Crash! (1976) - full transcript

After a woman is nearly killed in a car accident, a doctor investigates the collision, which points towards revenge, destruction and occult.

Well, we're almost there now.

What is this?

Some Arab stole it for me.

Said it's pretty old.

You know something about it?

No, uh, my husband might, though.

He collects this sort of thing.

How much do you want for it?


Could you take 20?


Okay. Would you put it in something?


Kim, watch out!

You take longer and longer to come back

every time you go away.

But of course, you have nothing
to come back to, have you?

I've been home for some time.

I just didn't want to bother you.

Where have you been?

The swap meet, I bought you something.

It looked so interesting I thought

you might like it for your collection.

Is that the only interesting
thing you saw there?

You're never going to let
me forget, are you, Mark?

Well, I have this chair to remind me.

It seems only fair that some
things should remind you.

I wish it had been me instead of you.

I don't think I would have
blamed you and hated you.

Mark, there's a world out
there that's passing us by.

And now you
want to go back to it?

Well, I want us to go back to it.

You and I together.

Don't you see we're
alive, we're a part of it?

What part, a crippled man
sitting on the sidelines

supporting his wife's antics?

You and me together, yes, but right here,

I don't want you ever to
leave this house again.

I won't be a prisoner.

Here's your change.

Where you heading to, Jed?

I'm going down to the farmhouse
to kick dem damn kids out.

Them bastards ain't paid
the rent for four months.

I've had it, you know?

Take it easy now.

That's okay.

Jesus Christ, what the hell was that?

I'll catch him!

Pull over!

You freak, who's in there?


Ah yes, of course, the sauna.

The one place I can count on finding you

when you are at home.

What was it they said in Helsinki?

Sauna is a religion, it purifies the soul.

So what is it this time?

Sweating me out or is it guilt?

No, here, don't forget
this, it's your present.

Pack it along with the rest of your stuff.

Let me by please, Mark.

I have no intention of stopping you.

The lacerations were very
bad, especially about the neck.

But there'll be no scars.

You can reassure her
of that in my absence.

What do you think
caused them, Dr. Cross?

Some of them could have been
made by a pointed instrument.

But not a knife.

The others were definitely
the bites of a vicious animal.

I'd say a large dog.

You can remove some of the
bandages after eight days,

but not before.

I'll look at her neck
myself when I get back

from the convention.

Hopefully by then, you'll have learned us

something more about her.

Why won't she let go of the ring?

A symptom of catatonic shock.

We'll know how serious the situation is

when she regains consciousness.

You did it, didn't you?

Yes, you did.

Good boy.

Killed her, didn't you, boy?

Yes you did, didn't you?

Good boy.

San Cecilia to all units.

Be on the alert for a felony hit and run.

Car appears to be a black convertible.

Make and license unknown.

One four.

Who are you?

What's your name?

See, Lieutenant, absolutely no response.

Well, we scoured the area
where she was picked up.

We found nothing bigger and
more vicious than a poodle.

And nobody's reported a missing woman.

How long do you figure
she'll stay like this?

Well, that's impossible to say.

Something could trigger her any moment.

Or she may remain like
this for quite some time.

She said absolutely nothing?


Except she does keep muttering a word.

Kaja, hakasa, something like that.

And she still won't let
go of the key ring, right?

Okay, okay, probably some
sort of good luck charm.

Hell of a lot of luck
it's brought her, though.

Kathy, this is Lieutenant Taylor.

Kathy Logan.


How do you do, Lieutenant?

Keys don't mean a thing.

But we're checking.

Do you think someone tried to kill her?

Maybe, she could have been
dropped from a passing car.

Presuming you're right,
who's ever responsible

hoped she would be dead
by the time she was found.

To me, it seems more likely

she had a breakdown, she
went looking for help,

then she found a car door.

So we're looking for a car.

I'll put out an APB.

Someone may have lost it.

Call me if she comes up with anything.

I'll do that.

No further
details are available

on the blonde woman found along Route 61

in the early hours of the morning.

She is in the county general hospital

suffering from memory loss

and severe facial and body lacerations.

Local authorities are making

a widespread search of the area.

The victim is in her early thirties,

five feet two inches
tall, weighing 110 pounds.

Anyone with information
regarding this matter,

please contact the San
Cecilia sheriff's department.

Route 61.

That's quite a ways from here.

You didn't kill her, did you, boy?

Never mind, with no memory,
she's as good as dead.

But what if she does remember?

What if she remembers it was you?

We don't want that to happen, do we, boy?

I got a copy.

All right, you guys should
be in position by now.

I'm just off of 61, after
18 miles from San Cecilia.

I'm standing by.

Here he comes, I'll run after him.

Okay, Car 81, the Lieutenant

and I have the rear covered.

Prepare to hit the center.

I have it
in sight, I'm moving in.

Let's slow him down.

Watch out!

Jesus Christ!

Why don't you go home?

You've had a rough night.

Yeah, if she died, I
would have blamed myself.

How were you to know that
someone was trying to kill her?

You really think it was someone?

Yes, I think it was.

Did you tell the Lieutenant?

No, I don't want the police here.

Not 'til we've got her
out of danger and moved.

I don't want her left alone one minute

until we find out more about this, okay?

Okay. I'll arrange it.

Another 15 minutes,
she would've been dead.

Where is she now?

She's in an intensive care unit.

The nurse and an orderly on full time.

Okay, now you do what
you think is best, doc.

We'll keep this from the
press for the moment.

In the meantime, I'll
send a couple of guys

down to take a look at the ward.

You didn't touch anything, I hope?

Only the patient.

Everything's just as it was.

Keep on eye on her, Dr. Martin.


Jen, would you get me the department

of social anthropology at
the university, please?

You say the stone that
forms most of the head

is of a pinkish origin?

Yes, but I can't tell
if it's a precious gem

or a piece of glass.

It's difficult to say exactly

without seeing the piece
itself, Dr. Martin.

Drawing's pretty good.

I can definitely say it depicts a Kashkuh.

Something wrong, Dr. Martin?

No, I've just heard that word before.

What's it mean?

Oh, a Kashkuh is of Hittite origin.

It's a deity closely associated
with Mars, the red planet.

I suppose there's more trim than that.

All I can tell you is he's
an unpleasant character

dedicated to vengeance,
hatred, and violence.

Not my field, really.

I guess that sort of emotion rebounds

on the party seeking it.

At worst, it involves the innocent.

It's really an occult method, Dr. Martin.

But you should let me keep
the sketch and I'll see

if I can track down some
authority on the subject.

I would appreciate that.

- Thanks.
- I'll call you

as soon as I can.

Thank you.

All right.

The ward was a complete shambles.

But none of the staff
saw anybody go in or out.

Could she have done that in her sleep?

Maybe, how is she?

She's fine.

In fact, she seems to have
made quite a recovery.

She said she's hungry.

Have you told anybody else about this?

Nobody but you.

Good morning.

My name is Dr. Martin,
this is Nurse Kathy Logan.

I don't want you to worry.

A lot has happened.

I just want you to be patient

while I explain it to you, okay?

Five days ago, you were found
wandering on Highway 61.

Do you remember?

I think, no.

You had facial and body lacerations.

Am I gonna be disfigured?

No, Dr. Cross is one of the best

plastic surgeons there is.

You'll have light scars for a while,

discoloration from the sutures,

but he's asked me to assure you

that in a month or so you're gonna be

as beautiful as you ever were.

Doctor, who am I?


You don't ever let go of
that little token, do you?

Um, old habit I suppose.

Maybe because it's part of my past.

Do you know where you got it?

If you could remember, it might help us

find out who you are.


Has Lieutenant Pegler been
able to trace those keys?

Not yet, but he will.

You don't seem to be worried
about your past anymore.

I'm just grateful to be alive.

The present seems more important.

Calling Dr.
Henry, calling Dr. Henry please.

She seems to look all right.

Oh, she's made an
unusually fast recovery.

Now all she has to do is remember.

They almost tore her to
pieces and tried to kill her.

I'm beginning to wonder if it
was such a hell of a good idea

to let her go stay with you.

Oh come on, Lieutenant, she's
been looking forward to it.

Besides, Dr. Martin thinks she'll get her

memory back more quickly if she does

a few little things around the house.

Well, as long whoever tried to kill her

doesn't know where she is.

Well, I'll be there the whole time.

We've arranged that with the hospital.

Well, it's all decided.

The lieutenant says you
can come and stay with me.

Oh, that's great.

Come on, let's go before
he changes his mind.


I hope to hell we're doing
the right thing, Martin.

Morning, Jen.

Morning, Doc.

Oh, Dr. Martin, Doctor,
Dr. Welsey Edwards called.

He said you would know why.

Thank you.

I think I've found
a man who can help you

with that evil little idol, Dr. Martin.

But it might be better if
you could bring the statuette

with you, if that's possible.

I'm very grateful to you, Dr. Edwards.

I'll certainly do as you suggest.

Look, now let me give
you his name and address

and telephone number just in case

you want to call him first
and make an appointment.

Uh huh. Yeah. Thank you very much.

I'll let you know what happens.

Thank you, I'm glad
to be at your service.

How much longer do you
think before I can go?

You can go as soon as Gregg sees you.


Better get your things together now.


Well, you're looking great.

I do feel a little less
like the man in the iron mask,

but I don't see how you
can say I'm looking great.

I've had an idea that may
help us find out who you are.

Oh, I'm not so sure I
want to know who I am.

Well, you might feel that way now,

but the day will come when you wanna know.

And besides, we can't even
release you until we do know.

It's a police matter.

Okay, I'll try.


Do you have any idea where you got that?

I don't know, seems like
I've had it for a long time.

What's the matter?

Gregg, I just feel terribly scared.

I don't know why.

That's what I intend to find out.

I'm gonna need this for a day or so.

There's a man who may be
able to fill us in on it.

And then perhaps we'll
find out where you got it.

I'll get it back to you and
Kathy just as soon as I can.

Okay, be careful Gregg.

Don't worry, I've got
your good luck charm.

Are you sure you know the way?

I'm sure, Rose, now let's
help me find this street.

What was it, La-what?

Lanervo, you can't remember anything.

The man said Lanervo.

I know, I'll remember.

What was the name of the street?


Very good, Charles.

You know we're gonna be
four hours late, don't you?

They're always late when
they come to our house.

So why can't we be late
when we go to theirs?

Because it's not polite,
don't you understand?

Well, we'll never get there
unless we find, what is it?

Lanervo, Lanervo!

I'm after him in a back road.

I'm gonna cut him off.

It's all right, Rose,
I just have this feeling

that we're gonna be out
of here in a minute.

Yeah, sure, I've heard that one before.

Oh my! What just happened?

Are you all right, Rose?

Oh, I don't know!

Did you see that car?
There was nobody driving it?

Now don't worry, I'm driving this car,

I'm getting us to the police station,

report that car and then
we're gonna find Lanervo.

Now don't worry.

I won't.

Must be
the battery! Damn kids!

Oh, hurry, hurry, hurry!

Don't tell me to hurry!

Now, I'm taking over and getting
us to the police station.

It'll be fine, you'll be all right.

You're right, Dr.
Martin, it's early Hittite,

rare, and very valuable.

A most interesting piece.

Did I see that thing move?

It moved and it would do even more

if we removed the ceramic shell.

Ceramic shell?

Yes, as you can see, the pieces are

rather skillfully concealed, may I?


Removing the ceramic
shell will not only enhance

its value, it'll also
reveal its other qualities.

The Hittites were master workers in iron,

their high priests endowed
certain sacred regalia

with extraordinary powers.

What about that stone?

Well, the stone itself
is of no great value,

it's probably a garnet,
but the color is important.

See, this piece is
actually an ideal marriage.

Iron, the strongest
metal then known to man,

and the color red, the
color of the planet Mars,

the planet of vitality,
passion and sexual vigor.

How's that?

That's incredible.

Tell me, Dr. Martin, are you
trying to sell me this piece

or is there some other
reason why you're here?

No, it's not mine to sell.

I was hoping you might
be able to identify it

and perhaps tell me who it belonged to.

Why should I know
whom the owner might be?

You're an authority on the subject.

I assume you know the collectors
who may have owned it.

And why should I give
you this information?

I scarcely know you or why you're here.

A little over a week ago,

a patient was admitted to the hospital.

She was badly mauled
by some sort of animal.

It caused amnesia.

The next day someone
attempted to kill her.

This little token and the
keys are the only clue

we have to her identity.

Well, surely if a woman is murdered,

that's a matter for the police.

Fortunately, the attempt on
her life was not successful.

And I'm happy to report
she's fully recovered,

except for her memory.

Well, I may be able to help you,

but I'll have to keep
this piece for a few days,

do my own checking.

Something wrong?

Yes, I promised I wouldn't
let it out of my sight.

Well, why don't we call her

and see how she feels about it?


Hello, Kathy, this
is Gregg, is she there?

Yes, she is, just a minute.

It's for you!

It's Gregg.

Thank you.

Hello, Doctor.

I'm with a Mr. Denne.


I think he might be
of some help but he says

he has to have that statue
and the keys for a few days.

Is that all right?

Yes, of course you can.



She's agreed to it, Mr. Denne.

I hope this isn't gonna be
too much trouble for you.

I had no idea you were
confined to a wheelchair.

No, it's quite all right.

It'll be something to fill my time.

And I can expect to hear
from you in a day or two?

As soon as I have news.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Don't worry, I'll take
very good care of it.

Gregg, it's Kathy.

Can you come over here right away?

Something awful's happened.

It was incredible, Gregg, and horrible.

Her eyes were like living fire.

She wasn't at all the person we know.

What's worse, she kept
repeating this word.

What word?

I'm not sure, I was so frightened.

Sounded like bakta, or something.

Kashkuh? Was it kashkuh?

Yes, how did you know?

That's the name of the charm
she's been hanging on to.

What do you think is
really wrong with her, Gregg?

I'm not sure, but I think
we're about to find out.

It was you, wasn't it?

You did it.

Do you think Mr. Denne will
be able to help me, Gregg?

Well, he didn't promise
anything definite.

But that little figure is
evidently priceless and very rare

and he seemed to think he might be able

to locate the person who owns it.

Well, if it's priceless and so rare,

why would I have used it on a keychain?

Because someone went to
a great deal of trouble

to disguise its real value
by encasing it in ceramic.

What is it, exactly?

It's sort of a religious
face, according to Denne.

Supposed to have strange, magnetic powers.

It also has a name: Kashkuh.

It's still my good luck charm.

I'll be glad to have it back.

Can I go with you this time?

No, Denne is sort of a
recluse and he wouldn't like it.

Besides, this is a big day.

Kathy's taking you to Dr. Cross.

Oh, don't worry.

The discoloration
disappears after a while,

and Cross is fantastic.

I'm gonna go change.

I can't help hoping that Mr. Denne

won't be able to do anything.

I'm not accustomed to
having no name and no face

and I feel secure.

Does that sound crazy?

No, it's nature's way of protecting you

while you're healing
and trying to remember.

I do remember something.

I had a dream last night about a dog.

A huge, terrifying dog.

It attacked me.

What were you doing in the dream?

I killed it, I battered it to death.

She remembers something
about a dog attacking her.

She's gone with Kathy to see Dr. Cross.

Well, we still haven't found any dog.

But we have found a car about 15 miles

from where she was picked up.

Has a lot of blood around.

I'm having it towed in as soon as I can.

I'll need the keys, have you got 'em?

Yeah, but I have an
appointment in half an hour.

Okay, there's no rush,
call me when you get back.

Better yet, bring the keys over.

I'm afraid I haven't
had any luck, Dr. Martin.

This item was probably stolen long ago,

disguised under the ceramic,

and then thrown out by accident.

Your patient probably
found it in a yard sale.

I'd like to purchase this piece

if the owner were inclined to sell.

I don't think my
patient would agree to it.

She considers it her good luck charm.

Forgive me, Doctor,
but aren't you taking

something more than just a
professional interest in her?

Maybe, but if you met her,
Mr. Denne, you'd understand.

I'm sure.

Well, I'm afraid I have to be going.

I have an appointment at
the police department.

Mr. Denne, I sure appreciate
all the time you've given me.

Well, I'm sorry I couldn't
do more for both of you.

Thank you.

I have to pick up some
things at the market.

I'll be gone about 15, 20 minutes, okay?

Okay, Kathy.

Don't get any water in those stitches.

Will you sign this, please?

Who are you?

Who are you, anyway?


Uh, this is Mark Denne, I'd
like to speak to Dr. Martin.

Oh, Dr. Martin isn't in, Mr. Denne.

Oh, that's too bad.

He's probably on his way to me right now.

I have some important information for him

about a patient of his.

I was delayed in town.

I'm the patient.

Oh, well then, it's good
that I'm talking to you.

I've come across something
that I think might help,

but why don't I pick you up?

We can go out to my place.

I'll call my housekeeper and tell her

to keep Dr. Martin until we arrive.

Or, aren't you well enough?

Oh, I'm fine, I'd love that.

Good, I'll pick you up
in about half an hour.

Would you mind waiting for me outside?

I'm something of a cripple.

Yes, Gregg mentioned it.

I'm very grateful to you.

Not at all, I'm looking
forward to meeting you.

Lieutenant, has that car arrived yet?

Yeah, yeah, it's on its way.

Where the hell have you been?

Well, it's a long
drive from Denne's house.

Have you got the keys and the charm?


Let me have it.

What did you find out about this?

So you've never visited this
part of California before?

Not unless it's part of
everything else I've forgotten.

Have you ever considered
that a loss of memory

could sometimes be a distinct advantage?

I did until Gregg, uh,
Dr. Martin, pointed out that

there might be someone who needed me.

Especially since I was
wearing a wedding ring.

You don't have it on now, I see.

They had to cut it off.

My hand was infected and
swollen from the bites.


Dr. Cross says that
I was probably attacked

by some large animal, probably a dog.

Oh, it looks as though
we got here before him.

Never mind, we'll go inside
and wait until he arrives.

Don't feel sorry for me, Kim.

Kim? You just called me Kim, why?

I don't know, I suppose
you remind me of someone.

Lovely house, Mr. Denne.

Thank you.

My wife hated it and
everything in it, including me.

Now, here's something that I think

you will find interesting.

Right this way.

As you can see, she had everything

that a woman could possibly want.

Even a sauna.

It always seemed the
height of luxury to me

to have a sauna.

And you always dreamed of
someday having one of your own?

Doesn't seem to matter anymore.

If I had one, then now
it's no longer important.

And what is important to you now?

That you should regain your memory?

I'm not sure.

I know I should, and
Gregg says it's important,

but somehow I feel happier now.

I feel happier than I've ever been.

I want to stay that way.

A new life with what I have.

With Dr. Martin.

You love him, don't you?

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

You're my wife, I'm
your husband, you hear me?

It was my dog, my dog
that bit you in the face.

Let me out! Let me out!

That's got it.

What's the matter?

Nothing, it's a strange feeling,

like it's ready to jump out at you.

If it does, I'll have
it booked and locked up.

I promise you, Doctor.

It's a car, all right.

Here's a rundown on
the plates, Lieutenant.

Who's the owner?

A Mrs. Kim Denne, D-E-N-N-E.

Hey! Where the hell are you going?

Get out of the way! Get the
cars out of here right away!

Jesus Christ, what the hell was that?

I'll catch him.

Pull over, you freak!

Who's in there?


Watch out!

Jesus Christ!


Hurry, John, hurry!

Don't tell me to hurry!

Now I'm taking over and
getting us to the...

Is she here?


Oh Gregg, I couldn't have
been more than 20 minutes.

It's okay. I want you
to call Lieutenant Pigler.

Give him this address and directions.

I'm on my way there now.

Kathy, everything will be all right.

Where in the hell has it gone?

Lieutenant Pigler?

Come in, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Pigler, come in.

We've just received a
call from a Nurse Logan.

Dr. Martin is on his
way to 8160 Roma Road,

four miles west of San
Cecilia, code 20,001.

Okay. Get a couple of
back-up cars out there.

I'm on my way.


Foolproof, the alibi
is absolutely foolproof.

Yes, she was my wife, and
yes, she did go for a drive,

taking the dog with her.

I didn't think anything of it

because she'd gone off by
herself on several occasions,

for two or three days at a
time, so I made no inquiries.

Then, eventually, I heard
from her, calling from

Miss Logan's apartment, asked
me to come and pick her up.

When I did, I found out
about the automobile crash.

It was then that I learned
that the dog had savaged her,

a panic, and wounded, crashed,

eventually died from those wounds.

Well, we got back home and
she wanted to take a sauna,

her favorite form of relaxation.

I naturally advised against
it in her weakened condition,

but she wouldn't pay any attention to me,

so she had her way.

I woke up this morning
and I discovered her,

tragically, too late.

Absolutely foolproof, foolproof.







Holy mother of God.


Do you need out?