Crash Test Aglaé (2017) - full transcript

Aglaé Lanctot, 25-years-old, is as insecure as can be. As a result of being 'brought up' by an irresponsible mother and by an absent father, she can now find her balance only in a ...

The thing thrown on the tip
at the Chinese border

is me.

My name is Aglaé,

and it's no surprise it happened.

This is me, 3 months ago.

I had a quiet, simple,
orderly life.

I might not have looked it,

but I was as happy
as a hamster on its wheel.

I'd caught a chill at the weekend
playing cricket.

Yes, I played cricket.

A game with 88 pages of rules
and annexes was perfect for me.

- Are we still going for a Thai?
- I'm going home.

Me too.

We always go for a Thai afterwards!

It took a lot
to make me change my mind.

I didn't mind being by myself.

Quite the opposite.

The alignment of the planets
was against me that day.

- Where were you this morning?
- I was sick all night.

I didn't sleep.

I took a pill
which knocked me out.

I couldn't read the instructions.
My eyes were bleary.

How can you read the print
when your eyes are bleary?

They make singing birthday cards,

why not talking instructions?
- You haven't heard?

Heard what?

"Intimately amputated."
Nine letters.

You don't seem bothered.

I handle stress my own way.

Some people cry.
I do crosswords.

I'll stop, if it'll help.

Not heard what?

They called us all together
this morning.

Longchamps was there
with all the managers.

He said the factory
wasn't profitable,

and was being moved abroad.

But we're really busy.

I'm going on a course
in a month's time.

They didn't say
when it would close,

but we'll all be sacked.

They can't do that.

"Castrated". That's it.


They could have said "emasculated".

The people who do these
are sneaky.

Marcelle did crosswords.

My way of relaxing was to check.

And check again.

Two, three, four, five times.

Ever since I was a kid,

I'd hated the unexpected.

It's because of my mother.

Lola was the only fire-breathing
striptease artist in Europe.

She wasn't very good at either,

but she found
really seedy places to work.





This is the last time, darling.
I promise.

That's when I stopped
believing what she said.

- What's this?
- It's for work.

I realised I had to deal with things.

For as long as I can remember,
I wanted to escape.

I paid for the room,
I decide what I do in it.

Never underestimate yourself.

As soon as I could,
I left Lola and started work.

If I were to ask you
to make three copies...

You put in 333 copies, 3 times.

I finally found a job
suited to my skills.

The accelerometer has gone.

The crash lab
was the only place I liked.

The accelerometer has gone.
Start the checking procedure.

I need replacement connections.

I loved my job.

I caused accidents, crash tests.

- She's nuts.
- Yes.

She's the best technician
we've ever had.

Acceleration in 10,

9, 8, 7,

6, 5...

Stop the procedure.

The management say
we're to stop all activity.

Should you be eating those
in front of people?

I didn't have lunch.

How can you do this job
all year long?

You get used to it.

The collective agreement means
we're legally obliged

to offer you a job
in the new factory.

We have to offer, but we know
you won't go to India.

- It's in India?
- Unfortunately.

- Which town?
- Somewhere unpronounceable.

The point of this meeting
is to look at

solutions for the future.

I can assure you we have
great retraining programmes,

which will enable you
to seize new challenges.

I don't want a new challenge.

Did you read
the working conditions in India?

You've been looking at it
for five minutes...

Your new salary,
in line with the Indian market.

- That's impossible.
- There's no health cover,

and you work 48 hours a week.

- Do I get the same job?
- Yes, probably.

"Yes" or "probably"?

An equivalent job
in the crash department.

We have a lot of people to see.

I want to keep my job.

- You want to relocate to India?
- Yes.

Don't you want to think about it?


- Is India a good place to live?
- My family is Sri Lankan.

I'm going to live there.

- Why would you do that?
- They have cricket leagues.

I'm not improving here.

You're going to India
to play cricket?

Among other things.

I'd had enough.
I don't hang about

once I've made up my mind.
Things were bad at the factory.


Where are you going?

- I'm going to sign my contract.
- Really?

I've made up my mind.

- You're signing this one?
- No. That's the refusal.

I didn't sign it,
they weren't happy.

- I have to go.
- I'll come with you.

Not you as well?

- I'm not staying here.
- I'm off.

- So much for solidarity.
- Am I into solidarity?

That's Marcelle.

That stubborn woman

had looked forward
to retiring since she was 24.

Her job let her buy
quality cleaning products

and go on all-inclusive group
holidays in warm countries.

So why not India?

Marcelle wouldn't have gone alone.
But with me,

it was like a group holiday.

How can you make such an offer?

It was made to be refused.

- Is it negotiable?
- We can offer less.

You bastard.

- Why are you here?
- They're my colleagues.

Gentlemen, ladies...


- What are you doing?
- They're signing their contracts.

The lady wants a job
in our factory in India.

What is all this?

We're in a meeting.

You're being held in this room

- Is that the best you can do?
- Stop the relocation.

Could you come back
when we've finished?

Why is she winding me up?

You represent them.

I'm not negotiating
working conditions in India.

- You're supporting the relocation.
- I'm keeping my job.

Whole families work here.

They can't go to India.
It may amuse you,

but people have families here.
- Unbelievable.

You're talking about
family obligations?

Everyone knew Clovis
had been dumped by Liette.

She wanted a child,

but Clovis wanted
a better labour agreement first.

Unfair terms!

I gave you this for your 40th.

Liette wasn't interested
in union activities,

until she found a document
from Human Resources.

That day, Clovis found his things
in the garden.

If you want to help your colleagues,
tell them not to sign.

Shut up.

Can we remain polite?

You know she slept with him?

- I've got the film at home.
- This is no way to negotiate.

You worry about Aglaé and Marcelle.

Anne-Sophie is right.
They should refuse.

I don't care about Anne-Sophie.

I'm going to India too.

Are you doing this
just to piss me off?

I think it'll do me good.

I'll print the contract.

Don't do this.

Hello, Lola. It's your daughter.

I'm going to work in India.

I thought you might want
to see me before I go.

I need my big suitcase.

I know that after two years
you consider a loan to be a gift.

Aglaé, it's Liette.
Call me.

Liette again.
I've had a letter.

They won't pay the air fares.
Call me.

I've spoken to Marcelle.
We need to meet.

I can't afford to move to India
on that salary.

The decision came from the top.

Why are they doing this?

They don't want to appear
to support you.

- It gives the wrong image.
- Wrong image?

- They're sacking us.
- What do we do?

Given the circumstances,
I don't really care.

I'm keeping my job,
even if I have to walk there.

Who are you threatening?

- I've got a car.
- What?

I've got a car.
We can go by car.

- Can you do that?
- Why not?

- We can't drive to India.
- You were going to walk.

- We can go camping.
- I want to go to work.

I wasn't going to give up

before I'd even left.

I wasn't great at geography,
but I wanted to plan a route.

Since the closure,
I didn't feel in control.

How hard could it be
to get to India?

- Why are the wipers going?
- It doesn't work.

Did you go to the garage?

It's not worth it
just for windscreen wipers.

We're going quite a long way.

I'm not sure I'm up
for a car journey to India.

I don't think it's a good idea.

- I'll drop you at the station.
- What?

If you want to go back,
I'll drop you at the station.

No, no.

I was just talking.

I'd never do this by myself.

I prefer the plane.

We shouldn't be negotiating
with no-hopers in France.

- But him.
- Fürstenberg?

Yes, "Fürstenberk".

We should be at work.

But we're stuck behind a tractor.

- Shall we go and see him?
- We're not doing that.

He might take pity on us.

- He lives in Switzerland.
- No detours.

A small detour.

We're staying with a family
in Frankfurt tonight.

- We'll go to a campsite.
- I don't want to go camping!

Surely we can have some fun?

And going to see Fürstenberg
would be fun?

I like the idea.

Who wants to go see Fürstenberg?

Come on, then.

I don't feel well.

He'll slow down.

- Aglaé?
- You don't want a detour,

but we won't get there any quicker
if you throw up.

We hadn't crossed the border,

and I already regretted
taking them with me.

I should have gone on my own.

I've given her something
for the nausea.

Give her 2 days
and she'll call her parents.

She never mentions her family.

We don't really know each other.

- You came to my wedding.
- You don't choose your colleagues

or your family.

Mr Fürstenberg

Are you the nurse?

Er... Yes.

About time!

Shall we wake her?

Once we have the plane tickets.

- Start!
- Start!

Start the car!


- What's wrong with him?
- He fainted.

Is he alive?

I thought he'd be nicer.

- Where are we going?
- The hospital.

I don't know where it is.

In the home of the Red Cross,
we'll find one.

I'll fetch a wheelchair.

I need to go for a pee.

- Don't leave me on my own.
- You'll be fine.

Where am I?

You fainted.


I think you fainted.

- Are you the nurse?
- No.

Who are you?

My name is Aglaé.

I work in one of your factories.

What do you want?

My colleagues
wanted to see you.

- Is this a kidnapping?
- No.

- Are you armed?
- No.

You're relocating us to India.
They wanted to discuss it.

This isn't a kidnapping.

They've gone to get you
a wheelchair.

Do I look like a man
who takes orders?

See you soon, Aglaé.

Where's Fürstenberg?



This isn't good.

- Shall we stop? I'm hungry.
- No.

- Why not?
- We should be in Frankfurt.

- Are we on a schedule?
- Yes.

We won't get to India otherwise!

It's going to be a long journey.

Marcelle was right.

The chicken tandoori
was a long way off.

Is that it?

It was nicer before.

Did you hurt yourself?


What a tip.

Let me do it.

The dog...

Have you eaten?


Come in, then.

Sigrun's welcome
matched my surprise visit,

as warm as her frozen dinners.

- Will Spencer be home soon?
- He's not coming home.

Why not?

He has a new life,
and I'm not in it.

He was useless anyway.

Did he mow the lawn?

- Where's he living?
- I don't know.

- I'd like to talk to him.
- I don't have his number.

How will I find him?

Didn't he call?

No! You could have told him
to call me.

I can't always remind him to call me!

Who is Spencer?

Aglaé's father.

- Are you her mother?
- No.

Aglaé is a bastard.

Do you say that, "a bastard"?


It was thanks to Sigrun
I sometimes saw my father.

He was a GI on a base
in Germany.

He married Sigrun when she was
expecting the twins, Tom and Gunther.

It was at an exotic show
in Baden-Baden

that Spencer met my mother.

I didn't see him often as a child.

But despite that, I liked the idiot.

Enough to learn English for him.


- Is that baseball?
- Cricket.

- Is it good?
- I find it relaxing.

You'll see your father another time.

I doubt it.

- You have something to prove?
- No. It's not like you and Clovis.

I didn't want him to lose touch.

It's my fault. I should have known
he'd leave one day.

Are you OK?

You were right.

I've waited 15 years
to have a child with Clovis.

And now the clock's ticking,
I'm off to India.

It's stupid.

You still look fertile to me.

I'm an idiot.

Did you come to cheer me up?


You don't say much.

I was waiting for the right moment.

Your German's not bad.

Yes, not bad.

I'm a surprising woman.

A bit like you.

I may lack affection,

but if I wanted a pet to stroke,
I'd have chosen a panda,

not a dog with wrinkled skin.

I like your temperament.

It matches your look.

The dress,

the glasses,

the boots.

It's impetuous

and bold.

I like that.

I have only two guest beds.

How awkward.

What are you doing?


What are you doing?

The grass is too long to mow.

We're leaving after breakfast.

I think I'll stay here.

You can't stay here.

Sigrun suggested it.

- When?
- Last night.

What the hell is going on?

You won't find better than this.

Thanks a lot.


What's going on with Sigrun?

I'm finding happiness
where I can.

- Really? With her step-mother?
- She's not my step-mother.

You can't decide overnight.

I saw photos of Spencer.

I'd prefer him,
but at my age I can't be choosy.

I'm not going to quibble
over a pizzle.

- What about your job?
- This wasn't about my job.

Once you've mown the lawn,
what then?

There's enough to keep me busy
until I retire.

We don't have a car.

You can have my car.

- Really?
- I know how much you care

about your crap job.

- It's not a crap job.
- Whatever.

- It's not a crap job.
- You could thank me for the car.

Thank you.

There you go.

We had a laugh, anyway.

Imagining Marcelle
replacing my father

was rather disturbing.

We were going to miss her.

Especially Liette.



We're in Poland.


I don't know. That's a big detour.

I'm listening.

Do you speak French?

Does this look like
a French restaurant?

- Mojito.
- And a mojito.

I'll ask her.

Yes. That's right.

Who was that?

A factory manager.

What did he want?

To meet us.

Where? We're in Poland.

I hate detours.

Hello. My name is Uliana Bankoske.

Did you have a good trip?

Please sit down.

Is she a ballerina?

Sorry about the mess.
We're redecorating.

- It looks nice.
- There's an organic restaurant,

a gym, swimming pool, games room...
It's great.

- And a crèche for my 2 children.
- Two?

2 and 3 months.

Can we work here?

No. You're too old.
She could.

If she improved her skills.

- I don't want to work here.
- How did you get hired?

I applied after doing
my Sociology masters,

and I had to learn French,
over the summer.

- Why are we here?
- Mr Longchamps

asked us to organise a meeting
with a manager.

He should be here soon.


- What?
- On the wall.

Yes, when the factory opened.
Have you met him?

I forgot:
we have a spa, with showers.

Pity I'm old and useless.
I'd work here.

You should.
It's good to have a change.

You've always done quality control.

Look where it got me.

I'm not sure
we'll make it there by car.

When we got the car
out of the mud,

I thought we'd make it.

Are you serious?

We'll make it, together.

Hello, Aglaé.

Hello, Liette.

- Where's Marcelle?
- She abandoned us in Germany.

Did you know he was coming?

- I've negotiated your return.
- To the factory?

The factory's finished.

Customer service in Mulhouse.

Better conditions
than at the factory.

They're doing you a favour.

Right! Clovis had used
the situation to his advantage.

No. Our hands are tied.

They want to see Fürstenberg.

The managers are the violent ones!

Are you taking the piss?

The workers want due respect!

I'm not falling for that!
Not me.

We'll be in touch.

That they're useful.
We need them.

I've had enough.
Now it's every man for himself.

Clovis had had enough too.
He missed Liette.

The two men made a secret deal.

would get us jobs in France

in exchange for getting out
of the meeting room.

I'm sorry.

I've no excuse.

Except maybe being overworked.

I even miss
those stupid things in your hair.

Have you been home?

You redecorated.

Don't. I look awful.

You look more lovely than ever.

I've never seen you
in a jacket before.

Do you still want a child?

- No!
- What's wrong with the contract?

It's not the contract.

I can't work in an office.

If I can, you can.

You haven't seen me
use a photocopier.

- Give yourself a chance.
- I am.

- In what way?
- If I make it,

I'll prove I deserve to have my job.

- You've nothing to prove.
- You're giving up

when we're nearly there.
- Sorry,

but you're not even halfway.
- You can't do it alone.

So come with me, then.

Then you can go back to France.

I saw your route.
It's a straight line.

I'm not changing my mind
because you got felt up.

I want to have a child.

Have 20 for all I care.

You don't know what it will be like.
Have you spoken to anyone?

I've looked after myself
since I was 10.

I understand.

Watch the DVD of Clovis
and you'll know how I feel!

I don't want us to part like this.
I'm worried about you.

Killing blondes might be legal
where you're going.

What can I say
to make you change your mind?

I know this detour was for me.

You're worth more than you think.

Will you call me?

I'll call you when I get there.

I wasn't keen on the idea
of doing the journey alone.

But maybe it wasn't so bad.

I could do what I wanted,

which was great.

No more detours, or CEOs,
fathers or husbands to see,

and nothing unexpected.

Do you need help?

I don't like how she looks at me.

You say that about everyone.

- What's that?
- She's going to India.

We shouldn't have picked her up.

- Is she going to see the elephants?
- I don't know.


She does crash tests on cars.

Yes, so I saw.

I'm an artist.
I draw my own borders.

Your documents.

Open the boot.

Isn't Filip here today?

He's off sick.

What's this?

An old wig...

full of lice.

What do you do with it all?

We do all kinds of shows,
corporate events.

We have a wedding tonight.

You're artists?

I was a singer in a previous life.

On a starry night, lit by the moon...

I've forgotten some.

I'm too old for this crap.

Darling, I'll take you home

Carrying you in my arms

End of the road.

I don't understand.

Can you teach us to play?

Thank you.

Tell her.

I wasn't doing so badly.

Daria was right. Maybe I was
more adventurous than I thought.

I just had to keep going.
Stay on track.

Persevere, like in cricket.

Like at work.

To make sure
everything went OK.

I had to do whatever it took.

It's easier to catch a chicken.


- What do I do with her?
- She has a passport.


It's too late to take her
to the police.

Lock her in the boiler room.

The boiler room?
There are rats in there.

It's the only place with a lock.

She won't escape from here.


It's not to stop her escaping,

but to keep the men off her.

I want no trouble, OK?

I can control myself.

I'm worried about you, not her.

One out of any ten soldiers
is always an idiot.

Come in.

Make yourself comfortable.

Wake up.

Are you hungry?

"Eat." Eat?

"Tra...vel." Travel?

No. Work.

"Lovely." "Magnificent."


My motorcycle.


You must return to France.

Travel... magnificent.

- Hello?
- Liette?

Liette, it's Aglaé.

Aglaé? Where are you?
Are you there?

I'm in the middle of the desert.
There are soldiers.


Where was I?

I had no idea.

I took the only road there was.

I never thought
I'd get so far on this journey.

Come on!

I wasn't someone who protested,
who locked up managers,

burned tyres
or stood up for their rights.

I'd rather take a crap job in India

than re-evaluate things.

That's why I was there.

That's why I kept going.

Is she dead?

I don't know.

Don't the bikes work?
I'm busy.

We found her by the roadside.

Good God...

- Is she alive?
- I don't know.

Get rid of it!

We haven't spoken
or seen each other.

Get out!

Damn kids!


Liette? Liette, it's Aglaé.

Aglaé? Where are you?

Are you there?

I'm in the middle of the desert.
There are soldiers.


Since my call from
the army base in Kazakhstan,

Liette feared the worst.

She organised a campaign
to find me.

If we don't find her now...

Fürstenberg was easier to find.

My disappearance made me
a symbol of relocation.

The company was held
responsible for my journey,

which affected its share price.


For once, an employee mattered.

Come and help me.

But they needed to hurry
to find me.

One of the only things still valid

was the visa on my passport.

I've lost my finger.

I'm hallucinating.

I'm hallucinating.

- Hello?
- Aglaé?

- Liette?
- Aglaé, is that you?

- It's good to hear your voice.
- You too.

- Where did you go?
- I got lost.

You were right not to give up.

They're not closing the factory.
You can come home.

Are you pleased?

I think so.

Are you sure?


Where's the sugar?

Under your nose.

She's more neurotic than you.

I adore her.

She makes me feel almost normal.

- We sent a car for you.
- What are you doing in India?

- I'm here to prevent more trouble.
- What trouble?

We're still opening in India.
We're closing in the Netherlands.

- The air fare would've been cheaper.
- It was an industrial accident.

I've got some clothes
for your press conference.

What press conference?

You created this mess.
Play the game.

- I don't want to play.
- Pity.

You could have my job
if you wanted.

I don't want it.

I should thank you
for saving my job.

Thanks to you, I get to work
with all the people I fired,

my bosses think I'm a slut...

You're welcome.

Do it for your colleagues at least.

Try to live up to the cause.

Or it won't have been worth
losing a finger.

- I'm going to be sick.
- Not now.


Can I stay here a moment?

I'll wait for you.

My name is Aglaé,
and I finally left my job.

How did it come to this?

No doubt due to my iron will,

and my stubbornness.

I had more in common
with a transgender Indian

than my neighbour,

and a Kazakh soldier
got me pregnant.

Maybe that's globalisation.