Coven (2020) - full transcript

Basque Country, 1609. The men of the region are at sea and Amaia takes part for the first time in the nightly dances in the woods with the other villager girls. She is only 20. At dawn, they are all arrested.

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How many more deaths
are deemed to be necessary, señor?

What plausible choice have we
against such determination?

Lucifer seals their lips so tightly
that we could pull them slowly to pieces

but even then
they would refuse to reveal anything

to us regarding the dark secrets
of the Sabbath.

What if the Sabbath wasn't to exist?

What if it was just a dream?

If it was just a dream,

tell me, how so many women
have begun to share this dream together,


Including the three
from the night before last,

we've reached a total
of 77 executions, señor.

From now on,
we need only deal with the sailing towns.


We haven't seen a man for leagues...

only women.

Welcome, Your Honour.

I'm Padre Cristóbal de Azpilikueta,
at your service.

The Lord of Urtubi commended me...

Your Honour, I'm Padre Cristóbal de A...

The surgeon.

Uh, do excuse me.

Your Honour,
I'm Padre Cristóbal de Azpilikueta,

at your service.

The Lord of Urtubi commended me
to be at your service...


His Honour is tired now.

I pray his chambers have been prepared
in good time?


Go now.

His Honour...

Where shall I put so many people?

- The soldiers can sleep in the stable.
- They must be fed.

Who will pay for such expenses?

His Majesty.

♪ Listen to the echo of the seagulls ♪

♪ When leaving for Newfoundland ♪

♪ Great danger on the sea ♪

♪ Greater danger in our heart ♪

♪ Great danger on the sea... ♪

Take the one on the right now.

Has your father taken you to Newfoundland?

He cannot.

Is he not in command?

Don't you know women cannot sail?

Yes, they can. It's you who knows nothing.

Have you ever sailed?

I have not, but María has.

Have you sailed?


I have not.

Not my sister María. The other one.

Blond María?
She's a friend of mine. I'll ask her.

María "The Seagull."

People called her that
because she would run along the shore.

She would run and shout.
What did she do, Olaia?

I want to go to Newfoundland!

Ana, how can you tell
so many silly stories in one day?

Give me the roll of hemp, please.

He took her to the forest glade...

- Where we lit the fire?
- There!

Your father told her,
"Climb to the highest branch."

"Climb, seagull, climb higher."

"Higher. Higher"

Where are they?

Ana, María, go inside.

We're here for Ana Ibarguren,
María Ibarguren, Maider Aguirre

and Olaia Isasi.

For what do you want them?

What is it, Grandma?

You! What's your name?

On your knees!

Go after her!

Run now!

After them! Catch them!

- Come here!
- Hurry after her!

- They're escaping!
- Over that way!

Her eyes!

- We haven't done anything wrong.
- Lower your eyes!

Up against the wall!

Stay still!

- Stop wriggling!
- I'll do it myself. I'll do it...

That's it. Calm down.

Don't look at me.

- All right. All right!
- Get it off.

Come on, move.

Where's Katalin?

This is a mistake.

They have got the wrong people.

No, they have not.
We're here because of you.


You and your goat!

- The goat?
- If it's not that... then why?

It can't be because of the goat.

If not, then why?

Against the wall! All of you!

Keep your eyes lowered.

All of you, up against the wall!

Maider Aguirre.

She's this one.

Lower your eyes!

Katalin, where were you?

- I don't know.
- You don't know?

What did they do?

They asked questions.

About what?

About you.

About Ana and me?

About all of you.

What did you tell them?

The truth.

What truth?

They want to know
when we went to the forest glade.

What we did there. Where we went.

What else?

How to get there.

I had to explain the way many times.

I had to draw it on a map.

Everyone knows the way to the glade.
There's no need to lock us up for that.

Apparently, somebody saw us go there.


I don't know.

So what is their concern?

I don't know.


Then they asked me questions...

- that were kind of...
- Kind of what?

I don't know.


They want to know
how we returned home at night.

- What else?
- I don't know.

"I don't know..."
What the hell did they ask?

I told you.

When they realize
we have done nothing wrong,

they'll let us go.

What did you do?

They'll let us go.

Why me?

Calm down. They'll let us go.

who interrogated you?

I don't know.

Say "I don't know" once more...

You don't know what they look like?

No. I couldn't see them.

Were they hiding?


But when I looked at them,
they hit me here.

Against the wall, all of you.

Señor, we've done nothing wrong.

Please, I fear you're mistaken.
My name is Olaia Isasi. I'm a weaver...

Olaia Isasi.

No, no, no...

If it's to do with the goat,
we returned it.

What will happen to her?
We've done nothing wrong.

Up against the wall!

Stop, Maider!

Maider, calm down!

Calm down, Maider!


Do you want me to calm down?

- This bitch informed on us!
- What are you saying?

Maider, stop. Please.

You heard me.

What's she doing here?

She confessed...

to a crime.

What crime?

They wouldn't say.

Did you believe them?

Have you ever wondered why

that good little girl wanted to befriend
us poor weavers all of a sudden?

What would she gain from that?
To get locked up?

Let's suppose...

that Katalin has done something bad,

something terrible.

Before she gets caught,
she becomes friends with us

and says we did it
or that we forced her to do it.

What about you? Why are you back so soon?

What did you say?

Are you accusing me?

You've known me forever.
I've always defended you.

She is not accusing you, Maider.

Look at this poor girl.

Do you think she's capable
of doing such horrible things?

With that angel face.

- Maider accused all of us.
- What are you talking about?

Ana Ibarguren.

What did Maider say?

Olaia! What did Maider say?

That we are... witches.




Father Cristóbal,

you've known us since we were children.
You know we are not witches.

Speak as a Christian.

Padre, please, if you will,

you know very well
we've never been witches.

- I'm not a witch.
- Lower your eyes.

I'm not a witch, señor.

If you are not,

how were you to know I would ask you that?

As you asked the others the same.

Why would you think
if the others were witches

you would be one as well?

I didn't say that I am.

Why haven't you?

Is it a secret?

Because it's not true.

What is...

a witch then?

You don't know what one is?

I'm asking you to tell me.

I mean, how is it possible you're not one
if you don't know what one is?

Witches are people that used
to hurt other people.


Then you haven't ever meant
to hurt other people?

Not in the same way.

Tell me, how have you hurt people?

I've never bewitched anybody.

Tell me, what do you suppose
you have done?

But why do you think I'm a witch?

When did I say that?

Who said that she was one?

Did I say so?

No, Your Honour.

You said so.

One of your sisters, Olaia Isasi,
has already confessed.

Do you want to read it?

The second paragraph.

No? Perhaps I shall read it for you.

"Ana bewitched us. She forced us
to summon Beelzebub, Satan, Astaroth...

...Abbadon, Belial..."

Wicked grin present.

I shall make a record, Your Honour.

It's funny that you force us all
to believe the same story.

Position of the legs, obscene.

Recorded, Your Honour.

It may be on the contrary though.

That you are the victim
who was bewitched by them, no?

I've never been bewitched
or bewitched another.

You have never done so?

- No.
- Well, what is it that you have done?

I've done nothing.

You spend all day and night doing nothing?

No, I do other things.

What other things?

- We enjoy walking about.
- Yes?

- Like other people.
- What else?

We also enjoy going to the forest
and the cliffs.

And sometimes, as day turns to night,

we return in the moonlight.
It's easy if you know the way.

Do you dance?

- Sometimes.
- With who?

- Only ourselves.
- Not with men?

- They are all sea-bound.
- Was it him you dance for, pray tell?

Pardon, who?


Very well. Let us return to the beginning.

You have told me some facts
but you have not told me the truth.

I have told you.


I have inferred those things
from what it is you don't say.

What does inferred mean?

His Honour is able to know
what it is you are thinking

better than you do yourself.

And it is now
you will give me details about that.

The rites of the Sabbath.

- I know not of the Sabbath.
- How can you say this?

You've just confessed it.

Do you mean the Jewish rite?

No, the Sabbath of the witches.

- Who is summoned?
- What?

Who do you summon?

Do you sing praises to our Lord?

Ah, yes.

Is it God you want to warm
with the fire of your kisses, hmm?


"We don't want

any other


"We don't want other warmth
than the warmth of your kisses."

It's no more than an old song.

It harms no one.

Sing it.

Sing the incantation.

- You want me to sing it here?
- If you would.

♪ Listen to the echo of the seagulls... ♪

Excuse me.

Please can you explain to me
exactly what you mean

by the witches' Sabbath?


because nobody has witnessed it.

You think you're clever, don't you? Huh?

Sing the incantation.

The proper one.

Did he ask you about the Sabbath too?

No. When I spat at Father Cristóbal,
they brought me back here.

He yelled "Sabbath!" at me.

- That's what he told me.
- What?

To remember the Sabbath.

How can you remember something
you don't know?

The memory lies.

The mind lies.

He said one of you has bewitched my memory

so I wouldn't remember
that you took me to the Sabbath.

That you offered me to Lucifer.

Who is Lucifer?

The devil.

That you made me experience
wonderful things at the Sabbath.

Is that true?

Ana, María...


Ana, María.

Ana. Ana!

Ana, listen. Come here.

Ana, come here. Quick.

Oneka, be quiet. Shh.

- What are you doing here?
- You have to escape.

Go away. They'll hear you.

- You must escape now.
- Yes, but how?

I don't know,
but we must find a way. You must leave.

Your grandmother...

What were you going to tell us?



Your grandmother hid me in her house.

She came...

looking for you,
but they beat her up and sent her away.

Is she hurt?

No, it isn't serious.

Is that all you wanted to say?

Your grandmother...

told me that...

a friend of hers, in the market,

told her women are being arrested.

They take them to the top of a hill,

tie them up

to a stake

and they burn them...


Take care, my dear. Be good.

We just need to wait
until the next full moon.

For as long as I can remember,

sailors come back
a few days after the full moon.

The tide is perfect then.
They never miss it.

Last year,
my father came back two weeks after that.

If María says so, then it must be true.

Katalin thinks more days went by

because she always misses her father.

What do you mean?

That my mind deceives me?

That's why I don't remember the Sabbath.

This is disgusting.

It's inedible.

Not fit for animals.

Señor, Lady Lara is listening.

She's meant to hear.
Then she'll cook better.

We've been like this for four months

and, believe me, it seems like years.

Will this come to an end someday?

Understand this, Padre, we are worn out.

In some villages, we've had to
requisition granaries and mills,

because the prisons were too crowded.

The corruption of morality
is so widespread.

We've been forced even to execute

three parish priests.

They celebrated the mass of Christians
by day, Black Mass by night.

I cannot understand why in this country

of the Basques, there is more sorcery
than in other parts of the world.

The locals are as fickle as the sea,
believe me.

I mean, the sea is the road without roads
where men get lost.

My father was a mariner.

Yes, well...

The sea took him.

That's why, at home,
we eat less fish than meat.

I'm sure.

Mind you, he beat me.

Punishment, I agree,
is appropriate for curbing vices.

The sea, that road without roads...

What vices?

Vices of the flesh.

That is yours, and mine.

Just a few...

and out of necessity.

Women spend half of the year alone.
They're extremely vulnerable to influence.

And we're on the borders
of three kingdoms,

the mountains and the sea.

We were invaded by the Muslims,
and also by the Crypto-Jews.

All of those false religions
used poverty and manipulation,

and the minds of the people
become corrupt and impure.

And there's something even worse.

The pagan demons,

which have been expelled in the past
from the Indies by missionaries.

They continue to occupy
the bodies of the whalers,

and then invade Christian lands
gaining entry through this port.

That is why I devote so much effort
to bless every ship that sails out or in.



Ask them to bring some bread.
It might improve this meal.

Give us some bread.

Bring bread.

How long would you suppose
we need to find material evidence?

- Six or seven should do it.
- Days?

No, infidels.

They're hairy, mind you.

I'll need two days.

Two days.


And make sure to draft the sentence.

I'll make sure.

Two days to find me some evidence.

The next day I shall pronounce the verdict
and on the day after, the execution.

Make sure the carriage is ready
that same afternoon.

After midday.

Flies everywhere.

I do not wish to question your methods,
Your Honour,

but the curses?

You haven't even questioned them
about those.

I've not seen them with my own eyes

but the poor people from the village
have reported them.

Suddenly the milk would run dry
from the sheep,

the disastrous crops of Lord of Urtubi,
miscarriages, all voluntary...

His Majesty has not sent us here

proposing that we resolve problems
of the neighbourhood, Padre.

Believe me, we are combatting
a Satanic sect that is here.

Are you aware
of the story of Frau Troffea?

It was in the year of our Lord 1518,
in the city of Strasbourg.

Frau Troffea had begun to dance.

God cursed the city that day,

as it represented the heresy of Luther.

People there, they barely survived.

So overwhelmed they were.

And that very morning,

Frau Troffea, she went to the Rhine,

her son with her, and with her own hands,
she drowned him there,

to prevent him from dying slowly,
malnourished, suffering from gangrene

but later, that same day,

she began to dance

and dance, and dance, and dance...

Day and night,

until her death.

The villagers, eager for the spectacle
of this horrific entertainment,

gathered around her but were unaware

that all too often

the spectators become the players,
the protagonists, protagonists of horror.

And before they knew it, 153 people
were dancing day and night,

in that very same square with her,

and the soldiers could not stop them
because they were dancing too.

The town authorities
could not issue decrees

because they too
were dancing there as well.

Even the exorcists were not able
to perform their rites

because they too were dancing there,

like whores and mad women.

And that dancing epidemic in Strasbourg
was responsible for 359 people dying.

Nothing is more dangerous, you see,
than a dancing woman.

But the dances that are macabre,
the most obscene,

are those that take place in the forests
because they're secret, you see.

Because only Lucifer
and his female servants know of them

because it's only they who...

have celebrated the rites of Sabbath.

If we don't use our time to prevent them,

then these blasphemous witches

will begin to reverse
the order of the universe.






take care.

Be good.

Lower your eyes!

Lower your eyes.

Lower your eyes!

Lower your eyes.

Lower your eyes!

Lower your eyes.


Na-na na-na na-na...

The Sabbath...

Oh, yes!

The Sabbath!

I'm a witch! I'm a witch!

I'm a witch!

I'm a witch.

Olaia is right.

We must distract him.

Talk nonsense?

Make fun of him?

Tell him about the Sabbath.

Why don't you listen to me?

If we confess, they'll burn us.

They'll also burn us if we don't.

He's convinced we did it.

How can you be so sure?

Because he said so. I had to sign it.

If they think we're guilty,
why haven't they killed us yet?

He wants to know more.
We must tell him what he wants.

It's the only way to buy time.

There's not enough time.

We have time.
There's a full moon in one week.

One week...

You want to distract him just by talking?

It's impossible.

No, it's not. I promise.

What do you know about the Sabbath?

Well, we know there's dancing,
there's singing...

Children are sacrificed.

Did they tell you that?

The devil is invoked. Lucifer!

I only know one person
who can talk non-stop for days.

Is that right?

How many stories should we tell?

There's six of us.

If each of us talk for one day,
we'll be safe.

I can't. Not even an hour.

We can do it!

Let's make a story up for each of us!

For example, you...

could have drowned every sailor
you don't like.

Of course! I'm the only witch here then!

No. We'll all do the same thing.

María will say
she has fireflies in her belly.

And that she fucked Lucifer!


Yes. Have you noticed how they look at us?


I can't remember anything.

What shall I say?

You'll tell the story of María,
"The Seagull."

Every time María "The Seagull" complained

because she couldn't go with
the sailors to Newfoundland,

your father would tell her...

"You're too young to grow wings.

But next year, they'll grow.
Now leave me alone."

She used to ask her friends

to look at her back

to see if her wings were starting to grow.

Until one day, when I told her,

"Come here, little girl."

I took her to the forest glade.

But this is a secret.

A secret between us.

I made her climb
the tallest tree in the world.

To the highest branch.

I told her,

"Let go of one hand."

And María let one go.

Then I told her,

"Let go of one foot."

Then, "Let go of the other hand."

And María...

let go of the other hand...


Did she fall? Did she die?


She flew.

She flew away.

Did she go to the Sabbath?


She'll drive him crazy.


Is she breathing?

- Olaia?
- Spider's web! Quick!

Quick! What did you say, Olaia? What?

What did they ask?

- No questions?
- Ana, please.

I'm doing this for us.

Calm down.

María Ibarguren.

I'm the witch.

I am as well.

Show me the mark of Lucifer.

Come on, girl.

It means
you would prevent unnecessary suffering.

He marked me not.

It's a painless mark.

If you scream when they prick you,

they'll continue...

And why should I trust your advice?

Have you got a choice?

If you use that devilish language,

you will be banished
to the side of the accused.

What a strange language.

They're rustic languages,
primarily used to talk to beasts.

It's a dialect.

Such dialects are just languages
used to hide things.

I'll write this down, Your Honour.

It was here.

Show me.

Just here.

He marked me here.

False hope, I'm afraid.

I'm sorry, I made a mistake, pardon!

- I'm sorry.
- Always the same, Padre.

The evil one always likes to conceal
his mark.

If under the hair isn't possible,
it'll be in the shameful areas.

Even inside the nose or here, for example.

In my arm.


Do you see?

♪ Listen to the echo of the seagulls ♪

♪ When leaving for Newfoundland ♪

♪ Great danger... ♪

- It isn't there. She's suffering.
- No, she isn't suffering.

She's twisting with pleasure.

♪ Great danger on the sea ♪

♪ Greater danger in our hearts ♪

♪ Just like the tree
The roots in the ground ♪

♪ And the branches towards the sea ♪

♪ This is my spirit ♪

♪ If you leave me here ♪

♪ This is my spirit ♪

♪ If you leave me here ♪

♪ In the deep well of my soul ♪

♪ You sail, my love ♪

♪ Visit me every night... ♪

We should listen.

She's summoning her master.

♪ Visit me every night ♪

♪ I'll open the door for you ♪

♪ From Newfoundland to this port ♪

♪ From the forest to the cliffs ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ Than the warmth of your kisses ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

Stand up.

Will you swear to renounce him?

Yes, señor.

From this moment onwards,
prepare to tell the truth to me.

Sit down, then.

I am the witch.

I am the only witch.

I bewitched everyone alone.

They'd no idea what happened to them.

How's that possible?

Don't believe it?

To believe it,
I need you to tell me what you did,

including all the details.

Lower your eyes!

Look at me.

It was the darkest of nights.

I was washing in a copper bathtub,

when out of the flames
emerged a horrible old lady.

It was the first time I'd seen her.

- And did she apply, what?
- An ointment.

And it was then...

that it was in my body.

A force was there.

It was the scream of the Sabbath.

And because my sister didn't want
to come with me,

I turned her into a lamb.

A lamb of the devil?

Your sibling, a lamb. That's strange.

To appease the evil one,
she thought she would be

the very symbol of innocence incarnate.


And Maider, I turned into a donkey.


Dressed in a priest's cassock,

- Blasphemy!
- Padre.

I had to turn Oneka into a goat,

dressed as Lord of Urtubi.

"Girls, please.
I want to go to the party, too!"

And Katalin was transformed into a sow.

Were you the only one
in the form of a human?

And you were... naked?


I was wearing a dress,
a beautiful yellow dress.

Because I was the only chosen one
of Lucifer.

Where might that dress be now?

As a present after Sabbath,
I gave it to Izaro.

Bring it here.

None of them wanted to come.


- Olaia!
- Olaia!

- Hello.
- Hello.

I went after them
one by one, bewitched them.

I bewitched them by playing a flute.

- Oneka.
- Tell me when to stop.

- Yes...
- Okay, it's your turn.

Let me have a go.

In the forest,
near the cliff, I served a great feast.

I conjured up hams
as big as tree trunks,

dozens of cheeses.

Jars and jars of cider,

and wine too.

So much wine.

Do you want mushrooms?

- They're all for you.
- No.

One, two, three!

Is it good?

And we consumed these hosts
that consisted of

the black fungus that grows
around the bottom of oak trees.

Did you celebrate a Black Mass?

They didn't do it. It was I alone.

But you just told me that
they were taking part with you.

That was because

I created the illusion
that it was a real mass, you see,

and that made them believe
they were consuming hosts from the priest.

But it was all just an illusion.

And how was it
that you created that illusion?

With smoke.

And out of that smoke...

appeared the demons.

If I close my eyes,
I can see my boyfriend.

I always look at him with my eyes closed

because he's ugly.

But I don't mind his face

because he has a big...

What else? Green and prickly?

We swallowed them, we spat them up,
we swallowed them again.

Did you take the demons in by your mouths?

By our arseholes.

I conjured up a drum, a violin,

the skull of a male goat
and rattles for all of us.

♪ From Newfoundland to this port ♪

♪ From the forest to the cliffs ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ Than the warmth of your kisses ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ Than the warmth ♪

Do you want me to sing the incantation?

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

Make sure to note the melody down.

Your Honour...


It's a scale rising chromatically.

Scale rising chromatically?

It can go on infinitely.

And Lucifer?

Describe to me his appearance physically.

He dresses in black.


Light eyes.


Had he a tail?


At the front or at the back?

The front.

What was it like?

Describe it to me.

Green and prickly.

It gives pleasure in the front
and pain from behind.


Did he try to introduce it into you?

Lucifer pulled off my girdle and...


And...'s not possible to describe it.

Hmm, perhaps in your own language?

There are no words. No, please, I can't.


It's... It's too much. I can't.

It's just, I'm...

I'm so exhausted.

It's impossible to think.

Please, can we do it tomorrow?

Do you know the transverberation
and ecstasy of Saint Teresa?

Of course, Your Honour.

It says that, "I beheld an angel,

in bodily form.

And it had a long spear of gold,

and at the end,

a burning little fire.

And it penetrated me deep in my heart,
deep inside my body it went.

And when he took it out,
he took part of myself with him.

Such a delicate soft touch...

made me feel like I'd been scorched
by the love of God.

And by the love of God more than ever.

Yet the pain was so extreme,

it was such

an extreme feeling
that it urged me to groan out loud.

It wasn't...

It wasn't a physical pain.

It was spiritual,

although the body
also played a little part."

- Yes...
- Yes.

Yes, yes, yes, yes...

it was just as you explained,

it was... it was...

it was just like that,

but a little bit more

a bit more...

- Hmm?
- ...oh, it was...

- What are you doing?
- Your Honour, excuse me.

This whore was trying to bewitch you
with her eyes.

Take that off! Get out!



We flew away.

We flew away as if we were seagulls.

Are you feeling all right, Your Honour?

Yes, of course.

I have to make sure
that she signs her confession.

Before the night is over.


I've more to tell you.

You must sign, girl.

Sign it, Ana.

Won't they release the others?

You did the right thing.

Now, sign it.

Is that it?

Is there no more?

Am I to be killed?


- What happened, Ana?
- Don't worry.

Everything's okay.

He believes everything I say.

Do you think that witches spend
all of their time lying?

They lie as easily as they breathe.
You don't know how much.

That young woman has confessed
to being a witch.

If as you say witches always lie,
the truth...

then she is no witch.

Salazar, don't you get tired
of inventing syllogisms?

What I merely mean to say is

we have listened to confessions

and most of them
have been wonderful and unique,

but they are just speeches of words,

and the words of witches.

But if we never witness the Sabbath
personally for ourselves,

we shall never know if it's a reality,

or just a dream.

Tell me what's happening!
Are they ready to burn me?

Nobody tells me anything.

What are they going to do?

Nobody's going to hurt you.

How do you know?

Because you are powerful.

What does he want to draw?

What you have,

but I have lost.

What have you lost?
Not even your virginity!

What have I lost?

I used to be like you.



and wild.

But I paid a high price.

Then, I learned.

This cap covers our hair perfectly well,
just as they ordered.


they all know it looks like a big cock.

But nobody dares to say so.

Men are afraid

of fearless women.

Why don't you help me
instead of telling me stories?

That's what I'm doing, girl.

But what's the use of talking

if you won't listen?

Back to your duties now, señora.

May I ask are you intending
to show these drawings to His Majesty?

I'll have someone make an engraving
of the different stages of the Sabbath.

People need to see to believe.

This first engraving
represents the witch applying the ointment

to the initiated young girl.

It illustrates perfectly

the main weapon here of Lucifer.

What do you think that is?

- Mmm?
- Lies.



If the devil wanted to sow
evil ways in you

how would he do it?

Would you think
that he would ask this lady?

No. No, no, no.

Lucifer has other means.

Lucifer doesn't choose
his servants randomly.

He knows perfectly well that only women
who are charming and delicate,

those who have just left childhood behind,

are able to enchant us
until we become animals of voracity.

Compare us to dogs devoted to pleasure.

Be quick with her.
I want to be present when she bewitches.

This time I will be present, you'll see.

Why celebrate a false Sabbath
if we are able to celebrate the real one?

Are you prepared
to celebrate the Sabbath for us?


But of course I will.

My lord.

Your Honour.

But I'm only able to do so
when I have been called by Lucifer.

Those nights when the moon is full.

Your Honour.

Your Honour?


Look what I got.

Listen closely.

That fool wants to see how I bewitch you.

He'll come for us on the night
of the full moon.

What will we do?







Very well. Small drum, violin, wine,


- Have you told him yet?
- No.

When do you plan to do it?

I cannot just tell him so.

You mustn't keep it from him though.

Is this skull suitable?

It's a bull.

That is correct, Your Honour.

I'm sorry we couldn't find the skull
of a male goat anywhere.

This is not good enough.
You must find one.

The donkey's out the front.

We'll make sure to find a cassock
to dress it, Your Honour.

Black fungus mushrooms...

Your Honour?

Two of the guards have run away
from the village.

Last night?

I saw them. And why run away?

The mothers and the grandmothers
of the prisoners

have started to spread rumours
about a forthcoming bloody revenge.

Revenge by who?

The mariners.

Three years ago, a baseless disagreement,
far simpler than we have here,

meant several guards of Lord of Urtubi
were stabbed to death.

Are you telling me we're supposed to fear
some pathetic local fishermen?

It's my responsibility to tell you.

If you keep on postponing the verdict,
you'll be exposed to real danger.

The mariners will usually return
when it is

past the time of the next full moon.

The approaching full moon?

Yes, because of the tide.

She's buying time, that witch.

Announce the execution.

Yes, Your Honour.

This glorious day,
Thursday 6 November,

the year of grace 1609,
an exemplary trial is drawn to a close.

It leaves an indelible mark
in the history of the devil's work.

After hearing
the unprecedented testimonies

of Ana Ibarguren, a repentant witch,

we were able to reconstruct
for the first time

the complete and detailed chronology
of the most atrocious of crimes.

An offence of divine lese-majesty:
the witches' Sabbath.

The execution ceremony
will take place tomorrow at dawn.

The accused, Ana Ibarguren,

María Ibarguren, Oneka Arbizu,
Olaia Isasi,

Maider Aguirre and Katalina de Ugalde

who were found guilty
of participating in the Sabbath

shall be burnt at the stake.

Their ashes shall be thrown to the wind,

and their property shall be confiscated
by the Crown.

Ana, I saw him.

- Who?
- Lucifer.

- When?
- Last night.

- Where?
- Here.

He came to illuminate your dreams.

He looked just like you described him.

Beard and light eyes?


I bewitched him.

He won't let them kill us.

He'll wait until the full moon.
He'll come for us.

I swear!

- He's stronger than us.
- No.

- He made a fool of you.
- No.

I'm serious.

He needs to witness the Sabbath.

He needs to see me dancing for him.

I've seen it in his eyes.

Ana is right.

Lucifer will come for us.

Up against the wall.

What are you doing?

Up against the wall!

Call the judge immediately!

They're no more than beasts.

You Honour.

Do you not think this somewhat ridiculous?

Perhaps it is so.

He wants to see the Sabbath.





It seems I've been turned into a pig.

So, what do you say now then?

If the Sabbath is only a dream,

then we must all be dreaming
the same dream.

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ Than the warmth of your kisses ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ Than the warmth of your kisses ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ Than the warmth of your kisses ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth
Than the warmth of your kisses ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth
Than the warmth of your kisses ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth
Than the warmth of your kisses ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth
Than the warmth of your kisses ♪

♪ From Newfoundland to this port
From the forest to the cliffs ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth
Than the warmth of your kisses ♪

♪ From Newfoundland to this port ♪

♪ From the forest to the cliffs ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth
Than the warmth of your kisses ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ From Newfoundland to this port ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth
Than the warmth of your kisses ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪


♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth ♪

♪ Of your kisses ♪

♪ We don't want any other warmth... ♪



Your Honour.

Immediately take the prisoners away!

You do not have any authority
to even begin to impose orders.

In the name of God!

They must burn! They must live no more!

I demand and order your obedience!

Let go of me! Let go of me! No!

Get your hands off me.

What are you doing? Let go of me!

Look at them in the eyes!

♪ During the last full moon of autumn ♪

♪ High tide ♪

♪ And the flight of seagulls ♪

♪ During the last full moon of autumn ♪

♪ High tide ♪

♪ And the flight of seagulls ♪

Let's jump.

Flap, flap, flap.

We're going to fly. Right, Ana?


They're flying.

Subtitles by Molly Yurick