
you so perfect for this job,

I mean, it's not just any
old restaurant to you.

- You know running that kitchen
it'll be like coming home.

Wow, that was cheesy.

- That was good like,
like goosebumps good.

I'm gonna write that down,
can I trust you with this?

- No, I will be careful.
- Very gentle.

- Typical Sam, swoops
in at the last minute

and steals my thunder.

- I know y'all take this
relay business seriously

but come on it's just a trophy.

- Hey, it's not
about the trophy,

he's got Maggie and the girls
wrapped around his finger,

did you see how much
fun they were having?

- To be honest I was busy
focusing on standing upright

but now you mentioned it.

- See, why can't I get
Maggie to laugh like that?

- Oh is this where
sore losers hang out

and lick their wounds?

- Surely you didn't come all
the way down here to gloat?

- No, just an unexpected bonus,

so, do you know where mom's
old photo albums might be?

- Try that box right there.

You remember this?

- Yeah, mom loved that star,

Dad bought it for their first
Christmas together, right?

- Yeah, this box is
full of old ornaments.

- Oh, look at this it's
from the year we won state,

I scored a goal in the first
period you were there right?

Mom looks so young there,

ah, Christmas isn't
the same without her.

- You know what I miss?

Her toffee.

- With the slivered
almonds on top.

- I follow her recipe every year

and it never turns out right,

she always made Christmas
so special, so warm.

how come when I try it it
winds up as an itinerary?

- Maybe stop trying so hard.

- Easy for you to say
Mr. flying from Tokyo

and make ginger
bread from scratch.

- Okay, you think dad
would wanna put up,

some of these decorations?

- They're mom's not Susan's.

- Yeah but these are
dad's memory, I mean,
they're ours too.

- Maybe it's hard on Susan
being reminded of dad's past.

- Is that what it's like for
you you know, Maggie around?

- Well, it's different Maggie
and Jeff are still family,

I mean, maybe not in
the conventional sense

but they're still very
much in each other's lives.

- And you're good with that?

- It's kind of a package deal.

And you are not helping either,

fanning the flames out on
the ice all Maggie, Maggie.

- Oh, come on, why?

I can't cheer on my team?

- Sam, you have got her
thinking that I'm the enemy,

I don't wanna be the enemy, I
wanna be part of her family.

- Try looking at things
from Maggie's perspective,

I mean, it can't be easy
having a front row seat

to the Jeff and Kate show.

Maybe she's just
trying to figure out
where she fits in too.

- It's open.

- Hey, what you working on?

- Oh, last minute
project for a client,

how's it going with the
operation woo the parents?

You and Ted looked pretty
chummy out there on the ice?

- Oh, well I could say the same
about you and chef Boyardee.

- He was just trying to
keep me from falling.

- Oh, come on, he's
totally into you,

every time I look over
you two are busy flirting.

- Okay, first of all,
we're not flirting,

we're making polite conversation

but even if we were
flirting which we're not,

how is that a problem?

- Well, he just doesn't
seem like the type of guy,

who wants to settle down.

- Really, who says I'm
looking for something serious?

Relax, there's no there, there.

- Hey, is this a bad time.

- No, come on in, you wanna
go check on the girls?

- No, they're fine,

Kate has them making
reindeer out of clothespins,

so, sounds like fun.

Sam, Sam, the man
what's happening?

- Not much just living.

- Seize the day am I right?

- Anyway, I was gonna
head down to Charlie's,

I just wanted to-

- Oh, please.

- Oh, this is cool.

- Did you bring
ornaments from home?

- I know, I know
it's overkill right,

it's just the girls and I
love decorating the tree,

it's one of our
favorite traditions.

- Yeah, it's mine too.

- Really, I thought all of
the Reynolds family trees,

were professionally done?

- Well, before my
dad married Susan,

we always decorated our own.

Yeah, Kate and I would
always fight over,

who got to hang
the first ornament.

- Me and Sophie, do that too.

- Who's Charlie?

You were saying that,

you were gonna head
over to Charlie's place?

- Charlie is a buddy
of mine in town,

yeah, I should probably
get going so talk later.

- If you want I
can talk to Kate,

see if you and the girls
could hang some of these out.

- Nah, kind of like having
them in here with me.

- I realize your
meeting is tomorrow

but can we talk about this later
perhaps when the sun is up?

- Oh no, no, no, no you don't,

come on you need to get dressed,

let's go we're taking the
girls on an adventure.

- Kate is taking them
snow tubing this morning

and I would rather not
mess with her plan.

- It's fine it doesn't
start until 10 okay,

we'll be back in plenty of time,

really, you always this
pokey in the morning?

- You think I'm slow?

good luck getting
my kids out of bed.

- Come on mom, let's go.

This is so cool.

Sophie look.
- Wow.

- We're not flying on one
of those planes, are we?

- Nope.
- Oh, thank goodness.

- That's our ride.

- Yeah, who's the
pilot Kris Kringle?

- Actually I am.

- Yeah, like you know
how to fly a helicopter?

You know, how to
fly a helicopter?

- Best view in town am I right?

- How much longer
till we head back?

- Well, we got to make
a quick pit stop first.

We're here to pick
out a Christmas tree.

- But you already have so many.

- Well, this is a special one,

this one's for your mom's
room so, she can hang,

all the special ornaments
she brought from home,

why don't you guys go
on ahead we'll catch up,

don't go too far though.

- Be careful.

- I hope this is okay, I
know you were talking about,

how much you guys love
decorating the tree

and it got me thinking.
- About helicopters?

- No, about Mia and Sophie,

they might be missing some
of their traditions too,

I mean, there's
also the added bonus

of seeing you in snow shoes.

- Okay coach, any pointers?

- Well, it's easy just put one
foot in front of the other.

Not bad.

- You know what they say never
underestimate the underdog.

- Whoa, what's going on in here
I am adding stocking hooks,

we need one for Sam of course

and Maggie brought hers from
home which was unexpected,

so, that is four more, I have
them perfectly spaced out

but I'm fine starting
over it is no big deal.

- You seem a little stressed.

- I was supposed to
take the girls out,

snow tubing this morning

but Maggie has them off
doing something else.

I'm pretty sure I
offended her again.

- Is it possible that she just
wanted to spend some time,

alone with her daughters?

- Do you think I'm overreacting?

- These things take time.

- I know, I know,

Maggie is such an important
part of the girls lives

and Jeff's too and sometimes,

I feel like I'm
crashing their party.

- Hey, they are
lucky to have you.

- I just wanted this
Christmas to be perfect,

like moms always were.

- Well, if it's any consolation,

I think you're doing
a wonderful job.

Now, let me help you
with these stockings.

- Okay, here.

- Daddy, look we chopped down
a tree in the real forest.

- Wow, another tree that's
what this place needs.

- Did we miss snow tubing?

- Yeah, I'm sorry kiddo,
the tickets were timed,

why don't you guys run
inside and get warm?

- Can we have a minute?

- Yeah, yeah, of course.

- You look mad, don't be mad,
I'm really sorry we were late,

cable release wasn't working,

when we tried to long
line the Christmas tree,

so, we had to call for back up.

- Do you even hear the words
coming out of your mouth?

- I know, right?

- Kate, was supposed
to take the girls,

snow tubing this morning but
you just up and disappeared.

- Nope, Hector,
knew where we were.

- Yeah, but I didn't, I'm
sitting at breakfast with Ted,

waiting for the girls
to come downstairs

and how do you think it looked,

me not knowing where
my own kids were?

- So, this is about Ted?

- And Kate, she
worked her butt off,

to make this trip
special for the girls

and all you have
to do was show up

and go along for the ride.

- Well, forgive me for wanting,

to spend a little
time with our kids,

she has them scheduled 24/7.

- Yeah, that's because Kate
is organized and responsible,

she doesn't just tag
along and create chaos.

- Me create chaos,
you're the one,

who wanted to change
things up this Christmas,

you said all of this in motion
and I will have you know,

I am quite capable
of making plans,

I planned to take Mia, to get
her ears pierced in Aspen,

I called ahead and
made an appointment.

- Again, with the earrings,

I told you it was
an honest mistake.

- That was my moment
to have not yours

and certainly not Kate's.

- Well, this was
supposed to be my moment,

my first vacation
with Kate's family

and your gumming up the works,

it's almost like you're trying
to screw things up for me.

- What?

I am only here because Kate
practically begged me to come.

- Oh, come on, you
jumped at the chance

and now you're running
around making googly eyes

with her brother.
- Googly eyes what am I 12?

- Look, I don't care what
you do on your own time

but this trip isn't about you,

it's about me and Kate
and the girls period.

- I have the deck to show
you if now's a good time.

- Yeah, now works,
show me what you got.

- You're sweaty.

- I am sweaty yeah, should
I just lose the shirt?

I mean, just right off,

I can just get rid
of it really easily.

- Can we stick to
business please.

- Yes, you got it.

- Okay, yeah, this
thing between us,

it is strictly professional,

like I would flirt with you
just to make things hard on him.

- For who for Jeff?

- He basically just accused
me of trying to undermine,

his relationship with Kate

and I have been nothing but
supportive, did I make a fuss,

when a photo I took of
Kate and Mia on Halloween,

wound up on Jeff's
Instagram feed

with the caption my two
boo's, no, I did not

because I am evolved and mature.

- And frustrated.

- So, very frustrated.

- You know, what
really helps that?

Smashing little rubber
balls against the wall,

come on, give a shot, I promise
you, you will feel better.

- This isn't gonna work.

Are you okay?

- It's all right, I've been
hit in the face much harder,

no offense, no.

- Does it hurt?

- Not really it's okay.

- How about I walk you
through the PowerPoint.

- Right now, right now?

- Yeah here.

Have a look.

- Wow, this is incredible,

I mean, it feels
like the Butterfield.

- Yeah, the woodwork
pattern from the lobby

is along the border.

- Wait did you switch
the order around?

- Yeah, I think it makes
more sense to hit them

with the personal connection
right from the top,

it just really draws them in,

especially with those
amazing photos you found.

But I can change it
back if you want.

- No, no, no, it's it's
much stronger this way,

it just kinda hit me you know,

I'm actually actually
pitching Butterfield tomorrow.

- You're gonna knock
it out of the park

but we should print
it out just in case.

- I think I know
the perfect place.

- This is crazy, what
if your dad walks in

and sees the deck?

- And I'll be right outside
keeping watch, it's okay.

- Everything okay?
- All good.

- How's it going
in there, you good?

- Whoa, again, all jumbled up.

- Wow, this looks so fun
can I borrow you for a sec?

- Yeah, we're a
little busy here.

- Trust me the jingle bell
crafting session can wait,

you are not gonna believe what
I just found in Ted's office,

he has a folder on you,
it's more like a dossier,

he has photos, a
background check.

- What were you doing
in Ted's office?

- Did you hear what I just said?

He had you investigated Jeff
as in private investigated

with a capital P and a capital
I, I mean, who does that?

Who are these people?

Do you think he has files
on all of Kate's boyfriends?

- Probably just the ones who
ask if they can marry her.

- You're getting married?

- If she says yes.

- Wow, that's huge.

Why didn't you say anything?

- I thought Kate should
be the first to know.

I'm gonna ask her
tomorrow night at dinner.

- You're proposing
on Christmas Eve?

- Whoa do you mind
keeping it down,

I'm trying to keep
it a secret here.

- Are you sure
that's a good idea,

just bringing it on the girls?

- Well, it's not like we
haven't talked about it before.

- What, you have when?

- A few weeks back, I
asked how they would feel

if Kate joined the family,
they were all for it.

Now can I get back to
my crafting please?

- Yeah, congratulations.
- Thank you.

- Yep, we're spending
Christmas Eve with dad and Kate

and you'll be back in time for
presents tomorrow, can I go?

Susan's letting me rearrange
the nativity scene.

- Okay, have fun.

Don't you wanna
reorder the wise men?

- I thought we were spending
Christmas Eve all together.

- I know sweet girl but
you're gonna have so much fun,

you're not even gonna
realize I was gone.

- Where will you go?

- I am gonna go downtown,

I booked a facial at
the St. Mark hotel

and then before you know
it we will all be together,

right by that tree.

- Actually, Santa visits
the tree in the great room,

I asked Hector.
- Oh, good thinking.

Come here, huggy,
kissy, see you later.

- Hey, hey, any chance
you'd be willing,

to listen to me
practice my pitch?

- I would love to but I
have an Uber driver coming,

oh, come on, Marty Zee, you too,

that's the third
driver to cancel on me.

- Yeah, it's the hill most
cars can't make it up,

I'm heading the
Butterfield in an hour,

I can give you a ride if
you're willing to wait.

- Thank you but I
think I'll keep trying.

- Yeah, don't wanna be
late for your facial.

- Word does travel
fast in this town?

- See, here's the thing,

I know for a fact you're
not getting a facial.

- Says who?

- Says Linda, the receptionist
at the St. Mark's day spa.

See, I called over there and
tried to sweet talk them,

into giving you a massage,

since clearly the last
thing you need is a facial.

Kate, says you're skipping
out on dinner too, true?

- Okay, look, I cannot
be at that dinner,

I need to get out of here now.

- It's okay, we'll figure it
out do you wanna talk about it?

- Jeff is asking Kate to
marry him at dinner tonight.

- Okay, wow.

- Yeah and I would rather not
be here to watch it go down.

- Wait, so you're gonna
spend Christmas Eve alone

in a town you don't know
not getting a facial?

- That's the plan.

- Okay, I'm coming with you.

- No but the Butterfield?

- It's fine I'll tell them
something important came up,

which is it's true by the way.

- No, I cannot let you do
this, this is your big shot,

your once in a lifetime.

- I'll reschedule, I can
change my flight if I need to.

Unless you wanna be alone.

- To be honest, I could
really use the company.

- Great, it's settled.
- Great.

Where should we go?

- Now, I know it's not a massage

but thought you might like it.

- This is gorgeous.

- It's a pool it's fed
by a natural hot spring,

lucky for us it's
closed for the night.

- And you just
happened to have a key?

- Wow, I know a guy.

- What's in the thermos?

- Mulled cider to
warm us up afterwards.

Come on, when's the next time,

you'll be at a natural hot
spring on Christmas Eve?

You're not gonna
make me go in alone.

Come on.
- Oh, fine.

Homemade cider, jazzy
Christmas vibes,

does this work on all the other
women you've brought here?

- Ah, wouldn't know,
never brought anyone here.

- Seriously?

- We used to come here when
I was a kid on Christmas Eve,

the cider is my mom's recipe,

technically you're not supposed
to bring drinks in here

but somehow she always
found a way to sneak it in.

- That's legitimately awesome.

- She was magic my
mom, she loved it here.

- I can see why, so peaceful.

- And then we would soak for
hours and sit by the fire

and wait for the
stars to come out.

My mom had this thing about
wishing on a North star

on Christmas Eve, she said
it was like birthday candles,

eyelashes and wishbones
all rolled into one.

- No pressure.

- Well, you know, for me
it was all about BMX bikes

and latest video
games but for my mom,

she always had the same wish,

she wished to be as
happy year around

as she was in that moment.

We stopped coming here
after my mom died,

I guess my dad thought
it'd be easier,

to start some new traditions.

- I gotta say this beats
caroling hands down

and you know how
much I love to sing.

- Can I ask you
something personal?

- Go ahead.

- Is the reason you didn't
wanna go to dinner tonight

because you're not over Jeff?

- No, no, not at all, we were
so young when we got married,

I never been in a real
relationship before,

you know how
everybody always says,

you should marry
your best friend,

thing is that that's
all we ever were,

we never had that thing.

- That thing is important.
- It is.

- You're sure you're over him?

- 100%.

- Well will it be okay if I.

- Was that your big move?

- Well, that
depends did it work?

Wow, best Christmas ever.

- Oh, that's my phone
I should get it.

- I'll get it, I'll get it.

It's Mia.
- Hey, is everything okay?

Wait, okay, slow down a sec,

no, of course, of course
I'll be right there,

that was Mia, she's at the
hotel St. Mark's looking for me.

- Ho, ho, ho and welcome
to the hotel St. Mark.

- Which way's the day spa?

- Mom.
- Maggie, Sam.

She was quite eager to
see you after dinner.

- I'm so sorry.

- Sam, I'll be right back,
I'm parked in a tow away zone.

- Thank you.

- You sure you're okay.
- Yeah.

- I'm gonna go call
your dad and Kate

and let them know
we're with you.

Don't go anywhere.
- I won't.

- Will you watch her?

- Big night huh?

You know, I remember
when my dad told me,

he was getting remarried,
a punch in the gut.

- Everything just
happened so fast

and everyone was looking at me.

- Like you're supposed
to jump for joy

and you just heard the
news five seconds before.

- Yeah, I mean I knew
it was coming eventually

but now it's real.

- Hard to process, I get it.

- Hey kiddo you okay?

- I'm sorry I left.

- That's okay, I'm just
glad you're all right.

- Mia and I are
gonna have a little,

one-on-one time in
my room, right kiddo.

- Oh, hey, I heard
you're marrying my
sister, congrats mate.

- Thanks, Sam, how did she
seem to you, Mia I mean?

- You know, a little
thrown off guard maybe

but I think that comes
with the territory.

- It's the first time
she's ever run away,

still counts as running
away if Hector told us,

where he was taking her right?

- You know, when I found out
my dad was proposing to Susan,

I hopped on a flight to
Bangkok and spent a month,

sweeping floors in a
Buddhist monastery,

those monks taught me
everything I know about curry,

I guess what I'm
saying is just be glad,

she only made as far as the spa.

- Yeah, man you make
your own Thai food

is there anything you don't do?

- You look hungry come on,
I'll make you something to eat.

- You have to promise me
the next time you're upset,

you won't run away?

- But you did.

- That's different,

your dad and Kate are
starting a new life together,

I wanted to give
them some space,

let them have their
special moment.

And to be honest I didn't think
it would be that much fun,

watching him propose
to someone else.

- Yeah, it really wasn't.

- Oh, babe I'm sorry, I
thought you'd be excited,

you like Kate don't you?

- Yeah but she's not you,
I mean, I like our life,

I like how we do Christmas.

- I know, change is hard

and you have had so
much of it lately,

new school, new
friends, new crushes.

- Mom.

- You have been such a
trooper through all of it,

that's why I changed my
mind about the earrings,

I realized that the reason
I was holding on so tight

was because deep down I
didn't want things to change,

if I had my way you would
stay my little girl forever,

but you've already become
this smart and funny,

fiercely independent
young woman.

I think it's time for
me to start letting go.

- Maybe don't let go just yet.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

Can I come in?

These are for Santa but I
think we need them more.

- I think you're right
come sit with us.

Hey, I want you two to know,

that I am really
happy for your dad

and I think Kate is
pretty terrific too.

- You do, since when?

- Let's just say
I'm working on it.

I know just the
thing to cheer us up,

look who came to Aspen.

- Sir Santa-Lot.
- Sir Santa-Lot.

- I thought he
might come in handy.

- So, this is where
the party's at,

I found these in the basement.

- Oh, ornaments.

- They are the ones we used
to hang when we were kids.

- How come you don't hang
them on one of your trees now?

- You know, that is a very
good question and I think,

I'm gonna have a chat with
my dad and Susan about that

but in the meantime I thought
we could hang out with yours?

If that's okay?

- Yeah, get them on the tree,

so, any word from
the Butterfield?

- It turns out the owners are
flying out tomorrow night,

so, might have missed my chance.

- Oh no, I am so sorry.
- No, no, I'm not.

You know, this is
the first time,

I've been home for
Christmas in years,

with my mom gone guess I didn't
feel like I fit in anymore

but this time around
feels different.

- I'm happy you're here.
- Me too.

Plus now I'm not the only
Christmas crasher so that helps.

Mom, look at
this, got to see this.

- Is that you?

- Oh, no, no, that's going
back in the basement,

come here, let me have
that, oh, it's so cute.

- Oh, Kate, one of Santa's
elves left these gifts,

by the wrong tree, I won't be
a minute, how are you doing?

- Oh, you know, just
hanging out by the tree,

wondering what I did to
make a 12 year old run away.

- Mia's crazy about you,
you know that right?

- I thought we were
getting along so well,

until Jeff proposed.

- I'll admit it
was a bold choice,

asking you in front of everyone,

it shows a certain confidence.

Here's what I have learned
about being a stepmother,

it is not a competition,

Maggie, will always be
Mia and Sophie's mom

and all you have to do is
be your wonderful self,

Mia will come around eventually.

- You really think so.
- I know so.

- Are those for
tomorrow morning?

- Yeah, Mia, said
something about,

missing the cinnamon
rolls in Austin.

- You know, I'm not
one to give you advice,

about your love life, I
tend to think it's best,

to let you figure these
things out on your own.

- Why do I sense
there's a but coming?

- Maggie's, a wonderful woman
and the sparks between you two

could light up a Christmas tree

but Jeff and Kate
are getting married,

which means that Mia and Sophie,

are gonna be a part
of this family,

hopefully for a long time.

- You don't think I
have what it takes,

to make a relationship
last right?

- Your lifestyle
hardly lands itself,

to a long-term relationship,
you're a chef in Japan,

have you thought this through?

- It's a working progress.

- Let's say you and
Maggie do get together

and it doesn't work out, would
that be fair to the girls?

I mean, they got a world
of change coming their way,

do you really wanna be the guy,

that makes their
lives more confusing?

- I think I liked it better
when you didn't give advice.

- I bet those cinnamon rolls
are gonna be incredible.

Don't stay up too late.
- Yeah, okay?

- Just a sec.

Oh, it's you.

- Not the man you
were expecting?

- Yeah, apparently punctuality
isn't his strong point.

Come on in.
- Thank you.

Oh, so this is the
helicopter tree.

- Is that what we're calling it?

- I don't recognize
some of these ornaments.

- They're on loan
from the basement.

- No, is that Kate?

- I think so.

- These look good all together.

The girls are out like a light.

- Yeah, they had a
big day, we all did.

- I screwed up big time,

I should've told the girls
I was gonna propose today.

- Well, in your defense,

Mia, can't keep a
secret to save her life.

- I know right, where did
we go wrong with that one?

- That was you.

- You think she's okay?

- Yes, I think she just
needs a little time.

- And you, are we good?

- I'm gonna be honest,

I really wish you would
have told me in advance.

- If I had you
would've stayed home

and well Christmas
wouldn't be Christmas,

I like spending it together.
- Yeah, me too.

That may have to change.
- Yeah, I know.

Is that sir Santa-Lot?
- Yes it is.

- Crashing through the snow
in a one man open sleigh.

- Okay, now it is Christmas.
- Oh, what a cutie.

Well, I better get
out of your hair,

I don't wanna
overstay my welcome.

- No, yeah like that's
never stopped you before.

- Touche.

Hey, at the risk of
overstepping, I just got to say,

it's nice to see you
getting back out there.

- Stop.

- No really I'm serious,

you've poured your heart
and soul into our kids,

you deserve to be happy too
and Sam's one of the good ones.

- I thought you didn't approve?

- I've seen the
error of my ways.

- You don't think it'll be
confusing for the girls,

Sam's gonna be their uncle
and if we start dating,

what if it doesn't work out?

- Yeah but what if it does,
how awesome would that be?

- Hector, have you seen Sam,
I can't find him anywhere?

- He left a little while ago.

- Oh, did he say
when he'd be back?

- Not to me, no.

- You know, you look like
you could use some cocoa,

would you like some cocoa?

- Thank you but I'm sure
you're eager to get home,

to your family.

- Yeah, please tell Mia and
Sophie, I said Merry Christmas.

- Merry Christmas.

- Mia.

- You're giving these to me?

- They're hoops not posts so
you're gonna have to wait,

until your ears are
completely healed to wear them

but yes they're yours.

- Thank you, thank you,
Sophie, look what mom gave me.

- They're so pretty.

- For me?

- Wow, that's beautiful.

- Go ahead and open it.

- This way you will always
have them close to your heart.

- I love it, thank you.

- So, my dad told
me that Jeff called

and asked for his blessing.

- He's old fashioned that way.

- I want you to know I had
no idea this was coming

if I had I would have told Jeff,

that he was going
about it all wrong,

it's just this whole
business of calling my dad

and asking for permission
when the only people,

he should've asked,

the only ones whose
opinions really matter,

are you and the girls?

So, I sit here
before you asking,

may I have your blessing
to join your family?

- Okay, now you're
gonna make me cry.

- I hope that's a good thing.
- oh, yes, of course.

- So, we use wrapping paper
from every single person.

- Well, that way you can
remember all the gifts you got.

- A little piece
for me just fine,

it's kind of like a mosaic.

- Spoken like the daughter
of an art school alum.

- Don't even think
of touching these,

Sam, made them and
they're out of this world,

where is he, is he still asleep?

- I wouldn't know.

- What do you mean?

- I made a total fool
of myself last night,

searching the house
high and low for him

and apparently he went out.

- Well, I'm sure he's
got a good reason,

here you want a bite?

They're so good.

- Now she's the real deal.

Girls, it's time for dinner.

- Kate's making a roast goose,

she promised I
can help baste it.

- Oh, then we better
get you down there stat.

- Sam, where were
you this morning?

You missed all the presents.

- Oh, I wanted to be
there Kiddo, believe me.

How are my cinnamon rolls?

- Way better than Upper Crust.

- I ate two.
- Two.

Listen, I brought you
guys some presents,

they're in the great room
if you wanna go find them.

- Yes, thank you.

- You're staying for
dinner though right?

- Definitely.

- Oh, thank you.


Are you gonna come down?

- I'm not sure, you left
me hanging last night.

- I know, I'm sorry,

I went to the
Butterfield this morning,

the owners were having
breakfast with their family

but I convinced
them to hear me out.

- You did, how did it go?

- Good I think
they love the idea

of honoring the Inn's history

and they flipped through deck,

especially the picture of me

and grandma Mary by the
gingerbread display.

- You belong in that kitchen,

they'd be crazy
not to choose you.

- Well, they're not making a
decision till early January,

so, it's a bit of a waiting game

but yeah, I feel
really good about it.

I was an idiot for running
out of you last night,

believe me I have been
regretting it all day.

- You missed the floor show,

I wore my classy
pajamas and everything.

- See now you're
just being cruel.

My mom used to have a
locket like that, may I?

They're lucky to have you.

And I left last night because
I didn't wanna make things,

complicated for
you and the girls

but I couldn't let you leave
Aspen without telling you,

how I feel about you, I
like you Maggie Collins,

I like you a lot, I like
your candy cane microphone,

I like your astonishing
lack of coordination

and I'm pretty sure if
I was ever lucky enough,

to see those classy
pajamas, I'd like them too.

- Is that all?

- As a matter of fact no
not only do I like you,

I just really
wanna see you again

and not just on Christmas.

Can I see you again?

Does this mean I
get a second date?

- I think that
could be arranged.

- Do you want some
help with that?

- Nope.

- Smells awfully good in here.

- You don't need to say that.

What's this?
- Come on, open it.

- Mom's toffee with
the almonds on top.

- It's all about
heat management,

you've got to pour the
toffee on a cold marble slab,

and I then found
mom's in the basement.

- Thank you.

- Merry Christmas Kate.
- Merry Christmas Sam.

Okay, you two,
it's time for dinner.