Countdown (2011) - full transcript

Debt collector Tae Gun-ho, who lost his son five years ago, finds out he has liver cancer. The only way for him to survive is to get a liver transplant in the next 10 days from a woman named Cha Ha-yeon, who apparently has the matching organ. Cha turns out to be a seductive swindler who currently lives in jail, and Tae decides to meet her in person in hopes of saving his own life. Cha agrees to donate part of her liver only if Tae tracks down Cho Myeong-seok, who put her in prison.

SidusFNH and NEW present

A Bom Film Productions film

JEONG Jae-young, JEON Do-youn

Directed by HUH Jong-ho

Wait... Please. Stop.

Stay back, ma'am.

Please. Stop.

- No.


You bastards.

I never touched that damn money.

Kill my family. Kill us all.

Hon? What are you doing.

- Daddy.

Don't bark if you can't bite, sir.

Right now is not a time
to feel regret or anger.

You gotta have the gut
to stab someone in the heart.

And diesel doesn't catch well on fire.

Sway gently.

No, sexier.

So customers are drawn
to your sexy dancing.


Turn sexier.

Boss? Look.

What the hell?

How'd he get up here?

Are you Mr. Guk Jeong-du?

The hell are you?

You're Mr. Guk, right?

That's right. So what?

You owe a liquor company $340,000.

Here's your court order and notice to pay.

You son of a bitch. Get down.

Get down, now.

Do you acknowledge your debt?

The fuck I do.

You wanna fuckin' die.

Fools. That won't drop the bastard.

Do you acknowledge your debt?

Who the hell are you?

Me? A collection agent.

A collection agent?

Damn son of a bitch.

Hey, asshole.

I warned you not to come again.

The fool's back.

Want another beatin'?

The hell you want.

Get him.

You bastard.

What the fuck.

Fuck. What the hell.

Do you acknowledge your debt?

Mercy is not putting an injured
fish into a pool of mud.

True mercy is helping it
to focus and die hard.

What's with your performances.

The company didn't give you
desks and phones for this crap.

Han. Hands up high.

A bad performance means you're a nobody.

Hi, Tae.

Tae placed first in collections
in the entire company.

Let's give Tae Gun-ho
a big round of applause.

I want to be the best like you, Mr. Tae.

What's your secret, sir?

Don't smile.

For you to smile,
ten people have to cry.

Count it again, Kim.

Doing everything by hand is most accurate.

You're the first to pay me back so fast.

Get other people's debts
to pay off a loan, huh?

You're amazing.

Don't ever owe money, ma'am.

Perhaps the world runs on people
giving and paying off debts.



This ain't no damn parking lot.

Hey, the light turned green.

Hey. Stop. Stop.

Mister. Stop.

Mr. Tae.

Did you come alone?

Get to the point, Doc.

It's liver cancer.

It would be meaningless to have a surgery.

It's spreading way too fast.

You have about three months.

Liver cancer?

I've never been sick my whole life.

This says liver cancer?

Dr. Song Cho-lok?

You really a doc?
You're a fake.

You have serious hepatic coma syndrome.

That's why you'd faint
and say unusual things.

In a case like this...

Why didn't you get it checked out earlier?

There are no miracles with the liver.


I'm going to die?

Your only hope is a liver transplant.

But chances of finding a donor are slim.

Any family or friends to be your donor?

There's nothing more I can do now.

I'll refer you to another doctor.

Laughter is a bulletproof vest
for health. It can bring miracles.

Laughter can even bring back the dead.

Repeat after me.

You have to laugh.
Force yourself to follow along.

Think of something that makes you happy.


It can be anything.

A person?
You must have family.

My son.

You have a son. Great.
Then laugh for him.

My son's dead.

But I don't remember the day he died.

It's dissociative amnesia.

The body can be selfish.

To overcome a great grief,
the brain can erase memories.

Hey, there.

What are you doing there.


How did he get up there?


We're tearing this area down.

Get down, now.

Who are you?

I used to live here.


Hi, Gun-ho.

It's freezing. Let's go in.

My wife took out the good liquor for you.

No. I just came to give you something.


What's this? Is something wrong?

I have one last favor to ask.

I want to hit you once.


Why me?

Why me and not you.

Thank you for everything.



Looks like he's dead.

Too bad.

My son received good grades
since he was young.

He's always studied well on his own.

He's in Southampton, England.

You caught me off guard.

I thought the identities were kept secret.

Is this enough?

Let's talk with today's MVP,
Shin Hae-in.

There were once rumors about you retiring.

But you've overcome everything
and became today's MVP.

How do you feel?

First, I'd like to thank the fans...
- MS. Shin?

You're Shin Hae-in, right?

Ms. Shin.

Ms. Shin.

You're the bastard who stalked
and harassed my daughter?

Know what you, asshole,

put our family through?


Calm down and have a seat.

He even called every night
and said dirty stuff.

How embarrassing...

Sick bastard.

Why'd you do it?

Ms. Shin's kidney belonged to my son.

My son, Yu-min, donated organs
to four people.

She is one of them.

I have liver cancer.

If she agrees to a liver transplant,
I can live.

Since she was a match with my son,
we should be, too.

My daughter is an athlete.

She takes immunosuppressants...

...and can only run the last quarter.

Sorry, we cannot be of help.

We'll be praying for you.


Dear. Dear.

Our son. Our son.


I have terminal liver cancer.

Since I was little,
I've always wondered...

You two are disabled...

What were you thinking giving birth to me?


After Yu-min died,
I kept this to give you.

Since I'm blind.

Yu-min always recorded letters for me.

These are letters he gave me.


You should be hospitalized.
The body has rights, too.

I'll have the transplant.

You found a donor?

Not yet.

Even if you had one now,
your chances are 50:50.

You need the transplant
within ten days for a chance at all.

I'll be back by February 12th.


Long time no see, Inspector Park.

Who are you looking for today?

Only self, spouses, guardians,
cousins, relatives...

And prosecutors can
report someone missing.

Same old story every time.

Cuz you ask for the same old thing.

Cha Ha-yeon's really something.

Famous for Miss Spring Beauty scam.

This is an egg.

It must hatch itself to be born as a chick.

If someone breaks it,
it's a fried egg at best.

You must make your own calls to be rich.

She drives an Audi and carries
around $500,000 in cash.

Golf clubs and expensive art galleries...

She signs up everywhere rich folks go.

Look at the contrast in light and form.

You all have a taste for art.

Feel it with your entire body.

The important thing is
the artist is sick and soon to die.

Embrace the artist's soul.

The pretty thing struts her gifts
and rich folks go nuts.

She tells men she was Miss Spring Beauty.

I was Miss Spring Beauty.

Then I must be the beast.

She digs into all the VlPs in the clubs.

She changed everything from head
to toe and even got a vaginoplasty.

Rich men go nuts over her.

Ever heard of the Yanji Blacks,
an ethnic Korean mob from China?

The boss' name is Swai.

Not too close, fool.

He ripped petty money off
illegal immigrants.

What does Swai mean?

It means 'stylish' in Chinese.

I can't do it at will.

I should quit smoking and drinking.

Let me cheer you up.


Right now?

It's Judge Kim from the Supreme Court.

Something good came out.

I only have $500,000 in cash.

Can you pitch in $200,000?

Then, she pays back the next day
with $50,000 on top.

I added some interest to thank you.

Everyone's dying to lend her money.

It takes her 30 minutes to get
$17 million to invest in an auction building.

She made it all up.

Swai didn't even trust banks,

but offered up everything he had.

Good decision.

Real estate is your best bet in Korea.

Trust me.

She stole people's hearts like that,
then vanished.

The hell is Cha Ha-yeon.

This ain't happening.

So, where is she now?

I'm a Miss Spring Beauty.

I've been scammed, too.

I can't believe I'm in a place like this.

I completely understand.

Quite surprising it was
the heart of a ten year-old.

Though I felt my breathing
capacity got weaker.

Like a Fiat engine in an Audi?

I heard you'll be released in a week.

I don't have much time left.


I got a heart so you want
my liver in exchange?

BALANCE: $121,817

If you'll do the transplant,
it's all yours.

What do you do for a living?

I used to be a collection agent.

A collection agent?

I found people who ran off with debts.

That's how you found me so easily.

Of course I'll help you.

You're practically family to me.

But I need to find someone, too.

If he's alive, I can find him.

I'll find him.

Cho Myung-seok...

There's nothing on him.

No address, no criminal records,

and no financial records.

Not even a traffic ticket.

Hey. Leave the drinks, will you?

Don't say that.

Since Ms. Cha disappeared,
I had my work cut out.

I couldn't just trust throw
a resident's stuff out.

Thank you.

Wanna eat first?

I'll meet you at that hotel.

Hotel Picasso?
- Yes.

First one there gets to shower first.

Damn bastard shagged another chick.
I'll kill 'em.

The cash, ma'am.

Try to think positive.

You can start a new life.

I'll lock 'em up for adultery.
- Allegiance.

What the hell.

Hey, wait.

Come here.

Tae. I've had enough of you.

I'll wire you the money.

What the hell are you doing.

What are you doing.

Wait. Stop.

Come on.

I'll pay off the rest soon.

It's illegal for a collection agent
to get me at work, you know?

Forget that.
Find someone for me.

Cho Myung-seok,
the infamous con-man.

They call me 'The Fly'
cuz I buzz around petty gigs.

But I plan on living
a good, clean life from now.

Get out, please.

Your mom's home rental deposit
is in your name.

I could take that.

Hon. We only held hands.

Try doin' it in prison.
- Please.

We did nothing.

That's annoying.

This is called 'bridging'
you know, making connections.

I got a friend who can make
duplicate cell phones.

One number, but two phones.

I can check all calls
and text messages. Cool, huh?

Just drive.
- There it goes again.

Why would a 70 year-old
get scolded every morning?

Cuz of impotence.

So, eat well and live it up.

Health is more important than money.

You must make loads of cash.

It's not much at the end of the day.

I treat 'em like my parents
and they open their wallets.

And sell things worth $30 as $390?

You thief.

Why'd you come buzzing around for?

Ever heard of Cho Myung-seok?

Not sure of him.

But I know the girl.
She's Miss Spring Beauty.

I heard she's in the slammer.

Gotta need computers
to con people in her business.

So, the police always
scooped around there.

They caught her high on drugs
in the data room.

Life's full of surprises.
- Forget her.

Sure you don't know the guy?

I heard someone screwed
her over. Is this the guy?

Wait. I heard Cha's line of folks is... a company called CMC in Busan.

What's this?

The amazing love chair.

There are 42,000 love motels in the country.

If only 10% rent this,
that's 4200.

Raise your hand if you've ever
seen this at a hotel or motel?

That's hot.
It could make a lot of dough.

Are those vitamins?

You really watch your health, huh?

Timing is important.

This is your choice for
an affluent life ahead.


They're going in to eat.

Let's grab something.
Aren't you hungry?

Keep watching them.


Do you know the title of that song?

It's Nocturnes by Chopin.

It's quite good. Who played it?

My son.

Really? You have a talented son.

You must be so proud of your son.

How do you feel
when you listen to him play?

A sense of irony.

IRONY: Inconsistency between
an actual or expected result.

Look. It's Cho Myung-seok.

Cho Myung-seok at your service.

They are both key figures
in Busan city police.

It's an honor to meet you.

Allow me to offer drinks of allegiance.


Drink lots tonight.

And let's get real close.

Single file.

One dress, a bag, makeup,
and one perfume.

Two condoms, sunglasses,
and two pictures.

That's everything, right?
- Yes.

Sign here.

I want an icy, cold beer.
What do you want?

A man, of course.
- Bitch.

Let's go.

Boss. The bitch is coming out.

You sure?

Yes, boss.

It's tradition.

So cliche.

Get that bitch.

Long time no see, Cha Ha-yeon.

The hell. She ain't that bitch.

But that's Cha's clothes.

You stupid dog.

Just go.

Let's go.

Cha Ha-yeon. You bitch.

Gotta be kidding.

Stop, bitch.

Cha Ha-yeon.

Get that bitch.

That bitch is a lying machine.
Step on it.

Who were they?

Never heard of Swai?

There's no liver if I get caught.

Ram into her.

Cha. You bitch.

Quiet down, fools.

Cha. Stop the car.

You scammed my money.

That bitch.

Ram into her.

That bitch.

Think you can run with my money.

Ram into her.

That damn rat.

Get 'em.

Stop. Right now.

Stupid fool.

Shit. Can't you drive.


Get it off, fools.

Hold on tight.

The hell you doing, fools.


What on earth was that?

No need to get upset.

Thought it'll be easy
to get someone else's liver?

No cigarettes.

Let's go to the hospital.

Did you find what I asked?

He's in Busan.

He's staying at Chosun Hotel in Haeundae.

The heart remembers overflowing
joy and sadness, not the brain.

So, people change after heart transplants.

Your son was a good kid, right?

My life changed a lot
after receiving his heart.

Wanna hear it?

It's your son's heart.

What's wrong?

I ran out of immunosuppressants.


Cha Ha-yeon.

Excuse me, but...

What's wrong with him?

Are you okay?

What good is a hundred men,
when they're all retards.

Answer me.

You damn bastards.

Can't you do anything right.
What are you guys.

Find Cha Ha-yeon right now.

Know how we got the $500,000?

We sucked it out of
our fellow countrymen, fools.

The plate number?

5246, fools.

Find the damn car now.
Or you'll all rot in hell.


May I ask why you're here?

To spend money, of course.


Everything ready?

Yes, sir.

I cashed out all the money
from the company account.

We'll ship out three days later
on February 12th.

A greedy man is always poor.

You gotta end it
when everyone's dreaming of more.

What should we do with Ms. Choi?

She's still the CEO.
She should see the data room.

Give her a shot,
then tip off the police.

Tell her to dress up for a party there.

Yes, sir.

- Yes, sir.

I'm counting on you.
- I'll do my best, sir.

And I like your style.

Thank you, sir.

That's mine.

It's on me.



The wine.

Gevery Chambertin.

Lonely Napoleon loved this wine.

Did you come alone?


I have a personal question for you.

Please, ask anything.

Is your dick big?

Cuz I like it real big.

It's big for an Asian.

You're not lying, are you?
I'll have to see it.

You mean here?


How's that big?

Look who it is. Cha Ha-yeon.

How've you been?

Let's drop the greetings.

All the files are set
to be sent over to the cops.

If you want to end things quietly,

give me $10 million in bonds.

Just think of it as my retirement bonus.

I want it by 3PM, tomorrow.
I'll call back with the location.

If you pull anything,
get ready for the Bastille.

What's the Bastille?

The slammer, sir.

That's a good grip.
Just my style.

It stings a bit.

Doesn't hurt, huh?

I'm a merciful person.

I'll break your leg,
but spare you the pain.


I won't settle under $5000.

I can wait.

Shit. I got lots of time.

Hey. Son of a bitch.

Where are you now?

Are you okay?

I need to take care of something first.

And I'll return your car and card later.

I'm driving. I'll call you back.



Boss, I found the car you're looking for.

ThiS is Busan.

Get ready.

Hi. Here's your duplicate phone.
Hold on.

She's in Busan.
Joongang-dong, Busan.

See? You can track where she is.

Cool technology, huh?
Only $1000 for you.

First, give me your wallet.


What are you doing?

Then we're even.
My debt's settled, okay?

Put the bonds in a paper bag,
and go to the 8th floor.

Put it where the prettiest woman
directs you to.

Too much of a short notice?

But you know I don't have patience.

Find the prettiest woman.

The train will soon arrive in Busan.

Be sure to take all your belongings
before existing. Thank you.

Crazy. Get away. Move.

Shit. Where's a pretty woman.

Sir. I found it.

It's her.

Scatter out and keep watch.

Starting at 3PM,
our 50% Sale...

...will Soon begin on the 8th floor.


A lady had an epileptic seizure
at Lotte Mall, Busan.

Please hurry to the 8th floor.

Get away. Move.

Find it.


Why do you push?

How can you take the stroller on here?

Cha Ha-yeon?

Cha Ha-yeon.

Out of my way.

Search that way.


Who are you?

Know where this is?

It's where I first buried a person in Korea.

Know how much he scammed off me?

00:59:28,560 --> 00:59:31,365
Know how much you scammed off me?

I'll ask one last time.

Where's my money?

I said Cho Myung-seok has it.

Bury the bitch.


Who the hell are ya?

She owes me something, too.

Like what?

- Liver?

Like the goose liver?

Stupid bastard.
Want a piece of me.

Enough is enough.

There're still ancient barbershops like this?

How about getting a hotel room?

Pass me something to change into?

Are they your parents?
They seem happy.

You were a cute boy.

Don't worry about the money
and sleep here comfortably.

I won't bite.

The father and son both saved me.

What if you become a con-man
with my liver?

Just kidding.

Let's get a good rest
for tomorrow's operation.

And thank you.

Why didn't you tell me
the money wasn't in here.

I almost drove all the way to Seoul.

I have to stop by somewhere.

You think I'm stupid?

Been deceived all your life?

What's with you?

The till was short $23 yesterday.

You're the only one who'd do such a thing.

Did you steal from the till?

Why would I?

I should only hire kids who are well off.

Never hire a kid with nothing.

Why don't you check the CCTV files, then?

How dare you. You little bum.

How much was it?

Will this do?

Why did you show up?

What are you doing here?

It's stupid to work for money.
Money makes money.

Work on your looks instead.

When you're older, all you need
is your beauty and money.

Who are you?

Let's go out. Hurry.

Who is she?

That woman had me,
then ran off 17 years ago.

Why'd you come, ma'am?

Don't call me ma'am.

Just call me sis.

If this gig works out,
I'm leaving the country.

Then, you'll never see me again.

I'll leave $1 million in
your account before I go.

Then, I owe you nothing.

Who do you think you are?

Who asked you for this?

That's not important.

My parents are poor.

But they didn't desert me like you.

Get lost. I hate you.

Try this once. It's addictive.

I promise you.
It'll sell to bedrooms, too.


Where the hell is Cho Myung-seok?

You were all trained
to be the best bodyguards.

But you can't even handle
one bitch? You idiot.

Sorry, sir.
Please give me one more chance.


What the hell.

Hang up.

There's a problem at the main office.

What is it?

Yanji Blacks have seized the office.

They're after you and Cha Ha-yeon
for the money they lost.

This is all because of that damn bitch.

Bring her to me now.
You stupid.

Go. You meatheads.

What's with all these pens?

They have no respect
for other people's money.

We're in luck.
The transplant can be done.

We'll admit you and prepare
for your operation tomorrow.

By the way...

What's your relation to each other?

A loathsome twosome.

I agreed to the operation,
so give me the bag.

What are you doing?

Give me my money.

I'll give it to you after the operation.

Enter a secret code.

What if you die?
What's the code?

If I die,
there's no money for you.

You have to pay before you drink that, sir.

You look exactly like your mom at that age.

What'S the blue flower?

Daddy? Why're all flowers different colors?

Take that and scram.

Daddy? Why's the sky blue?

What an irony. Fuck.

Seeing you,
my life is one big irony.

Daddy? What's irony?

Yu-min must've really loved his dad.

Did he resemble you a lot?

No, not at all.

Daddy? When's Mommy coming home?

She's not.

Just think she's dead.

Why isn't she coming? I miss her.

I don't know if it's you
or me, but she's not coming.

Yu-min had Down Syndrome.

They're called little angels
because they're always smiling.

But you don't know how hard
it is to take care of them.

Don't slurp and spill.

What are you, a baby?

Or a damn mutt?

Yu-min's good at speech.

Blow wind. Blow. Strong.

Down goes the jujube.

Not again.
- Down goes the jujube.

Yu-min picked up ten and ate them.

Lake is calm.

Drum sounds from far away.

Boom. Boom. Pounding hard.

I abandoned my kid at 17.

Why did Yu-min die?

Don't know.

Can't remember.

The cassette player
reminds of the good old 80's.

Tonight, I'm so scared of the dark.

The sound of the night birds
seem so sad.

The full moon in the sky seems so lonely.

Was that a smile?

- Who's this? Put Ha-yeon on.

Your daughter'S pretty.

Looks just like you at 17.
I'll put her on.

Who are these people?

What the hell are you?

Where are you?

Bring me the money back.
Don't keep me waiting.

Not again.

I gotta go now.

And the money?

Don't need it.

What'll it be?

Will you talk or see blood first?

I really don't know where he is.

Please don't kill me.

Well, well. Seeing blood it is.

Grab her ankles.

No. Stop.

Shit, you walk into the lion's den
on your own, huh?

You out of your mind?
Who the hell are you?

Cho Myung-seok took your money.

I can get it back for you.

Stop yappin' jibberish.

I'm an expert at finding
people who ran off with debts.

I'll add 24.8% interest
and give you $1 million.

Who does the damn bastard
think he can mess with.

Get that son of a bitch.

I have a solid collateral.

Think I can trust you?

The phone is turned off.
At the tone, please leave a message.

Inspector Park, it's Tae Gun-ho.

I'm calling about the CMC con case.

I know where Cho Myung-seok is.

Many people's lives are at stake.
Please hurry.


Play with me?

Play with me, please?

Fine, let's play hide-and-seek.
You seek.


I'll seek, you hide.

Come out, come out wherever you are.
I'm going to get you.

One more time.

Come out, come out wherever you are.

I'm coming.

Where are you?

In there?

Daddy? You here?



Daddy? Where are you?


Daddy? You behind the door?

Where's your daddy?

Hiding. Who are you, Mister?

I'm a collection agent.
I'm a good man.

This is Tae Gun-ho's house.
Please proceed.

Start the sequestration.

Daddy. Come out.
Strange people are here.

Come out, Daddy. I'm Scared.

Come out, now. Where are you?

Strange people are here.

Where are you, Daddy?
I'm scared.

Strange people are here.
I'm scared.

Quiet. We're working here.

Check there, too.

Look kid.

To survive in this world,
you need the gut to kill others.

Now's not a time for your dad
to feel regret or anger.

He's gotta have the gut
to stab someone in the heart.

All done.

Now, let's go into the next room.

Turn around.

No. No. No.

No. That's mine.

Don't touch. It's mine.

Fine. It's my gift to you.

Let's wrap it up quickly.

Mr. Cho Myung-seok?

Are you Mr. Cho Myung-seok?

What's that?

The hell are you?

I have your money.

Hand Hyun-ji over.

Where's Cha Ha-yeon?

She's with me.
Send Hyun-ji if you want the money.

But I got more to settle
with that bitch than the money.

Decide now.

Fine. Han?

Send Hyun-ji over first.

What is it this time?

Give me my money.

Shithead, Cho Myung-seok.

I want my money.

Look. He's got your money.

You think I'm some dope.

$10 million.

Take it.

We have to rush, sir.

Cho Myung-seok.

Let her go.
She's got nothing to do with me.

Put her on the ship, too.
- Let go.

Money, money...

What's going on?

I'll go check, sir.

Stupid, 17's old enough
to take care of yourself.

Move. Think that'll do?


Let's go.


Take 'em out.

So persistent.

I like men like you.

There's still junk like this?

You know I'm still pretty good.
Let's work together again.

You'll need me for big gigs.
But let the kid go.

Look at the mess.

You fucked it up.

Daddy. Piano. Piano.

You can't play it anymore.
Get away.

But I want to play the piano.
Piano. Piano.

I want to play the piano.

Get lost and stay quiet.
Forget the piano.

Be quiet.

Shut it off.

I can't even kill myself because of you.

Get lost.

Go out and die.

Die. You retard.

I'm not a retard. I'm Yu-min.

I'm not a retard. I'm Yu-min.

Tae Yu-min. Where are you going?

Tae Yu-min.

I hate you, Daddy.
I'm not a retard.

I'm not a retard. I'm Yu-min.


I'm not a retard.
I hate you, Daddy.


I hate you, Daddy.
I'm not a retard.



So pretty...


Daddy. I'm scared. Help me.


Daddy. Help me. I'm scared.

Smells good.

Sick bastard.

Stop trembling.
I'll make you feel real good.

The hell you doing. You crazy?

Stop it. Stop.

Want a shot where your mom got it?

You son of a bitch.

I'll kill you.

You won't feel cold in the water with this.

Snap to it, Hyun-ji. Focus.


You bitch.

You little shit.

God damn it.

Are you okay?

Throw the bitches into the sea.

Throw this bitch into the sea first.

Let go.

The hell.

Han. Throw the bag down first.

Yes, sir.


Take care.

Sir. Sir.

Oh shit.

I'm scared. Help me, Daddy.

I hate dogs.
Help me, Daddy.

Help me, Daddy.







Daddy. Daddy.


- Yu-min.

One, two, three, four, five...


He's totally out.

We got Cho Myung-seok.

I have everything on him.

Of course, sir.

I spent six months after this guy.

We got all the evidence.
We'll take 'em in.

Let's move.

Swai. Swai.

It's mine. Give it to me.

This ain't happening.


I got my memory back.

Everything was silent.

I thought it'd be better.

If he'd vanish like that...

I thought it was better.

I killed Yu-min.

I'm the one who killed Yu-min...

You'll make it through this.

Are you this girl's guardian?


Turn on the oxygen.
- Yes, doctor.

Sir. Sir.

Put in an IV and take an X-ray.

Doctor. He stopped breathing.

What happened.
Who pulled the mask off.

You have to take my liver.

- You have to wait outside, ma'am.

His heart is beating,
but there is no brain activity.

He is brain dead.

Mr. Tae filled this out
when he first came here.

It's a consent form to donate his body.

This is what he was holding till the end.

Let's have a moment of silence for...

Mr. Tae Gun-ho before the transplant.

All bow.

Ta-da. This is a walkie-talkie.

Daddy. Let's play walkie-talkie.

Daddy? What's that red flower?

Answer me. Ring-ring.
Hurry up. Ring-ring.

That's a rose. Ring-ring.

What's the blue flower?

That's a violet. Ring-ring.

Daddy? Why're all flowers different colors?

Cuz people all look different.

Daddy? Why's the sky blue?

The sky...

...has been blue from the beginning.

Daddy? What's irony?

Irony is...

.....inconsistency between an actual
or an expected result.


My angelic son's daddy being me... an irony.

Daddy. I went to church today.
Do you believe in God?

Daddy doesn't believe in God.


Thinking of you...

I wish there really is one.


Yu-min loves Daddy.
The most in all the world.

Do you love me, Daddy?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, son.

Daddy is...

...really sorry.

Doctor. He stopped breathing.

What happened.
Who pulled the maSk off.


I love playing the piano best.

Daddy says I look the coolest playing the piano.

This is Yu-min's favorite song.

- Hmm?

Why's the sky blue?

It's been blue from the beginning, son.

I see.